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Bucks Weekly: What kind of impact are the Bucks having around the state of Wisconsin?

Mar 21, 2017|

03/20/17: Sparky's Bucks Weekly

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There's a new energy. A lot of good show this was a grown. And are we were going in the right. This is the only show were a pro sports team what. Welcomes your question this this. It is hard. Installed by precision sports online dot com on 1057 FM. Precision sports specializes in the delivery installation remove. Mobile and repair of basketball hoops exercise equipment. Game tables and backyard playgrounds and go to precision sports online dot com. Here's Milwaukee's biggest bucks fan and Steve sparks Phifer. Welcoming another edition of sparking Bucs recently installed by a precision sports hotline dot com like number one. Place to go fry your sales service insulation needs and more when it comes to. Basketball move so and so forth more than he did you need to get your court lined it inside or outside. Yellow makeshift basketball your backyard these are the guys you want to come. I'll put it all together for you forget imprecision sports online dot com joining us. The lead off the show why he was with us last week key is Gary wall for all but the Racine journal times of course waffles press box dot com Gary thanks for coming out again. Our group what are our first things first I want to get your thoughts. I'm and some it has continued to come up year last year this year. Hi any get a came up again this weekend as Jeff Van Gundy and Mark Jackson. Odd yard taking exception I guess two NBA players resting and that is becoming a big issue. Opera former players especially restarts I about. Odd number of games missed. Because of rests. Go back to the 2011. And a twelve season in the NBA there were like ten. If you go right now our ads is 201617. Season there's already been 200 in fifty. I huge increase. And the last five years or sell our Indy and be eight do you view it as a problem Garrett Wolfe. Yeah I do in I guess trouble who like those those guys. We have a New Orleans. You have played 48 minutes like will the bill when you're now but you know you can play thirty some minutes that's who actually. In recent years some numbers have been going down down. I think three years the other couple guys averaging over forty minutes in game. The last two years or ever had a hasn't been any. It is it's obviously concern. You don't when you talk about the NBA you know twenty years ago are going back to the Michael Jordan era vs that don't LeBron James Aaron now. Are the players getting softer is that the issue or are the coaches getting softer but what he wants a point to. You know all the technology made available now to monitor players' health and we know more now than we did before but. Those players back then seemed to play just five for 1015 your careers. Well that's exactly right I chuckled when Mark Cuban couple good also in the there have been studies at that point is though that if players don't get proper routes. They're more likely to get hurt. And I think you know OK don't let the will announce third cooling you. Larry Bird. On the line. In their agents got a. Note would be year would be year thirty. You know the other thing too when you talk about the NBA right now and they've had image. Problems I guess you could say for the last five to ten years as far as how they are viewed by our fans that arts. No die hard NBA fans as far as outs too much one on one college basketball it's too much one on one basketball college basketball's more of a team effort. I NBA players don't try as hard as college basketball players do every night there's too many nights work. You know teams are playing all that hard. When you look at the rest that these guys are being given. Didn't you if you're the NBA spend it and say look out that you complained that. Our guys don't give enough effort so we have to rest our guys from time to time to make them more fresh for more games. He had it where we're just. Graham and are against the wall in the stop the guy I looked at you and you were you from one area to radically cut back in the month and the play. I mean I've sort of gotten yet not to let. In the past and you know they went and bought Ortiz hit a camp. You know grit it out in the sixties and seventies. They everything and so I earned. Do you think that it would be definitely. Evan page and so for the player. So how do you fix it then I. I guess it is the question dog was Gary wall full of a waffles press box a dot commerce in journal times how do you fix this issue. In the NBA where you don't if Europe Australia and and you're going to see. Whoever it may be let's say the Cavaliers are rolling into town and take on the Milwaukee Bucks and LeBron James is in playing Tyree Irving is in playing Kevin Love isn't playing. And you spend top notch dollars because it's Cleveland so. It if it's a sell our game and you have to go to your ticket scalpers or go online for your ticket services you're paying over phase like as you wanna see LeBron or. You want your son or daughter to see LeBron before. You know he's not playing anymore and and you get there and are not there and now you feel screwed over by. The Cavaliers you feel screwed over by the NBA and the product. Are you. We need a lot of seat it's over. Probably not no. Doubt created the only way it's been the result of course the bargain agreement. Unfortunately that one you know there's expired there. Well written up. Burton completed. So I. Now. He had gave the order in rightfully so I mean they're paid megabucks word on the Patrick's. England media our players don't talk for televised games you know that a little bit of those. What's he the other thing you can't do if you're the NBA even though you probably want to do it is you can't go. The NBA teams a parcel series and say okay if you're games nationally televised. Knock on it over the air network or on ESPN or NB ATV you're not allowed to rest players that night I mean you can't pull that one canyon. That is why do follow the net he negotiated. In I need to be out there and I think that wasn't done. In the you know recent CBA. Part of that's a major sure relay you well know I mean they're spending a billion dollars on television revenue. Yeah and you know those reading certain plot that you know the whole league and and it dealt well shopper. Because for those that don't realize this and some may not. The league is not really revolved around ticket sales at the arena as much as some may think I mean you watch a Miami Heat game or Atlanta Hawks game and you see empty seats in a golf. Oh my god bolts are two pretty big markets how are they not filling it up those seams are in trouble. Not necessarily that's not necessarily I'll works as long as the TV deal well it's huge these markets will survive. Gary Ervin not a remarkable Lou and now I'll probably go for your time but when you wrote a book you look late sixties early so he needs. Their professional best all at some point. Will be strictly televised. At the lead and beat people at games that. Because they're so what's more involved now. In what like Lawton watching television you know. Yeah there was that was like you know almost sixty years ago against predicting that and if I don't I don't think it's ethnic and so you've put. That you're AM wanted to sit at home watch it you know for the most part. But that's a lot of people feel a lot of people but Seton that's not just an NBA thing Jerry. I think a sports thing I think. The National Football League is doing everything in the power to try to keep people still coming to third they're sport now again look at different view of the Green Bay Packers right or the Cobbs or in the Red Sox. Fine whatever I didn't think that Clinton victory over the football you know the week twelve week thirteen. Packers got a three game lead in the league does not the place for. They were out there are Rogers and people fresh for the playoffs. You know so that would go over. Doubt now that now waited all my god everybody would go crazy but we see that any out double before Gary where you've had teams that are undefeated. Not and then they rest players at the end of the season or. They have made an undefeated but you have teams that have the playoffs locked up right at the end of the year have a two game lead they've got a whole feeling cobbers locked up they've got the division obviously won a conference want. So then they sit guys for the last week of the season the last two weeks of the season to make sure they don't hit get her going into the post season. And you always hear people complain about the competitive aspect of it in the net and National Football League. But what you've never hear is people talk don't talk about the fans getting screwed that we're gonna go see Peyton Manning for the Colts. And instead they get the back of that sucks. They don't you ever hear the NFL fan. Or the media complain about the NFL paint getting screwed over in that situation you hear about the competitive disadvantage gives on May be going in the playoffs and did that have done this in the past have gone on to lose our first playoff game and the third and that's what they don'ts. What is the NBA is having it done to them when they arrest players it's spot on that to be a knock on their product in screwing over their three days. Well oh what my favorite moments. Yeah obviously he went into what was the second week. In the Brooklyn nets looked rather well Lopez right. Okay good reckless he. Edited out certain of that. That's absolutely crazy I totally agree with the on the. So I admitted that little dip I'm going to be an issue. You're the net result. On the latter. Sobering and income you were so live in the book that suite. Not situations so. They should be not here here's an interesting take is on Twitter Uga takes from everybody right including the football guys giving their take on the India. Andy Benoit who's a great. The guy threw down a Sports Illustrated he does great film studying. Breaks on the packer game on every I think is it Tuesday or Wednesday. Throughout the football season and he's done though Michael's children are shelf. Are certainly heats waited in chimed in earlier today and he said. The only way to solve the quote players are resting and quote problem in the NBA it's the make hold court a more weight advantage. So my thing is he's being more thorough audit you I'm assuming that would mean that you get more Gaines then you don't. On if you're at home court meaning that if you're the home court and it's a seven game series. Not maybe instead of doing it the way to have it may be the road toward the team that's going on the road only gets. What game and now playoff series or two into now playoff series and the rest is given to the team with about a record. Yeah that's a pretty complex. Approach. Could. I don't know would be saying would be let's say for instance this way but the best of seven series. And some of the first two at saint Cleveland if they win the conference and of the once seed they get the first three. And then you get one. On at the road team and then they get two and a bag at one and then back to the road team so really in order for the road team to get that second playoff game you got to get to game six. And that would take away and again bull what's going to happen is while that may be an idea that a lot of people agree wet. Don't think the NBA owners are needed confidence when he could you imagine aren't like Milwaukee going now wait a second year. I'd make money and he's playoff games not your tell me if I'm Milwaukee and Thomas 567 rate seed Amelie guaranteed one playoff game in the first four. Yeah that that that that's an event that little flyer is instead of interest but he approach with. Figured it couldn't pick that far you know your your type but blocks but it's been real fortunate. And I like to you and that's about the attracted to argue that. They now are lot of player in a game they want more minutes. You know I mean you know. Remember when you are instantly thirty minutes if you and Eddie or you're gonna I want more now. In the same looking out of so at least DL local local he'd do so would never you know pretty practical. I think about it from this perspective I mean if you're watching the boxed UC. From my my stamp or at least I think you can look it got us and say that you can see that. The minutes he's played this year are weighing on him and I think that's part of the reason why kid is starting to scale back its a little bit. Well I think part of it was a real game I don't think you're you sit in that I'll ever expected. Yeah tension that you received. I don't normally does but I'm near riot I'd be well. You can put me up now right in even that much from what those schools and corn. An emotional standpoint yet be up for every contribute you know yeah so up there that obviously year with a goal on. No question about it I would take a quick timeout comeback continue out Gary Woolfolk. White it is not about some weeds did talked about died earlier today on the what is dish we talk about that obviously too but the other thing we talked about is Greg overall. I'm whether or not you as a fan would one Greg when wrote to opt. And come back as a Milwaukee Bucks so many were totally opposed to that idea. But at times changed we'll talk about that coming up next bark he's Bucs weekly. Insult by precision sports online dot dom here sports Radio One a phi seven FM the fan. This is Sparky is books weekly. Installed by precision it's boards online dot com on sports Radio One 057 FM. That's hard is Bucs weekly insult actresses in sports on line guys topsy Sparky Phifer are being joined one more time. By Gary woeful of the Racine journal times and now we'll talk. Well a little bit about the impact of the box in the states are coming up and the next segment LaMarcus Stafford does an afternoon show. An Appleton so looking four to talk and hear me and seeing how much of an impact the Bucs have. On around the state we always talk about but we never really talked to different people from different parts of six or do that. Coming up in the next segment okay Gary so Greg Monroe is retard bubble for the break I had the ability to opt Ian so before we get into. What we want him to do what are you hearing as far as what people are thinking he will do good or not an option of what like seventeen million dollars a year or something like that next year. Yep there around eighteen million in that's a lot of money in. They're the consensus. From NBA people is that he is gonna opt out in try to get a multiyear deal. Now he returned to the box and out there and you get one year. Or eighteen million but doesn't get what I'm saying hey maybe your three year deal. Oh like 42 or 45 you know to get more years. But in more money you want security so. You know at this point I think that's the media could barely feel it. You know devastating to about this site is with Greg Munro. Is the way he plays the game a basketball back to the basket. I'm not a shot blocker is exactly. What NBA teams are looking for right now right and that's one of the knocks and two little local fork. Before he got moved a with the Sixers was. That's doesn't seem got sick. What the NBA wants now the NBA wants that stretch five and we think I can be a Vatican block shots rebound. And step out and hit that jumper and pull opposing bigs and shot blockers away from the ramp how much does that work against Greg Monroe if you were to opt out as far as how much she could make. On the open market. It's gonna work and you know the movement what do you think given all its region though. That the game has changed radically and that just you know. In the morning away but in radical way in through four years the vehicle state. Warriors win the title. You know captains yet we now or what he wants to sleep all played. You know that really you do salute to look good of those games. Our rights and now if you are the Milwaukee Bucks and you're looking at gray Munro has a currently sets he's coming off your bench for you. He's pretty much are leading scorer off the bench for you at this point has been a steady contributor all year for you. Is Greg Monroe guided you want top stand if you're say John Hammond in the box. But anyway it was me personally I would definitely yes when he felt betrayed him. What for whatever reason that that situation with the books and he looked comfortable I don't think you know agreement Rose brought out the the Bucs aren't real happy with him. That and apparently he tried to move the home. Not stack up you know little more than a year now you know don't. In fact that I thought it to a what turned out from. The other day. In. You've brought it up you know what role he goes. You know what we're going to go and no one in on the and I think like. If that's the feeling from the outside. It's not that good you know. While the other thing too though is I would not tell me if I'm wrong about this I would imagine. That is your regimen rolls agent and I don't have as agent's name off the top of my cat who who represents and you remember where you get. General yes. Bullet entered you all perfect Michael Jordan right exactly okay. So I'm David flocked aren't you already investigating. Around the league as far as who would have interest senior guy before making that decision if he's an op dinner. Now no doubt whatsoever either make great points. And I'm sure they're Falcons. We haven't followed soldier actually double fault at all because he's David's fault grade I mean you view Michael Jordan agent. It and you know everybody know some respects them but. There isn't any doubt in my mind I mean if somebody would say that yeah Red Bulls got a you'll excuse that we chart in one bit. Is that called for him in Portland soul of an agent. But this is my thing though it didn't Faulk comes back you Greg Roman Rolen says dude. Yeah there's not a market for an out there man you're gonna have to stay. In is that relationship good enough to where they can coexist for one more season the box and mineral. Or I don't know you know I had a really good conversation for a week ago. In that he's there and that perfect season that the he's been played really well go through four weeks in particular. Did he made it very clear to me that you know you're playing the season because you want me well well. You know I Dubai I really did 1000 recent each year right from Detroit yeah. Yeah and he's in the seventh year he's never been in the oil which you know that I'm that you sort of yeah reported that in some oil. Well at the same time. In the back by buying. Being a free agent. Can't be there you know you got me thinking about it every once in awhile. And they daylight I don't play hard because you know my pitchers that state. And you know I don't have a good season over his allotment so. I'm sure that's a factor as well. This is this there's something with Graham enrolled and I didn't realize when I was lobbying to get him a mean thing they'd ever get on out but being the one aspect Dohmann roll I didn't realize was. That he was going to step up and be that leader that enforcer. Up for this basketball team. I when they're as young as they are mean you sought again the other night where we didn't know Nick Young gets snacking in San Nick Young but Nick Young gets mad pretty low or you want that's fine I don't want. On Arizona's Derek roles laws marked down one neither until Malcolm Brock didn't you know does a hard foul fine. So Nick Young gets mad and starts crap and who's the first guy there Monroe all Munro has been that guy now for the last few mud pretty much all year. Any stick it after games look no it'll haunt our team I'm knock and allowed to happen you wanna start crap at you with me. I absolutely love that now I don't know if if you can put a price on on that enforcer type guy on this basketball team. That veteran type guy that knows you helped win somebody's trying to intimidate your young guys or not and getting in there in in being that guy. What I absolutely love that about Greg Monroe and I love that he's able to bring that still off the bench and if asked to show you something about. The respect he has for his teammates and the lobbyist for his teammates. If you think about getting out of here or not caring to go on his way to trying to find guys on his team if he didn't think he was going to be your past this year. Yeah and every what I fully agree with them things that. What what it's really definitely that you're going to get twenty minutes a game basically up until the all star break. But wouldn't look there is not Hawaiian. He noticed that he can run 47 when you admit that yeah. There and didn't know. About it pretty you know. Want any shot at the playoffs you don't remove their departed. Okay the other saying that's gonna but for the record I want him to opted I want and I never yeah yeah I know. I want him to stay too just because I really love the influence he's having off the bench I like his steady play this year I think he's improved defensively. I'd yeah I'd. Told me as senator would be able to steal a basketball as much as Greg Monroe's been able to steal the basketball out of laughed at you but he consistently is getting a couple steals a game it seems like Gary. Yeah and the open singles and The Who wanted to get replaced. Were okay database did the next question at least the next thing. Because I Donnie tweets here. Receive I can find it got a Tweety here from last was it last night I wanna say it was or or two nights ago Tom and and the person was pretty upset. Are we Jason Kiet. And this is out its week goes this is from a mad. Explain any wide Mears and Hanson are playing over Jones and cost anyone a basketball IQ can see why it's a clear disadvantage. How can a hall of fame player not know would apply. Delhi Eagles disadvantage Mears Eagles disadvantaged. Or the Eagles disadvantaged that's from Ahmed it's we did Sparky radio. Not last night. So I come back to you if you're coaching Wright who are you playing Henson or Hawes at this point. Well why did have a double lines are apt to blame mr. and so you know. You know it in there it there there's still a lot of people in the NBA that I think that it is on the hot seat. That if he doesn't make Glenn out of the fighters no I don't. Well you know what. That. Well. That there's a chance you know they don't make those that they could be in trouble. But again I think it's very very apparent that you want to make what I mean they you know he's going good veteran Q what he. It's key players longer minute. Gary to Ahmed point what is Henson provide you that cause can't because I think a lot of people are gonna say pop can provide more offense easily. Then when we are in canyon and probably can rebound tense and soup. The only major area difference is shot blocker but Monroe not a shot blocker there. Now now oh. You know I mean that that opened going to regret you know we talked about those the other day about what about me. I and so that scorer shooter but. They need an interior under in the worst way you know. For me that and you know be a rib protector shot blocker access to it and you know. Whether that's in free agency you know or or through trade because in the draft and I couldn't find anybody you know to come in and that is that right away. Now I absolutely agree with you I got a couple minutes laughter guy gets a sports flashed a wanna go to the other aspect of his tweet from Ahmed whose dad says okay Terrence Jones or Bears are. Now again for mean he. If Terrence Jones is implying in my mind and I have no insight on this is he doesn't know the offense or is having problems of the defense. Because otherwise he should be out there trying to Mears I in my opinion. The Packers there's other issues involved what we're going to this point put. I'd be very surprised that I don't get any. Significant minutes the rest but watched a couple minutes ago sanity and that is exactly it and you know I've been with him at pick up again. Luckily it went into the I think there's some concern there. And you know go go or the church. Why would you pick up a guy if you're not gonna play it again first of all. I love the tech up we had doing it you know last week you I talked to Billy McKee any laws just yet right. What is he 25. It's not like this kid can't be a part of something bigger. 345 years from Nile. If he pans well I mean you right around since age why did you give any free look at him when you have the opportunity I mean not free but oh well get a look at him. Yet it is that the depths of the league we all agree that he's a good play right absolutely. But you some logo right yeah. New Orleans let him go right there's something going on that nobody else is that there's something going. So. You know the year due to keep it all played ability I'm sure he would be in the rotation you know he's got that kind of tell. That's amazing to me justice OK now let's talk about point guard minutes here you've got. Not obviously a situation adult adult and Roger broad is trying to compete for rookie of the year at this point. As we get further down the stretch in you pointed it out early kid's gonna plays batters kid's gonna try to make the playoffs we're just fine I'm five without wired to make the playoffs. Just my my disagreement here is. I think broadens about our point guard and dulled over right now. So for me I'd rather see broad to get more minutes and delve a dole but regardless of the fact that he has no playoff experience regardless of the fact. That this is his first year in the NBA and Delgado was been in the NB a for a little while I think I would still give Brock did more minutes. Spots by you. He had no actually career again I get product that department head coach. And I know he's got a legitimate shut these rookie of the year and he's got to watch tournament shot no doubt about it. That is a coveted award mean that doesn't cover home so you know every day. In. I would be playing Malcolm when you're the 35 minutes game in him he'll that opportunity. A little that you like better the door open anyway you know I mean so it's not like you know he's substantially worse than double eagle or. So yeah no I would you'll big minutes. Sounds good he is Gary will full although again a willful press box icon in the racing journal times are they so much for coming out of joining us an agreement West Bank Allen. You vented areas Gary Wolfe full. Again contributing to a two segments of the Sperry financial up next thought Marcus hot does it Alfred shelf probably heard before on the bill Michaels still statewide radio network. Are in Appleton out to get his thoughts on. How much of the box. Our influence in that part of the state we talked about it in a passes sparse other trying to grow Oshkosh obviously get the aside about that area of the state NC how the Bucs are due on that that's coming up next here. I had Sparky is Bucs weekly's style by precision sports online dot com time now for sport slash. Once weekly installed by precision sports online dot com. Is on 1057 F. Precision sports specializes in the delivery installation or. Mobile and repair of basketball moves and exercise equipment game tables and backyard playgrounds. Go to precision sports online dot com. That's why he's box weekly installed by precision sports on line got got a game if you are all looking to get basketball hoops installed. Maybe getting a basketball floor drawn off whatever the case may be indoor or outdoor residential or commercial these are your guys precision sports on line. Dot com a great sponsor. Sparky sparks weakly to get my thanks to Gary waffled for joining us. The last half hour as we talked. Again about players being rested in the NBA in the proms there and Greg mineral whether or not. I he should opt in or not or whether or not to we want him to opt in or not sell a great first half hour and are just gonna get better now. Joining us now is mark his staff photo again from the score in Appleton post up and the big one of course. I doubt it used to work here on this radio station years ago back in today for the chucked in which a morning show actually was Doug Russell and Mike quick compact and right yeah that's Russell would get forgot all about Doug Russell shame on me. We're gonna Russell back in the day in and of course carcass midday madness back them long time ago. I'm Marcus answer come none and. I'm that you're really old tell him. But a lot of good memories there that you brought up. Yeah there was had a lot of fun going back to today's bar is good day Madison to the corner Thursday's new and I yelling at each other and I'll ban on. Line one times to this day one of on the callers. And listeners of the Shell. Yahoo! I'm sure you'll remember Rebecca and hails corners remember she always she's not yet she make food for everybody in and so forth to this date he said I. She said to this day. When she got thrown to the corner the very first line she never called nearly as much again after that she felt horrible Nazis she got thrown to the corner right up up up up up call. It do it at the decorate it. Still crazy I just felt like monsters she's like yeah right I just Roger couple weeks ago 'cause not her daughter works at a restaurant out here on highway 100 men over the for breakfast my dad and I. And issues tell me all about and I'm not Herm Monty and Rebecca came it's a pretty funny stuff on our fullback or back at all yet or are. I. Ride she lets the citizens ecology where she's yeah that that was years ago now anyways all right so I agree I got ya man. I is obviously you've done sports doc you're Milwaukee you know how it is as far as you know how the Packers are handled here Milwaukee and sports talk how the Brewers are handled and how the Bucs are handle and then. Badgers and mark cat and all that somehow they follow mine after that. How is it in Appleton doing sports talk there on the big one as far as no when you're setting your show up but how were you setting up priority for teams. Well I think it's pretty add up obviously you're going to be always going to be yet and and Green Bay Packers they're they're going to be number one they are wherever you go. State whether Milwaukee creamed by apple and or even a eagle all the little across the Packers dominate everything we know there's points. The Brewers have and then I'll go call it it has been Beckett but probably release solidified their old. In that particular position in the mid 2000 Sheldon day. Obviously when you prints are on a party all the stolen works. The box. Our interest in talking of people that than about three years now and in in prior obviously most recent group. I don't know yeah honest Jabari in and and the response. Eighteen that was for about in north east gotten nobody wanted to your pop the box because just Al Babbitt were in. You understand that to a certain extent put in in talking with people and in knowing where this organization is is it. And I think it did a fantastic job from a marketing standpoint. Means that new ownership group came in a really letting people know all. Where is they wanna take this team being very transparent about a lot of think that the chart it's done. And it really pushing a message of you know look for like a better term I use what they on the future there are a lot of people that have jumped on board that it's a roller coaster the last. Two years or so just because you saw them get into the post seed in stock and compete. The ball a lot of people I thought they were gonna come back and built up that the next obviously did happen. And and then to see what's going on this seat at those people come back and at the Knicks did I hear is their spark their they stand -- that wants the box to be could be that they want something to follow along with. During the winter months when there's really not a lot going on aside from badger basketball and certain step or some people appear mark chat. If the blocks get to a point where they are a perennial playoff team and are in position. Do to challenge and potentially get to the Eastern Conference final exceed it segment of people out here. They're all there and that are onboard that are making those shortstop and Milwaukee on the regular. And with what we've seen over the last a couple of weeks it really starting that the C Percy come to fruition now. It's a matter where will the trend over the next couple years and there's a lot of variables involved. When we get past the almost die hard Bucs fans obviously I'm sure are are in Appleton. And you get to the point of NBA fans out there are is definitely a segment of people. I in this neck of the woods in Milwaukee. Not that is anti NBA just don't like the NBA product will watch the NBA product they it's too much one on one basketball don't think players play hard all the time. All that stuff that their goals along with what the NBA has overcome an IE that seems resting star players went. Fans are paying money to go watch him that's another issue we talked about earlier in the show. Is there are a lot of anti NBA sentiment in the Appleton area where you're at. Well I think there's double itself. I think the bigger. Issue up here if it is some you know what what stands out in the in my mind seat. And fighting apathy or the NBA in general and what's written no matter what market you're in Stewart's team is successful. You're going to have a greater lover a greater affinity for the league that there are bringing. If the blocks are competitive people are going to care about the NBA at least to a certain extent. In with them not. Not being and all really relevant over the what do we say sixteen years against going back to the 2001. Yeah they're they're there are certain segment of people that will come ought to tell you they dole and I couldn't fit in talking to a lot of books. That it will land the blocks due Getty going and become relevant again. Certainly hear a lot of that narrative a lot of that rhetoric go by the wayside in Sabres simply cheering on their own state team because. Oh it righted their today I don't know what Carl mob mentality because that at a negative Asian tour but they're big group mentality that when you see your your team. You're in state team doing well. At a few people care about it suddenly others come into the all. And whether or not you like the NBA without you jump on board because it's aren't cynics. Erie and that something that you could share with everybody that's around you and that's where I see it dollar right now that's what makes me at they'd be on fox and obviously. Like you out. Very excited to see what's gone on in the past few weeks would would this west slayings and I've been a basketball that the plane taking continue to do that I do believe like I said earlier that you gonna beat that. This segment of fans out here start to to commodity dork and not much that we haven't even gotten that yet but that the fact that that the league team. I was around going not sure right don't wanna go their next for those that don't know how close you guys are you guys only like twenty some miles. Apart from each other so it's not that far to drive from Appleton Oshkosh to seeded. And again part of this is you want to continue to grow state wide appeal and so forth asked Josh is an up and coming community. They just continues to grow and get bigger and they're revitalizing that part of the city where they're putting has brand new arena. How much do you think Appleton gets behind it duly team because again we've had Peter Fagan on this show the president want to box. I asked him about yelled badger players Marquette players and so forth he said absolutely to no brainer you want to have some of bills. Local college players I hear duly team to help sell tickets. Now the question is as the community around gosh gosh area get behind. Yeah I think they well and you know I just. There's a obviously a lot of things at work here when you talk about the usually the first thing they count the minor markets we're pat each added. And are we looking at potentially down the road more of a developmental league in the sense that you've got guys that. Perhaps don't like that going to high school in Ann and that turning pro right out of the shoot guerrilla a lot of things would need to take place back there. But that happened still awarded that league go I think they're of their a lot of opportunities there. Were sort of lead to beat it become legal more appealing to the fan base up here and sit out situated right now. There's an appetite for professional basketball there's an appetite for pro sports in general interest. Stopping to do with your kids and family around your Green Bay Packers. Are going to dominate things they're gonna dominate the talk around the water cooler and are gonna dominate people going up to Lambeau Field throughout. The course of all and on into the winter but after that. That period of time what ulcer you do. That's not a whole Allen second image as you'd asked his badger basketball and badger football. Precedence over bucks basketball and Appleton. Well right now yes there's there's no way around that absolutely it does at this point like again relish. Being you're being in the that the public bad replica voting nineteen straight now and double it. Or four straight so it. That's for sweet sixteen appearance is no other team is dominant college basketball last four years. Right exactly it the badgers were the backers of the ninth. EU orders bag yours we now say yeah. Yeah well. They're not going to. Bieber going to be in the same position at the bought sabbatical at sixteen gears up near the that they would factor what about when Don Morton. A bit at six deck and that you're we can talk for the he's been about them possibly making it to be. But the playoffs this year. It becomes more there's more excitement attached to it and that's where you wonder would ideally be able to bring that I think it will we got what the timber hours Milwaukee Brewers. I think it's a brilliant marketing move on the part of the boxed them up or try to span that Brad. An appetite for for instance he could've seen or shot on dot could've possibly beat seem odd maker playing up here and I noticed a great deal of excitement. While we're at it in his career and if you have that element I do believe that a lot of people would take you up on that or take the pucks on that opportunity. We go down there and and see them on the right. I'm Marcus staff of the score most of the big one hot and Appleton and about how how the box impact our and it is in that area fox valley area. What about. Merchandise wise is it easy to find box stuffing in stores around the apple to Marion. It's you know it's it's growing it is still compared chew. The Packers and the Brewers a distant. Distant third and I would probably say fourth obviously actor. Actor you're viewed that real football or basketball but I. Yet more and more of it when your are out and out at all not speaking specifically to being retailers with this. But it is encouraging to be out at a local establishment or just be out. Doing whatever it might be in the week and running your air and seeing somebody. Wearing a lot all over wearing a blocked pat I definitely noticed. An uptick in that here. Over the lat year with with the let's face it a recognizable superstar finally. And a guy like yeah. I think that that's what the NBA's marketing itself or how it it is marketed itself and its team is. Are superstars. And ask somebody that you're consistently seeing now. Talked about on the ESPNs of the world talked about on the yet that's one of the world or whatever national Howell that it. That deprived of that in and I think that again go back to the plot or a lot of marketing efforts but I do you think it got a tremendous job with trying to embrace battles. State and you'll remember this party I was hoping that the Brewers. He would from they want when but he knew that they had. Partied fielder and weeks and all those guys coming up. So Ottawa Stockton state outlined logos start to be more corporate and BU or an outreach being made to bring bought strips in from all parts of the stay. And you know that torched it Heyward have a game because we have Miller Park come down into the experience that's what the boxer trying to dale and I. Actor now for Matt perspective Marcus you went from Connie stadium don't. Two Miller Park that has a roof on it no more rain outs rain delays not of that garbage so you were guaranteed baseball if you're coming from 56 hours away it's a three game series. You get see a couple of games at at a hotel nights day. It was worth it for the bucks. Normally now sometimes you have back to back home games like they're gonna have coming up but for the most part normally it's one game and then they don't like to give for a couple days that's the first issued second issue as. Much herb everybody views the Bradley Center is adult necessarily but your going to a more advanced high tech. More modern type a read not just wonder how much of an effect a new Rina. Has on fans are on the steak I just don't nobody has the same effect as Miller parked it. Yeah you're right I don't think there're definitely some differences all I don't think that the new arena's gonna out the scene impact. That a Miller Park did because everything that you just ordered out of the experience factor becomes whether the other part which yet to think about the boxes the weather that sums it up here. You deal with snow on a moment's notice battle media to think about it eight that we make now but. Ridiculous no tomorrow we elected. The Wanamaker went back to. A lot of times people got to work or what have you they have other commitments so from that standpoint of spacing the mud additional barriers talking about the box at the Brewers used up. In a dirty talk about that entertainment district that span broached and discussed a lot in addition to the new arena. That's where I think that the bucks can really make an impact in the minds of people here is. But come down to shopping we've got some we've got restaurants of great variety out here whatever year it might be. Weather sports bar a little more elegant dying generally batter come down and making a weekend albeit let it be the centerpiece. No it's not a series like you said report Inkster like it is in baseball but it can have a solid a couple of days in Milwaukee and whether to back to the game. And enjoy some other components of that now there that helped make it that complete package experience. That's gonna go a long way it is right now with a rally there you just don't out. You're going down -- and out of the game you probably gonna have drinker too and pitcher coming back epic comeback. That night and if not it's out of the hotel and enjoyed the most up off the at the B. The other thing I like about it too is there's more group sales opportunities and into a renewables big towers they have in the upper back where they're they're multi level powers. I'm in the upper deck in the corners that really allows you now to put you know 5100 people. Coming doubtful bar whatever else you just pop a mall in there and away you go vs trying to buy sections of seats or something. It's gonna make it a lot easier than it will make a lot more money with those groups sell opportunities Marcus fast -- he is also the big one on the score and apples and thanks so much for coming out man and the other continued success. Art art critic nobody better yet you betcha there is market stamp on the great mid West Bank Atlantic could time I'll come back wrap it up. Spark his Bucs weekly installment precision sports online here I'm a fan. Bucs fans this is the only show or a pro sports team welcomes your suggestions I think we've got to keep continue building. I like this situation your listening to spark she's Bucs weekly installed by precision sports online dot com. Home on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. I that'll do it for another edition of spark he's bucks weekly again installed by precision sports online Doug kind of one. Source for and so on basketball hoops are making basketball courts on weather B residential or commercial and they do it all checking out precision sports on line. Dot com now. Let's move on and let's talk about this Milwaukee Bucks basketball team only a couple games like now on the West Coast trip you have tomorrow gets a Portland trailblazers. And and you have Wednesday night against the Sacramento Kings just Dick wanted to that's always got to do your three and three on the West Coast trip that's a success. Then you come home to take on Atlanta Hawks. On Friday night just get the business is done a jet to get done here at base somehow or another can win in Portland. I'm Tuesday night it's a huge game on Wednesday night so that if they lose to Portland because all of a sudden you have a chance to beach who all over. A what could have been eight tortures West Coast trip. Actually make up ground could be a huge difference maker. Are going down the rest of the of the season here for this Milwaukee Bucks basketball team our thanks to Gary woeful of the racing Gerald faster come and I'm. Eye and joining us tonight Dallas awesome of him for joining us also. Thanks to our guy mark is not far from the score the big one. On the show he hosts in Appleton giving us by his do you I'm the statewide impact in the it's less than a half hour away from Oshkosh. Is Appleton shall see how those two go hand in hand. Going for don't forget again Milwaukee Bucks at staples game show again tomorrow night. After box and trailblazers my thanks to mayor Mitch Ross for producing tonight show. Five if he didn't hear our earlier brought back blog said that ESPN I wanna say the magazine. Is doing some type of deal. On delays craze is in the NBA or whatever and apparently. Word has it the peanut butter and jelly phase is a big deal right now in the India in a apparently. This trip to the Bucs put out. Is the envy of all other NBA teams because of all the different for right TDs of peanut butter and jelly that they put out and everything else so laugh. The bucks man who grew up peanut butter and jelly sandwich good attractive free agent but maybe. It is a putts either. I'll be a reason so he comes to blocking. It to the rest of your night visited spark his Bucs weekly sports Radio One 057 FM the tank.