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They're back to .500 Bucks fans!

Mar 18, 2017|

03/17/17: MIL 107, LAL 103 - The Milwaukee Bucks Pick 'n Save Post Game Show

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Clubs need his own. Here for the players Jones was great tonight. We need that for the whole season but here. The charts but hey. We got to start off for Darren we got to play our angles. This is the Milwaukee. Post game show no from the Mike to nose twice city hungry studios. Here Steve sparks you fight you're 11057. No fair. I thought stats back to 500 you go all the Clippers wind is legitimate even gold glove box scare the crap out of all of us why the way this game and it against the LA Lakers tonight they've figured out a way to hold on. And win 107201. Old three over the Lakers now back to 34. And 34 still the seventh seed in the Eastern Conference next up the Golden State Warriors. Literally later tonight because his game took forever to and but tonight be Bucs in wars like I'm here tonight I after that one. Tonight now. First things first Chris Melton all boy. And nice to have Chris Melton isn't it he came back with a huge game tonight they what is numbers were as you go inside the box right now. Out of tonight's game Adam let's go inside the box score brought you by ABC audio video and all entertainment. Commercial audio video simply done right and ABC audio video dot com and this is the Milwaukee Bucks pick and save post game show. I've for the Bucs get the win 107103. Into the bus to go stock not with ten minutes played a night there'll three from the floor 02 from three point range one board one assist one steal. Yeah oddest. 35 minutes eleven of sixteen from the floor one of one from three point range three of six from the free throw line 26 points eight boards five assists two blocks. And four turnovers Tony snell 32 minutes three of eight from the floor one of four from three point range three of three from the line. Ten points five boards one assist one steal. In two turnovers Malcolm Rogge in 32 minutes two of seven from the 404. From three point range to have two from the line. Six points five boards two assists two steals. And two turnovers Chris Milton as I sat. Coming up big for the Bucs especially there in the fourth quarter try to stop the bleeding in -- 33 minutes eleven of eighteen from the floor. Zero of two from three point range eight of nine from the line thirty points two boards one steal. And to turn overs bench play tonight for the Bucs 25 minutes I dealt a dulled up one of seven from the floor zero of three from three point range three or three from the line. Five points five assists two boards one steal two turnovers for him. What did you marriage for a lot of Eric two of seven from the 41 at 53 point range their old one from the free throw line. Five points five rebounds one assist for nears up. Nineteen minutes for John Henson three of six from the floor firm hand to a four from the free throw line he had eight points nine boards one assist. Four blocked shots. And zero turnovers for John Henson in nineteen minutes sixty minutes for Jason Terry one of four from the floor one of three from three point range to a two from the free throw line. Five points and three assists to go along with one turnover. Greg Munro. Sixty minutes play six of six from the floor twelve points six boards three assists a steal three block shots turn over an an objection. For Greg when road tonight 48 point 8% shooting from the floor from the walking the Lakers 45 point 2%. Three point shooting 424. For the box tonight eleven of 29 for the Lakers. Free throw line 23 of thirty for the bucks only sixteen of 26. For the LA Lakers rebounding box when they're 43 a forty turnovers fourteen for the Lakers in fourteen. For your Milwaukee Bucks the bucks get the win. 10721. Old three Clarkson leads a Wayne scoring for the Lakers night out with 21 points. There now. The bucks with a win tonight as I stated star of the show 34 and thirty. Or 500. Spot on the basketball season. Beyond us and me. We're passing Patrick stayed I was yesterday it's you know it's the middle of the night it's midnight hour. Ghassan. Did you think the Bucs were any get back to 500. Say three weeks ago. Did you thing the Bucs would ever see 500 again. 4147991254147991250. If he didn't call to brag about yourself. If he deadening Colvin beyond isn't saying it pretty much gave up pretty much gave up I am to be dead did David ever give back to 500. There is and I bring this up just as me and a buddy of mine. Had a little bet. And I simply told him and the bat wasn't financial by the way. It was just pretty much that he is going to stop being negative and pessimistic every single game. Of his box and him for the rest of the year in the Bucs were to get back to 500. And they're back to 500 Al snow I don't have to listen to it anymore which I'm very thankful for but. I said awhile back they give back to 500 and everything would be fine. I had my doubts specifically after that Bucs Nuggets game I really had my doubts that they would ever get back to 500. I never gave up Bynum and this basketball team again. Has the talent to definitely be a playoff team and they have the talent to get over 500 now. Did you 500 is one thing getting all for 500. And putting a little breathing room between you and at 500 mark. Is the next accomplishment now Golden State's going to be tough luck. I don't know how many people actually think they're going to be gold stay one way or the other. But then it's Portland. Portland's winnable game. Why is running back off and say it's it's not going to be easy. A lot and all a but it's winnable. And then the last game of the trip is in Sacramento that one you should win and you better win because then if you lose golds at a Portland. You win now when you back to one game under 500 your 500 on the West Coast trip. And that's a huge success nod you're able to steal one. Begins goal setter Portland plus when the Sacramento game goal four in true on the trip. All man I mean now it now you're really talking not your game over 500 coming back from sex game went a six game Moscow strip. Are where we go to first Anthony Cannon nor side job. What's up man you're unlucky books but it's a post game show. A man these are you doing man I'm doing good man housing badgers their foreign. Odd side out and it did not work but it. You know I PR at its celebrated tomorrow they don't again sure it's the bars Aussie judge these specials tomorrow. But man I gotta give you props Mankins are he would call you when we were going peninsula here. And you were kind of timing encouraged me just the whole grown you know it was going to be all right we're going to give back the 500. Outfit to Canada am and I galactic should. But you're right though you'd you'd you're right mandate they get that the 500 men and you know also we've looked pretty good right now few laps betterment. I just want to give you props that you know and achieve be it. You know tell me to hang in there well. And here we are so now we have to do is. Is make sure now that we keep cited the fact of the black outs now or the goal but now the goal is to get in my opinion and this has been a rollercoaster season so you always adjust to what would the mood you're in -- given day and had given night. Maybe I'm sleep deprived but my goal now is I want to succeed that that's my new goal I want to succeed for this bucks team. Arm and you get back got a seven or eight and give yourself some distance so the last you hear isn't gonna determine if you're in the playoffs or not can. Rag and rag yeah it is it's looking grim and then even if we you know we finished. Ralph I'm not only did the six or seven I mean be much happier you know because that kind of expected. You know an empty you know 500 people went out Middleton but the end Jabbar went out like I'll add you know but. Looking to do and absolutely men have a good night. Take care you know do you matchup that that still one thing here everybody asks a game just understand something. Arm. When you talk about his bucks basketball team you know the end the end game in all of this is what. A championship right you want to win an NBA championship you want to win an NBA championship. In the new arena you want to celebrate what a global banner in the new arena. NBA champions know you want to win an NBA championship for yourselves. Where engage in Egypt for Udonis and and everybody else on the basketball team. The madness city in would go absolutely. Nuts. If the box or the Brewers ever won a title they what they duel absolutely. Crazy is all what happen. I would just love to be alive to see and I and I they were going to be alive to see it but again it's up process. Of getting to where you wanna go. And a turning point of this organization. May be. After that Nuggets game neck crazy practicing Keating's go to champ range guys there that may be the turning point. This organization. That's a big statement I this season but on the organization. Going for we'll take a quick time out come back if you're on hold. A C a we will get to you 107103. Asking a simple question did you think that the bucks would ever get back to 500 as they sent tonight. At 34 and 34. Are. This is the Milwaukee Bucks big saves post game show let's get tonight's Dave and busters shot early. Rosters why would Sosa the only place to eat drink and play and watch sports this is the only station. I welcome back it is. The more divorced it is in post game show and knew we our time on a 500 basketball team their plan themselves out of a hole they dug themselves and 107. 103 box with a win they were up by eighteen at one point in his game and had to hold on and fight for everything they have there at the end the game. On in order to win just one Chris Middleton with thirty points yeah honest with 26 points. Eight boards five assists couple blocked shots four turnovers a for yards Bolden and having big games. All of the bench Jim Miller said twelve points in here is your shot and again. It is. But the buildup that theory feeds it off track. Tasted scary old. All what is he saying all smiles Melanie said Gus Johnson and Marcus Johnson on the call there. Can you severed even the blame game too I guess all right did you pick his Bucs team was gonna get back. Two of 500. Territory at the fan it's in my time line three weeks ago I was on all I was all on board. For the tank it's an L 500 wasn't on my mind as tag Bucs hash tag all in the future. Where we go into next Anthony Chris in LA back for the second night in a row there ago what's up Chris. And it's Smart but I got money on security. And came here and when it came and I mean. If I'm I'm I'm on to the game against the Clippers. It would reminds. Are not encouraged to go and I'm like. Well what the Lakers game near you like the Lakers are playing opting to wait and bury your I'd never been apple so much where in that you know amateur and he. For me as pretty intact I between hearing. I talent about reality and that's reality and deepened carried 49 years all. And ice and not be allowed to Wear on your idea about tiger or not to game. I mean. I mean Everett knocked in a week and all that that it heated between those kind of play it that intensity out lump. A lot to like it but now that technically can punts and a mop and start a little rivalry here but that are. Young team do. It you know dinner as a way I have another a listener. Who. I was listen show for years and you move from LA from Milwaukee out to LA needs a TV producer now out there. I'm Dave and I he texted me during the game and said he couldn't believe how many yanish jerseys they're war in the stands and act. He saw a bunch a younger dudes. Are wearing Lakers gear and their girlfriends were wearing out his jerseys. On he says it looks like the Bucs RR catch not a little bit out here on the West Coast said did you see some of that same stuff. Are you dad I mean. And there about I man called you want and that I mean and I've been here the last four years in the numbers aren't that. But here at the numbers are Napoli up or yeah I've been Parker period all together I mean. You know where I wanted a game I would not I mean. Like I took it upon himself pretty much or they like I thought in that the people Deion eternity Parker or eight putt about eight. It was. Hitting environment he. Yeah I mean. Matt thanks for the call I appreciate it yeah you know. As we go around the NBA the next upcoming years. I I don't know how big this goddess mania is going to get I I don't know we have. You know arena in you know from arena to arena and throughout the NBA are we gonna see yanish jerseys everywhere and we won't know that. And so we start talking a pass ski in Ted Davis and Marcus Johnson and those guys. A goal rochlin. The guys that are made as much regard when he's doing point 15 games year but. The other ones that are on the road constant would this team the find out if they're seeing more and more of this bark skier. Taiwan think it's a good thing if you start seeing Bucs gear now like. Is that they tend to be in fine fashion union trends and all that crap right I mean date they tend to be the front runners more than any other city in the country I think at this point. Not okay at 414799125414. 79912. To do Martinez suite at the fan I didn't think the Bucs would get ever get back to 500 especially after that horrible January they had but. Glad they did that's for Martinez winning at the fan where to next their Anthony shaky a never seen but shaky. No I don't you do a great job they might call and I actually did not think they'd make right under. You yeah. I didn't. Did you goes wrong. OK it's oh let me ask you just so. Well what what aspect of this did you not see coming. I didn't you know coming together like this I didn't see. Middleton emerging from his injury. Playing at this level yeah yeah I mean you know he's still not really. As consistent as you want offensively but boy oh boy when he is on Saturday nights ago now that's the Ol Chris Milton. That's who you want and tonight he was jokers Milton tonight again they're little fourth quarter they were absolutely self destructing. I and Milton just calmly hits a jumper melting comes Donny it's another shot. And he kind of steadied the ship forum something that they work able to Duke earlier this year. Actually I have a question or if I can ask you sir. Are switching gears. I think they'll Bucs organization needs to make two and got loose. Long time they need to honor Don Nelson and retire market shall argue a lot better at it your bridge there right. I think the Marquis Johnson Jersey retirement happened in the new stadium in front of I'm wrong I'm wrong I have no inside information he's got a feeling major or bring them back and put him in broadcast Booth so and Peter stay you know those guys know everybody clamored for Marcus Johnson's Jersey be retired. If for no other reason that I continuously tellem that. I'm so I think at some point that will get done. The Don Nelson thing that I don't know as much about Don Nelson's retired in in Hawaii running a wedding business last time I talked to all. On so we'll have to wait and see if they do somehow I think I finally that if they wanted to do some damage Don Nelson night fish tying night or something on a Don Nelson. The one thing you can say about these owners are they're all blood bring him back. You know the older players odd to come back in some way shape or form other it's Michael Redd. Now whether it's Desmond Mason and vin baker mark his Johnson. Fred Roberts was back helping to launch the they they do a great job all of reaching out to these guys and bring him back far better. Than the previous ownership group did for sure thanks for the comment shaky I appreciated. You back to take care I'll get one more in you before the sports lecturing on Anthony Mike in baby you're out. But some like. Eric feel privileged tell you guys doing that I'm doing good man I'm a couple games before the all star break. We are discussing how horrible he was doing and trying to sound intelligent. I suggested that. I came into the coach's name but. Dead. He would start getting them in the right direction they lost Parker. And teams when it was one of their stars everybody seems to pick up the slack a lot of guys are truly themselves. And I'm guessing you guys that they can this team is head you know Craig direction. Coming up swap and see if they bought that. But I think they're in the right direction again again. That the only thing I really scares me is that this lack of energy thing pops up again. And they go to some long funk in Kazan and Don and that's the one thing he can't allow to happen they just can't. My guess and assemble in did they have back to back games like that. Again at any point you put him right through the held practice you put in throughout the Nuggets game they have the right a white. Let's not wait to watch us play out for two weeks and have a good back to back games wore out that isn't what. Amount or freak out. Back to back us. And then we put in the Al practice or whatever was a kid is coaching staff put him through I'd stop doubting me because if they play hard bring energy every night. We're gonna win basketball games what 071 a three. This is the Milwaukee Bucks biggest save post game show let's hear from the Bucs head. Coach's corner sponsored by Schneider for over eighty years they've been offering great careers with a great benefits and more. More home time visit Schneider jobs dot com. Or call 1844. Pride this is the only station boasts fans need. One will find seven. Cornerback Bucs get Phil ran. And a nice when that it was 1071 all three game they had a have to justify that Clippers went. I and they got it even though there was a scrum. On the call it a fight. And all of a Malcolm Braga and our fall. I Nick Young gets mad show his hand Greg Monroe the enforcer comes in and he shoves him. Yeah until Russell gets involved pours into the stands three injections in the game and rogue gets kicked out Ross gets kicked down Nick Young it's the second C he's gets kicked out. Our name playing on going forward so I had to Greg Monroe on the scene that being said here is Bucs head coach Jason Kidd as his team is back to 500 do you feel by. After that just opened a technical files is that kind of just changed a whole complexion of the game and and how did you guys react accident. My card again. We came out right with the right intent in the first half the ball was moving. In the second half we can't. The ball we start to get you know I won't want to Chris carried us there for stretch here and just kind of felt so crystal counsel and our bench once moves. Could move was playing very well for us off of this or being singular same thing. So for that that for the stress on the starters but. They're not always going to be pretty and I was nowhere to world. Chris is first thirty point games this season that you talked about how are you cured you guys fourteen of those came in the fourth quarter just. Just going to him and did you see that he really had a go on and did he was going into our season to play through self. You know we all trust Chris. And then eighty made some plays so we didn't make shots consciously we did and the clipper game. Home you know Chris caused the problem is two guys on them and now we are available to finish two players put Chris that's who we all expect we you know. Being able to deliver. And then playing with five fouls. That just shows the trust that we have in him that he's going to be it was films. The trust and is this another sign of local team coming together win. You don't play your best and things may not be going your way billions do you find a way to win here I think the maturity of our group. You know protector wanna know one another also be in and Southern California. For multiple days just to understand they came and they got the job done they want to games here. And so now again in this league you have turned a page in the area you're ready for a -- think. Well Budweiser 500 there's not a milestone. Or do you feel you're going to. Oh we feel. I always tune the Rucker will be what it is. Up and down. Oh we're starting to grow up at the right time so. Continue our defense security you better come office Alou will make or miss shots or go play and come as well as anybody right now. Jason when you think the effect do. Practice at the end of the third quarter did that fire up the Lakers and then I mean they they had two of their best players get thrown out of the game you had moose get thrown out. It's part of the game. Don't have to things like that is always a momentum swing in the swung their way home with the guys stayed the course or care plan. So we we were flowing keep the lead and then finished a game he loved us. The thirty point games coming. Our I don't really kill crews haven't thirty every night you know go for us just about making the right plays at the he he was aggressive the shot was falling for him being a little play through crews have a multiple guys that play through business events and and a he was great tonight you include the Lakers don't play with that kind of passion I mean they they really did tonight and think. Embarrassing loss in Houston before this game. You know Lou because those guys play hard and they're you know they MBA players and those guys the last time we played only embarrassed so. The guys came. In the intent was right. We throw it away and tried to wanna finish a game the way it did but we found a way to win. Areas Boggs said go Jason get after words on fox sports Wisconsin. Tiger about that game tonight and it and again the bucks get the win over the LA Lakers. Tonight 1071 of three asking you to be honest. Would mean. And everybody else did you think this team whatever give back to 500 as they are tonight. As it doesn't seem in my mind and there were a bunch of people thinking they're getting back. That's a five on like I did think they are gonna get their so let's see on the other us there are all their Stevie did a cheesecake hitting your next on the balance of Stevie. I did you think they'd give back to 500. They went up top last term hostage. Hamstrings so it give interested are you don't be surprised on the West Coast and buckled you bet you did. Go to their circle beat her two West Coast trip around the local the radio Joseph he was singled and went to the war on this trip that will be. No group role trip about anything wrong you know through. Noticed it being if they say electric play in the we get the routine is pretty Bears that it. They play up to their mount this is the Cilic. Figured that teams come in and likely go to they every time they played them in the vote boggle your right. Yeah so we will go see if they could bring me in being there to get the whole game the day. Against strikes and western world gain in the SC did it BP these chances. Well two and it went like you had been quarter threes like no way to compete with Putin is that the greens might fit with Vickers though stroke more. But they've. Well I think they're gonna do they have different problems all of which because it won't be circle minimum should be Sacramento. The other political statement Portman Britain the technical either way. So I feel like you know big UPS's deep that we as the B it. They're of this so I'll look at them they could bring in UG. Jarvis you start that the total from the game and you know he didn't get so Kraft did he get get again. Carpet and you know when they you know Harry Romo shoot the last start for instance did that. Bill in the bill. Yeah Gary was mad about you're I updated you know all of this is carpet when you play any kind of sport magic carpet you won't do well and absolutely. He he is you'd you'd meet me in that particular markets it means that three victory aid in it rained down at the extra in each unit. He just got to keep it wrapped them build any like you know nobody can start yeah bet but because that's how Michael Stewart. Q you play but credit to our he was yeah a bit silly and that is sticking with me out best when he particularly data Amaro dealt. Iger at the I it's David Wright or to be very align all banks for the call yet. I agree. It it's common and you can tell he's starting unit stepped a little more Kumble nine jumper. I looks a lot Hardenne did last year tuning the percentages may not look much different and at the back and look at Clijsters percent first this year and a jumper but. It looks like a better shot to mean it continued work on exile seed who can't question guys work ethic and anywhere to next. Renewed a Monta and Chicago was and I broke again you Barrett to its monetary nobody. On going to the good network doing great and most want to say it's I'm Brooks went on on irons there. I have read probably that a hundred yeah I knew I knew they couldn't. Like ship when when they played. 100. Denver and the weather came oh but lost replica of the first game I had to trouble and never. What kind bowels like. This is what you got up off of Greg but. And he I knew there compared to New Orleans but. And the like are quality want them. It felt good that did that experience you know that this group this young woo and all of and. I want boss and that's who I want I don't want to run on a don't want Cleveland I want Boston. Will be that dark I want no part. Democratically remember too low and alarming whip with what we already know our I'm not normally they're big booster of August yet. Definitely not physically and that thing are publicly on the bricks and whoever the girl and a couple calls out well. Well that would have reasoner. Nor did go where not to worry not there and he you know you know the Kennedy as I am glad you're out you know. Made a point aspect you can never have announced and let the point you maybe to won't call. Look at. Are conceded. It would group wonderland and west and that was grip to an end and hardly anybody that there aren't about to go to a last minute. Film that I haven't. I walked out to talk a bit scored 21. Impediment not that will have an advantage for me Riordan had because of the pennant. The group that would could not yet. Army arts at all. It's simple but today it's not that hard understand I'm with you really feel free to call and support every time we get morals calls I'm sure we'll get on throughout the rest of the year. As for the Calder Rose gill won more a nearly got to get to Chris Middleton. Now from after the game inning Gary Wolfe on the next segments and Mike in LA you're up beautiful what's up Mike. What. Are keying just leaving the game. Long time listener I've been listening to use and cheer on the mid game madness there you go odd sort. Just wanted to call and say how awesome it is to you have a team to be proud. I can't tell you how many people irony if you ask me how it is there on it. And not make here these are people in LA like hard to impress people. So it's very exciting to be box. And I also wanted to Ebert they had my she's in town for the game and NBA Europe today for the game. And they keep everything he used art he. Your year off from bird. Walking sports and the box and congrats on starting here and the you know that. I appreciate a bad day out how many I got a series you see quite a few. Quarter Q do you and so many out injured. All new and gold bucks here. But it is it's on there are the bucks here and have other people be excited daughter he. I would. I would add in people it they would Schaefer stadium at the top rights spree on it and don't electors and that they would. We got talking mule owners did this city up that. That's hilarious that event dates of the can't I keep us in man appreciates your Mollison had a birthday. And he's done all right. So the day great about all come back box over the Lakers tonight 10721. Old three. I'm before we take quick tomorrow what's your from Chris Middleton as we go inside the locker room here. Oscar's Milton talked after the game on fox sports Scott. This is the Milwaukee Bucks biggest save post game show we. The Bucs locker room to hear what the play your soul on the board sponsored by Tim cross is Reuters local now. Consider a rewarding career and check out their pressure program that again so latter's night. This is the only station books fans. 1057. Chris Milton tonight thirty points on eleven of eighteen shooting eight of nine from the free throw line a couple boards a steal. And came up huge in the fourth quarter to stop and wait for his Busch team resembles squandered an eighteen point lead I'm lost this thing this is what he had to say afterwards on fox sports a Scott's. Chris period as the greatest of this one up by as ready as they teamed up at some point game. In the closing seconds how did you guys aren't ourselves in that position and how did you guys prevailed out of that position up. Stay within and then. Something like this but definitely going to be pretty tough I had Beckett making it tough to run. A different Gaudin was your first thirty point games since returning. From your injury fourteen of those thirty came in the fourth quarter. When it was time for you guys secured his game did you. Put that on your shoulders and wanted to lead this team to victory. You don't want to be much anybody knows what it's a it's a must crossing. So there were some positive effect on winning attitude that passes. Maybe then before I felt like I got the guys in the right spots. Just picked up a couple of wins here in LA now is up to Oakland to take on Golden State tomorrow night what do you guys take away from this game. Positives that you can carry over to tomorrow night. The star studded on the first and third quarter probably. Cost us who loved rebound the ball in this blog that is about practice fastest horse so. Tomorrow's will be up there are days throughout the tidy percent of third. Ramirez and see I was bush team responds on a second day. On a back to back against a jacked up gold state team does I guarantee you. He they're ready for the bucks tomorrow night I promise you because the Bucs have given them all all that and more including losses. In the past coming up Axel talked with a WS's the basketball and setter Gary woeful Bucs back to 53430. For the won a sudden a won all three went. You broadcast live in my Joseph tries a behind a studios on the fan. Defensive play stood out here's the laborers local 113 defensive play of the game. The laborers local 113 in Milwaukee and feel the power bat held high UNK 113. Dot org. This is the Milwaukee Bucks biggest save post game show. Aren't much of a win tonight over the LA Lakers 107 to 103 Anthony Mandela did the defense of play of the game. Let's see what we got here for our defense and play the game courtesy of fox sports Wisconsin right. You don't Munro it's in night with three blocked shots four by John Henson. And chew by yon has Udonis is normal but three blocked shot by Munro that's not normal that is your. A defensive play of the game front and all three block shots not now for Gary Wolfe. No it's yeah. Insider Jim. This is a top. This is the Milwaukee Bucks biggest save post game show. I like Jack did with Gary woeful on the great midwest bank outlined Gary. Your thoughts on this much in getting back to 500 did you think they could. What do you feel that weapon on don't know like three weeks ago. Okay what Wendell in a row there you know I'd ever did when they lost ten of these weapons. I had the pursuit was over beyond stupid now I do than I didn't see anywhere it's meant to you. One year and then Phoenix. Yeah and it. What lies they do they beat Golden State later tonight. Now. Kid multi to tonight to be told statement thanking Gary. Any time and yeah take care of areas Gary Wolfe like feel bad we had him for like two questions not I'm gonna mid West Bank account when you're ready to get into our back in the housing market look no further than great mid West Bank is a great mid West Bank dot com take the next step towards your new home. Are right now Dillard Bucs win at night 107103. Over the Los Angeles Lakers CBS Sports Radio coming up next tier on the fan.