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BIG SHOW 4PM: Do you have a problem with NBA players resting?

Mar 20, 2017|

03/20/17: The Wendy's BIG SHOW 4PM Hour

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Our here on the Wendy's big show live from the the whole Chevrolet studios along with the packer hall of Famer LeRoy Butler and Steve Sparky Phifer I'm running back off my Clemens other side of the glass with intern front runner this hour at 330 bucks unique for 35. We'll talk with former badgers guard Ben for us he's got to be proud. Of this bad received into the sweet sixteen when nobody. Saw that coming Gary is not here to yell it been for us they think you'll be looking at that that guy he knows I don't know Kagan who made some bad Bruins joins us. At four. 35 right now I want no the only problem with NBA players resting. 7991254. You can email us live at 1057. FM the fan back count it's an issue again. Because on Saturday. The Cleveland Cavaliers. Decided to sit Kevin Love carrier ring and of course LeBron James in a 10 wait 78 loss to Los Angeles Clippers. There's a LeBron had to say about the issue of players resting after that game. Great job put the schedule together as best they can we gonna have backed the question I have. You know certain day of service faults are nice book coach's job was to figure out a way this team compete for a championship. Not good for you for game. On obviously the most social ties him. And player services once and for his surge you want from their home floor you know and I wanted to play last night. Marcos awful like there was. My saw mobile Marco. The NBA does a great job when. And this is why Jeff Van Gundy and Mark Jackson has saved about the issue and ESP. Understand the medical information that we are required I even understand that we're getting more and more data to protect the players but this Billick is an absolute joke. Fourth protecting the fans want protecting the game of basketball. Something's gotta be. It was any other business that would be up prosecutable. Events this type of pink slips up maneuver that the NBA allows its teams the ball and quite frankly Mike. If you look at this athletic performance. Groups that are supposedly preventing injury. When I look at the Cleveland Cavaliers. All year so how good are they doing at what they say they can accomplish. Do you have a player at then be a problem with NBA players resting 7991250. Or you can email us live at 1057. FM the fan back come Karl Malone had some very strong words about this who do that here that momentarily as well. They've I don't give them I don't get it is Moya. LeBron hate. San Antonio been newness is. No nobody says a word. Lot of and LeBron don't do it. Can I tell you what I know that I don't think. And I'm with you LeRoy I don't think SN and we always does it but I don't think that this is a case of LeBron haters coming out of the coming out of the woodwork a great throw me on out I think it's as simple. People want to see LeBron don't know what questionable total in a masa now or as soon as the rock. As great as the Spurs are. And it ends and they are one of the EU lead franchises and the NBA referred a more than a decade now okay nobody has won it and and the ads that no OK I don't do in my bag they don't have guys of people necessarily buy tickets to come and see our would view it. A hall of an attendant not saying they don't know what what do they call Tim Duncan. What the big fundamental people are coming up is he fundamental Y Leonard is a big fundamental 2.0. People are coming out to see fundamental people are coming out to see the guy who's gonna run fast jump high and slam are all man out of this grieve. Well by the they wanna go as did not you noted coach do his thing right exact he's like develop a Jets Marty would you agree that's why do fans and media were complaining when Gregg Popovich. Stoppages do this before anybody yeah costs but I don't hurt paying premium ticket prices to see the Spurs necessarily they. Are what it comes to LeBron James and the cats wouldn't have a problem people complain about the Spurs to. This is why and why this is it's more of an out cried now this this is this why isn't an issue. 2011 to doesn't well there were less than ten games and where people did not play because of rest players whoever they wore. In 201617. According to a game ESPN this morning. The projected number of games missed because of players needed rest yeah is 200 in think each game this season. This is about LeBron James that folks this an NBA thing. This isn't just Cleveland. Is not a while the NBA that's what this it. It is something that aired about it went abroad god I've the other years and get those squeals got here's something to consider that. And the national football Lee. We've seen this go on for years right oh no you have. A division wrapped all Boris Friday coverage is wrapped up your play or nothing in week sixteen we seventeenth no. You're not complacent down. Receive our quarterback so you won't see Aaron Rodgers now in Chicago in week seventeen against the better. They they're rested Tom Brady because we don't want to Gehrig but pay Manning needed Indianapolis all the time. Denver Shanahan rested his guys to soak. That was going on right yeah only a. The difference the differences. And National Football League when that occurred what was the outcry. It was the media saying. Wow. This doesn't work and Jeff became chic when both teams rested and went to the playoffs it backfired on. The rhetoric at that time was not about the fans to be screw rout of money in Buffalo albeit hitting it's a pain Manning play for the Colts now the rhetoric. Or that dub did people or companies he'd get Bert did it gives you play there's an adult nobody talked about the fans and the money they're spending on NFL game ballads and an issue. Now look at the NB yeah. It's a huge issue 'cause the fans are getting screwed no nothing of those was ever brought up in the NFL was never brought. Moving a this is the other thing. If you want to get rid of this. Jordan has got to eliminate back to backs and has allowed again guy that's what what. Beat. I like this one a lot. You are not allowed to rest your players unless you are at home. So LeBron you don't wanna like you're not doing their road city that's your only make up injuries are going to do whatever it is accurate well that's why do you want to placed in this is post a little deal according to he's innocent but either way we're Gaza who won I believe and third. You're not doing it on a nationally televised game LeBron. Not doing it when you're on TNT he not doing it when you're on ESPN and I'm doing a winner on NB ATV because we need TV ratings in his league. So all you guys that need your rest for your coaches that's not happening either and the problem is the seed is already done this and I got to wait a number of years here before you can do anything about this and this is getting out of control. Because you have people. Better paid money. To go to these games and back see the star players. And like Ronnie said with premium pricing. They even more for LeBron James. Al thankfully the bucks and Cavaliers for whatever the reason to gamblers don't like the box so we thought Torre about not playing at a box 'cause they wanna beat the bucks every time they face and seemingly. So that's not an issue here. But yeah in May about to go to some LeBron out on a play ST was I don't want I don't want one in Minneapolis screw that I'll just I'll wait here for you guys come back onto a deal ball that's not. About one in the play against Monty and I want my team who I hope you don't play in the league implement. Sure LeBron but if you're sadly afford your spending 200 dollars and you're logic simple point in your two kids wanna see LeBron James and LeBron James or did not do I want when you're going to sing in Nevada I want to negotiate a home team win that's not how it is mostly NBA that's all coaches he's in the NBA don't have superstars Kevin had. I kid to see the books in. In when he comes there if these days I raw dairy is the wrong ticket pitchers so so I don't honest so it goes to you you're son goes to you. Just say man how long go see LeBron. You're Nadal Nadal now what ways they played Minnesota because we wanna see what what do I went and jamario. I don't you don't care about you single guy. It's always a LeBron fan yeah musically and having lived whatever. That matter. The individual yeah he can just see LeBron and you said not watching the bucks when they can't beat Cleveland so we're gonna wait to Minnesota well I feel now. Rock okay fine so you spent otter are to take it whatever it is to get your tickets and you got a game LeBron not bearing plants in on the bench in street clothes now plank as he needs rest. You like destiny why he's now playing and is all Manning cry. Now like go to YouTube lies it's only the magnets on a satisfy a bullet here is blue 200 dollars. At a game which your kid doesn't like the home team won it's he got a gap in only tentative. And at the end league answered DirecTV. Sounds doubtless help there in front of his did you see ghetto looking good rookie of the bids but it had a chance yet that battles against them as a has integrity. Our our team B pitcher bundle package woods and sound solutions not an odd dollars a month. Two year contract eighteen T home phone AT&T Internet. Direct TV get the choice package without that includes fox sports Wisconsin get energy which is there DVR thousand hours of recording space five shows recording at once. Next installation in most situations like spent Muslims like a blizzard or something. I'm also you get their belts on a ticket for free next small how cool is that hole lots. Dearly to get this asides I've solutions and Walker's IR gonna get this with a 1800 number of you caught Allen at science out solutions and walker shop you'll also get to the following 34 free. HT TD. Blu-ray player and a hundred dollar visa gift card to those 34 furry through Allen at site in south solutions in walker shot 262. 5102725. To 62510. To 4725. Sight and sound solutions. In Walker's shot right off lavalas sunset dumpster for masters to give a problem. NBA players resting 7991250. Or you can email us live and 1057. FM the fan dot com. It's really affecting your defense let's hear from me next on the Wendy's big shuttled Chevrolet studios. An old. Show it's a memorial Monday paid tribute to Jon Barry. Along with Steve Sparky Phifer back the hall of Famer LeRoy Butler Benton for us will join us to talk about his badgers and their sweet sixteen run coming up. At 33435. Excuse me right now rest you'd be a problem with NBA players resting. 7991250. Or you can email us live at 1057. FM the fan. And dot com LeBron James says amen we need the rest sometimes and play six games eight nights back to backs on the road. There's nothing we can really do about it we're trying to win champions and placing him in 7991250. Or email us loud 1057 FM the fan daka. Those guys in the eighty's and ninety's. We've made hot that they play those stretches. And. Mean. A bit by terrorists and must have always been hurt half. Mean Jordan he must have been hurt all the time and a ninety's play that many games and a schedule how did they do. Hedberg do in the eighties Berry had a bad edgy yeah I novels. Yes speaking of those guys back in the eighties in the 91 of them spoke up hall of Famer Carl Malone. Right. He told sage Steele of ESPN FBI file if you have at least ten years experience and get your but none clean that up get your blood play. It's not work it's called playing besides teller underpaid service members and police and first responders to rest dammit. They can't. Yeah he had a good thing going until. Milan you can't mix sports with real life yeah as sports hasn't realized no rest and that is a real evidently damaged when he million dollars. As the fans is Rhett that are. Our servicemen area police first responders we are as mediation Bolden hey they are the highest paid people in this question period end of story why should begin the two when he gave me but they're not but at that and Sparky. Almost anybody listening to us right now their boss came to us and said you know what man you look a little rundown. I think we're ten to I don't I think it I think you'd be more productive to our team if if you just took today I've responses to go to hell that's totally out in the spill will get some sleep and come back. I hadn't had an awesome job they don't we have big topic who want to come amateur days our best not there I'm not now come on I'm not now. I'm same back in the day yeah I've had numerous vases and is building. Tell me the whole journey get burned out and you can't work early rounds and blah blah blah blah blah pavlik doesn't go to hell I'm fine leaning a lot. And I've continued to work out there that same must get what you Robby Robin Tyler sell you out. I think your offense yeah sponsor not just about everybody telling Sparky Herbert dolls that really. Really and then you go on that I don't know sleep thing I'm not really salute. Until six blue ours yeah yeah 04 days without us we have on the air and it jumped people don't compliment. So I didn't Iran had people tell me that and I just ignore him and kept on don't want. Tell me this dude he verse I mean that's that's the issue here these guys have gone softer making a bunch of money. And they cant Hackett and you're always the anti LeBron guy on the shall rotting it's your chance to LeBron over the. As good as this crap as I tell you often and I don't when I am. When I'm critical of the Brock and it's not just to be critical LeBron because I have some axe to grind against a guy. I could go against LeBron because I think LeBron deserves criticism and certain instances this I just LeBron but by the way this is not what an NBA team right now nobody gets the most attention when LeBron don't get the best one because more people wanna see him than anybody to match and rightly so Howard's after quarter and won't Rask you spent all that money to get into a sold out arena didn't see them all like I've said this before Sparky you know this game you're gonna have the fan base and Michael Jordan if your Clippers brand and I think the last time this is a major issues when they're in Charlotte now and it made headlines because little kid cried that LeBron didn't play in some LeBron sentiment Jersey and is Robby for Eller was like OK I know that's what I said no that's how he's sold on him like Mike and I said this that. If your team is so awful that your waiting for LeBron James to come to town before you buy a ticket that's your team's vault no. Any team ready NBA that's bad days want to see LeBron James I got news Florida team together that's good enough to gold watch any night of the week. That's great told a five year old hey sorry you don't understand this kinda favor players abroad but our team sucks and we're not gonna go. Dat Saints win or go get the year there would tell dad or go find somebody else that'll take you want your figure friends' parents that'll take its 500 at a jerk. It's doesn't make him a jerk it's a jerk move always teach you about the real world all there you go let's go to the phones and Carl on the south side you're on the Wendy's big show its apparent broke out. Door and also look. Well first or most recent start bearing yeah and David Rockefeller passed away at a hundred one's got to honor out there. So I think I won a little more heavenly now. Think I'll wanna live do you of course and I enjoyed it Medea when you're when you're though Bledsoe. I really well I don't like Dario lewd. Deliver a good drive down the board might the league right now we're gonna come down on a project happen here and you guys got got annoyed me. I have I got it given defense opened new age basketball players are going no it's me but it throughout all of operated out of sight that we equipment eight you are now. Haven't noticed you know yeah socks series. These kids understand that but that that's their realization of sport right now around the putting your round are located start completely. From there and betting on there I would say it pretty they're playing you're right now they're travel and are ready for the live an NBA lifestyle. So once where there or anybody. So if you play on concrete. Opinion to bed due to your knee is and so they're. So a lot of these guys understand the proper you know way to play games so if they're planted parks. Which they do you know in the important stuff like that so they already having the Wear and tear about probably ten to India state make it. There aren't worn out yet can't keep you know coming down his players columns soft wearing jordans and the road guys didn't play. You know sure it out of high school like that or you know actually you around eight stack up and you can't called salt I would say if you do it wanna make it. I don't think more interest definitely say give them based on there they're production every game you know I mean. It is the union when never allow that. I know that but that's understandable. Perspective you know if you wanna satisfy. An editor and getting my game you know I mean it is guy dessert there's. You know the guys planned this way then that's been for that but. God can't keep calm. I right now in the job this is killing the NBA image you already have a negative image about the NBA and now you got this going on it's absolutely destroying it did god tell. The initial inability to already have you got marquee players and like do like are you saying it. We got guys like I say oh Jabari Parker right he's been balling. You don't know how that might need a screwed then you can't say it any additional interleague. It's really they hate you really that's trying to kill a million not not. As soon and I think is probably too early grow and add that the and a. That's all not I can't rarely operation a dialysis Roy any NBA. Because you already have negative image. I'm going around about the NBA already we fight it all the time on initials on people that bash the NBA but rather watch college basketball. Now these fans you just gave more ammunition for a Starbucks on him play every night any and get a guy I have of their arrest. And both players are gonna go back to the door bars or the world now Oscar Robertson and Michael Jordan's in the magic johnsons and those guys. So those as played all the time every night. Now and sell not until now malaska Weir's now were all concerned about we need more rest. It if the NBA then you open resuscitation sets I want since the players are having such a problem. With this there were took up the season and a half and it in accordance the salaries are gonna cut as well b.s are not gonna play as many games we're gonna race ticket prices because there's not going to be as many games. And we'll see how that works out gone full. And watch some players change of stance immediately known on don't know here a kind of my stance I'll play every day and I don't either rust I'm fine. That'll change when it most have prone to Baghdad Baghdad and. Also if you go horse back to back games in the ninety's it is well this isn't something beauty NBA and just started the last five years guys you tried to compare him to attack MJ before in terms of if Michael Jordan progressed at center at center and Michael Jordan didn't have the miles on his body at this age that LeBron James has on his about a when he add up Olympics and eight straight NBA finals and before that AU basketball private planes are Irving to carrier ring to ya yeah quite a lot Olympics absolutely. Sparky Kama. And probably just probably just means that I know what you're saying I'm a big believer that it's not necessarily your age but the miles that you put on your body just said you are totally hat. Nobody has the miles on their body at LeBron James age that he has so that's almighty that's not my issue that's huge issues handily in the way he needs to Hanna is to try and win teaching position at this point you know it's always know it's also not LeBron this year why how much you charge for tickets to LeBron was coming to town you're what else is sure that you decided to put him on national TV. What else I'll run this year when he gets flack he doesn't understand why what's happening because all you're you're understands it he's just now you don't he's going to do it you're right the Spurs they got all that seems like too. Three guys rest Michelob the Milwaukee and nobody's there is seen them do their play the whole second unit bullets kick the other night. They did this take a rest I want more starting Bob outside of Zaza Pachulia the other four were all different what. How did he says he'll mostly be involved in our Olivia is going to kill this league to view continue to do best where one game every two weeks your star players don't play ridiculously NBA knows going on an event as silvers furious. If regard because he's a reality at the mistrust boning and Alomar columnist is going to be Johnny know and failure on the Wendy's big show with sub John. Yet thinks are taking my call. Well my thoughtful are basically. I mean I don't have a problem with them resting what I have a problem what does it the way to the NBA or these new number. All live via as I can tell you need only being a box and I just purchased a ticket. Last week says see the box put the Mavericks so all. I believe on the 29 at the Sunday arm. And let me carry it if if I had known or I'm not saying that this can happen but if I had no and advance. There it. It was a gate at the box were intending on resting our players that is yacht the middle and worked in a player and the only. There's no way that out by that pick and now my solution. Here would be that you do each team a set number of resting games at the beginning of the C he built into the season you're not an advance. And you give the bottom seeded teams more resting his immediate the top seeded team to make think there because I think that it's ridiculous that the cat can afford to arrest. Players you know 1012 games the here. When teams like the box obviously fighting for a playoff seats can't afford to rest the old players the same amount of but he did the same amount a player. I think it eliminates everything you say you have to rest and at home. Indian woman exit that's end of it he's on resting Gaza home. There resting guys on the road because they don't want to screw their home fans out of the chances either star players so they rushed them on the road you fix that I think you just tell the NBA. The NBA tells apply association received yet you all wanted to addressed as far and you're gonna do it home from Allen. That's it you wanna rest half your home games go right ahead huge when your fan base why you're not playing. But you're not doing it on the road it's not happening. Can't a lot of what the NBA it is is not about ticket sales the NBA is more about TV revenue. Then it is about ticket sales at this point in everybody's you remember that it is what I TV revenue so now I'm turning out again respect to see LeBron and those guys playing and abroad so there's trickles an outline or why go through the roof of I'm silver. Because now but he did hours and come angle hoopla. What are your private TV best players can't play if they need rest. Why why are my pick. It doesn't come in scooped willow up so don't bet that is a huge issue. OK or their big. No more I do you see our jewels and gold breaking news no way he got married always Mike Garrett. What we have a Gary so as we know to go get a black girl late can you hold onto that after the update. Sure Mike OK all you just an idea. You always says there might you do to also did you talk about if you Bubba Sparxxx. Think yeah yeah. That hey yeah. Don't think again. It's memorial Monday paying tribute to Chuck Berry one of the inventors and innovative as a rock and roll past three at the age of Manny over the weekend. Are paying tribute to the man here I mean Wendy's big show and coming up and breaking news on Jerry Ellison and radio Jones and solo from Phoenix Arizona right now though joining us on the great midwest bank cannot live. Former badgers guard now freaking guest on the Wendy's big show to talk batters mask. Balls pleasure of welcoming Ben brass band howry this afternoon Mets. You Margaret how are. Brodeur while not now be honest when I ask you this question Ben did you think this was possible for them to get past the number one seed and defending champion Villanova Wildcats and get out of that first weekend of the NCAA tournament. You know I really did. And that being said no in my eyes was the best team all year. They were they were my pick to click if if they got passed out and I see no reason why they wouldn't have made it out of this the streets into the final four again. But again the tournaments are all about matchups right. You know it what it where unfortunate thing for Villanova to have to face. This Wisconsin team at any speed and we get off on about how the committee did this year but. I just think it's unfortunate that both teams had to play this caliber of the game in this round of the tournament very similar to what. Happened and when he fourteen when Kentucky typically which state. That early so good bizarre how they did that but. A good match up a good matchup for was announced and you know what the experience they have that they were able to control the tempo and make Villanova really I'm comfortable and Chris Jenkins has not been playing well and they took advantage of the opportunity and we are Hampton in the sweet sixteen serve at six term seven years. Okay so a day they win that game against Villanova body they've had a chance I'll be honest with you. But what I did and I guess realize was lured in and take into consideration was just how good they can be defensively. On in certain situations I really think that was a big factor and then of course what everybody talks about is. You know debt that veteran experience that they have in close games coming down the stretch really paid off. Yet but XP you can't teach experience. That you think backed I think when I was like Latham joke. They weren't they were losing games they were given up either seventy points. And that has not gonna get it done just about any program especially the way it. Wisconsin plays in and what they're trying to accomplish on our defense and control the pace and take good shots you're not going to be didn't. Any good books when you're given up 7080 point because the ball under the hoop in the defenses. Often just made it back on defense and get no opportunistic works but. Again it was it was it was a decent matchup I what I liked like the experience down on the line up then that the game and that's something that you can't teacher upbeat guys who are seniors have seen at all. Really so they're not going to be shocked that they are playing him number one seed. Meet you total that from the young guys that they were a little bit. Star struck by the moment but you know that. Began will be experienced sudden they have it and hopefully learn and grow from in this next game. Yeah especially going to play amassed square garden marquise you. Greg Gard now. Been a lot of people naslund mainland Noah but I've learned today. Which you seem like this information was just hidden from somebody boiled her last four years did all the school to go to four. Sweet sixteens or something like that and they don't have a and I have any. One and done that I have a bunch all America and they have just no god to play together and fundamentally do the right way. I mean what do you attest dead too I mean I did 'cause he's still not getting. The didn't know were the notoriety nationally as he's supposed to. Did not I think I think that he's got an opportunity to do that great so it's in the Europe was out about amount to. It's always been finished top or in the big and beat top 25 all year unfortunately came up short I'm the big time they can turn him in the big time regular season. But they're in position. To strike for a couple of those and now you have an opportunity where you beat the one seed. That the hottest team in the country was in the bracket as well and Duke they're gone. Yet neither team was very beatable in my opinion. So if you get past Florida look at a chance to play in and a winnable game. That would be a in my mind a little bit easier than playing the hottest team. And in a bad matchup it was abdomen Duke so. Yeah I mean we do at the right way it's in the culture that we're gonna win but I really can't pass to the experience that. This senior led group right now has been through from being a part of the first sought out forward to being a little bit. Bigger pieces and maintaining it so Walter Hayes the second year. Sweet sixteen last or you can just cannot teach that so they know what it feels like to be on the big stage they know what they want to accomplish. They know what it's like to play an op or and and that matter to get to it so he can't teach that. Speaking of senior leadership or talking to Ben brusque former badgers guard here on the Wendy's big chill when it came down. So that last shot that it ended up being Nigel Hayes was there any question in your mind that it was either going to be Hayes or Kane aged. Taking that shot with them having the experience that they have. Honestly I thought it was going to prompt I mean problem is it. Shot after shot on the clutch right now but the good part idol right I mean you're the guy who's you know. We talked about everyone's talked about it been under a microscope. And you know he's even admit that the shots and they're coming out of him. Doesn't matter went down and I get on that note if we're given credit I'm gonna give credit to veto arms. Who's really struggled as of as of this year. And as of late hit two shots. Start redeemed himself on a made a really good defensive play. The law mean it'd I think it was and Bronson who went left and strong and be just (%expletive) up than. Would you hand out on that was really the difference right there of not only didn't in the scored on the stretch of the stopped it. So maxed out but are the Florida Gators so who are known for to bring in the defense of a side of things kind of like South Carolina. Concerns for you are keys going in and again. There are locked up for court that are going into the Florida game next Odyssey they bring a strong defense says similar to kind of like South Carolina. Any concerns for the badgers going into this game are keys you think they need to do to win. Think the key would be the guard play to Yvonne Allen and obviously Casey you know they got they got two guards who are shifty and quick. Which will be in in interesting matchup for pertaining in Showalter. But again I don't really worked on a couple under like anything relic. Release scares me about them other than the fact that they will like I think the hottest team in the country of one planet when Mike nine straight games. For their lot in hockey. On the road but so they've really been playing their best basketball as. Latter half of this season so. It inept that usually how it works out I mean obviously. The captains struggle but the team to get this point are usually the teams who are playing at about fast or right now and I think what happened turn the corner. You know that Minnesota game on senior night played well big time tournaments you really have to see who would try to make a run and no surprise that there. Going to be a tough match up and now I don't think it's gonna be easy as you know at this point anything can happen. But it's definitely not an opportunity where I'm like oh yikes I'm I'm look at it more so like they they get this done. Yeah Gary is not here today so I have a gear type question okay Letterman as a Gary OK I didn't precious salary was. Okay good. There was I'm some people may be listening to this and it's same old that is dead. Sweet sixteen had done and go home whatever Darius and that's just what they're gonna expand they should be happy getting there what do you Sanders type people. I think that that you could sit that your kid good. Arm. Yeah. But if you look at it from that perspective of the last year's what the batters I'm last. They went final or final or sweet sixteen a possession. Pretty much a possession away from playing. Nearly eight which when you come back game even more so I mean things can happen though. If you can't beat the number one team in the country and you got this roster in the experience you do. And you're not all the work thinking they can actually get to opt for Matt Murton that's amuses hello crazy. I'm not saying that I'm guaranteeing a pop or. All pieces point in the right direction of them being able to do this. Got to me it did in the Maceda hall of fame coach I have to. And we. I say and they miss a nudge there hall of fame coach and Orion I mean is Burton mark. That being said that being that coach Gard has been Smart and stuck around the holes and coached some good years and he's taking. A lot of principles and a lot of the different things he learned from bow and putting his own little twist on in the year robot you had to have some personality. But I mean it's it is more than possible and I remember when they lost five is that they have win another game this year and I that'd be arguably the best team how house passed ball. And look pretty good deal and it's Q I think they've looked pretty good ball games. I get a positive thing about it and I think 82 so that multiple working yes or correct. That is meant browse the former badgers garden are frequent guest here on the Wendy's big shouldn't talk badgers basketball. Depending how deep this run goes Benny can probably expect another call from the Wendy's big show in the near future match. Herbert about Gary and good luck will be Thursday until Steve lap that up I don't. They club bedridden and I didn't. Yeah bed -- this the great midwest may count a lot when you're ready to get into our back into the housing market look no further than great midwest bank does a great mid West Bank dot com to take the next step towards your new. Moment he's passionate Friday. I was a Friday and camera banks and. Q club all of Wisconsin. Yes sir. As a grip let's get tell your favor march tournament action packed this week and I'm sure will be packed again coming up this weekend. With pool tables sixteen though shuffle board tornado food ball tables riddles electronics darts ping pong can't lore. Join other award winning fish fry on Wednesdays and Fridays with or different styles of fish or British piled up. Or. Yeah yeah yeah. I'll worlds in the off as I'm in respect of Friday they are from Didier don't want any added a lot of divot out there and I can't all the march sermon action. While having fun yourself Q Gomes also a fun place sells private parties. Good yelled personal VIPs sweet luxury you're able personal TV plus you can invite about 75 daughter people cat axis of the whose ball not and ping pong as well you've got what was Scott it's what it for fifty fort Norton grant view boulevard in Waukesha. After miles south of I 94 check them out at Q club a WI dot com Q club WI dot com or. On things we have breaking radio Joseph slash Gary Ellison is right after this is live from Phoenix another Wendy's big show to the holds Chevrolet studios. Memorial Monday paying tribute. Jimmy innovator of rock and roll. Here on the Wendy's big show live in the old Chevrolet studios. I'm Robbie along with Sparky packer all the fair for the right Butler here as well. Jerry Ellison not here it's still something in the sunshine. And a Phoenix Arizona. And radio Joseph landed just a couple hours before I took off on Saturday Sparky you know and the curse. That black cloud that day never radio Joseph. Did not fail before even landed in there's noted things there to go abroad. At Joe's clubs did make that your it was direct right. I'm not got mobbed the airport that morning at 430 in the mall from Milwaukee headaches and yet somehow and we should point out. He's not gone there to work. No vacation just vacation is chill Joe's just there to golf and hang out with the other Sinclair golf golf golf golf that's what he's edited exams yet golf reservations at noon that day and landed I think they're tee time was 11:22. PM Phoenix sent me. Dobbs eating you know let. You rented rented some clubs can't beechy rental lefties approach but the airline after getting an airline covered it. I think is what it's only the airline film they would cover any any golf club rentals he needed to make since Indians lost that and I think they arrived late last night. From that mistake Sunday night I think you can't clubs for two days I think that's when they got there and don't quote me and that but I think that's what they got there I would have paid it if I had known as underpin again each. Ought to as you know a house or hotel. With some bent broken clubs in like a sore and didn't administered could. So I don't know if you at a jog this latest piece of news up. To the radio Jose though cursor black cloud do you does ads bargained it out and open. The radio Jody could follow him that radio just sports and he traded out about 29 minutes ago. So Jerry Ellison destroyed a woman's window on the golf course today and that's qualities that yogurt or the big except it's a Friday and what a 57 of them event in there are you know. Rolle who's guess there's no way. Yeah I'd love on a golf course as is nowhere. Is this has happened a lot odd as soon. Right yeah golf balls I'm flying in your pool are flying in your backyard you have a net over the a screen over the poor you out perhaps cherry India coming your living room yeah I know. And if you are all big objection in the backyard at the ninety hit I mean there's is now he couldn't pay me on the golf course and nugget of your golf Burke. In all I'm sure you get probably get free golf I guess he LaMont golf course you're part of that community would be my guess or sometimes a penalty discount price is so efficient he's yap zone. So I guess our imagine. Gone it's Arizona. Mitchell lot of those are probably rented out that you all those probably aren't even got people living on the around because it's Arizona Seagram and yet Honda money. The VR BO dot com or are being in the year angels' web sites to like he would in Florida they are all Bulls. Houses rented on the golf course is in order to do you can rent those insane Els for a week at a time ruled out there on the course I never really been out on a golf course and how close those houses are there on the chorus kotsay the ones I don't like and there's a hole and at what was river more wanna say in Waterford. And there's a street right next to the hole where you tee off and so you drive it you go right you're going into the street possibly an oncoming car whatever that. Paranoid as all get out bat I hate that. You put me next to a role with moving vehicles I could possibly hit and then you now put Jerry apparently. My golf course the pulses and that's not good either a lot of people I gave your good like you'll write doesn't matter but if you're act like me that's a problem. Yeah a lot of people they publicize that Stevens said darling come in my yard for your ball. Thank you hit but I would like to know Gerry these slighted that you hooking it doesn't make it if I guess we'll find out on why not a negative go to slicing that thing wave right he should be in the studio we shouldn't be ago. Is it true that you look at second half you. And Els for the idea hot nobody pulled this I have no idea yeah it's true. That bill was talking about Joseph and his golf clubs getting lost on the flight there and Joe's mom called into the Bill Parcells is alleged Australia unless they get up for a good call Joseph loser yeah Joseph my older goalies are. There radio. Woody's on the man. How better things Ian bullied by your mom like a Rose Garden this isn't here that I should lose. But radio and that's elevated like you did get up for people here and there I'd need to hear that is I did perfect gentleman who did her feet and man. He can handle I don't from what I hear his mom is a lot of fun and is day to day and I have Joseph ended up Sosa back and I were. Seven days a week he just lets stick a little golf and her to Arizona his mom's on a statewide now we're calling him a loser and he's there at baggage claim. His bright for a gloves his brother there works is my best friend and ability. Alex Alex by fox. Just the nicest guy in the world you know we're a joke to save himself a lot of trouble where he just went to my favorite place in the whole wide world meant black cloud can't fully integrated rosters about Sosa we went out and we will know all of that again maybe he should stay out there who knows what would happen tell the flattery altered. You know if there was not all of it just me sparks fly out the the TVs. 160 what is the idea of being short changed over just looks and it was in our fall off they don't fall right off though. All the bottles of alcohol would just start break kick. Joseph go out to the million dollar mid way to play walking debtors obvious that should they were just breaking go dark. You know don't like card to work you know Jones bracket would get busted. As he watched all the college tournament action at Dave and busters if you wanna watch the Cubs best ball action at Dave and buster's you can have your own private viewing party. Over there and they'll set you up real nice it's also the best place to every cup is special event. For groups of any size he can even do a Dave and buster's take over and own the whole place kids birthday parties graduation celebrations after prom parties you name it. They do it just leave all the planning and be tales. Q Dave and busters who all you have to do is have fun with your guests call Bennett 4144540100. To set up your customized special event. That's band and that number again 41445401008. Drake play watching Dave and buster's Wallach Sosa probably 100 just south. Of north avenue hit a quick break and reset the big topics discussed on today's big show. And give you the final say on a McCullough greatly straggler pick a lane and it's next on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan.