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Spring Training Live from Maryvale Baseball Park

Mar 19, 2017|

03/19/17 - Tim Allen and Bill Schmid are in Arizona with Sparky Fifer back in the studio bringing you everything you need to know about Brewers Spring Training.

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Every year around this time we look at west to Arizona. Milwaukee baseball is on. Lots of new faces again this year and this is your chance to get to know them. As we take you inside the Mary Bell clubhouse this is spring training lives on the only station Brewers fans need. Sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Now here's your host Tim Allen. Everybody welcome him Brewers fans it is another at this and in the final edition of spring training live 2007. Team presented by Matt Capps market in Hilton garden. You park place. My name is Tim Allen Steve sparking Phifer. Back to the studio we are here. Bill Schmidt is here myself in Maryville baseball park to steal the finishing touches up. On our spring training broadcast. This year or sure we have to leave. Right I think so. And I would prefer hand at Sparky can attest to this I wanna stay each and every. Each and every year we have to leak but a man ya wanna hang out that house for another couple months you all have had a mean that's Joseph I would love this. How could stay here sure but through the end of kick and you could have been there. You for the last 1015 years and you listen to me but that's that's old NASCAR leads all black and that's that's that's older don't bet we will we will all go back in time and relive what could have been meant. I'm just reiterating that live it's presented by Matt Capps market wallet so so where you'll find house made props hundreds of different Beers. In all your world famous fixes to fuel your tailgate for the home opener. Visit Matt Capps market in wallet Sosa also prevent presented by Hilton garden in park plays. Hilton garden and park place. Is located minutes from a nominee falls near the Twin Towers. And of the auto mall booked your room now or check out their restaurant in part today also on the hot seat. All week long has been AJ collectible sponsoring that and up what we we did some work out more on that just a bit. AJ collectibles located 7201. West national avenue in west Dallas sports cards pictures jerseys and more. By the midwest largest selection a Bobble heads they pay cash for your old cards at school check amount and FaceBook AJ collectibles all right. So while we're here and and some of the highlights. Sparky if you will the fact that. The winning baseball games and they're playing better baseball now for we we go back and forth on this guy's each and every year. Wins and losses to the mean a thing. And maybe maybe now you know you we could make that debate I think the insisting thing is here if if you win with pitching. That the Brewers have done a good job of pitching thus far this spring. Our aim it straight out it's great it you're excited about numbers pitching in spring training. I'm going into this but the reality of the situation is you still have question marks because just because they have a couple of good starts in spring does not mean they can string it together for six months won the lights go on. No it doesn't end in our conversation with it's a Sanderson. He hadn't nice run last year but certainly. Not a nice run all year long and and they're going to what you saying that's his goal is that. Put things together on how little more consistent basis and that's these guys are trying to do. But he you know were. Couple weeks out of what two weeks from tomorrow will be opening day. And they're starting to get through the rotation. More and more they're starting to chew up innings talk about the starting pitchers. Other starting chew up innings in any exact Davies of a few days ago and in the game against the Cubs gate gate got beat up a little bit but. Some of these pitchers are working on. A particular pitch at a particular outing gather want to win the baseball game. Either way whether it's this spring or not. But that they may be working on a pets but even despite that. The runs have been held to a minimum so that is that all is a good indicator for this restarting rotates and there's no question. I'm just anxious to see how this is going a war chemistry wise between. The catcher and whoever the starting pitcher is considering they don't have that guy right now. That we know is going to be the number one catcher five days a week or whatever the case may be like you've been blessed at our blue court the last several years you're still rotating catchers in in out. And as we know not every catcher can work with every pitcher C Randy Wolf in the past to know that to be true. Yet there's no question we talked to. Jet Pandy. Few few days ago. And he was saying he still Kitna know these guys I think you're right there's there's that is that dynamic that I think that's a great point of flies under the radar a little bit that. This camp is what two and a half three weeks olden. He still has he he can't catch these guys let's face it like how many times he caught let's for the sake of the art cork in it. Manny made her an inning or maybe a bullpen session here and there yap and even settle it like you board it's you. Just you know how everybody works and how everybody gets into their flow that chemistry behind the plate itself that have to be there and Jews who sacked. Looks not to be too devastating. Long. Injury if you will neck stiffness. Just a few days ago he had missed a couple of games but. I mean it's between osu second base and I would think to be that starting catcher and how many reps gonna get well we're gonna find out. Maybe just maybe. I'm not knock it Jonathan Luke Roy because I think. Now his reputation is framing it good. A good game right we all Cheryl got. But in calling. Calling a good game I I'm just trying to think back in the memory bank do we hear. Odd that kind of talk about Jonathan Lou Croix and I she calls a great game once a while shoulder may say and on fox sports Wisconsin but. Hear that very often not that he's bad that's balanced and it's just don't hear that he's good at it. Maybe standing here soon sack is good I I would love to see jet Danny when the starting catcher why. Just I think the more reps you get at this at this level the better you know my philosophy there. The more reps you get the closer you are to being your best. Sure but I'm good that you go for opinion two I mean if he gets the starting job he's gonna have more reps too I might might just thing is this mean you guys are there. Which one and these guys is the batter shooter which one of these guys is the best at throwing base runners out. Mean those are the driver things that I need. Yeah I think clearly band he has better yeah I think that's not really up for me I think behind the plate. And we talked to a couple different guys but. Interest in sex seems a little bit more grasp what he's doing behind the plate a little. No more a behind guy like Buster Posey yeah who I don't think there's much argument the best catcher baseball. Joel how he goes day in and day out Anderson sec always said that helped him a lot. I at the plate. It's got to be chipping it and chipped and the man these bombers about the way he likes to talk. He did you John you've managed off from an old manager for the Brewers. To I actually at the that I mean you know we've been for France Edinburgh or plan for a long time and they had a man George amber. And the moniker was Miami's bombers went about being Andy's bombers and he said he finally that civic easily some rules that will call him. Really. I have earth which you call that. Maybe it's just don't know is that you know that this year or Oakland or maybe they're spam maybe it was highly means sisco and hopefully. Could be. Could very wildly. At cedars and knucklehead that's exactly yet now we he has hijack several interviews throughout the week in and you know messing with the media that's by but he. And Craig Counsell lose to this Sparky earlier he keeps the guys lose that was council on and it's eaters so. There's anything that he does. Now in terms of off the field. That's indeed he does and also guys this is his camp bodies they'll schedules things out that I mean I I heard him. The other day look at Broxton NC a rally that soups Broxton. Am out there by 930. If not it's your wraps. And no. Real. Now it's with a smile that smile and a smirk and that and then key out Broxton was gone around the locker room way. I told him ballots dork K and it you are now ha ha ha ha. At thirty with Dillon and so. We also worry that. And we'll hear from Craig Counsell talk of the Milwaukee media analyst for interest income receipts and with regards to the media. And trying to give our listeners sneak peek behind the curtain but. The dynamic between B in media members that cover baseball. And the closeness that the media house with baseball players being in the club house. Every day yeah it was yeah every day with them as opposed to the and he brought up the agreement that writers because you're not in the locker room for the actors receive. Ball and even you know if you're literally on every single. You know game. Same with the box you know there's there's season is six months out of the year are you meet here in their one day a week where you're you can be in their. Thirteen days out of fifteen if there's a long almost any win this it won't hear that couple minutes that that the players and certainly sell. They get that Knoll the media members that that that's an idea I asked the Milwaukee media was soft and you that. I would open in just you know little eight or nine minutes so you can say anything about Steve Sparky fight for weeks off now I don't they get it. And yet when it at all so but what else have we learned here Doug Melvin and go we spoke about this. Throughout the week but very candid conversation. With him nothing's. Reopening own news stories that break does because. We sent a rotten ops goes with Doug Melvin but this is very fascinating guys that. He's still you know with checks out a lot of games those goals outing here and there seems stadium known him for a long. Yeah it's O wrote. Yeah it's ops as odd pitches that he took with Gary dollars and and you just now you could tell that he was relaxed his base and how he looks. Yeah it's almost like a weight lifted off the shoulders and an eat its say that you know he would come on the station. So 00. Well maybe pursue them later on it's may now this year it's is the time because it just wasn't time. I don't know if he has spoken about the higher chances. Think so I am not really on the record. At all I don't believe I've rat or seen. So that would be insisting in the count it out with in my. Which I like could have been viewed him right there spaces would be awesome that's the you know on the transition went form of that plus a well conveyed this to go. It it just in the conversation at the 150. The old adage and it was upbeat at or out. A 150. Days burst wise idea. We think back on that now because no one's really talked about for a few months. Ago but we think back gotten that now. We all expected as fans we all expected that team to be in the playoffs that we would share. Yeah we we we currently were planning on playoff. Activity for the Brewers here. And when it didn't happen if it crossed us as fans but it Knowles so what's the tipping point in the entire organization. In recent history. There was this variance is right. I wanted to convey that a few times this this would cats that that. It seemed to mean that was the straw that broke. There Doug Melvin. If you if you well. Nicely. Seniors on a reference and I got a lot of contact Al has got to hey I'll take unit is school man and now are. Well he's Scola on Ron and I Dixon as the other ones are it will take a break here on the show today general manager David Stern sat down with. Some of the boys from the big show Robby in scary and that he talked about. Some of the players in the organization does see him out. The main guy in the main stud that Chris Bryant. Type player in his organizational at that answer for yet. And adolescent fun stuff still. To come on our final at this in the spring training live presented by Matt Capps market it while it Sosa in Hilton garden in part plays. Tim Allen bill Schmidt live at Maryville baseball park final at this since Sparky at the studio. Will be back with Craig Counsell next on the fan. And welcome back Brewers fans finalist this spring trade live 2007 team presented by. Matt Capps market in wallets those and Hilton garden and park place Tim Allen. Live in Mary Bell. Baseball park. Bill Schmidt alongside Steve Sparky Phifer. As the us now and now you're back in the studios the snow comes amassed an and now a masking BO close to fifty. And I. Defy. Take that you. That was that was Rauf. If I get ahead of the extent have to start wearing long shorts again not the ink tops you not into turn out well off on the rest of I can't I got now on and I don't need YouTube right now but now it's the heat on feel about that receives bottom review in the boot leather. Broadcast via that night I. I refrain from that so I'll Italy it'll be good to get fire up the season couple weeks from tomorrow so. Earlier this week at an opportunity to sit out 11 with Brewers manager Craig Counsell and we put him on the EG collectibles Nazi. We had heard earlier I heard a comment that you said. Yeah teams kind of sent but the more I look at it. There may be a little more difficult Cotts as it is that the case here. Well. Yeah I mean I think as we get into this you know the reason why it it's getting more difficult is a good thing I think we've had a lot of guys performing one. And we had no injuries and souls. You know you just expect when you have sixty guys that something happened. And you know in a good way not much that has happened so. Everybody's. Content put their best foot Florida I think right now and you know were at the point where there's you know two and a half weeks ago which is still a long time. I look back to last year and we had three pretty major things happen no last Sundays and and Will Smith Garza then and Corey and able so. You know there's there's we gotta we gotta get to get to that date but right now we have guys perform and and and guys put investment floored then and it is gonna force until. Decisions hence it appears the meat of versatility as a pretty vague attribute for you guys this year president. Well it always is because you don't want guys versatility puts another guy in a better position to succeed and soul. It's it's always going to be important for me I think we can get guys in to spots to succeed we have versatility. And and. But like aired on Paris early or you didn't see him advance. Well. It's it's it's easy really mean he's gonna get at bats I think. You know the there's if you can play seven positions on the field. There's claim it best all around and so I'm now I don't worry about getting here and apparatus at bats. You know I think you more worried about and it and if I'm worried about getting these guys at bats that means other guys are performing really well. All right and we we talked a few weeks ago bought them the balancing act that you have to do trying to win games vs. You know developing these younger players and that's just again it's worth reiterating. Here as we're deeper in a camp that. That's a pretty tough challenges a I respect that channel as the stuff. Yeah it's not. You know there it's just the balance is what I'd say I mean certainly development is. It's always at the forefront of your mind calm but I think you accomplished bull and that's that's what you try to do and and down. And and frankly I think the ways that it went down last year was good it was good for Kia Broxton in. We put I think we put a good spot there's I think there's still days during this season what are. Com you know you'll see somebody else's feel because I think it's good Kia and it's helped you know its development so. Down. You know or always gonna be balancing Madden and and I'm OK with that and I think that's that's part of the thing to do try to balance and and down it gonna force the citizens and force him put guys in matchups at that maybe the best form that they need to get through. And it's it's a step rebels and. Talked sillier veteran type players and I think they get through it and you and you know this is a player but. Some of the younger dudes. Haley young when I had a conversation with him trap shot Travis in his case mentally. That part of the game that. It is so challenging for him was at losing that every day roll last year Boston ironically. Aaron Hill and platoon role. He said mentally didn't handle it appropriately Taylor young men same thing conversation I had. How big is the mental part of this game. Whoa hoo for up for the players we have so many of whom are early in their big league careers and you know for the when you get to the major leagues you have had a lot of success in your life. You've had success and amateur baseball you've had six a lot of success in Minor League Baseball. So often like this is one of the first big hurdles the penalty face and so it's it's every guy doesn't come through in the same way it takes a little longer for some guys. But find yourself having. Pardon on counsel these guys in that regard. It's not I think it's part of that question you ask in development you don't norv were bouncing. Development and trying to win it it's part of the question your answer and so. Hum what what is what is failure do into the player how's it affecting him how to play. You know Expos in the tough situations when dot. Com and so that's. That's the thing that's why I you know all GM Broxton was not out there every single day and you know because I didn't want him. They get down past were apt world we got into such a good place. And now it's it's like let's keep your good place because of that place here in early in the season that would gonna work. Com so. You know I had a Travis and I've talked lot about his situation last year about how he felt about it and I think you learn a lot from it and I think down you know it would be it'll be useful for him on Florida. Correct a couple of quick things here that the media in Milwaukee and and you know being a play here and and see a lot of things around the country with the media. What do you think about the Milwaukee media that's all I'm not looking for countless believe me out I'm not I'm just curious. Tom. You know look having experienced other places and seeing a lot lot of other things the media in Milwaukee is frankly it's. There's not that many of them and I mean that's the easiest way to say it there's not a lot of media and walking it's not a big medium market. Bomb. So that's. You know I think from my perspective when you feel like Sean Spicer twice a day makes a little easier. Well I was just curious because you seem to have a great relationship with the media. So that'd be opposites on spices and yeah yeah yeah. Yeah job. But. Well look you know. There in. Mean baseball media is sold different than the other sports. Because this court this sport allows more media access than any sport. The everyday nature. The games you know and media in the club house changes the whole dynamic. Com. You know I've had this running horses for a couple of guys that calmness that the clubhouse culture questions from the media. Is so much more prevalent in this board. Because because the media you guys are in the clubhouse every day so you guys see the interaction with with all the guys at read it. And in other sports city you guys you guys aren't hanging around the packers' locker room seven days a week. And so that's creates a different dynamic. And and it's it's just part of it and it's it's kind of interesting and we talk about it more but his system with a different dynamic in this sport. Com and then like a set at this thing you know arm media's. It's a smaller numbers I think you do get to know people matter. Sort of song. I. Real quick the fans how much interaction did you elect to help top on record saw and their opportunity at that do you give it a bit so. Fan interaction with you could we have from the area and and you know you gotta live your life and I don't know about that. Do fans faster you not talking baseball this time. No there there really don't mean I've found. An and this is as truth and you know I found that. In other places of places that we here at Phoenix really what are. You know I thought I'd dealt a whole lot more of that in Phoenix and it ever dealt with him all. So and I just I think that's more a statement on just the what the people Wisconsin like they are. Com. They're not impressed by celebrity that that's always been my feelings in Wisconsin. Elm. That's good. So it's it's just more of these days they'd take cheat sheet is 11 of their own power and here you felt like column. You accessible and more and it's bigger city you know and I did feel like I was in a fitful Moreland here. Final thing for your we've we've been on the show the other night week. Did and ask counsel so we got to question that I thought it was seriously question being from the area again. Your favorite band things you've seen at summer fest in your life. As has come up from one of brewer fan analysts are. Favorite band they've seen on efforts yeah yeah yeah I mean I got a couple it's nice. He's. You know the last two great ones that I spoke last agree this not staying at Peter Gabriel and create a sort of black keys a couple of years ago that those phenomenal at you know two guys going crazy up there. When I was when I was really young I saw the violence sounds. You know Milwaukee band. That's pretty good show but that was because I was under agent now a lot of fond. We won't have CF tough and we've all been through. Good times. Greg thanks a diamond in local time daycare. And there are areas Craig Counsell we had a conversation a little bit earlier this week about that he went to summer fast as. It's favors it at a well. Was that you all and there with the show that he went to when he was under aides that he does every year gets them there bond. We we have all been there violent downs. Okay I you know what I haven't named ones yup I couldn't even tell you what the play and style wise I'm sure their fine I know I've. You know what I could name once on but of serve might hurt a few others on him recognized and Macedonia. It's just for the record insisting there want bigger things that I took got a Craig Counsell in the movies there the fact that now. Win is it put up or shut up time and imploded -- words but when you gauge a player is what he he has. I'd is that let it offers for example and via our. What season last year one spectacular season stat machine across the board stealing bases. Defense I think. I think could be a little bit better but he you know fish out of water at third base there but and he'll settle in the second raised. But his batting average act and some runs for some power and it was on base percent is outs. When would you consider a player like that to be legitimate with those numbers and and his answer was was insisting. You know in the in terms of 2015100. At bats. He has said this week. I you know found that experiences things that Stevie that's two and after three years. Of at bats before you get an accurate assessment of how about the level yeah. Yeah I guess. You get down on that to a certain degree about say right now. I can tell you. Wayne Bryan Bryan Prince Fielder over here their first year they were legit I do you need to wait two or three years to find out how good those two players work now you know I was getting that first game at saint yeah I mean you you could save effort scooter you can say that further you know the role players in the big league level it takes 23 years or is that out. Star players it's no I think you could tell right now Branson's a legit player. I just I don't think you know now that he's going to be legit Major League Baseball player. We'll talk more about that Powell where the tipping point is and who's in who's on that you know my under the microscope in that regard is that. Sort of this tipping point season for some of these guys Santana Broxton there are others will discuss next you listening to spring training live. 2007 team live for Maryville baseball park. We are presented by Matt Capps market in wallet Sosa in Hilton garden in part placed. Will be back David Stern's by the way is conversation with robbing scary coming up next hour. That's on a hot stove weekly notes check that spring training live finally did in here next on the fan. It is very very live 2017. Presented by Matt Capps market in the wallet Sosa and Hilton garden in park place my name's Tim Allen. Bill Smith along side here at Maryville baseball park. Just finishing up our spring training live broadcast weakens the Sparky five for his back at the station. As next hour we're gonna hear from. Brewers left fielder Ryan brawn we will hear from general manager David Stern says he had a conversation. Very it's a seeing stuff with Rami and scary. As they were out here throughout the entire week with the Wendy's big show so stick around for all that. Bite some of the battles going on and I'm not not sure they're really battles. I don't know at first base not I don't care what council size I really don't and I don't care what ran Ricky says out cure what Ned says. And Garner and any other brewer manager you wanna tell me about how well yes spring training we're find out about guys. They know what their roster is the most part they know what they're what they're gonna do dame ain't got no line up as far as who's good about where a couple of minutes whisper treats us but they haven't their mind you heard. Marcus talk about the fact debt. There's no pressure on me you know I've got fighting for a job I'm just shaking notes on opposing pitcher so I know where they are for the for the regular season. You shook my head at that because I'm sorry he's been outplayed flat out outplayed by a guy. That had success in the minor leagues like he did but hasn't had a full crack at the big league level yet for that do did. Had to go to Korea in order need it to make money to come back here. I just I I don't think they should and a double to match I know why they Gator because they paid in the money it's not you got to give on the first crack at it but I. Right I sat on the big Cheryl savior he will not have that starting job by the end of the year I think angle or no that's our job. All right so here or here we go Rico Billy Walt was like what I've been tell that's when you read sand and you know what or receive aren't concern. At bats that's might deal it's more bold about it and said that he wouldn't say that I can lose OK well. Just simply concerned about him in that position and a three year deal. I just don't understand I never fully understood. Will embrace it if he succeeds but this story about him and the Brewers and how that whole thing played out did you ever see the details on that. He thought he was gone back to Korea and a game and also. The Brewers with his deal. Lee. And I'll call outs assess. Itself that's where the concern comes from. Now. Correct council earlier in case and this is one of the first week. Maybe maybe the first week care about opened up here. He made a comment that you know world were sort of it's real there's a couple of battles. With the terms he used. Because you know it was that so while now and you hurt in the conversation a few minutes ago that. He gets that way now. Little more difficult Cotts because people are playing so well. In high. Well I don't ruling equally. That they're going to sit air things. For a cases act. Yeah I have a lot of trouble thing and they're gonna do that because you you're invested the money and we we made this idea that invest that money try to prospect. You you hurt trying to trot him out there for a year a year and a half. Give him some numbers in turn where you could thirty year old flip him around for a top ten prospect. How to somebody's pharmacist a third Edgar rate went somebody needs a left handed power bat off the edge it's it is I don't think anyone's gonna trade for him to be their new starting first base. Doug he has me do is to match immediate. If he goes out there it's but he goes out there idiots say 25 to thirty home runs and steals when he five or thirty banks ball out team's lineup to trade for AP duds that. Now he goes out there and hits to sixty hits you don't twelve home runs and struggles to get on base that's a whole other issue that now it's not you're up against it. I'm opening gets as bad spring batting average over 200 well okay that's for spring I'm just talking as far as trying to trade him. I'm at right now because if it Koppel's says or whoever sent somebody said this week that they don't think he's hollering here. Well he's not a power meter distance going to be Cris Carter hitting 200 with 45 Bob sat. That's going to happen so if he's not a power hitter and he doesn't hit for average Bob hi. Okay and spark we brought this up earlier on in the week I said. I can bear of a little bit so what if his production as the year Lyle Overbay in his first stint with the Brewers eighty hits doubles is at doubles machine. It's twos 75 to eighty. Maybe 25 homers like you said drives in 808590. Runs its bright 35 that's good enough that's good and that's good enough for sure yeah that's good enough. But again I just think Miller could hit forty bombs and how fortunate it is that needs. Cris Carter. I. What are you ice forty home runs but it easily get to twenty raise it to 780 tops look back at his numbers I mean did you go back to but was it to two years ago whatever was. Yeah almost 300. Man I EDT if you look at his minor league numbers. He can hit for a high average last year I get that but if you look back he has hit around 300 ads aren't sooners are us. Okay yeah hagel or that guy has the potential to really do something and he was Blanca by all accounts all. I don't know I guess we'll wait a lightly. An eagle or watch in regular season VP year as was okay as we speak here mayor Gayle. Dude you know you're gonna like this it's when you're gonna like the way the ball just jumps off his bat so I think. Inter wherever you go what are those dudes can be flipped at the deadline cheer for something good somebody's gonna bat off the edge real quick. On on Lamar. And what it is with between him and Neftali Feliz. I asked these guys through Carlos has Whalen the translator. Both of those guys that aren't pleased that both Madson on hotel. Law you know what when I'm with that's the minister. Yeah that's the sister real thing that they're there are other GI usually don't stay in hotels in Milwaukee does the deficit to seal. Yep visitors a high and don't tell me tell she could afford stay there out by. What will when you talk about that'll tell yeah that's true the last time I talked about it I heard about it off the air because apparently they got mad at me. Op but I mean there's been TV shows done on it and everything else they claim they're it's not haunted so well seems to be gold around the baseball world. And a basketball world even just is that Soka. Right I don't I really noticed it on in old talent Milwaukee. They're play for the Brewers. And they are going to go to. Well don't they're not concerned about it in that regard I just asked them if that they knew or had been. In Milwaukee in doing yeah that was the first thing and I also loves that says an outline of both of them for as the first thing they sent cold and the wanted to go to the hotel. August. Aren't real quick before the break your Broxton. And Brentson turning Domingo Santana. That is not a battle that's going on right now because they have ticketed though Lewis Brentson in my opinion that ticketed him for chip straight depending QB. Traits and he's going to be year starting. Center fielder Tyler prospering. It's just try and tendency. To straight Santana can we just trade Santana. Can't ever or are you can't trade brawn and trade Santana and it would trade one of there's dabbled these guys on this baseball team right now not now you can have a discussion all of well I wanna get brits and more seasoning in a don't want a kid him to free agency sooner than I have to. That can be your back and be your logic that's fine meet personally man brought Branson and Broxton and that outfielder killer bee outfield good lord. Watch out and you wanna talk about all three of those guys get opportunities to twenty home runs at firmly believe all three of them can't and all the way up. All of a guy that lineup is so much battery of Princeton's an outline have been sunny Santa. Well we don't know we don't know what's Antanas provides your bubble but what what's the what's the overarching theme of sports availability and accountability in Domingo Santana has not been able to be accountable. Answer right here you know you're hurt Julia yeah ideas on it will take a break speaking of Lewis but it's at we'll hear from him as we put on the AJ collectibles top seat up next. Next hour the program Ryan brawn and our conversations general manager David Stern's out here Mary bill sat down with Gary and Ronnie. From the Wendy's pics show. Air that as well it's all coming up spring training live 2007 team presented by Matt Capps market in wallet Sosa and Hilton garden in park place. Will be back Lewis Brentson next year on the fan. Welcome back final edition of spring training live 2007. Team presented by Matt Capps market it. Hilton garden and park place Tim Allen. Have Bill Smith alongside here very field baseball park Brewers. Our garage doing some BP. As we speak just a couple of minutes ago and it covers that you and I should get dedicated. Like opera saves about aces tackle are as he Sparky Phifer is. I've I've taking your Vick fan has right. On their dad his and yet again yeah I'd Lewis brits in two I gonna keep this guy out lineup top position prospect in the brewers' organization. Let's put them. Right on the hot seat the AJ collectibles top seed here on the fan. Oh sorry ma'am we welcome to Milwaukee thank you you'd be here and everybody's been. Welcome with open so it's going to be around the guys Indians return you're feeling good everything else that area everything's. Man. Have a bonding part of our business and getting better. For the season. You are in the rankings you'd. Probably are aware that your top prospect for this or snakes and how how often do you guys look at things like that. Ourself for the fan that's an answer and it that much does it does mean a whole lot just means that. You know I think highly of him which is good. The same time. These non prospect anymore so. You know it's at for the pay attention to its moments you know. Turn it define me if that makes sense. It's authentic baseball and everything people think that's that's their opinion it's. You know my mom elements of things in his that's what I care. Sounds like a good philosophy and were you surprised a little bit when you're traded. A little bit of it you know good you know relations protects our. You know but obviously there are moving in different directions they need when. They needed pieces going in you know he's is that they traded for me or. You know I sort of pieces. And you know and I'm glad to be over you know I definitely better opportunity I mean in my career right now and you know I'm the beavers at. At the level you're out with him you know in big league camp and get some routes and they and they own futures. Right around the corner for you are you about where your. Where you should be at this point in in your own mind yeah. So in their soon so that a few weeks I think him. Yes that's running as a tennis is trying to get your team down and it worked our resident down. Right right now I think I'm you know right or anything farms in past seasons and being health wise and then. You were there that Colorado Springs. We're hoping to get the call idea anybody. Into glaze over and get to call. On September definitely was. Dogs that did it it's just you know kind of I I just one or Carlos offseason to sentiments administering justice those and that I'm ready to go out there for decent. You know that series so what they have going on there but you know it did happen. Went home got me longer off season with a double cruises are not that Edwards ago I went to Mexico to make eighty. And actually missed the cars and went to Haiti and that to me this is a nice couple Cruz over. Absolutely sounds like a lot of fun you know it's about seven and snow fall back in Milwaukee right now I had have you ever been there and then you were there for the contact with that you've been the reformed now though as a person aren't there yet I was a thing it was Aziz told that is local calls from. In order where is 85 degrees everyday. So. I had to bring our winner coat that I had bought the week before good arm close call but I liked it electricity. I can tell you this with the radio shows and I've done here on the pass happy years ago. Brewer fans are really looking forward to players to seeing two players just haters one of them and lose Branson is another one no pressure that. I don't feel it you know whatever of these coaches and his players they accident. You know that's what I care these. Yeah so and he's a pretty. I think it. Think detailed Mueller. Ed cedar hijacking this jittery Lewis uncertain. Lose some things for the time them and I appreciate it we can't wait to see you want yeah thank you yes and areas us that is Lewis Brentson the top. Rated position prospect in the brewers' organization he is an outfielder. Playing well. Passes every test there is in baseball basically going to. Testy doesn't pass guys. Is. Really some sort of experience. In the vaguely yeah. Essays on Bob burns and here. Now long term now when Matt was here well as manager years ago little medley. I mean you had fielder coming up in the farm system and hardy and weeks and Harden all those guys right. He would sit in his office before Major League Baseball games these guys were at like a double like. And talk about proposed line of how he wants to hear him when they get up to the big league level he already started riding out the top of the order of how he wanted these guys to back. I would be arrested a knowing here the next couple of years if council will get to that point he doesn't seem to be the guy I don't think that far ahead on nest. I'll but they want think I Branson leading off long term that that this whole thing with him leading up ICC knees laughter is leading off. Your run producer Jack. Don't get him in the leadoff spot. It's like triples topsy. AJ collectibles 7201. West national avenue. In west Dallas. Sparky the ball was before we get to an update and that would that yet next hour right or wrong will soreness that general manager David serves more. But though Lewis Brentson did you know. He's a bowler you gaps. I did not know that but that's good and well Matt's good you know how people. Now mean how can you know. It is Lewis for its injures the right now I don't think it Jersey before that it better. Steve Sparky five for is in the studio out Tim Allen Bill Smith. Live here and merry real baseball park the final at this in the final hour of spring training live 2007 team. Is next we are presented by Matt Capps market wallet Sosa. And Hilton garden in park place that round. Final hour final day of spring training live 2007. Team present a five Matt Capps market and Hilton garden in park place. Matt Capps market wallets those so we're very fine house made rots hundreds of different Beers all you local favorite fixes the fuel your tailgate for the home opener. Visit Matt Capps market in wallet Sosa also presented by Hilton garden in part plays. Located minutes from anomaly falls near the Twin Towers and auto mall. Book your rule or try out the restaurant in park today and certainly AG collectibles. Are are the sponsor for the hot seat we got to get over there. Always well offers or have a bad feeling on the spent my entire paycheck and it. I last hour which I still to come this hour Ryan brawn. As well as. It serves them an honest answer yet David Stern's with Rami scary. From Phoenix here earlier this week but last hour we talked about. At the tipping point. Put up or shut up as maybe it will strong but at least. Clarification. Type season for some of these guys who were there at human we mentioned Domingo Santana last hour as well. Sure he's there but certainly we want to martz better. Look at. On the field in the got to stay as Billy Mets got to stay on the field. Been banged up missed half the year last year it's been. Know one thing after another with Domingo Santana. If he stays in stays productive and it's 51. At least 500 at bats but. Let's say 400 at bats it means something went very well for Domingo Santana is this a huge year for Santana. Yeah huge first he had huge first out here do well Trajan bye bye see you don't want to be up. I'm yeah I do I have actually no interest in keeping this guy long term this baseball team I senate last journal say it again this year I just. Solid just don't sit right with me up on this whole deal starts as a part of that deal when he traded him here. I'm still not convinced one way or the other that he's a fan Santana. Out but. Again the whole idea and I get this all goes back to Broxton beat him Broxton put a big first half and tiger convinced he's a piece going for good this team in this outfield. In Branson does what he's supposed to do at AAA. I doubt that brought in Santana Bulls become available because you don't worry. About Branson coming up and playing the outfield in the second half of the year getting his feet wet. I'm going into the following season for me I'm not looking at Domingo Santana or Ryan Bryant think it boy they're going to be here when we compete for the playoffs in four or five years. That's not how public and added I'm looking so from that they both play well then I'm gonna try movable. Okay well then the answer would be this is a huge year for dooming us. Yeah I guess one way or the out right but if he had that getting hurt and you got next year to try do all over me and kind of Brantley this deal. Yeah well I will see you at some point bull blog right at least covered why I mean if he misses this year Q then and Sparky. What team GM is Visalia the government take fliers get a couple of prospects that while now but I just don't I don't think they're just in a flat out content. I don't know it's you against Contra situation but I I don't think that's gonna happen. He's got yours laughter the so their stance him once you think about it all the time. You don't think Jonathan via this huge year for him. This is a huge year for him and the Brewers and that's a huge year for him and is pocketbook yup and I about what one more and there are. I think it's huge year for the guy that. Moved Jonathan ER from shortstop to second base and that's or land Dorsey he's struggling early in camp. Now heard it from there have been mumbling a lot of people's they and that he's the defensive guys that's not gonna come around. He puts up and up this year guys think you can expect some sorts for RC but you have a few years. Yeah but if you don't start seeing steps forward at that Q well got assert become a cancer. I think he well okay. Travis are off. Like we can't we can't underestimate. The importance of this year for Travis. Again it's he would be around the next group playoff team well now find out this year we're gonna find out if there's any chance at all we will find out this year. Lowers the games first base because Ers think is going to be the third baseman. This year. Well we don't say you know and being able to Roger Federer in outlets that yet answers so he would outs as the one about what -- the slide. Across the diamond but there aren't there again there's a guy that you won its rates yeah. After a shot go off this year that's a pretty big year for him right in when we talked to on him. All he talked about was when he was in Boston getting the opportunity to play every day and then becoming a young guy he didn't like it did like it at all now we get settled in. An everyday guy. Maybe this is the year that he's able bounce back but he he mentioned that. He was and he's got suites way Mannelly. He did not handle it properly. And it was that that sprayed that Aaron Hill won or lost. And ironically and it's not the B hill that he platoons with but if you look at the numbers which I did and I told Travis that. Number it's three with two. Peca. And then let the numbers after the platoon started aisle they're pretty bad. About. That's just that's the way it was practice so. That that is that perhaps were the statistical information can opt outs and we we did we discussed that but I think your right Steve Ian that. It's it's been a year maybe a little bit smaller tighter windows -- suppose. Yep. It's just a matter of confidence and keeping his confidence up I think that trade shook his confidence a little bit like they didn't believe and did I that's I think cap and and in this situation for the Brewers. There is no also rat and lets you think Perez is gonna end up replacing at some point there is no threat for his job. It would get to the comparisons its second news finish up on Travis ought talked to a Craig Counsell about Travis on. He did have a conversation with shock. Regarding how we handle that mentally last year and then Craig Counsell said. That news Shaw learned from that and even Travis admitted that. But he did learn from that so that's a maturation. Me a ball player now HP is what it's call. And on Harris. Nicolas he's been this financed she's like to computer it is easier I think we step sort of celebrity someone of his teammates down there. On Wednesday or Thursday it's that HP's I care maybe it was new and guys. And it was known guys the Mets in HB so and a pair us. Craig Counsell is absolutely convinced he's gonna get the at bats he's convinced of it he says I don't think he says it's easy they'll be no problem. Getting at bats ran Aaron on parents know in oh okay that means Santana has failed to a degree. Now that is meets nobody's gonna play everyday it just means bronchitis it a day a week Santana is gonna sit day a week. Dollars innocent dame a week first is gonna sad day week they're sport that's best case scenarios and parents. And it. Because that everybody's performing. But I I hear you counsel is going to now. At six applause line up the out almost every it's very hard for him because. What Perez that last year you can't keep that Carolina but I'd rather him say in the conversation. A pointed to key on Broxton when he was talking about player development which we can all agree that's what this season right. Player development I don't want to win games but developing what we have our here's what. It's you don't have much though I mean you you really don't you have like ours the end you five guys on this team that can be starters on the team goes the play offs. Who is this. DRR. Yahoo! yeah are you done Broxton then where. I think Anderson sectors are starting catcher when he gets in the playoffs Andy. The Shell will help and help Yvenson sex guys since they traded him eat got. Learned under the best catcher in baseball secular Olympic. That hasn't gotten a chance you're gonna talent group since act and you know the next guy is right now you know exactly who it is Erik. Names. But we Keon Broxton gives us our results not about him all legal but. But it does it's the Frontline top group them medal part of the game the outcome part of the conversation he had with council got in and it was one of those things where you know. Yeah Brock and he said is not going to play there's going to be days it's taken out. You needed to Iraq where he needs to take a break and observe the game. Even even when he was still wouldn't while I was doing well he he was going to get some time off and that he has. Counsel. Being the baby sitter mentally. Of some of these younger players and and that's just the way it has so. You know you talk about that that transition from triple into the big leagues and if you're gonna mop to be a fifth outfielder. Or you're gonna go down a triple A and better every day. And that that's when it comes down to so there's a degree of that that goes on here as well you're not going to be a plug and play play on the council not this Bill Clinton. He's you are going to play each peers were wanna call him this year I'm four days a week then that's fine. That's why I no problem with that's a good number but you just replace that person in the line up wherever that person has batting let's not redo the lineup every single ladies get HD NL lineup we got to get to direct our quick time out here and and get to a Davis serves and him sat. And I will take a break so they're there are some important. The year is going on players they have important years this year in 2007 team. I will come back general manager David Stern's had a conversation. With the boys from the big show it was Ronnie and Gary out here Maryville baseball park at that conversation earlier this week. While they put him on the AJ collectibles hot seat you're listening to spring training live 2017. Final edition here this year presented. By Matt Capps market in wallet Sosa and Hilton garden in park place will be back in the fan. Second straight training a lot of Sports Radio while phi seven after and the fans the franchise. Had a run off to catch a plane so. You are stuck with me here the rest the way out on the Sunday morning a chance now to go back earlier in the week. And Gary Ellis and Ronnie backlog from the Wendy's big show had a chance to sit down and talk. What Brewers general manager David Starr it's about this rebuild effort that the Brewers are involved and we soon found out that hip or back off think alike. Out help us this from earlier in the week. You're on a fan Rory Mac loss and Gary Allison down here at Bruce spring training 2017 and in the office of general manager David Stern's David how you doing this afternoon. Dual while another beautiful day in Bears colors on the complain. It's beautiful out in apparently them about fifteen inches of snow back in Milwaukee so there is definitely the right time to be here and it. They're good time to BA's free trade for trains always think it's heavier load the leader back. How are obviously a lot of new faces again in the clubhouse this year's more than last year wing do you think that you win and Craig council and the rest your team. In gets sort of a good feel about the identity of this team and what roles every dad's one of them. And I of this year's regional more continuity. Within the second spring training with the team. Craig the beginning of the second full season as manager of the entire coaching staff. Back from last year a lot of our marquee players are back as well. So I think he's yet to carry over really from last year in and outs computing. A lot of energy I'm a young team is continuing to grow and gel together. Do you when huge draft and players do you hang around on. A clear that you have American short amount of August for a beautiful blonde. The Raiders long term they beat America are no matter what awards they're gonna drop regard they have a lot of green beret long term ago. The graph paper it very high league drafting heavier players bigger players. You know with them in my arm tackle players you look for when you are. We don't have a specific. Individual skill at that we're looking for we are looking for a I'm not sure when we're drafting players and went work our players athletes have the ability to play all of the diamond. Mom that often have the ability to grow as a player. Not so as we look back a lot transactions we made over the past year and a half we've been able to bring in generally up the middle players those players currently to. Tend to be a little bit more athletic dom and if that doesn't work out shortstop second field. They have the ability to moved to a corner I'm they have the ability to adjust and potentially improvised their careers going. What about the the personality types that you look for a player how much time do you spend sitting down with a guy I'm getting to know. What kind of guy he is what's in his heart what's in his head and how much he wants it in in terms of succeeding in the in baseball our access to players. Differs depending on the type veterans actually making out with in the draft we get a fair amount access to a lot of these guys are able to sit out that are able to that. To get to know them a little bit and that's an important part of are important for us. I and it's an under and in nature of the player wants to get better player once improve. The player has a an understanding of where he can improve and that and take the league level in trades sometimes difficult to do you can't talk to a player. Who's with another organization. And so we try to find people who know the player we trust our out. Our scouts are really good job of networking and digging. Tom but that make up component that character component so nonchalant winning teams measuring it can be challenging some times when we do our best. And our harassing their tore our measuring. Players and their. Your outfielders that are here are curious I mean you got a couple guys. Brock and and who. Don't regard almost look I don't like a cages on for days and it looks like. You're right Victor play multiple positions. And that help an and we between the tee mention Brock and Brad and Ryan Cornell and other young outfielder we have to mingle Santana. Read all we have these athletes you could have play wherever sport they wanted to play ultimately elect to play baseball currently happy that they dead. Although do you look at it got you know if you look at right now if provides specialized and now my arm plays baseball world. But they won't all star. Known gone players can play 34 sports in our group. Do you look for players that played different sports and high schools. The nationalization has real number last ten years even. When I was in high school we're able to play three sports. And and no one had an issue with it now. When your particularly talent and one or. Are often dragged to playing this week I'll let early healthy. Gone for the development that they had to do that on the reality but when we Yates did. Who is able to play. Basketball and baseball baseball and football or baseball and track and field. I'm an early adds a different dimension we know that their multitask and an athlete and all of the potentially get better. You talk about some. A young guys in the out of the way to say this but now Ryan Braun is kinda kind of the over Kei in the outfield and I've been here and since he start his career with the Brewers and it's weird for for meeting even say that we talked to a few the other outfielders and and younger guys in the clubhouse and they said that. He sort of taken on the role of a vocal leader something he said in the past as not really his thing is that something that you guys asked him to do or did he take that upon himself. The grinds for after an. To understand what role he now holds in this clubhouse and he takes that we want to be the manager. High in really good times in Milwaukee. How exciting acted B how much and support the team. And he won't be a part of that again and you know as a big ways you can help. Improve that process and viewed that cross the opposite. Help develop these players. He used on a really nice that I think. I know I have to ask you David is he going to be part of it when you guys get where you're trying to go in this process. I figured that question was coming at at some point they're in a sinner you. Our expectation that he will Tom he still were clearly we've Tom had on us that it become public. That's natural natural. To us a lot of players on your roster when you have a player like Rhein. Who's at the career he's had at age of the career that. Not a natural but my expectations. The year hopefully career. We were talking about position players are troopers pitching. Well what are you looking for in in to do your pitching I don't know of your core here that you draft a lot of air or what were you looking for two days ago. On number one. With pitchers really at any level it led to throw strikes you don't have a whole lot chance of getting hitters out whether it's at the major leagues or minor leagues you can't throw the ball over the plate. Up so that's that's what we're looking at. When we go out and and Al pitchers that's what we're looking at. When we look to acquire pitchers via free agency or via trade. Tom and it really extends off from there obviously can't throw 84 down the middle of the plate those are strikes but those are quality strike van. You guys have different repertoire and it worked out of out of place. I'm can they change speeds and they have appropriate movement on their pitches every thicker gonna get Major League hitters out but I really are all ours with the ability to throw strikes. And when you talk about their strikes to guys that did that more consistently than anybody for you guys that you're junior guerra. And sacked a reason those the only two guys a credit councils that are locked into the rotation for this year. They surprise a lot of people in panic came out of nowhere in terms of the ends in the media that a surprise you the success that those two guys hadn't. The at this success thanks for all. Tom we knew that Zach was gonna have a very promising career the fact that he emerged on the scene when he did. And had that quality of season that he did such a young age surprised us. And junior. When we acquired junior we knew he had good stuff but he hadn't had that level successor at the Major League level. So for him to come up. Mid season like he did really pick us up and became foremost in a starters throughout the latter two thirds of the season was pretty impressed of. Dear to me where will it Peralta and a lot of people look for him in a lot of people. If you watch star had a lot of great but can we ham put together. What what does he need to do to. Are things in and reached goals goals there I'm sure he has firms are. And the potential that are one season of a young player. He is and and Willie had had a really what I think is gonna turn out to be a turning point year in his career. He really struggled out of the gate last year which followed up a disappointing 2015. Season. We sent about AAA he took that as a challenge. He understood that he needed to change things in power to be a Major League pitcher and that's exactly what he did end. A lot of guys dot AAA two or three years in the major leagues Tom and the ultimate pout and they don't get out of it what they should Willy went down there. Understood what he needed to changed improved his mechanics generated a little more momentum throughout his delivery. Came back up with increased velocity and more strike throwing in and long term. It with really really gets back strike. He can consistently throw strikes stuff is good enough at Major League hitters out. Now that people had high hopes or in that rotation and start off good but then sort of tailed after Jimmy knows last year. Do you see the same thing from him and in terms of him knowing what he needs to do to improve and bouncing back this here. The MO motivation work ethic has never been an issue for him and he works as hard as anyone cares as much one. Guy and he understands this is an important year for him I'm and he's an important player for he's looked really good so far this for an. Tom spring isn't always the most out reflective environment of what it's going to be like in in the regular season but I he's putting in the right work he he's working mark. Which is important and we solider. Keeping. Your guys in shape what what he does do. Our offseason program what do what do you do in ease into what what are you tell what Goldberg are hard to train you when Garrett can bring you think you wanna be. Here here here back in the day. And we have a wrong these ties and no there weren't sure you guys that are original and for these guys when they car has listened. It's your round about 3040 years ago guys grow jobs got from a competitor -- are where they can do this or Europe. And we expect them to do a year round route we don't expect players coming to camp out of shape we expect players to be here. I'm in game shape we only have about a week. In spring training before we are playing games and so they need to come in in pretty. Pretty decent shape what we do and and I'm actually a lot of organization it was you try to cater. Our strength and conditioning in our training programs individually to each player when players command we do you run them through a battery of task. It helps us and them understand what they need to work on. I'm all of them are speed focus some of them might be mobility or flexibility focused on of them are nutritionally focus. And that are like the conditioning astle at Dallas each player. An outline their goals not only for camp but for the regular season. Do you prefer they work with your strength and conditioning staff and your nutritionist because a lot of these guys have their own trainers and their own facilities that they don't work and Nazis. Well we hope is that's coordinated so we understand that these guys are going home to have people they've worked with in the past were comfortable with that. When we want to make sure there juries checking in with our guys. Bomb every often during the off that we understand what they're working out into the and we think we need to be made we make them. So we're here all week long returner or for our yeah it was a great day for everybody 243 with a lot of talk radio but a lot of courses are we're getting ill how long. How long could repair afterwards what is surprise. When you argued that he look at the Cubs maybe that's not what we should be looking for me in the organization how long. Who gonna hurt the waiting to that you actually that. Compared to you right now Berkeley to. I wish I had the perfect answer I wish I could look into the crystal ball and say it's going to be this year going to be this month. I'm I don't I've been with organizations where it took us a little bit more started to get back in the playoffs that I've been with the organization we're able to do pretty quickly that I will say. Com that I've been very pleased with the progress that we've made. As an organization over the last year we've Aaron a lot of young talent on a young talent has surprised even if we had a no other year like that. Over the next twelve months. We'll be in position to compete. Oh. Would do what you and was very surprised and for you the way the way they came along because you would if you look at their arm they all did a good thing. I think it's used in. What we did in Houston was we did not set a particular year that we had to compete we just tried to accumulate as Mexican players as possible. And and so I think back corps armour probably a little bit faster. Into it really dominant team dynamic team all of a faster than a lot of people thought probably including of people with in the office. I'm and certainly if we can do that year and have this call last a little bit faster than than maybe people think that would be great and if you. You look at the different publications and web site that ranked farm systems and you guys David went from in some people's as the worst aren't system in the league to. And some people's eyes the best farm system and I think the worst ranking I've seen was number five in the league in terms of farm system you guys pay any attention to that or do you trust your evaluation of your system is to go along. Re generally trust. Our own evaluation of our system on its its it is dom you know we think those those external live are generally. Com direction only correct. I'll frankly I don't know whether we have the best in the league or the fifth of Italy but I know it's pretty go to and I know it's improving and that's what matters to me and and calm what really matters is that these players continue to get better. Top prospects are just that until there in the major leagues and contributing to win so there's a huge debt that needs to be taken between happening. One of the top teams in baseball having one of the top teams in baseball and ultimately only care about having won the top Major League teams in baseball. Last time was on the way to being competitive you had those top flight prospects that were generating buzz in Milwaukee before they ever got Milwaukee Prince Fielder and Ron Corey Hart Rickie Weeks it or guys do you think you have those guys in your system right now. I that we have a very. I'm not aren't there any one. Ryan fraud or Prince Fielder. Harder you re record are incredible. Player grouping came up. Now. But I did we have out that there work our. Oh really fired him Milwaukee. Under after a year. Are better including Craig. And guys like on a plane to what to be like he when we. -- yet. And now the first army and W right before you got the job out like as guys what they do when they're not working trying to get it trying to feel for what type of person that they are. You told us that when you're not working. In sport your reading about sports have you gotten any hobbies besides sports since we had they covered it David. Well I'm married now saw the saw saw a saw out when I'm not when I'm not. Working in the office are not watching baseball generally at this point and time with my wife and I addressed me about our way from or pop balls up there's occasional HTTP and and that. And everything else that that that were all subjected to by our significant others but. Tom yeah it is as you guys now when you have the bug or always on your mind and problem. I think it Spurs Jim David Kearns or guest here on the Wendy's big showed 12017. Bruce spring training and David we greatly appreciate it thanks for a few minutes. Plus it's got old games from earlier in the week on the Wendy's big show as Gary Ellis Enron a backlog broadcast of the Wendy's big chill out there. All this week from Mary they'll baseball park a lot of great interviews he missed any of that. When 1057 at Amma the plan dot count for fan kinda mad rush to buy John Paul's GMC and I can see all the interviews and hear all the interviews. From other beat them the big show or from the interviews at the franchise Tim Allen did. Well all week long everybody doing a great job out there are lots of videos on the FaceBook page lots of pictures. The fan FaceBook page to if you miss the interview that the franchise Tim Allen did earlier this week with Brewers outfielder Ryan brought well. Stayed till we have that coming your way next after the sport's last a Sports Radio while I seven FM the fan. Welcome back to spring training live brought you by Matt Capps market in wallets Ellis and of course the Hilton garden in our place. Both places highly highly suggested. From the boys here at spring training Watson and Alan Davie Tosh myself Steve Sparky Phifer. Guy gets you Ryan brought he had a chance sit down with his. Man Tim Allen 'cause that really is his man to do their yearly one on one interview in spring training and he had a chance to do it. Not earlier this week and if you miss the comments by Ryan brawn we talked about a on Friday on the Wendy's big show him talking about his ideal. First at bat in spring training. I'm paraphrasing he goes on talk about you know a line drive to center field may be a double play ball pretty much saying oh just just get an out that's fine. I'm then went on to say that you know Bel came by an hour. And that he's serious and I yelled lost my mind. On the big show on Friday. We're time Buddy Guy making millions of dollars and acting like well they don't pay by the hour so I wanna you know. Go play golf for something instead of penal playing baseball and trying to get better wrap my sport. Drove me. Absolutely crazy when I saw that quote. When he addressed the media but as borrowing could mention I chucked a regular Friday morning hired martz say. I'll take it any day of the week it's batter then the same old rhetoric out of Ryan bronze not that sounds like a PR machine. Yeah she stepped out of the box and said something different and they rubbed others the wrong way. So at least give him credit for that so I guess that's another way to look at having settled that let's now Jack did with Tim Allen what I bought. We Brewers outfielder Ryan brought here a spring training live on a fan. Ryan brawn Brewers left fielder of the years or stack enough for you and amen. Yeah they really are now the only backed down on not not too many guys that have been around here as long as you and I so don't know there's like inside jokes and you and I are the only ones that are on the inside out here. They know that which is the cardinal rule of radio don't do that and it feels. I certainly going to be a good place I. Feel like two and a half weeks ago I down and physically in a really good place of seeing the ball pretty well. You know my legs felt pretty good at silicon running well. On the days he always is is health and overall I'm not in the US yes being and health has monitor yours your. Days that's your play on 3540. Last year when he has who is out lets get back over them and fifty range you know Astros coming off surgery first ever. Real surgery I had not a full off. Season this year to do all things I wanted to do. It's ultimately helped prepare my body for the season I think plane and went 62 is unrealistic. But ultimately like to get back over that 150 games played range. I do think it's still beneficial to that mix and an occasional day off because ultimately I think. With everybody on your roster you want to get the most out of their ability and sometimes. Guys try to play a 162 games here you know breaking down more than you are belting out it's you go through the season yeah those those are scheduled days off drive me crazy because it can be. Series tied at a game apiece big series against Saint Louis. And I look at the line of and yours it's just drives me correct thing I think sometimes if you look at like the way they do it in basketball or a speculative. The Warriors the Cavaliers of the good teams they sit guys no matter what doesn't matter who they're playing against ultimately you want to get the most out of your players throughout the course of the season. In the schedules it's it's tough it's challenging you know it's a 162 games in a 180 days. A lot of our off days are actually travel days are changing time zones Jones with rain delays on the road that are unfortunately. But the schedules really grind so I think sometimes you try to have guys play every day ultimately they're going to get hurt. And I think one of the biggest keys to success as a team is avoiding the bigger injuries with your better players we don't see you all the time but you're you're mentoring some of the younger guys what was that some in the organization asked that you were just something you did. Well something I've always done and something I've enjoyed I think there's just more guys. That I have the ability to help at this point there's so many young guys here and looked around the room and there's a lot of guys have minimal experience so I think sometimes they come to me sometimes I go to them on but ultimately there's a lot to learn about adjusting. You know as you make the transition from the minor leagues in the major leagues and then. Fair at a routine once he gets the major leagues that puts you in optimal position to be successful so that's the biggest things is hoping guys are at a routine whether it's. On you know what they're stretching and work outs or with their batting practice routine of the way to take ground balls are fly balls just emphasizing the importance of having a Retief I think it's. Always one of the keys to success for for everybody lastly it's alive how close we come to lose and in Milwaukee. Tom probably two minutes away. Think the deadline was to and its partners decent chance relative I would of anonymous so. It wasn't until the end. I'm happy to be back so we'll see what happens I don't now at 10105. Guy come up here in and made. With the mother of all contracts are on the roll situations for a while player. As a player it's something special that you learn I mean it's harder than ever I think he had ten years in this game you look around the games against so young so it's become more and more challenging to get to that point so certainly got to do. On something right you have some success on the field Miller's stick around for that long. I'm so definitely something not to look forward to in and out when I'm fortunate enough to get there's of the new products final thing I promise. What what would constitute a successful year here for you and that's it. Arm for the team I think this is the continued growth and evolution of our young guys I think some of it is. You know guys like key and Jonathan VR. Hopefully junior Garros acting he's repeating what they did last year and the biggest challenges is doing it a second time around. On the Lee makes adjustments at airports are so detailed such a challenge and they. So I think for those guys repeating what they did and then I think. For somebody young guys continue to take the next step forward I think our Orlando Garcia can continue to get better. You know out of liked what I've seen out of a lot of our young guys you know Josh -- quite an opportunity at some point and I still really believe it or Lopez. It's you know there's there's huge upsides goes yeah I mean in the she just says so it would Jimmie and Willie crawl sizable holes does have great arms and great stuff so. Certainly there's opportunity there and then depending on what happens with you know those Frandsen and Ryan or Brett fellow officers there's a lot of guys who at some point we'll probably get an opportunity. On and it'll be very telling to us to see how they just the major leagues to figure out when we're going to be competitive no shock the world statement on. I mean it's possible. Yes certainly not impossible I think almost everything I have to go right one. Yeah I mean it's it's definitely not impossible it's for sure and one of the one of the biggest things we have going for us is that there's so much competition. And I really think that our roster from 46 to forty is a lot better than it's been in years past. And you know you're gonna use all of those guys throughout the course of the season so we do have guys get hurt or guys that aren't performing the guys come up I think are going to be better players we've had in years past now. It's possible yeah awesome Ryan here's ten more thank you appreciate it. Yelled one on one with Tim Allen member outfielder Ryan brawn it it is scary to think. How long both of those guys that I had been doing what they've been doing Tim Allen a star set post game show what is it out twelve years ago here. Understand and neither he nor I thought it would last this long but thankfully it hasn't have a blast doing it with Tim Allen a baby to wash. Not throughout the season and Ryan brought I think we all thought Ryan brought. Was going to be here. This long especially after he signed his extension and now all the trade rumor talk last year at the all star break trade rumor talk in the off season. They some people including myself are surprised he's still on this brewers' roster. Eyes we get ready for opening day April 3 at Miller Park will he be on the roster after the all star break this year. I guess that will be a question that will be asking all season long and if brawn puts up a big first half. I think there might be a chance he might not be so brewer fans take a badge of it in your big rhyme brought fans get outs Miller Park see your favor player play. Ike is you never know when he may be on his way to another city. Honest competing for a championship while the Brewers. Continue to be in their rebuild mode coming up next to be missed the interview with the Brewers starting pitcher Jimmy Nelson and Tim Allen. Will do that as we come back and wrap up spring training live 2070 brought you by Matt Capps market. Wallet Sosa and of course they helping guarded him park place. Here passports ready a one off I seven FM the fan. I had spring training. I've presented to you by Matt Capps market it's no sign of course the Hilton garden and T park place. Cease fire department review game you're just tuning in and no one. Tim Allen is maybe Josh can't go running catch played selloff. That'd jet early but have no fair. I am here and don't want to get 201 more interview before we wrap up but this edition of spring training live. I that of course an interview that Tim Allen I did earlier this week with the Brewers starting pitcher Jimmy Nelson. I talk with Adam McKelvey earlier this week on the Wendy's big show on Friday. In the cal seems to think that did Jimmy Nelson Willy Peralta. Davies and where all I in the starting rotation by his calculations and and the rest of the laughed about for the fifth spot. I just don't know all I really don't Jimmy Nelson. Hasn't pitched the best I guess you would say necessarily during spring training. I you would think he'd get the bad for the doubt and be in this rotation. I'd be does make the rotation I just wonder how short the leash will be idea's this is a make or break year. I in my opinion at least for Jenny Nelson and with that here is the franchise Tim Allen talking would Brewers pitcher Jimmy Nelson earlier this week. Are things feeling good everything's healthy again carry out. Couple things off season. That's been looking good so far been paying off a little bit. The comfortable and physically and analysts are excited. There's no question your work ethic and and work habits that I mean that's the one common theme I've I've heard the last few years were to get that from. Jesus. I guess you know kind of house race in them Basel is Tom from my family it's. To work for everything in and nothing's given to him. You have to earn everything themselves. It was gonna have that mindset of you know for me on the Asian and and in me notes and I got to college you know kind of amplify that we view ourselves down and I'm. I got there in that kind of amplified some of the same. The same views and I'm just not match have all of you felt this spring in terms here and your results here. I felt good and it's. You know here in the first your focus on this is. You know first couple weeks or whatever you're working on certain things. It's you know so worried about the results when you're working on his stuff. It is always nice see results in when you are working on stuff you know it's nice to see. Things work in the way that you wanted him. So yeah I mean I'm gonna slam and this is ready to get out there and it's Lawrence. I want to ask you. I mean you're that you're workhorse on the mound back home those foot of snow. Who's hot in here it's ninety's and he got to be on the ball there you might work in up the ladder out there. I mean. Whether I'm here in Milwaukee where it's at for this now properly analyze other at their place in the news conference that he can and so yeah. Facility dance. But yeah it's pretty impressive. I mean yeah I. Throw anywhere besides Monica. It. I thought through Craig Counsell on a couple of times in the last few weeks and I he had said competition breeds. A good thing and terrorists there's some competition here and is that it's not a a set lineup here. He made Metzner UN will. Being right Freddie important year for you guys to take that next up you you started out last year against them. To set on fire I mean so is it do you consider this a big year for yourself. I mean I consider him. I consider honestly every year big year and and one. Yeah others but there are certain times when it clicks in 2000 struggle no matter what it is for any player. Where you take it to the next Lowe's whenever he's healthy things out to consistently do that then I think every game every starter. You know whatever so it's not like something goes. Something that you kind of out. Figured out and I collection and then and you maintain that all weird question earlier. And I feel like there's a couple things have kind of along in the place here I mean mechanically and mentally in the spring training and I feel really good about it and able to repeat it every time I've been out there and. And it will keep the same answer every question and excited about that Jimmy in the than the metal. Part of this game make it consume yup Spitzer down man that's it's ruined a lot of great careers. Gotta have a good head. Yeah I mean look there's I don't think there's any other sport out there where they can fail seven out of ten times via hall of Famer you know. I mean there is 300 phils have not been times. If you put good swings on it. Succeeding got history of it ten times for the sport. You can't. Ask like shoot 30% on fame and it's. They can have him. 30%. Yeah 030. Win percentage in football of bugs in a Kramer and now three for tennis in order mess and it's definitely a sport that passionately. And just went at season's Duke. What's his physical that's awesome that. But as a competitor man here you have a tough outing you're right everyone I don't care who we are. God would be on the mound he's gonna have a tough outing Asomugha it's us as a as a competitor I mean a natural instinct that is. There you go there and it. Check in and they'll try harder just let just let yourself play like you know how to relax a little bit. Performance when he relaxed. No I think. From our into the history of it is happening in the next you know trying to make up for it and more. So the net and think it's noble is when he just a track. I would go I would go crazy and they're hard locker room several times and it's it's been and four. That's not necessarily by me and I as a synonym for an absolutely Jimmie could look man that's a big year for his every year is a big year -- love and appreciate. Areas burst pitcher Jimmy Nelson on talking with the franchise Tim Allen you're listening to spring training a lot here on Sports Radio all phi seven. At and the fancy Sparky Phifer with you and I great job done this weekend about a franchise Tim Allen and Billy Schmidt dubbed baby Tosh is we column. All this week any time of Brewers interviews not to out the week as did the big show in Gary hours and running back lot. They also did a great job this week out there make sure to go to 1057 after and the fan got counts fan I'm demand. Roger by John Paul's Buick GMC and check out all the differ Brewers sound up from all week long. I more than likely your finger player was interviewed at some point this week by either the franchise Tim Allen. Or by Gary dollars and and running back love game just a great job done also lets take this time to thank our sponsors all four. Of the week met cast market in tow said you've never been. 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And baby Tosh always caught for doing a great job you're listening to sports Radio One a 57 after and the fans enjoy your Sunday.