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The World of Translating in Baseball...

Mar 17, 2017|

03/17/17: Tim Allen chats with Insider Adam McCalvy, as well as Brewers Translator Carlos Brizuela. How important is it for Latin players to have a comfort zone when talking with the media?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Joining me in the Booth here are insider Adam a Calgary. Adam are about a guy that's got that. And also I've thought about insisting and and you know me guys Adam you know me I'll do everything Brewers anything around the team well obviously with what you're about to introduce yes Carlos for his way a lot. Is via a translator. For the Milwaukee Brewers and Carlos thanks for the time. Yeah note no doubt adult let us know will get the Carlos. You have to write stories of guys yeah and in you have to communicate with someone that does speak your language yup this is your guys that work. While it's better than it used to be because in the past you'd employ a coach. We would employ a Hiram Burgos a lot of times he's really good. Cut and you sort of have to bother guy for for help with a translation. Now in. CBA it's built in that every team hires a translator. Spanish language translator and you know that's Carlos and he has other duties he's too modest probably to tell you about them. But he does more than that but he's our he's our guy whenever we need to talk to a guy who prefers. To. You know use a translator so for example like. Carlos can tell you more about Orlando Garcia. Needs a translator at this point. In his career. Other guys you know we can have conversations on the side and English and sort a chat numbering as you can have a chat with them. Regular are you can have a chat with him he does need Carlos to translate the question but some guys just are more comfortable so there is no misunderstandings. You know having Carlos say. What they're saying that span but clears it eliminates possible confusion this. Sure you back Carlos was well and you you enjoy doing that sort of for these guys yesterday. The slot on it via the players' day. You know get to work around. Adam and and though the reporters Tom then yes. Get to know everybody is fun I'm coming and then the middle guy and let them and the mental. Okay let let me ask you this and and and thanks for the help but no you help me now with the Neftali Feliz in the and I think he's who says well yeah. Com I always found that what went right do you an interview through the translator. That I will. Ask you. To ask him the question but then after that I always talk to the individual I think that's respectful reminds us too nerdy about this I think. You can miss Adam for you shifting that's such it you know and just the translator so you're not really. No way I look at let the reports that you're asking them the question I wanna ask them that process but every once in awhile you'll see. Reporters here and there that would last me the question like taken yet in this. That's the way on an Afghan and asked him like the reporters that's. Question so yeah makes it easy when did you test history today to the player and I'll just translated the plays its stand and in with. With. The Latin players said that come in here and I think it's increased I don't know the numbers at a maybe you know the numbers but I think this is gonna increase in. He'll come from that. There in the world you know VR has a huge player. We read communicate with the RC is obviously a huge part of the future this franchise. Feliz is now a big so yeah others on. There's a high percentage of players. And do you guys who. We got away Adams you in and the rest of the press will we got away with. Not needing a translator for Corey Hart's cave man speak so we got away with nets shot just can't have just skinny he's a good dude there goes your chance to get him out. Well he's ease a nice guy but. Carlos how how was it. Though that you you found this job I know units at the we get mandated this requirement but then. How did they find you yeah. Camera camera surprise. A used to award to yours would with the Angels and baseball ops. That I left there. Four year in and a countless wanted to go back and then I got a call. I should any of you would have will be for a job that in them get him but then when this position came available. I actually am will be sent number rest make the severity of my information that's and a 22 feet tool think almost every team and I it's every child but I like. About five sixteenths reach out to me. And then and there have been immune would few of the teams and that comes down to two teams and have this opportunity came up like can say note. The project come back to baseball as I can really say not you know. There were times Adam and you can you can appreciate this there were times ride I've would have loved. Translator because often times I will go to UNC since. Yeah you know you know you know try to secure a years ago who. Great example off late and about what but comes to my mind on this and it's. Ridiculous that I haven't expansion seventeen years of covering this I mean it's really a huge failure on my part because it's an opportunity. Come Jose Hernandez. Way back when he speaks great English. But. When he and I communicate with him he was great and in fine. And that might seem communicating in Spanish with his teammates you know and it was the energy was different. It was a you know what I mean it's it's your if your were speaking a second language it's not quite the same. And at the connection. The possibility for connection would have been there with him. Better had I spoke a little Spanish I think that having someone like Carlos. Helps make that connection a little bit more and the players can communicate exactly more perfect so good examples I'm organize and Orlando RC a story for the program for the Brewers. It'll go lumber is not come to and it's like a six million words long. But it was really interest in the talked a little bit more about his background growing up and then as well rather his mother was the I'm a national softball team he's he's he's got a really interesting back story. That if you didn't have Carlos here to help body be very difficult homeless I spoke Spanish. To sort of get out what kind of on the message may have been a little bit off to be diluted it is diluted now are able to get a little bit better it's it's in the players' interest in baseball's interest it's thirty mark jobs in baseball which is great yes there's so many good things about it. It's so Jean sicker was just ups first camp for whatever and thought it was would be okay. I kind of say. One thing I appreciated and try. Yeah you know what I mean heat it up felt so bad I don't even think I ever aired it because it was just I. And it's just tough it is very everybody else I've felt. So bad for him. Not me I don't count but it was him that he was I think so our nights. I was runners. You gotta respect as it looked Johnny BR is one he's really working on his English and yes tiger and and this is part of it for him as he wants to communicate with us and this and you noticed much of the Spanish speakers we are over minor league camp with wage on long. He had a translator to achieve when he was here. When he was here as a rule five pick now the Brewers after talking with Wong have taken that away. And part of it is too. Push him a little bit to learn English he has seen he Guerrero over there yeah who speaks Mandarin which is awesome. I coast gay and I received fervor nor Norris so it exactly but but you know it's it's some. And nor is another guy that you could communicate with him innings but when he did interviews. It was I don't know it's it's better to do it with a translator and make sure you just don't lose anything in terms. Carlos bruise Whalen is the translator for the Milwaukee Brewers in and a McKelvey joins us here in the Booth year. On the bill Michael so Carlos one more thing you know let's ago I appreciate them you've been excellent. Excellent now. Umps. Komansky of that if they talked about us media guys. Oh college knuckle heads right in front of us. The I'll definitely are you gonna. Not as bad as people think bug candidate. I've where you use them anywhere. It's part it's part of business in report as they're going to be. You know from here into October November hopefully we gonna see. Adam and all the reporters every day it's part of you can see each other day with it whether you like it or not before and after the game so. You kind of get used to each other you you build relationships and it's kind of it's part of essence. I don't do anything about it really. I know a lot of reporters. At least radio guys will avoid the translator type in and views. I've never root for it to guys I guess that is just I don't care. And I mean and its good it's of the people don't get to hear from those guys sometimes as much because that look it's again our shortcomings as in speaking to reporters. It is calm the guys are of liberty and learn English in the club helps with that this class is going on every day over on the my own side. The looks and guys are still on the learning process and it's nice to hear from them. To be over here from the because there's so much passion in baseball and in the Dominican in America Mexico. In Venezuela all these places. And it's it's important here from guys. I had a chance talked Emery CO2 bombs. Yesterday. And variance as things start. His English very good from Honduras our misses. They're in the thought Carlos was well hey thanks for the time and missed the source on that side that's my hat rilya yeah a you got to find it very very insisting. Will finish up here without a McKelvey Adam okay a couple of cuts today. Yeah some of the top outfielders it's just the opening of minor league spring training games today so it's time for lose Brentson. Ryan Cornell Brett Phillips to. Go start playing down there. I'm so they were optioned out because their option there on the forty man they won't be back in these games although it won't be now if you bring them if you option then you bring them back you're exposed for injury risk and things like that you can't do that OK though so is that lawyers say it plays over here than still exactly because he's not on the forty man and it's an opportunity for Kyle ran. Who's an outfielder is a pretty darn good player and has been in the top thirty. And he's not on the forty minutes and he'll play and Michael Reed it's like can't filter so does Colorado Springs opted. Oh yeah grandstand court L Phillips kind of the primary guys read. Does of who's a good player. And ran and ran and they're apt you know it's retreats after babies they do have the DH and a lot of their games that'll help but that's pretty good depth is somebody goes. Hey Ryan brawn. I've I've learned that in the last couple years for sure. Ryan brought hates spring trip. Okay. Just the wrong OK maybe a little strong but boy oh boy he would prefer to be about two weeks would he had and. Yeah he doesn't need a lot of at bats. He sees some light pitching he says the biggest thing is is the united your spikes for five or six hours a day I remember you know these games are one small part of a day here at spring training. This starts for many guys it you know seven earlier. In the cage in the weight room out on the field for early works harder to nets out there every day dating and the catchers out there dating him. And then the game comes at 1 PM so it's like kind of at the end of a long day and Ryan Braun is just said any you know he's funny when he talks about it. I don't I don't I don't need a La. I'm so he you know he made this comment yesterday about the best spring training AP is a first pitch line or even better in a first pitch line drive double play. So his point is you come out you want to hit the ball hard get your work in movies games along. And and get on here and when it counts you know you want to be ready for when these games count. Can I ask you this I am a little confused by something I don't know if I was get afraid when you I know that preface the question a while I know that but I honestly. Sometimes. You do this every single day every day every day you get it you get the the protocol and a clubhouse with. For the fans have for the brewer fans. There are certain rules down there right I mean there's certain rules how do you know when it's on and off the record. Well when you're standing there with a note pan out in here asking questions I think that's pretty good record in general rule if someone says something is off the record then it's off the record if it's. You know they don't say that I think you know the case that it's on the record but it's just it's just about. Being respectful I don't really try to be respectful. And sometimes things get said that then you know there is regret about it later in you. Mean stuff like that out. Just treat people who are you treated here than us because I've found myself a lot of this what we do a standing around way. Yeah home. Yeah we always joke that the writers need and in the radio guys needs no prep for spring training to its. Yes it's practicing your standing around here caps on your hand hammy is. Stretched. You know on it and ready be ready this I am not always crimp a month back yeah yeah I get that worked out spring training so you're ready for you know thank. Now no but if someone is sitting at the table at breakfast in this and body of learn that I've been playing guitar I've been taking guitar lessons or whatever it was that. I mean I would ten no no I would not. Write something about that that I over here Oca got now I would be now there's nothing good nothing good can come up. That way and then ask the guy about his guitar line got it and then you got a nice little story about that there you go out there is an example man hot days year. And it's Maryville baseball park yet McKelvey and only appears in no way you get appointment here so what are you lose let's get back to work we preach it to our thanks to there is at a McKelvey. Our insider here on the bill Michaels show.