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Roney Eford joins The College Basketball Show

Mar 18, 2017|

03/18/17: Roney Eford joins The College Basketball Show

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On the great midwest bank hotline right now we are pleased. To be joined by our friend mr. Ronnie referred. Roddy it's only been three years in the making and how you do it. Are there already a target appreciated well we appreciate you taking some time I know with the time difference and it is not like you sit around doing nothing your busy guy these days are just. Yeah I am but I you know always a pleasure to be able to calling an end. Add some value where you think it needed some appreciative of the opportunity definitely. Roddy let's talk a little bit about the the current Marquette team one that obviously lost in the first round last night South Carolina. From your perspective and being an alumni how do you feel. The program is doing where do you think it's headed and are you pleased with what you've seen so far from coach loads of. Yes I had a chance to our played against cedar Knoll about it and put. I was at the Marquette hundredth anniversary and a chance to actually be there. Really personable great guy. I think the program it is headed in. The right direction. With his leadership. I was look I was. I couldn't believe it when the game last night actually simply lost gay black. They put in a valiant effort it's been really all year long I think the program is in great hands. Athletic director. Also the president have really went on higher degree are with him is that. Extremely knowledgeable. Ronnie when you look at this team. They're young let's just face it they're young they've they've got a lot of growing to do and especially if you can keep this core group right now out together over the next. Three years the this group could be something special down the line. From your analysis what do you think this team needs has it begins to mature because. When you bring in whatever freshman they're gonna roll right along with this upcoming sophomore class. Yes. You know I think they have a good core. In in terms of getting great recruits but really it's about getting into their system. Are noticed yet there were a lot of action passes that would be integrated energy. They play hard they dish and which is you know called world knows our style. So I think whoever comes I'm just really bringing them a law. You know as part of the puzzle really getting them to play heart and together. I think you see that same theme that's happening throughout the year of the teams like art together. You know they end up executing down the stretch. And a winning some games I know that Villanova game was great turning. Well right now Villanova and Wisconsin going head to head Ronnie when you look at. The tournament in March. You hear differing opinions as to many people say you need good guard play someone will say you need somebody down in the post. And lately with the way the game has swung away really from the low post player right here in number of people start talking about. You need that shooter in the three or four spot to carry you as you make your way through out the tournament from your perspective. What is the most important aspect I have as a team not only. Wants to be playing its best basketball bull what is in your opinion the most important position rolling into march. I think in March you have to have the versatility. And you have to have those one or two players on your team that can elevate. While the team is still playing together. But let's face it you know if you lose you go all sort of be able to have one or two players. That can really elevate it really maintain their level play at a very high level. And how that consistency. What it is tournament time is key so I would say the versatility. That you've seen. I've been watching some of the gains that you see some players is now. You know you see the shooters obviously at hopes. But I really treat the team that is jelling at the right trying. Which who picked three players everyone else really playing part. To really be you know be very very special. I regretted those teams are very hard to guard if you have five corners that can elevate on but it could have just to victory special players that elevate. In teams are depending. I really think you're gulf war. Ronny with. With the advent Dora the increase not the advent blue with the increase in money within the NCAA tournament right now what we find our longer half times. The timeouts the 32 timeout is actually amended a full timeout is actually two minutes. Does depth really matter once you get to the NCAA tournament because a coach necessarily doesn't always have to go so deep into his fenced. To try to save legs because the timeouts in the half times have been extended so great with. I think death is always agreed saying how but the coached but ultimately a lot of coaches who really don't you'll catch just because. They feel certain players haven't progressed along and it's really do or die in this particular situation archer. I'll however you know in terms of the depth. Having debt definitely helps. But really coming back from record players back to really out. At the end of the day you know players approach he. But when it's this moment when it's at the end of the year that's what every you know college division one basketball player really dreams. It's about elevating so you can be tricky but it's about the mental aspect of the game so whatever players can really capture that event last because. Back to back games or even whether its longer. It just really elevates the potential. That are. Nor the question that it's he pushed through which shots aren't going down. Those who won that you see really elevate the changes that you really see. We're pleased to be joined and a great midwest bank hotline with. Ronnie for former Marquette great here back in the ninety's before I get another question in just wanna give you an update. Right now Dow in Miami were inside. Of two minutes Marquette trailing by two to quinnipiac 6563. In the first round of the women's division one NC a a tournament Ronny let me ask you this go back to the ninety's what was at a bar Marquette that had you come to the city of Milwaukee. Sure. You know it's funny because I took official visit to Cornell Garnett are harder. Our saint John's. And so for me I've never been to the midwest before actually went out archer. And when I went out to Marquette are all these really dreamed of playing division one basketball highest level but I wasn't heavily recruited all of so I went out there. I really loved the really closely community are more importantly academically the school are sort chance to really. Excel academically are also saw an opportunity. If I worked really hard really played right away. On so all those things and also with coach O'Neill in the players authorities there. I'm really brilliant treat me so I'm very very pleased and appreciate the opportunity because I was a lately recruit. At the time I wasn't very highly recruited. I believe if I'm not mistaken Marquette got involved like in March popped February so I was very late but I went out there and I sort greeted situation. Great fan base. Are excellent academics. Solid reputation as there's obviously a chance to play our high level and contribute right away. Ronnie just justice gave me decide were up against a break you got some time to hang what do static. I Dooley yeah Arcandor recessions that awesome soul when we come back after the break will to continue I'll get it out here will continue our discussion. With the Rodney Buford. Right here on the college basketball's still. Will do that next as I said this is the college basketball shall right here on 1057 FM the fan. Or once again welcome back here into the college basketball sold right here on 1057. FM the fan. A real quick update quinnipiac 67 Marquette 65. Six seconds remain down in Miami in the opening round of the women's NCAA. Tournament so let's hope that something miraculous can happen here. Within these six seconds to propel Marquette to a second round matchup we immediately go back to the great midwest bank hotline joining us. From New York it's Ronnie for former Marquette star Ronnie is still there. And nice glad to still have you with us Ron Allen talk about some things with regards to. Collegiate basketball I guess in general and we'll keep it up front here is you and I both. Did some graduate work together and I used to just enjoyed. The discussions and debates that we had on Monday night's over a cardinal streets university. Let me ask you this with the way the NCAA is with regards to of the tournament. I got the impression last week watching the seeding show. That when they interviewed members of the committee that seeded and sent teams to various locations. I called it NCAA speak. They tended to use what ever rule four metric system that they had in order to justify some of the things that they did. And I didn't find much consistency there. Is their frustration. With the NCA with regards to hollow they seed teams and how they send teams to the various locations. You know I think some coaches are frustrated. You know what. I also think some coaches especially in some of the smaller content to seal that it they don't get a fair chance are in order to make the tournament. But you know the NCAA tournament throughout the whole year they ever really hard job to decipher. To really come up with a seating. The appropriate locations to place the teams. So I think if you want to you know a fine job you know any time you. Teens that don't make it or teams there are saying that they should be higher seed or white it lower seed there's always going to be controversy but. Again you know they look at throughout the whole year certainly towards the end of the year drop or so it will yearlong process and have a really really hard job to do. I'm but I will say that you know you see there's really a lot of parity in college basketball so. Any time you know someone is seven feet or ten seed or I seat. You know at the end of the day. It's another game. And yes there are scheduled may have been a little stronger but ultimately it's a matter of just playing the game and now you have one more game. Before you received and is potentially older and it's about putting pork that bat after at that which accords are. Let me ask you about that just for a quick second woman to deviate awful were I was hadn't but. Each you Ben obviously collegiate athlete you've been through tournaments and everything that you know evolves around the game. Last night you had some seniors on their Marquette team that went into the locker room and not only had to deal with the disappointment of losing a tournament game but then also had to have the realization that. They're collegiate career had come to an end. Take us inside the locker room and and give us an idea of really. What goes through your mind in your heart your soul is used sit down and you start to realize is you're looking into your locker that. Your collegiate careers come to an end. You know I think. A lot of players it it doesn't really hit them and tell. You know you get back to campus there's really no more practice. You know when you have that final meeting so for some players. It's definitely immediate disappointment. For others obviously players that are going to the highest level at the each whether it be here and nationally. On it is one that you're over it. Not fairly quickly but as a source of regret that the weak start for breast. These are to now prepare for you know life after school which it actually. You should have already been prepared for you know even freer to three years four years that you've already been. Oh without a doubt it'd disappointment I think the biggest thing arc arc is. This sense of camaraderie that you do get from being on a key. No matter what level whether it's high school college or professional. That has gone. You know you just o'clock and now you mean apps and study altogether. But ultimately that really on it yet of traveling on the roll them on that you give of being in study altogether. Delta bar that you give jets really take Ian will be our you know sharing ideas where. On those things are lost are acting goals are really the biggest. Hurdles that I think you can speak to every former player. That it takes awhile to really get used to it. And no matter what level that your play. Real quick before I follow up to question we're joined under great midwest bank hotline right now. Righty for joining us out New York. Two point six seconds remained in the women's. Matchup here between Marquette in quinnipiac Marquette with the basketball downed threes so obviously gonna have to. Throw some and up from beyond the arc to see if they can extended. And they threw up with three and it rattled in and out so. Marquette. They will be headed back home here on an outstanding effort in their division one match up all right. So Ronnie let's let's continue with that so to speak. Has you get older in life happens do you have the opportunity to reconnect with some of the players that you spent your better part of four years with playing a Marquette. You know from the idea actually union was great. And speaking of your app in about two weeks ago archer bright and it would fabulous just read receipt former players not just from my error. Former players that are set the way for us 6060. We have so buried that connection now you know with technology is very easy you can back with former players on its own text and right. Our tree line. Do you do you do have that. But that their actions be achieved no matter where you are the world. You spend so much time together. And that's stupid that's really. The piece is that you know that that you missed that that battle going into battle. Com you know complaint Gaines those vehicles on the engine ministry announced you know it's it's a different level and acting well. Are you turn your Mac however. It is different as opposed to when you're actually putting on the uniform so now the connection is. You know what do families with kids. You know taking it to gain. Those type changed. But it's not as if there's ten to twelve you are right on you know during that time because people pretty much scattered throughout the country. Right let's go back to the NCA once real quick. If if you're sitting in Indianapolis and you're in a board room inmate code you NAC runny if there's one thing. Right now with regards to collegiate basketball. If you had the power to change what a week. I would say that every student athlete. Not just a basketball. And every other sport. Can actually. Have a chance to always go back to their institution. To receive here undergraduate degree and even master's degree. If they choose to. I think that if you. Out of every single student athlete that participated. To be able to just come back. And two graduate if they did not I think the schools. The NCAA. And the players themselves they owe it to themselves. In order to get. Because I think what happens is when you're a student athlete especially a high level. You know Alabama football those type of programs where. It's so much time that you really are not able to be a part of the regular student experience. And I think if universities will give. Former student athlete opportunity to come back to graduate I think actors really be positive it's just another seat it's really not tuition page. It somehow that legislation passed. I think they'll be pardoned because no fortunately. Not everyone is going to graduate in four years or three years three years sure so. I think it's just so you know I think that universities can do to really oh. The student athlete. You know more on no matter where they weren't able launch immediate and out of that city maybe there's a partnership with all the universities. That they can have a C. And orchard Liu received her undergraduate degree. Ronnie I would say to her about her record. Right what about from the medical aspect I I have this firm belief that even within the NFL all of the the lawsuits and things that came about because of the concussion. Protocol. Would not have gotten to the level it did had the NFL taking care of its former athletes from. A medical perspective and the same thing can be said. With collegiate sports because especially with football and it can happen in basketball and all the other. Sports that students participated in injuries are a part of athletics. And I think sometimes some of these players then once. They're four years is done returned back. To the quote on quote public and don't necessarily have the same comprehensive coverage. That you had in college and I guess I'm looking for your thoughts on that because I think if we could do one saying. At the professional and at the collegiate level is somehow extend. Somehow this medical insurance. Component to make sure these athletes that have received catastrophic injuries. Could still receive the care necessary as they make their weight in to their adulthood. I agree that's I know the end NBA has our program very similar to actually recently or retired player. And you know in there are a lot of players that for whatever reason will not. You know maybe there was a nagging knee injury arms all of those things are. I think got a great arm. Idea agreed concept whether it happens logistically because of that amount of money at all. I don't know that would happen. On but I do think there are a lot of injuries I ago chiefs. From the players themselves they just dismissed them as you say they are the best trainers the best care in Atlantic graduates. They may not really be registered so those injuries continue to nag. Whether it's needs whether it should back whether it's serious you know ACL injury tree and injuries that happen. I think that will be a very very positive thing. Another thing about how like it is. Another thing that I would love to see in the college athletics Serena. Is that every college and and I don't some schools to a go reach out and it. In other schools don't just because they don't have the resources. Sort it varies on. Really no waiting eighty. Almost eight. A coordinators someone that there that is their sole purpose making sure they're conducting student athletes. To internships. Armed and also connecting man with some type of job training. Now law there's a student athletes and I and I think that coincides with receiving degrees. On because oftentimes many athletes. Don't have the connection may be that others Tuesday at because they haven't interacted with the general population of the campuses. So they're if they don't go 40. There really at a disadvantage if they don't have a decreed. Actions so I think everything they can do return to career counseling now I know a lot of colleges do. But again if that would be like something that competence at every single college no matter what the resources. I think that would help as well. We're talking with righty for former Marquette star on the great mid West Bank hotline Ryan wanna go back to some that do headset a few minutes ago. And we were talking. A buyout or you were talking about excuse me. How much time is invested in a collegiate athletics when you're a member of a team on the division one program and I don't think many outside of those connected with the university or maybe have a relationship with someone. Who is playing ball at the division one level or division two were division three for that matter. Understands the depth of the commitment that takes place. Can you just kind of from an outline perspective kind of runs rule the amount of time that you had to invest not only in school. But also in two what was the basketball program. Sure. You'll I think in many respects the actual experience of a student athlete. Are positive because your timing is extremely structured from 730 brought this all the way junior classes. And then after classes let there around two UR practice. After practice bomb after their meals there's also. String training at the strength training has also studied all. So your days are really out now all the way from 73730. At night. On it at all times. And you know their gains throughout every single day so this study all of on the road. You know you may now to a different you may have a game on Wednesday in May not leave until. You don't Tuesday night on the charter plane and then play the game went right back so you'll miss Thursday Cox's. Goes so you're time is extremely scheduled out in there's not a lot of street art. Especially during receipt and even after the CNET. You have your individual workouts along with your strength training. So it in my estimation the actual college student experience to an athlete experience as one that very structured. We cure time Howard are on the flip side. You know you can get stopped in Iraq where you're only around other student athletes. Were you are not experiencing. Different ships of other student senate and the university. You're not really able to go see. A great person. An all or someone that's coming in for a lecture. Potentially because you have comp which sold all the things that you keep in mind. As you beat as you know that you're coming to campus and you're going to be a student athlete. I think it's also important to people and noble side. I'm sort of giving you know to give and take on the schools to a tremendous job. Scheduling student athlete than normal that they did where your tribe which is very structured. You know with the academics and with the sports. So it's it's it's it's quite busy it's not that you're just playing games and you're running. It so. It's one that's very detailed and one that's very one that demand ought to be Egypt size and quite frankly is not a war every. Ryan got time for one more question let me know when you filled out their brackets. We've got to win in this staying in why. You're it's funny we had a bracket. My job and you'll I'd love to see. I'm not a really big on the brackets but. I did have candidates. You and see Arizona. You know making it pretty far but for me I just love watching. Really at that talked about you know different seeds are playing I love the excitement. You know what. This team had a great year but ultimately this other achieve it now pushing them a break. So for me I just love watching Corey. College teams in just seeing the different parity are in learning about potentially players that you never knew about which event. On it also when the lights are on it would receipt of that the end. You know ultimately it really doesn't matter what they did it previously so I loved the Eagles IV experiences. And seeing woods tees elevate. On in which he you know kind of you know shy away from that. Running that was the greatest politically correct answer right they'd ever heard of a when it comes to fill it out a bracket for the NCAA tournament it's Friday it it's been a long time and a making and I can't take you enough for taking some time. To join us here on the college basketball shall. Best wishes and hopefully the next time we talked it won't be three years. I agree yeah I think I really appreciate. It looked yet people connect with music back beyond order. Only about a month ago I just want you forwarded its orders well you can look you guys. Ronnie take care thanks again. Thank you that's Ronnie for joining us on the great mid West Bank hotline.