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BIG SHOW 5PM: Pick a Lane

Mar 20, 2017|

03/20/17: The Wendy's BIG SHOW 5 p.m. Hour - Pick a Lane. How far will the Badgers go? Would you be mad if McCarthy and Thompson got extensions? Do you have a problem with NBA players resting?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's time for the guys still resent the big topics from today's big you know. And late you pick a league. Take away and brought you by the legendary Great Lakes drag away in union grow. Go to great lace dragway dot com for some great holiday gift ideas like twice seventeen season passes and ticket discounts. That's Great Lakes drag away dot com. The Wendy's big show long read Steve's. Marquis Phifer in the packer hall of Famer LeRoy Butler. My Clemens. And turn front run other side the glass some Rami Mack well here's what you have to pick from and Great Lakes dragway pick a lane right way and how far can the batters take this. Center lane would you be mad if the Packers give extensions to McCarthy and Thompson and the return my and he of a problem with the NBA players resting 7991250. Or email us live in 1057 FM the fan back camp you know which lane it is that you want to jump on and if not please let us reset. The big topics discussed on today's big show up and jump on in which are related is to chew on a jump on end before we do that though I'll look go read our phone banks and it says. That we have radio Joes and dole is mob no guarantee on the Ramon. That's what we're told no guarantee you this would you know her voice appeared as sparked I think so okay. Let's check and see if this indeed is radio Joe's mom mrs. then Zola how are you deceived it. There are no no this is Robby higher army in Korea or you are. Don't record. I. It. May not aptly possible he's such a good can he really good at but he does have the worst. Yeah. And I this year. I didn't appreciate you know is Lara yeah that might have clamped you know we we have clipped it doesn't go out and already pretty good at me he works part opportunity go on vacation and then I'll. Every year like every year he's on the appeal a twelve year old at a world. So it's always been this way he's always had a black cloud blew big overhead but. What what he described that the blacked out you know for anybody else's expense whatever normal but for Joseph he he. He thinks ink. It. What I don't always I got this I don't understand because you told me that you guys are taking a family vacation to Florida. Angle Disney World. Now I yeah I think I might be having to rethink that. I just don't know. Well I mean I joke with us and we were the Disney World last year. I we had a great time he himself her on tower of terror but I mean outside of that. They're really good time we had nothing unfortunate happens the rest of us are but don't remember what Bernard ar yeah he got her odds are Terry he's got a concussion not tolerance their guts and yeah. He had a high fever owner and he was out so it's just when it comes to vacations in the loop there when he went what do you want your ox. They're Warriors and oh my god like their stories you have oh yeah I've heard a. Miami downed them steal and a big shooting happened down in Orlando news Nadal. Yeah well. So the center of the talent Hillary thank you yeah. Yeah yeah. Yeah they saved it. The option. You sit this stuff over and he was as well what was the brewers' side of the black cloud that made the original and. I that's a funny. Little story that him and I like keeping each other about when he went there and that grade or seventh grade. He was a drummer and he had his drum. And he laughed at on the curb at the bus. Alignment work also on the phone ring and he goes I'm like I don't energizes. It. Who who. Either didn't rub senate didn't. You are beat up like he can't help them all we want it we are not north and sparked the wife Sonya it's second nature inking. Now other two boys that you have they don't have the same issue not. I was pretty up this issue. What you're hot. Come up pretty well. Now now ranked EDT but. Yeah finals where. Now he doesn't break thing sooner or they're not gloom Marbury is sentence. Intellectual seeds saying there. Being mr. negative anyway yeah action since that are that are soak mom you ever thought about doing stand. No not really bite you want to pay me I'd get a shot. You're opening up in Iraq that just shows misses and yeah I'd have to bring you golfers that one night. There's no it's the running back off the show featuring items insult every time is right at me money army aren't. I'd do extra minutes zealot that you so much regalia we appreciated the love. Their buddies are my dad's holiday and the shots aren't. I'm a young ABC's Mike you are gonna go and Andrei Letterman humanist auto negated dude she is one funny kick. You laugh on she C and this is not god Joseph at all okay and allowed people take that the wrong way I love Joseph but he's a very well we all do he's a very straight laced dude man yeah he's a very you know he's on the straight and narrow Joseph doesn't. Go outside the bonds very good. Dealt for sure very gotten it's I mean you're hurt you want to worry about him getting in any bright unless he goes today right does a great job on bill mark of their nets a weakness but. How does he have a mom that's so. I don't know loosen soap and yet and you tell me that Brady has the same way. And then you end up with radio Joseph and Alex I don't know that well as Laura de be quiet peace he also seems like too quiet he went more quiet and just how does it again. Well I don't know. I'm Catholic high school I don't know. I've no idea of good kids they're really good kids society great mass absolutely out Joseph loves as Dalton. Law's a sports Arturo it was what happened when you got them here. I put metal gear and on June don't remember last in. Last year they went out there and Gary's wife tore ACL out joined friend the car. All. Golf card well he crashed car. Denny got our new rental car and a stone at the windshield out on the net next Ralph Clark he crashed a golf cart that he's lost golf clubs now going out there. Why even goals author anymore than that Joseph is doomed for him. Jolie shadow me too games with Packers at Vikings up in Minnesota that's over. Then you all wish you good luck the shot any issues I know I know what I mean like yeah three or four times I had a couple Brewers players and man wouldn't. Always Packers Dennis. A potato in my church will unit and the Bears from them is a little startled and he doesn't actually has a hotline where we're on the taken care about his and hit some big thanks to misses us all the for college and and radio also happy Mother's Day. Of the confirming or we already knew how. And it's outstanding not now had a quick break and resent it because I think it discuss that day's big show us your view the finals they would greatly drag your typical late next on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Eight seconds left to shoot KD gets it in the brown back the kidded around. Wow wow oh wow. Think you'll want an accidental or having been in this long enough and then one and then to having been twelve who's gonna play. Yeah nobody nobody. Did you. Then once that was fine. They all knew. And hand around durable. Ball in. I've found out our third down three you highlight. Yeah last run. As the badgers knocked off the one seeded Villanova Wildcats defending champion Villanova Wildcats. And Gregg are talking about afterwards over the sweet sweet sound to Chuck Berry. And my tingling Chris that was that was says that a when you envision them looking at the as we've made tribute. To be legendary guitarist the rock and roll innovator and a memorial Monday I'm running back up along with Steve Sparky Phifer packer hall of Famer LeRoy Butler in those badgers. The subject of the right lane and Great Lakes dragway pick lay. How far can the badgers take this thing Steve Sparky Phifer. I have no idea. I think they could take its not as far. As. Sky's the limit. Just because boy look misery in his anybody is beatable in this turn I don't think there is a dominant. A team in this field I don't think Kentucky's that team. Kansas probably close it in Kentucky news maybe to being that unbeatable force. Going in. North Carolina I think they're beatable but I think they could beat Kentucky too so I'm they can knock each other out and you look at what's left in this bracket for Wisconsin. Florida's got going to be easy you know they provide some defensive of problems for this badger team probably. I'm in they get the winner of Baylor in South Carolina. I think for the badgers say I rather play Baylor but you know once you get up and running kind of slow now South Carolina they'll play in the half court mil. Has trouble score the basketball sometimes give you problem mean. They pretty much shut down Duke. I'm a lot more town the Wisconsin does and help them in check so kill as a team and he reckoned with their offense. Can continue score nugget shooting 71% or whatever it did in the second having instant that's not gonna happen for a full game. But if Vick can choose me I'll 50% or some like that South Carolina can Deion not up an extended run here in this tournament if you'll be careful when you face himself. Badgers get an up back in the final forty you're talking about beating Florida may have been the winner South Carolina Baylor I think both of those things are possible at this point and after that see what happens that's the right. And how far do you think the batters can take the staying 7991250. Oh or email us live. At 1057 FM the fan. Dot capitals on Mueller I don't I'm wondering I got out cleared out you said you drink out of it up get a bit more and I don't. Auditor because they've figured I'll have some Justine then union both. You know day by meeting geared towards. God neither nor he smoked cigars. And it doesn't matter. What Drake out of anything and anybody else's Drake out of except my room for an. Does that look to our Ozzie. The putt well dog and I don't let the automobile. I'm never just let dug up about Aussie people doing that that are it's not on purpose somebody is that you snuck up on me if having gotten out whenever. Never on purpose but against a digress the right way and up front indignant vendor could take this thing seven dad died 1250 and moving to the center lane. Or why you try to give people heart attack meant right try to cause riots up in Green Bay and asking would folks be upset. If McCarthy and Thompson got an extension 799 of those gonna happen. Kind of their contracts by all indications we don't know for sure. Mouton are up after the 2018 season. Let me is that at some point here in the next 67 months this thing is going to be discussed. If they want to keep those two guys around because the Packers don't let them get into the into the into next offseason as a lame duck coach and lame duck GM so I guess the question at some point does have to be asked. Yeah I really think so army is about success. In this about being consistent in this franchise's point in the right direction. And lot of my fans Mandy have switched. And they want a new regime but sometimes. And some. The other fans are said be careful what you wish for. Made you want to go take a risk just 'cause you have Aaron Rodgers like any coach can coach is. Or you just wanna GM to give free agency or whatever. I don't think his French want to start over because guess what they at least already won the youngest team. But you just want to change just for the sake of change. I don't they didn't do so would you really be upset and may have if they give both of these guys. An extension because out they normally are broken down these guys are joined at the hip tin hired Mike there's a law attitude there. So did leaves might would last the signed this extension. It just more apt back in CT if firing Mike. That will be something different so. I think you're gonna get extension. And you would do that Allison Sparky would you do that. I'm McCarthy shore power that. But that I would do it differently because Mark Murphy I bring in McCarthy. And just simply tell him that no we are going to encourage Ted. That's to step aside in some capacity whether that be to retire or to take on a senior. Consultant role or what I'm too far and how. You fired kids inspiring view while the other one doing and then did Marat firing his contract via two years contract's up on the as a retiring after next two years. You know of says you want an extension he can't now an extension would you and now. Our I would go nimbly tied I would have player contract owners are absolutely right. Arm but spark off from a senior consultant role or and opportunity retire Oliver he wants to go on a much triumph to do anything. Other than Nana Nana good McCarthy and say look. This is the deal these are at a five names let's say what are harmony as they have nobody knows who's on that list we all just gassed but whoever the names are on the list that we large thinking about replacing him with Mike. We want you stay are there ring but is there anybody on this list he you don't think you can work with. Going forward and then let McCarthy cross of the name or names that he feels he can't work with them and say all right Mike will try to work with these other guys. Drawing its on this cured up in that you rusty parity got a contract wise old fort and then you move forward. With how you're gonna do this I just don't think. If you're Mark Murphy or any general manager or. Owner of a team present a team need to do a command McCarthy think he's not doing a good job Mike McCarthy is one of the best coaches National Football League. Who's gonna held a job with concern what he's been given. From above him. So I think he has to stay Dutch you have to give the next GM though the the option of keeping my character going getting his own guy now because in eight in the interview process you know you ask the question you know who's on your short list would you wanna keep Mike McCarthy or give other guys on your short list. And world then tell you what they wanted to adapt as. Mark Murphy if you want to keep McCarthy them and got itself as out Kumble Q McCarthy eagle for a known Mike for ten years one and he might coach okay. That's good then we want you and were removed four with that. I just don't think you want a coaching change at this point and I don't want to try to be GM coach Jets out of no cant have that nobody wants so from that perspective. If I'm right in my thinking that there are gonna go in house whether that's Ross mall or Elliott walls for whoever it is. If they're going in house and all these people have relationships McCarthy already. They already out so now it's just matter of really funny how the -- of who really like Scott who doesn't I'm going from there. So that's a setter Alain would you be upset if they gave McCarthy and Thompson extension 7991250. Or email us live at 1057 FM the fan back count in the return mind do you have a problem with NBA players resting is an issue again over the weekend win. Tyronn Lou decided to sit LeBron Tyree and Kevin Love and it lopsided 10 wait the seven he lost to the Clippers in Los Angeles on Saturday. As well LeBron James said afterwards about it and. No this sucks. You know at times were you know certain guys have to address book coach's job isn't to go to way this team compete for a championship not who prequel game. A lot of critics out there of this strategy Karl Malone tells Saints Q if you don't have at least ten years experience get two or blank playing. It's not work it's called playing besides tell are underpaid service members and police and first responder it's the rest. Damn it they can't. That is what Jeff Van Gundy and Mark Jackson had to say about it on the four letter network. Understand the medical information that we were acquiring I even understand that we're getting blown more data to protect the players but this ability as an absolute joke. Ford protecting the fans want protecting the game of basketball. Something's gotta be tough. Any other business it would be up prosecute. Then this type of Peyton slips up maneuver that the NBA allows its teams to bowl and quite frankly Mike. If you look at this athletic performance. These groups that are supposedly. All year so how good are they doing. At what they say they can accomplish. And this just came in. Few minutes ago from the rich guys and show is podcast and NFL back and look and remember it's I should mountaineers interviewing Charles Barkley needs response on. Well listen I've been an MB for thirty years and all of a sudden now we're better choose. Are probably yeah it's. Almost up they got now was certainly word of it didn't hurt. They do a good joke. Guys who make this press or you're screwing you to be part of it. Are just for the run to win every human league to employed thirty million dollar DB. Not you know district and a prayer and but it really importantly tend to only thirty million dollars. Are is because of the TV part but he just being announced it would turn out. And all of a sudden I don't know that didn't come from what they got to rest and the only idiot don't don't become a we have stats that show. If you play it back to back them like you know my. Bill Russell quit and commerce he had a long career. Arc immigrants probable double play twenty years vividly and he what they're kind of a poor years. Are you look at our Michael went to college football careers he never got hurt Randy god just good they just care about money and out date. What I tell you need to help them. I think that they have leaderboard caught games. And boycott television there's certainly got the map that. He suggests a boycott. Well all mean that's huge advantage every on the line esteem from. Jeffrey Arsenal guys sort here. In all I am similar to. Barley a little bit on this and he's old school basketball wherever your parking and I hate Barkley arm. Button but they from from this perspective I just don't get why this didn't happen and all these years ago on the why. Why now is this an issue with the -- basketball players the basketball players before it was an issue. I just I'm getting run big if the issue as well we're trying to keep them healthy year. All these other guys and to make it through every basketball season and played 1015 years the NBA. L seem to get along just got to think it's about keeping him healthier in the sense of extending LeBron james' career I think it's it's. Now they're by the end of the year I hit I think is trying to have fresher legs and the other contenders you can face in the playoffs why everybody's gonna arrest them. That's a fresh legs and they're trying to only trying to have the freshest legs as if if your fears Tyronn Lue. And sitting there and watching Steve Kerr and Greg problem it's at their guys to rest them. You are all five bases teams in the in the finals they're gonna have fresher legs than Mike as of now I need to follow suit so eventually we're just not going to be any stars playing in April. Right I mean first always April it's just going to be garbage basketball it's a four across the league it's one out if it's a foregone conclusion the way that it is now because you have so little parity in the league yet. Right so if I don't foresee it I can't move and LS Jewish of the season I'm just gonna semi star players while not. Right on that's good for the league I'm sure a lot of fans Iguodala bad idea yellow rain I see a lot to about a lonely eyes playing great idea that's the dumbest thing I've ever in my life. If you are the NBA you cannot allow this to happen you just can't and you've got to step and it's different if it's the last game of the season right. Okay fine whatever it is playoff start a couple days it's I get that. It's march. It's the middle of march the birds do this crap all year long but just birds excuse and well we got a bunch of old guys aren't Ron arrest them. Look at what about the fans. Give a damn about defense they don't it's horrible for the sport it's absolutely. Horrible for the sport is just total disrespect. Total disrespect to the fan base we've resent the big topics discussed on today's big show now you get the final say brightly and how far can the badgers take this thing senator Wayne would you be mad if the Packers. Game extensions to McCarthy and Thompson and the return my aunt. You have a problem with NBA players resting 7991250. Where you can email us live at 1057 FM the fan dot com never resting over at the Q club Steve Sparky fire for a. Do you go about was Scotts a great place get Taipei remark stern an actual pool table sixteen of them shuffle boards to rail whose ball tables three of those electronic darts and ping pong he had more. A joy there award winning fish fry on Wednesdays. Am Fridays with four different styles of fish or. British as what Butler says. Piled up. All the energy as an hour Friday Abdallah. I don't want AM. Latter etc. and actually get double march sermon actual having put yourself. There's a fun place sells private parties including a personal VIP suite. O's got some time to honor people luxury pool table personal team people's access to whose ball ending pop Duke LaBeouf was got to 2454. North's great and you boulevard. Waukesha have miles out of my 94 checked him out at Q club of WI dot com Q club. WI dot com or on. Faced quick break then you'll have the finals and the big topics discussed on today's big show and greatly strata elliptical and I. Are all all. Memorial Monday. I was first thing it out like mentally and as naive that you guys have got from chess records is take a monopolist records and records. They're passing me at the age of ninety over the weekend Mike Clemens introduced Chuck Berry at a concert once here in Milwaukee. Trying to get that story in before we wrap things up at 6 o'clock right now we have full full minds on folks want to pick a lane and in the right lane how park in the batters take this senator land. Would you be mad if the Packers game McCarthy in counts and extensions and the return mind. You have a problem with NBA players resting 7991250. Where you can email us live at 1057. FM the fan. That counts go right to the phones and Mike in race senior on the Wendy's big show what's up my pit lane. Area I'll go with the rest in you know. There certainly is the way they do not baseball's until it three years for Altidore for years. But what you literally do one game where you sit in on an aunt out got all these three superstars not once seen. They don't make of it care sold out here are three guys right. Sephardic. You know and salute. Carter they've kind of got to that point now they'll face all else so graphic Opel although reps at quarterback if they called it playoffs. You know outside after or whatever it's it's awaiting him be it on audit. Make him sit during home games mean it's simple you wanna see your players I'm in cinema if you're Spurs fans for the company you can go to dinner and I'll watch up there aren't. What about what amounted to unlike. Our derby since there and then upon their their thing. It's at. All pretty you know I don't. I don't know the ball right there a reason why did it there warned got right there a reason why they do that though is so they just throw one game. Arm and they don't throw more than one game right so that way O'Brien carrying Kevin Love are all out there is actually lose one basketball game and it's worth a loss at that point. But you don't lose more than that if you're rotating guys sitting nighter for yourself by said this of actions a three basketball games horses just want. That's the reason why the cinema one time as you what are your home fans out of seeing their fair players. I thought that I would sit and at home go right ahead why would I do that's my own thing. All put it's okay to do it together fan I thought was about player safety nets about both but all I. But I had a problem to solve somebody loud at this up my own thing and that's exactly my point if you're the NBA union guys needs rest so much -- can handle the rigors of the NBA it's got a then you could have your off days. When you're at home. No problems at that logic let's go to Justin in North Carolina here on the Wendy's because I don't see it stops with sub just and. You know about those are going around doing great men. Partner our ballpark foremost orders are not a moral ops points better tournaments on over the fact. There. I'd I believe I remember reading that tree just a mild Unser. I'm still gonna get. But it can be moved back and thought I. Oh I'll take it. Yeah. Other. Bracket. I think there are out there lot. All the talent the work very well stop all. Arab ala. And don't let up a lot of I practiced. With the people they don't go. You know an aunt and great dog and act. And are. You're big market. Ottawa out there on court product but what about. You know. Earlier in the year and why you want Colorado. Are why you won't play a lot only you know all got art and we're. After the Q. Well Jets and appreciate. The agent that he did daughter Aaliyah and Gary Ellis is also said that Wisconsin could beat Villanova. In there and get that classic we were talking badgers think that classic. Gary dollars and monologue for wide not to believe of the badgers didn't. And that yet they can beat Villanova yeah he does almost every time he's but he always think that's the farthest thing going well and I always beat deadlocked. But nobody thought their getting out of the first week in the room myself include him except for Gary and Justin North Carolina. Up to went well we you can see our picks. And I brought it matter if I you can read duel in the second chance bracken I want my son has I'm going up or not you can jump followed bail I can win some a gift cards for Madcast. And Sosa and those wins now let's go to Dan in Germantown you're on the Wendy's big show pick a lane Dan. I do endowment. There are it's real simple thought it if you want to have the Packard went ten games in the first sec run a play out from the two guys your guys to get done or whatever year. Case in point to New England. Won a super ball blog at the bat cornerback free agent and the get a pretty good receivers that all of the talent not. That counts and does not think. So would you like get rid of both of them would you give my extent. Turkey would be at or I would be disappointed Everett might mean he'd like summit Saturday loudly so that you look at it that a pretty decent job given. I just can't believe that I think fans are certainly in Matt the last couple years but they they went ten in Cabrera crappy conference and they lose they win maybe a playoff game monotony in the and that I'm. We had a tight and we get a bit tight and we Orton attendance re look at the lineup and what do we do we coconut tight end. We lose two offensive linemen we don't have any such illegal or tight end. I don't know what you guys think what took was particularly. He's not as good as my tells done now they operated Hayes does this hotels that are. It could be a really orchard entry with a lineup I think in the order her. Bob Bob again thanks furcal did an article bomb on Bennett. And which McCullough Kendrick who often and in there he's got an executive saying that part husband is way better. All the Jerry cause he's not selfish as Jared Cook. Everything tackles on now by the Martellus Bennett is that's a significant upgrade at tight on position and we talked about this in the past ours what you would do in free agency are you approaching that in the draft and I throughout an idea that he Doherty throughout wildly on and walked back. Within the same column palm I threw another wiley and can get my sub I was a right way to do it before the end of it. And that is just sell out on offense and forget the defense just need to be done with the defense just the quarterbacks are better this year great. It delight backers of our this year wonderful. But just go all out in free agency on offense go all of our offense of the draft. And district outscored people could just Roger Dorn already anyhow could your defense is so bad what's the difference and reason this like you have a better chance. Taking your offense from good or great to dominant than you do of taking your offense from horrible to good. Because there's this too many things that have to good change on defense to give it to go that there's too many holes we talked about does not stop it's easier to make once credible. Dominated then it is make the other side of football good. So they're saying we're gonna go get too tight ends agony still not gotten a running back. I'm waiting to see what bargain basement price are gonna get on somebody who's somebody's gonna give mark may surprise that Adrian Peterson Jamaal Charles whoever may be now I like this one kid. They just signed just today Le Roy canyon Bardner. Fast small just like you always want it I won't disarm the Chargers that would have been by zero lead our work but. You know the Packers they're telling you I don't think they're done on offense they very well could go get another running back or two. Before this whole thing aside and Don and then you get to the draft and are gonna have the draft offensive linemen again they're not going to be choice in that. They may draft a running back Ted always ice cubes of receiver every year's that would be surprised he won receiver again. We'll find out but if he saw those quarterback guys. Through that deep if he does that. Doubt they're more people would call for their. But it is. Because that you watch him that Atlanta game or they could move the ball laughter as a defense Erica Paterno knows he'll go. Defense I mean it just gave you hard Burke. It didn't stop he's got me in it didn't even challenged. It not to give they would have one or two more corners to get up and challenge do you guys. They may have or that game went on to the simple ball so it's a Har I can't sell that idea. Clint index okay may your defense is not going to get any better you guys going to just try to score 58. Yards got to keep. In the forty idea. Until I got good couple not that talk about your own thing he's not giving me hell. The Al. Joseph has a story you're oh yeah. Or how they don't signed free into what he did it. I appreciate my guys they don't get any help our. Oh that's my point he'd help he was horrible last year in Jacksonville and travel horribly Jackson's got what it will be a better to evil plot. Yes thought they got talent level this thing out ops is the object had to make a move it to keep it did like to a bowl. Fortified pretty good defense green there's. Super ball quick squeeze in one more importantly extra electrical and tents outside go. They think so technical. With gore rightly with the NBA it was certain players. And at that cultural player obviously I don't have a problem with it or even a Strahan and it has been BA's schedule is so long. Sold new England's games. Yep and out and watch an NBA right now with NCAA. So I don't care who's fit you know couple. Teams are jockeying for playoff positions. Obviously you go to one people's players to play. But if you got a and not on it for you in common not. Sitting in a Baltimore audience spark we've complaining about the TV rights and all there it's about resting my guy. So to win a championship and I'm trying to. Of all that what they do that's all the years leading up to this year. Why did this start 510 years ago. Or twenty years ago the here's here's what reasoning. The players association and is probably pushing this with the star players maybe you've heard some of the coaches are on board with this guys like top guys like who. Who have played or players coaches. They understand it won't schedule and the launch these games are worthless. I won't do the same thing like sit in my guys and getting minutes for the other guys were quite the Patriots. Aren't things that belief Grecian. I don't think there's anything the NBA can do about it there and do something he's not consumers games you realize. They screened them quite a national champion Al Sparky twice as they do any any of the things that you got all the players association say look do you like him on your record if you're gonna screw us on our next TV deal if you fools don't get out there employment run national TV on Saturday I get players you screw that disorder affects the next TV deal. I guarantee you if this continues to happen on Saturdays starting in February through April it's going to a fan opinion and I Davey and they try and put in some rules to to try and curtail this or stop it. Same thing happened in the NBA that happens in baseball we need to open up a roster spot let's make up an injury on his and tendon in his and his knee so you're implementing IR. The million to say he has to Cincinnati as it is tendinitis is acting. And denied what I don't need somebody just after through rough and I just make something common at a camp got elbow discomfort you know you're you know what I mean yeah it happens in baseball all the time. It could happen yeah they do they do that at in baseball for shark. You know and that's something. There it'll be interesting to see agent pitchers I. What what they do because again of what does CBA is already done. It's already done so I you gotta wait a few years before you got no chance at. Meanwhile had a quick break and find out on the other side how my Clemens crossed paths with Chuck Berry the subject. Of a memorial Monday here on the Wendy's big show in the Holtz Chevrolet studios. At that chuck. Jerry all afternoon long hair on the Wendy's big show paying tribute to him money memorial Monday. And just a second. How my Clemens cross pats. 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Her trap games that job now to draft your line did free entry in the 100000. Dollar contest. For golf's first major where the promo code iron. That's coat iron to play for free for your share of a 100000 dollars in total prizes only had trappings that job a destination for what we fancy sports. Eligibility restrictions may apply to trappings that comforting to know it might leave you enough time to tired partners start yeah it's the eighties and they were bringing in all these. Classic rock roll stars like. Fats Domino. Jerry Lee Lewis chalked up Chuck Berry he comes to town. They book him a band a local branch like Barry's truckers are rock the rockefellers. And Chucky says calls them we can't learn my songs and stands on the stage. And then they just GM for like two hours. And before chuck comes on he insists he's got to be paid in cash with an envelope and the most over the order overheard thing in a Chuck Berry countered back stages. Is a year yet known. You showed up to ten minutes before and puts on one of the most memorable shows well he could have ever seen. They didn't show up to like two hours after his cancers. And see them during that the average audience if you miss the badgers guard or anything else on today's your coaching got me in and demanded 1057. Then the man back and that's brought you by John Paul's Buick GMC. Highway 100 in Greenfield admiral sent rights coming up next. That spark is back with Sparky Bucs weekly. From seven until a sports marquee the Roy might front runner I'm running saying thanks for listening to hockey tomorrow starting to. Or art or later I'm.