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Tim Allen goes 1-on-1 w/ the Director of Amateur Scouting

Mar 17, 2017|

03/17/17: Tod Johnson, Brewers Director of Amateur Scouting, stops by. What goes into his job as a talent evaluator? What is this organization looking for as they build this team?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And here we are Maryville baseball park with director of scouting is Todd Johnson Todd how are demanded to see again. I'm doing well Tim straight straight to be here it's obviously beautiful weather you know final around the country do in this image standing thing you never know it and whether you know ordinances. It's always get a the only counter Maryville to be nine Indian Sonny yeah now note no question about it and that. We're a little grueling conditions for you though fly and all over the place. Midwest scouting is got to be pretty brutal in the spring but what are you looking for have you and David Stern sat down and and figured out. You know when we all want go ballplayers with I think we understand that but that height both guys that type of human being if you guys talked about that. You know it's always important that's. One of the things that our area scouts do a lot of work on is trying to assess the type of person that we're getting we draft these guys we obviously. You know we work hard on trying to assess their tools and their skills to to be that professional baseball players but a huge component of it is that mental side of it. You know what kind of person are they how much is are and how hard they gonna work are they willing to do that grind that it takes to get. All the way through the minor league system all the way up to that to the big league side. Because it is I mean you know there's huge amount of failure in baseball so you have to be able to handle that you have to be able to have that mentality pick yourself back up. And you'll be able to. To persevere through this kinds of tough times in the minor leagues and so we certainly talk through that we talk about that you know we're looking at. You know those guys that have overcome adversity potentially in their lifetime on and and be able to deal with that. How they dealt with that. Are they. Did it make him stronger did they get through it. So we do look for that it's and it's did anyone looking for any one particular personalities that bring me that there were looking for the guys who have the mental. Capability to survive the grind it is Minor League Baseball hit the big leagues and yeah I mean you've been around so it without naming names have you seen. Some victims of mental collapse that boy they had all the physical skills in the world but that just the mind game just got out. Oh absolutely it's certainly in others it that that it history is littered with guys that. Just didn't have that mental toughness or that mental you know capability to make those adjustments and handle that failure. And get through and and make it in the day to examine its. It's probably the number one reason the guys fail it's it's probably the most important thing we have to assess and it's also. The hardest thing we have to assess with these high school and college kids. Director of scouting Todd Johnson on the bill Michael show here. Let's get to some fun stuff. How good aren't we we've seen the minor league system and go from. Virtually to the from the bottom to the top. When you take a look around at these guys and what do you see him. It's incredible I did hear since that in this role kind of are in there which got excited since 2011 in with the Brewers since about 2007. And it. It's really exciting to go back out on the mat on the minor league feels have been here since Monday in. Out and see in the backfield guys we had three in a squad games on Tuesday with a minor league guys it is incredible to see the number of big physical. Athletes we have back there who are physical with a lot of athletic tools you know runners guys can have big power and the arms are incredible too I mean we've got. You don't. We are at that inner squad and we ran out and yeah I mean maybe fifteen or sixteen guys in and all of them had really electric stuff so it's exciting. You know that that's sizes is kind of incredible liking and you see an ambush site as you're seeing kids that are. You know three or four years away from where those kids are back there. And you just teenage you have to be elderly project on their fist county because you see what those guys look like and then you come to the Major League side watch Major League. Players a Major League BP and it's even more impressive because. There's not a lot of small guys who and that that's major league baseball players there's the exceptions obviously you know our managers one album. There's some other ones that they get there that you know aren't big physical guys but by and large that's the if you're gonna ban on one. It's his cal here and let the other you're huge would be best going with the bigger guys. Well I'd go with athletes I think it makes sense of you know watched a show a couple of weeks ago Ellis Jack was gonna draft cattlemen cattlemen's that it meant lots. What's that focus on what what position you draft me has is that I don't know. All we know is your football player yeah I remember about I haven't actually seen that but I read some stuff I'm talking about that. And it was interesting at age basically told we're not sure what you are yet though we know you're good and we know you're a winner and we know you're had that mental piece of it that we talked about earlier. On to be able to make the adjustments and and wherever we think you win we know you're gonna help us win games. I always talk about you sports a lot on the on the shows that I do and you're talking to a lot of folks that have kids that are that are athletes and obviously kids have their dream it's Ryan and what would you recommend to some of the parents that are listening today that. You know face either kid at 891011. Start to excel over their peers is is there any helpful tips. You can give and Todd Johnson director of scouting for the Brewers. Might key thing and we talk about this all the time and Amish sided and it's it's the nature of where we are today kind of in society in and how things have developed. But don't specialize too early sport wise play you know let him play multiple sports don't put him on baseball and and only be baseball or or whatever their sport is that you you see them being. Well above and that the ability did play multiple sports up through you know a certain age. Allows them to develop. You know the body movements and the the body control beyond what they'll get if they just playing when baseball they just are more well rounded athletes they have better. If physical ability to control their bodies and and you know more rounded strength and so that's what we see in baseball it is it's being pushed I think it's true in. You know all the sports soccer basketball it's a big push to specialize really early and for us we love when we can take guys that. That we know had backgrounds and and made here it is still playing in high school Al on multiple sports and there is this is pushed it. To specialize too early and I would I would caution against doing that. Is draft day coming up this June here in a few months like Christmas for your time. A we talk about is our Super Bowl you know it is we spend our our area scouts it's Tony it's 824 by 712. Mark the year. You know very little breaks type the job and people always ask me to east asking what are you doing offseason and it's there is an off season really I mean. Those guys are out you know the calendar starts. In it essentially right after the draft for next year there's events that start the next weekend. They drank through that com into. This summer more more high school in. Events in the college summer leagues and then into the fall with college practices and those kinds of things and then the winner obviously we pick it up and spring baseball start some places in January so. There's not a lot of breaks here scouts are out there and that our supervisors who Marino out flying around the country as well doing. Seemed to see in this guy's such a long process it's a twelve month and with a lot of these kids it's not even twelve months it's 2.4 months that we know and we've been scouting him since they were. Sophomores or juniors in high school or their college kid since they were you know since the same time. So. It's a grind we grind it out we drank through that and then yet when we finally get to pick come on on June 12 this year you know it is a special day and we you know it's been a lot of hours getting to that. Points Silva vs and you guys this in the sixth. Night okay. It's easier to do mock draft football from. You guys go past available as need as college is that stay away from college. Pitchers because their arms have been worked around for two or three years. Is there a general philosophy heading into. This June draft. And it's always. That's Jack that's available in baseball needs certainly doesn't really come into Pittsburgh on the based aside his. You Jackie guys are far away anyways potentially high school guys you're talking for five years before it. The pushing towards that big league roster you know some college guys come quicker than potentially but your roster at the big league level changes so quickly and in the minor leagues. That you know if you're drafting for need by the time those guys are ready to be on your big league roster needs are probably different anyways but doesn't seem like you guys are focusing on middle infielders. There is absolutely focus on the middle of the field for position players and you know and you can see that in our acquisition strategy is I mean and I can speak for what David wants to do with. With big league side but we've that's actually conceive required a lot of guys play in the middle of the field. We certainly focus on that in the draft as well and a lot of that is because those guys that are in the middle of the field. Can move other places they have a lot more flexibility a lot more. You know ability and athletic potential athletic ability to move to different spots eat and take center fielder can become a corner. Corner outfielder you know a lot of the guys who are third base since today were short stops when they are amateurs. And there are areas Todd Johnson director of scouting. Amateur scouting for the Milwaukee Brewers that kind enough to Jonas. Here. At Maryville baseball park in Phoenix Arizona tip malady and to Dave for bill right here on the bill Michaels go.