Bucks back under .500

Mar 19, 2017|

03/18/17: MIL 92, GS 117 - The Milwaukee Bucks Pick 'n Save Post Game Show

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Steve is so. Here for the players Jones was great tonight. We need that for the whole season but you know you. Off the charts the hey. We got to start off for Darren we got to play hard and Eagles fan. This is the Milwaukee. Can't show memo from the Mike to nose twice any. Based studios Peter Steve Sparky flight Furyk won 1057. And March Madness. Well not mean you. I really didn't think they're gonna win that game around Roger you thought they were gonna win net game. With a nice early start and and now the second quarter they self destructed and it was over after that the Bucs lose tonight. What seventeen to 92 had to the Golden State Warriors back under 500 all the bucks. One game under 500. Now at this point for the box and now they get ready I get a couple days off. And they get deal Portland trailblazers who implying well as of late and now and after that it's Wednesday night. Against the Sacramento Kings and Portland Tuesday Sacramento Wednesday in this road trip finally is over thank god. I'll bought tonight's. Yeah yes dame play well. Four of fourteen from the floor. Nine points. And 31 minutes Malcolm Rogge was okay eighteen points four boards three assists so that was. That was all fine and dandy. Middle today employ a ton of minutes either he was okay. I guess for the most part. But for me to night. Odd there's a couple of different topics. I wanna do I don't know we'll get all of them but the first one I wanna do denied is talking about time. Because Don in need first quarter of this game was really good use really really good. There was a blocking a shot whether it was changing guys' shots whether it was going up and rebounding the basketball whether it was. Making a couple baskets. He's played well. And because he played well he got to come back in a game in the second quarter. And you is in there amongst the self destruction of the box. But he got to play. Now. He's been working with Kevin Garnett. The other mid follow along when they were out in LA. They had Kevin Garnett and former NBA point guard Baron Davis also. Working out with them and practicing with them. So that is a nice little bonus pop you get from having Jason Kidd as your head coat. I'm just wondering. What are your expectations. Of what sign will be. In two years when this arena opens. Two years 2018. To 2018 season. What are your expectations of what. You think you're going to get out of time. That's the first question the second question is. Would think it's done singling. I'm getting NBA compares and you can give me a stat line. In you do whatever you like first two are you expecting from him in the next two seasons going into 2018 season where do you think you'll be that year. And then the other one is there a ceiling do you think he'll wind up playing out at. Not we played this game many times would be honest. And I failed miserably playing this game with the Aniston might ceiling back then probably years ago. Was Andre Kirilenko nothing flick around butlers of the exact same player as I did. So I don't look as dumb. And 2000 NBA player playing with yeah Odyssey said Andrei Kirilenko. So I don't feel as bad but it's a fun game apply and coming up of not having a nice night to night. I've got to be a fun game odd to play tonight now we're gonna go from one extreme to the other with our our other topic and we get to it tonight. And that's a ball and that back into involves Kevin Garnett under Mike Green and will get to that maybe we have time. But Golden State beats the bucks tonight won seventeen to 92. Let's go inside the box score here in a give you details. Out of tonight's game at let's go inside the box score and brought you by ABC audio video and all entertainment. Commercial audio video simply done right and ABC audio video dot com. This is the Milwaukee Bucks pick it saves post game show. Bucs lose and I won seventeen to two and 92. Two and a Golden State Warriors and the one bay needs you realize. You've Legos they're Warriors team that's stealing it you can't miss money shots he can't mess no flutters around the rim you can't miss lay ups Bucs and apply any of that tonight. You can't and I made dumb passes or create turnovers may really indeed that they only had eleven turnovers on the night. And you've got to shoot the ball at a pretty good clip to keep up with them and they shot 40% 927. From a three point range. As is not going to be good enough at the end today plus they had killed by the board sites or go outside the box Don. Thirteen minutes of play three of five from the floor 02 from three point range three or four from the free throw line nine points. Five boards one assist one steal one block shot. Awe and just thirteen minutes of play. 31 minutes for yacht has four of fourteen from the 401. From 31 and two from the free throw line nine points three boards three assists. Two steals three blocks and two turnovers. Torre's now he continues to play well offensively 28 minutes out of eight from a four to a four from three point range zero of one from the free throw line. Twelve points three boards two assists and one turnover. Malcolm Brock in 41 minutes six of thirteen from the floor to of six from three point range for four from the line. Eighteen points four boards three assists one steal one block. I'm no turnovers for Brockton 41 net that's pretty impressive. Chris Middleton 29 minutes for bait from the floor to a two from three point land one of one from the free throw line eleven points five assists a couple of rebounds. And three turnovers. Mears that's a lot of it judge why do minutes for eight from the floor 02 from three point range two of two from the free throw line. Ten points three rebounds. I'm one steal for Mears up. 26 minutes was dealt a W got booed every time he touched the ball and cheered every time he turned it over. Two of seven from a 41 of three from three point range five points three assists. And two turnovers in 26 minutes seventy minutes or Greg Munro tonight. Six DR six of thirteen I should say from the floor twelve point seven boards to assist one steal. And a couple of turnovers for Munro. Rashad ba in twelve minutes of play to a five from the four to a four from three point range six points four rebounds two blocks shots. And they turn over nice attorney in their performance by Vaughn I gained it was pretty much over adapt one but still. I'll we'll take it from or Jacque Vaughn to mr. John and send I was not effective at all zero of two from the floor gobble boards one steal. Forehands and in fact there in the first half they pulled ads about the put time back in. Pension was just done it didn't look all that great tonight at all when he did play Spencer odds are she got in the game that's in junk time 60003. From the floor zero of one from three point range. One rebound on the night. Jason Terry five minutes zero of three from the field 02 from three point range in one board and one steal the bucks shoot forty point 4%. From the field goal is state shot 60%. You shoot 60%. Reveal they're going to be a lot of teams in the NBA probably you know win nine of every ten maybe more than that 223 from the three point land four Golden State. And justify curry who'd been struggling from three point range it's six of eight threes and tonight looks like my god she can solve. Not a 27 from three for the Bucs won a fourteen at the line for the box fifteen and nineteen for Golden State rebounding 44 to 35. Golden State advantage their turnovers lament for the bucks twelve. For Golden State again. 1171092. The final 28 on the night for staff Corey to go on a four boards four assists a steal and a blocked 21 for Klay Thompson. I didn't do anything else really in the stat line category in and fifteen off the bench. For aided Al only three guys to reach double figures for Golden State tonight and they put up a 117. Points. Against the Milwaukee Bucks Doug gold say words outscored the bucks in the second quarter 36 to fifteen. Ninety night Milwaukee Bucks there too and the first half are asking you. Not maker or my two year everyone pronounce his name. What are your expectations for thought maker going into the 2018 tees and as far as what you expect Freeney Duke and what's his ceiling. What is his ceiling. Before everything is said in done 414799125414. 7991250. Because obviously they compare since have been Kevin Garnett. To not make. And you hear. Person after person talk about the fact that low when those two guys are stand next the other. Side by side together me and as similar body structures obviously he's got to add some weight does. But that's that's would you look and have happen he's eating a coin. He's lifting a time lifting I think twice today 7000 calories a day I wanna say he's consuming. So they're doing everything in their power to try to add weight I'm tool that's a lot Anthony just about fell Odyssey when I told him how much he was eating. Yeah they did you hear the interview that I do as far as books weekly. No. They will sit him down. And tell him he has to eat for an hour straight. For power. You sit down knew just keep feeding for the next hour. So we'll sit down and talk to whoever in his leg frankly I like you know like Jack that you didn't you'd hate your job right now boy you'd hate it. 7000 gallery today that as a lot at cal yeah flag and you've got protein shakes everything else kind of make up some of calories but. He still eating a lot of food a lot of putting and you yeah but you're also yeah I think too he's working out. Probably once in the morning and he's working out again at night. Arm and that all the running suffered Indians or he's doing I wanna say he's doing double practices following times a week he's doing it. But I know earlier in the season he was doing don't practices are we practiced with the team then and come back in night and he knew another practice of the coaching staff. So not only is he put all that food in his system. But then he's also burning off a bunch of energy a bunch of calories doing those double work outs due today. I'm anxious to see what he looks like in two years physically. Mean you've seen transformation from yes when he looked like in year one physically to what he looks like now. It's night and day difference anybody could tell the difference Anthony Wright Aaliyah. I mean it's a huge difference so that's would you want signed to do you want fun to transform like Jon Husted. Over the course of three or four years the same drive away put on that time a size and continue to improve himself. Not the same way as down as did Christopher tweets are Ab the fan in response of the questions what are your expectations for thought in 2018. And what is his ceilings as my expectations of poverty does an eighteen is starting caliber player. If not he will be a bust. And in. Yeah I had. I think in 2018. He probably will be starting for the Milwaukee Bucks to. I am there on that. Born start talking about what his line will be because if we take a step backing OK in 2018 we go into the new arena. Writes a means all of next season he gets. Did you do increase his minutes are right now he's playing like ten minutes a night maybe somewhere like that. So next year. They can get him up to talk what minutes a night and double those numbers. Mean there's a chance he could averaged you know 1012 points a night 56 rebounds a night. I'm that would be that next step going for that's not crazy lofty expectations. I think that's something that he might possibly be able to pull off. Next year as he gets our summer of weight lifting and eating all that other stuff and up. It's not going to 2000 in eighteen. He's a Munro ops in. Which I'm assuming he's going to but we're also gonna get a bulk of the minutes on and found his split time with him juniors are gonna have Henson back for another year most you can move him. Now go into the following year Henson's Don Monroe's Don. And now here's help Spencer Hawes if he ops back in after this year he's definitely done so he will be back. Now it is time I think 2018 I think. While he may be a token starter now for the bucks I'm and he may be again going in in next season and I think he will be a legitimate. Starting center. In that thirty year in the NBA and I think he takes that big jump. A lot in year three. Nice our time our expectations for thought I don't melt. I think it's not in years three and a 2018. Season before everything is said and done I think you could ever fourteen or fifteen points night in seven rebounds. I think that that's where Mike Reiss my expectation level is free like fourteen in seven something like that. Now before he takes another big step near may be going in the year for. My save the bark to Lowell Anthony fourteen and seven. No it seems reasonable. You don't think it's too low okay why have been an oddity to not too lofty no no I think it's. For a first round pick for a lottery pick term. Given them much time progress getting this much special attention. Yet you've got the KG dagger to the help you -- continue to work with Kevin Garnett out assume. A goal and four I settle for it I don't Wear me. I won here with Kevin Garnett this summer. Good couple weeks you know a lot of go war with Kevin Garnett wherever coming are now wants or Darnell wants to work out in Hawaii in paid. To get gas is little but or Gaskin maze make him a hundred million dollars. Did get his butt to Hawaii to go or -- KG were concerned about. The whole Kevin Garnett and now the other not Dana was sold out there as far as yeah as well and I need yet to work on anybody but Bucs coaches citizen recently totally different for him. But the other thing that was thrown out there earlier in the season was Dirk Nowitzki shooting coach he's been around forever new date a dinosaur. Wanted to work we got us a summer mean. I realize honest trusts only the Bucs coaching staff and as a lot of work out anybody else. But gosh darn it if he and that dude wants the word out UN get your job there is no just go do it not enough and anybody I don't think I don't. Out naming kids coach he's ever be offended anyone who worked out. Whipping off a guide and may Dirk Nowitzki a whole bunch of money mean one of best years of all time. Mean that that that has to be something I you got to consider our let's get to a sports last year when. Any Mandela will come back on the other side takes your calls and twitch what are your expectations for thought. The 2018 season and a new arena the first year of the new arena what are your expectations there were you see is ceiling being. His ceiling in your mind Kevin Garnett light. We'll talk about back and I've until drew my ceiling is for immunity either 4147991250. 4147991250. To witness a wanna phi seven FM the fan. Yeah oh yeah. This is the Milwaukee Bucks big saves post game show let's get tonight's Dave and busters who shot of the buster's while Sosa the only place to eat drink and play and watch sports this is the only station. Plus come up on the loose. Losing every night to the Golden State Warriors won seventeen in two and nine. Three guys in double figures for gold say only three day at a 117 points 28 for staff Corey and six of eight from three point Jews and he broke on his on. In only thirty minutes of action 21 for Klay Thompson fifteen up the bench for you dollar. The golds at the box tonight led by a team I'm now come bribed and not on the night they had five players in double figures in the box one of them was not yeah honest but. He did have shot of the game courtesy of fox sports Wisconsin takes. Mix it up answered. As an IRL would say that's awfully. That is a facial areas Gus Johnson Marcus Johnson. I'm the call on fox sports Wisconsin must figure out to restaurants are in enough against said earlier fizzled in the second quarter. Let's see here Jared between dad the fan more than ten minutes a game this is expectation for Don and 2018 hopefully. I sealing a really good. Okay that's that that's great but that's not exactly what I mental I'm looking for here is give me I should have I should have. Specify lessons seem linked. Give me either a stat line that represents a ceiling give me a comparison that represents the ceiling something along those lines. Not as well Morton for. Let's see here Dillon odd tweet as a fan this guy is the limit for its not. Hash tag all in the future. I think when you talk about. Die maker. And how this all is going to lineup for Don maker. And in what that that ceiling is for him. For me I think it is a perennial all star. On is what I see if it's on maker eventually. You know we talk about big threes. And it's obvious he's one of them we had Gary waffle on the other night and I he even said that if it was him. In this draft he looked to try to find the best score in the draft. Because there's no guarantees of what Jabari Parker will be when he comes back and you're going to have to need to score in case that doesn't work out well for him. Weber scores a basketball the best that's who he's take. And I I hear that velocity and I told league can understand that because worst case scenario you do did you Bard back he does play a high level. On and I use have another added weapon. But that the other bench would ever let him hopeful that specify doubt you think you want to position us forward center guard doesn't matter. Whoever the best score state so. From this perspective of dot maker when you start looking at him. He already has a decent outside game with a shot. The one area where he's got to continue to work on is his post game. And part of what goes with a good post game is being physically able to stay underground right that Asta happen. So he may have post moves that we just had not seen yet but clearly cannot execute any game because he's just not big enough to execute and it. Bed very well could be part of the deal I. Matt Millen is for sure but I'm guessing. The other thing that goes along with fine. Is his ability to face you up and goal by you for a basket. Yeah it's gonna be huge for him when you're you're talking about a guy his size subtle color. That's you're able to put the ball on the floor and go. And once he is knew that guy that's out there young point point five minutes a night and dodges a specialty type player. But he's out there and he hits a couple threes and now that opposing big. Pass to come running at him on that furry I can put the ball on the rim and a dump the main thing mean that I think that's how this is gonna play out belong sport. For sure. The other day LA about in the past basketball. Very good passer so I like that about time as well let his ability to pass the basketball. The others staying dilate about the Don. Don maker is I think he's gonna be a nice shot blocker earnestly I do I think. Blocking shots is a lot about timing right timing and angles has a lot to do with a blocking shots you have it or you don't have I think. Don can you can be that guy can get you a block to two blocks a game inside. On the inside at the center position. Rebounding I guess is an area of concern for me as far as can he be a high level rebounder you know you can say whatever you want about. Larry Sanders and I know yet is fan base when he was here for his one good year that he had. And he was a monster that you don't get me wrong but even when he was at that level he was never. No consistently get double double rebound guy unnecessarily. Yet is games. But he was at that level and I don't know final being double lot Al Horford is not that level it is not el Al Horford. I've been using a long time has never been a great rebound and get his 78 rebounds a game or whatever. A but he's not that double double machine and Zach Randolph was a majority of his where were seemingly every night he was eighteen in twelve. Every night just a beast on the boards. So I don't know of dot like CB a beast on the boards necessarily but you'll if you score the basketball. Face you'll bungled by you. Stroke the three point shot block shots. He's going to be tough to handle because you put him with a guy like yeah honest. If Milton remains a guy that can hit the three point shot and named Jabari whatever you add this year in the draft. Here in two or three years. And tell you I think that ceiling could be up perennial type all star player when he. Pans out you once he gets in the prime of his career and you could start seeing him in all star game after all star game along with. Youngest an aged he's gonna be at that five position but the wave of the all star ballot is now is it's not separated us and our four guard. Dallas front court and back court. So he doesn't get the the benefit of the doubt of getting in and as the center position now maybe they could change that the next three to five years two Eagles look to NCR I got some people calling in now 414. Seven I Nigel to do where expectations for thought in the first season in the new arena to itemize and Agassi played really really well. In the early going in the first quarter and I wanted to featured a little bit tonight and the second one is what do you think it's his ceiling so a player comparison. Stat line that you think eventually you'll be what. You know might be his stat line for a few years going once he's in his prime something. Alarm bells went 4147991250. Anthony where we go on next. Big cheese and west puts up big Jays. They would have the math you do good good man a part of long man and we thank you for the follow all faithful should know probably appreciate that. And it outcome maker. He's not going to be able to gain by people want to regain. 260 pound. You don't have that type of body. Then manage from the whoo man. Just like new bowl they loan. You know remain right got them all muscle. In on me that they aged home. There look at Kevin Garnett Kevin Garnett was a string being when he came on a high school and he did that he's not you know Charles Barkley like do you muscles popping out all over on. But he added weight gotten. He's got a Sunday. Right you know it is it not that bulky muscle right around a little bit about it and that's what we used to bowl muscle but. That's what you want I think I mean you may not agree me but that's what I want. Fun to look like a lot of thought to be like KG they said they once thought to be 235 or 240 bats or they want him. To top out at weight wise out of the united recruit wanna track he's made to fit. He's at 215 right now they say. Just little little. If it is. Brought up muscle you know what you yarder. You know what I mean well when you when you get older you get a little bit here. You know what he needs he needs junket a straw that's what he needs and I does look you gotta put some weight on his lore body so he get a hat anchor his position. When he's defending the post that's where he needs the muscle. What do you guys what they don't do that man. They're not yeah they don't trust the poles you've got his man I'm here kind of we've Warner. That's because they don't think I don't think they think he's physically big enough to go down there. Okay you don't have to be listen if you got home not have moved. To put him in the polls I have never seen them go to him and the polls don't. You wanna post about all our passing and three pointer. You know you'd you'd never crossing and it will be like. I think they I mean I could be wrong about the spot and they've got a good idea I mean you're breaking Kevin Garnett Guillen. Not having a more time pulls moves ourselves sort. Might reduce the amount. Everything you know because I don't know that we'll have Willie held Gary Wolfe slot later and I'll bring this up to Gary see what he says about it a bit I will know probably T Sam had a good night would take care. You betcha it. I think he does have post moves I do. But I think part of the reason why they don't ask him to do anything with the right now is they don't think he's physically ready for that. I could be dead wrong maybe he has zero polls moves and there are so try to figure out how to teach a lot of play in the post. Many. It may mean remember Jennifer has been this Leo longtime right. Hampton has a hook shot this way or the right and ultra this little ill. That was a post moves and he's learned in his career Milwaukee to hook shots right there whatever the reason they like teaching that baby hook shot. Foster does and as Bucs coaching Sam likes. So I'm sure I'll be part of what I'm learning here going forward but sort with KG's or some other stuff too. So it'll be an arrest and Asik kind of believe those captain post moves Haston. Just to. Worry gone next Anthony. And of ram on the north side the programme I don't I am. You know all of a hey Al what began. I want to hit it about. Not doing autograph book that it it would clear coat quote. And if you bought him that I would have to look at the book are never local news. We did that apples moves he was left foot taller than everybody played against. Right right so updated Polk who moved them that you do so called power. Is it and you don't really are a lot of guys right now you can't count on one hand but he got pulled move them now in the NBA now. And that while walking that he can hit a shot here or there you know we probably couldn't have been there are more you do what you've done it well. But I don't know they I don't know they wanted in the post either but I've always stat and I was obviously proven Rollins Greg Monroe. I've always said that when you get into a situation where your jumpers not falling C tonight. On the you have to have a way to score easy buckets not tonight. And Monroe the war was able to get him a role as the king of missing money shots. And has been his entire time but besides that you can drop the ball to Munro and he can give you two or three easy baskets in a role. Until the jumper comes back for the rest the basketball team. And right now when Monroe's not in the games they don't have an easy basket underneath there's nobody to go to at this point. But you know more welcome I've been. Iron into the left elbow in the air sure laws I Watson likes to eat you out of shape I think he pleaded. Yeah he's been really good shape and they like that with a better or if. Memory serves correct he was McDonald's all American he played at the Bradley Center. I'm Brandon Jennings was in net game as well I was at that game. FI remember correctly. I walked out that Davis said man tiger wood road do they all that good man and what how is he ranked so high they need. He can do much anything damage downs on making Brad Jays put on a show that night though few remember. You know it is it is did it to you play haircut don't. Rise through QQ. Yeah what do you think okay. Rotten. He could put it walked over to mom and I think if it did get them rip me you know what are now. Certainly don't work on it and it is drop it and do. What is it that long and that's that's a problem cross the NBA you know where it don't look at kids like Golden State in or. Where. I'm thinking about it when young etiquette Asia. And Asia like over thinking about serve and up in Brock didn't need. More risk and I and I think it'll be okay it would be who he. That meant to the point where they've been what it meant backcourt. While there's a bunch of our guards and his drab I don't know very resilient I don't know framers and get to the bus because now if they'd make the playoffs are going to be some none around seventy herself. I'm. Hell yes yes I do you needed game experience for yeah honest bribed info on all these young guys. Though the more experience you can get them the batter the more. Confident they are that bit Durkin Missouri playoff team going into every year name belong there. You just have to have that happen you can't. Did did goal through wood Dave went through this year and now miss the playoffs after you get back in figured things out. And they would really really hurt this team I think you have to figure out how to get in look they're. Well what are they game and a half now behind Indiana for the six they fall from 78 Miami gets in front of because of the tiebreaker is that the same record. Umpire but yeah I think you want to be in the playoffs at this point and let these guys again experience what this is like gas has been in a once. Odd that's when he tackled Dunleavy for the Bulls. So let him get in and again and I I truly think if they got Boston. I think they could give Boston a fight I do I don't think they could give Cleveland fight but I think they could give Boston fine. Well they're giving out their. Omar thing about it when it plays you are right are and that may still actually at big issue yeah I agree. Music on the flank guard quick enough to defend their plans. True global now what are the. Smelled. It. That's that's all of a sudden he's got its gonna defend the best score on the other team apparently but against now long term is second is starting to learn and his team a skinny Middleton. So eventually he's gonna go to the bench now would you open is his offense continues to get better like it has so far here in the last couple weeks. I and he can be somewhat of us on the scoring scorer off the bench thanks for the comment tree she ended up I again that's no opening man streaky for me I don't know. Mean all indications are they want it they want to sign him this summer. It's not a pie myself go on and he's he's playing well offensively let's see we can give the ball a little bit more. He just becomes a forgot in god because you have got to snow melts and obviously new need to get those two shots and I agree on her percent but. Smells east's our initial you'll something offensively guys that putback dunk that he had on and mess earlier in the game to Dallas a great shot. Obviously on the follow Hinkle baseline he can take jumper outside. Yeah east our show mill something for sure I take a great time I'll come back blocks and get hammered by the Warriors tonight won seventeen to 92. Look at that box. Or is a 117 and I choose what to expect it's a post game show live like Joseph tri city Hyundai studios on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. We haven't been over there make sure inject him out Salle twenty sevenths three. Mile mile lights is still hold to have a different atmosphere when you go over there at a get yourself a car which car worked and whatever the case may be. And like I said before might my dad and my brother both were in the car industry so then around Cargile issues my whole life. And the sales people over there it's just give term and it's not that high pressure sale. And it's about making sure today they gave me a car payment that you're comfortable it. Not trying to live check to check worth making sure they get you in a vehicle that fits what your needs. Our Morry what you're family means our as well. And they also want you to be in a situation where you know you trust them but to give you good advice out on what to do going forward they want to kind of be that. Family and friend field. Well when you go there every time eagle when that third sales guys there that have had. Customers and they've had for ten years. You know they buy a car then all of a sudden there's some comes in Bangkok and the daughter comes in my car the nickel back in May by another car. And then there's some Eagles back in and they get a different car is just complete repeat business after repeat business after repeat business. And word Amal spreads and that's why they're championship banner is hanging over their number one in customer satisfaction. Meaning it just doesn't get much better than that at this point Salle twenty. Seventh street be sure to go check all those guys over there. Try sit behind a and a Tom C Sparky Phifer. Set job Bryan butler's my sales rep over there and did a great job for me and everybody else over here at three a station has gone over their two and a good. Especially in the first quarter so I wanna do somethings gotta spotlighting signed. What are your expectations for this dude going into the first season in the arena 2018 season. What are you expecting from him I said earlier that I expect him but to be a starting five and I expect him you know to be that guy that can give geno ten. 1012 points that year on play 2045 minutes or so. I'm get used 67 rebounds and the like that's a ten and 612 and seven and something along those lines. I'm 2018. Action are set to get back I said fourteen and what I say fourteen in seven. Fourteen and sex that's what I said yeah fourteen at 614 and seven for Thon in 2018. And I said for his ceiling. Eventually in his career and ready to hear for annual all star type player at that position as a stretch by the can block shots. They super talented and appears he has a work ethic liking honest. Which is mean scene and better things to come at this point are worried on next Anthony so met Greenfield on offense it's our map. Oh he looked me. I definitely think he could be of every year. As big in. Our feeling wise I definitely see him being more like Tim Duncan kind of player. Tim real. Yeah we've got a lot of talent and I think it means he's working and getting. More Mari you know and especially be the starter. I think you definitely get close to that. Whereas let litter of his career. Tim Duncan I talked a hall of fame caliber player that's not just for annual all star that's hall of fame type style and now this team. Is unstoppable needs he gets to that level to go along and what you have in your honest and Jabari. Are there on sob let me make you win multiple championships if he can play that well. Oh definitely I mean obviously really good and yet you know bulk up a little bit. What not work on the quotes move. But you know I think it feels like he's red he's a die hard work ethic and I think if he has the right people around him he could definitely. You know get to that run that area. A candidates for the call our. Tent on report. Yeah I mean as a some big shoes. Literally yeah. Yeah I don't know what coach McAuliffe BI tweets at the fans has stretched for but asked to play center need to put on some weight can be a sixth man of the year. I don't think he's losing the starting job. Ever again. I could be your arm. But if you're starting him now at this point now I don't see why he doesn't so our next year and displays more minutes and he's averaging 910 minutes now. And he probably averages probably around twenty minutes next year. And and it's it's game on in 2090 where he in you know start averaging 2530 minutes a night. Like yeah honest and like to barring like Chris Middleton and B at a different level. And going back to the guys Earley who said they need a point guard and I think. That that tends to be very popular dealing belief and his basketball team but. The bits Middleton. Yeah honest a bar in sign. And those are four of your five. I mean you get a guy that can distribute the basketball instructs the Ford hit a three. As basketball team is going to be tough guys I'm just telling him that this is is going to be a lot of fun. To watch providing I was continues to get better on his jump shot fond continues to work like we've been talking about him. Milton really hit any net improvement building and just play at the level. And that he played at last year and averaged 1718 points a night that's beautiful. And then when every gift from Jabari you get bonus fluff at that point I guess you could say are our two next Anthony nick in fox point it's up subject. Or it's gonna. Man I think I think you're dead I was since fourteen doubles off some. The that you play about twenty tried him as such you have to be looked at 3030 what's going to lose their. So I think I think that would that would be great way to start. Michael he was playing really well in late in the game. They brought Amaro success. To go in the quarter and what we get it notices. In the first quarters I'm played center. Then they brought in Monroe. And they brought in and since you Austria your senators play up in the first quarter and I think that's really what kind of slowed him down that's when they let it lost the momentum. The clutch in the post game show and they said starting the certain quarters. The bucks went into that had I don't 45 between you can run. From Golden State in I think that substitution a lot in with the L. Liked what it was at one point it was like 24 to two or something like yeah yeah. It was great to see how much unit had start thinking and then he takes out of it takes. Well made it. I don't know what happened but it would be lost all momentum and I think that was that was really tough bottom. But I think if if if I can keep their development and that's the one that we and kind of upset with intentions you've been in with that now what the six years in all as developed leaves coach. Yep and gotten better as a consistent rebounder. I think that's the most frustrating part I think that the positive thing about moving forward is. Guillen later he was hurt and I doubt an MRI. So I'm hoping that we can bottle up next to gain in Portland. And from what we but the Sacramento you know yet if we can take those two won't go back home you know right right Q I think I think that they'll be out bank park. Yeah there's after the call both games are winnable. The problem is going to be. In his Portland game coming up and they beat Atlanta tonight by Portland's. While. The problems demeanor pitch I think that's faces names his caddie required acquired from Denver. This dude got very on the bench and Djokovic and again that dude is stuff right yes trouble right now. But this this does America's guy who again appreciative box credentials of a juice of her pitcher army says name. Has just complaint out of his mind he's only 22. Years old folks he's only twentieth. His last ten games. He's averaging fourteen and a half points a game. 9 point three rebounds and three point seven assists one point eight blocks one point two steals in the month of march. Same stat lines and he's over to who blocks a game in over ten rebounds. A game and you look at tonight against a Ryan at twelve points six assists five blocks to who steals. For him in 32 minutes that has been their difference maker by far he's they have not had a center in Portland for rob. LaMarcus Aldridge I guess power forward slash an army while again it. But he has been the biggest difference. On the note editor implying he's in form has finally who they got back in the day from Orlando who was drafted you know as a young player out of Indiana. I never worked on in Orlando could apparently couldn't figure out where he was supposed to be in all this other stuff. I and his intelligence was question basketball intelligence was question. I'm usually he started figure things up reporter of course Willard and McCollum and I we talked about before. These dynamic type of back courts tend to give the box fits. And you give him a senator who's got some ball to which she does. On inside. Several mean easy game for the box man and especially not important in the trailblazers have always usually played pretty good in Portland fact. When we look and see what their home record is in Portland this year. On May not be all that great low seed there. Nine games under five are gaps they've got to be over 500 all of their nine games. Under five under on the road there six games under soul they're probably what like three games over 500. I'm at home this year at this point and that game they won tonight was in Atlanta. For the Portland trailblazers and that's next on Tuesday night and then again. Wednesday night is the Sacramento Kings 414799125414. 799125117. The 92 to Golden State Warriors are all over the Milwaukee Bucks and haven't some fun tiger about sign maker here and what his deal is a goal and forward negative sports last year. We'll come back go here from Bucs head coach Jason Kidd still to come Gary woeful. I'm marquis bucks but it's a post game show on Sports Radio qualify seven FM the fan now time for the defense it plight of the game. Defensive plays stood out Bears the laborers local 113 defensive play of the game. The laborers local 113 in Milwaukee I feel the power bat hell are you an 8113. Dot org. This is the Milwaukee Bucks biggest save post game show. I defensive play of the game again Anthony Mandela with the selection for defensive play of the game let's see what he picked courtesy of fox sports Wisconsin. Plus get drilled here in the second quarter. Turnovers down we just ask you. Yeah. Terry gov ally courtesy of fox sports was Scotts and Gus Johnson on the call along with Marcus Johnson one side note. Do the drama green love affair in I was drive me absolutely. Bonkers. Bunkers. My second daughter to now we are gonna do we have a chance to do. Top three players that you paid it all time in the India. We are topping for a did you just. Hated no matter what team they are on you rooted against them hole or I'll tell you right now drew Ahman green is one of those guys for me. There is he's in my top three monetary where my top three is but he's in my top three and one night we will do this. This conversation on the air but Dallas won the reasons and double double double every time touched ball some cynical they can't send all the dollar. To. Okay your time now for sport slash anti new Mandela Bucs lose to the Warriors. This is the Milwaukee Bucks biggest save post game show let's hear from them. He's cornered sponsored by Schneider for over eighty years they've been offering great careers with a great benefits and more home time this is Schneider jobs dot. Or call 1844. Pro. This is the only station Bucs fans need. 1057. FA. Tired Bucs fans they lost tonight was seventeen been 92. One Brady 3615. Golden State outscored the bucks. Darren the second quarter boss got off to a good start. I think they're about like fourteen at one point and an absolutely. Fell apart in the second quarter and Seth Curry Goodman struggle which you know basketball. Found his rhythm on tonight six of eight from three point range for 28 points. In thirty meant to play 21 for Klay Thompson. Fifteen for Iguodala those are the only three players double figures for the gold here where she scored a 117. Points. The bucks and five players in double figures and that was not yeah honest however. He was four of fourteen shooting nine points they miss just a lot of no footers all a lot of Lance wants up around the rim putback attempts they mess. Just can't do it a shot 40% from the field are going to be gold state. Probably eight of ten times shooting 40% from the field especially may shoot 60% from the field you're really not going to be. And they were don't have one of these guess mouse with you and know going into this trip around the anybody had this penciled as a win nor should they have since I got two left here 500. Right now on this road trip through four games. And I think give you would have said had to be getting and a trip through four would you be happy to into. I think everybody would said hell yes we would be. So you're happy now I just gotta see what happens you got to look back to back again Tuesday and Wednesday the other thing I know it's and I too was and that way they had dead legs a little bit. A lot of their shots especially bride in. Off the front and the ramp down off the front of the rim and that's usually a sign it. You're like you're kind of shot sell get a couple days to rest your comeback Tuesday night and to see what happens let's hear from Bucs head coach Jason Kidd courtesy of fox sports with Scott's. Well it's. Oh we got off to a good start. You know understanding. There too many games with them is important the last in this series quarter. Understand they're gonna that's where they make a move. And that circuit that they. First thing going through a second that's when they made the move and took control. He is there anything you can do just be aware of the matter. I think they do like that especially at home there will we can talk of our. Understand Laura comes right. Oh we have some great looks that just didn't go down force tonight. Was led to them going on the other end we we took some bad shots they're gave them some layups on the other. Shots work best and do we you know talk you know he's gonna make shots you can beyond easier to make them from half court he's. Played some very tough shots you have to make him work on the other and did you have which UK get frustrated that's just who is this you know he's one of the best in the league. But I thought again. All we were out there moving the ball good things will happen we lost their trust if your mission here. Quarter and then the Warriors just heard about how tough is it to slow them down when they get their moment what does it just seems like it. They got on the. Midway through the third hole. Did you look at they're capable they have guys who are capable of making shots and they made some shots there are no second. A quarter we got frustrated as we weren't making shots and and that's not who we are we we rely on our defense and we're not scoring. And does this for a got away from us we played a lot better in the second half but that the second quarter killed us. Here are very where you went to college one or. Yeah we're here you know you've played in Alameda and insult. It's a long time this is our grew up here but a lot of great memories in this building. Were always coming home to tell my friends is always special. You play the same as. There are there are resilient. He's talented and he's talented. You rises to the occasion on the big stage. There's a lot of people who enjoy watching them and someone oh. You know he puts as a coach a puts a lot of pressure on defense than there. Oh it's hard to slow him down. You know that's very monetization is your defense a guy. Very few many frustrating on this. The ball good things happen we just we held on. So much tonight. It was good theater good married he gave us. She was good on defense. And and so you know understand that he played at a very high level we just premium article with the he's a proven you can Barry's time it takes the floor. Again I understand his role is not out there for a long time but that's really got us off to a really good start. There is buck said coach Jason Kidd got another guy you know used their time Andra my green. I always he was able to add to offensively. Matt Barnes man. You know that's another guide a lot of people can't stand in his league just because of you know he exactly isn't. Most likable guy in the world when you're playing basketball gets an easy get in your skin he'll fly with anybody. All that fun stuff on the goes long now bars the bat bonds can defend now and I. New green you don't have Audrey MRI while the Matt Barr is a good defender too I think. That was a really good pickup for the gold stay wars is that's a guided noses offense and knows the defense a system comes right back in. On plays a role that he's supposed to play while Kevin Durant was out. And I think they've done a real good talent that now again there. I think after the win to night based think there now what five and five without terrain or something like that. Last birdie impressive. In this box basketball team. Eight you guys look at a from the perspective of the Boston they were what eight of ten in one. Eight of ten now are after this loss they'd won eight of nine. Still plan reported good clip guys made a really is. I'm you just caught the Warriors on a bad nice only making excuses for this team but. I just think that's kind of what it is at this point in there should mean anybody else reading anything more into just got to get ready for Portland now. I'll bounce back and be okay. I'm not a side note how about the badgers to have all good stories us. I've never gotten an annual college bats really yeah all I was running around the house. Or were you know. Not even when they were playing Duke for the title I wasn't even that jackpots on the I said last week and clearly wrong. I just it's yeah they beat Villanova I just did it and lessons I thought of us they are going outside. I thought then OK maybe back I still NC they can win Gary Ellis and a big show called he said they're going to be Villanova. I gained he's former badger Gary dollars in its like yeah whatever you're always gonna take your bad your spine whenever. But he believed he brought down you know he said to Roy does back and I know he's seen a bracket from a but he says he he he wrote it down in this bracket. So is a great call by Alison on that one. But I guess the one thing I guess I just didn't see happening was I didn't think defensively they can lock down Villanova the way they did. And they really. Really. Well played a good game defensively so we'll talk more about that on the big shelf. On Monday at 2 o'clock or take time out come back we'll talk with a WSD basketball and senator Gary woeful. Up next bucks alludes to the Warriors tonight 11792. Its marquee Bucs pick it's a post game show. No yeah. Insider get a real. Michael Long pieces of this is the Milwaukee Bucks biggest save post game show. My skipped away and met tonight. It's like 170 united do Golden State over the Milwaukee Bucks. Or is people in my house would say no do they lost. Joining us now on the behaved it was bang a hotline he is Gary will overwhelm the Racine journal times good morning Jerry. Well that is where we are sounding too that what's weird sounding good morning. Yeah yeah well it's almost 1 AM and know what it's still weird girl sounds weird I understand. The Bucs. Well they lost. And I'm not even really I'm not set a body of erasing all of the sore I guess Jonas had an off night tonight obviously. They got hammered in the second quarter staff Corey fountains outside shop for the first time in forever. Gold state in general was on tonight shooting 60% from the field not much you can do gold say plays like that. Now I mean they're they're clearly one of the top three teams it and bail out or I'll put it is anybody. In disputes. You know the Bucs would have played scraper that you'd stay quote. You know yeah I was obviously didn't have anything remotely close to perfect and even when your best player you know struggled unions so they'll surprise. The a topic that we did tonight. On the post game show was what are your expectations for spot and I 2018. Season. On the first year in the arena I said like fourteen and 614 in seven. Com and nine ward do you think his ceiling is once his career starts to level out and I I sat I think he could be a perennial all star player. Eyes a stretch five for the box what say you to both those questions. While Florio all star stretched we had a guy call in earlier and said he thought accumulate Tim Duncan. But I'm sure he. Today a man I don't know man a listener and lets not go to finalized I go to deep into this all right I'm just telling you want collar set Giacomo in the word there as I said did you pretty much saying is all of our. I'm more of one and all I ever and he's he's. Arguably one of the top fifteen players cover her I it you know I know actual that it happened for because that would that told are huge they had. But. He's one on the base guys you meet in any walk away at it and cycle because what. You know what that's going to be a plea to themselves and ultimately you want their to me is the difference when he. Yeah obviously a lot of young players and you know that's what I don't want. You know abilities warned it took second place is so. There and one of things looked around and looks to put on weight. I think a bit told news you know for play a week scope of that conversation with. With them opponents which situation. And he is very reluctant to put weight he makes it also has quickness speed. He and you know if he's got that approach. You know and who not happen. Well again any easy just asked to believe in what they're telling them and if if the goal is to 35 to forty he's not gonna lose anything he's just not but he has to have as I told won a caller earlier yes have another jump in the trunk. On to be able to that solidify himself defending the post an anchor himself in the post. Not to go to work down there and right now he just not big enough physically I don't think from the waist down. There aren't that and you know you can't play with the big boys at 215 or to know when you out of you've got to be you know substantially heavier and again that I've talked to people. Know on an eagle wanna be that Cutler. You do you want to eat now he's not a three solely better understand that quickly. But I mean you know he he takes some team very seriously and ball handling was pass when. In doubt that you want the mock units. Yeah I didn't lose it looks stretched our. That's that's that's too bad I he's got he's got a team with with essentially three threes already and Middleton yachts and Jabari. We can't have wit week there's just no room at the end for the of the small for position for him he's gap to go play the five. I know you're just gonna have to sell him on the fact of what you were trying to win championship here and and the best interest of winning a championship you need to go play the opposition. Yeah experience I think he's going to be for personally these could be stretched forward to a liquor networks. In the you don't talk in general have coach Larry are complex strong. Then he's gonna have to find some minutes you know at the sooners position to square is gonna double what most looked. I I just I don't think Gary he ever loses the starting center job now on fourth idol. Me to play him now as a token start because he brings energy to the court and I get that. But you figure if Munro comes back next year. Henson's backed it so's you we've saved three centers he's gonna start again to start the season he just this is a new I've added weight aren't. And then going into 2008 team and Rose got Hanson's non. But divide now that might up like now you're two years as a starter at the five he obviously stays at the five adapt want to get now to Bahrain is healthy Yana sold forty and Milton. And whoever your point guard as artist. I'm sorry some miracle itself bodies the five hot I don't see any way he doesn't start at the far. Yeah I had no recover from what you now a lot of the Internet to it. With yet Gary thinks changeover native well now now you're at the end there you have it projected three years down rodents. Extremely difficult but yeah I mean he's going to be forward could be five I think it's pretty apparent to everybody. That's going to be case well. What I what I do know is late Tuesday attitude. And he comes to work every day. In you know guys that they're good at Kinsler did work yup or actually usually actually. Do you think this was brought up earlier to do you think Todd. Pass a post moves right now and they're just teases not using it in the game at this point is he's not big enough. Now he's not strong enough to get down low post I mean I would say it like of the thirty senators yet sorted Simmons new day. What what 22 of them are really really physically strong armed. In he's nowhere close to votes were talking. So well you can have almost you want but what would he could play against the men. It's pretty tough. It is Gary Wolff for the Racine journal times catcher Matt will fools press box that got thanks so much for coming out of friend. It what are they they've been good areas Gary willful joining us on the great mid West Bank on line when you're ready to get into her back into the housing market look no further than great mid West Bank is great mid West Bank dot com to take the next step towards your new home. By some about a losing and tonight to the goals they Warriors won seventeen in 92 don't forget. The last edition of spring training why would Tim Allen and myself and maybe Dallas comes up tomorrow morning to our edition tomorrow morning. 9 AM to 11 AM kind of a spring training recap shall be missing in the interviews Craig counsel be on the show David Stern's Jeannie Nelson Ryan brawn. All on the show a tomorrow morning from nine until eleven make sure to check it out. Here on the fan I enjoy the rest of. Your late night early morning. And they'll talk to get into on the big show. Here sports Radio One a 57 FM the fan Bucs lose 117 in nineteen.