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BIG SHOW 3PM: Brewers' Insider Adam McCalvy Talks Spring Training & Campus Insider Jeff Bartl Talks Badger Basketball.

Mar 17, 2017|

03/17/17: The Wendy's BIG SHOW 3PM Hour - Brewers Insider Adam McCalvy stops by to talk about the Brewers' spring training, and Campus Insider Jeff Bartl addresses what the Badgers must to do survive March Madness.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The top of the first inning. Jimmy Nelson on the mound for the group. Coming up this hour we'll talk some NCAA tournament Big Ten basketball with Jeff Parnell a camp is insiders back count he'll join us at 335. And we'll get to our conversation that Gary and I had Peppers third baseman Travis shot that's coming up at 348 Alec scored in there with a double to score run. Offered Jameer Nelson and right off the bat no outs in the first inning it is one nothing more larger over Peppers. But coming up to the bat right now your that is. Paul or Paul Paul Orlando. All or hollow Orlando that would it is. I can't really pleased that knows me and then. I'm a couple of little apostrophe you guys are really not. I think that is a good sense of humor that voice that you hear there is he Sparky but respect and Reynolds Chevrolet student but that course that you hear there is our Milwaukee baseball insider adamant calvary. Who joins us now in our Booth up here at Maryville baseball market you Brewers questions for Adam going to fire Moffett 79912 figure email us live. At 1057 FM the fan dot com. I do it mr. McKelvey good gap is the this the F bitterly interest in camp with the young guys. Playing as much as they have even the guys use a the minor league loners you see kind of at the end of games and you don't. Get into him very much right let you lose the Panthers thing is hitting grand slams on top routes and he sent Diaz has been over a bunch and a lot of the guys from my early camp have been really interest in this year so. I know you're not in the prediction game it's at best it's at that too it's not a number again you always meet reality the wrong regarding a fault right exact subject. Ask you for your prediction I'll put you up put you on the spot but few weeks of the season race gets started but. You have do you have a handle 'cause there are a lot of new faces lot of young guys a couple new bettors that it that the threats that you have a handle on how good do you think this team could be this year it's surprised. A lot of people last year a lot it will receive a hundred losses this team and they become anywhere near and I made me pick and I sent a hundred losses have an idea that. I'll. The thing about to remember about last year is they were extremely healthy. And they had more. Break I think you could argue that they had more break outs than they had let downs they had let downs early in the starting rotation remembered a cause a lot of problems. But I think the bigger picture you know guys like VR Perot as DBs scare off. Broxton. There are more good things that happened then bad things sure and they won 73 games so I I think that would be. You know it's reasonable I think that to expect that again this year and the team could be better. And they still win the same number games but probably some more bad things are gonna happen to and that's just the way the game works and left of the avoided a lot of hats. You look at our we talk about a lot of young guys. In we were coaching is to talk to our David Stern's. A couple of days ago. And we were asking how you build on this team you know so are doing or where it went with the graph yeah he looked more importantly you know you're you're playing. Three for sports rights from little chaotic. That I want at that there were drafted and I thought that was. A little different but also Tokyo Florence you look at certainly does not that the Falcons running. The other there at center field is in short stops yes Tom and you know that's pretty easy to see is you look at the players David Stern's has acquired. I don't think the Brewers are the only team going in that direction others. I think run prevention is a big trend in baseball right now. Kevin cure Meyer for example the rays just he's got a big contract basically based on defense in center field teams are valuing. Run prevention numbers you see these T shirts that the guys where. The run prevention team and it's the pitchers and the position players. So it it is your right its athletes it's guys up the middle. You know today they send down three outfield prospects prince and Kordell Phillips. They're all gonna be at AAA are all gonna play all three positions and that's the kind of players that David Stern to current council want. They want guys to you when you have a need you don't have to rely on who's our best third baseman you to think that their best player AAA. And odds are that guy's going to be able to play the right place so that's weathered and shortstop center field as Lisbeth athletes on the field. And the guys most likely to be able to move somewhere else if you need to. Outside a bothers rotation it did you making the call right now who's your starting five. Is is really hard and I did it yesterday for stories we did at a prediction going into the year another prediction. Yesterday updated it and it is extremely difficult to pick so. Because I have two I went really well Garrett Davies or. Jimmy Nelson made 62 starts the last two years he's 27 years. He's got this new split change he's working on and we'll see some of them today if he can get that pitch down he's really confident and it could be a four pitch. Think he's and then there's. I think really pearl does in the rotation he was opening day pitcher last year he's making some decent money he he came back in after years strong I think he's. And that are the next twelve and have million dollars and he pitched pretty good down the stretch. Sheehan does letting it go maybe I'm totally wrong about that. But he's also talked a lot this spring about the things he's done he's no he's trying to make his conversion to being a fastball slider guy that kind of being more of a pitcher. He's thrown changeup back to back change of yesterday four times and it's hard the results yesterday were hard. But he's really trying to make this work I think he's now that means Jason Anderson out he was good at the end glass rider he is on the when he nine side of thirty. Com he's pitched pretty well he's got that could change up as the number five starter. What's current council kind of find a on the plan late last season how how to use and where to go to that and so it's not because he's pitching poor earlier has been beat up by other guys that just think at to see those are the guys sort of ahead of them. And the one thing to remember is that say Jason Anderson is a long and through the year you know it's gonna start and Anthony's five items. What these what about time Malone. Well you know and I haven't mentioned and he's a lefty that would be nice to have a lefty in there. I've left them out because it's a non guaranteed deal. Could end up in the bullpen as well and again I just see those other guys for the reasons I said is ahead of them in the pecking. There's a double by Bryant award earned to give the Royals a two nothing lead here in the top of the first inning taking on the Royals in spring training action. I I think that. That starting rotation that you just listed off right there Ryan is it Adam is the smartest course of action for this team to take because. And Willie for Alton Jameer Nelson you have two guys who were highly touted prospects for this team coming through the organization. And you need to find out if you have something there and guys that can help you compete when it's time to compete. And if they're not that new move on but jet to find out if there's something there with Matt Garza give a guy who if he if he finds its former near his form again. You can trade and acquire more prospects a tree knows is what David Sterns is trying to do so I think it's the smartest course of action but one thing I noticed. From Craig Counsell last year is that he's not necessarily putting an eye on the future he's trying to win games. Day in and day out so does he take that course of action do you think with an eye towards the future or do you think that maybe chase Anderson finds a way and because. I council thinks that's what gives you best chance of winning game today. Well this is where you know the front office and the manager butt heads but battling a goodly right at his job is to win the game exactly yeah the front office's job to build an organization to winners so sometimes those things do compete I think we have good debates. And I think David Stern's -- counselor on the same page and up and are comfortable enough with each other after. You know the year in six months or whatever it is to have some good debates and Tom. Honestly I've I've put out the 25 man roster projection yesterday I guarantee you it. Yeah like I care if you use something up and got something wrong. The bull pens really tough to figure out right now to. I think as its current council keeps telling us all anxious to this out because it's on. Its still too. And we're gonna happen you know our hero of step like cactus and that are ranked. Something weird happens and all within your decision to give me for so there that's the outlook there there. Were that they know what they want to do. And to go to get that old long as you belong. At some point. Are you look here Ryan on. Guard him some more it. I would think that movie. Oh. I think that not a movement for example of a contract year I mean it's the profile I think the toilet Feliz they sign in the close if he gets off to a good start definitely can hear his name in June July. Trade candidate I think for all to could be a trade candidate because he's creeping up on free agency. Junior Garrett could be drinking is values it's higher right now he's 32 years old. You know I think there is I think David Stern has shown this is not a halfway through the deal this is like if you're a talented established big league player. Bruntlett to move you for prospects and they they've added a lot of talent references to affiliate. Like look at spring training everybody's optimistic that's the beauty of the game at spring it's warm happy that you're the birds. Right now chirping for us here they are everything sunny and great it's a minor league camp. Hand them the instructors and been over there for a long time he's an elected real old school jaded baseball men and they're legitimately excited well. The amount of talent. In this arms. We can have the debate about other aces. In there are there prince fielders in that clubhouse I don't know. But ultimately it is when your round those guys that there is a pretty good sense of optimism that they have a oh. Volume of town. That should leave to. Some success not it's not without other count me I love that sunshine and burst or do you and I'm. Prediction business you could you pretty good at it so what can you know like a hundred losses last year. Remind people man I forget who. Adam what about this bench does this play out because scooter Jeanette is a guy that is clearly a fan favorite without a shadow of the doubt not not that matters to Craig Counsell or David Sterns but. His bench play out for the outfield meant for the in. Well I think in the outfield it's pretty clear new and nice kind of being the fourth guy left handed bat to. To pair with those right handers that they are starting in the upper as I think you count as your fifth outfielder. And also your primary infield he's going to play a lot. Just like he did last season. Watching them on the stop and watch that I. My brother getting tested voters. At that that's kind of that the ones has their comfort which is a great name a great baseball name West Bank Chester cup hurt. First baseman for the Royals he goes up the left field wall share with the third double of the inning and the third run of the inning for the Royals three nothing top of the first inning got. Burglary and talking about I've lost complete actors you said that's a compliment Paris is gonna play a lot he's in there and you can't count him hybrid into the outfield. A things that are makes it. Right now and then again he's a great trade bait kind of guy in there increasing his versatility. Left handed bat and he's pretty good offensive player and and her counsel's talking yesterday about. Some of the reasons he think there's still room there some of the walks going up last year at the power going up last few those are the kinds of signs. In I think third year player that you think there's. Good things happening now can he do that if he's playing last that's going to be the question. And I mean I've got his his regular in my opening day roster he is some thump off the bench right model bat. He gives you right handed foil with their names. And out today are things and scratch with a sore knees to a fever that go and that could have you know who knows were still okay away. But but that's kind of how that that's my bench right now. I want to go back to something else because you brought things I have already stated doubt that you'll the first base job all your I think regular ends up with it but having said that. I've seen him in the lineup here at that things is me getting some on at bats in the two hole. This council messing around or resist you think a legitimate or not question here that they're trying to answer. No legit council. I get the sense in a Ryan Braun and Hitler right. So that once that as current council builds the rest of his lineup I think. Everything builds off the 20. So the old school baseball is you have your Rickey Henderson leading off we have a burner leading. And then you're too little hitter is this kind of situation a guy hit run guy. Often a lefty hitters you can you know most catches during and it's kind of screen guy is gonna steal a base you know. Little Willie McGee. Palm bro. Blue but now I think Craig Counsell was making the argument earlier in camp about. That's a run production spot where he things that they have some pieces to make better run production spot. And to him the best protection for Ron Ron is not having a good hitter behind him it's having a good tool hitter and from them on basal. So if our guys in the running RPR Broxton got some combo of the first two spots I think. And if they don't go either one of those guys in to its show off or things you get a lefty that there to get more on some phone. And they think that means is gonna you know there are optimistic Sparky that that. Baines is going to translate. To Major League Baseball that he changed as a hitter. During three years facing all that breaking stuff in South Korea that he's a better baseball player now. On they'd bet three years and sixteen million bonds that he's going to translate individually as well so he's he is a candidate right. You know I don't know we'll see how it turns out the first looks like council gave where Broxton you know before we are left for that World Baseball Classic. Seems a little more likely to me that's what I like most violent either combination DR Layla. Keon Broxton is a really interest in player right now. I did this thing Rick sweet the Tripoli manager was talking about Eric Davis now look. No that's not comp and Eric did happy really really good player who got to the big leagues he was the target you know right there he's in the hall of very good right there yet. There over the hustle let's I don't think I'm. It really but for with Eric Davis hands you know yeah keep approximately hitting early in the year either way up additional notes. That is a huge change that here and it turned him into a different player more often hitter. Mom he's got some really good tools. And he just happened to be on the fun and of all these outfielders out of that they have got the first sent them to come four tries four times in the big leagues last year. And the fourth time after making a big change it perfect form his relief to have a guy like room. Lucas Brentson and I wanna get into his president some of the other prospects at that McKelvey who we have. For one more segment our Milwaukee baseball insiders joining us out here at spring training and there's three things that I missed while right here at spring training one. My dog. Do my TV and three my favorite place in the whole lot world Dave and buster's. And while a toast a flat screens as far as the eye can see an amazing menu in new drinks and great who dolls being added. To that many you have the awesome DNB sports loved experience unlike any game watching experience but you're gonna find in Milwaukee with three. 161. In screens an 8785. And screens and I'm not watching TV or eating at Dave and buster's. I'm playing games on that million dollar midway now featuring the new Walking Dead ends I'll be snatchers games. March college hoops tourney is under way in there is no better place to watch all the action. Then Dave and buster's and while Joseph all the flat screens in the DMB sports lounge is good enough for you while your group can set up a private viewing party to get short college hoops up. If you're pro hockey and they of the NHL ticket. And Dave and buster's is the place for your company special event or party of any kind for groups of any size he can even do it Dave and buster's takeover. And own the place for a whole afternoon. Kids birthday parties graduation celebrations after prompt parties you name it. They do it leave all the planning and the tales to Dave and buster's so all you have to do was have fun with your guests all you have to do was called baton at 414. 45 boards Euro 100 that's been. And the number is 4144540100. And set up your customized special event. Eat drink play watch at Dave and buster's while Sosa highway 100 just south. Of north avenue if you have questions for adamant county drop modest at 79912. Picked your email live at 1057 FM the fan dot com. More Burress talk with our Milwaukee baseball insider next on the Wendy's big show live from spring training and in the Holtz Chevrolet studios. Wendy's big show. Guys are live from Arizona. Walking around and have some conversations. Without their headphones that's. And and McKelvey is there as well watching the Brewers and the Royals rolls up three nothing and out one bottom of the first. Jimmy Nelson in roughed up a little bit there in the top of the first and out to dinner conversation with Adam McKelvey. And merry go baseball park. I'm Adam I guess when you start talking about prospects as Romney was bringing up well before the break lose Branson is the one on everybody's minds right now because she's had a great spring training. Look at this point game. As he talked with Gary and rob me about you know that really want your prospect have much like want to get to the big league level just how close do you think he has the playing out but this well. Real quick before Adam answers that Ryan Braun with a two run homer to left center field deepest part of the ballpark just sneaks over the wall. Now 32 Royals in the bottom of the first inning include street trading act go ahead. Only because I'm I was watching I'm right I'm multi time. Not good at multitasking Princeton you're asking. Yes we talk about Louis Brentson out okay how close is that guided being on this team at the Major League level by the end of the year back after causing either I think one net the wind net major injury. And he's the first call I I would guess that I mean he he did everything he could do. In the spring training in terms that the play in the field. The Rose. Work ethic. That the total package to show that I mean he's right there is he's a call away. So I think one major injury were you got a spot where you know you're gonna have a spot to play him. I think he's the first call do you think it has to be an injury or do you think he can impress enough that he usurp somebody who's already up here all league level the hard part about that is to usurp somebody would have to be key on Broxton is a guy you're trying to you know build on right. Domingo Santana I think is in that same boat I think they really want to give my shot this year to. You don't insult to to to show we can do injuries kind of stopped and last year. So I don't know if you'd move one of those guys out of the way in order to bring up ms. prince what do you think we might see. A wave of of these prospects start to come up because there's two factors that chip conclude and that's what his service time now and two is when do you plan on I'm really starting to contend. And compete at the Major League level so you want to bring those guys up at the right time that they're ready. For that spark in dire sort of on different time frames I think we might see meaningful baseball in September at Miller Park as soon as next year Adam. Sparky thinks it's more along the lines of 2019 if this next year you've got to start seeing a few of these guys at least at some point this season don't you. Probably. I don't know there's gonna be a wave like it was though the last rebuild it just seems like a different rebuild because of the way they started it it kind of started it in season. Before making the general managers change the Kelly got a head start on it it felt like. Bomb and didn't necessarily start from zero so it's like you know RC is. Santana is up rocks and up it just seems like me it's kind of happening more and one by one that it is a way. So I think that that is the way they'll do it and you know they're in a position where I might the second my card. Makes you always have to qualify this because you don't know like you can be a 500 team and be in that second wildcard and that may change the outlook and it certainly. It's not completely out of the realm of possibility. You know you talk about. Eight wins one way or the other in your right there 500. So that made that may Alter kind of the thinking on it but there's no if they are as say a 73 ish win team again. There's no rush to bring up all these guys to quote unquote see what they can do as a value also in. Playing at AAA gnashing at Colorado Springs. Give bigot esteem and then come and when Adam on the line and delay the service time. We will get tweet here from nick to winning at spanking ask Adam when he thinks of when he thinks Brad phils will get called up but. Phillips struggled last year a lot is being put a true way to try to keep this outfield to gather it up my understanding of which is fine. It does he look any better to you in spring training. Well he's got approved. At the bat and I don't think you know it's when he seven. At bats in the cactus league is a very good gauge of where he's out there. Bomb so I think we need to see what he does now he's going into a great hitters environment Colorado Springs. Use the right phrase I think keeping them to gather that prints and Kordell Phillips the hope is. Plays a group kind of like they used to do with those prospects in the that again that last rebuilt or something that he set for those guys becoming a team that can kind of push each other like. Craig Counsell makes his case last year remembers starting rotation got good at the end of the year that a lot of it was. Because they had a lot of competition guys were feeding off each other. The hope is that those outfielders and kind of do the same thing as a group and Colorado Springs but Phillips has got to prove over an extended period of time but he can swing about. So I think if we're lining him up a likelihood that they come up I think Phillips is probably on the look back and you know Branson or dole even Michael Reid Rick Phillips. Turkey new and highs with an RBI double out here and we're all tied up at three in the bottom of the first inning it may have been doing all those pictures are they draft. With that like four years ago that draft liked him picture yeah they went for a while and and well I mean a lot of them now are coming out and they don't you know that the old critique of the Brewers is they can't develop pitching and it's it's an interest in argument out the case Doug Melvin always made us. Look everybody has aren't on developing pitches very few pitchers are drafted developed. And say are thinking they move around you know Adam Wainwright moves around those guys like they don't they don't stay in one place so. It's so it's a worthy debate calm but they've got now a couple of guys that they like now Josh Peter for example is a guy who's moved around he's at triple A this year. And he's probably think again if they have a big hole that long term need I think he's probably on the front of the list of guys that back. That could that could come up but you know brain and Woodruff is the guy they like. I still love Jorge Lopez as a player. I think he's a bounce back guy this year we'll see you know what he's able to see if they put in Colorado Springs I think maybe they're thinking Biloxi for him because he struggled a Colorado Springs last year. But I think he's the got an opportunity. And there are you know field picked for this pitching prospect that got in the rules that Terry and he's suspended fifty games at the start of the year. So we'll see these delayed a little bit but they've got some guys. That they think are going to pitch in the big leagues. And again it's our they're like big time pieces in that group I don't know. Good luck predicting pitching prospect right right. But they've got some guys are gonna pitch in the mix there it's chase and thank you are with the RBI single to lakers' take the lead four to three in high scoring affair early on here bottom of the first inning. At Maryville baseball park rep against the break we used. Brought up something. You said hey they're gonna send cater to triple A Colorado spent the night sees them where I remember it was Stearns are at now suit talking about. Maybe not sending some top pitching prospects the Colorado Springs to that such a hard place to pitch. With the thin air and everything else that can do damage to guys' confidence before it's appeared the big leagues. Well there's a couple ways to look at it made debated this internally and I don't think they've come up with like half sets you know we're not going to send her prospects to play obviously because they're sending. Unit so on one hand he can hurt players that can mess with them too young men generally for all to. To a degree hater. Struggled last year after dominating double play yeah he can mass of guys on the other hand. If you turn your mindset. Around and say this is going to make me better if I can't get outs in this place. He can make you a better player take a Barnes is a better reliever for this team because of the Colorado Springs experience. It's a small group of players but I think that's what they're trying to convince. Their their pitchers number one is. Don't look here year. It's irrelevant weird things happen there the big outfield the winds are weird. It's not just booming it's not a part run home run home run it's just weird baseball. So don't look at the other way you look at some of the deeper numbers the analytics. And you know whether a guy could just in two or mentally it's that it's a big test. That's a Milwaukee baseball insider Adam McCallum and I really think is it is. No matter what the win loss counts as a really exciting time to be a Brewers spent right now see this process that they're going there and I do I believe in the process. To borrow a term from the Philadelphia 76ers. I believe in the process and I think that there are brighter days ahead and I enjoy watching it as it goes on. Now so enjoy having you in the fold for another season as our Milwaukee baseball it's not really looking forward to it. Sounds good a rebuilding can be very fun the hard part is getting out of rebuilding. We're not there yet exactly watching this team but we'll get there and in the Hampshire. On his market offers back and on Twitter at adamant county and you'll be joining us every Friday throughout the season. During that baseball's season and really appreciated and another break and on the other side Geoff Arnold campus in matters outsells. It's the batters after moved deep into this tournament that's next on the Wendy's speech adults generally studios lot the birds spring training. It's the right he's big show. Ronnie Mac laugh along with Gary others that are up in the Booth that Mary male baseball park watching the Brewers and the Royals go at it in spring training action Christian Cologne. With a solo homer for the Royals just before we came back on the year testing backed up now war war in the top of the first inning. Mean Gary sit down with you Brewers third baseman Travis job that's coming up at 348 Steve Sparky piper back Holtz shortly studios in lovely. Hale's corners with scouts and joining us right now the great midwest bank as we change gears a topic of baseball the college basketball. We welcome and from campus insiders they're Big Ten. College basketball writer for. It's just drew completely tennis outsiders Geoff Arnold joins us now. On the Wendy's big shout Jeff please forgive me I mean baseball boatman while commit to the Wendy's big show I do it brought. I understand you're in Milwaukee covering the tournament and the games that are going to be played out there let's start with this Wisconsin Badgers team. Who had some trouble with Virginia Tech last night and just just couldn't seem to pull away. Did come out with the way it was that hard that you're expected it to be for the batters are about which you're expecting. A sellout acting. I thought that out Constantine obviously a huge game. I'm Ethan have. That you would be somewhat. Odd that they are that was kind of what what I was expecting them to get the first round without. A little bit higher scoring I didn't think that they were gonna lead at points but but I I'd like I'd expect them in the nets about. About right. You know when you talk about this badger basketball team coming in and there was expectations coming into the season a final fours and all that lovely stuff and then they went into a major funk before the Big Ten tournament. I meant so that's a Big Ten tournament a title game in a lot of badger fans were fuming mad at. They thought the seed was a screw over deal to the badgers being seeded as an eight seed how this whole thing played out. What was your thoughts on that they're coming in and what are your thoughts on and not driving a see them play the first game. Well I did think that they are going to be a little bit higher seed and yeah you mention yet that want to achieve on that they. And but the if you look at it it seems a lot. It wasn't like that were still getting blown out there at utility vehicle you make scenes play at their. So even though they weren't shooting very well. At night they shot 4343%. But exactly letting up the scoreboard so scored 84 points. Oh and the ability to. Slow. On mile 191000. You know Villanova is not extremely talented. Backcourt with Bronson and art. And it chink in the third they're a team actually and that obvious legion didn't score in bunches when they need is so bad lie he. Excuse me a bit more I'm and slow down to their patent kind of make it a grind it out game. Annoys you want to move we saw a little bit last item march from the game but. It just seemed like they know that their feel. Not playing as well that should have maybe I have higher expectations. Of of the badgers. From outside the Canadian what what do you think have gone wrong with the Bears are really. Higher expectations for everybody cornerback most people thought it was a fun a fourteen. I mean it. It's not that they what what's early on long. He really only had that walk you really bad stretch due to those you can because if you look at. Earlier in the season in all the way up until the inning went a weary they were still being viewed the final four team and any I know that. It like it but that Eric got it gets a little bit with their EI understand that. But that was a very failed to seen what a lot of people and a lot of talent and they have a lot of experience and so are you going going deep in the turnout making Rogge. So I don't think that there's anything that that's extremely long is it they're gonna lose if it was tomorrow night. If he can't they just they ran into the national champions which I think that there are more talented team. But that the team that I expected on the paint a little bit further down route. If they had gotten higher seed maybe a little bitty yerba drop it they could be right back in the discussion about sweet sixteen elite eight. You know this is the last time that we're gonna have turning games at they will Harris Riley center as the new arena is being built right there next door. Not a war is your thoughts I and the game to juice obviously got to see the one big upset there the twelve over the final Tennessee State over. Minnesota which badger fans rejoice stuff over I think these are not Minnesota got too high of a seat are too good of a seed. But from that perspective I that decry all the atmosphere wasn't. It would it was actually really great everybody had a every team had a pretty strong band bit. I'm you know Minnesota it actually very strong contingent there but. Unfortunately for them they had a lot your outlook. And but it isn't actually a really good atmosphere it was very do you like eat eat and I thought it was actually agree experience in the. When you talk about Middle Tennessee State. Tom I. I dictum did to win that game going into a dispute I thought there were. Eddie under rated C not sure why they were twelve we did it seem like a lot of people were picking Middle Tennessee State semi told me they thought that they are she might have been a favored in that basketball game. Uh huh clobber one do you think they can make in this turn. The guy but when it actually act I went to Michigan State so I I had a really bad experience last year they were my heart out now are made of. Boy he never said that you're gonna lose points of the former badger Gary L Larsson now so the odds. What I need a point but lots. More than that vote this year. But because it's he would if they were for real or partly because they got blown out by they are cute the next game last year and what he hits for real I mean that there they were the favorite like you match and they were actually at the big favorite villain in the game as. And job you know between the front yard shot he opted to Corey Williams that it's a really really talented team and it's it seemed that. If they were on our little bit more people would have probably. Expected heated and they expected to beat Minnesota because at speed but. They would have been patient and tires heat and I I don't think they got enough credit going in the tournament nets actually on that he does. You'd think the committee that. Been watching. All year apparently in the deep middle he gains because they they really screwed that would eat. It couldn't be a great game and I think there any Butler tomorrow will not immediately when Beckett. Talking with Jeff Parnell beat tenant count basketball writer for campus insiders that count here on the Wendy's picture for a couple more minutes. So who in the banks Big Ten do you think is the best hope for the conference to make it deep tournament run Jeff does anybody. From the Big Ten have real chance to make a deep tournament run. Yeah I think it's for you I mean they they got over the hump you dated in a couple of. Back in the years that some are a couple of heartbreaking to keep in the tournament and not. There's not a word capped with them on their shoulders up a stroller black Nike and gap and cats were loudly from I was making that one in the second half. And I really think that between them are really good balance it but we want to get down low. Hobbs is obviously can control the Eaton in the middle. Odd that they're guard is very when Carson outward and and. Odd PGA Washington I mean it's therapeutic consummate team is very just. And I think that they can take it about chance of anybody lot to be able to get these. Dollar job borrow from cam is insiders here on the Wendy's big show couple job openings are already in the Big Ten went Illinois and now at Indiana. Out with Tom crane out any idea I'm possible candidates for either one of those jobs as we get ready see who they're gonna bring in. I mean it yet that they that target at least inquire it was evil UCLA and. Judging by it around and seeing the comments yesterday didn't exactly say no when they ask this would be interest. Problem is that nothing has a seven million buyout I think for Belfort. Plus you own cream four million so you're eleven million dollars in the hole and you haven't even started contract talks yet. Bet at that Indiana though that the type of program that they hadn't had it there but when they go to great exciting eat you look at it. Firing green this global kind of like you viewed as sick but others don't six start but he rocked that program out from what. Now we needed to and the expectations. We'll leave. Rose as he was there and he has one bounce isn't even almost hit a couple of very injuries was and LB and even. Like England will certainly throw a little bit and he has won down here outlook on dog so. I mean I don't think money is it really be an object. You are yet to inquire about Gregg Marshall to you but Gregg Marshall make a lot of money at Wichita State it's gonna have to be. Perfect fit for him. I'm so I I don't know if they're at they're obviously inquire offered an ethnic called. Gregg Marshall to but in the interest in this he watched. Direction ago. That's just part he'll find his work is the Big Ten count basketball writer at camp this insiders that comic and follow my Twitter. At. On the Wendy's big show definitely appreciate it meant let's talk against him. Lot Geoff Arnold joins us on the great mid West Bank outline when you're rating get into or back into the housing market. Look no further than great mid West Bank that's great mid West Bank that count to take the next step towards your new home. I just think our guys over Wendy's for bringing us and them are up in this some double stacks up to date our doors. You enjoy your food I think it's like you're had a really fine restaurant for a fish fry and they take that off the plate and then put on one of those rates off on the gas lettuce and with a lot that's really out here that's really each Rami Clemens a stocking and I just got. It's got full flavor for it and if you're in a hurry. Best fish sandwich you could possibly best fish ray Salinger and get their drive due for sure about that and it's Friday so. You're not OC Friday for reliance if you're I have to roundly but but but again it's a bit today apparently who said archbishop a second apparently says you need me today. Not so big in you can do it his way or he can do it our way which is not eat meat which we haven't done today we enjoy that beautiful hot sandwich when he's northern American got sandwich. He's out Wendy's and take advantage of it now back in crunches than ever won. 100% wild caught North Pacific time covered increased speed bag pronounced for tasted you can hear not a creamy guilt tartar sauce and three pedals were at a crunch it's. So much delicious crunched. It's a perfect lure for fish sandwich lovers and it's only and when he's for a limited time. If you do want to eat meat today adding I get the four dollar double stacked meal that they got going on over their over a quarter pounder before Nuggets Fries. And a drink get Wendy's. At the deal so good it shouldn't exist yet it does a participating locations for a limited time and of course tonight box in LA against the Lakers at staples senator. And bucks vans when they win you win at Wendy's Patrick each Bucs went. Act fast yet 24 hours received eight free small chili the purge the medium soft drink from any participating Wisconsin when he is now that's a win. Bucs when you win at Wendy's. Funny numbers coverage yet to come live from spring training at 4 o'clock spark he's been chomping at the bit to get to these Ryan Braun comments will do just that. Gary and I sat down with Brad Phillips that's coming your way at 448. If you missed amounts conversation with Ryan broad that's coming up at 535 on the other side of this quick break Gary and I had a chance to sit down. With the new Brewers third baseman Travis shot next on the Wendy's big show live from Bruce spring training and in the Holtz Chevrolet studios.