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Maxcy: These are the players to watch in the NCAA Tournament

Mar 17, 2017|

03/16/17: Mike Maxcy joins Sparky's Bucks Weekly

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Joining us now on the great mid West Bank hotline from sports wars dot com he is Mike Maxi Corso your camp. Goes it would beyond rational and I coming up later in Jim Michael thanks for coming up. No problem not a problem I've first thing's first let's talk about Lavar ball wordy thing Lavar ball gets drafted. Are you a lot of all the all bark because I mean if he's better than Michael Jordan I wanna see where they're gonna take him I mean seriously eligibility. A day I forgot to ask Billy McKinney does when we had him on earlier I just wonder hull much. On this is going to so way a team having to deal with his idiot father. I don't think it's gonna wait you at all I mean the guy at Rutgers out but Egypt which is I get it I mean he's got a superstar on him on those tribute out I'd. It is middle kid Alley Angelo is back and eat it at that he had yeah below Mel barely is the truth. Well. The Melo looked good at a high school or I'm not sure he's going to be is it brought a lot. But either way he's got three shots to be right that he needs to be right once Mike got sick eve what this kids turn and a step curry. Its all because he. I don't know if you seeded air rebel I'll put out its week. Bob Casey was on sports nation I think it was yesterday. And his prices for a shirt and I hamper his ball or brand vs the price for a Nike shirt and a half or whatever was like double. And they asked about the pricing and he said you can't afford it means not for you anyhow. I mean whole Lee can policy. I don't apart a little delusional oh my god not crazy but how good how. Honour yes he has and you make a lot of money off one of his kids know how good is blondes oh ball how much of an impact can he have his rookie year. I think that provided eagles' right came in and is we've seen with a repeat picture. A lot of times it's working you go to you know I I think I think. Lobbed the ball it should he end up in the Lakers all I can it I think I would just be. Huge for him RB but he he's gonna come in right away he's I think he's one of the most NBA ready players in this draft. He's got good size at six foot six he's. A true point guard you've got even note looks talked he he's got a I'll at 40% opt reported shot. I really think that you got a chance to really make an impact next year. Solid Mike Max is sports boys dot com. I think a perfect or turn him and I think maybe there were degree of me would be Boston right I mean. You have a smaller guard in Isaiah Thomas he can come out run run the point and then defend the shooting guard on the opposite side of the floor I think that makes as much sense as anything. And I concede at act. Like I could see him and box but I items in regal what big garden spot our ideas I just don't think well much to that big a critic critic ogle our faults. I just think that they like it versatility are better than lob the ball he's a true point guard can you play him off. You know me I did count and got the ball and a lot to Uga needs don't look at all when our. Admit you know it it didn't understand Spain. Who's who's going to be able to come awfully screen and I think that's more faults than a ball. But I I kept slipping. He definitely a box which radar. You know if this this this is a fantastic draft I mean even if you're paying like 78910. You could end up with the best player in the draft I mean. It's wonderful agreement teams really don't have to tank plus you really want Fultz a ball I mean they're there. Cream of the crop right. After absolutely I think they're there is out here that I do. I elevate over I think Pierre fox is going QB yeah. I think he's going to be it's gut NBA point guard. I think he is just. And and eat overshadowed because all the ball all. All you know accolades and and he he's against Seattle Carter seem Bible we Marmol in the air. I think air pocket gets dot he'd. Oh I that I talked tailored you'll looks of the Phoenix Suns who have played at Kentucky. And he said exactly the same thing he is sky high on the stat he told me. He thinks he's looked good and be the fastest point guards in the NBA next year from baseline to be in order. It was John burst is. Verses eight super ridiculous hire her interview about a month and a portrait in order and what. And while passing us at this. Yet but in that so don't take. I don't does reenact just trying to you have exams do bad. You can't hit it I mean. Like take it then you know. You don't talk originally Mike Max your sports boy Zach time you start looking down on at the bucks range Gary was saying earlier. That he thinks they need another score because you just don't know how Jabari Parker is gonna come back and you can find another dynamic scored a gold yeah honest. I'd Middleton regardless of position you need to take and so right now they're sitting in the middle of the draft around 151617. Somewhere in that area. Is there going to be a dynamic score for them to take somewhere down in that area. All I agree with you guys are percent they'd need to score the problem with blitzes that. I mean if you look at my top 100 it's it's scattered with up and the freshman. And yeah freshman is that it that it is solvable need a little bit more trying to numbers like acted like. We all are marketed from there on I think deck is going to be another dominating player eventually in the India. But I don't think you'll be Derek went Arctic but like Robert Williams landlocked and Texas paying them I wrote about them but I think he's a year to away. I just how part time you know all. Trying to that like in the twelve to fifteen ranger sixteen wherever boxed me pick in. They're still so many freshman I mean I can wrap idea you let the guy whose look more NBA ready you know as a power sport. But I think they need outside shooting to. All right let me throw a name at you that is falling. And because of injuries and everything else Harry Giles was thought to be an absolute stud coming out of high school. I'm his stock has plummeted this year he's definitely going to be a project but you just go based on potential. I got to imagine that he's gonna be there for the box and that would be another one of those swing for the fences type act. Well one thing about the box of Syracuse went and obviously did it without me last year but. You're right there I doubt the guy who. Coming into the season was probably a top three pick and yet your injuries have derailed down the production out and start quietly start on it looked like. The player that me body would put all the other players have just excelled iron and that's why he's kind of in the middle for now maybe later her. It would not be surprised and they wire but the problem is that he ticket gyro I mean. They use expecting in the contribute next year are you expecting maybe meeker to become the next step next year you're the fox. Mean you want but another year in the lottery you're at acre seventy you're gonna try to get in L without I'd see. I just don't I just don't noble Mike I just don't know what they're close enough right now to say it. Okay we got to take their junior or senior here back in common employed right now I just don't. I don't think they think their tackles especially with Jabari out for half the year next year. All right you're right you can and that's a lot I'm. Connection you. I I still think they went with Yana kept the ball in his hands a lot. I still thinking it's probably with which shooters I got another one for you what about Jared starters. A lot for a low Eritrea and production over in Australia it's not then I'll. It is about height yet mean you know a lot of minutes but he's still he's athletically gifted guys can jump to Rupp. He's six foot 72 I mean he can play shooting guard. Yet he's he pummeled yet he's he's just looked be it shooting guard spot or the next well. On his outside shot is really it even those minutes. Minutes of not and not. I mean they've been opted out at that he's starting get more minutes now it yet he's not he's a guy in used to air Torre used one Urquhart. I would take a flyer on him I mean it. Other than Jabari Parker started arts pretty much set he just trying to find other piece it to surround yacht slip you know. Shooters you know maybe more rebounding. He yeah. Everybody's talking about lobs the ball and and to. Mark kill Fultz being the one and one A picks in this draft. I'll tell you what if I personally have them number one pick I would take my week mark from from Kentucky that kid to me to be the next Jeff curry. He he's just a phenomenal shooter. And now only that he's got ice means. I've seen him hit several big time shots this year in they're gonna come along and say well he's undersized well that's what they said about stuff Corey to. In this is this kid in my mind to it as star written all over. Right and I think. My only problem is is I think some team is going to make him a point guard and that is the worst thing to do with the guy that you're a shooter. That at Colorado on screen in yet you're a little underside you wanna go by at tight what is our rules good arm length it would expand. He it yeah I think you want to beat rate shooting guard I love it. I mean every time I watch so much conductor and now as he's like are there he's there. Out at half and half lottery right. What what and I said he asked the lottery is on the young Kentucky team. And ambiance of seasons slowly got two guys assuredly be three. Right exactly but I got I've unlocked. Well it marked a fair play minister asked and every year right are you fixate on a player yet but there are strapped. And I think he is I'm just I'm just worried at one and eat genius NBA. Front offices in the try to make him a point guard he's it is I. I don't like when a guy is so get to that one thing. And you take him away from. In all I'd add Nigeria. It bothers me it's all my biggest pet peeve with the NBA but at I think we started out I'd outs or I mean even though he's going he's still not up. Yet I know we put up a couple play point games in the SEC turn it. He's still in the slot shooting wise yeah if he gets out of its league that on Kentucky will win this thing. He is Mike Max is sports boys dot job like we got a raw but thanks so much for coming comment I'm I'm sure we'll talk to throughout the remainder of the season. Accent or is it there is like Max younger at mid West Bank hotline when you're ready to get in CU we're back into the housing market look no further than Greg mid West Bank. This a great mid West Bank dot com take the next step. Towards your new home.