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Sedar: You're going to see a better me as 3B Coach

Mar 17, 2017|

03/17/17: Brewers 3B Coach Ed Sedar joins Tim Allen from Maryvale. What are his thoughts on the personalities and smarts of this young Brewers club? How much have they focused on baserunning this spring?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Tim Allen in for bill today live here in Phoenix Arizona at Maryville baseball park in. Up to the Booth as we speak third base coach and our good friend at cedar at how argument great TM and great to be here with the and this. Beautiful sunny day against record attempts while but yeah I know that record Temps here. Mid ninety's it's little bit warm but. Yeah we we really should not be talking about that after what happened last weekend. In Wisconsin I don't know 78000. Inches since the fifth via. It's crazy at we're noticing sub yesterday mom. Right around this that well maybe an hour. From now but yesterday you guys were out do base running in there enough and that that drove us more crazy the last no honor no your calf you know that's. Some pace running base running base running. And I can I can attest to this right here right now. It's not for lack of work on base running I saw you out there weeks we were observing that yes I was pretty cool on nine that's been going on for quite some time there's. We have acts they base running in almost every day except for yoga days we Oca pace excitement it's either part of that conditioning program or actually built and attitude. Team offense part of the day or like today it we'll have first and third. Offenses and then safety squeeze is it's an offensive de Oca so yeah but it's built in every day had we re depth they go ahead and work on it sometimes you just gotta. You got to keep working on it and then you know mistakes they'll happen as well as you know as wells I think that they do and I get that these younger guys to me you know we're talking about that's just a youthful energy down there maybe it maybe it's just you and I get older but. These these kids are young with their men. They're built the bats pretty pretty fund watts these guys and Watson the you know. Get along week each other practice as are like cannot. Kind of like a higher level than usual because he got some cut competition and even nick games. You know we've picked bring up the base running and a not to Lotta times he focus on the bad things but we had a guy score on a pop. In the infield is second base yesterday when it hit right by home plate and he was already crossed home plate. We've had a guy score from. You know from second on a ground ball 63. Worry Gotti beat it out at her since oak. Took some good things on the base as I mean but like you said that energy lab on them. Or death neck and you know you year in the locker room that there have any I mean it's I've. Pretty good team in that. It really is it our all our outstanding team and I was gonna get to that at have you noticed though that. I don't know how much interaction you get with the the minor league guys over on the other side and and obviously has borrow some. Some of the minor league is for some earlier games here and you see the camp him bites and things like that have you noticed. That it's at hate both person now in this organization. Column they seem to all fit a mold. They all seem to be Smart. They all seem to be how hard workers. They all seem don't want to do what they're doing one. It is not I don't know Stearns is is this is them all but. The character issues on this team is there. Tackle Ollie ads for it's pretty impressive are almost the you can centered on the other side 'cause I do go over there and that Nike says that we got a bunch of them that come over almost every day and maybe it's just a sense of people saying hey this is the way we gotta be no counts always preaches stay connected compete relentlessly. And they're get the message over there they come over here recanted we're we're doing that here are some maybe there everyone's jump and on board further as the next wave. You know some brewer playoff baseball will have Ryan brawn at the top of the hour he had. Made some comments yesterday that skip a little buzz seemed to ease bit not. Guys good okay first why had we don't we all know that the guys flat out good Hayes who is one of the better baseball players on the plan he really does all told. But it spring training too long. So here's the problem I have when he says who want. He needs to understand at that there are players that want to be a lot better than what they are in spring training. Is that opportunity to get the guidance. At half at the highest level you can get it so brawny should just say hey meant as long as it takes to get these guys better to win a World Series. They have they have been a more yeah appropriate out right you know for someone with talent level like he had like you stated it only. And taken as long as other people to get ready and be locked and I mean. This guys get enough he seated in the past or eakins and now a week may be without that feeling now. Come back against. Cy Young arm really good pitcher and all three for five like he hasn't missed missed that day but there are many guys like that. Other guys take a little longer than the pitchers of course as you know outside about the pitchers get their pets count up but. Yeah out for the most part well for sure this one as you know because we got to get the WBZ game and I. They match Eric it's shortened a little bit so they're trying to work world ways around it by not there are many rod is out there that can just. Be locked in after a week. Look at it this team we're talking with at cedar third base coach of the Brewers here on the bill Michaels show looking at this team shot third has been impressive obviously Orlando Arcelia look at him last year John in the BR. Just outstanding. And behind it this was since acting a little banged up I would assume being Andy's gonna probably. The lesson Sackett sitting gets goal which in which he well but him. Think being and he's got the front. Either way the catch and does this take care between those two guys at first base their names brawn Broxton Santana and then the depth comes in. How good Tom they were they were better than people thought last year this team once open is this year's team night thing. Should be even better but then again like he sent me China. Moved to borrow a little higher than yet people pop river gonna do it lasts here and you know baseball's lies they talked about the adjustments. That we need to make so people. Well adjusted though like that the yards and earn apparatus of the got to be ready or the Brock stands yeah people make adjustments of that let's see how we're gonna do and it's up to our guys that meet their adjustments and I'm sure though to complete the one thing like accounts always brings up the one thing you can. Be sure over going to be out there are competing relentless flavor teams that would play us what you Ortiz these guys keep coming no matter. What happened that's what I want comment that's what I want that's what I want I want mid season for MLB network and and all the others to say you know what. Now has the Brewers take on the cubs' three game set you know these Brewers are actually -- adapt I would love to hear that on a regular basis Eddie. We we get the question a lot of the post games jones' use. Herbert in the past. He sent him four. Or what what is this guy do it. You know you got a great line actually council run up and briefing the other day and it's funny poll. You know you had mentioned a few years ago that's you know he's just yelled with a guy and so now please hosed by eight feet. You to say it was just a suggestion. Yes anytime there is sometimes that is where their doubters sometimes they make to turn out expect immediate throw home. Sometimes you have to time it's my fault or I'm lectern at a campus it's a race and who's on to act. Aren't we got to take a chance they got to make a perfect throw and they do our. We've been struggling I get the stats and gun okay or one for 46 with runners on third base in the last. Two weeks sometimes just on a button probably wrong by me but I'm gonna Kaymer really stripe and situationally hitting side trying. Pushed the envelope a little bit. More than IC that. They sent they're gonna relate back to the way I was and I'm not gonna look at those stats because that's that's sometimes ago when you're gone. I didn't think we were doing that that situation and Matt. Now I read yours see a better me this year ten. Awesome but that is awesome because a lot of times this is a split second decision to Sunday yet again for our for our audience and those that was in the post game so I'm not defending. At any bad calls and I know you've been a stand up guy took to the eight look at what's your boy just got it and it falling out of your brawl that were all. All gonna make mistakes and and we just want to hold them to a minimum but these guys. Wrong on that yeah they're gonna run that's going to be part of our and teams know we're gonna run right there. And I expect Cubs how Miami times you miss a former. On purpose. Former Cy Young award Renner as skipped it's because. We're coming up on your schedule exactly and we don't know that it has outdone happen very often learn. Teams are there are all sudden now you're you gotta offense of all star caps are now suddenly come into the series and the back up defense of guys as starting two of the three games that he isn't by a K this guy needs a little work. Make a much dusty view athletes as offs kind of awesome it really he has Eddie owner wish you good luck thanks for coming up here and only your super busy and we look forward to the season look forward to talking to you OK not great job as usual temp all right Eddy cedar he is the third base coach year Milwaukee Brewers money it was Tim Allen in for bill today. He on the bill Michaels show.