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Mar 17, 2017|

03/16/17: Sparky's Bucks Weekly

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There's a new energy. A lot of good show this was a pro. What are we we're going in the right. This is the only show were a pro sports team what. Welcomes your question yes this is Smart. Installed by precision sports online dot com on 1057 FM. Precision sports specializes in the delivery installation and removal and repair of basketball hoops exercise equipment. The game tables and backyard playgrounds and go to precision sports online dot com. Here's Milwaukee's biggest bucks fan and Steve Sparky Phifer. Seems like if I win here today joining in studio for the show today. They're WS SP basketball insider Gary woeful from the Racine journal times of course. Wolf Bulls press box dot com Gary good to see. Always good to see a month and you're saying that we haven't done so I guess in a while I was audio and yellows different aren't each other. Well before we get the L history at each other really bring I'm. Billy McKinney DPS gunning for your Milwaukee Bucks Billy thanks forgot about man. Fail pleasures have. Libya got them a little exhausted right now just watch. Northwestern Wildcats participate and win their first ever NCAA tournament and how much do you scream Billy be honest. I was pretty calm for the most part that it get into this year we're just. Great to get a young men rep Brittany represented the university the past. Players then. Don't turn out here with alumni were just actual event past. For those that don't know if you are obviously alumni all of northwestern and that's why it's it's such a big deal obviously for you to. Just so you know on the wreck right ignore western window again sold off just to be an airline that what did you get lucky. What else about that that that people may not know Billy is that there's a former bucks assistant coach on that staffer Chris Collins and that's Brian James is on that staff who. Was an assistant coach here for the bucks for La. Exactly. Yet in BA experience and also Ryan coached. Chris Collins and high school so they have a tremendous relationship and a lot of respect for one not there it. Being a fellow former great coach Chris ballot. With Doug being as it's on and been that pedigree at Duke and coaching experience there. Agreed to it worthy at north or lineup yet you. You know Billy when Steve told me you're going to be on tonight I went out bloody purple sweater. In honor view in the mile Jets. In nine point oh my anymore I thought I'd. Fifth. Today or like Ali we shook up the way he does he get. Could they get axed by the way. Got a black hawk I really enjoyed the trip and a bad luck out thousands you are either you guys got a shot against Gonzaga I do. I mean I watch I watch they gave earlier today. In South Dakota State in TJ house of order Toms more grad who's the head coach of that of that team. That's all to go to state back it was a four point game going into the second half. What happened in the second half was a just sort of missed shots I don't think there's any more and that's all because they just couldn't hit a three save their life. On the second half what it was I think they can play it looked on the problem with the with Gonzaga is as they have their gigantic man in the middle again Zach and looks like he's from the mountains. On that apparently is still young enough to play college basketball. Eric EC huge huge sports but they've got two other very tell players that are freshman. Better upside too so it's going to be a tough matchup but at this morning I had the honor privileged to address per pep rally out here. And one of my last comic so the group was every year. The NCAA tournament at the Cinderella team. Wideout out what they what happened Saturday. It by a by the way do you still have there all time scoring record. No actually it was broken about a year ago by rob I'm sure. Oh yeah news good basketball player and held that record of 36 here and it is this a long long time adds very impressive they won't win. God yet not it would outlook report and I didn't have been a while that would tilt. Do you anyways. While. You never know I'm kidding hey bill how I guess my thing is this why when you talk against double late turn it. How much can a player really helped his stock. By having a little turn amid verses what they did in the regular season. Well yeah it you have to balance the body of work for the season but we've seen it time and time over the course of years. Players Bucs have written by their play in the in double A tarmac. And sometimes at four proper team and sometimes it at. Yeah you'd think but I go back many years ago many many years ago. I don't know you're born quite and Gary brought. I checked it was horrible for you. Sadly. And had a terrific term and he was when I pick in the draft and didn't really pan out of a pro player so team. After balance what they see in the NCAA tournament with the entire body or for the year and they've been there for several years there time in college. Tell me this. As a got has been evaluating talent not forever. You've got the regular season you've got determined play whether that be the NCAA terminator the ninety turn all these other goofy college basketball terms of added on intimate here. On then you also have the cal mine where they come into play a little bit that maybe not the top ones and then you have everything as a goes along with that. It is regular season Tate still more important and everything that follows it. Well again it's it's a combination of everything and record all close games. That we watch all those different tournaments and different venues we spend an inordinate amount of time and our ops as part of the draft. Focused and watching videos greet playing those games over and over sometimes three or four times. So we get our they'll slow. Watching the players and and making sure we know their strength and weaknesses on the court and off the court. Let's say get a step farther because I I I don't that we've ever got into this deep necessarily were terrible in McKinney on how much of big goals in two. Practice habits of players on social media habits of players holly are off the floor what you get from coaches vs what they do on the floor during games. Most postings are all critical and some of those and you talk about reflect on a player's character in players or be very careful about what they put on social media. Because we get it we follow at all in no question that we had during the interview process. Practice habits are not essential. And we've been a lot of time this year. As we have in the past going to college practices that but it practices. Seeing how they take instruction in how to take criticism they get more that and practiced nick doing gains. Typically so we take at all into town as well. You know serious talking about UB LUH incites the Portsmouth invitational tournament will be coming up. And I was told recently that Luke Fisher remarked cat in Bronson Keeney give was stance and are going to be there. How much can they helpful my yes both are projected what late second round picks if there are going to be picked. I would say that would be the case said and anytime you go to those venues. Got all party scene there so. You can always you always have the opportunity. Place to prop on the impression on a team and and getting awards in the system than what state play get an opportunity. Or players. I mean it scouts to further determine if they're able to play outside of that system. You know tiger go McKinney VP of Scott and for the Milwaukee Bucks I hear on the fan the other thing. You or soccer about the NFL com I'm right and people go to Haiti now all teams are there then you find out about Dodd the magical hotel rooms where. Guys get B are giving you know different. Room numbers that they have to go to and our team executives waiting in there and then the interview process happens. For different teams how does that work with the NBA does it ever get to that point why there'd be at port Smith or whether it be and moody Bible or wherever may be that you're. Yet we we we do that as well we you know we players. Stressed that Portsmouth at the list at slimmed down quite a bit with the top players typically don't com. But their players their interest for us we have staff members there that will interview post player so we have. Good. Kind of composite of what they are people out at present themselves certainly. What we go to the Chicago camp now. The combine in Chicago. We have I'll probably 45 interviewed for date with players so those interview processes. Helpless complete the picture of a player so to speak and every every team doubt that. I guess and another thing there that there's always goes in it is too and I talked to guys in the NFL about it. Tom in the NBA for use specifically how much are they when your G deciding between players maybe being the first round of the second round or. Undrafted guys you wanna sign your summer league team public they comes into play and a bag of your head of well this guy had this coach -- no we got coached the right way and sits what we want to do. Well that's one of our targets that were going out looking at looking at players. They have to hit day. Kind of a culture that we have they gotta be hard working again be unselfish sole as were developing our list. For the year paring it down at the ski and go about although elements that come and play. The last element that that we haven't talked about all one of the last elements we haven't talked about it the medical aspect of the players get medical exams when there at. Chicago. And a lot of time that impacts a players. Draft position last year for example we. Got really lucky. Costing are scared off by not block since wood injury that he had several years ago. And he slipped into the second round not about certain Malcolm would be a pickle in late in the first row. Now that's awesome beauty you know Austria I Gary now has the askew ball pride and say case. I was told several NBA teams even took him off their list because his foot. Yeah that that is accurate I've talked to teams about that and and that medical information. Bet that teams received on on players it is very critical but. It's happen not about the National League and so that becomes such a major part of the com by now there have been some I guess some not. I guess you'd columnist diagnosed as warplanes and said well that that not gonna get through its first contract and all of a sudden that injury is not as prominent. As. Previously after that he evaluation. And so team steps knowing the impact he can have on a team from a financial standpoint. Doctor in the B which is which is great to be. Pretty conservative with their a valuations. Our Billy McKinney VP of scouting for the more to Bucs are a spark his box weekly what about Terrence Jones Billy I mean how did you have him. Or your evaluation on him coming out and grabbed obviously you guys inning get him and I you get to pick him up our. In this deal which I think was at a steal for the bucks possibly. A lot I agree with that I loved it coming out and an apparent lack called a my my reference to Hamlet that stat sheets upper. Every game you'd you'd look in the F fourteen point yep. Eight rebounds ten rebounds six assists three block he did that consistently. And when he went to Houston won that thing that he didn't do real well particularly well college what would shoot the ball and players he's gotten better at that so aura to. Bieber picked him off the waiver wire. Grow and grow great for us. How does he fit with the culture. On in your locker because the way you the call to your locker room maybe I'm wrong about this as. It seems like a bunch in nice dudes I mean you don't it doesn't appear necessary that you got those guys a little rough around the edges in this locker room. Well we've we've got one of the most fun thing to be in around the team the last couple years is that we have. Tremendous guys. And I will say this. Everyone had an opportunity to grow which parents that. In that time in the league and when you have a player that. Even like this that was first round pick and you're on the waiver wire there's a sense of urgency out by out. What your career gonna look like from this point forward a perfect example that. Michael breeze you know came real a lot of questions and he's been just a stellar teammate spell perked up. He has Billy McKinney DPS gunning for your Milwaukee Bucks Billy thanks for coming odd man and good luck to northwestern against inside I think you guys got a shot out it. I think the needle Lyle look out. Tell our guys I don't tell you get guys over the one some who's gonna balances out. You know what they say. Sometimes it's better. To be lucky than good that's right yeah well whatever whatever requires. North question to win this next game will take it. That's actually right using his suit upper what I'll stop at a very abusive Roger itself we say good luck. How well I'll be over he had team practice tomorrow and eight at where does the team this morning yet and or. We do the same month that. Sounds good Belichick chairman Arafat. Art but advanced billing bats are there is Billy McKinney DPS got a lot of great guys. Odds are in the pros I should say he is a great join us on a great midwest bank how lie when you're ready to get into our back into the housing market. Would no further than great mid West Bank visit great mid West Bank dot com take the next step towards your new home I'm serious. I don't buy Gonzaga at all. Not at Ole lateral by the fact the number one but they should beat northwestern. And I don't think there's any question they got a couple pro prospect I was I understand I'm just telling you wash a night game earlier today and watching a couple of their games in the pac twelve tournament I just. I'm not sold man and nor the way you know what you know today debate and now they will have a chance again and again. In a and I think. Inside of pride to them lightly you know they may be sure this is a warm up you know right until 116. Self. Yeah come out and also your halftime and it's a four point dinner on our heat guy has crank you know yeah Beers again at any time. We talked about this before but Todd you're in a position where there's a big time underdog going up against you know David vs Goliath sure deal right. If you'll let David hang around long enough he told Rickie did not to laugh out. And the longer he hangs around the more chance he has of building confidence in you know once you get confidence in you start feeling. Yourself a little bit I think it happened I people know or guns ideas to begin with you think I want out of their reach ten best offense. And maybe less than that. Probably yeah I mean what a great story I mean they regular they've had a fabulous program mark he has done a great yes and I thought you'd been long gone. Didn't shoot. Yeah to a bigger I thought he would have maybe well. He carried Ellis served the rumor re not not now for tampering are a great job not a bad say. Port concrete it is that's sparked his Bucs weekly here on the spent. Bucs fans this is the only show or a pro sports team welcomes your suggestions I think we've got to keep continue building. I like this situation your listening to spark he's Bucs weekly installed by precision sports online dot com. Home on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Plus command since argue fight for along with Gary -- lord this is he basketball insider. Thanks for hanging with us tonight as far as his Bucs Wrigley don't forget. Coming up high at the top of the hour 7 o'clock Tim Allen Bailey Tauscher another edition of spring training a lot that comes up from seven until 99 more Brewers interviews from spring training more break Brewers talked. I'd be a closer and closer to opening day for the Brewers on April 3. At Miller Park. Thought OK Gary so what I wanted to do tonight are coming off to Billy McKinney saying we have Mike Maxi coming up from sports boys act on line about ten minutes or so. Just talk a little bout the off season. And where this team is currently I can needs. For this team a going into the off season once we get through the playoffs and all that fun stuff. Where where do you see their number one need being whether it be in the draft or in free agency going into next season well to me they get to a quarter to score without a doubt I mean another score yeah without a doubt because you know Jabbar is not gonna play at least half of next season maybe more like January or February right. And who knows you know there's so much in certain certainty surrounding him. That to me it's like Yo-Yo give another. Third piece you know silly behind Middleton and yachts and yeah honest jerk error and again you don't know if Munro was coming back QBs who lap dinner opt out. Played really well who has played terrifically at the end so that would be my first man and it wouldn't matter were. You don't notice as of now I mean he you can bring more off the Bears aren't. Use some in you know multiple ways but. I've said this forever. That they need a point guard man I know of yeah I was experiences. Going. Fairly well it is up blood and Brockton has has played well the point guard as well he's up for rookie of the year. But they don't have a guy that can really pass the ball and if you can yet. Yeah Alice you know off the ball slalom poles stop stuff like that he'd just be a monster when there's so much pressure on that kid right now you don't question it up so. The other thing you know to dress is a shot trap blocker you know they Gloria Sanders will be available at the point now. Now the action got into a game already here you have to keep. That's story once or you hear about this with the Cavaliers that he played. But your all the whole thing would doubt yeah because there had that huge lead me. No I did how he actually. Was given permission to play in the basketball game on nine incident so it was given handed dowel for the general manager better event now he's only played. But I only a little flame in the so they got the usual. Tyrod like. Come. That's my gag right now of Tyrod so he tells a bold Boyle eight to go. David Griffin sweeter whatever you permission to go asking what they can play Larry centers the last two minutes and Texan running they have one of those assists is not new okay so. Griffin tells the ball boy the last two minutes and that's all the last two minutes and that's all emphasizing only analyze teams. Bob what comes Gaza's coaches as you play last two minutes put me in coach sounds good Larry you're playing let's go. And anyone never heard of that I'm sure happens in the NBA he's never hear about it yeah I never heard a code setting a ball boy to go talk to the general manager door to gain to find out if he can. Somebody well the kings coach is over the years have complained about their owner. Constantly been in touch with the head coach during the course of the game that's predict I it is you know an east autumn like Cason played this guy may Ryder. Do this do bad. And that's absolutely absurd but he is the owner so he can do it every wants but it affects me get under why there's such a dysfunctional family out there and I hate. That argument but always known Ernie Els did he do it every wants us but there's a why don't wrong way to do everything. Just because you're the owner doesn't mean you're right in what you're doing absolutely not is a complete looking hot right to be into the coaching staff wildly game is going on veal fallen or otherwise but anyways. Our NATO we got off topic gay came back to that shot blocker that the Bucs might need the touch taste in Chandler recently. And deficits in my city and I tell you going to be apart by now. Indy does the absolute soda guy at that is gonna join the team it's not the season bowl last season. And I just wonder if the books will make a runner Tyson Chandler. EE he's got me what 12 years left in them right in the stopgap measure plenum play you know 1520 minutes game. Popping physical types honor. Not only that he's tight with Jason Kidd and his agent is. Jeff Schwartz to Schwartz. So we'll see. I think when you are. This Milwaukee Bucks basketball team mind you make the playoffs I think the Micah plants provide means and you play hard the rest of the year. Army and now you're drafting in the middle of the first round yeah I've talked to John Hammond Bob does as it is there a time John. When you get far enough along as an organization. Where you don't have to swing for the home run anymore and hope your right on a project. Where you take the player that can help you right now that your board then swing and I'm signed swing and I'm John has swing and I'm Larry Sanders wanted to swing and I'm Brandon Jennings had a right but that's what they have to do they don't have a choice you're not gonna get Lawal that is why do you I don't necessarily true nobody is you're not gonna give LeBron decide here is a free agent so unless you get into the draft where you're wanting Shaq sitting there play probably why they could have gotten good players if they didn't swing for the fences to. Icy tonight and they got it comes right off the balance hammonds very first draft. Where he took Joseph Alexander alright cycle back to Dallas the worst that he's ever had I had the NBA and then also Lopez goes celtics' later right now Jirga and the the other one to where I thought they could get a player. In salute you like you said they went the other way. Was this. Stephen Jackson trade okay right if they noticed in the tenth hole they've got a clay type jobs I remember that house and senate and it what's the buys terrorist I'm moving back rather Beck so Brad will you rest yeah. Only now looking at it sure I gripped the practicing so I understand. What the philosophy is I think I would be the same Whitey are you about certain players who you tapers not take but the swing for the fences philosophy works now. You're in a situation or not they agree with you which as we need another score now I think it's a same philosophy. What if they look at it and go. I think we're pretty much sat with our core now right we're set with Jabari Middleton yeah honest Brock didn't maker. Or sat with those five now I just need. Some young role players to go along with these guys they wanted LA under the bet that the the X factors Jabari Parker absolutely if you don't know Parker comes back. Everything's really give it I mean really give it you know fast it'd be Joon Seoul you're going to be. Let's see. March April may not four months into rehab my Napoli right now is that long enough for a doctor to know. How he's gonna be at the end of this thing as far as what his needs get a B Willis exposing reback. Will you be able to tell four months and and predict what's gonna happen you know. Six months later I don't I mean a solid the physical aspects of it it's a psychological mental aspect thing I worry about that we him. I I don't I don't think I do with Jabari when it comes to the mental side of things he seems like a pretty strong minded dude. Let me all aspects like not just basketball. The way did you see the I think it's and NB ATV's the running like the city games have you been watching me enough they take out a city and each. A city don't run the country okay. They had Chicago Juan the other night it Sonny Parker on Jabari Parker. It and I think guys in suds and Jabari like you won two state titles Jabari smile schools. 464. States and what I mean I think it's on been done one other time in his development real small but. Really really good shows if you look like prove how small are at Leicester to a sports what your job or Los yelled that's about Mike maximum sports voice dot com gives his thoughts. And he does we should be watching the NCAA tournament who may or may not be thereof for the Bucs sack come draft time. Up later in June. Your listening to Smart he's Bucs weekly. Installed by precision sports online dot com. Precision sport some specializes in the delivery installation and removal and repair of basketball hoops exercise equipment. Game tables and backyard playgrounds on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. None of you know Virginia this website precision sports online. Dot com. But this is unbelievable I mean if you looked in years to get a basketball. Who for your. For your yard average you're trying to make a basketball court maybe for outside your house in a rebut some people are these basketball courts in the backyard like a half court yard whatever else they do the Lions will come out and do the mine's forty weather being indoors or outdoors or anything else all installed move they'll do everything. That is the common denominator in the front of their website. Precision sports online dot com. All very cool a fly you're looking for anybody to come out and do stuff basketball wise would you be a business whether you be. A personal home owner. That's the way to go I joining us now on the great midwest bank hotline from sports more Zach comedy is Mike Maxi Corso your camp because it would be on the trash el. And I coming up later in Jim Michael thanks for coming up. No problem not a problem I've first thing's first let's talk about Lavar ball wordy thing Lavar ball gets drafted. Our arms of all the whole bar because I mean if he's better than Michael Jordan I want to see where they're gonna take him I mean series eligibility. Day I forgot to ask Billy McKinney this when we had him on earlier. I just wonder hull much. On this is going to so way a team having to deal with his idiot father. I don't think it's gonna wait unit I mean the guy at Rutgers now but Egypt which is I get it I mean he's got superstar on him until attribute I. That it middle kid Alley Angelo is back and eat it at that he had problems elderly is the truth. Well the Melo looked good at a high school or I'm not sure he's going to be a good brother La. But either way he's got three shots to be right that he needs to be right once Mike gets hit if what his kids turn and a step curry. Its all because he I don't know if you seeded air rebel I'll put out its week. Bob Casey was on sports nation I think it was yesterday. And his prices for a shirt and a half or his ball or brand verses the price for a Nike shirt and a half or whatever was like double. And they asked about the pricing and he said you can't afford it that is not for you anyhow. I mean hole Utley can policy. I don't worry a little delusional all my down not crazy but how good hot corner and yes he has and he's a make a lot of money off one of his kids know how good is. Alonso ball how much of an impact can he have his rookie year. I think that provided eagle at the right came in and is we've seen with a repeat this year. A lot of times it's working you go to you know I I think I think. Allowed the ball it should he end up in a Lakers all I can it I think I would just be huge for MRB but he's he's gonna come in right away he's I think he's. One of the most NBA ready players in this draft. He's got good size he's six foot six he's a true point guard you've got even though looks Sparky you gotta ala 40% opt reported shot. I really think that you got a chance this really make an impact picture. Solid Mike Max is sports boys dot com. I think a perfect nurture him and I think maybe there were degree of me would be Boston right I mean. You have a smaller guard in Isaiah Thomas he can come out run run the point and then defend the shooting guard on the opposite side of the floor I think that makes as much sense as anything. I could see that. Like I could see him and box but I items in -- big garden spot our ideas I just felt they are well coached in the big democratic ogle our faults. I just think that they like his versatility are better than lob the ball at either true point guard can you play him off. You know me I did come and got the ball and black Uga needs don't look at all when our. Emmitt you know it it and understand Saints Durham who's. We've got to be able to come off the screen and I think that's more hopeful than a ball but I I definitely think he definitely a box which are. You know if this this this is a fantastic draft I mean even if you're paying like 78910. You could end up with the best player in the draft I mean. It's wonderful I mean teams really don't have to tank plus you really want Fultz the ball I mean they're there. Cream of the crop right now. I have absolutely I they're there is out here. I do I'd salivating over I think Pierre fox is going QB yeah but. I think he's going to be it does NBA point guard. I think he has yet. And and he's overshadowed because all them all all. Auld you know accolades and and he'd he'd he'd just shadow Carter seem Bartley Marmol in the air out. I think here are obvious but yeah you know what I. I talked tailored you'll us of the Phoenix Suns who have played at Kentucky. And he said exactly the same thing he is sky high on the stat he told me. He thinks he's looked good and be the fastest point getter in the NBA next year from baseline to be. And with John burst it. Verses eight super ridiculous I heard interview about a month ago it Eric but in what. And while passing us the best. Yet but in that so don't take. I don't just run activist and yeah exactly do bad. You can't hit it and I'm. Like it is that it now. You know talking when Mike Max here sports boy Zach time you start looking down on at the box range and Gary was saying earlier. That he thinks they'd need another score because you just don't know how Jabari Parker is gonna come back and you can find another dynamic scored a gold yeah honest. I'd Middleton regardless of position you need to take them so right now they're sitting in the middle of the draft around 151617. Somewhere in that area. Is there going to be a dynamic score for them to take some more down in that area. All I agree with you guys on a percent they need to score the problem with that is that. I mean if you look at my top 100 it's it's scattered with not them but freshman. And even freshman is that it that it is somewhat won't need a little bit more trying to numbers like acted like we all are marketed from Arizona. I think deck is going to be another dominating player eventually Indian. But I don't think you'll be Derek went Arctic but like Robert Williams landlocked and Texas paying them I really allowed him but I think you a year to away. I just have a hard time you know all. Trying to that like in the twelve to fifteen ranger sixteen word about me pick in. They're still so many freshman I mean I can wrap my idea you might be a guy who knows what the more NBA ready you know as a power forward. But I think they need outside shooting to. All right let me throw a name attitude that is falling. And because of injuries and everything else Harry Giles was thought to be an absolute stud coming out of high school. I'm his stock has plummeted this year he's definitely going to be a project but you just go based on potential. I got to imagine that he's gonna be there for the box and that would be another one of those swing for the fences type act. Well one thing about the box of tickets went and obviously that it make last year but. You're right there I doubt the guy who. Coming into the season was probably a top three pick and yet your injuries have derailed him the production up and start quietly start on it looked like. The player that anybody would but all the other players have just excelled higher and that's why he's kind of in the middle for now the later -- I would not be surprised they flier but the problem at the but you expecting in the contribute next year are you expecting maybe maker to become the next step next year you're the fox. I mean you want but another year in the lottery our paper seventy you're gonna try to get in L but I'd see. I just don't I just don't know although Mike I just don't know what they're close enough right now to say it. Okay we got to take their junior or senior here backing common complaint right now I just don't. I don't think they think their tackles especially Jabari out for half the year next year. All right you're right you're gonna miss a lot connection. I I still think they went with the out at seven the ball in his hands a lot. I still thinking it's probably would come with shooters I got another once or what about Jared starters. Unlucky for a low entry in production over in Australia is not then I'll. It is that high yet mean in a lot of minutes but he's still he's athletically gifted guys can jump to root. He's six foot 72 I mean he can play shooting guard. Yet he's he pummeled yet he's he's just look to be it shooting guard spot or the next well. Ott is outside shot is really did even though it meant. Minutes about and not. I mean they've been up and down at that you start to get more minutes now it yet he's he's a guy in news sports players aren't you work hard worker. I would take a flyer on him I mean. Other than Jabari Parker or start arts pretty much set he just trying to find other piece it is surround yeah honestly you know. Shooters you know maybe more rebounding. He isn't everybody's talked about lobs the ball and on the work kill Fultz being the one and one A picks in this draft. I'll tell you what if I personally have the number one pick. How would take new week mark from from Kentucky that kid to me to be the next Jeff curry. He he's just a phenomenal shooter. In knowing that he's got pace means. I've seen him he had several big time shots is cedar. Yeah and they're gonna come along and say well he's undersized well that's what they said about stuff curry to. In does this kid in my mind to it as star written all over. Right and I think. My only problem is it is I think some team is going to make him a point guard and that is the worst thing to do with the guy that you're a shooter. That bat and cover on screen. In yet you're a little undersized you wanna go by is I. What is our rules are good arm length wingspan. He it I think he's going to beat rage shooting guard I love. I mean. Every time I watch so much conductor and out that he's like are there. Out at half half lottery right. But what and I said he asked the lottery is on the year Kentucky's team. And ambient deceased and slowly got two guys assuredly be three. Right exactly but I yacht I unlocked. Well it marked a fair play minister asked and every year right are you fixate on a player yet you might beer or strep. And I think he is I'm just I'm just worried at one of these genius NBA. Front offices in the try to make him a point guard yeah it is I. I don't like when a guy is so get to that one thing. And you take him away. In all I'd add Nigeria. It bothers me it's on my biggest pet peeve with the NBA but I think we started out I'd ask for me even though he's going he's still in a flop. Yet I know we put up a couple play point games in the SEC turn it. He's still in the slot shooting wise yeah if you get out of its league that while Kentucky will win this thing. He is Mike Max you're sports boys dot job like we got a raw but thanks so much for coming up man I'm I'm sure we'll talk to throughout the remainder of the season. And they got you there is like Max younger at mid West Bank hotline when you're ready to get into our back into the housing market look no further than break mid West Bank. This a great mid West Bank dot com take the next step. Towards your new home coming up next will look ahead to the rest of the West Coast trip Gary woeful C Sparky Phifer here. I'm spark he's bucks weekly. And it's install by precision sports online that count. What about it is far he's box weekly here installment resisting sports online dot com mud perfect place to go if you're looking get a basketball hoop installed. May be getting. A basketball court a line dealt the do aligning for it weather be indoors outdoors backyard what ever to come on into a four again. Precision sports online dot Cassie Sparky Phifer along with scary wall full OK Garrett so dummy guess. The Lakers. I get her Gary's Mike got no job for Jeff comes Enron's board an area Ruiz the a's on to get it instead Lakers Golden State Portland Sacramento. Those are four lap where they go. Millwood to more than your win tomorrow their place they're captains guy I thought 33 on a trip down which would be outstanding that's a win no question about Gary thanks much for coming. Way way too short when his age you just flew by a too quickly no question did you address very right up next to validate college. Well spring training las Brewers baseball talk the next couple hours from 79. Here on the spent Bubba.