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Brust: "What an unfortunate thing for Villanova to have to face this Wisconsin team."

Mar 20, 2017|

03/20/17: Ben Brust on The Wendy's BIG SHOW.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Right now though joining us on the great midwest bank cannot live. Former badgers guard African guest on the Wendy's big show to talk batters fastballs pleasure of welcoming Ben brass band howry this afternoon match. The rug out our our. Bernard while not now be honest when I ask you this question Ben did you think this was possible for them to get past the number one seed and defending champion Villanova Wildcats and get out of that first weekend of the NCAA tournament. You know I really did. And that being said no in my eyes was the best team all year. They were they were my pick to click if if they got passed around and I see no reason why they wouldn't have made it out of that does reach into the final four again. But again the tournaments are all up matchup straight. You know it would at where unfortunate thing for Villanova have to face. This Wisconsin team and an eight seed and we can all go on about how the committee did this year but. I just think it's unfortunate that both teams had to play this caliber of a team in this round of the tournament very similar to what. Happened and when he fourteen when Kentucky typically which state. That early so really bizarre how they did that but. A good match up a good matchup was announced and you know with the experience they have that they were able to control the tempo and make Villanova really uncomfortable and Chris Jenkins has not been playing well and they took advantage of the opportunity and we are Hampton in the sweet sixteen service six term seven years. Okay so inane they win that game against Villanova body and they've had a chance on the outs with you Aram. But what I did and I guess realize was lured in and take into consideration was just how good they can be defensively. On in certain situations I really think that was a big factor and then of course that what everybody talks about is. You know debt that veteran experience that they have in close games coming down the stretch really paid off. Yet but it's you can't teach experience. That you think back to I think when I was like about them joke. They weren't they were losing games they were given up either seventy points. And that is not gonna get it done just about any program especially the way. Wisconsin plays in and what they're trying to accomplish on our defense and control the pace and take good shots you're not going to be didn't. Any good books when you're given up 7080 point because the ball going through the hoop in the defenses. Often just made it back on defense and get no opportunistic works but. Again it was it was it was a decent matchup I let like like the experience down on the lineup than that the game and that's something that you can't teach upbeat guys who are seniors have seen at all really so they're not gonna be shocked that they are playing in number one seed. It's a little bit from the young guys that they were a little bit. Star struck by the moment but you know that. Began will be experience they have they can hopefully learn and grow from in the back again. Yeah especially going to play a mass Lagardere marquise me. Great guard now. Been a lot of people naslund Maine I know him but I've learned today. Which you seem like this information was just hidden from somebody well her last four years did all the school to go to four. Sweet sixteens or something like that and they don't have a look and I have any. One and done they don't have a bunch all America and they have just know god who played together and fundamentally do the right way. I mean what do you attest dead too I mean I did 'cause he's still not giving. The didn't know were the notoriety nationally as he's supposed to. Yet not I think I think that he's got an opportunity to do that great so it's in the group was asked about amount to. It's always been finished top or in the big and beat top 25 all year unfortunately came up short on the the big time they can turn and then the Big Ten regular season. But they're in position. To strike for a couple of those and now you have an opportunity where you beat the one seed. That's the hottest team in the country in the bracket as well and do their armed. Yet neither team was very beatable in my opinion. So if you get past Florida you look at a chance play it in I don't winnable game. That would be it in my mind a little bit easier than playing the hottest team. And and a bad matchup was councilman Duke so. Yeah I mean we do with the right way it's in the culture that we're gonna win but I I really can't pass to the experience that. This senior led group right now has been there from being a part of the first on a forward to being a little bit. Bigger pieces in maintaining it so Walter Hayes the second year. Sweet sixteen master you can just cannot teach that so they know what it feels like to be on the big stage they know what they want to accomplish. They know what it's like to play in a while or and and that matter to get to it so you can't teach that. Speaking of senior leadership are talking to Ben brusque former badgers guard here on the Wendy's big show when it came down. That last shot that it ended up being Nigel his was there any question in your mind that it was either going to be Hayes are caning. Taking that shot with them having the experience that they have. Honestly I thought it was going to Bronson Bronson is it. Shot after shot on the clutch right now the good part side or right I mean you're the guy who's you know. He talks about everyone talked about he's been under a microscope. And you know he even admit that the shot into that coming up and it. Doesn't matter went down in. I get on that note if we're given credit I mean give credit to veto. Who's really struggled as of as of this year. And as of late hit to shock. Start thinking in terms of government made a really good defensive play. Up law mean he did I think it was them front and who went a lap and a strong and be just stepped up and I would you hand outlaw and that was really the difference right there of not only didn't in the scored on the stretch of the stopped it. So next up why are the Florida Gators so who are known for to bring in the defense of a side of things kind of like South Carolina. Concerns for you are keys going in and again. Our lockers are quick back up going into the Florida game next obviously they bring a strong defense a similar to kind of like South Carolina. Any concerns for the badgers going into this game or keys you think they need to do to win. I think to keep would be the guard play to Yvonne Allen men obviously Casey you know. They got they got two guards who are shifty and quick. Which will be in in interesting matchup for retaining him Showalter. But again I don't really watch them a couple under like anything that like. Release scares me about them other than the fact that they will like I think our hottest team in the country of one planet when Mike nine straight games. For that lot it cocky. On the road but. I'm so they've really been playing their best basketball as the latter half of the beat himself. It and that's that's usually how it works out I mean obviously the captains struggle but the team to get this point. Are usually the teams are playing their best fastball right now and I think with captain turned the corner. You know that Minnesota game on senior night played well in the Big Ten tournament you really get to see who was trying to make a run and no surprise that there. Going to be a tough match up and now I don't think it can be the as you know that's when anything can happen. But it's definitely not opportunity where I'm Mike yeah I I'm I'm look at it more so like they they get this done. Yeah Gary is not here today so I have a gear type question okay Letterman as an area of under the impression is so it was. Okay good. There was I'm some people may be listening to this it's same old that is dead. Sweet sixteen had done and go home whatever Gary's and that's just what they're gonna expand and they should be happy getting there what are you seeing his type people. I think that the you can sit that you're too good. Yeah. But if you look at it from that perspective of the last year's web batters in my. It went final or final or sweet sixteen a possession. Pretty much a possession away from playing. In the elite eight which when you do that game even more so I mean think it happened dole. If you get beat the number one team in the country and you got this roster and experience to do. And you're not all the work thinking they can actually get to the proper work Matt that to me is just a little crazy. I'm not saying that I'm guaranteeing a prop four. All pieces point in the right direction of that being able to do this. Got a midterm on the Maceda hall of fame coach I have to. And we. I say and they miss a nudge their hall of fame coach and Bo Ryan I mean his remarks. I think that that being that coach Gard has been Smart and stuck around the holes and coached some good years and he's taking. A lot of principles and a lot of the different things he learned Colombo and putting his own little twist you know in the robot some personality. But I mean it becomes more than possible and I remember when they lost five is that they have win another game this year and I that'd be arguably the best team in all out fastball. And look pretty good do and it's who I think they've looked pretty good ball games. I got a positive about it and I think 82 so that multiple working yes or act. And isn't bad browse the former badgers garden are frequent guest here on the Wendy's big show to talk badgers basketball. Depending how deep this run goes Benny can probably expect another call from the Wendy's big show in the near future man. Herbert about Gary and good luck he'll be Thursday's we'll see you love that up I don't. They club bedridden and I didn't yeah bed breast dredges up the great midwest may count a lot when you're ready to get into our back into the housing market look no further than great mid West Bank visit great midwest bank dot com to take the next step towards your. Knew how.