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Spring Training Live: Keon Broxton, Jimmy Nelson and Carlos Torres

Mar 18, 2017|

3/17/17 Spring Training Live Full Show. Tim Allen

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome and Brewers fans it is another addition of spring training live 2007 team presented by Matt Capps market in wallet Sosa. And the Hilton garden in park place my name is Tim Allen. They beat Giles bill Schmidt alongside. Live here at Maryville baseball park on the site of the brewers' spring training it's the baseball Mecca out right now you can talk all you want about. Cubs winning the World Series in the Cubs being over there and mace pains the now that we don't care who we don't care about. All this is. This is what counts right here coming up on the show and abbreviated show tonight it's as much as we can't but on the show today Carlos Torres. Who it's just gotten himself back in the camp is back and forth from the WBZ's self. Throughout the week here we have been seeing him a pop in and out then on. When and where the team Mexico games were but Carlos Torres has been oh. What the Iron Man and that Brewers pull out there you know is is a guy that gets 67 the lots. Appearances throughout the year with think that's going to be the savior this year to go seventy. So he comes back from the WBZ the other day he is not a happy guy no not at all at at. Very very little good things as saying it. About Major League baseball's not at all will production yet will hear that now acts of what what occurred team Mexico was eliminated via tiebreaker. And now. Really when it came down to the was a calculation. They should never ever ever do math on the radio guys but and I won't I won't today. But it came down to you know they needed another half inning. Because runs against Conan. Effort somewhat wise per inning against street like yes it was so and they didn't they didn't see a lawyer up and an additional innings which would have changed the math. Into the tiebreaker favoring team Max what basically it's got to convoluted but that's that's really what it comes down to. And he'll Huber in this interview that Carlos Torres. I happy guys so let's get right to it tonight on spring training lives will put that Carlos Torres on the eight Jake collectibles Nazi. Tim Allen Maryville baseball parts returning live 2017 with Brewers righthander Carlos Torres Carlton Carlos argument I'm good at yourself. I'm more important how you are houses WB season. Do you see this good I enjoyed. Skipping out on Arizona. Her up for a little. At mysterious tremendous. I had believed that the atmosphere no matter where you land it's been tremendous and that's and then Tokyo same way. And Miami I have to imagine that. Let's country vs country everyone comes out cheers. As no exception in Mexico. People which in Venezuela people itching for a recruit people chipper but he. It is it. Really healthy for the game of baseball that we we discussed all the time. It's tremendous. I do have an issue with the a couple random things let's. Issues in terms of poker players I can understand from organizations when it used to line. They don't view it is healthy for baseball. Because they've been progressing injured obviously. But. In terms of the for the game I think it's absolutely it's an eagle country first country emulated to tell us anything it's that. It's healthy you know healthy competition helped the people cheered them on our baseball class and I threw of this classic. The World Cup. There's yelled billion people I watched that thing you know I mean you can't be negative you know minus the entire rule debacle for a tiebreaker and the like again tiebreaker math and all that BS that. It happens that shy of that that was it. Yeah well maybe it's a work in progress Weathers as their third or fourth. I think third lists that I think it's a fourth and if you feed it out by now had I don't know I don't know easy did you try change some analysis anatomy that's. You need to be on the rules committee. This then where does that sixteen years of sin every quarter drew did any of that sixteen years can't be so nice likeness emotion enemy but whatever. I visited it. Yeah now that's that's too bad. I'm sorry to hear that but the how much you everything healthy and the I'm healthy everything's good. We we've still got some work in down there we still that it's the workouts and all that stuff I would like some slightly better facilities and that's. Can't really argue too much do it and now that you looks like you're gonna have a pretty prominent role again this year. I was looking at your stats man you accountable for courts last year I think we all Wear it just all depends on them. Where. What happens is then the bullpen and you're gonna have to yeah him fluid. And I where you start isn't really and a ring and be the next thing you know elements. If you you have to come in six anyone's ball game you might cause him out two nights later. Oh and you might have to. Through the seventh inning another nice. There as a righty making come out through lefty righty matchup you know I mean who knows you know let. Hey everybody I feel. I worked there butts off every single day you position play whatever role was there and play that day and I think a tremendous job. Collison askew in the in the couple years and we had conversations. You thought about coaching no ups and not not at all I can deal personalities. I have zero tolerance for stupidity. And I could never heard. Be politically correct name and I'm supposed to say certain things and Johnson's baby sitting other players who are close to. Tolerates and other things I can do it. Well and don't tune in to radio. I had. I share your radio you can't do this and that's okay I didn't. I did didn't who is it that made his entire career after that. There's and all along that out just don't you go crazy Howard Stern Howard Stern admitted there's a prime guy that I think. I signed up 500 million dollar contract with satellite radio some years ago and that kind of salary would have worked out you might have been 500 billionaire but it didn't really work out then look at apparently he owned. Stock if not how. Half ownership of them serious. Yes such salad with satellite radio which was revolutionary at the time it really wasn't good idea. Let's think just neglected indoors you know like and then pandora came out and as they can last for him as the end satellite radio but yeah. Well let's cut a deal alive on the radio right now. Will get in touch with the your agent you BO weekly guest states that. Down I'm down although he ratings might spike for the wrong reasons and it's OK as long as I'm that is lies unless held responsible for any essay that's five foot go right ahead bowl run a disclaimer for you. And thanks Carlos good luck this you they can't appreciate it. And there are areas. It is Carlos Torres as we discussed prior to the airing of that interview didn't see if he victory aptly. About the WBZ. And the other guy that. Packages start at right there you would be a regular on the radio stations you have that those are coming guys need to lock in guys that are not afraid to. Everett ruffles feathers. That the right way to describe I are upside so this Carlos Torres on the AJ collectibles topsy. As jump right back because were really short on time tonight at rules hockey. Are coming up at the bottom of the hour at an opportunity. Just that it goats do its outlook Brewers outfielder Domingo Santana. And you talk about a guy that really. We're gonna get some clarity on this year. That is indeed Domingo Santana let's put on the AJ collectibles Nazi. Tim Allen Maryville baseball park spring training live 2017. Would Brewers right fielder Domingo Santana Domingo are event from the movement that's been a yeah well more important how you are. How's the arm the shoulder and elbow. There are both things done. Yeah and that's the main thing you guys not only have to produce went to produce you have to stay on the field. Yes arm and that's our own zone where is supposed to do you know because you learn you can of the teamwork you know. How do you think this spring has been for you so far on the has been very you know been a home. Through these things in Rome in some new guys you know doing their own together with a no team has this has been good. United feel the team will do this year and are you into predictions you want to predict anything on the their thing you know I know the team is reviewed you know. Edmonton and we are losers guys alluded to a lot of of them weren't you guys are ready for those. You know school name I know everybody can get it together and through the season. Domingo before I was a radio guy I was brewer fan and still I'm a fan I'm a fan first and man I'm I'm really cross my fingers. I this is really do good things to do Bruce for. Don't listen enlarges the greens maybe we'll great fans who knows. Like you there in those movies from you guys who played. As does their vermin as wounded. We played like half the season last year wanna say like eighty games is that about right voters Estonian. Millions. Those. No versatility. Moving around the diamond can can you play other positions coming out of on through decisions and knows. Almost on a few easy let's lose. More easily than ever feel because Craig Counsell has said the first itself and versatility as. Pretty good asset for you guys. Us in the threw just. Learning wanna bet on the order if no matter to me on his own cause there's just. It's more you know and I realized that. I think your profile pretty decent and it's like either a two or five. It's the hardest thing in our own little mower villages I don't know of the team went. One through nine it would be fine yes all right Domingo good luck thank you very much. And areas it is Brewers right fielder Domingo Santana to Arenas and the agent collectibles Nazis as discussed. Died Domingo Santana who wouldn't think that there's a tremendous amount of pressure on him. Some would however I would understand that argument missed some time with the main stance and it just young enough again the barometer here. Is what we're finding out is that the perspective in which you look at the brewers' bill and that is. Win out they can crack new to the point arc that's really what it comes down to sell. If a guy is young enough to be in his prime at that time after him every opportunity get their right right now yeah. That makes a makes a lot of by its so and Domingo Santana. Is probably one problem he joined us along with Carlos Torres in the AJ collectibles. Hot seat age eight collectibles. Located 7201. West national avenue in west Dallas sports cars mixers jerseys and more. The midwest largest. Why a Bobble heads they cast three year old cards as well. Look for months FaceBook HCA's collectibles. You listing the spring training live 2007. Team. Presented by Matt Capps market while it's no cell where you'll find house made drops hundreds of different Beers. It all you local fixes to fuel your tailgate but home opener busy Matt Capps market in wallet Sosa. Also presented by Hilton garden and park place they don't garden and park place minutes from my company falls to the Twin Towers and auto mall. Booked a room or try out there restaurant in Bart today. Still to come. On the show. Will have little surprise worry about that will do that next year but spring training live on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. And welcome back it is spring training he lives 2007. Team presented by Matt Capps market wallet Sosa. And the Hilton garden in park place Tim Allen bay beach house here merry go baseball park. I would say another two weeks ago until camp easily easily. But learned a lot. Got a lot on not quite done yet however we have a big hot still well normal. A time of hot stove is Sunday's. At 10 AM we got a special spring training live addition from Maryville baseball park this Sunday morning at tan. A two hour edition Sparky will joy Sunday morning so. But reported that. One of the guys having. Bump a little bit of a question mark put. Right next to his name in terms of that. Question knew that we talked about last last segment. Who is going to develop into a strong player by the time the Brewers make the playoffs next guy. Guy that's really maybe a little bit of a question mark is this that is right hander Jimmy knows absolutely I mean coming off the year that he had last year's. ERA was inflated he spoke about. You know not being as sharp day in day out that he wanted to be you know the mental part of the game that we've talked about this whole week long. Played a little bit of factor the Aaron and you know it does. We forget man these guys aren't. You know fourteen on your battles and they are not robots yet and a fourteen year veterans have been around the block a time to certainly they're not to so mechanical. But they have no emotions running through when we always think that they're a bunch of rated show overpaid. Jobs than the other big bunch though I got to do is throw the ball yeah but it's at the plate to its game and you know what okay. It's as we speak here in in Phoenix Arizona it's it's 94 degrees you guys get on the mound this over the ball. Oh I don't know. Seventy times yeah it's hard as you came out in the leaking some on. Yeah with cancer a full you don't. Eat that but but you know what I think all of us would do it. I absolutely academic one person listening to Atlanta as well the three million these guys make that thirteen other two point eight grade. Make it a lot easier. Anyway let's let's put Jimmy Nelson Brewers right there on the AJ collectibles Nazi. It's returning live 2017. Tim Allen Maryville baseball park Brewers right hander Jimmy Nelson giving our event and love us. I've I don't how dire are things feeling good everything else that you agree. And then. Couple things off season. That's been looking good so far and and off a little bit. I feel comfortable and physically and analysts are excited. There's no question your work ethic and and work habits that I mean that's the one common theme I've I've heard the last few years would you get that from. On Jesus and I guess that's kind of how Australians and a puzzle is Tom from my family it's. To work for everything in and nothing's given to him. You have to earn everything else. I was gonna have that mindset of you know from young Asian and and then he notes and I got to college you know kind of amplified hubris Alabama and I'm. And I got there and they kind of amplified some of the same. The same views and that's not Matt have all of you felt this spring in terms here and your results here. I felt good and it's. You know here in the first your focus on this is. You know first couple weeks or whatever you're working on certain things. It's you know so worried about the results when you're working on stuff. It is always nice see results in when you are working on stuff you know it's nice to see him. Things work in the way that you wanted to. So yeah I mean I'm who gonna slam and this is ready to get out there and it's Lawrence. I want to ask you. I mean you're that you're workhorse on the mound. Back home there is a foot of snow who's hot in here it's ninety's and he got to be on the ball there you might work in up the lather out there. I mean. Whether I'm here in Milwaukee where it's for this now properly analyze either at their place in it's time for his sweaty in so yeah. Facility dance. But yeah it's pretty impressive. I mean yeah I. Throw anywhere just as Monica fan but. I thought throughout Craig Counsell on a couple of times in the last few weeks and I he had said competition breeds. A good thing and they Aris there's some competition here and is that it's not a set lineup here. He made mets' new UN will. Being here Freddy important year for you guys to take that next up you you started out last year against them. To set on fire I mean so is it do you consider this a big year for yourself. I mean I consider him. I consider honestly every year big year and and one. Yeah there's yeah there's certain times when it clicks in 2000 struggle no matter what it is for any player. Yeah where you take it to the next Lowe's whenever. Theres things out to consistently do that they're playing every game every starter. You know whatever so it's not like something goes. It's something that you coming up. Figured out and it clicks in and and you maintain that over here and rest your career. And I feel like there's a couple things have kind of on the place here I mean mechanically and mentally in the spring training yeah really good about it have been able to repeat it every time I've been out there and. And it will keep the same answer every question I'm excited about it Jimmy in the and the metal part of this game to kick into yup let's pitch down man that's it's ruined a lot of great careers. I gotta have a good head. Yeah I mean what others I don't think there's any other sport out there where they can fail seven out of ten times and be a hall of Famer you know I mean. There is 300 phils have not been times. If you put good swings on it. He's succeeding got history of a ten time for the sport. You can't. But vastly can shoot 30% on fame and it's. They can have him. 30%. You know. Thirty win percentage in football about a Kramer and now three for tennis in order grass it's is definitely a sport that passionately. And just went at season's do. What's his physical that's awesome that. But as a competitor man here you have a tough outing you're right everyone I don't care who we are. God would be on the mound he's gonna have a tough outing Asomugha yeah it's just as a as a competitor I mean a natural instinct is. There you go there and Carter it. Check in and they'll try harder just let just let yourself play you know to relax a little bit. Perform better when you relax and no I think. From our end to last a little bit as tough outing in my next you know trying to make up for it and more now. It's an announcement I think it's noble is when he just over track. I would I would go crazy and they're hard locker room several times and it's it's been under or. That's not necessarily by me and I as a synonym for an absolutely Jimmie could look man that's a big year for his every year is a big year in -- love and appreciate. I welcome back there is Jimmy Nelson on the AJ collectibles hot seat here in spring training line 2017. Are you heard of say a man. Out there everyday every game as a big game. Every game he pits is okay fair enough. Whether bigger this year. Heard him well this one is bigger every time you every time every time they go out on the field it's bigger than the game before yeah and especially for a guy that's grind. Prove himself an. Honestly the by the books in his career where he was drafted where expectations. Were. He has got to perform or else the Brewers are gonna have to at least. You know. Lessen their expectations are entertaining the idea that he's not you know that the top number two to her right possibility of number one he thought he was at one time I agree entertain that idea if Jimmy Nelson does not cavities. If he comes. At the end of this year. 2017 and he still sit there. This season went okay at a nice stretch in there but he ended up all told with a 453. ERA. Now is lifetime ERA is four point 58. I think your right I think you have to entertain that idea that maybe. Just made that maybe a for a five it's that a similar to Eritrea absolutely well wells that are right that's gonna do for us. Admirals hockey is up next the next time please speak deal will be out another it is in the spring training live the wrap up show this Sunday morning yet and it'll be a two hour extravaganza. With Steve Sparky fight for joining passive from studio society Steve fight for how's that is we'll see review push his buttons. Out of college and that art. At that if it takes to Matt Capps market wallet Sosa they Hilton garden in park place. And age eight collectibles admirals hockey is up next. For Jeff for olasky bill Schmidt Steve Sparky five for my name is Tim Allen does have a great night practice Sunday morning and smile Milwaukee the world will smile back.