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BIG SHOW 2PM: Marshawn Lynch considering a comeback, Richard Sherman trade, and Ryan Braun's Comments.

Mar 17, 2017|

03/17/17: The Wendy's BIG SHOW 2PM Hour - The guys discuss the possibility of Marshawn Lynch returning to the NFL, Richard Sherman being dealt from Seattle and Ryan Braun's comments about his disdain for spring training.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Yes it is to let these big show live from Barry baseball park. What board I'm Ronnie Mack well blog where you area this team's marquee piper back in our bolts Chevrolet studios that lovely L scorers with Johnson. And a lot to get Hewitt you're a Brewers ought to get to review. Throughout the afternoon our final date remembers spring training Gerry and I. With Brewers third baseman Travis job that comes your way at 48 Milwaukee baseball insider Adam account we will be in the that's for a half hour that's coming up. At 3 o'clock to melt with Jimmy Nelson. That's coming up at 348. Spark you'll blow his top Germany you will about the comments by Ryan brought yesterday that's coming up at 4 o'clock. Gary and I are at the outset for 48 and it took out one on one with that guy as mentioned Bryant brought. That's at 530 fives go out with a bang. In terms of the Brewers coverage for out here it's spring training final day that your GE special guest dropping by. Any moment now but it's Beckett treatment it week. Normally has I think well for me. And then when we noticed for me not these. Total baseball guy I mean you know you and Steve are you guys are the baseball guys and it for me to come out here forth my job is concerned. He kind of lets me in on our our future for things that I looked for rockets' season. Are you panic you mean like drop a favorite player now to watch it's a proper for you guys really get into the season because I don't really what I came out here know me these guys that medical report for you guys are. And now that you know locker room a couple of returns have been around these guys and what's going on you you're economic and oh. All what we've gotten all about and not only that. That you know. Really a function on the Milwaukee was where their head at what they're trying to do how to try to turn around out there trying to make the right. And in my about it it will launched into what you're trying to do by talking to Craig Counsell Barbara talked to David Stern's Andrew about what was from wears on your right. And if you missed any of the interviews that Gary and I or Tim Allen conducted throughout the week and that you heard. I've all the stations across the fan of course there's always been on demand at 1057. At them the fans back kinda brought to you by John Paul's Buick GMC. Q well haven't actually brawn at all who's weaker now know we are we rented two brawn in the club house. Stevie and and we were told and we would not even told but we know that. He is never really in the clubhouse for me this is their first time. And what we've been I've been down here for 34 years that made your start like this is the first time that I have seen him in the club. Cats who bat earlier in his career you know he infielder are those guys were always in the clubhouse always successful specially earlier in the season. But again as started happening and then after he got caught cheating obviously everything changed. Belichick so he walks through the clubhouse. From a shower some where he walks in the clubhouse he's gonna towel wrapped around weights. Shifted out. Their bones. Augment its own way but he's work. Properly. Back low back where he puts in that room nights. There are really nice looking young girls from Arizona State University. Worst of foreigners locker he received it in front of locker room to grow with his arm off at about 1213. That's a bone down Geary scouting report. That's good now it up for Butler didn't expect it brought the culprit while created a bad injury that Robbie did exaggerate the program. Arm cross vote when you've got to authorized the girls is just their front you know we're running right on. Your run right broad. They've very lovely wife who at that just gave I don't care executed well and try to present a better event. I've. They've battled right you know. But yet now is mark. Cuban's. Because you know the rules that we all have to abide by that clubhouse. And you don't you know you don't go up and talk to a guy to rest so like Jerry. Like Jerry said epic it was. It was sort of a calculated move on his part to just stay in his foul the whole time that hold down there in the clubhouse and done that nobody would come up with. So there. What that we did seem in the clubhouse he was sort of off limits to a La. You know that's saga Losman back wondered if you'd seen Bernard Goetz has really change I mean he don't see if you go back to. Not again when those guys first came up their first couple of years and those that have been a spring training not the minor league town blacks. In the Major League complex only has a parking lot in between it there's no way to. To get around to get to the Major League complex you have to walk across as part aren't Sammy taken on a golf cart. So back in the day those guys would all come from the morning worked out of the minor league complex as were all the additional diamond's work so they get around doing their thing and then they'd walk across the parking lot in you'd had kids. Everywhere. Getting on a grass for fielder Rickie Weeks Ryan brought George is a sea of humanity. And those guys man to their credit they signed they walk very slowly because there is no way getting through quickly and signed all the way across the parking lot. Every morning morning after morning all spring training long it was it was one the coolest things I've that I've ever seen it was awesome. So which is different now Steve which is great because now because you have a turnover. In the organization and in the players. You're now started she sermon these young guys. Garner summoned that attention that those guards guards but that's the unique thing the ball. Which you talk about how it used to be when you used to come. At the same apartment more than you come now you see the change views that are being made with players. None of those guys are towed the experience are gravitating to determine these younger guys. That they know they thought they hole. There are not going to be on the team army Ryan roster I think this year or Slovenia the year has been accessible to the prayers more so than he walked. Last year we saw video on FaceBook just before we came out here him walking that same path yeah I just talked about it are last year from the minor league field that this field not month's signing autographs for much kids that were awaiting their four. And outlook I will say I will say this. In and talking to David Sterns and some of the guys down in that clubhouse it seems like right broad. Being and it feels weird to me Sparky I don't know about you but. Having been here pretty much since Brian brawn came up to this to the Spurs ballclub it feels weird to say this but knowing now that he's kind of he's he's. The tenured member of the Milwaukee Brewers and and the grizzled veteran of this team he's he's taken it upon himself. 28 be the face of the franchise and maybe make himself a little bit more accessible to fans out here spring training. And be. You to be a leader and a mentor to some of these young guys. That are coming up through Cooper's system that's something that we heard time and time again from both players and general manager David Stern's and we talked since I think you do have to get some credit for that. Like I I give him credit for do the autographs and stuff like that and that is that's good stuff because obviously he knows he's can be traded here at some point in the future on and he steroids. Are gonna many more opportunities and not having to spend like a hundred bucks or something like that to get an autograph from him in the future at some autograph shall somewhere in Chicago or. If he comes back here to block at some point to do in autograph show self. Back a props for that for for doing because he doesn't have to do it and I everybody needs to understand this or. And at any given point in time names like nope sorry not signing autographs I'll I'll wait to you know I do an appearance look for my appearances and that way they get paid to do in the autographs so any time a player does this superstar or not superstar is a pretty cool deal especially for the kids on again you have to be careful what. You know you don't have adults going getting these autographs and talk him on the Internet. But for the kids is just outstanding because again he may not be here past the all star break this year you just don't know all. What about the part with a pick if you said you're gonna get credit for the part of any more accessible and I asked what about. What about the membership in the leadership they provide to the young guys in the clubhouse I don't want mentoring and it in my clubhouse but it you know yard that you guys. On behalf of the PEB a deep deep Dana comments made today I mean I've gotten out not lessens his growing now. Mean he's getting closer cream status at this point with me. Holed out to that until we you know she got it at oracle like you got a young teammate he's in trouble the girlfriend and he's looking for now I go to. The months scenarios. It might get it that I'm here on out as good you know the spartans it's. Since you brought it up but we got a couple minutes your G any news letters special guest who's well I've never heard. They really where he's going to be eager shortly ago who's supposed to be here and yeah yeah but all I. Well I guess we got a couple minutes though like a lot of the guards are replica spark you brought it up Tom creed fired as the head coach of Indiana yesterday that I I just pictured you reading that news on Twitter. And just lighting up with a smile from your ear. A man I I laughed pretty loud. A positive though I mean I set the previews to ask what Butler I wanna watch W the prettiest eyes I would rusted drinks and get Bard mark my words and I want dot a year. And he just laughed and now big rival him like he's gonna get fired mark my words he's getting fired and got fired the next day. You know he gonna get another job he's not a bad hold true meaning that he's a very good basketball coach on a he's a good were either at mile. He's a decent recruiter. For you know what he has and so forth get another job I am not worried at greens can be out of work very long by any stretch of the imagination prompt green hasn't he just wants people wrong like you meant half that students sacked. Made you go back and read stories about the harassment. That he has kids got. Bomb at Indiana it's ridiculous I mean over the top brass meant. About their dad that the students wanted fired and everything else from last couple of years I mean it's I mean his actual k's yes kids at dutchman his players his actual children yet and it ain't got kind of crazy down there so. But from that aspect again. I don't know how he manages is doing but he may manages rub people the wrong way everywhere he goes on so and you know he's great the first 34 years he's a rob Rogge either. You know the Bruce Pearl like bigger but after. An amount of time that wears off and nine people turn on him. Doesn't seem to have that problem huge key wrangles and name and the students stay with them the whole time pre tends to lose them and tends to lose his support. Over three or four year time frame for whatever the reason so wherever he goes next you know was the last seven or eight years the next place I guess level NC. When Mike McCarthy that's when Mike McCarthy first came to Green Day. Tom crane reached outside payment because you single McCarthy was single Brett decree reached out. Bring him down Mike down and Milwaukee all the time introduce the people take him out for steak second than one time I was in the brewers' clubhouse. And there's Mike McCarthy Stan. Michael what do you do shaken hands audio here we are with Tom and I turn around and there's cream some green was shown around the dugout. Yeah there Goosen the net and all that I created a screen is on friends Tony Russo I believe right. You get I know a guy that kind of has the pre nup to a bunch of these different players right through his connections he's not a sports bigger. But he's a degree and a lot of these guys I think after awhile McCarthy for your daddy's that your uncle about it. What I got that idea but I think we're we're Tom Pringle listen he could lose that market as well I don't so. Yeah I'd I'd disagree that hero but hooker our. He registered a market as long as he wanted to but that's a lot like Britney Brittany them Kirsten at Wisconsin as long as you want to. With these guys are always looking for their bigger better deal. And when you're looking for the bigger better DO you give the bigger better DO. You know certain cute there is not what you thought what theory look at what he was going into he was going into a condom program. That was huge probation from Calvin Sampson got like no scholarships yet he was not like it's a fumble that was tell us India right. But it was Indiana but yet and we'll see how it shakes out. Do you ever is not what it used to be I mean I mean UCLA. Is not what it used to be back when when working with the coat or but there's there's enough. You know with certain that the ball gods we'll see what happens there but it but those tools. I'm not what they used to be and if you don't win or don't expect expectations there if you don't win they are you can't talk cream at the same. What was in the same issue where it should their market they were never part on. And to be fair to Tom Green. If you don't knock people's socks up right off the bat in the and a fan base can be very Barack Barry. I don't know he got a honeymoon because national scholarship player so he got on I'm sure it's importantly Gary said he's right. Eventually they want to see you in the final four or water bottle or doesn't on the what Bobby Knight did before now everybody else. That's what you live up to a little bit. They're stupid looking at those few that think he built he anymore not like that you threw not a regular and you can't joke committee or trying get the best out of right. Yeah. You know the week. If I don't I thought throughout Gibson. Yeah. If you have a chance if they take a look at our our. Faithful supposedly on our world parts of their from the owners partners they're very touching moment yeah I mean watch the end for a really really touching on it retreat area and myself up in our basement I've. Medicare I don't know why I've met us there lamenting. He choked him to get the best of them that I. But that's but it was not MRI. It's hated. The top creed getting fired up with a smile on spark he's made some notes up now that but the balance markets especially on Friday during lent. That's Wendy's net delicious hot sandwich that there's there you know -- market to broaden the sting of a rough double stacks into the studio they brought that that on the ups and got through sandwiches in here as well around everybody able to participate Clemens ads on the west Alice I be upset her because at some yeah out to be upset that their -- up the cuts at but it could not not really a fish got if you are whispers in the place to go against and which is Wendy and adapt Lindsay pull away from that pleased with the arches. But they dropped off doubles that adults actually yeah double stacked cauldron at stuff but you don't enjoy them the food there that they give him up. Not this just one piece is adding a quarter pound double staggers and option and a four by four with over a quarter punted before Nuggets Fries and a drank. That deal so good it should digs yet it does a participating locations for a limited time in this tough doubles this I did not know because I locked him. Our bosses and a segment what do you do he's like I can mean today a goal and how is that it's Friday. All know was in the paper they said that you can meet meet d.s at saint Patrick's Garnett there's an exemption now lets other means you have plenty today if you hold Warrick. This for a black against we have an accountant sampling is to sacrifice. Some. Hail. Outing the archbishops and L all may be not might. So stupid. Had to meet you wherever you want me out that if there's a legit and it Wendy's today or any other day. She is catches fish sandwich season at Wendy's. You a lot for the return of Wendy's North American gods and which is over it's back and ruts that number. 100%. While cot North Pacific got covered the speed ankle grounds for a taste you can hear the creamy deal tartar sauce. And tackles for it adds that it needed anymore and so what's his crutch it's the part fickle or for fears and lovers. And it's only at Wendy's for a limited time at one other thing don't predict a box Lakers tonight staples matters. And at the box swinging you'll win when he's. After huge bucks went France is it for hours to receive eight free small chili with the purchase the medium soft drink. Any participating Wisconsin when he now that's a win. But swing and you win. Wendy's witty quick break and on the other side we'll see if our special mystery guest. As is made his weight to the boot yet if he doesn't. My Clemens maybe maybe just load up our discussion with Travis shot we'll reshuffle that guy here or. Why Beckham had what's up there we dot Marshawn Lynch. We could do that you have thoughts on Marshawn Lynch possibly lord of the Raiders oh yes yes I do okay. Well that's coming up nagged him our special mystery guest isn't here yet you're listening to the Wendy's big show live for Bruce spring training and on sports Radio One 057 at spent the fans. I'm here and forward and down action on these questions which is understandable you know with but I told him. I'm not lopsided enough so for the reminder of mine. Less than three minutes because I'm here I'm available for yo I'm here I'm available for you haven't talked. Polamalu requirements off field so now what is next three minutes. I'll just be looking itself waited so look in and me. As marsh out lynch speaking at well. During all the speaking he was willing to do it the Super Bowl a couple of years ago this is the Wendy's big show I'm running back up along with Gary dollars in live. From the Booth up and Mary male baseball park will watch the Royals and Brewers go at it this afternoon. Our conversation with errors third baseman Travis shock coming up at Q 48 Steve Sparky piper back in our heels corners Holtz Chevrolet studios. And news coming out today that the Oakland Raiders. Are strongly considering the acquisition. Of that man you just dirt retired running back Marshawn Lynch either through trade. Or by his release sources told late couple of people over at ESPN this afternoon. Mark you said you want to touch on this what what was your angle on the Raiders acquiring Marchand way. Jordan Schultz two he got earlier today that apparently yesterday. A Marshawn Lynch met with the Seahawks and asked for his release he met with Snyder on and Pete Carroll. Sign in pride with friends lynch has been wearing Raiders gear apparently. Isn't Oakland native yes yes he has and what is interesting to me on this whole thing. What his job market first of all he's been not only for he already dirty half. Hasn't played at all Juli she's gonna have some fresh legs I would sink come back. He's going to be in a situation in Oakland where they have one of the top offensive lines in football to run block form. Is it a situation where is got a legitimate quarterback and Derek car to go along with a star started wide receiver. Line a good wide receiver and out of designing Crabtree based signed another tight end. To kind of go down the middle of the field in Jared Cook you know still goes down. At Oakland Raiders and I'm thinking of myself right. Mean they they may be right there with the New England Patriots going into next season maybe their number two in the AFC. If this still goes down with Marchand which I've makes them that much batter. I think it's an upgrade over the TV is Marie who they lost to the Vikings. I don't know G can you walk away from the NFL especially the most physical position in the NFL at running back. And come back and not skip a beat. Yeah it seems like a tall testament to our thinking it can't you out with the Cardinals or can. You know he's. Power strength. And he can always wrong with that tenacity and it means or that you desire. That he had that I think that in conference who he is so it's easy. To do I mean if you look at. Our guys lightly if they are right about them Duke your old name well all right event like Gale Sayers. Who have to rely on a lot of other different things speed and agility and cutting it yet right not a terrorist. Did you know him maybe that because you need to get that your time and honest of Barrett doubled with him. If it's a little bit more simpler. On how he does it and how he's. Party situation you know they are I think you can Americans. The thing about as we get to a call on this too we are not another Seattle player he wants to talk about Carl on the south side. The other thing that amazes me about this is like I think anybody. Didn't want to play for Pete Carroll. I don't think anybody didn't want to play with a Russell Wilson. I just kind of baffled by the fact that he wouldn't want to be a seahawk at this point after their modest success that he's had here. Well you know god it was built from. Those are great I mean you look at future other part not thought it was often aren't. Mean at some point park thought they peak you're wrong to me through a certain way and me. And a guy like mark Charlotte can Wear on his well. But Pete was never gonna come away so he retired yet. Strange to me to achieve that maybe you have some desire to play but not in Theo think. I think Marchand thinks Hughes was to get the ball the end suppan just imagine being Seahawks Eric Q why did you end up like we just imagine that's it you're Seahawks fan right. See our span yeah sure I got this right I'll let our Charlotte go to Oakland because we have Eddie lease. That's our. Think that that's really about here. You decided dozen or Asian Q Eddie lacy and what we're on walked if they didn't I don't walk you argue with the here and I were honorable worker. I looked this up member the struggles that Marchand had with Buffalo. And then there was one year he said I'm going to be a couple of but I think that'll make me get through the season because he's Evan. Injury struggles in his early career with the Buffalo Bills you know what weight he went up to. 230. Marchand and any are both listen at five foot eleven. Marchand usually was at 215. Eddie we know 234. And then last week allegedly. Weighed in at 260 set. Yeah I just absolutely but it vineyard and have you heard what they're colleague Eddie lacy in Seattle already feast mowing the beast mode now that's good that's correct. Had the traditional practice and her already drifting on a few guys like that tapped that. Now be a lot of fun not that it took on are Karl on the south side in Europe on the Wendy's big show I'm a fan what's up Carl. We're born also about who got out worked so bear with me. Oh beginning try to rumored as they've gone on from Seattle is Richard Sherman a red. And I think that the Packers could acquire the guy I think he instantly bring them veteran leadership that toughness. Bill would Mike Daniels. I mean they can with those those young guys in the shape. If we're gonna go out there Revis you know remained out like dead on the defensive end because I don't think Randall. Within a sophomore slump I've conducted kid just. Can't play man and they are hoping that he's stronger note you know jam anybody on the line of scrimmage are hoping that he got it looked as bloat. But. If we can acquire Richard Sherman of the likes of Randall Cobb or or Clay Matthews. Who really really great Condo overdo you know. I think that's got to be a good pick up and really meant we can keep person for Adrian Peterson with this Marseille and staying with one him in the go to Oakland. I've really presses for Adrian Peterson actually on the Green Bay. That people aren't you know I mean if we can get ATP Jamaal Charles and Richard Sherman all of which really. Man I'm telling you put this in the NFC. Championship game with the Falcons. I have put that in that column aperture to. For the call and the number ethic Croats are the number I'm Richard Sherman. I signed a four year 56 million dollar contract Sherman is all base salaries of eleven point four million this year. An eleven million in 2018 before he becomes a free agent in the spring of 2000. Not in nineteen now. Michael Lombardi is the one that started this thing in a ringers NFL shelf. Meanwhile Ben Albright of 147 in Denver report to see us are not try to trade German but. Are willing to listen to all first. And then later in the article it says the Seattle likely old opera king's ransom if case of the proposition of a Sherman deal is the off season progresses. You're gonna have to give up a first or at the very at the very morally opposed sector a second round pick to get rid yep probably a first round and a player. You're looking animal you know Ted Thompson isn't do and then I mean am I feel like Randall Cobb and one. Yeah you look at nimble would draft picks for him or talk flicker player animal Woodruff record arches largest power to them and you. He's arguably one of the beer quarterbacks in league today so to get out biology ago. People who return and you are two years. If all the Packers aren't you go our we'll go there he just that he was on the best quarterbacks in the league I don't care when go there. A regular thing for him why. We're tortured you Steve Mona I'm asking you a distraught after a while you don't want one of the best quarterbacks in the league why won't you why wouldn't you think about it. Walker's arms you're gonna stick shooter who are airman or mr. continued Jeff and development team and Steve recchi get one out Israel. That's why vs a proven player you are for Supreme Court are gonna give up something for and be done within two years. On our I would give up all the worst news I dove off first a third. And then maybe a player but not at not a not a Pro Bowl player. But if if he had interest in. That's like he had interest in like a one of our middle linebackers you have one of our middle of that goals goes animals group we're. The nadir when you're not I'm gonna solidify one side of the football field and not have to worry about it ice I see where you're covered froze mark I'm not giving up Clay Matthews though. No because I need a pass rusher still. I definitely see where you're coming from men and for a lot of teams Richard Sherman is worth that. But when your heads when near as reliant. On the draft and develop strategy is Ted Thompson and the Packers are. You're sort of handicapping yourself when you give up a first and third and a a significant player not not roster be it. We believe that the position they needed taken the first round as a cornerback. And instead you're gonna have Richard Sherman so that alleviates the first round and I see the third round pick OK yes and that that may hurt because you know you tend to do work in the third round still. In the second round you're gonna happen taking offensive guard here at some point would be my gas in order to fill that other hole that you have at right guard so that's going to be come where that comes from. Now you're gonna need a running back still too but again it AP Jamaal Charles are sitting there when nobody you should really get one of those guys relatively cheap. So running back shouldn't be a huge priority in this draft did you have one of those two to go along with Ty Montgomery going forward. I just think you do that. Not you it's our time are being all it. The problem is is you're going to have to face that first third round pick employer because they're in your conference and you'll have to face them. In the playoffs more than likely to in the next couple of Beers sold that is worse to me than say if Richard Sherman was on. More angles or the Browns where they're in the other conference who never had to deal of those players except once a year if you have to face some. Or in the Super Bowl that's a better scenario for the Packers than having to deal with on a conference rival. What did what did. So might what. What the Falcons Q what Leo oh on five. I draft next I think it was fine looked at a not a good back to vote this year on one and he'd stand out. Well yeah. There was of course he was an out of with the course and why did they give up too much to go get a bit from their French. They went through maybe I think through coaches with them and because they have out there figures to reap registered. What they gave. To go with yeah so yeah up at the plate or was it an awesome player which you given up too many players Buckner losers make it's. So the. Malkin sent the Browns a first round pick a second round pick a fourth round pick in 2011. Plus a one in 2012. And off or in 2012. And that there for a minute there characters crippled their efforts Europe. I said then that I would of done that deals are for Julio Jones I think I still would have done a deal for Julio Jones because. He became an absolute stud Thomas to me trouble that's about it earlier this year out earlier in the football season and asked if he would if it was worth and he's an absolutely. Simon I don't know it on it all depends and I you look at it I mean you look at it more from the ten point of view I guess. Well I could go from here. Liquor from your point of view Victor had noticeable that's why you make that move you make their move to own and done. And they get to cult fired on them I think you mean other volleys and they're wearing. Right now they are zero bravado you're the only goes out of it took awhile. It now with a Richard Sherman deal that you may emerging German you know you have a two year window that to get as fit so that's all you have got to get some for a year to year so you have to believe urged you're gonna. Right you gonna stop for up to two year York apples upbeat. That you you create their French you'll goal war maybe. Four years five years right. I'll probably with the Packers they do write a mediocre place or probably. I don't think that's probably won't turn it won't they won't bottom out. Oh it's possible. I don't think it is now Rodgers a quarterback Matt not to go for your years of 500 no way. They won't bottom now he's way too good to have a law that to a car it not if not for an unlikely run even for a team with Aaron Rodgers. A six game win streak to close out the regular season is an unlikely run and if not for that you're looking. At a seven or eight win season this past year or what should the talent Iraq being changed changed he was the reason to be with. So he is the one that I'd say that doesn't happen again in and you don't go on and I'm likely see my game winning streak Pete if he declines from MVP level I don't care who's on whose team they're screwed too there's not enough talent. But if he plays added MVP level. But eagle budget suitable but they've got holes to fill. And that's why he's staying true it's what we're we need to get all Linear and try go back to the Super Bowl is it I don't know Hispanic and about house. Davone house is all and stop. So I mean again if you are looking at a from air Roger's perspective he obviously understands where he's at in his career. A big east maybe in high again. My point of view and who knows if he degree in this I think he's starting you'll see what this whole drafting developing and not bringing in veteran players. Mike Daniels and the NFL network while wasn't last week that he'd like more batter and players. I whether being a running back room or wherever on this team the players on that football team I think are frustrated by how this team is being built. And now on some album are starting to talk about it and now you're gonna throw the biggest mouth in the National Football League in that locker room for three years. And see what Martellus Bennett house is saying about it that will be fine. That will be fun actually I really want Marcos and on the show every week but we've had to teach him my address it parakeet you know it's a new addition to. The grounds throughout their. You have to go low debacle on I don't I don't know an electric out modern era here at Saint Patrick's Day I'm. And there's more room to sport today for yesterday they had six guys out yards and it is so apparently it electric got carried a little bit more than a little luck. The holiday and it is now it is. Up at the Q clubs but please don't yet they've been all. Are not could you imagine there's not much to do there and I had some alcohol into it and you just party on up. Thank you global Wisconsin today great plays get joy Faber march started action sixteen pool table shuffle board tornado loose ball tables three of those. Electronic darts big block and more. Other war when he fish fry on Wednesdays and Friday say hey. That's today. With four different styles of fish plowed up. He jab here and. Arizona weather does your voice. And prior they're right to let it brought it up great effort on our history didn't. They're good. I got a Packers and that's on late night brought up government and im the one able entertain on Saturday night to catch all the march tournament action while having yourself. About Wisconsin a fun place those private parties including own personal big piece week. The luxury pool table personal TD access to lose ball. And ping pong you so choose to club was gaps and as for your gold today to 454 north grant you boulevard in Waukesha. Miles all the by 94 check them out at Q club the WI dot com next few club. WI dot com or on FaceBook. What a quick break on the other side are super special mystery guest has a riot in the Booth that nearly half and our layer. All that could the baseball on RF parliament where we are for bruised rate straight. And he'll be ready gets the next now the Wendy's big show at the old Chevrolet studios about sports Radio One 057 at bat the fan. Oh start is big show. Running back off a long way at the former packer and badger running back Gary dollars in live Maryville baseball parks these marquee Phifer back in our holds Chevrolet studios don't feel bad for him he got pre Wendy's today. Coming up Gary and I discussion rappers third baseman Travis Shaw. Joining us right now. And the Booth up here at Maryville baseball park these super special mystery guest we've been teasing. All afternoon log you may know what you been listening to the big show for a good long while. Is we got used to sit in this very chair the Thompson and right now it's. Development. Your third and now you have a lot of disappointed with the. This is the thing is that cabinet is happy to see it on the knob that we thought we look rail years ago their field with me now days people miss you you. He's got jokes. Got Jokester light and bird I'm all right yeah but he still slightly yeah still sweat. Like a future. That yeah. You know I learned there instituting. A lot of people are about like I don't know how they do. I can do too much more than the week that we're out here give me crap the other day for wearing because Garrett but some pictures up unfazed look at me look at each lobby is usual. If you are giving me crap from where in an undershirt with the pullout like Duke I Wear one shirt the ops went through that one pitcher like and I'm out of it. An obvious but more with the Hoosier sound but at least you're not gonna see earth where we're there yet that's what catcher rhetoric yeah and that's exactly what I don't know if you have that problem and he put me and burn parties to cool. I don't like. It or put on your record American your liver you have Eric and his mechanism or body yeah. But Hart I'm that they want to that your look to become a man and I don't. Now. I'm 37 outs they'll split and as the slot like affected bird. All all over its properties that those who don't know what is Jeff Byrd Europe do nowadays its it pregame post game for the Royals. In the city. Look at lord of the season is by the way is Ron play. I wanted to like oh no I haven't seen the lineup for today I believe he batting third base bark. I'd just putted off you're in the studio yet yeah main idea higher round. Now and at people it's not Arrigo. Incident. Remember that. Be immediate sense your walk around. The ever looks sort militants. At. Marquis could give them that isn't here right back and yeah. It can be Dolphins brought discredit let's go on her lawyer calls or compliment reverently. I don't think most people. You have to walk out that run well every wondered about Ryan brown and if you played today just because and we kind of touched on this during the commercial break. The comments yesterday and look nobody in Milwaukee really cares about running around by it. And it just seems like it tough to. To really get behind to go you know what even though we're stared at offseason in the face man I can't wait to turn out to the ballpark to watch number for those who haven't. Hurd and bring any incidents and take your call not a coming up at 4 o'clock Sparky just wait to jump all over this topic at four but these comments by Ryan Braun yesterday. After he had a a bit but a bit of a battle with the pitcher piled up on two pitches I think about a ten pitch at bat. And they asked him about that at bat whether or not that was good warm up for the season he says my favorite spring training at bat. Is a first pitch line out to center or even better a first pitch line drive double play. Because were all this business of saving time we don't get paid by the hour reported started laughing. Brom look them stone based in San. I'm serious I'm not kidding and make it quite clear that that was about it joke. At least get out of here it arteries and look I understand that I'm I'm out here for every spring training game that the Royals played their tires them they're boring they don't mean and but. But of that few thousand people catch up on takes them very much do you make in our vs LeBron makes. Line in the 111. Million. If that neighbor eating it paid for our deal I mean that's that's for a lot. Did you know make enough up there. You know it's amazing to me you get a don't park and you understand where he's coming down no I don't get this this is innocent but that's my issue with this okay. Aaron Rodgers done play right I mean he's now on the same trainers brought I don't need to practice on perfect Don good I don't need more practice. Okay if I not shot so he doesn't want to apply it that's why. But it you know why he's there he's at the game he's worked with a backup quarterback she's got the headset on his listen to what's going on in the game he's at least there. It's hard training what Mo. These baseball players golf course while the game's going out of their play that day. It's not like brought have to sit there for the first two or three weeks of spring training and as a synagogue out in full uniform and sweat. And not play and watch these guys that's not even the deal he doesn't have to be at the ballpark burned many if only depth. Here's where I come out I think everybody can acknowledged. And agree with this even you. You have to agree that bronze too Smart to say something like that. He understands the PR knows how it's perceived you don't see that he knows how that's for it right back. So Rodgers probably. You know read this and that he's right but Rodgers didn't put that out there but rob has basically didn't say the same thing and I'm I'm paraphrasing but during the pre season looked I don't I don't mean but maybe one half the snaps. They're ready for the regulars. Last year yeah you played well the first of the year to aid in her. And that's because he didn't play in the pre season Sparky won Everett case maybe maybe that she'll play a little more recent months. This quote to me only. Helps my thoughts and again I'm not following the Brewers day in day out. But to me brawn has always struck me as the guy. Where. You know some people give him credit for while he's going to be the face of the franchise during a rebuild it to me win lose draw eight. That catch Jack back can't Jack ass okay that's Jack Daniel's comments write an object okay fine right we won fifty games a hundred games whatever. Andy Edwards where you get much more into that subject and take some collars knotted coming up at 4 o'clock markets open back right now I am. He's gonna pop his toppled we get what they're doing they're on him are you remember that it right Internet yet our power royals' look and right now they took a little bit of a step back last year after back to back World Series appearances yet know Vera. Surprisingly. You know after the passing of your Donovan or and that trajectory now after that. This offseason they were very pro active they went out and signed up there a former Cubs and Travis Wood and and Jason Campbell's of the rotation should still be solid the bullpen I think it's going to be a strength once again and the offense is probably the best stuff but they've had. Under their current Rashean although Cleveland's the favorite in the division. I think the Royals a barring injury of course should be in the postseason conversation at least the wild card hunt. For the full 162 this is the last year of Hosmer moves doctors at the bar and Kane. In cant the city and be able to keep. The little guys just want it I think came to be the east is to keep because they're so many center fielder on. Center fielders on the market right this off season with McCutcheon and Carlos Gomez and others. I think Cain will return. And hot summer's on its just moves dockets and Frazier as far as third baseman on the open market this offseason I think which doctors will be paid how. A lot. And then I'll think he's as good bye they have his replacement and Raul Mondesi. So I think as he's gone as well so Lorenzo Cain like the the one to return. In mind Woolsey. But there are other I think there are squad this year and if there ended at the deadline to make a move. If they're out of it around the deadline 56 games out of that wild card spot it's going to be a fires at Indian squad man there it they are tough to contend with I don't know a lot of people realize that they got to the World Series last year. How good a baseball team that that was growth obviously at Yale central. Are gonna have to contend with that that's it that's it all that's a tall task to climb but he fear of. Like don't burn if you look at the lay of the land that the Royals came out of nowhere. Note to give it to the World Series and you look at a lot of Houston because you're looking now the Brewers a lot of people a lot of doubt we want to owner. Just get under everybody in this start over draft you know players it is felt like the Royals on the river went through that they're mixing you know whom currently work. Yeah the Royals well I mean they they would spend. You know 5068. At one point I believe and those forty million dollar pay rolled it or any anything. What they did do is they didn't rush anybody really to the vaguely their first baseman third baseman catcher. Left fielder center fielder and two pitchers all won championships together a double I. And then they won championships together at AAA. And they got the big leagues and L lost together him so that there was no finger point because they were all in this together. We all know how good we can be so once they've matured at the big league club long. I don't know really what to compare it to as far as other sports but it was just you know like play with or look like the Cubs or work. Now what now focus Russell came late. Yeah I don't think many below bright at short or maybe played together for awhile right. But not not not is there wasn't 56 or guys that were together when they were. 20/20 120 all the way to thirty these guys have been together for ten years of their record it it's more effectively than anything. That is that's been the most impressive thing is the general manager always preach patience and that once they get here we will win and a ultimately native now how the youngster. Stoke were trying to nets. I mean he's still mad he's still going to do with. He wants to test yeah you know no matter what your first question isn't going to be one word broker no matter what you ask it can be one word answer. He needs to mess with you it just helps him start his day Ryder Cup a copy for dead yet but he's not that your. Milwaukee like what he was in the count that Edwards of the edges are enough yet that's gone he's gone out of his way. To be more polite to the meaty because he's as he said he learned from his time in Milwaukee and one. Veteran Kansas City burn we wanna thank you for coming out we're gonna go to the break spark he's got to tell you about Cassel is going into it they're about to play the national let them out here. 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