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Tim Allen goes 1-on-1 with Carlos Torres

Mar 17, 2017|

03/171/17: Tim caught up with Brewers Reliever Carlos Torres, and he had some strong thoughts about the World Baseball Classic. Also, Torres tells you why he will NEVER be a baseball coach.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Carlos Torres Brewers reliever. Had a conversation with me just a couple of days ago you find this variance is thing not a happy man I asked them. How the World Baseball Classic was because he she was good. I enjoyed. Skipping out on Arizona. For for a little the atmosphere is tremendous. I had believed that the atmosphere no matter where you lynch who would be tremendous and that's and then Tokyo him way. And Miami I have to imagine that. Let's country vs country everyone comes out cheers and is no exception and Mexico. People whichever Venezuela people itching for a recruit people chipper but he. It is it. Really helped me for the game of baseball but we we discusses all the time. It's tremendous. I do have an issue with the a couple random things let's. Issues in terms of poker players I can understand from organizations when it used to line. They don't even it is healthy for baseball. Because they've been progressing injured obviously. But. In terms probably for the game I think it's an obstacle that you can -- achievers country emulated to tell us anything it's that. It's healthy you know healthy competition helped the people jeered nonstop around all baseball classic for the world it's a classic the World Cup. There's yelled billion people I watched the thing you know I mean it can't be negative you know minus the entire rule debacle for a tiebreaker and the like again tiebreaker math and all that B yes that. It happens that child that that was it. Yeah well maybe it's a work in progress Weathers as their third or fourth. I think third and it's that he's their fourth when you can feed it out by now had I don't know I don't know easy did you try change some analysis anatomy that. You need to be on the rules committee. This then where does that sixteen years and that's there every quarters of the day that sixty and you can't be so nice by go to some motion enemy but whatever. Yeah I visited us. Yeah now that's that's too bad. I'm sorry to hear that but to how much you everything LT and the I'm healthy everything's good. We we still got some work in down there recently it's the worked out that all that stuff. I would like some slightly better facilities and that's it. Kevin argue too much do you now view looks like you're gonna have a pretty prominent role again this year. Looking at your stats man you accountable for courts last year I think we all Wear it just all depends on where. What happens is that the book then you're gonna have to yeah him fluid. So no matter where you started and green and a ring and be the next day uniting and stuff if you you have to commend six anyone's ball game you might cause him out two nights later. And you my have to. Through the seventh inning another nice court as a righty making come up through lefty ready matchup you're gonna mean who knows you know let. Hey everybody I feel. I worked there butts off every single day he position play whatever role wasn't gonna play that day and I think a tremendous job. Collison asked you in the and a couple of years and we had conversations. Yet thought about coaching no ups and not not at all. I can do personalities. I have zero tolerance for stupidity. And I could never heard. Be politically correct name announced as to say certain things and consciously Davies and other players who are socialists. Tolerates and other things I can do it. Now more than don't tune in the race yeah not I had a actually do radio you can't do this and that's OK I didn't. I didn't didn't who is it that made his entire career that. There's an annual volley that have just go you go crazy if Howard Stern Howard Stern admitted there's a prime guy that I think. I signed up 500 million dollar contract with satellite radio some years ago and that's kind of salary would have worked out you might have been 500 billionaire but it didn't really work out that Walker's apparently he owned. Stock if not. Ownership of them serious. Yet such notable if so I really which was revolutionary at the time it really wasn't good idea. Let's think this neglected indoors you know like. And then pandora came out in his leg and can't last for him at the end satellite radio hit a couple of bullets how to deal live on the radio right now. Will get in touch with the your agent you BO weekly guest states that. Down I'm down although you ratings might as spike for the wrong reasons and it's OK as long as I'm that is lies unless held responsible really essay that's fine could go right ahead oh we'll run a disclaimer and review.