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BIG SHOW 2PM: How far can the Badgers take this?

Mar 20, 2017|

03/20/17: The Wendy's BIG SHOW 2PM Hour

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The wind is great show. From the hole Chevrolet studios I'm running back off along with Steve Sparky Phifer packer hall of Famer LeRoy Butler Mike Clemens other side of the glass with intern front runner. Gary Ellison's still soaking up the son in Phoenix we got a lot to get to if you between now. And 6 o'clock the right ball there's gonna try to start a riot in Green Bay with the questioning has for you. At 3 o'clock and at four can people just stop complaining about the same damn thing in the NBA last talk with Ben brusque former badgers guard. He's coming your way at 435 to talk about this tournament run for the Wisconsin Badgers. And there headed to the sweet sixteen Sparky the play Florida Friday night about 9 o'clock tip off. How far do you think the batters can take this thing 79912. Picked here you can email us live at 1057. FM the fan. Dot com that was. That was an amazing game on Saturday. Where where you watch and it's par reduced at home. Joseph and Jill and at home you know. Through it that between that given a South Carolina Duke game that was amazing that was a males and how much talent to last night. On both those games are were highly entertaining devote I say this though Tom is one of those games were the national news on Sunday morning. They talked about like the White House that talk about Syria or something and and Wisconsin beat Villanova last night. In the national news I don't really yesterday morning might take on a one seed in the defending champion you're gonna get talked about there's no question about that. I think you talk about alone. There's badger basketball team right now. And try to bearable pull that off one I obviously I I was shocked I didn't think there a chance Billy beating Villanova. Marquette. You know to be to Villanova earlier in the I just didn't think the badgers had no off. Arm and plus everything fell there why the one aspect of this that I did in. Think about. Going in which everybody knew about South Carolina Le Roy was new Billy the badgers who play really good defense. I and that's the one aspect and that I didn't really take into account when talking about their possibility being Villanova and Gary Eller sent. I teach weeded out immediately I'll call this one all lastly Salma sure give him his credit for calling it. All but I just I don't we missed on it now how far can they go how now that I I think it's. There right now we're stuck him with our our boss or program Russian town park and general manager. I'm like outing by community I mean you walked in Solder but he walked right back got a great drop due Robbie is not in here all right all out. Now I don't know but I don't have everybody like that yeah I don't know Wallace allegedly in any runs yeah yeah it is it is the proud guys you know I was a guy like me and everybody has not and now Laura what I got to get. We're we're talking about this in there Loretta launch pad and the general manager here's a big North Carolina fan all the so yeah you said it's ultimately it's open it. Buddy now mean I don't think anybody there if you make a run now believe that he didn't seem that. Is that if if I thought North Carolina had a chance to win ornament the I'd be on my right Memphis right now and he's not convince a North Carolina can beat Kentucky in Memphis which is a good point because of the home court imagine they will definitely have. And that situation but. Yeah and look Xavier. Knocks off right and they get an upset South Carolina and they pulled the upset you saw so many things no doubt now that Louisville loses. Michigan wins. So many things now you look at it and go okay. This thing it's obviously more even and and I realized I think the badgers. Against Florida I don't think it's. Much different than Villanova necessarily I think of they play good defense. And if they're Big Three do something not an even happened the bugs are in the bag Campbell looking to snap a little bit but. I always plays well Bronson canyon plays well and happ can throw a close it out to a double double something along those lines. I think they can statement providing their defense plays well. And they don't turn over the basketball. And those are the two biggest keys really for this this badger team play good defense don't turn over the basketball. Different voice talked about scoring droughts much like Duke was like a five minute scored trial one point could get the ball in the basket that's amazing so I. And they got a lot of talent. So even about your perspective and OK well luck obviously this isn't just a badger thing where they go on scoring droughts a lot of teams aren't going to be scoring drought is just a matter of how quickly can come out of it and whether or not you can play good enough defense solid the team other team run away from you when it happens. I don't know how you're not impress and and the stat that was thrown out there that are based on Nomar today the batters have made it to four sweet sixteen appearances or better. Four to roll last four years no other team in basketball done it. That's a pretty cool stats are out there if you're badger fan. The very cool stat. Uncertainty answer your question of how far women related nobody in history isn't nobody alas no early years in diesel has gone under in knowing last four years has got a four straight sixteen. Appearances or about Kentucky's has six of the last state not black or not the last four slant and there's another one those says since Tony tan. The badgers have been there six times and then everybody else Kentucky Arizona have been there five times so much. Airwaves where wayward sums wrong what do you meant. I don't know all start one and done on the team and doing more knowledge we sees me worded to a right here about this is doing wrong. But I don't recruit some of these guys that I think sparked it would like. No you don't get Mary's guys know what is going on here is a fantastic coach and yes. Is a graduate student r.s are really good to hit a party school what is it is something. If not then we need they knowledge that. Good around here is about you know when intent is to that I get there but the consistency of doing that left four years when you got Ollie won and done all around. They gets all of this credit nationally this is a great story I really do good they don't have the stars. But they're beating people in epic has gone unnoticed. No national and that's that's a conversation embarrassed we we threw around a little bit today and maybe you'll get into it tomorrow I tilt Sparky it feels weird to say it but. You know when you talk about college basketball schools via your North Carolina Friday Duke ACC Kansas yes. And you go through that list of usual suspects and then you go Wisconsin. But it but it but when you look at the track record going all the way back to 2000 and tests you got to include him in there but Sparky yours say how party think this batters seem to. I think Andy's possible now now I hourly or I just. Maybe I just don't I do a lot of open like to say that from me things I don't think there is a bad dominate team right now they can't be beat. I don't think that team exists. In college basketball right not exactly the tee and I thought Mata got knocked out the first weekend dated what they're supposed to do they struggled the first ever it's up to go to state after that. It was weapons on the rest of the weekend so will see off organs it can go Kentucky's Kentucky I get it but. The one thing about cal apart teams more times than not is. Don't lack of discipline normally gets him at the end the lack of inexperience tends to get them at the end. Unless they're above and beyond talented. More some tenacity and the other team and they do have a lot of talent right they're gonna have three or four lottery guys I think on this basketball team sold they are immensely talented. And again if you look at their last game wasn't like they went went running away and hiding right off the bat in the game. That was a close basketball game they had a fight for their basketball games so. Kansas. I like Kansas gets another basketball team that evict you have to consider north Carolina's another one. But are any of home like unbeatable. How did you know. How did you go with the batter of the weekend to say there's no way this team gets out of the widow alma. Always hear about gators they're meant anything if anything what I think you read anything like Beckham won't come home with a trophy. Well I mean I'll buy all that all year it is may be the year. I just how we learn a lot of looking at this field not phew what Spurs we get a college basketball I'm not saying you you all do you think that changed do you feel like there is. In almost seems that. There's no way they can be now. Could I felt about bill Dahlen and Ryan Villanova but their offense is a rack there's just no this is happening and Dayton they did what they were supposed to do they rude to care business in game one and then they came back. And took care of Villanova any give it was a tight game where. Experience paid off for them needing it rattle that he had nothing like that they've figured out a way how to win a basketball game. And that's the one thing that's been the narrative when people talk about Wisconsin not this whole thing about. Old they were seated wrong and got it up at all these national series but the badgers being seeded wrong spare me. At a national level nobody was really talking about the badgers being an eighteenth eight seed wasn't a topic of conversation anywhere. It was a topic of conversation here in Milwaukee mats and in the state about the batters getting screwed over by some pot I didn't mean to get got screwed over but some did. So they either went in how they got miss that they got missy didn't NCAA security that's crap Sabres an eleven seed and it seeded wrought. They just well beat did you bubble there's just not that much difference anymore between the basketball teams in the NCAA tournament now and it's just. I realize that this weekend so yeah I came along live from wireless so anything it's possible. And I guess that final four championship game and he didn't mean it always is uprising in order to do that. Like I said before you have to play good defense eliminate turnovers share your quote Big Three all have to play while share retaining happen Nigel is sick. The event that doesn't worked and you're gonna get beat. Simple how far do you think this batters seem can take this thing. 7991250. Or you can email us live at 1057 FM the OK okay remind you know it's an odd feeling guilty knowing. I just cannot change my mind Steen you got the biggest mind who we have them. You have to his head not mine yeah. Don't know about it rather hot air Nadal do it you ghost of bowling show. You got the best mine in his house market out Jose step on the women and then I was Marten and information changes. So too can your opinion if if if yeah what. Let me say if you're gonna be on here long enough we allowed to rock and contradict ourselves a lot rocket lawful apple as their opponent rocket itself stupid from time to write wrong about our predictions is that for you. Well I mean. You know. It's I don't fault you shouldn't feel guilty did you buy absolutely you know the clips of you would be surprised if they lost Friday it's Florida right now. Like I said anything and I think premier that would surprise you know how far do you think the batters out literally it's very surprised that you don't know best case scenario how far do you think the batters can take this thing could be coming home with the trophy 79 Nigel fifty. We're old Roy thinks what you think what I think right after this on the Wendy's big show. In the holds Chevrolet studios and on sports Radio One 057 FM. Have to shoot David gets it did. If the ground back. Wow wow wow. Seeds don't matter an accidental or having been in this long enough and been one. Then to have been twelve lose him to play. I was courtesy Westwood One radio. The win over Villanova afterwards this is the Wendy's big show last. Party big is fabulous team can take. Furrey can email us live in 157. FM the fan. That's kind of my head now that's something popping up on my computer sure they're pretty cool. It's cool when I was I thought he gets a mother figured out why I am and what has gone out of there over the street south of Chuck Berry who lived a full pool life helped invent what we know it's rock and roll. And passed away over the weekend at the age of Manny making this say memorial Monday. But man that dude lived that dude lived as well as anybody lived and long as anybody can live and god bless them and he's playing the guitar. Somewhere much better than the rest of us right now rest in peace Chuck Berry let's take your calls on the Wisconsin Badgers how far do you think. They can take this thing right to the phones and Jim and Kosier on the Wendy's big show it's up Jim. There happy Tony's victory Lon being right. Yeah I bet you got good shot as anybody. They get there I was in my you hear this before any bracket. But after watching them yesterday. Conducted pretty cute tees their team that scared me that it would. I think speaking to explored and it's hit anybody right now. On this are you count well the patty vina. Basketball destination it I think we're good for your mentality. And not sold on garden treaty Dudek that you're in now. This is still lower ranked team you know he's coaching it. So we'll see what happens the start recruiting. The type of players that we need and stated that all school what. I don't know how to no one wants wants psychologist finish it is bowl to their team because he was very you went. He's familiar with these it. Yeah I don't like it you know. I but I know which is saying you know I know to stand. Yeah we got what he does it detonation schools notes walk and it got. And it made them that way into real continuity is really high quality coaching them. In North Carolina Ian eagle from dean Smith and he took a couple of hits for a couple of years but. Roy Williams tried to chip and Nick's been a lot of really good to ask what school that once they lose their work cheap or they're just not seen anymore. That's what it were anybody guard that totaled you know it does. I do guards very Canada and dad they are pros have the name recognition again OK I get it. Well and come back to your bus and you said earlier in the hallway because he says you know they don't get the players are probably wants an aren't necessarily not adult out Johnson got back on the dusty about this yet so I'm I'm way more into the football workers and and I am basketball recruiting as far as pollen of all the records are recruiting football responsible credit. Now having said that yeah because there's not Mays gosh is available basketball obviously is or isn't football and you are right. But from a basketball perspective. If I told you. Take did badger basketball team you have now and I'll give you one of the Kentucky stud freshman. How much better than. A lot right I think maybe it was one stud player. Think about it Henry Allen sent. Went to Marquette one and done right may have been about a terrorist Romo gave the badgers tried for I'm in stone independent and not no fault of their own dating get on. But that would have been one and they don't give those one and done superstar type kids now so too well they wanted to I'm installed but. Tim I know what I'm saying their guard when I didn't he wanted to write I just wonder. We've had some wind Greg Gard and so are sticking to himself look. We're doing what we're Dillon and with good basketball players right and we take good basketball player that we try to make him great to get in my for the NBA we take. To start kids which Taylor registered to start did we make of three star three star for star right that's kind of how goals for that. I just wondered at some point he doesn't think to himself. Not packages do you lawn. A year just want I don't have I don't need a 50 at Kentucky batted just deal one of those a year to go with what I already half. Goal hull could they would beat because of how good of a coach he already is. And he's doing it with talent again now he doesn't have a full four years of recruiting classes yet that are more his kids have been recruiting for bowl this whole time. Which is different Erick green for yourself. But if he can get warned every couple of years and you could be dharma national championships. If you could get to the point where you can get a one a dumb play every couple years I think you really can't be that big they're really that close. It literally being that top five year rink you're out because of how good this coaching staff is and how good Greg artists. I don't that he is here there was the Holliday C I'm just saying it pop I think I think they want he's got the command to get a degree stayed at least three or four years and hopefully for. And you're going to be a very polished player I don't they may wanna terribly of franchise having guys commanded used him as a catapult system to get to approach. They're putting guys in the pros or overseas and this guy just you know prominent members I'll say this. If they beat Florida. Okay go Florida team that are really beach are OK because Florida way back when they lost to coach was an okay Felix and there's rumors that Indiana wants them Billy Donovan. Yard line do I'd be huge for the Big Ten. There would. But did. I I think I would agree with you there it is seem to be wide open. But we're realistic to the badgers here that I'll watch in the game acted downtown and knee nose. Sudden sat. On Purdue's ties. Black eye peas. It's a restaurant of jet already sign all male which atop their debate this isn't just decent and they always had just aren't selling point of clubs and off. New nose sudden that are in and no old spark with Micah. Work and cornbread in the united are stop stop and hard they've focused. Everybody I know restaurant it was a medalist Kwon drug. Oh yeah oh man I got your quadrant. I would argue there is it via yet so they can say they've do you want to know now. Keep at times that's not many of those cards now hell yeah all. I may be pressured to do it oh. Everybody to rest I was like. Put obvious to put him for the badgers to a three guys inept for Villanova. They are more talented more recruits asking. Not really a doubt that in Greg Garcetti is really not about just she wants your plan your stars. Step up and that's out tweeting while we were watching the game I was like. This is when. Hayes stepped up and takes over guys who have had filed in the power trouble whatever but you can honestly see in the timeout Steve. That. These Dallas. Focused the coaches had a plan that everything went together. The state of Villanova didn't go build up a great coach era in our own or not they are defending champs yeah no question about. So I know people look at it eight in a while you're doing your brackets. Sometimes people will lead with a one is sort of homers. As maybe some of us and Wisconsin. May pick was gods like it but yes as far as would it now. Topic in our VIP things take the report as a to a through must be tied for number one and it you can actually play against. I do I suck amok on. But a man you never know the redo it again now and do gloss I was until. It's all done but you could redo it again do you think we just racquet Russia the content best was on Monday. Second third floor actually looked on our Rampage in social and if they have that I recognize we've done very well my. So. How far can they go if they beat Florida I don't expect that something being. Because I'm commentator semi denies he Michigan beating. Louisville do you sort of somebody routine that you kind of a shock in the go to Florida for a minute. They dominated Virginia had kind of has surprised of the GA CC. Normally play good solid defense and hit the open shot in a very well coached by Bennett. Some upsets in there so this may be awarded this. Best years to win a national check chip and I actually kind of excited that I did not see photos they give blown out about thirty. Now deceased Marty get blown out about winning. So that messiah Michigan State game on one not a day there and get out around one they were so bad early writing but you don't Sugar Bowl. Further. In this. You gotta chains you really do you have a chance. To do is really. Yes. Get to the final four can asking to be. The final four is kind of like good measuring stick. For was gone. And having a first round talent what maybe one but it got a lot of guys badgers yeah now they're on dark so. Put him to be doing that this way. To me is remarkable that they don't have a lot of wanted done so I would say. To the final four is what I'm expecting. Especially if they beat Florida but. Another disclaimer if they be Florida. I missed that one win at all. Yeah yeah so go dead beat a team like that they can beat in about. How far do you think the batters can take this 7991250. Or you can email us live. At 1057 FM the fan back Thomas get in Troy on the north side you're on the Wendy's big show what's up truck. Sure how far do they don't know how far can I go. Man off the Roma to right now. There's no dominant team because that on the wore. Number two about got a lot of experience you can't like Nigel in and came in and thought the guy can field probably played in big game for my that they play in the championship game he played final four. They'll seeing the big people sort of the did not hear that and now we're 21 thing I like complimentary. There point. The third thing I like about the badges. And under bull Ryan. Dayton never ever give blow out they all their self in the game every game how. Elect buck is still look like they always keep dipped over the game. Holy over the left about eight yarder that Billick I don't wanna and I would pick up blow out. Some problems that impressed with the program and also present football program to quote what was gone from never to people's five star recruits. They're football and the basketball program which means argument at golf too. Thank Phil I think all overall overall in the Big Ten I think it was costs and program second to none if you put them altogether maybe number Warren. But they are about collective group. It is about this you doubly term outlook our world give it to this it's about coaching a multi Cameron on the coaching. It's about star players in guard play if you have that those teams seem to go to the far. Now a lot of kids nationally who don't know. The Wisconsin badger coat. Oh what do you need to recruit to watch in this really out. No yachts and we got a tweet sent status and it's pointed out and then it made semi the link from ESPN for basketball. They have 34 star recruits coming in next year 9610. Kid. From Minnesota. I'm and then to guard six to guard 63 yard Ko and I'm not know that goalie K go luckily team we've all wanna bring girls that made it guard can't going to get through 62 guard can score on them bred Edmonton and there are 63 yard don't have that carries ethical or nothing didn't somewhere I got John meg are coming up on Thursday night that. Just out just how prominent a basketball program this really is in the national picture I think that's a congress and as you travel when a spot that's a mud tweets coming in here David says what does didn't seem that beat Villanova could make it. To the final four they played a solid Grady gut check and tight end game reviewed by Jason says a Scott's record class next year is very good. A for basketball the most electric back court players we have seen coming. That's always a good thing. Derek to each other and Florida's great defense concerns me but best case scenario. Final four and that's just stick with Duke out now. You got to Florida vs them right Massa square garden and how cool was and then the other match up is Baylor in south Carroll. A South Carolina I don't want you to South Carolina of that right now a one nothing new and I defense risky team and their defense so good at it but I want do that rather deal Baylor does him in trouble I think it's up to La because you know Baylor. Wanna get out they wanna run they want to do on what they do I'd just. They could coach at Baylor but we'll see how this plays out get it one more columnists Michael he's all the where it all in Starks bill Mississippi Nuys on colonies go to jail it's a Michael. You know my hand I know it I knew it. Did some guys don't need dismal I don't know what. Or arrow remembered prayed about it man and we are so low that we are right now papers tell him a high. Objectively and world it. The Joseph make me you know I Ohio. Or college or to it I could pack a bad yesterday. I about the badgers. Pack of course. Locked in that game. And I mean they may have Villanova at bat as you know that you can bait for. And we can't imagine they play like a little pact badgers like like a pain man. They they don't have the most out of players but they play as a unit. They they pass the ball around they aren't good shot and they are well coached well disciplined. The thing didn't double A tournament. They get round talent like Kentucky. Cattle prairie. They are right now battle when he. At a map hanging on my eight disagree battle like Ellsbury and and he did goat. I don't think he's the top not coaching to get the best talent. And independently what he Alpine. Yeah they definitely still want all our guys don't doubt about it could those guys and also wanna get to the pros. And they won a national coach who can send an MRI on a good young team. I'm not sure we're just praying there if that was the most southern miss at all you know in southern and I don't know badgers hang impact I don't like the rules do batters credit tax yet I have no idea that I owners and should front runner kitty pride out of badgers run in packs where he played nice I know what it may eat some of them. Evidence of who flips to pigeon ankle I mean a little. Bit out of him Brett Favre is a you know Brett Favre you know. I've done that quite a bit Brett others start real Mississippi those Dave you like cal apparel what do you think about. Him having those type guy he should be in there are up for pretty much consistently does seem that when they get there. They pretty much went for the most part but not as of badgers are not very sociable and all so they do not content OK okay I don't think it's it's and a well account are innings yes yeah you know cause he can gifts and guys. You know here in. He has it hasn't really turned out will to a match with Jack chipped. Well you won national championship I don't know what I'm like I guess he's give you what they gave me that I area of the year sir but I mean it's it's a win it it's different when. It's basketball vs football right Nick Saban Alabama. Can get all the top recruits he wants but he's got really three years to develop them. The most part he did start freshman but he'd and he'd have to rely on freshmen that first year. In basketball where there's obviously lets guys on the roster and your Calipari you got only have to rely on them. But you also have to coach them up. You're from high school the couch hunt at a go to transition is that or if they use this especially to go into it and the bigger Allen Dryden are going to be three stores on the order a legitimate school that's opponent you don't on campus verses your small little high school that you had a strike and everybody is good rush. I mean in college right so you have to reign that team you have that. Yeah so yeah they are all star you have the transition to being the best guy in your state may be. Or the best guy in your district what ever to Malcolm being gets all the good guys that are really good that's your first transition. There's a mental aspect of that. The second mental aspect of it is now your loss in a sea of kids won this happens you're not responsible for getting yourself up the warning and getting yourself to class every day. You don't have mild weight given go to class on like that yeah you got to do this under our friendliness being a spot a week yeah okay. But I tell us takes me do another instance right. Not school. Probably had a bigger girls because you're the basketball stock you to college now to wider range of spin out again your girl for a scholarship Tuesday. Let's okay alleged we want to build it. You get there that but yeah I think get a ticket and did all these women you have more distraction you're watching the majority that have and there's more to distraction do you have to hold his kids and to buy into what your song on the basketball floor. Lots essentially babysit them all the basketball floor to make sure they don't get in trouble make sure they're giving the class is getting their grades not. You have to do that every year it. All right Greg aren't I do outlet for two different players every year. And really they had to do that because you got your senior leadership the option over the guys off the formation they don't screw up. I made it. That is as tough as it gets as far as I blitzer I don't care how tells little guys knock it is a very very difficult thing to do. To coach up freshman every year and and try to win a national championship because that is year old in expectation. Light NCAA term or the bunch star studded freshman computers affect your play simple. The batted Omega tournament it was an off year will be back next year Calabar doesn't do what he hits to all. It's amazing if you had your bracket busted. While there's still the fan bracket challenge and even if your bracket busted in the fan bracket challenge he come back here now for the round. Of sixteen and a reset your brackets every two rounds you're able to do that with your chance to beat your favorite -- personalities and hundred dollars with a gift cards. From Chile is on the line among other prizes a solid 1057. FM the fan that counts click on the fan bracket challenge and again you can reset your brackets. Every two rounds including right now before the round of sixteen gets going. On Thursday as all's I needs is barking its nice to be back it's nice to see your face it's nice to see Le Roy's face especially my Clemens. And be a little better though if they if there was some Wendy's here in the studio in from its and a hundred until about you at all you're in Arizona he wasn't. I stuff are going to guy who's out there at Wendy isn't it beautiful out of double sac I know what I didn't that in a quarter pound double stack as an option and a four for four dollars with over a quarter on a B for Nuggets Frye. And I drink. Add the deal so good margin and exist yet it ducks and they brought cement on Friday now that I needed the days into the game all the time. At participate gave participating locations verdict via right now Tony is now we're just very locations for a limited time while the double stack and bend over again. Todd on Friday morning land take event you're not having all weeklong. But it's typically during led after her boys don't get to free sandwiches are really in a crunch is catch this fish sandwich season at Wendy's. You long for the return of what he's North American got sandwich is over back and crunch you're than ever 100%. Now polished nor the civic not encourage you ordered made Redd ankle crumbs for a taste you can in Rome. Now best bar the Roy's out on but. Stop the creamy deal tartar sauce you like that. And then three balls for a half hour. I'll meet you miss a bogus and pickles and Al Lowe on the fundamentals and good guy and up and going to kids' mouth and and the senate done prior to try and make my mouth watered talking about it and I thought it was real glad he loses to eat what does he. I don't I'm not I don't I don't know what Connie garbage from like quality fruit. Every day I do not that I I hover but I hover over the good from. I over float my life. Happily in the moment how are you phone and you just that's I think the helicopter. You see Fukudome to come in the lane. Pick it up but he's out. So much villages garage. As a brother whoever pays out lovers and it only had white needs are a limited time you see it may see Mike Clemens hovering. Just a matter on the table over how lesson about good real good yeah bring. Then you don't realize some people don't you bring in any food being dubbed bring here who knows. My epitaph is dumb of that. Yeah because everything that memorable a quick break the other side if he supported Colin cap critics right to protest did you support the right of teams not decide if it's that simple the way these big chill will be right. Yeah slash. Even richer than we paid tribute to the great just very fast lit the age of ninety over the. Weekend on a memorial Monday I'm Ronnie Mack lost in the Holtz Chevrolet studios along with Steve Sparky Phifer packer hall of Famer LeRoy Butler. Coming up at 3 o'clock tourism and Trent starter ride with a question he has for Packers fans right now we wanted to do you think something is fishy is going on with Colin can't predict. 799 topic here you can email us live at 1057. FM the fan back county can Spike Lee. Thinks there's something fishy going out with John can't predict the film director. But out on his instant Rampage official Spike Lee over the weekend just had brunch with my brother Colin camper Nick's seven. How is it there are 32 NFL teams and cap is still a free agent. WT death smells mad fishy to me stinks to high heavens the New York GE TS new quarterback who is the Jets quarterback. Is my man Joseph will you name it coming back. Crazy times we live in the question remains what owner and GM is going to step up and sign cal Colin so their team has a better chance to win. What crime is cal committed look at the look at the QBs of all 32 teams. This is some straight up shenanigans subterfuge skull Doug Free and BS you dig. Showed enough. By any means necessary. And that's the no Fun League truth Ruth. It's likely he says there is something fishy going on with come cap for nick not being signed by one of the 32 NFL teams would you agree 7991250. Laura Butler would say you. Absolutely mad you look at it be between 75 in ninety quarterbacks on the roster. Especially with some teams some teams carry three so. He asked to be eight somewhere in there but it's still early ago it was still early in teens. They normally signed veteran quarterbacks. Probably after the draft so he will come in but they didn't and this day and climb. Teams or more. Subject to sign a guy what a felon. Then I had to act. Who is can. Speaking now or. Like what he did his spores you know kneeling down doing. Nash and I am their alma he just sit out secure a playing for poor people in Somalia. And things of that nature that you don't really want to deal and especially. Says to countries seem to be kind of divided in a way that's why makes so much fodder race I try to do it solve chances I get. That is just silly to me not this is not racially just imitated. Just make fun of it all time but I think it would be sucked the raw would have to go there again a week if you look whatever roster. Nobody's teams they just got just guys I mean he actually when he was they play pretty away. Lauren lemon and let me ask you this. Are all 32 teams conspiring together. No no no no no no no no horror no. Have they just each individually decided no that his play isn't worth the headache that's gonna come with it what do you agree with his stance or not yeah whatever the case may be. Yeah Cubs with some added to go out white noise yeah as Aaron Rodgers likes to put it yeah if his play on the field isn't worth that added white noise. Then they're not gonna Sodom and that's that's as much their right to do that it is Hendry is his right to sit down her knee are in the National Anthem. No cause agree with that I would agree with you what I think they're more likely decide on a Fella. Then I got it doesn't have a fellow but I love bags and probably folk there isn't. At that we all might agree that. Because a lot of you guys have been getting in trouble amidst coupled out of every bit as it did in trouble. And they signed them back which I agree sap I'm back I think all the guys get a chance to make a livid. But this day and climb if if if that didn't happen this year. 2016 a seven game he'd be OK with it does seem like ever since you know alleged year and a half. That test of blows up is Nomar really no one's ever really deal what he. United the country are just so split on everything. So yeah it is their right and not all they netted teams are calling each other not give him major Pedersen a job I don't know. But it is some teams say man I want to deal with that part of the deal what do a quarterback has no give me no reason to start him. It not even involved when a game but he gas quiet he sits there. Catches checks instead of the way from a guided your quarterback gets hurt you've got a chance to win because again he played pretty good not great. When he came in for. One quarterback. Number eleven for example or stand for sisco. He came and the top pick footage out what his name escapes me. He came in for him and play pretty decent so you would then Gabbert. Like Derek Gabbert and you've played more than decent right yeah right I he had 1617. That there are made triple interception as a set so. In sixteen a four but that's sunny and it did before. It got to me I wanted to go back I remember him playing pretty well all lies that you don't get the Packers a while ago you started back on November 6. And a 4123 loss to the Saints didn't he do for 398. Yards completed 61 out percent of his passes had a quarterback rating of 102 point three in their game. November 13 had a court right rating of 89 point six touchdown on receptions. November 20 against the Patriots had a quarterback rating of 97 point 42 touchdowns no picks. I'm next game against the Dolphins three touchdowns one pick 94 quarterback rating. On and for whatever the reason against the Bears if he would hurt and I came against the Bears. Chicago the only hand taught attempts. Thomas and recently amnesty 39 point six quarterback rainy day comes back against the Jets has an 84 point 31 touchdown no picks. Two touchdowns no picks at it landed 95 point nine quarterback rating. At the Rams two touchdowns one pick hundred in one point nine quarterback rating. And in the last game of the year against the Seahawks which they lost by two points in a 122 point three quarterback rating with a touchdown and no picks. I did did are worse quarterback's numbers wise Meehan of at all last year that played. Had worst numbers than him I guarantee obvious starters right that have played. But he don't have a job. Again it's still early bomb most of its I'm a veteran quarterback that's not a starter. Norm against sign at the the draft but. He could probably start out beauties team goes east you measure but it's. This goes back to something I talked about especially if you look at three quarterbacks on our our own mark goes nowhere there's quality of three quarterback there. They're all different situations. But all comeback to this point that I keep making. Michael Sam. Ray Rice. And now Colin cap for nick now I possibly AP Michael Sam I was already telling them outside reaction. Ray Rice that was his own doing and with cal can't break you could say that it's a little bit of both his own doing in the public reactionary right look at the video. He had a job interview it's kids as well it's a scale of Cecil hip how much of a heady Q are for it team. Garza or otherwise verses how good of a player that you are on a felony is just to the hadn't no no it's not right because not just right or wrong. But hear me out. I'm not sit out saying that and try to rest it right or wrong. Most people aren't gonna show up and protest the signing of up felon. They will show a lot wrong I know it's I'm not saying it's bright I say there will that's the sad fact that more people come out. And it and protests a guy who just for pro testing. They don't come out and protest the guy who committed and was convicted of a crime I'm not saying it's right. I'm saying that the number of a people you're gonna have gathered outside your camp with protest signs a number of people. That are gonna show up in that locker room with microphones and and everything else and stick him in everybody's face and ask him out they feel. About playing with cal and camper nick it's more of a distraction and more of a headache. To bring in talent camper -- then it would be as you said. A guy who's appellant I'm not saying that's right I'm saying that's the reality of it and teams are going to weigh. How much production am I gonna get out of U vs how much of a headache are you gonna cause for me. He's a back up quarterback I don't think people vote roster of people based analysts say this for a quick. How what they outlook they. Protests seeing as Ole is a big deal. Put it doesn't stop any data just people's right to do that you can't have and I I do. So that's us and the president people protectant pros test tomorrow to have but he still doesn't doubt in my day. Big Notre Dame. Army does go on the word in and do my job is that though while I'll do such a good job people. Would just oh OK well maybe it's not as bad as that thing. And that's a bit off by an Iowa college cap and he actually did teammate get some good publicity out of it because he's actually do want something good. And I would think that would view a general manager some people don't see ya at arm's dead arms stand out now and I think that's why that side I but I will thing. The people will. Bring in and he. S postal undrafted free agent it has never played in the league that can't win a game for you you're start ago. Dan is not really one is not just about football I have a problem but when they should be about. Winslow right on when Spike Lee says there is something fishy going on he's he makes it sound like it like the league is conspiring against him just thrown it out there and they don't know that all 32 owners have a problem with what cal capped nick did yeah I don't think I that's not necessarily the case I think it that way yeah I thought as Spike Lee. Just couldn't get out there as they have man let's let's have a discussion about it and that's what we're don't. Let's just put it other got to play pretty good gusty broke down his number if he hadn't protests and then all did they might have been the first quarterback signed in free agency. I don't want no but I don't think there's any order goalie coming down from Roger Goodell I don't think I don't know I don't and it barrels no calls going on from team and our name I'm not I'm here outside current paranoia about it there's no evidence exactly and that's still a way that's the only thing is going on. Otherwise otherwise it's just 32 owners and front offices. Saying disguise plays not worth the heady totals and that's not so I think overall the Mets and that's then how does I didn't tapes and then spend exercising their right to employee who they want. Admitted that Michael big bag and really no problem yeah they did. And that was how are I agree. Nobody was more upset about that on the station I got. Flattened out I got made fun of for a house and I was that situation and I didn't. Still had a job. When Pittsburgh and their quarterback was accused. Of horrible. Crimes. Still came back and went to the super bow. Ryan wrote bridesmaids at the fastest likely needs to zip it cabernet bet on Selma loss and now is playing the race card lots of free agents the opener on signed. With plenary idly I guess likely yeah well people don't like. I don't cabinet doesn't say anything about that cal Riddick has said that he will stand out for the national. But if he has said that he's did you stats on active I think he'd stay and it's costing him a job right now. Well you aren't made the impacts and let's move on to something else and that's helping people and he's saying we went you know whatever negative attention comes of these protests hurts the cause and he's trying to help. After eight. When you're talking about the National Anthem skid that he did last year it sucks. This is sharp you. Survive a crowbar away yeah yeah. So we're in the middle of the pre season. You know Friday night games and Sam won each. Rate reporter on a Miami now NFL network. What's a little blog the next morning and or by the way can't can't predict is standing during the National Anthem goes double locker room. Goes down block from gets he's quotes and then Colin you know I don't think that the police are treating minorities correctly in you know he'd he got out two or three paragraphs of that. I saw Sam Hornish at the Super Bowl in as it comes to Green Bay every year too as well congratulations on probably the best you know top story in the league this year. Said thank you 'cause because you know we you know watching games right. Guys that are working and they're look at all over the field they got binoculars looking for guys in that well how the coach interacts with players what's going on the bench all that. And I just thought he was super observance. To notice it because there were two or three games in the pre season when that you were promoted a lot of people in this sense that I gotta admit. I kind of kept. So's either coach. Player. PR guy his age and yeah but Santa said he did get a tip and then made a point to go down there and catch Colin in the locker room Nick Collins got his you know. His statement out about why he was making his protest and then you know he. The big name for himself all last year you know through the season he's make a donation he'd talked about it right 45000 dollars to a food pantry and Iraqi couple weeks ago. Hate to say I'm wife had. A book the book and know Cote. Knotts got the NFL network yeah and his nasty Steve is Steve Flesch Steve Weis that's right I'm sorry I made another nice about Santa Ana Falcons have been a guy like this press conference he likes Steve Weiss is the reporter you are gonna work out from where I grew up against a break just yes you know Laura do you think he will get sacked only market there. I don't think there's any question I don't think yeah. Nine. Oh yeah and see if it wanted to none and LT I don't think you'll notice you know speaking up and penalties that are Brett Conley you're confident. Oh Colin captain and growth. God been to the Super Bowl amassed in fort Pierre does matter college camp critic Jay Cutler as they're both of the 30 man don't even dude athletic quick the other. The robot there's contrast aren't I Green Bay is the way these old Chevrolet studios will be right back.