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Tim Allen goes 1-on-1 with Craig Counsell

Mar 17, 2017|

03/17/17: Tim chats with Brewers Manager Craig Counsell. How does he handle the challenge of developing young talent, but at the same time try and win now? How does he measure failure?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

All right Tim Allen Maryville baseball park inside the manager's office Craig counsel Greg thanks for the time I know you're busy thanks ever attempt. No problem. Camp but we had heard earlier I heard a comment that you said. Teams kind of sent that the more I look at it. There may be a little more difficult Cotts is is that the case here. Well. Yeah I mean I think as we get into this you know the reason why it it's getting more difficult is a good thing I think we've had a lot of guys performing one. And we had no injuries and soul. You know you just expect when you have sixty guys that something happened. And you know in a good way not much that has happened so. Everybody's. Content put their best foot Florida I think right now and you know we're at the point where there's you know two and a half weeks ago well which is still a long time. I look back to last year and we had three pretty major things happen in the last ten day isn't. And Will Smith Garza then and Corey and able so. You know there's there's we gotta we gotta get to get to that date but right now we have guys perform and and and guys put investment floored then and it is gonna force until. Decisions and still appears to meet up versatility as a Purdy vague attribute for you guys this year resident. Well it always is because you don't want guys versatility puts another guy in a better position to succeed and soul. It's it's always going to be important for me I think we can get guys in to spots to succeed we have versatility. And. But like aired on Paris I mean or you can see him advance. Well that's. It's it's easy really mean he's gonna get at bats I think. You know the there's if you can play seven positions on the field. There's claim that best all around and so I'm now I don't worry about getting an apparatus at bats. You know I think you more worried about and it and if I'm worried about getting these guys at bats that means other guys are performing really well. All right in which we talked a few weeks ago about the the balancing act that you have to do trying to win games vs. You know developing these younger players and that's just again it's worth reiterating. Our heroes were deeper in that camp that. That's a pretty tough challenges a I respect that channel as the stuff. Yeah it's not. You know there it's just the balance is what I'd say I mean certainly development is. It's always at the four on your mind com butts I think you accomplished bull and that's that's what you do. And and and frankly I think the ways that it went down last year was good it was good for Kia Broxton coming. We put I think we put in and it's about there's I think there's still days during this season what are. Com you know you'll see somebody else's field because I think it's good Kia and it's helped you know development so. Our own. You know we're always gonna be balancing an engine and I'm OK with that and I think that's that's part of the thing to do balance and and down. It gonna force the citizens and force him put guys in matchups at that maybe aren't the best form that they need to get through. And it's it's it's definite doubts in. I talked sillier veteran type players and I think they get through it and and you know this as a player but. Some of the younger dudes. Haley young when I had a conversation with him trap shot Travis in his case mentally. That part of the game that. It is so challenging for him was at losing that everyday role last year Boston ironically. Aaron Hill and platoon role. He said mentally didn't handle it appropriately Taylor young men same thing conversation I had. How big is the mental part of this game. Whoa whoa for up for the players we have so many of whom are early in their big league careers and you know for the when you get to the major leagues you have had a lot of success in your life. You've had success and amateur baseball you've had six a lot of success in Minor League Baseball. So often like this is one of the first big hurdles immediately face and so it's it's every guy doesn't come through in the same way it takes a little longer for some guys. But find yourself having. Harden on counsel these guys in that regard. It's not I think it's part of they've question you asked in development you know we're we're balancing. Development and trying to win it it's part of the question your answer and so. Come watch what is what is failure doings of the player how's it affecting them out away. You know Expos in the tough situations when dot. Com and so that's. That's the thing that's why I you know all GM Broxton was not out there every single day and you know because I didn't want him. They get down pass for apt world we got in to have such a good place. And now it's it's like let's keep your good place because of that place here in early in the season that would gonna work. Com so. You know I had a Travis and I've talked lot about his situation last year about how he felt about it and I think you learn a lot from it and I think down you know it will be it'll be useful for him on Florida. Correct a couple of quick things here that the media in Milwaukee and and you know being a player and and see a lot of things around the country with the media. What do you think about the Milwaukee media that's all I'm not looking for countless believe me out I'm not I'm just curious. If you don't look. Having experienced other places and seeing a lot lot of other things the media in Milwaukee is frankly it's. There's not that many of them and that's the easiest way to say it there's not a lot of media and walking it's not a big medium market. Bomb. So that's. You know I think from my perspective when you feel like you're Sean Spicer twice today makes a little easier. I was just curious because you seem to have a great relationship with the media. So that'd be up some solace plays yeah yeah. Good job. But. Well look you know. There in. Mean baseball media is sold different than the other sports. Because this court this sport allows more media access than any sport. The every day nature of the games you know and media in the club house changes the whole dynamic. Nam. You know I've had this running horses for a couple of guys that calmness the clubhouse culture questions from the media. Is so what's more prevalent in this board. Because because the media you guys are in the clubhouse every day so you guys see the interaction with with all the guys at read it. And in other sports city you guys you guys aren't hanging out on the packers' locker room seven days a week and it's so let's creates a different dynamic. And and it's it's just part of it and it's it's kind of interesting and we talk about it more but his system with a different dynamic in this sport. And then like a set at this thing you know our media's. It's a smaller numbers I think you do get to know people letter. Sort of soft. Out. Real quick the fans how much interaction did you elect to help top hundred courts saw an honor and opportunity at that do you give it a bit slow. Fan interaction with you could we have from the area and and you know you gotta live your life and I don't know about that. Do things faster you loved talking baseball this time. No there there really don't mean I've I've found. An and this is it's true I mean I found that. In other places a place specifically here at Phoenix really what are. You know I thought I'd dealt a whole lot more of that in Phoenix and it ever dealt with in Milwaukee. So and I just I think that's more a statement on just the what the people with scouts and like they are. Kong. They're not impressed by celebrity that's that's always been my feeling and in Wisconsin. Elm. That's good. So it's it's just more of these is that it cheat sheet is 11 of their own more and here you felt like. You were successful it will Morry it's bigger city you know and I did feel like I was in a -- more living here. Final thing for you we've we've been on the show the other night we. Didn't ask counsel so we got to question that I thought it was producing question being from the area again. Your favorite band things you've seen at summer fest in your life. As has come up from one of brewer fan analysts are. Favorite band they've seen on efforts go yeah yeah I mean I got a couple it's nice. He's. You know the last two great ones that I spoke lasted realizes let's think Peter Gabriel and create a sort of black keys a couple of years ago that those phenomenal at you know two guys is going crazy up there. When I was when I was really young I saw the violence sounds. You know Milwaukee band. That's pretty good show but that was because I was under agent now a lot of fond. We won't have yet tough and we've all been there is a good times. Greg thanks for the time and a good look we'll talk again I'd take care.