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BIG SHOW 4PM: Brewers Third Baseman Travis Shaw joins the crew in Arizona, Ryan Braun Spew Venom at Spring Training, & CBS Sports Insider Evan Fitzgerald talks Marquette basketball.

Mar 17, 2017|

03/17/17: The Wendy's BIG SHOW 4PM Hour - The guys talk to Travis Shaw, the Brewers third baseman, Ryan Braun's comments regarding spring training touched the nerves on some, & Evan Fitzgerald of CBS stops by to discuss Marquette basketball in March Madness.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Running back Lofton Gary Ellison from the big showdown here in the brewers' clubhouse when he seventeen spring training with Weaver's third baseman Travis how Travis I don't morning. Good near to the team how how's how's the field for the clubhouse so party got a pretty good feel for you Kaman. Yeah if I'm in. New situation for me. New on the team and learn. And transit or are you looking there this year very young team and you're part of it will what are you trying to accomplish this year with your game. Just to continue to establish myself as an everyday player don't be a platoon player wanna be the people try to plan every day at third base. For me to get back to the way I play in the first half a lap and Caldwell has there been for just trying to get in their routine yeah I mean you wanna make a strong first impression then. I feel like I Olindo pretty good Tigers renown and and I will routine and we were shuffled all right now and ankles and could play currently in. He just try to. He should make sure you're ready over April 3. The swing looked good yesterday and a 243 when Travis after after some like that you just are you just man let's get this he started enough of this spring training stuff. Spring training. Always about a week and a half weeks long for position players. Were were slowly getting to that point where the last week and a half is going to be. Kind of maintain yourself and make sure you're ready to go by the bye and the first week April. Notre a lot of comfort to hear a lot of young guys are you flew about a coaches and the with that your incurred right now. It brings up the best in everybody ammunitions. That shows who I mean you don't want anything given to you and Aaron and then. I was in the competition last spring training brought out the best of me and and the pennant differently that your. You talked about the difference from the first half last year to the second half last and some struggles that your an acute. Do you is there somebody you can pinpoint as as some that was different about the second half last year. I just for me it was kind of learning how does stay ready on days your plan and that might never gone through I've been an everyday player. In a minor leagues and in my daily courier and then. Pause and you go from start I think they're the first eighty some games last year and then they're gonna put general plan three days four days a week and kind of lost my rhythm and could never really figure out a way to get back. Notre going to be pretty soft from a former football player or you don't drink you're gonna play you know we gonna play and if you should losers moment. Airport in baseball go it's a little bit different ideas about real season's about being consistent with those were. It is and like I lost my timing at the plate try to overcome it and make adjustments when you don't really need do. And like I didn't have been handled the right way last year in. I think moved for this year that experience in the flashes and make me better player. They talk to you about what your role will be as far as how many days he'll be playing how many reps QB get. They want me to be. Again Saturday. As long as I go out there and there but no limitations on what that what that would be in. For me that's. Going to play every day that. I'm gonna keep trying to earn that spot and be it would be the guy there every day. You know there's also certain calls from our players or experts and so he's moved from him for a defer Braves this year. We're bringing in order raw emotion. And then you're going to get standing army you are a little there's meaning New York. Do in our football certainly you are hitter Joseph Herman up there irreverent. Pleasure almost technical stuff that's involved in baseball that some terms used garlic are going to thing. Yeah I mean baseball is why I think personally one of the most skilled sport and professional or I mean it takes more than just athletic and the play this game and like you just that sometimes you take trips and some guys don't come under their own until a couple of years down the road and with the experience I think guys get better. You don't want to be thinking up there at the Letterman you know the situation and whether you want to move the runner along and it took to the right field side left field side. But once you get up there at this this this this time a year where you want to think about that stuff once regular season comes and get up to that plate you just wanna be reacting right. Right this is a timer you can work on and stuff if if you wanna decent pitches get deeper and account you can you can afford to do that here work on bonds that kind of thing that I want our game on then you try to you try to make the best of each event once these aren't. Are you sure about your finger to within the locker room the younger guys who course that you don't want your bar rebuild him all of the Brewers and Marshall are young players here. Are you for the bar being involved in. Good Herbert. I hear and I think I mean we have a lot of young talented players. With time I think currently in development it vary it players. If that team here. Doing your sport's. Yet played football that all three. Tied and the football. Was a baseball is all yours your best for your first love. I love that I love playing that well and friend I had kind of a given that baseball is going to be my mind you I think. You don't you guys to do for sports. You'll see me and Q can force force and for me baseball right now a Little League not a are. It has just taken over army we were not Cooper Albert last year capitals cute I mean we could do baseball year round in me just picked up a lot of time. And I don't agree with that honestly that that young had just the specialty in court socialization I'd -- that's not I don't agree with that I think kids should play all three scores you can learn a lot from other sports and a for me a bigger guy football and basketball kinda. Help me develop a little bit more body control and probably I would have played baseball. Foot volley with a drink fan you can just you can learn a lot of things that can benefit you in baseball from others. And I let them how are you make time tour to interpret your pre lottery when you know you Garrett. People poem that you turned do this and there. I mean I played summer baseball and all that nice girl but. Once once the fall guy here and in this in a summer season was over it was a match and kept up quite a while skills are tried to as much like that. I didn't mean I'd I played all three. What does restaurant do when he's not playing baseball golf. They golfer. Housing game took the music even at 84 for. Respectable. Travis Auburn third baseman and good luck this cement thanks left for a few minutes into things. Our conversation with the new Brewers third baseman that's the area Alison and I will talk with Brett Phillips coming up in the 4 o'clock I started out a laugh. 435 who Brett Phillips yeah I could not traditional sources you'll have to wait spark. That's coming up how you feel about the acquisitions of Travis job I think it's good it's nice little bridge to look it's their sake should he. Jitters that blossom into the player that a lot of people think he could I think Travis Johnson Beisel bridge to that guy who could net you some prospects to be sent to move down the line. Yeah I think drug Charles Mormon doubles machine to get from decent average. I'm like you second had some prospects in a couple of years if and when you decide you wanna flip my compiler Travis on an issue trap shot whatsoever out of suit that he will start at third base most of the year. On maybe to get Perez some at bats maybe size over first on a given day or two but yeah I'm a slump like. Mark he's chomping at the bit to get to this Bryan Rodney he is none too pleased about that he's very pleased that I retire because of the Q club but with Johnson walked Russia it. Q hello. That. Yet. That. Note that talks about the pride. Come to the rehearsals which. Almost got a great place gets all your favor Marge tournament action or going out there dancing and Patrick today to sixteen pool table shuffle board pre tornado whose ball tables like trying to darts. Ping bond Ian Moore joined there a war wedding fish black and white space and Fries with sport different styles. Hot old. Yeah. I'll. Let Friday at the road. 10 PM until 1 AM. Jersey tequila these days and Hitler's live entertainment on Saturday night he gets all the march tournament actually on having fun yourself. Two club is also fun play soldier private parts good yelled personal VIP sweet luster pool table personal TV. Access to lose ball and ping pong as well there Q club Wisconsin 2454. North grand view boulevard in Waukesha that's where you're going two nights. Miles south of I 94 check them out and Q club WI dot com bats Q club. And WI dot com or on FaceBook. Right broad and spring training today marquis piper not a big fan Bryant brought perfect that's coming up when you know a couple of gently studios. 4 o'clock hour of the Wendy's big shelf. Probably back off the line of former packer and badger running back Jerry Ellison he's still tired from thank you club read read through spring training at Mary our entire baseball regarding this Hartford. These marquee piper is back in the holds Chevrolet studios coming up this hour haven't FitzGerald. Of CBS 58 once again he joins us at 435 talks some college hoops Gary and I. Sit down with Brewers outfielder Brett. Billups Sparky esta pre made him laugh you'll have to wait and see when he joins us at 448. Right now we wanna know. Ryan runs comments yesterday bother used 799 topic here you can email us live at 1057. At band that band. Dot com if you missed that this was after brought was taken out of yesterday's spring training game yet a lengthy battle. Where he saw about ten pitches or so it ended with a high pop fly would about a mile high landed I beat. From first base the catcher lost it in the Suns have brought ended up with a hit lose prints and came all the way around to score. From second base and they asked them. If if that was if that was good but good warm up to get ready for the regular season. And Ryan brought responded by saying my favorite spring training at bat is a first pitch line out to setter. Or even better a first pitch line drive double play. Because we're all in the business of saving time. We don't get paid by the hour. The gaggle of reporters started laughing brought Wilkens look them stone faced in the irons that I'm serious. I'm not kidding. You have a problem with those comments by Ryan Bryant's 7991250. Or email us live it 1057 FM the fan back count Sparky go. Just go. Look at it. And it wouldn't let me and it may be made this clear I'm serious too. So if that that. First off. You make millions and millions and millions of dollars to don't ever drop a line to me or any fan about how you don't get paid by the hour. Dude you make more money the most of us will ever see in our lifetime you dude in a single season. So to tell me to at all your life is so hard. You have to have a couple at bats in spring training baseball game before you go back to your Condo or go play golf for whatever it is you're gonna do while everybody else is out they're still playing. I want to hear about it I do not care. About you having to play baseball in the spring because you don't want to just stop that's my first issue my second issue is. Why do players do PED's do you think. Probably got caught out the middleman so they don't have to do as much work right to get to the point where they have to gets you quicker than before don't want to waste their time. Off. All everything started harrick a little bit more sense now rhyme brawn now isn't. I'm sorry. You're right I didn't like him before the sole cheating thing irritated the hell lot of meat. And I'm having a hard time getting over it now after these comments got into the phone calls over there. Enter yet there you. I'm after these comments now I really don't like not now we're at a whole different at the whole different level of dislike toward towards Ryan brought it was just. If you wanna play in spring training like Rodgers doesn't want to play in the pre season. Then don't. But to start telling me about it being a financial thing you'll get paid by the hour in this crap. Just stop it. And again it's not perfect player. I mean if you're hitting a thousand on the season and all you do is hit home runs and there's no room for improvement in your baseball game that there's nothing you can get better at any more. By going out there. And doing your crap in getting some extra practice time and there's quite you getting batter. If you're seeing your perfect will got question because nobody else is walking the face of the year. Mound. What's the go there I mean you've got a guy that. You're here for a long time and really do in the spring training I mean. He's gritty goal. Or where but I find it yeah yeah it's the media. Well crap that I don't like OK. Because we want guys. They were thrown him you know we want that we we don't want to go. It's Europe the answer and him we're and I have it would Danica. And then we pissed off with a guy. When he's its own man I mean with the media you can never win. So here's ram bronze billion dollars. I really don't mean there's not only work. Dirk came out at doing it a home run. It's it would put that in practice smoke that's not a coincidence yesterday not today that Miller done now put this Clark good I am out. As it is saying if you don't think I'm ready yeah. Watched it but I just think over the let out of law not easy to bundle over his man off the wall earlier in the game I just want to you know once it is your your bigger reluctant. Are. Still. Goal a lot of guys you see them they don't they're no longer older guys even knew full volume prior to lie. Those guys coming really they know what to do it and arguments are pretty spring training here the guy like run bronze. Those argued servers so you got no problem with that Nadal I got no problem with golf where you know you're gonna hang out. You're gonna help people. Because I would go back to how much more humid it was more about making from Byron he should never bring up money yet did you bring a money yet here it's that we don't get paid by the end of the green bring your money you never are. Body when you're a millionaire. And I'm not I'm not saying that it bothers me so much but I know that it's gonna rub a lot of people the Robert you know obviously does sparking a lot they can have. You know and you know our commitment and it. Blah blah blah and the of people. Less certain early F Lee flies. When they do certain things we'll because Pryor LeBron got called for it would furor he's been allegedly. You. Then beyond what the guiding him to run power. This is our our only are only collar segment of the day it's not a squeeze in as many of you guys as we can't do that no there are a lot of fans that feel the way Sparky Duke. That want to get in on this and asking you to do Ryan bronze comments bother you. 7991250. Or you can email us live at 1057. FM the fanned. Dot com one thing that never bothers me is Robert specialty meats they are on top of their game and even after march tournament bracket has holes and it already. There's plenty of great basketball to savior to savor this weekend. To make sure the food you serve up at home it's championship worthy from Roberts specialty meats Paul Roberts is no upstart. When it comes to delicious options including pork tender beef brisket. Original court may burgers pulled pork or other items. It grips on his stick are always the favorite won't list pork ribs marinated in Nate Anke barbecue sauce ready in minutes in the top ten are they guys as our mothers. Or the equally popular marinated chicken skewers and barbecue garlic -- John in door county cherry flavors called Roberts today 262. 549 meat to reserve your order. And when he visit be sure to pick up some of their made fresh daily cherry wood smoke beef steaks or jerky the perfect snack treats for watching those late night tourney games. You know I'll stick about Ahmad at Robert specialty meats Walker's shot that count for more info. And money saving coupons and for the best in meets shop Roberts specialty meats your home town butchered the improbable the Ryan Braun in the comments he made yesterday. But it's now on the Wendy's big chill went return numbers spring training right. The schedules really grind so I think sometimes you try to have guys play every day ultimately they're going to get hurt. And I think one of the biggest keys to success as a team is avoiding the bigger injuries of your better players. That was Ryan Braun Brewers left fielder there any one on one conversation he had with Tim Allen that's coming up at 535. Run talking about the grind. Of the spring training schedule and just try to make sure you get through it healthy. He he went a little bit more in depth with a gaggle of reporters talking about spring training later saying quote my favorite spring training at bat is 81 pitch line out to center or even better. Papers pitch line drive double play because were all in the business of saving time. We don't get paid by the hour. Reporters started laughing he said I'm serious. I'm not kidding rescue unit broadcast lot numbers spring training. Your problem with those diamonds me I Brian brought. The preakness bodies 799 MVP or you can email us live I don't look at aren't evidently meant and the fan back announced markets fired up about it is that. And again and Gary I looked at some movement at a McKelvey to weed out those quotes I haven't looked at some of the responses to it. And series and says little boy. Hayden says nineteen million to play baseball during the winter and he's complaining about it. About. Short hoops and Barley says making it is one thing saying it is air against and disrespectful to fans and that's. I don't know five goes so far is to say it's disrespectful Gary but the first thing I thought when I said when I saw these quotes today it was Derrick Rose. What Derrick Rose that I wanna be able to sit and watch my son's graduation in 815 years now or whatever it was it's a group and I got it. You're Islanders that would you say anger but I also understood how that looked. To a lot of fans. That your getting paid what you're getting paid to play a sport. And a lot of people expect you to where we are about injuries bright use talking about how long it was evident to come back from an incorrect making sure that he was good to go guard or he did it. And that's that's the most glaring. Instance up it when it comes to Derrick Rose but Derrick roses at examples to rob his career right look at what he says or what he does and go. Okay I get it but you can't say that and you can't see it in that way you have to understand to borrow a term LeRoy Butler likes to use often the optics of it. And how it's gonna look to a lot of people. Especially when you say we don't get paid by the hour and you making nineteen million dollars to play baseball. I don't have prob with that. I know what he's saying he's not the first batter in baseball player to think. Especially an offensive baseball player is pitchers need a lot of time that they get out here it's bare inaugural start. Batters don't need as much of that time when he's not the first guy cute cute feet and to say. That the spring training schedule is a little bit long. But and Burton who brought this point up earlier Josh turner used to be a coast on this show joined us little earlier on the show and he brought up the point that you you just you can't say it in that particular way he's not the first guy to think it. But you just can't see it the way that he said art that you're a lot of people are a lot of people are gonna take that the. Wrong sir let's go to a gel and west Alice your next up on the Wendy's big show here on the sand it's a joke. Yeah under your guide. A no rhyme brunt and it all after about what he did two or three years ago our record changed my allegiance from the Brewers the White Sox. Are after and pull cheating scandal but he was under and this. Well. Way way lately I. At the White Sox. And. I. I know I'm doing it on the White Sox. I don't know. It does say that it was over at how do you go when no one would violate Delgado and a bag. So no matter where you go back. I a problem I. In my all the people. Q if sports I'm not looking at. Butler war Paulo. And at least it is it is public at large so. Not album owner. Deterred he didn't deserve to be in the walking need to eat. Is common group kind of a Turkey has. And I hope I I I switched the grip to get rid of armed but because they're not I changed my collegiate and right I'm a bit. It's no different Garrett and packer fans don't just like packer fans jumping up backer bandwagon when fox. The same thing era and then went far blood are the sole bargaining was done Danielle came back to be packer fans again. And I think the same thing is happening with brawny and some brewer fans they jumped off the sold droppings that the Brewers a one leader of men were down the Brewers until he's gone. I know comeback when brawn has gone I think it's it's very similar fans were outraged by how far mistreated and somewhat. I think fans are outraged at broadest on his team and somewhat I don't think it's a large portion like it was Favre and the Packers. But I think there is probably a small portion of fans are probably jump ship on the Brewers because of the -- thing. Marquis I'm back to the comments by brawn. Q do you get what he's saying right he said he in in no way that rubs a lot of people wrong and rubbed you the wrong way and and I'm not saying that your wrong. 48 irritating you it didn't irritate me but I see your point of view. But you get what he's trying to say right he's not the first got to think that spring training is longer than it needs to be for the hitters. That's our you have to say to say that way. But he didn't he had legal body than his egotistical way of saying it and I'm sorry what when you are Ryan brawn and you already have a track record. With the fan base as is and now you say this and you're peavy user you're talking about you don't get paid by the hour you are more important things and doing stuff like that. Not you really really put yourself in a bad position now but to tweets coming in here. Not let's see here does I got a couple tweets from our CJ so that's brink that's returning a bad abroad hate so much probably made enough money. To pay off all my student loans screw bronze the maggots a lot of an entire -- still get paid you get a lesser punishment than others and still complain. That's from CJ. On fuel another one here from my Jimmy our former intern I says no problem brought I'm sure he's not the only one that feels that way. Bench we don't the fan I'm glad brawn is still here. He's a great hitter I couldn't care less what he said as. Hash tag Brewers I got another call Tony on the south side you're next on the Wendy's big show Tony what's gone on a. Without sparking a man enough. I think every agreement note they don't there's golf right now not a good or excellent so much or not aren't on the ledger right. It can be less than a few you don't even have all the young people like Protestant young guys come at. Why do you think I'm not on the front to open a model that human respect the date he who I'd to aren't that you can do despair like. Al police are nodding our main himself. The opponent is great matter as voted no good. You are you worth marked so he's hooting clan man okay. It will take yeah I. Can't look no problem going. Not let you. Shoot shoot shoot sentiment then just I. I'm engine you would do it again you'll also was toppled the Brewers. A model for all the people who don't care to comment if you don't advocate doing a great element to Emmitt and if our Olympic but I like to. Robert Russell is certainly central Altman and get pregnant doing it right when it. He still don't wake up and how people can't then could relate to that front row by example. Again Trent. You know. I don't finish the Cubs are daycare buddy and I dat it's more tweets coming in. Know Tom bowling rather to a double and it was something that was matter left unsaid. He seems to always be able to add salt to a wound when he should just keep it closed. Yeah maybe maybe there's something to that obviously comes at a different wind there's no question about that but you'll Al's irritates me Gary and I know. Being a former player you could care less about being a role model and all that other stuff for a ball well don't want what you're what you're right I mean when you're abroad what you always talk from the players standpoint throw us into the media stamp once August RO UN with the players that Kerry. So in the past when I've defended its eight cam Newton's actions at that press conference that. It is sort of incumbent upon an athlete can not say okay example. When this guy comes out and says you know the bested batters when I'm making out. When you say that. I mean now all of a sudden now oh. A coach is trying to get used to it in practice to do selling just like did not want to do this probably just trying to get myself on all of brought brought I don't care about practicing and I need to do this all starts and try to crowd all pony up. Know that at home throwing at a number I don't. Proud of my apartment by the got knocked a bronze yeah. Yet get a cut of the viewers out artist government are at home throwing there's. A program very well. Germs on the game you don't you're ran on about a year youth sports. Jerome. For a lot guys in the later on in the maybe you wanna play like whom. Ultimately they want to be like you're not the. And what he meant when he said that Sparky he's he's a hard line drive to the setter the other is to me the garden or a double play Friday night it was more than one version of getting it now. Here you want to get that done with the move well. Right I am the quote right right enemies as my favorite spring training at bats papers its lineup it's center or papers pitched line drive double play. So basically saying he wants to hit it hard. Say I'm a first pitch so so he can feel good when he's blocking partner that way and make him feel good about its hot or I'm the Oilers to the C yes on the burners match. But he doesn't have the run the bases and waste his time out there on Arizona's not bonds what. Much as he gets hurt I wouldn't want to stub a toe on the way to first base for what you say that jokingly but there that's actually a solid valley. But you appear healthy and feeling good about his swing those are the goals of any position player in Major League Baseball during spring mountain. Leave healthy and feeling good about your swing. I'll say this much for brawn OK this is the same crap that happened last year heating opens mouth last year. But he didn't go through a whole bunch of self in spring training last year he came out and he was fine. Problem did you wanna play you don't want to do what ever and you're telling me in April you're gonna come odd and hit 320 minute. Whatever okay bond that that's no problem when my issue well as I game when you start saying I don't get paid by the hour that was the line. That and then the whole I'm trying to make and how thing are the perfect thing is to get in out. That I thought of the kids and getting paid by an hour thing just really really pushed me over the top duties much money you make you should sit at every game in uniform in the dugout. And talk to whoever you need to talk to work with the younger players or whatever. It good all like you can do that and continue considered he's not gonna do that he's an of those actors are. I know that that's not in accomplished right. Not much to risk that don't matter what good that's just my point rob so he doesn't have to sit there for an entire game he gets to leave once his at bats are dog he doesn't like and hardly any games all and he's. All talking about I don't get paid by the hour what he's getting screwed financially because yes ago while their own plight. Davis I will say this and this note this goes back to the Aaron Rodgers name when he talked about how few snaps he needs in the pre season. Came back to bite when he got off to a slow start a lot people that maybe Justin's part included maybe should've gotten more snaps in the pre season and you'd have been more ready for the regular season. Ryan brought after seeing what he set yesterday. Better hope he doesn't get off to a slow start the regular season. That's all out that's all I'll say about it because that's cool comments are definitely. Coming back to buy. Gary's comments about the Jewelers that are never come back about it because they would looked everywhere that he says. You have a preference over accurate through locker room service late late platinum okay and Monroe and I think that's something. Coaches are different team Barry he's the owner. He what are your park court. It. Oh yeah scared hard earned here. I'm reading it it. RC me and let them right outlook that you guys a lot of money. That's right do. Moved diamond I'm wondering he's got a mall if you need unum which Bears order made him. He's got a blacksmith a blacksmith if you're a black and obliged. With a yes sir. Got a lot of all that we column like a blacksmith article Smith think they like article only. The way it is like there you're right yeah right there they can make any kind of jury that you want. Not only that America go Laporte got your buying jewelry. Pavano was restored to right now you paying too much about the injuries through there lately. Oh Monroe. I think that's right you. You know it and FitzGerald is back in top. In endeavoring. Now Manny is covered Marquette for obvious fifty K okay let their tournament run Europe and he's gonna join us next hour or any extra talk about us that. And you broadcast live from brewers' spring training and in the Holtz Chevrolet studios on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. We need to go into the game not holding anything back people would last year's you know seven months ago if you thought our team would have been in this position you almost quote unquote experts what is said no. And so our guys have played at their best when they've been loose and free and determined and that's how we want to go into the game. Steve brought out ski Marquette head basketball coach this is the Wendy's big show. Mac laugh along with Gary Ehlers a lot from Mary male baseball park for Peppers spring training. Right now they trail the Kansas City Royals six to four. This game in the top of the inning Gary and I sat down Brewers outfielder Brett Phillips that we try to make him lack you'll have to wait and see. When you when that conversation comes your way at 448 Steve Sparky piper. Is in the Holtz Chevrolet studios back in lovely meals corners with outs also back in with scouts and you know from snowy and on Wisconsin and you know what I mean may yet be so technical and don't worry about him back working in with scouts he's back at CBS if the eighty there'll but he haven't FitzGerald. Who's covering the Marquette Golden Eagles run in the NCAA tournament would starts tonight. Against South Carolina and he turned my. The great midwest make an outline haven't artists afternoons there. Echoed yet the limited engagement but I couldn't turn down another chip the ball off Marquette yet you know term it right there. So you're just back to cover Marquette that's a pretty sweet. Yeah pretty much tighter Garrity out whatever that ordered. Now you're like not. It. Why not with Ronald comer that it is a tell it as an avid while going out there are covered this Marquette team. It's based on what Weiss a social media market seem pretty confident that Marquette can be able to like get this winning and get ready for Duke. I guess I'm not as confident this team really ride jaw and eyes on that three point shot. Yet they view I think that's kind of the sense that you're you're their market definitely kind of other chic picks right now for sure and I'm just having seen both teams on the floor and I don't just practice it's just taken layup line and running through some journals. Teams are almost exact opposite but it South Carolina big they're long. They are all about defense and their perimeter defense is really good. Out you know markets had trouble defending earlier wanted the same time. Issued as well anybody in the country especially that three ball so it's gonna make that they'd be out all played out on the court. I dig in the least as far as get in the passing lanes and things like that I think it maybe early on South Carolina gonna give me some problems but. They're on your right I think a lot of markets in the count it that they're gonna work it out thought it into you know while Carolina holds team. Almost won eight points last than what Marquette averages. Offensively itself in bad defense is doing it staying it's gonna be tough like legal legal sure. Need to about this Marquette basketball team employing it in data arena on green build a South Carolina. Knowing that Duke is gonna be errors well long you have two guys not on this coaching staff obviously in mainly the head coach and then an assistant coach. Who played for Duke got everybody is assuming a Marquette is gonna have a very huge fan base not just we Marquette fans. But what other fans in their arena rooting against South Carolina. There are some of that but I can tell it's only about Manny fountain miles. From the campus apart from South Carolina cute here and we've been. More than any other and base you've seen a lot of South Carolina in here though I don't know that they're barely it's going to be. I'm overly hostile crowd I think it would be potentially but it might bounce out a little bit let you know it's market players they're not worried about one way or the other eight. It it'd be in the big east you know you play hostile crowds all the time he played factory that all the time it didn't at neutral court one way or the other. They're a little worried about that at big big big thing that that they don't wanna get over height. It seemed like a in that they're focused on its try to make sure that they don't treat it any differently than at other games because. Only one guy on this roster and experience needed to be able to turn itself. They'd they don't want to come out and in late I wanna play that well lately eight played you know. To the speed and so that's been major albeit it will be able. It yank covering the market and Eagles run. NCAA tournament here when they show. There's saying that that they're trying to treat it like video. Game but. In. The sense that there's any nervousness is gonna be years think any player yeah on this roster at play game and NCAA tournament. I don't I had you know it there if there feel that their hard and it really well I'll tell you that I mean they're saying all the right things they don't look tight there and he. He definitely didn't give awful vibe of nervousness or anything like that but I think he played up big games you get and what that would dictate what will you happ. Happens when it actually trying to get out there I think it's really huge distinction it prepared for a game that lately it's going to be almost probably by the time in the game. Finally now Japan Ireland out you talk about at least 10 o'clock. You're local time. That's not easy I mean I know they played later gave I think he played one game around 930 and all that good but. Actually talking about a big game like if you get off your schedule change your body clock like that basically after that Ronald L all day long. That trying to talk to him and be ready to be at your peak. That late at night so that's kind of been that they need the guys talking about most is how they got to make sure that there is stay off their feet and they erected and you got you know you got. Anything that would over hiring earlier in the gates that you ready to go right at it a lot because I'll make sure they get in during the day in and out that at LT they're all gonna watch this game to watch the of the game and it made it turns they wait for bat. Keep their mind and I'm you know focused but now they said you know what the NCAA tournament they were kids so they're not stop now so you're just being talked about that. Document that in FitzGerald covering that Marquette Golden Eagles in the NCAA tournament while you restocking their Chester cup spurt. With Dei high chopper to third baseman Lucas are saying he attempted to wave attack get the runner who was covenant at third. Missed that and sealed the throw to first landed in the first row in the Royals get a run off of that as well it's now seven to four Royals top of the fifth inning. Out here at Maryville baseball park. Britain does it surprise you go to a big major tournament I mean you that you look at that that that their roster we got the complete total roster. From under bugs in there for them to make you turn I think I thought they would not make the currently at all it's. Well and entertaining here coach K talk a little bit about that yesterday obviously you know you you mentioned connections there but he was asked the question about. So that speed in we're at staff that implemented a lot of me. That Duke has done and a lot of things in their system and made it work so quickly. And he really raised his staff the rays blow Joseph about how they've found that the culture that their start that they'll in the waited basic guys in that what they want to do. And he called them the best shooting team in the country though I mean I know he's a little bit biased obviously he wants that they've. Prop up his guys but it might not be wrong I mean it certainly could be the case so yeah I think I think you're right and other coaches around and especially the guided under the charter. You know for this staffs in in many ways feels that way Q and it probably is a lot to do with how they've been able to turn it so quickly. What is quote Joseph said about it a possible second round matchup against his mentor and former head coach Mike I just knew it would mean. I didn't hear a whole lot I mean obviously guys don't wanna get ahead of me felt others that are. To praise him. You know it'd talk about what a great. Coaching you know what he's meant to own base specifically about the game itself. At least I didn't hear very much about and that's kind of understandable injured they're able to win here tonight that's going to be at the major storyline ago. A talk about that just so I think they're probably know when it. No I don't count your chickens and they sent. You know it's an arrest you watch a badger game last night against Virginia Tech he needed Buzz Williams with the suit coat offs what an older place and losing his mind our guard is oh god don't you all yes there's no question I need a guy guard not as crazy as bull Riley at his point across. Oh whoa Joseph tends to be up and be active a little bit and then there is Frank Martin. Always been known to lose his mind to and it'll be fun to watch him on the sidelines upper South Carolina everybody Hampshire remembers his tirades at Kansas State. Yeah yeah in he'd seen. Interesting you'd just be here on the podium Q which we gunships they hear from him yesterday. But when he talked of people around the program that you tried to spark that you know to the people around the hotel and things recovered and the one thing they stated that this team needs is personnel. You know their health team and B it's all about defense but these guys and that's that's what he brings to the table and that is translated in -- on the yourself. Like I said it just watch them just you're going to they're drilled at their joke it's part I did the late. They're gonna make the passing passing the ball can be difficult so. I just think it's fascinating matchup and I don't blame people that are all about the upset pick here but I mean that they got off since work that's for sure. That's Avant FitzGerald had two months CBS didn't mean he covers Marquette Golden Eagles run in the NCAA tournament hopefully it's more than that just one game that your cover an avenue that way. It's good to have you back in town it's on a limited basis and I'll appreciate our date developed. And I'm FitzGerald joins us on the great mid West Bank not a lot when you re getting two or back into the housing market. Look no further than great mid West Bank is a great mid West Bank that count to take the next step towards your new home. Woman room for norm sooner please look you know under a pile. Doubt aren't out right now the wrong one. Now retirement or Auburn program he has there Oca under. It's there. Where you can become hero rumor that's what they do you go to make your own beer that's what they do where you can make your your wives who Roy and so. Get that that should Chilean wines lazy she. Got right now you don't you don't what are your time and time to start. Brewing your own beer. Opening days you're right around the corner it's good to have that as a third to close over three weeks you're -- forget close you need to get there. Every shared with every class on on in there are free thought is not. That extra note is not a place for you walking by appear can't it's not a but they have to call it hit the partly brings out. That was short you had to mix and make these Q how to make wrong all the equipment on the equipment or showed you how to do and you commit the spirit that. It's your. Not not just your bio you know you watch them that's unique and especially for you might meet them you view. You like that new if you lower carp like beer but. Like I just. Try and alcohol back by high labor if there is there no other a look at how much grief but afterwards you're you're become your wrong there. Degree try to get Brett Phillips to laugh. We'll find out next on the Wendy's big show when Gary night. Sit down with the Brewers outfielder we're live at spring training in the holds Chevrolet studios and back right after this then on sports Radio One of five set offense the fan.