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The Dark Cloud of Doom has struck Radio Joe again

Mar 20, 2017|

03/20/17: What happened to Radio Joe in Arizona? Plus a special phone call from Radio Joe's mother.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Yes. It happened. It happened in Arizona. In case you didn't know he follow the program. I'll tell you what's happened in Arizona coming up in the moment is portion of the program by the way. Mean Roger are good president Bud Light the official responsible Michael sports talk now work in a reminder that they are also the official beer sponsor summer music outside. Where is it I'll ivory pert returns come may 31. Is when the budget million opens back over the Wisconsin state fair park hope to see out there it's going to be a good time all summer long make it a good summer. Would Bud Light the official beer sponsor the bill Michael sports talk network. Radio Joseph leaves. Flies to Arizona. Can I see this tweet. And I'm I'm polish always get a cloud of doom and I knew something happened. And I I I've not found out I'd I didn't get in touch within deceiving got him back. But he flies to Arizona and all he wants to do is go on vacation and play golf with Gary Ellis that's all he wants to do. Hand. The airline losses gloves. I have not tweet it never Texan and deceiving got his clubs back. But. May losses clubs and I mean he was now you know. You know you showed how Joseph is when it comes to golf. I mean. We make the joke around here. Joseph is what 27 now. This Tony says he is Tony seven years old that if you eat it if if instead of the bill Michael show this was the bill Michaels. Arm a crock colleges OK in doctor rubber glove comes out and inserts a lump of coal. Inside the canal one radio Joe's Wenzel given about a week and it's a diamond he's while Matt tight. Okay. VV. Airline losses these clubs and for Joseph to lose his golf clubs. I can only imagine the level of anxiety. I my assumption is Jerry Ellison had a call a doctor and have to had to give me a set and he had to come over take is false it's racing argument shot so he just you know kind of gonna you know. Lay down a relaxed. You know we're gonna check the newswires. Rule on these a Wisconsin and was arrested anybody TSA. At the Phoenix airport defeat its airport. Just Randy and I don't kill me no my own little not melt now now I know I did this is acceptable you know no. Yeah losses alone when I read that I thought all my god he's gonna flip. Yeah he's got an out at Forman. I've Forman. If there if they found a body naked and dead in the desert that's Joey just stripped down and took off right there of running Jerry and I climbed camelback and jumped off. I can't imagine more worst way for this got to start a strip loses now loses golf clothes so I don't know if he is found them. We're called. When his column is just called column and see Jody -- clubs in on the money air Joey all right. No don't let's call. And tell me confinement terminal five. I have to take like three trams to get over that. You know we should do and then they'll be at the debt and we are on to target what we should do is we should we should we find out if we he's got. And if he doesn't yet we should just like get a club to beat the hell out of it and send one club and a box to Lehman say here we found one Soriano. Sorry Miller and oh yeah sorry you know we we don't. Wish we don't know you know we don't know what happened the rest of them apparently they have been you know taken across the border there being held hostage you're giving it one club back at a time as you pay. You know mom is looking at those loaded handers yeah you what did you exactly are you the one. I could just hear Gary. Joke time. On Joseph. Screaming your jump off the roof come on it's only one story house Joseph lawyer you know his fall break your leg ice Canadiens those who know closing in clubs involved. And let police. Yeah just ordered a point where our own rules and a special that but. And I'll Michael speaking that over the weekend by the way did. And follow follow. Radio Joe's mom's on the line calls you losing the program okay how you look at radio Joe's mom how they don't want. All learned. Only am I am. And those. You lose and there. Oh. Yeah he got a bad idea. 8 o'clock Saturday nights early at that golf what rental club that was an experience okay. So yeah radioed I told him not to drive actually. Well or not he got picked up at the airport yeah look what amend baby how much I told so don't drive if anybody drive let him during yes don't. Let's him drive that let the guy drive yes elder. Exactly how. Yeah I got a club back okay. Only him thank god thank god OK he can ignite you relax so he got the what do while he got the bad news out of the way early that's good while Rico was. I don't youth. He's cartel like when they anything can happen between Allen. Hit by a poorly after taking pictures of it. Are none to me. I'm like okay are just don't brown can't. All of you talk to Zetterberg as well taxed him you know we're gonna hold is close hostages something we are trying to figure something Allen to figure something else on them. Yeah it used let's hope we have the good China at least that's funny on the are now watch still be an Amman who ordered something here. And they're there aren't there are great spirit Bosnia. Aren't daycare but. It's. Thank you loses it. Reshape it. Think it written when they wouldn't be. Did. It should. Why. The field in the bark and another great pick Stewart. And.