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The BIG SHOW 5PM: Brewers Outfielder Brett Phillips Talks Spring Training, & Tim Allen's Interview with Ryan Braun.

Mar 17, 2017|

03/17/17: The Wendy's BIG SHOW 5PM Hour - Ramie and Gery talk spring training with Brett Phillips and talk about his famous laugh, while Tim Allen dissects Braun's viewpoint when it comes to spring training and what his and the team's goals are.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Check one you want him. That's Brett Phillips during the arm checked down here in the brewers' clubhouse probably Mac Lofton Gary Ellis and 2017. Spring training Brett I feel element and great guys get to see guys you has done real well read the thing that and I don't know if you like this or not you got notoriety for when you first came up to the big league you got 21 days at the big leagues was the last few ever get sick of people trying to make you laugh. You know that is a that at that they're great question on average how locked out of the field fans liked it last for me and I got to joke Fauria it's like guys like. You know when I'm on the field I go like that. You know on him at game time my job when I'm off the field you know we have line we do a little. Ops IQ we do that the video of mud on. It is a little annoying sometimes that people are like it to your life or I just can't laugh at that belly laugh you know what it's all fun and there's only good publicity on in. The viewers. I got sort of a funky latitude so I I get where you're coming from yep because once you start and on the same what you can't hit not as anybody ever gotten you on the field. Now I've I've never been locked up on the field and they locked up after. Just because you know when I'm in between those lines. I'm trying to win you know I'm just pool you know harper and so. On that zone is it different on on the ball field compared to win on you know in the clubhouse there. Are my around. Now do you pull almost left on my serve it didn't really help. I did not have an average last year that people or alike because I had deal bleacher ranks Roy yardage DL I've been now that did not I did that growing into a. This was a little while curvature this year though in some play retirement. Do what you need to do. You know I I feel great I just because of the yacht the injury last year I didn't get you show them walk uber strikeout little. You know basically what kind of player analysts obviously on they could watch video here but it's a different thing to attraction he had. On so this year super excited you La. It's a match at and playing time on the field to show them you know how I can contribute you know it's a feature and help them walk numbers when when ballgame 1243 yesterday and I I know you guys don't like to put a lot of waiting to spring training but that had to be a nice little confidence boost your accident not a great game to be ants do. Because hitting is contagious. Guys I think there is like a number out haven't seen on a per like. Point three reached a ridiculous on a littlest. But on you not get very I wasn't I didn't actually play yesterday. But on that we can everyone feeds off that in a locker room point four runs I mean at us is unbelievable. You know lot of young guards who don't would it seems like there's a lot of guards that can play a lot of different positions you heard a lot of athletes on the team. Yeah you know there's a lot of versatility here on which helped Craig Counsell on I mean actually doesn't help for a counselor that's harder decision form but it. It helps you know it then. In a way where you know the talent coming out. They have more pick and choose from you know not only you note. It's not like one guy can play and position he's got options and options are always good spurt for in a staff like for Craig's them. You for your belt when you were you know when you first start playing very well sure you play numerous positions from you know are we first started. I mean I played them all I handle I always incurred younger kids are so plan all because you know. When you never know what position you're going to be that that mine's wall. Did good animal all and then when trying to make that decision yet there's. They'll now with one position you you'll be good those other positions will only make you better at that one position you're you're you sound down like Ryan bronze he came up as a third baseman. And he always tells me like can't help my full work so much and now feel that I'd never was an infielder I want you to the out there and now at. It's soft player at final. You match and Ryan brawn and he's obviously the longest tenured member in this locker Norman and really. It's weird thing in this day and I've been covered Ryan Bronson to got in this league one of the older guys. In this clubhouse has he sort of stepped up as a leader and who else is sort of been. One of the the leading voices in this club I'm glad you asked that. On Austin you know curve for guys. That guy full knowledge on I'm three. Your lockers from and Axl and other mediocre it I'd be stupid for me. Talks too. Much information. I can help record in the future. O line he's been awesome humbling and I'll give the guys will need to be at bats Andy. Nothing helpful. Joba Chamberlain. Alters winner. Pars you know. We don't have that name. But that better if you are all. Players now. Per were were you work. You saw Tom I expected to better my game as a whole line up a broad answer played it you know at the moment. Passed out. For like going out there. Working hard hat and find out after right way having a good team that then nine super big on working on your. How note throughout the years. On I didn't really had a picture I'm bronze. And so La. But as a as all my game as a whole battering you know every aspect that he even from the mental part of the game. One of the first things announcement came down this clubhouse have been in a few clubhouse is it's it's quiet here and there's no music you have the TV's is that sir is that an edict from from the veterans or. It's probably still a choir because Terrell Owens I hear about winner on and here we're and we're having fun we're talking life and vote on it you just can't. Came in. At times and good time would be later right before we ever meeting and it runs and here. Doing archery and you know didn't have camaraderie that you see it all out usually. You know obviously here as many everyone's working now innings. And it's grade ten it's I would. Our outfield talent up against anyone in in Major League in them. They're forty man we have eight guys that hang on the forty man who play the outfield and that's always gonna you know that compositions to bring the best out in. On and it helped the more Kuper on. Obvious in these guys go down there are producing you know that only that's only gonna help us on. But as an individual can bring out the best because I know on compete against the best and I attribute that to be better than the guy and me so. Mom if you look at it like on the knee and there's no chance at the end titled in your you know us Lagos. Let. I'll do the talent the comp that friendly competition between holes and what does Brad Phillips do when he's not playing baseball. Watching TV playing video games. Yeah play quality big new engine you know every day almost. On but just relax and because he's on days you know were are the effort you know 8 hours here evident morning. You know after you leave here. I'm just settle down and you know and I. I would I would say for about an hour a day maybe. Now. I can't do it all day. I can't yeah. And cut off growth. We appreciate. There's Brad Phillips the conversation trailers and I and we theater owners to a couple of days ago doubt in the burgers about that the public. Kerry groan that we're learning. More and more that you're wrong it's wrong but and hot right about grown men are both now play our game. Well. That job is playing more than an hour two group. Games anymore meet QB anymore now that. Why because I don't have to implement acute jobs and a girlfriend were accurate. Did you review. But because I choose to spend my free time the mostly watching TV through Jews who I had I had to choose between team. Okay it's much I don't leave me through speakers you'll excuse me but they're all these now regret Gregor out that up and do I stop I stop playing. Long before my girlfriend aren't but I had time port I would and it and I have no problem with that as we can't. Choosing to use his free time playing video games to just admit that you are wrong Rick short or that video game. Are not just for kids anymore record yet there. Note that not that it changes subject yet that knows that you know there. You mean to put that up last year with the news time conservation rules that Major League Baseball but in place where that do and I mean that the pitcher has. That much time I think it's two minutes in between innings. To get warmed up well that would it and balls in and play ball driven out of a great apartment yeah. With those than last year you know you just notice that now just now. Learning things I love art that's like you're a grown man you played any of it that's the thing. Happening in 27 to you know we watch cartoons and we play video games that's just the reality of it we're gonna reset the big topics discussed are the third. Big show and give you the final say on a it's Great Lakes dragway pick a lane next. On the Wendy's big show lap numbers spring training and in the Holtz Chevrolet studious hole. Is that time here on the Wendy's big show are probably back off. Looking buff body here offers great trick it up with over accurate bad to running back. Gary Al there's that Steve Sparky piper. Back in our tails corners studios that you've missed it to ballots conversation with Ryan broad and spring training live last night it's coming your way here in the Wendy's big show. At 535. Final hour of the Wendy's big show. For brewers' spring training and speaking of Brian Ronnie is the one and all leeway in that you have to pick from. In Great Lakes dragway pickle mind you bronze comments yesterday father use 7991250. Or you can email us live at 1057 at them that man that cap you don't know which comments I'm talking about it was after brown was done. In his spring training game yesterday. And used out in the clubhouse talking to be gaggle of reporters. And he was asked about a particular at bat he went he had it went about ten pitches. And ended with they mile high fly ball that landed about five feet from home plate. It was called an air it landed fair. He got a double a lot of it Lewis brits and who is running from the crack of the bat with throughout came all the way around from second base to score. And he said my favorite spring training at bat is a first pitch lineup to sadder. Or even battery first pitch line drive double play because we are all in the business of saving time. We don't get paid by the hour the reporters started laughing he looked and stone faced and said. I'm serious. I'm not kidding. And those comments rubbed a lot of people the wrong way including our very own Steve Sparky piper. Yeah I'm not a big fan of his comments com. Number one and when you when you start drop in the line of what we don't get paid by the hour and said just saying. Look man I need a lot of practice I'm Ryan brawn you're not I don't need to go through all these dang things that these are for younger players. I'll I'll be good to go come April instead of Saints something like that which probably still wouldn't sit while some people. When he drops off well you know I don't get paid by the hour line in my opinion now all you're doing his offending people. That work they're dated day jobs and you're making millions and millions of dollars and you don't wanna go up there and have an at bat or two or go out there it's in the warm weather of Arizona. And watch a baseball game in the dugout instead you'd rather you know not be there. I'm be on the golf course or whatever it is Ryan Braun doesn't spare time Allen all friend running plays they'll maybe he doesn't. Ops I think you you offend people that way that's the first thing the second thing is when you are AP ED user and you've been. Proven to be a PED use or I guess at this point you've been suspended for it and then you. Our im pretty much insinuating. That. You know first pitch and wide out to send her first pitch double play liner a double play. I need is like out game as quickly as possibly don't have time for all the stuff that allied Doug Doug then I mean what why would you take steroids or PD's gives you wanna take the shortcut. Debt becoming great. That's what you wanted all by the time and effort you rather be take the shortcut to getting healthier than going through all the rehab and everything else so that also helps explain a lot. With the right wrong comments to third factor you wanna start dot about again and I know a lot badly don't want to about being role models. But research iron about. You're favored a bad is getting an Al and I don't care how you phrase it and some young kid reads that. As gone oh cool warmup or practice today I'm pretty good too I'm not gonna worry about I'm gonna just do the bare essentials and get out of there I just don't. I think it's a good look for young kids regionals quotes from Ryan brawn and Gary said it earlier. You know you gotta be a role model in your household and you've got to take care of your own kids not worry about what athletes and that's what most athletes and that's fine. The judge of the matter raise kids do look up to athletes whether today. What the weather average wild look up tumor or not they watch a mine TV. And that's kind of all the whole thing Dole's a mean basketball dealer outside their dryly yelling. You know Michael Jordan or LeBron James or stuff courier whatever playing basketball. Everything happens with with kids I wanna play baseball. I'm now Brian Brohm might be some kids favorite baseball player and he reads of that at. And I I just I think it was poorly done by Ryan and I figured he had to do it over again maybe he'd phrased it differently. Photo finish out here in the sausage race between Italian sausage and hot dog at because Italian sausage via link but Jerry what did you make of Ryan Bryant's comments. I just think it's to me as much ado about nothing in its usually round brought you don't last like Ryan Rowland and that's where you know falling. Ryan brought fan but I don't agree with Sparky on this I mean that's for the most part right the majority view it a salary like some sort. Few. The dells that level Marin Ryan Braun we trust him we'll go with whatever recess here law because those people tweeting you're right and what you said Gary those people that I know that regular people it's beat the shelf. Those that don't like brawn are anti or we're anti LeBron because they don't liking cheating are still anti broad don't sit supported Ron cheating are still pro brought. So yours what you get in my with that all if you were mean. Whether it was Ryan brought anybody else does that you take round about sort of threw the currency less they were right answer a few from. I mean look spring and I what is. Yet the spring training wait too long I mean they know you know north. And he threw it in the week we often praise guys we've media that's it we. The praise it's there and it hurt them through three things that is on the amount we like those guys in week. But give up (%expletive) we community can definitely guys don't say what you would please note there is old. If so I don't know we can't have it both ways and I think that's what you're trying to do here but I think it all lined up if you don't like the guy you don't like if you liked. Do you. Think it's OK but me I'm neither either one if you're welcome Ryan brought sort of see it I do think. You're right Eric people. A lot of athletes and coaches and front office people give cookie cutter answers the reasoning go man I wish somebody would just I was like let's be honest living as honesty human being right people kill him for being honest because they don't necessarily feel the way. That he feels really hear from Ryan Braun himself with him we are coming up at 535. Right now we're asking you. Does do those comments Biron brought bother you 79912. Victory can email us live. At 1057 FM the fan that counts of what it only lane and Great Lakes dragway picked a lane. Sparky I don't have a problem what Brian fronts that but. 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Schedules really grind so I think sometimes you try to how guys play every day ultimately they're going to get hurt. And I think one of the biggest keys to success is a team is avoiding the bigger injuries and your better players. That's right Ron talking about what he hopes to accomplish in spring training this is a Wendy's big show live numbers spring training they trail the Royals right now eight to four. They trail the Royals this game in the top of the seventh inning I'm Ronnie Mac laugh along with Gary Ehlers and Steve Sparky piper back in our holds Chevrolet studios that was a snippet. A Brian browse our organization with rock with Tim Allen that's coming your way at 535 here. On the Wendy's big show right now we're asking you if you have a problem with the comments by Ryan Braun discussing spring training answered not the one duster and their but the one that he said. Two reporters including our very own Adam McKelvey and quote. My favorite spring training at bat is a first pitch lineup to setter or even better a first pitch line drive double play. Because were all in the business of saving time we don't get paid by the hour reporters laughed Ryan Braun looked Adams don't base and set I'm serious. I'm not kidding erupt Sparky the wrong way to the rub you the wrong way 7991250. Or you can email us live at 1057 FM the fan. I cannot Ramey we only have one lane right to greatly Charlotte takeaway the only way so I'm gonna kind of just let everybody did you know what they wanna get on it in on it if there's somebody else they wanna talk about it and that's obviously wrangled this persons of fathers and before the top and our sports flash. I easier address now toting in all kinda Milwaukee your next stop the Wendy's big show greatly straggler deadline what's up Tony. You guys aren't good at Gary video I mean. You can the old man and late radio. It's the true. It's all mets' own. Thirty. You're here for. Or are you playing girls. Have their own act but they they like Lago being the game I'll play it after they go to bat. Yeah on Wednesday while you do not mean you are not way out not. An area where they were so. I. So the girls evidence out there and grab and you have your own Xbox starting. I have I have an act black on and playstations or in the living here today one daughter has an act like that in a room and my other daughter and we. About. Through its our own thank you already got a might save Debra. Not announced. Yeah you know winning and they don't cause you a lot of. I Poland to Mary. There you go out. I don't think. There's there's road rage all over that dude you know since. When. You're you're you're grown as Miguel Cairo wife yeah yeah. How much freaked out Yemeni typical date you go to work. You go follow me prod and rate baseball or football practice from Brock whatever the case may be would all sent them done all you're duties. As as as the host here on the ban. As a father saturates after you've gone to the Jimmy taking huge himself beat. How much free time you have left it in the room there. C'mon man there's not like it now or reason that watching TV it's not a bigger arm are mark but I. I guess my my laser from being yet we'll be there cigar. And it was a case of what's different feeling you sitting down for a half hour an hour or whatever it is now and enjoy and it's a garden whiskey or Tony. Or myself yet other grown as men out there is sitting down for half an hour hour. For a game of mad at. Are qualities that geography with Duke coming out. He talked you like dark arts. Program your regular way actually know what are you away. From me talking more now I've played media guides and never yeah that you Wear those I did talk to other pretty. The chuck do you know if you know are unbiased view can be accessible to other out not that. No drugs or not acceptable when their own with them you know argued a year ago. My argument. And you're just showing that you have no idea which talking about Mario are. One of the more solid I got to know I just it's a slump this that broke right. Or daughter or as well I thought boy is very much although there from the dark. They're doing. I thought I'd do. I. You come up with one boundaries and yet micro mentioned playing video games and every this is the first half that we discussed is that now we got to the door. It every conversation that we have about this. You don't make one valid point for why grown man shouldn't or couldn't play video games Ernst or Marla I'll move on Mike and Joseph sell your next Ingraham makes drag like pick a lane with Gary Ellis and running back off rubber spring training Steve Sparky part. You Spartan like her because of that video game Formica. You do some tired you are expert and go to the white. But. I would just Syria aren't here yeah Marvin yours yours stick with him and could you. Be given and that talk wary of what people think there haven't paid you'd like what would you do what would you do. Then there's the what I would do would remember on its comments are a 100% accurate OK because. We need him to be healthy so we can trade him. So he's he's could have less spring training it bad. So hopefully these trials in the post here almost whatever they expect you got doesn't you'd being Gupta good you're. Little Ali in spring training good why don't you go to whatever you got do. I feel that's with the younger folk. You're doubtful ways for the good show on opening days it reached one needs to be can create. We do that need to be spending twenty million dollars. Two or three years from now on him would we're going to be damn money for pitching which we do not have a Meyer. On thing. My main. Oh thanks for the little girl but Gary you admit that the optics of it or are bad right. Especially the we don't get paid by the hour line. Again I can I can act Nadal to Derrick Rose or. I don't think that's occurred after lineup on I don't know why it's a part owner but I mean you'd let me. Wrote we look at right now in the outfield along well with them right now with the Oakland when he mean what's gone wrong when it really got blown those all the the plate right now they're done. Yet they're going to it. Yes. Still you don't see how this compares to and Derrick Rose said I wanna get loose and watch my son's graduation fifteen and I thought the dirt this question and are you from walking down the dirt rolled thing right that's romance but you understand why people don't want to hear that. It's stupid to me. I mean dirt road is our coaches really don't lighter road and think about it at certain is that some bad knee injury. Please you know you don't wanna recruit we don't we're being recorded its not be. If it double worked here that I sort of the most one of the most serious thing I ever seen in my life was Earl Campbell the married. Yeah as you go Super Bowl to meet your name is out there. They got Earl Campbell they Brigham and it will jump elevator because of the aisle so tight you can't do it roach you're done in your rookie you're done now. You guys have a little Earl Campbell all of ours wrote here and they were taken him down the house to. Different media steaks right to do it and write for many. I did it I get a two on dirt rolled up our. Here I know I I get what they're always that and I get what Bryant Bryant said but and Bryant and and Bernard said this earlier Josh Bernadie used to sit in the chair that I now ousted in a Wendy's big jump. Ryan Ron knows. How those comments come off and that there are people out there that don't want to hear so I agree with you I have no problem with the comments I understand the comments by both right brawn. And Derrick Rose didn't critically when it but at the same time. You have to understand how that's gonna be perceived by people and the flip side of that is Sparky even though you perceive it that way. You have to understand and realize what Ryan Braun is saying and he's not the first batter in position player to think that spring training. It's a little bit too long it was just a poor choice words in the way that he said. Sure. So were all on the same page. Yeah there is so there's really no problem. Here they are not not at all and eager testicle cheater that good is complaining about him not getting paid by the hour to go out there and play spring training baseball. Doesn't afford Garrett was a 100% right it if you were so a supporter abroad before as a Jeter then you still are any if you work a supporter brawn before. And brought angers you this just adds fuel to the final and there's no question that's exactly what it is because they had looking at the tweets coming and and nor some of our regulars that suite at the Shell that is exactly. The line where it's a drawn to meet some guy earlier said bronze a pimp leave him alone means America and that's not OK cool I mean it and that's a bad so. He thinks he's apparently go ahead tell your Sonny's a bit needs a Jeter had about it but I'm not I mean I'm just not gonna support his behavior and is crap talented athlete. Brian Brohm has all the charm with media. Has Jay Cutler. It just comes off the wrong way that's yeah the guys from hydrating and at times but Sparky and what doesn't come off the zone. Do you think there comes up is arrogant. Cutler's face hurts him more than anything else I mean is that how do you want to buffets that that how do you look in facing color has I think works against him sometimes abroad I just think comes across as arrogant and condescending sometimes but. Argument and maybe I'm out liar here. Yeah you know that I had a big problem is anybody would yeah Ryan Braun or anybody else using young. But at the same time when I hear these comments that he said today. I know exactly where he's coming from I just think that it support choice of words as a greatly especially when you say that. You don't get paid by the hour nobody wants you here he's a shot at work load burglary your paycheck here and athlete making twenty million dollars a year. I agree with you what the funny thing about will not funny. The thing about this is so everybody apparently based on how the story goes Tim Allen was there. Everybody laughs they thought rob was joking he realized how much of a jerky sounded like and then remove. Went on to say dude I'm serious meaning I don't what I said not seriously you can write that. Puerto much salt they saw ha ha he's joking around because it was a lot Landis and that he clip odds are no serious. Okay well then you're gonna get the fall becomes what they did you wanna go at that his he had and how. They're a lap down they are all gonna put probably next to it joking of course and breakfast and he would add out of nobody would've said a word about it we were just one other lives. But when he said I'm Syria's. Old. Gear series you know what you said is we all know brawn thinks before speaks he's not like me. He thinks before he speak espresso. Pump about perspective he thought about what he was gonna say and he knew what he was gonna say and he had a point to make by saying what he sent. He did tell at a McKelvey today though that it that he was indeed joking even though yesterday he buries don't back track is that. Right he's I see it as backtracking as well because he sees that you saw it. He saw the blow back that he got from him many Pena with a long home run deepest part of the park. And left center field that Enron eight to five now in favor of the Royals bottom of the seventh inning out here at Maryville baseball. Mark without you I'd love to have to do I don't at a time I do it but I would love to go back from Monday. Through today and see how many times this week Gary has under the words Jesus while watching encourages this story is age assists. The over thirty. At half that I've reacted to the grounds crew that while that sooner or. I think there is that both fascinated. In my this week. Think routes throughout the year Maryville and other artists during program at the roster I don't know what he he put he put that ball there was a point. I was watching the monitor a couple of innings ago Willie pro Louis struggling on the mound and he start pointing to some old divot that was out of them on the headed to get time on the grounds crew had to come out take a look at so. There isn't heads and she's. There's a patch of grass that's weren't really really been right part of the up pitcher's mound out here at Maryville and or cannot it. They didn't do it or had been doing everything they can't drive to try and mandate but. I think it's it's horrible looking rough that's looking very very rough if your home is looking rough and it needs some repairs Gary Ellison as the guest of. Different coverages that contrary to the matter what you need they can get it done guys with wearing does not come around you that we do from his home improvement projects. Now it's time to get it done with the Uga can exciting when you look at him to roofing what you would connect to upgrade your kitchen. What you can do a great you're missing bathroom and him anchor a game JJ contract can view all that done we got. Coach it up my good friend. Well it gave it back to your that is welcome mark for Jason he can get it down for you. But a quick break out with some news out here from America baseball park before the break Keon Broxton. Left this game against the Royals with some discomfort. In the same wrist that he broke last year running into the center field while there saying that it's minor. But anytime you have an injury like that popping up again where you've already had an injury it has to be at least a slight concern we'll keep an eye on that for UC we have any news for it. Before we get out here at 6 o'clock speaking of Brian Bryant he sat down one on one with our very own Tim Allen. If you catch it last night on spring training live at catcher next on the Wendy's big show in the Holtz Chevrolet studios in Mott the brewers' spring training. Tim Allen Maryville baseball park spring training 2017. Ryan brawn Brewers left fielder of the years or stack enough for you and he ran. Yeah they really are now the only backed down on not not too many guys that have been around here as long as you and I so I don't know it is like inside jokes and you are the only ones that are on the inside out here. But know that which is the cardinal rule of radio don't do that and it feels certainly going to be a good place and a feel like with two and a half weeks ago I am physically and really get played some seeing the ball pretty well. You know my legs feel pretty did it feel like I'm running well. On the days he always is is health and overall I'm not. The ESP gonna help us monitor yours your. Days that you can play on 3540. Last year Williams who is let's get back over the 150 range you know Astros coming off surgery first ever. Real surgery I had on that a full off season this year do all of things I wanted to do. It's ultimately helped prepare my by. For the season I think plane and went sixty twos unrealistic. But ultimately like to get back over that 150 games played range. I do think it's still beneficial to that mix and an occasional day off. Ultimately I think with everybody on your roster you want to get the most out of their ability and sometimes. Dash had a playoff 162 games here you know breaking down more than you are belting out that you go through the season yeah those those are scheduled days off drive me crazy considerably. Series tied at a game apiece Sixers against Saint Louis. And I look at the lineup and yours it's just dries recurring thing. I think sometimes if you look at like the way they do it in basketball or a speculative. The Warriors of the Cavaliers of the good teams they sit guys no matter what doesn't matter who they're playing against ultimately you want to get the most out of your players throughout the course of the season. In the schedules it's it's tough it's challenging you know it's a 162 games in a 180 days. A lot of our off days are actually travel days are changing time zones and zone with rain delays on the road unfortunately. But the schedules really grind so I think sometimes you try to have guys play every day ultimately they're going to get hurt. And I think one of the biggest keys to success as a team is avoiding the bigger injuries with your better players we don't see you all the time but you're you're mentoring some of the younger guys what was that some in the organization asked that you were just something you did. Well something I've always done and something I've enjoyed I think there's just more guys. That I have the ability to help at this point there's so many young guys here and looked around the room and there's a lot of guys have minimal experience so I think sometimes they come to me sometimes I go to them on but ultimately there's a lot to learn about adjusting. You know as you make the transition from the minor leagues in the major leagues and then. They're not a routine once he gets the major leagues that puts you in optimal position to be successful so that's the biggest things is hoping answer at a routine whether it's. On you know with the Sharks in workouts or with their batting practice routine of the way to take ground balls are fly balls this emphasizing the importance of having a routine I think it's. Always one of the keys to success for for everybody last late July how close we come to losing in Milwaukee Tom probably two minutes away. Think the deadline was to and its partners decent chance. Relative Allen of anonymous so. It wasn't meant to the end. I'm happy to be back so we'll see what happens I don't now at ten and five got him here in May. With the mother of all contracts are my on the roll situations for a while player. As a player it's something special that you learn I mean it's harder than ever think he had ten years in this game you look around the games against so young so it's become more and more challenging to get to that point so certainly got to do. On something right you have some success on the field Miller's stick around for that long. I'm so definitely something not to look forward to in and out when I'm fortunate enough to get their of the new products final thing I promise. What what would constitute a successful year here for you and the team. Arm for the team I think this is the continued growth and evolution of our young guys I think some of it is. You know guys like he and Jonathan VR. Hopefully junior Garros acting he's repeating what they it last year and the biggest challenges is doing it the second time around. On the Lee makes adjustments I reports are so detailed such a challenge in the eighth. So I think for those guys repeating what they did and and I think. For somebody young guys continue to take the next step forward I think our Orlando Garcia can continue to get better. You know I'm of liked what I've seen out of a lot of our young guys you know Josh -- quite an opportunity at some point and I still really believe it or Lopez. On it's you know there's there's huge upsides goes yeah I mean in the she just has so it would Jimmie and Willie croft sizable holes does have great arms and great stuff so. Certainly there's opportunity there and then depending on what happens with you know those Frandsen and Ryan or Brett fellow officers there's a lot of guys who at some point we'll probably get an opportunity. On and it will be very telling to us to see how they just the major leagues to figure out when we're going to be competitive no shock the world statement on. I mean it's possible. Yes certainly not impossible I think almost everything I have to go right while. Yeah I mean it's it's definitely not impossible it's for sure and one of the one of the biggest things are going for us is that there's so much competition. And I really think that our roster from 46 to forty there's a lot better than it's been in years past. And you know you're gonna use all of those guys throughout the course of the season so we do have guys here are guys that aren't performing the guys come up I think are going to be better players we've had in years past now. It's possible yeah Austin Ryan here's ten more thank you appreciate it. Him out there is Brian Ron. Oh right. And I mean. It. A oh. Producer numbers. So. Out there. Now that went and I got it my body not. Wear them. You know. Back in in you drop. There. After all. That happened oh. Literally went right in between. You aren't you UTE press box. The next you. Next to us Nike in the act young bu. All. It used to be all open era there's not a huge opener with the Eagles and other out the other sat at the Villa in between those. Guys out here. A little scared. But that's him out with Ryan brought a few guys. If you missed any of Tim Zurich Gary and I as interviews out here numbers bring tree they're all up it fanned on demand at 1057 FM the fan back count him out coming up tonight. With spring training like you hear from Jimmy Nelson and Domingo Santana and there but Sparky heard Ryan bronze say that at the trade deadline was two minutes later. He probably would have been out of here and we knew that that deal was close but that close. Yeah that close mandate they said it was that close and I would love to know what happened I. My money is on Stearns was trying to get a better prospects in the Dodgers were offering up on top of Yasser Al we. On and he screwed it up and and went to high he could had we get a couple of break probably decent prospects. I any try to go for the moon and ran out of time that's my guess is the one out and I know inside knowledge but that's all I can come up with because the story was pretty into prospects. That's a lot. Forgot it's always much money as Ryan brought a new week you saw argues coming into his prime minorities struggled but still there's a lot lot to that dude. And in two prospects on top over. Think we as 2445. Now yeah I think he's point 58 to look we comes out adds a monster year this year Dillon back from that angle might know what could have been. Right now we talked with David Stern's earlier in the week and I asked in the question Sparky do you think Brian Brohm will be here. When you guys get where you try to go in this process. As he called and David Stern's look me dead in my eyes sparking with a straight face said he does think Brian Brohm will remain number do you believe that when you hear it carries same question to you. Not oh. Pencil in and out that was the case and why you try to move at the deadline last year Dave and I mean c'mon seriously stop. Maybe you're gonna you're gonna move this cat if you can get to deal that you want now Jim and he's got trying go to getting king's ransom for the student and that's fine. But he's got to stay healthy he's got to have a monster first have to try and get it done again. Don't regret things are ultimately they they want him what don't know they want him but he will be treated them just look at what's going on right now with this team here. There's a resort either go. I. Meanwhile it'll be. Little little over three weeks before they get this thing going for real Sparky and now you get fox sports Wisconsin beat both fox sports and now it's not just the broadcast of the game is what you get brought can't you get spots ports of scouts and 24/7. On DirecTV in the best way to get that is through sights sounds solutions. As their rights and some solutions in Waukesha Allen as the got it you're gonna wanna talk to buy in in this case says here all you have to do. Now just pay close attention is right down the phone number but I'm gonna give you. Check out that that will Libya at the end of the conversations the AT&T home phone eighteen T Internet plus. You get DirecTV as Ronnie said the choice baggage includes fox sports Wisconsin next day installation. All of your direct TV in both situations nine Anders blizzard at time when happen but in both situations next. They installation. Plus you get the G which is there DVR thousand hours of recording time five shows recording a one time. At the most and plus he hit NFL Sunday ticket next football season for furry. Gotta love that watch all the NFL football games that you want all season long. Pull loss. Ideology only gonna get all of right here with cited some solutions and walkers are you can't get a bike on the 1800 number and that is to the following three items or furry. A three HDTV up three Blu-ray player or a hundred dollar visa gift card two of those 34 furry. And all you editors Paul Allen its lead in sound solutions today sign up. 99 dollars a month two year contract in your on your way with a great bundle package 2625102725. To 62. 51027. To money five. It's the right is make sure we're live. The brewers' spring training and Mary Bell baseball park I am along with Gary dollars and they trail the Royals eight to five out here top of the ninth inning. In spring training action Steve Sparky piper. Back in our Holtz Chevrolet studios in lovely hails corners Wisconsin Sparky was there anything you want to know or anybody want to hear from that we did not accomplish out here. Emperors spring training. No I think I'm pretty good netted Sid it's an arrest and noted hear them say that they are. Moving Phillips run Kordell and Brentson together. AAA and they want to keep those three guys together kind of making it seem like that's the future outfield but. Key number Ross it's gonna hassle than say about this base and how he's looked this spring. And if you can stay healthy. Hey I'm not had that bone chip that you referenced earlier being an issue then I just. I don't know I just think there's gonna have to be odd guy out here at some point I mean I could see it being Kordell Broxton in Branson and I think maybe Phillips and that being the odd guy out. Before this is all said and done is that right or Dell can flat out. Hit outs thinking the same thing about Phillips is a great guy and and and looks like a very good prospect and should be a pretty good baseball player. Up at the Major League level someday but you look at some of the athletes that they have. Coming up through the system you'd even mention really Corey rate. Bertrand Phillips a couple of other Trent Clark ran a couple other guys that are coming up through Cooper's system that looked to have bright futures. There's that there is a bit of a logjam in the outfield and some team is going to be lucky to have Brett Phillips someday somewhere down the line bat think you might just be the odd man out when it comes to the Milwaukee Brewers organization. Yeah I know one guy that I really like coming out of high school and he has enabled that to figured out yet and hopefully does one day to the guys just oozing with potential that's money Harrison. My vernacular at all on scholarship offer to Nebraska turned it down to go play baseball for the Brewers. Mark if you are trampled area. Yeah like for days statement area for days that spring. Are you were when spring training. It right where you cried the whole time. Well that was your night linguists old man here it wasn't solid golf again. The games out there he cooked grow and routed seconds dominoes in every night when it was introduced everybody knew that it here right now and you rent the bat there. And humans and I don't have better things out right. Let if it gets better every year and that here right now because you'd say that I'm being disingenuous but I've needed. When I say I love travelling with is change the way I traveled. He speaks injury making food scary dude most of the cleanup. Great great due to travel with maybe about him a lot of money as well one thing that want to thank everybody back in the studio wanted to thank the Brewers. For their hospitality while we've been out here and anything that you missed. Burress brings ratings up in 1057. Men and act now that's brought back John all NC highway 100 green field. And that band and a great we got here ran it back to Milwaukee and outrage get back my document me. Sights sounds and parking area on the same thing about my heart can't do it.