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Woelfel: I like [Thon's] attitude...guys that have good attitudes usually succeed

Mar 19, 2017|

03/18/17: Insider Gery Woelfel joins the Milwaukee Bucks Pick 'n Save Post Game Show

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Joining us now on the behaved it was bang a hotline he is Gary will overwhelm the Racine journal times good morning Jerry. Well that is where we are sounding so that what's weird sounding good morning. Yeah yeah well it's almost one of them and know what it's still we're cool sounds weird I understand. The Bucs. Well they lost. And I'm not really I'm not set a monetary thing all of the sore guessing honest had an off night tonight obviously. They got hammered in the second quarter staff curry found as outside job for the first time in forever. Golden State in general was on tonight shooting 60% from the field not much you can do gold say plays like that. Now I mean they're they're clearly one of the top three teams it and bail out will open presented but he does. In disputes. You know the Bucs would have played scraper that you'd stay close. You know yeah Alex obviously didn't have anything remotely close to occur to anybody when your best player you know struggles unions and they'll surprise. The topic that we did tonight. On the post game show was what are your expectations for spot and a 2018 season. On the first year in the arena I said like fourteen in 614 in seven. Aram and now and ward do you think his ceiling is wants his career starts to level out and I I said I think he could be a perennial all star player. Eyes a stretch five for the box what say you to both those questions. Oreo all star who stretched are we had a guy call in earlier and said he thought he could be like Tim Duncan. But I'm sure. Yeah a man I don't know man it's a listener and lets not go to followed by go to deep into this all right I'm just telling you want collar sat out of the weather there as I said did you pretty much saying is all of our. I'm more of more than all of whenever I mean he's he's. Are we won the cup looking putters cover her. You know I know actual that it happened through because I think that told a huge they had. But. He's one of the greatest guys to me in any walk away with it and cycle because what. You know what it's going to be a preview themselves and are barely watch their to me is the difference between. Yeah obviously a lot of young players and you know that's what I don't want. It and that is what they took sacrifice some. It and one of the things that the Huntsman hopes to put on Woody. I think a bit told news you know for play that we go but I had a conversation. With him a quotas which situation. And he is very reluctant to put weight it is also his quickness speed. Me and you know if he's got that approach. You know who not gonna happen. Are again easy just ask the believed in what they're telling them and if if the goal is to 35 to forty he's not gonna lose anything he's just not but he has to have as I told won a caller earlier yes have another jump in the trunk. On to be able to that solidify himself defending the post an anchor himself in the post. Not to go to work down there and right now he just not big enough physically I don't think from the waist down. There aren't that and you know if you can play with the big boys at 215 or to know when you're out of you gotta be you know substantially every year and again that I've talked to people. Know Don and you don't want to be that kind of play you want Corey now he's not a three solely better understand that quickly. But I mean you know you take some team very seriously and ball handling was passing. In doubt that you want the locked in at. Five you lute -- scratched our. That's that's that's too bad I he's got he's got a team with with essentially three threes already and Middleton yachts and Jabari. We can't hack will win there's just no room at the end for the of the small for position for him he's gap to go play the five. I know you're just gonna have to sell him on the fact of what you were trying to when championship here and and the best interest of winning a championship you need to go play the opposition. Yeah curious I think he's going to be four personally these would be stretched or tunnel occur networks. In the you know talking in general have coach Larry art complex strong. Then he's gonna have to find some minutes you know at the sooners position to score is gonna double what most look. I'd I'd just I don't think Gary he ever loses the starting center job now on fourth I don't. Me to play him now as a token start because he brings energy to the court and I get that. But you figure if Boudreau comes back next year. Henson's back it's o's can receive three senators he's gonna start again to start the season he just this a new I've added weight aren't. And then going into 2008 team and Rose got Hanson's non. But divide now that bite up like now you're two years as a starter at the five he obviously stays at the five adapt want to get now to Bahrain is healthy Yana sold forty and Milton. And whoever your point guard as artist. I'm sorry some of Eric hotel thought the five hot I don't see any way he doesn't Sar at the far. Yeah I know we're coming from but now a lot of the Internet to it. With yet Derrick things change over NATO we will now now you're at the end there you have it projected three years down the road it's. Extremely difficult but yeah I mean he's going to be forward could be five I think it's pretty apparent to everybody. That's going to be and to explode. What I what I do know is late Tuesday attitude. And comes to work every day. In you know guys that they're good at Kinsler did what you are actually usually actually. Do you think this was brought up earlier to do you think Todd. Pass a post moves right now and they're just he's just not using it in the game at this point is he's not big enough. Now he's that strong enough to get down low post I mean I would say like of the thirty Sanders yet sorted shouldn't you be today. What what 22 of home are really really physically strong armed. In he's nowhere close to votes were talking about. So what you can have almost you want but when it when you play against men. It's pretty tough. It is Gary Wolff for the Racine journal times catcher Matt Wolff pulls press box that got thanks so much for coming out a friend. 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