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Zimmerman: Badgers can recruit anyone with their resume

Mar 20, 2017|

03/20/17: Jake Zimmerman sports director for The Zone in Madison discusses what is next for the Badgers as they advance to the Sweet 16.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Jerry carried on my brand. All bill like that one what would it a year I get caught I'm finally back in Madison but only about a minute that China might like biblical collapsed blocker so my coworker you book says that that I called the road warrior. I mean or might not have been that you know delicate little left almost twice what they're all Packers Atlanta as well I'll let muddled Washington DC ball below. Now new York and maybe Phoenix built we shall leave the bad Arnold or. The fact that devastation that has enough money to pay for you to do that is a good thing in the fact that you're still employed to think of it it in a good with a good way Jake but I let me ask you this. Com where was his badgers team during that stretch when they were a losing five out of six. What you know that that's the question that we that them and they beat only a bit the actual were talking about this the other day I mean they would admit that there's something that happened what art comes around and that. That switched you do character and that when he realized he would get their backs against the wall. And that this incredible run this group of seniors Ben out now for four straight years. It got to come to an end they don't turn around and play better I mean that's clearly what has gone valuable are thinking and it was well and and banged up and that didn't help matters. But the bottom line is this team just has a will to win. And and you saw it used against Villanova you see the weight I don't eight laid out yet the way it like that you go back a month ago. Really the keys to victory this would start the better team is. Our nightly and brought in any good a lot of more than the other players or outlook actual wall in that mix well it those senior want to win my goodness it just. Like they have the will get it not matter what. So up close and personal I mean I thought just looking at a from bird's eye view watching and at home I thought the badgers defense really kind of propelled them because Villanova did not have easy shots and when they did get an easy one it was few and far between I thought. He that first of all when they started a play physical in the second half Villanova did. The badgers all they had to do was step back start hitting a few shots and they spread the defense offense out and then they kind of had their way with a but I thought they really won playing their defense not necessarily just playing offense. I agree Hewitt I think defensively they've been outstanding and they which you'll that this weekend. You've got to get your hat off to the coaching staff from what Greg guarded though I talked about this with your couple weeks ago but he's called for break our job and we're all these naysayers now right when you lose a five big. I mean what he did in that game and go over the try to figure out bring it yet when he got work well with the team that let the game. Mean you talk about a disaster waiting to happen you need to try and morsel what would you put back he got to the drug that. They get the ball trouble a couple of times over the past few games and he's just not going to be good job of switching guys out guys that don't feel awful lot of time of war Eddie Money and and your point makes some great plays defensively and I thought overall it was a yeoman job and some of the bench players and also coach expects. So arm even when this team got into foul trouble it seems like they never blinked did then. No I mean what you go down by seven. It was about five minutes ago and at the point where you got to say get it yet yuk which is yet that you get what you got to school anymore. So having him on the war. I felt that I'll be brought indicating makes this team just so much better and and you know I adding young players would admit event as well. But yeah I I think that they did an outstanding job with in that inherent in central again I think that. That the key to their victory as well it's going to be don't war against a very good. Ordered team now they play well defensively you mean they hold their own ups since you they've got a what got you got to be able knock down some big shots against Florida you don't want to see what happened. To Virginia over the weekend got to go up against capital starts. But I I think what got the better team in the in all honesty bit and that Virginia is on the way to play right now Porter is certainly good avid fans. So going forward did the fact that they have already knocked off the number one overall seed certainly there's a confidence builder there. Do you fear any let down at all because they beat Villanova and now I mean your road to the final 4% actually should be easier. You know that with other teams. I I would I'd hesitate for a little bit to say well you know maybe there's a chance yet to knock off number one seed like that opened a letdown after better. Again being this group of seniors but lot stopped. That's that's really been their motivational log and you look at the big weight now bill I mean you get order coming up on Friday night. He'll wait what about 9 PM central. And the negative take on either Baylor or South Carolina and Baylor is rode into this week sixteen have been pretty but there's a couple of seemed dark double digit heat games. And dealt Carolina arguably had to open. So you know you don't have to. You are in our beloved Villanova. That the parties he wrote the final or are ridiculously easy but don't say about a lot. I thought Nigel days probably plays most dominant game and he got back to doing what he does nineteen pouring strive in the basket getting a couple lay ups. I thought Nigel Hayes looked like Nigel Hayes again. He was even hitting free throw hit hit eight straight net in that first game against in Virginia Tech in the in the guy's been doing it all. And you know you look at the last couple of minutes of that game. Against Villanova and that incredible move but he had the basket need there were no player can stop him. On that move at that moment in time and that just shows what great players can do when the able will to win and they want to get it done. I durable went about players on the court they're gonna find a way that's that's where Nigel it is right now you may become at the other day bill that he. I mean it's it a little over the top what he said what I I'd rather die. Honestly I try to win then they're not you know all that then beat you're OK and we'll see what would you putted out all their front of the team. I give credit than he's shown it. Are the unsung hero and all this one I know that I go back to what Tom created said after they had knocked us Indiana ace in Bronson Kerry to change from one of the most underrated guards in the country and I continue to say that because he has he just couldn't me shook off foul trouble drops and seventeen. I just thought did he he played amazing basketball I go back to the the comments you made worried he really you know to these guys the seniors want to keep playing but. I just thought man oh man I did what they did the senior Josh charred the company whether the wildcats would gym by shutting them down what Ethan happened real brat. But Bronson candy buy me buy my sooners head and shoulders above everybody else. What do I don't. Could make yards and a builders there's no better pure shooter in college basketball and brought me what do witty you done already. You know we've seen him in a game winning shot and when the game is on the line. You know you guys you want the ball it is and unless they get that you got I game and Nigel made that down low against go go white eat you do a bikini. And and you gonna knock down those shots and he's just a pure pure pure shooter the unsung hero for me though throughout this tournament than just this group of seniors. I continued OPEC is actual I just think what that guy does on the floor. And Ken are the glue to this team and just the guy who's going to be diving all over the place and just. Throwing his body out there just get destroyed to make a play. He's been the unsung hero to me as well so either I gotta give Cilic. Isn't it amazing how badger fans felt so incredibly disrespect did about where their seeding wise and on the other hand Villanova kept saying how in the world can you make them an eight seed and then we have to play them in the second round of the term and I mean Villanova seemed to genuinely scared coming into this game. They have that in their courtside with that game the electricity that was in that game bill. Birdie at Villanova was cut in the other day that should not have been a second route into double sort of back. That had all the makings of in the league eighteen I just felt like and yeah I I think you're right you talk about one unit that's gruden this whole thing at one got than it was bill and all that kept the face a team like. What's gotten bit jet. Never should have been that that is what hurdle while yet having said that. You'll start to knew going in that is what they got Betty and they roll would have three days' rest. Is that Showalter said in order to be the best you got to beat the best and that really matter when you do it it's its second round so be it. And you know they went on for a bit then that they certainly could be Tom. One of the best again this year they defective or and they were talking to three possible trip to the final four in four years and the only team in the country it is sweet sixteen. The last four years yeah absolutely incredible. Here's a question in some ways poses to me I ask you what is. What is the future for badger basketball. Woolsey as soon as next year the year after. Mean there's a couple of good recruits coming in. You let him take a little bit of a step back with losing all the seniors that ignited all these current that they had salmon back but having said that. Outlook a former badger just absurd but dispute the recruiting that they've got now and and you know that have used to shy away from any of the top players in the country. You know a bit they can go out in any any kids out stock and the parents they look at what we've done and what you get if you come and it was starts. So I don't I don't see them taking it step down from recruiting and all great are great recruiter he denigrate step underneath them. That bill I think this program gonna continue role and an insult or for yours yours too taught you make in nineteen straight into double A tournament do you done the last four years. You're in quaint old basketball you gotta what was starts and say that it pretty good quick ago. Stuff is always yeah we certainly appreciate it we'll talk to again soon on the road and I enjoy your Roger here we can in New York man. Our Oprah. Or Dodgers or they go Jay Zimmerman were threatened. Zone out and Madison giving us a lowdown on what badgers fans are expecting. And know what we had a chance to witness he's writes that Showalter I did even mention him and I should've and that's that's my fault but I really I really like the way crossing Kenny was playing and I I think all eyes are on my joys because Nigel raised. Has been just a lighting lot of criticism whether he steps up or he doesn't step up. For the way he has or hasn't played this season but. Well mean Zack Showalter certainly one of those guys one of the straws as serves the drinks but to Jake join us on the Schneider or challenged or hiring drivers right now you work or they treat you fair eighty bush years the beginning it done. Column 844 pride or go to Schneider jobs dot com 844 prior to go to Schneider jobs dot com.