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BIG SHOW 3PM: Would you be mad if McCarthy and Thompson got extensions?

Mar 20, 2017|

03/20/17: The Wendy's BIG SHOW 3PM Hour

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Twisty part. My favorite actor all the favorite little I butler's. They Jackson gained just talking breastfeeding here's a great you know like guys do. Usually you out of your kids and it's like and shopping cart victory ridiculous when you reinvent like man band he did in fact our own independent like a leg up on I'm not handle the guard and I'll kill him and you gotta go for ten days ago it sells to take it after a Q Robbie is what he does and you take some pitches and that is. In Rio no doubt me. But I think two years old school. Too old for what. I mean Brad uses an outing at 308. And man I say just like you overnight you know. Does that at a friend's wife amber is pretty of the natural thing about when that kid is like. The all these twenty we can talk about it it's natural and that's you know you're grown up. To be ashamed of but I will hold to when gig if there aren't you know it's probably good idea. Also weathered a spark he should noticed it up with Benadryl and put him on a leash to get back there not to not to get out of played. You know religion as they are not doing the leash again. No but on the play Manny needed double whammy need Benadryl and unleash this kid walking up and out and analysis about the little baby may have just your receiving guidance for some little kids walking by -- All hell around obviously Bennett took Tuesday annexed into Benadryl them got on human wicca a wake up when the wheels it. Would you be mad if they give McCarthy and Thompson extensions they being the Green Bay Packers 7991250. Or you can email us live. And 1057 FM the fan die cam Laura Boller as Sparky now this question this morning via attacks why what what brought this up. Well good may become. Content is going to be in his lattice I hear it next year I did think about it till you said it by a man we know per share Canzano. But not necessarily that our national enough of a deal for a coach or GM. But. They they extended Mike McCarthy's contract. Back in 2014. The same time they did it did that thing and they were it not to a lot not too far apart and yes I do our part it's believed according to rob to musky. That the coach and to commanders signed for the same length of time Madden and thomas' deal believed to run through the 2018 seasons let's two more years two more seasons. From when there's mics right now that's what they're saying that both both on the and they won't both contracts are believed to run through Tony eighteen seasons he was how would you keep though could got a chance to separate. Changing the question on us. Not think you would you be mad because better. Could I do that out of some people at a different place. Would you be mad if the Packers give my people are angry man Ted Thompson contract extension 7991250. Or you can email us live at 1057 FM the fan back count. Do you think if it's Tony eighteen. Yeah got to be discussed at some point this years they don't go win is lame duck has done next offseason right. And I think what thereof you need some stability to see our thing related this lady in there rightist career you don't change anything. Because you've been put in position to last you know last 234 years Vince Hampshire games and you liked the way that everything is going. Out this year it was a little bit different yard you know. Got into free agency a little bit maybe more people may want more but you're good to stability of their franchise. You know I think you can afford to change read now because you know what a new regime will bring. Is there really worth going back to the seventies in the A he's just to see just to make somebody. Happy I mean. Now in a perfect world you would want. TA to retire remarking on anywhere I'm telling you man. 2.5 teams a Jumbo all Mike McCarthy. So I think there will get an extension but OB probably is that a five years maybe three. As speed I don't think you can. I really don't think you can afford it I'm expecting us something happened this summer. Ernie mainly five million dollars a pop are they making like 59 dollar up so I think that's that is that they believed to be the deal. So you're gonna get an extension and pay no more 20 no question I think they've learned that your. Okay so first of all I I I am totally fine and secured when Mike McCarthy get an extension. No doubt whatsoever to it and can I stop and say that to rest after that there for a second. Round about you says that the Packers typically. Keep their coach and general manager. Signed for the same length of time outs moves others it. There are tied up their attached to the head you know gonna get watney and get the other yeah but it is house no more there right now getting after it yet if this is about Mark Murphy. Do you Marcus Allen and gotten him no no village over there yeah yeah that's right you haven't the dual titles on district ya by the way a little portable tally that on the way. Under website. Like why is it outlet on the early as today outlets and a little bit at help out on earlier today yeah. Looking trying to find updated tile time district dusting it is more pictures video you know anything I can spot. Miller are not Miller Park actually and you can find update it's like every week seemingly open. Regardless. You think that there would be a headline on the Packers ones that say title town district. Then you'd click on it and give you all the stories in the televised district all of Vegas is NATO through nor does that sort of not a packer website I got made big we don't lie. Will make you boy I'll let you know Woody they're going next while on the call are you you know they are things. On silenced and I got track but this old thing with Jack and what are they don't. Obama doesn't mean I'll play and Malaga got not only got to play it. It opened us sell me on this I didn't amuse you go to McCarthy. Berman diet essentially commemorative Dan to. I mean I think no. Well I am Murphy I don't know my priority right you don't call inside car market comment are not mr. what's your name says she sat mr. what was your days yeah. Roy that that's our that's a lot of respect for McCarthy no problem so we know Garnett with as you read there you bring a McCarthy knew says this is the deal. Deal is we're gonna talk to Ted and a suggested to retire when his contract's up. I'm we'd like to put in person acts wherever that may be in his mind I'm not necessarily want them over Tony we'll. Who rappers in May be and he's gonna roll doing the same Patrick went did you have going forward. Then my next question is. I don't mean tellem who the person is maybe I just ask. Is there somebody in two years that you just can't see yourself working with him from these lists of candidates and I'm considering. Here's who I'm considering him at. It is all thinking about you Mike by names and Mike McCarthy look at engulf according Daniels got up followed that chair. And then there are some of the Buckeyes like I don't that we Gil long. Okay in the Murphy just. Puzzle wanted a person's name we got that yeah aren't a problem. Then we're taking care of and Daniel attendant tell tell Ted look Yucatan as a senior consultant you can retire. You can do whatever will pay to be a senior consultant no problem. But I have to get my next guy in place here. Go on form we need to start to move four hits can't be a guessing game all the time with you so that's how we're gonna approaches can't. Look I think Ted doesn't deserve a contract or anything of the sort say Ted Ginn older. You've got guys waiting in the wings that we think. Art kind of sought after maybe a little bit by the rest of the NFL maybe even a number getting jobs currently they're getting interviewed getting raises every year right mine by the Wagner or whether or not taking jobs and you were normal I mean. So from that perspective yeah. I just I've got to move on I can't can't give him another five year extension or something with one heart the it's our coach into your seventies or how over hold this tent he's got to be up there and it. I've just lets the isn't very sharp I'm not I'm not Rolen Ted another five years after the steals he's got two years now we're movement and that means USA. And be film guy and all that stuff this guy just does what he has he's right Achilles heel and ours rink that guy right so. That's I don't know how. It. Don't go chronic. Anyways senior advisor back and hey that's the wrong that I love going neglect like a hundred teams. So next time I 64 years young man since two years. These next five years or seven you want some security you opt out Allen on that not so McCarthy I'm you go to Mayo. Maybe a retired those steals stuff doesn't want you to give McCarthy a list Tom and you work where these guys yes or no. And then you go to tech didn't suggest attack either you can stay out senior consultant Augusta it would dog and will pay you nicely and you could dale what your responsibilities are. And were gonna promote wanna your guys with inside that I think only works as tennis senior consultant and if it's somebody from within his front office that he Knowles already right. That it it works it makes sense but I would starts things seem very were to meet. But I would have to imagine Melvin had some stand who they brought in Lowe don't know connect and made a suggestion to the owner of this is the guy like the best of the guys were talking Miller would number or Aston. How long we want to be GM and suggestion. You human hands the degree yeah. Would you be upset if the Packers game Ted Thompson and Mike McCarthy contract accent on the gas and shot 7912. Figure you could Ellis fire Pete. You can email us live at 10 fives at all FM the fan Dak you do you know we doesn't hire who the ASE certified technician this. Over at Napa by the end Israel want to firearm or other and so yeah yeah he can't turn up my bike whatever you did another one or not Mike class try to do is try to help you man don't ask for your. Just try to help nobody asked what do I know that you unsolicited. Like Joseph Alexander is sent out. Like a line that's march weather here in Wisconsin's address your car cared one of the seven or your bury shots at Milwaukee area in Napa auto care sort of they use only Napa body parts name people trusted since 1925. All our technicians are eight as he saw violent that is what Ronnie. Mark Martin Ebert is a -- high quality premium Napa cabin air filter you can get up to a fifteen dollar rebate. To find their fair shot nearest you just go to L I LWC. A LWC. A had a chance to win three oil changes for an entire year. That's M I LWC. A. Win. Buried at the age of any over the weekend here on the Wendy's big show and asking you would you be upset if the Packers game Ted Thompson and Mike McCarthy contract extension 7991250. Or you can email us live at 1057. FM the fan darling I saw him pulp fiction that's exactly what I'm looking at right now right now the dancing scene with the John Travolta months with Thurman. Love them it's so much 5 o'clock I'll tell you about the time introduced her period and he did what. When Clemens is lived a wonderful little he had visualization and 25 year old disc jockey who Brad and his jockey and yet he introduced him and Roy Orbison Righteous Brothers when they were coming through the second time around back and waiting so. We'll get the full story coming up Indy 5 o'clock hour here on a memorial Monday paying tribute to Chuck Berry. Would you be upset if the Packers gave Thompson McCarthy contract extensions price could be discussed. At some point this year if they don't want him to go into next off season with the old lame duck label. 7991250. Or you can email us live at 1057 FM the final outcome when I haven't. Really no support for Joseph Toms on social media to help. On now I'd dance we took a Mike McCarty to be one of the best coaches in the NFL consistent talent I think we need fresh ideas from a new GM. I'd Dave tweets at the fan at 1057 FM the fan rather not see either what is it an extension. And I attitude McCarthy would be my choice hands down Murphy can goal also. And and we got the fan I would give Ted these extensions let alone a financial one and their hair extensions. TJ tweets at the fan of the extent that I am how I can handle all that strata look. I'm being a fan don't right eye a man for a fan to begin with you know leave that. People what does a Brett. Well okay packer fans they came back Super Bowl forty watt and I always thought I would hear that one once Brett was done then they came back. Once this whole thing passed the one Brett laughed people bailed be untenable guardian cable them know. They came banks he wouldn't and when nestled bode well for a what are you talking about. Don't people that's separation of all those people don't came back in the they don't people came back to 23 years ago on Brett came back and made it all right damn bag. Those people yeah it. Is a few who small pocket of people. To get off monologue types. They may be still there but I think a vast majority of people without agreement it was a split which I will shocking to meet. Can. Icing that they would have the best thing I mean that's proven. Let. When something splits like you think okay what can bring him together. I think winning does it and there's two guys. Have stayed out a lot of rhetoric in just continue the win I think that's what people warrant a consistent winner. Not apparently up they've been in lap opinionated last week at the fan yes Ted has to go all these missed our last few drafts and refuses or dress team needs through free agency hash tag fire Ted. And instead goes Mike goes. I disagree while there is no I told the luncheon put it that way. I shouldn't put it that way necessarily would go the way. If Ted goes Mike McCarthy very well could go burger right. But again if it's somebody in howls to won't happen that west not necessarily the case sparking. OK they're good candidates in -- old out of house and they're gonna bring and that's not part of family everything we've are no I don't think they as far as possible replacements for Ted have all been guys organization when a guy's not a nation that were here at one point even if the Ted Thompson replacement is somebody from in house. That doesn't mean that they necessarily want Mike McCarthy as their head coach governor Mike mark Mark Murphy does it not matter but Mark Murphy doesn't. Do business that way than bell Howell that he's ever had to make a higher that's not how the Packers operate more you hurt the Mark Murphy has never had to make this hire you don't know how mark Murphy's going to operate aren't really putting this that you and Murphy is said he follows the Bob Harlan. Operating presented out and enjoy it which is to hire somebody. And let them do their job he hires a G Evan that Jim gets to pick as coach said Jim gets to pick the player on anti U right now. This guy. Is going to tell the general manager is that he likes Mike McCarthy. Who like to see this continue Ford. And that's how this is going to play out there he is not a need here. He's not now he may not be out there and all these football fronts which most don't want a multi laughable frost let that be Ted and Mike I'm finally back to and let him gold run that the title town district. But he's not in Haiti. He do there's no way he looks a McCarthy goes. Has just Mike and jobs are gonna have to move on there's no way he looks a McCarthy and says that. There's no way anybody in the National Football League looks and Mike McCarthy in says yeah. Now he's seen his better days he's got a goal not a chance there's no way this doesn't like. McCarthy's been foreign club the last two years and now you bring your general manager you forced him to keep all. That's not the case but president of west every year with a chance to go to the Super Bowl nugget he's only got one but it still won still better than none. If you don't bring a new guy from within and keep McCarthy you may as well keep didn't. Now because this is a different all right about forty saga hired a guy I want our loyalty to me which you know what when your Murphy you're doing the interview process. Is not in that he's. He's not even owed. Hit the hopeful bumper actually god in my world that's not he's got replaced had right yells are now we have four games he looked as with what Chad Scott who started the next general manager. There's not Marco. What do you know I know Mark Murphy hires general man I let quite obvious but he stayed out. How do you stay out of it only aren't again no heat when they hired him. This of the well oiled machine like doing that and now this is the first time he's a guy tailed boy pants on and actually make a good football call Taylor walks away optic he'll pick together you were correct engaged in didn't want to give that got a key. He'll stay a bit. Al Green little right but my point is this when you Gholston when you do the at every process yep your Mark Murphy you know you'll what Boller go for general manager position right out. You asked this question look I. Who who do you think would be a good a coach for this team afford if you're become general manager didn't give me your short list of guys you'd like to have. And if you miss serves together a fight but it you'll do comment though you're gonna have that list. But if you come back goal off by looking at Mike McCarthy I think he's held a coach I just wanted to use different avenues to get him batter to. I think that's they got more Feagles would. I think it got to comes and says you know I'd like to move up for Mike spot and these are my short my shortlist of five guys out wanna go with no I don't beamer yards. And as you got the careful what you wish for that's my thought I got you want a guy franchise in the sense of Cleveland are infinite. Like moon. These two guys have won game should have hit balls a little bit different and so she needed Britain. But chill out about. There's there's there's no debt and emails there's no doubt about it that he's getting killed on radiant you know. Chad which at the fan Thompson should be given a retirement date not a contract extension home similar to what we I talked about earlier. Matt tweets that the fan McCarthy no Thompson yes can split him out. Just fickle McCarty could do with Patriots level talent gap agent. Oh. We know it. Yeah they've go to Debbie that they bigs and don't LeRoy don't test it doom don't register go to a city I don't see the whole thing with you they don't just because of the way that those the Patriots are structured salary wise they are more talented players. On their roster I think another quarterback takes restructure your knees and a million of that bad and sent well wishes that I don't know where it. I don't have guaranteed third reportedly in and I think I did tango. In I don't know if that's been broached by either party but I know it hasn't happened yet. I know it takes not as of what time and I know it takes it 330 and 35 save it happened that threw a lot of Kevin in Sussex here on the Wendy's big show what's up Jeff but that haven't. All America do on the job. Wonderful for me. Claude. You know everyone caught for a McCarthy's. Answer now had I mean. Look at the situation over in Cincinnati. You can't even name the cheer around and Marvin Lewis is in the air for 1415 year have a wanna play or not. I mean it could be worse. You know Madeira had in just getting to the playoffs. Won't remember where that franchise was when he came on no. Where are. Sure you can't get us. Absolutely and Kevin not that you know you and Kevin you're actually right you should be happy just making the plants of the hall of fame quarterback the same standard for the Green Bay should be for Cincinnati. You're right I don't care. Her up their parents. You know their pre and com or more because. Of a future how this or every other year how he gets up the high you know upgrade the defense stuff free agents. Yeah there at bats from per you know. You gotta call out there on them for arm and we got a yet. More people that are going to bomb outs and you know or would you wanna keep going even though even though this defense has been horrible for quite a while you still wanna keep Ted. You know I mean it's. Excited or compliment Mike McCarthy thought our efforts he can only do what he's given talent wise he can only do with what he's given talent like I'm in his caimans. It is. Now it's there you think it's a dusty not the players. I think I think Dom Capers should affair. You know let loose. When Austin started OK I think his scheme is so hard not to at this. But Brandon Albert or not right so you'd think the talent level is much better on defense. And what we then what we've seen what Dom Capers. No you know you know you didn't look like I'm there you know our other rookies. On. This team. Is. It's definitely sub par would know what you like about a I mean. You know on Clay Matthews in the middle every now and then. I had to do. Don't have any other middle linebackers that are bought out. Average you have no choice. Right eye opener that stat but that's not good where are brought on how are you what golf. Which you want to keep tag you said it was our. Well it's back and forth. O'Brien exactly right now for the okay we got to go I've talked too long enough. He was let any of us are you make some good point at what point that he made organ in native is they keep they got David you could've made a change. Would Don capers and all that wipes out inning you bring in somebody else new. So you agree with him that they've had above average talent adopt can't coach. Larry and he's admitted you can didn't hear what he said he says that it could be a combination of both. That they have great talent instill in our not a what you say Joseph Jones just I don't know four out of daylight massive. Who when that rate and a blown out first round Dave Jones is with this team holding him back what was he can't he held himself back. That's his power. Did I wanted honest fault that Dallas his well well one player level Casey Hayward that year was better of some parallels Utley was a probable are. In San Diego but he was here who also loved here in Florida more and a different defense and he what are you gonna do. Operable but it but he was good though but there's nobody else who was there did you comply and a go okay this doesn't defense struggled. What are plate and Bears defense and forced my idols guys he had to thank you than say you you miss in the point of asked to wash it again I stints. He gave me some great points good people come. The C he said keep the guys. Right field and it didn't had to get rid of dom Ed embodies Dickey did coach as well. And then he went to Fargas and maybe they should make some changes internally I think that's fair and doing some good easily agree with your nap. His group would himself when I think that's a Turco. These social media just one weight problem back. But they don't have any. Like test and it gave you a solution. If you're sort of fired Dom Capers then yeah you are saying that the defense a talent level. Is Barrett now we're seeing it could be a competitive we're gonna disagree because I don't think it. That's all that's so because I don't know Megan to hollering and improve the defense if they're not gonna sign free agents. Then he did happen answer daddy came back later in several our other our I'm gonna do that why was I got a high tower if you think that sounds good amid all the way. Our college game really get into a big debate as a kid they mean a narrative for the debate it is just to others. And listen to the reaction when he can get into it. Not to give me some great. The debate I'm done you know don't don't pick up the flowed. Because you cut out the managed to. Our. President because he certainly no because they would ask him questions that he touted you tied opinion down that make him look right. What player but yeah. I'm out there because after that what he does talk about he can't use of specific leagues he would keep it to guy. That the question right yes Stewart and David extensions they did a reasonable to do that you think you can go out there Bo we would further he should mix and turned. Internally with wood on paper. Okay have a nice day get it and we can debate. You don't want to get a double the collar but let it get and yet but you cut it. C'mon man and talk for like five Minnesota. Brought my thing is you don't write so cat and no doubt about it American man don't show we nicer and the fan implantable royal hired. Who's Bob last week mid August and man this is. Moving up argument that they go out. A little bit yeah I was. They opt out to a huge advantage to not as wet as hard on ball with so it was wasn't the same I don't know. Leave leave them out there on you don't want. Canadiens now is Joe Millionaire down is that it gives the best I don't think I was there today if we don't have a policy and we just hangs on muscle. Just take out. Why I don't do argues need to do you wanna stay also Jameel what it Hammond had two guys so we got Dick and I don't know why they know Mo. So it should be you know if I hole. Don't know if I'm sure we don't fool all of the people supported well I don't I'll not know what you are yeah hello. Because they're not very good but not better do it left talk about those who about this. The period and appeared Ted Thompson supporter it's and we drove to soldier a million dollars up right now so Allen and probably won't do what I want is gonna talk. I don't although I don't fool you want your followers who can have a clue I don't moment here the next segment mark caller yeah. I had the win. Behind where did I know did agree would have doomed we're all those ocean you guys are your guys right you know I don't know I don't know. My guys my and I got my fans you agree with the gotten so. They want to tell you want I'll go home so I want to had gone by fast he'd of 100 yeah ago. Our yeah. Few days and all that rotated broke my nope they're reactionary band. And they just wanna get a mongo cannot say I'm OK with it doesn't lead to give you fair. I just can't be asked I won't hear Bulls. Thought they are really cold bad treaty on all of was at the station that would've tribes haven't isn't that this might sound cold I would shed one tear he goes enjoyed it's Chuck Berry. So yeah Muslim. Oh man I don't know and then eluded us. Negative karma has old Andrew. Lawn mowed it's. On me. It is cold the what did dot to boards column in the world at that moment as brutal if you will does move alone could do it will bothersome bug stock yet asked that you don't really want to Greg Monroe a few off seasons ago. You really want him this season with a Wendy's big shall discuss that next on the fence. And is Greg Johnson memorial Monday paying tribute to Chuck Berry and the adventures of rock and roll passed away at the age of ninety over the weekend. You watch Greg Monroe adopted this off season 7991250. Corey can email us live at 1057. FM the fan not count. Yeah as a player option for the upcoming 27. 182018. Season Sparky for just short of eighteen million dollars seventeen. Point 884 and don't look now but Greg Monroe making a quiet k.s says these six man of the year. In the NBA is that worth almost eighteen million dollars a year freeze Sparky 79912. That. We're at Iowa this more tonight and thus far is what's weakly at 7 o'clock and Gary Wolfe on myself. You know. In the beginning of the year most people wanted him to opt to hack out but by Greg Monroe CF. You know and good luck on the open market. Palm but as the years played out and after last offseason. And you realize that. He kind of now's in a position where he doesn't have probably have a huge market for his services because the way he play center is not the way NBA teams. What they're senator supply now way want their centers to block shots stretch the floor with jumpers on rebound the bass all get out and run. That's what they want so it says that they want to come like comic right that's kind of that the personal. For the Milwaukee Bucks Greg Monroe is really really Bible to this basketball team. He's really not able like Ramey said for his ability to rebound the basketball score the basketball off the bat on his guy miss a ton of bonnies yes miss a bunch easy shots. And it's in driving courageous can't make your hair turn Greg stress out about it that's just how he is in who he has. But for me at least there is one huge factor. In why I want Greg mineral back. Q coach and you just saw the other Ryan Gomes are in the L Laker game the other night. Greg when role has taken on the role of enforcer on this basketball team. In his stated as much earlier in the season and the post game interview after a box game and debris BC. Then nobody's gonna punk his team. On Madison a massive one his guys he's gonna be there defend his guys one way or the other and you knock and you got to do that these young basketball players. Now to me. If you're willing to do that that means you're buying into whatever it is that this team is trying to accomplish a major buying into your teammate is if you can give a rip about your teammates. In you're just trying to think to get out here free agency or whatever and get your next big paycheck. Could care less than Nick Young shot is Malcolm broad that mattered your audio this year earning and do what you wanted done mattered mile ride to defend himself. Miceli happen he and running up to defend him. Any time there's been an incident this year with Bremen are on the floor and I can't remember you can't lead dimension and it'll help some but any down there's been an incident. Involving a player one and rolls on the floor when roll almost every single time is the first player there Sherman back or getting a somebody else's face on the road got fine up money for this to. Day after getting kicked out of that game what it's worth their yet but it's worth it at the end of the day this team has not had that guy since Larry Sanders they just haven't. I'd what I was kicked out before leaving her breasts lead any help for other players because he was always a hot it. I just think from from the perspective of what he gives you off the bench he's pretty much a league score off the bench right now. He rebounds the ball well he stealing the ball a crazy ray for sign right now on the NBA's whose defense is improving he's got a shot blocker never gonna be that. You know we have three or Schaub three blocked shots in and night. Sold that's not his game but then the leadership. And the aspect of being got enforcer on the floor for these young guys man. I'm sorry I want him back next year I want him back one more year then after that let's see what happens. Remember the reason why Greg Monroe picked the box over the Lakers over the Knicks and these are teams. Was because he wanted to be in the playoffs in he thought the box had the best chance of being a playoff team year in and year out. The other night when they beat the Clippers are not your remedy was what following Canada game Greg Monroe that was the most I've seen Greg Monroe reactor. After a win on any time he's been here Hewitt he was Seoul pumped up and jacked up about that went huge huge deal for him. So he wants to be in the playoffs he wants to see what it feels like. I just think give you go to the playoffs this year with Greg Monroe he ops back in and now Morel wants a little bit more then. One said deal is up. Maybe you get Greg Monroe back at a reduced rate the play in the new stadium and continue. What is this journey for this busting to try what did you every chip in the next few years maybe he comes back and reduced rate. Well after fulfilling his original contract and decide to stay I'm sure he's not happy but haven't come off the bench I'm sure that irritates him. But at the end of the day has got to do what you can and the role what you're given and I think he's doing the best he can with the role that he's given at this point I think he's a better basketball player now. Then when he was when he got here last year I think he'd agree with me. You want Greg and roared out to next season it's. Haven't done 91250. Or you can email us live at 1057 FM the fan dike up would you sailor quick can we get in my get a body here why. And they're a day away. You know they had just does not a futures things you've been. Hoped prayed any outside you can save their money and try to get keep building UTU. And I think the reason why he lost his job because he's slow now there's doubt most of Eddie get out of Ryan. Not think he's kind of a blog Blair's Steve pointed out I think if I'm. To me you've got to get a guy who can run the floor stretched out next he was saying. But when a guy make and that kind of money. Signal to come out the bent a no I don't see I don't see is Sophie ops is his option. The view of the bucks. You've got to freak but he opts out and maybe plays so good he may opt out of that goal gave big big big money next year and he happen. So it may be a team that you know they did those us up to cement you can go there and make big money. You know maybe you're almost one million dollar had installed to went there a market for a Motorola you'll be surprised by now's the biggest score would have a year ready guys with. Outs looking at the list of setters. That's coming out that can be free I don't know what in what they're getting paid now. What you're getting out of Greg Monroe at the price that you're getting me get a bargain is a steal. If it's of bargain. And I talked about this a couple of years ago when you're losing your mind about some of the free agent contracts that are going out there what you see nick doubly. And you know how much Al Horford makes per year now average salary. Told you when they signed him and Lawson and I would not get an out 48 point. No well. Our pretty gold. He's saying he's a stunt the ends but make it 45 and a half million dollars Andre Drummond. Is making when he signed point four million Stephen Adams makes 25 million dollars at. That's not Whiteside makes almost 45 million dollars per year Dwight Howard who hasn't been Dwight Howard for five years makes 43 and a half million dollars only hundred million opt. Marcus old's making 22 point six billion grow the Andre Jordan is making 21 point nine. Brook Lopez is making 21 point one Joakim Noah was making eighteen million ads crazy demands an up and you get to Greg Monroe were Moscow but let's at eleventh on the list to be fair miles golf is making sixteen million dollars a year deserves about six. A shut him down for the year and LA. Seminal play the rest of the year I think you kind of lose if I'm Greg Monroe I'm opting out are no big money he had no command no yeah there's at least one million dollars ready for me somewhere really easily I don't think there's a market formed and a from the walks. I hope. I hope he opts in as you are what the production that you're getting out of him. Even if he remains coming off the bench the production that you are getting out of him at the price that you are getting I know it sounds crazy when I say that eighteen million dollars is a bargain. Eighteen million dollars is Allison our kids are a maker. I think about somebody or for second quickly. You have Greg Monroe all right give John Henson correct sing play yeah I know all have to complain lately dot hasn't consists. You have Spencer Hawes right no you're three senators right now on this roster and gone so for centres right. After next season you're pretty much done with Spencer Hawes Greg Monroe and John Henson. Pretty much done is our right. And that pulled going into that new arena usually ease in pretty good financially because. Because. Jabar he's not gonna sign a huge countered extension you were and thinking he was gonna sign. So you have no other big number attached to body wants Munro was done. Because Henson has made and among Panetta. There there's nobody to hit him again threw for you tonight you look at Italy Manuel Reno might be able to get a free agent splash. A name to go along with what you have already going into the new arena 2018. You should be able get the new practice facility the new arena. If during the playoffs this year and next your. There about one Utley were young and adage is our guy passed the basketball he's a great guy he wants to work. And this is his city I think most of those Gaza loves to play. I think the combination to be honest and the new arena and that the new ownership and I know there's gonna sound like a stupid little thing but I didn't think it's any given free harmless all in all to me. Roy you tell me if I'm wrong. Players want to play for organizations that are gonna treat their players. First class top notch from a Izzy. And again I know this is gonna sound stupid Baas just reading an excerpt from an article hostile Sparky about it in the last bring up. And it's it's sort of a funny goofy article that ESP in the magazines or hearing about how Peter butter and jelly is is the craze going through the end no story every every team examine our modern bellies on their plane. And they said that the Bucs. Peanut butter and jelly spread is the envy of the NBA. But they have like a Bob Mays style spread with creamy and crunchy Allman butter bananas all different types and jellies that you want. And to me it's little things like that LeRoy river wind Mark Cuban bought the Mavericks. Yeah he's with TVs and videogame systems and every guy's locker out. And put recliner is with sound systems in the middle of the locker rooms they can watch movies and do whatever else to me it's an and the Bucs are trying to beat. That type of organization where they think about every little thing I mean that a player wants to make it a first class top notch experience playing for the Milwaukee Bucks. I think you take that plus a new arena plus a superstar like yeah honest who. If Jabari can come back on the second ACL's thirty pair him with another superstar who knows what's to come upon maker I think this is becoming sort of but. Nice little destination for NBA playoffs. I would agree it will be interesting to see me the player amenities that occur. The new re enact the practice facility I think it was Ted Davis what's the Milwaukee Bucks who mentioned to me when we are trying to get the Serena pass on understaffed. I believe he said in Dallas. When you're at practice they wash your car free them. Now so volatile time in Dallas right you legend here with a snore everything else that's a big for a player. Little things like that matter but it could steal your memo we went down there at. What 1990. Was different but we got caught homer and he brought up. Guys appearance haircuts houses all documented of our main food every rule woods I mean we have heats though Wednesday so little Friday's. The Italian food on Saturdays you they met up. No class with free agents and stuff Brett. Oakland's Alan go back to a decent round of a dispute about diligent nervous as I talk about being blown out of my idol John Daly tat I'm not a few us spread. I offer toast once. Yeah interact so I discovered on waffles. First the spread on waffles and and last night at some cements Olsen put some cement Brad Towson in a with a radar at all of those. None of you brought in stores you're you're meant a lot out as we all flown. An airplane he's biscuit off cookies you know hard one yet they're to root yeah they make their own spread. Now this golf cookie sprite it's called. It is. This golf cookies or just grind them out yes desperate though like that taste all I got novice quarterback and I'm one of the holes I played unbelievable put it on. Yeah so it got and. But like. People still aren't completely right saved everything in the NB. Well I'm pretty sure they'll generalist the other day.