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Coshun: Don't rule out lefty Milone in Brewers' Rotation

Mar 17, 2017|

03/17/17: Craig Coshun of Fox Sports Wisconsin joins Tim at Brewers Spring Training. Does he expect some of these top prospects to be in the Major Leagues sooner rather than later?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We welcome and from fox sports Wisconsin. A cricket sharp crack are you math I'm doing great man that you can't beat the weather down here in the in the atmosphere at Saint Patrick's Day the guys at green hats on and there's even a lock for come running the the training rolls down there right now the conditioning rules though to great day right and they get at cedar had something to do with that job he he was down there I think he was tell them exactly what needed to be really done there but you know there it's a ways away from where we're doing our show here right now and I'm not sure that's not scooter Jeanette in net so let's come out. Good idea and I'm not ruling that out at this point she was Easter Bunny last spring for these. And he's got a little bit of a backbone they have him do it at yelling back at bats are right. So yesterday's game you guys had on the year and I happened to be catching Garzon brawn. In the clubhouse there cry again and they that your Europe feed into the into the clubhouse there caught the call on the Louis Brentson yet. And sounds to me like you really like this can. I'll love this kid in town you know I I think you know Tim the thinking is that. If he does with date with the anticipate. Happening here now maybe over the first couple of months of of the triple a sees in that. You know he he's one guy and we've been waiting for this for a long time have a guy forced their way up. Yes you know and not somebody that he's been playing well and then the team needs him but somebody that actually gonna force their way up I mean. And almost seems like those were that the mid two thousands you know and in the Prince Fielder rhyme brawn days and Corey Hart and JJ Hartings of guys that. Forced their way up because the organization was which showed deep and this is one kid who is. You know just the epitome of what their their starting to acquire now over the last couple Beers nets' big time athletes. Big time character. And at a guy who can perform in and out. Handle all scenarios are notice that though cracked that that that the character in that type of person. That is collectively. Within this organization now is it's consistent they all seem like the same type but. Guy they seem like he came out of the same factory yeah as well it's almost like get it and in its certainly not to say Tim that the that they were bad guys before that that that's it has nothing to do with that I think it's the fact that. Used you have an opportunity. If you're David Stern's in and everybody that works under and two. Go after the right kind of guys guys are going to fit. Not only this city of Milwaukee I think but it more importantly it's two to fit. You know. It the game plan and and fit into the organization and and be a reflection of you know from ownership on down and I think they've done a really really good job doing that. I would imagine creek is John from fox sports Wisconsin here at the Booth at Maryville baseball park I I would suspect. That it's you know looking at this roster you you mentioned Lewis Brentson there. But there's Josh hater you get a lot of questions about well who's to who's the guy who's the guy that that we're gonna see that. Is going to be instrumental in the brewers' breaking through into the playoffs on the other side of the build here. Princeton has won Josh heater would be another one. We all know that injuries happen. And they if you look at the outfield here Craig year brawn Broxton and and Santana but there's also new and highs and Perez and I think that's cover pretty well we saw scooter the other day play it would allow field. Will he get that call. I'm talking about Brentson if something goes goes south here and in regards to health all I think so I think if he's playing well. He he's got to be he's got to be called operate the way I mean if things are going well on his and it I don't think I think in this part of the development that that the Brewers are going through right now. I don't think fill the shoes is long. This year sixth it was a year ago. For some of these guys are and and they've also put pressure on on. Guys like scooter Jeanette I mean you were there yesterday and correct council said he does not have a spot on this point thought man roster yet you know and in look we're scooters come from the last. Several years of developing and then. And in being the second baseman the last three years I mean his job was taken away from him. Because there's other guys who they are better and be more personal and now their hope and that he can become. A more personal and better ball player as well they they want him to succeed I think they like his left handed bat. And he proved he can hit left handed hitting in. And the fact that he has you know a lot of Major League at bats and he's been successful on me. You can't take that away. From what you need on a ballclub we've you can expect the young guys to come in and and and in no certain it's scenarios and be ready at certain times like like more veteran guy like scooter Judah but. Bottom line is the pressure's on him it's on some of the guys and the pitching staff I think that Jimmy Nelson's probably feeling the most pressure out of the seven guys right now that are. Vying for being one of those five starters. And down he's gonna pitch here this afternoon for only the second time in. In big league you know action here in spring training. Yeah it will be insisting I think I got a peg down to a parole. Nelson and chased Anderson and one of those guys not going to be in five man. You know well you know what don't rule out Tommy Malone my friend. I really I think they're kind of intrigued with the fact that he was available. All left handed arm stretched him out a little bit the other day I really did stretch the other day it's going to be who I think they're looking at him rate now is being in as much in this competitive edge. Or competition period that is is anybody else rate now is any of the guys that you know right now are geared teed. A certain spot rate now and and again it yet it puts. The level of competition at a higher rate for the existing guys that are here trying to do it in and I don't think there's anything wrong with that at all no I not at all. I think everyone really kind of embraces that doubt they'd they'd do it Greg is set that that. By you or earlier in camp that that roster via those couple that it difficult decisions he's that because that was played so well in the outs even. Even tougher in the and that's a good thing crackers Shonn from fox sports Wisconsin. Joining us here at Maryville baseball park in the bill Michaels so Tim Allen in for bill. Greg let me ask you some from a broadcast standpoint we're talking to a Brewers fans throughout the state of Wisconsin. And beyond. Do you feel. That there's a certain responsibility. For you as a broadcaster to sort of talk to Brewers Brewers fans and get them off the speed with things I learned something years ago from Jim hall and in Jim pol. Who would always is and not just the typical doubt on the farm report okay it was within the broadcast that he would say hey guys swung lets you know. Eighties you know our double lady of affiliate got to win and and don't. Don't lose sight of this there's a guy named J. J. Hardy down there that you Brewers fans there really aren't like. Now do you find their responsibility to kind of educate the Brewers fans and keep up the speed apt slew. Later today and you know what town it it's been an exciting thing to embrace two and outs latest him on on the on the TV side. You know there's one thing. While the game's going on pulling up some names toward doing quick down on the farm report whether it's in there are pre gamer in game whatever it. And Duke briefly but there's there's also. The part where we've. Try to re dedicated. Ourselves to making. A minor league reports. Have a lot of substance to it you know give an example last year. We started at spring training we interviewed all thirty the top prospects around nine Xeon and then doing the same thing. This year. I've got TV duties through tomorrow Saturday them staying Sunday and Monday. And interviewing the top thirty prospects. So we can take that back in do profiles on awesome and and then you know. I think the other thing that's been great for brewer fans to stay updated on these guys it's if it's a great way to get to know all. Because it's not hey what are you doing great now these are getting to know you profiles so you can you can hear from these guys you could see him. You can put you know remember face in a voice yes and down and then is the season goes on when we're two weeks of these things we can actually. For has done a great job though there filly to. Getting video and and getting that to us that we can put that on the year two and in match the action to you know. The person that's being profiles are really excited about that because you know. Rate now especially with these guys only being step for two way for the most Carter. You guys guys like he sent Diaz who. I mean look you got you got an affiliate and Appleton. With the timber Rutgers and this guy was or minor league player of the year the single a level I think that says a lot and and so were were gonna continue you know following his path he'll be here one day accurate tee it acted as a player how are yeah half measure. And even at the big league level here cracked that you know that's it that's notes of surprise that the brewers' C don't want 68 games couple years ago 73 last year and the attendance between just just a little bit column but. Guys like Travis shock I think there's a degree of responsibility certainly yeah I feel that that my week's broadcast here. To tell brewer fans that hey you're gonna like this guy man you you really at this is this Eric things is another one. People don't think like I view I'm Brewers all year round and so I feel that we we need to make sure that. People know who they're going to see Ian and who to watch for what to watch for and this group a guys here that clubhouse down there. It's it's just a different environment these days it is self one in there now is it. It is and and and it should be I mean there's there's a high level competition there's a hobbled with talent there's there's a high level hope. I don't think there's anybody in there who thinks that. With the Brewers have done here starting at Doug no opens last year. Trying to reshape this organization it's been the wrong thing to do. Hand. The other thing is they've acquired so much high local talent you know through the trades these guys know why they were brought in here. They they were traded away because the organization. That traded him away didn't want them they'd they wanted to you know proved ourselves to win a championship then. And they know that they're not part of that yet here and and they're gonna built for it and it's something for them I think differently to build for. Togethers well. You know operates in. And Kordell and Phillips today were sent to triple A yes and one of the reasons. I think the Phillips thing opened up a few guys to think a lot of people thought he started at double A Biloxi and because he did have a great year last year. The one the one of the reasons that they did that is to keep them together. And and to hope that they can develop together and Corey eight. A high level play at Tripoli rate now and stink it changes needed absolutely you know have to do that's what it is enough. I can't wait it's it's almost here just a couple of weeks away from opening day 2017. And you guys do it do a great job on fox sports Wisconsin you and to thank everybody certainly got a great crew to work with that's for sure you Brian Anderson and bill and then tally in the yourself and then Sophia and everyone does that does a nice job with Greg thanks for coming up here and got a health anytime reached in time I got to thank you that's correct is John. Fox sports Wisconsin live here on the bill Michaels show from Phoenix Arizona at Maryville baseball park.