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Allen: The Brewers’ infield is going to be solid!

Mar 17, 2017|

Tim Allen, Host of the Baseball Post Game Show, joins Chuck and Winkler from Brewers Spring Training to talk some baseball. What should we make of Ryan Braun’s comments about Spring Training.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Joining us on the great mid West Bank hotline got to Maryville baseball park Tim Allen. The quote from Ryan bra line it's my favorite spring training at bat is a first original line out to senator. Or even better a first pitch line drive double play. Because were all on the business of saving time if we don't get paid by the hour I'm serious. I'm not kidding he. Tim what's your reaction to that. Well steroids there was. You. He wasn't yet the week we don't look Ryan brought seals. Ask him that senate weight on. You know he's always been that. Packets or your at bat. Proper course of the spring through some. Thirty odd games here so. The year be ready to go. Sponsor worries you take I mean there's some that would be sad about who want the beat batter. So if you say it's our school. You know I don't have to do her get better. You could also take it out. Time management. Well so I don't trying lockers were part let last so that several different ways. You know baby to outset at a conference that it this just didn't read well. At the so. I I don't know it that's brought you know there is it a matter. You're bigger. Or support your honor who bought current account. That's our military's. I loved it I love that he said something that wasn't. From the public relation playbook I love that we heard a quote from Ryan brawn that may be he. Bottom in the moment may be didn't go through the the filled there may be it it just came out in you he said something honestly so. Personally. I do what I take out of this more than anything we can have the is spring training too long debate whatever. I like to see Ryan brawn. Say things that might give him in trouble I like to see that. Com yeah well it is such honor for it varies out prepare. Score. But the players. Currently are older cop outs. I don't know it was the summer or miscommunication. So there. They don't dropped in there and edit it. Quite frankly probably should have there and there are yet. They ruled an error and Kosovo RBI or whatever you make comments but there's score at Miller are in that. Some things that they don't they don't think very highly it. They're great people at the comet that Gary government chant it trying to get at Miller Park you were still. Based on the she's cute little area so I'll. That they out so it was off there's. If it's awesome and it's also a sign I think that some of the veteran guys are ready to get north and ready to start playing some baseball games but here's a thing Tim. There are still some. Positions and competitions. Did have to be decided for the Brewers I imagine catcher is one what else do you think really has to be decided here in the next few weeks roster. Well that infield is should be telling you character or read his Boesak who aren't really. Up regular source of practiced a lot he you really. You know air experiences. These these he's got covered it was a three year deal at our child will pop that earlier week. He had great conference wants stricter I'll. Didn't parliament when he's had a bit. Rosters are set up the past few years. Trying to go what's gone on record set. Why. Pretty good they really are at does that. Typical little more difficult assistants he would agree. Yeah because play. The Arab terror as active for scooter about I with me in a medic at. Don't signed. Year deal for a couple of really. Band that you sign out their burgers. There are. In that all there are some some big time battles. Are rotate so. Summitt they. All juveniles. Or chase terrorists and has not been great this place. Riddick about withdrawal that Jimmy Nelson. Or chase shares. Hendry should take it which one is Al. Chase. And you're asking if it hit it and it's not all he wanted to let individual well rate. Is that at some very well it's got three road starts you're not having any locked in and it's so. So ERA saw Eric. Muller I think with what you've invested in Willie Nelson you gotta give them. The every opportunity here as as Craig said as he told you guys. This is their opportunity this is may be their last opportunity as we talked about a more open and honest Craig in. Again you did a great job talking to him the other day this this all week has been great to hear this shows Tim obviously. Crates here the interviews I think I am I know the answer this question but. How Holland your opinions changed on this team are you more even more optimistic than you or. That they could compete and do something this season. Absolutely outs without question oh beautiful so optimistic anyway. That's and I saw some. Shot or let's start press that one in first place that's that's where it works that without. Of of of what they haven't can't see some of these guys. Really played well I can't repeat spare we don't they'll be up resist it sure if day. What trap shot to our shop or whatever he was sort that changeup or slider and personal a little bit cooler Willy woods. Perhaps it's course but. There are some arguments. Could be made here that. That is field. Is going to be actually pretty good and now that the stroke art here would be lower RC and how he's. When. That it peeled the Astros were able to score here. A long shot along what they have via speaker should say actors they're. Certainly would a little factor steps that's. I would assume green. Paul. Robertson that that in two outs Biehl look Broxton. It's the street dust. Actually it's our third instance last year. That out score beat spirit. Here are. It looks. One of the reasons for optimism would be Domingo Santana if he's healthy and he can put together. I've strong season because Santana I still don't know if we've seen. This ceiling of really what he's capable of we we don't really know. When it went a healthy every day playing Domingo Santana can do what do you think he could do if he's if he's healthy he gets a chance to play every day. Yet talked to a starter and is he sick stay up field and at bats that yet so injury last year had an elbow injury. Played at eighty yacht came. Didn't have that consistency in the culprit so up playing time but your right cabinet. This are at telling year. For for a few players certainly building Santana has won it in right you want I'll watch idol like your heart Arctic. Prague. In terms of a lot of parents are being pews are under. Our paper a lot out here. But he has to stereo you know. Tim Allen spring training alive tonight 6 o'clock am based on post game show all summer long. If you do want to pull inaudible Tim. And do something else was your summer Kevin all day and has put together. I Trent and you each made can go over a little later we put it on our website. Where he is mapped out where you can go to every. Ballpark in America that has a will full season. So all the minor league ball parks. All the Major League ballparks 150 ballparks you can hit them all in one summer he drive everywhere you only take one plane. And you can go to every single game every single stadium. He's not gonna go on this trip but Kevin took a full night pulled it all nighter and dated. So there's an option for you if if you have a change a heart. Watching all these gains this week. That would be awe. I don't I don't know what else you're not be that our. League is kill it. But I look at collectors have got. Solid super were talking about the year top of the hour I'll go Michael shall built off so I'll record in like manner. We look forward to that old secondly did then Tim thanks for the great week it looks acting as soon. Our. Tim Allen joining us on the great midwest bank hotline. When your ready to get into or banking and housing market look no further ingrained in West Bank ms. agreement West Bank account take the next step towards. Your new home.