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McKinney: Can a player truly help their draft stock with a big NCAA Tournament showing?

Mar 17, 2017|

03/16/17: Billy McKinney joins Sparky's Bucks Weekly

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They bring I'm doing Ekene DPS gunning for you Milwaukee Bucks Billy thanks for coming out man. They have pleasure have. Three them a little exhausted right now just what. North course for a while can't participate and win their first ever NCAA tournament and how much did you scream Billy be honest. Alex pretty comp for the most part I did get into this year we're just. Great to yeah these young men rep for the represented the university the past. Players and don't turn out here with alumni were just absolutely fantastic. For those that don't know if you are obviously alumni all of northwestern and that's why it's it's such a big deal obviously for you to. Just so you know on the wreck right to ignore wants to win again solo just to be on an error on that what did you get lucky. What else a bot that. That that people may not know Billy is that there's a former bucks assistant coach on that staffer Chris Collins and that's Brian James is on that staff who was an assistant coach here for the bucks from a. Exactly. If NBA experience and also Ryan coached. Chris Collins and high school so they have a tremendous relationship and a lot of respect for one's not there it. Being a level of former great coach Chris ballot. Would Doug being as his son and and that pedigree at Duke and coaching interest there. It's a great fit for the at north course Dunlop yet you. You know Billy when Steve told me you're going to be on tonight I went out bloody purple sweater. In honor view him he miles kid that's. In nine point oh I anymore I thought I'd. Fifth. Today or like Ali we shook up the way he has he did absolutely get axed by the way. Guy and lack of really enjoy the trip. Matt opt outs that you are either you guys got a shot against Gonzaga I do I everywhere I watched I watched they gave earlier today. In South Dakota State in TJ counselor Thomas More grad who's the head coach of that of that team. I tell to go to state back it was a four point game going into the second half. What happened in the second half was a just sort of missed shots and I don't think there's any more and that's all because they just gonna hit a three save their life. On the second half all the ones I think they can play it looked on the problem with with Gonzaga is as they have their gigantic man in the middle again Zach and looks like he's from the mountains. On that apparently is still young enough to play college basketball. Eric EC huge huge sport but they've got two other very tell players that are fresh. Better upside too so it's going to be a tough matchup but at this morning I had the a honor privileged to address per pep rally out here. And one of my last comment so the group was every year. The NCAA tournament at the Cinderella team. Why now about. What they what happened Saturday. It by a by the way do you still have there all time scoring record. No actually it wouldn't broken about a year ago by rob I'm sure. Oh yeah news good basketball player. That held that record record this year that is then missed a long long time adds very impressive they won't win. God yet aren't there without a report didn't have been a while that would deal tee anyways. Yeah. You never know I'm kidding. Bill I like is this well when you talk against double late turning it. Can a player really helped his stock. By having a Chara meant verses what they did in the regular season. Well yeah it you have to bounce the body of work for the season but we've seen it time and time over the course of years. Players Bucs have written by their play in the N double A tarmac. And sometimes for proper teams and sometimes it pat. Yeah you'd think but I go back many years ago many many years ago. I don't know you're born quite in Gary what. Jack just horrible for you. Sadly. They had a terrific term and he was one and a high pick in the draft and didn't really pan out of a pro player so team. After balance what they see in NCAA tournament with the entire body of work for the year and they've been there for several years there time in college. So tell me this. As a god has been evaluating talent not forever. You've got the regular season you've got turned in play whether that be the NCAA terminator the NIT turn all these other goofy college basketball terms of added on a gimmick here. On then you also have the cal mine where they come into play a little bit that maybe not the top ones and then you have everything else or goes along with that. It is regular season Tate still more important and everything that follows it. Well again it's it's a combination of everything at Packard all close games. That we watch although different tournaments and different venues we spend an inordinate amount of time and our operas parred the draft. Focused and watching videos re playing those games over and over sometimes three or four times. So we get our go slow. Watching the players and and making sure we know their strengths and weaknesses on the court and off the court. Let's say get a step farther because I I I don't that we've ever got into this deep necessarily we taboo in McKinney on how much of big goals in two. Practice habits of players on social media habits of players holly are off the floor which you get from coaches vs what they do on the floor during games. Most postings are all critical and some of those and you talk about reflect on a player's character in players or be very careful about what they put on social media. Because we get it would follow it all no question that we have during the interview process. Practice habits are up ascension. And we've been a lot of time this year. As we have in the past going to college practiced at that but it practices. Seeing how they take instruction of a take criticism they get more than and practiced Nate doing gains. Typically so we take at all and two count as well. No serious talking about evaluation cites the Portsmouth invitational tournament will be coming up. And I was told recently that Luke Fischer of Marquette. In Bronson Keeney give was stance and are going to be that are. How much can they helpful my yes both are projected what late second round picks if there are going to be picked. I would say that would be the case since and anytime you go to those venues. That all thirty team there so. You can always you always have the opportunity. Try to prop under the impression on a team then and getting awards in the system than what state by. Give them opportunities. Four players. I mean scouts to further determine if they're able to play outside of that system. You know tiger go to McKinney VP of Scott and for the Milwaukee Bucks I hear on the fan the other thing. You yourself about the NFL com I'm right and people go to Haiti now all teams are there then you find out about Dodd the magical hotel rooms where. Guys get B are giving you know different. Room numbers and they have to go to and our team executives waiting in there and then the interview process happens. For different teams how does that work with the NBA does it ever get to that point whether. Yet we we we do that as well we have players. Stressed that Portsmouth at it the list at slim down quite a bit with the top players typically don't com. But at their players their interest for us we have staff members there that will interview those players so we have. Good. Kind of composite up of what they are people out at present themselves certainly. We go to the Chicago camp now. The combine in Chicago. We have I'll probably 45 interview yesterday with players so those interview processes. Helpless complete the picture we're player so to speak and every every teamed up. I guess another thing that at the always goes in it is too and I talked to guys in the NFL about it. Aram the NBA for use specifically how much are they when your G deciding between players maybe being the first round or the second round nor. Undrafted guys you wanna sign your summer league team public that comes into play and a bag of your head of well this guy had this coach sewing no we got coached the right way and sits what we want to do. Well that's one of our record says we're going out looking at looking at players. They have to bit today. Kind of a culture that we have they gotta be hard working again be unselfish so as we're developing our list. For the year paring it down at the ski and go about all of all elements that come and play. The last element that we haven't talked about or one of the last elements we haven't talked about it the medical aspect of the players get medical exams when there at. Chicago. And a lot of time that impacts a players. Draft position last year for example we. Got really lucky. Cost teams are scared off by Malcolm block since wood injury that he had several years ago and he slipped into the second round and I've thought certain. Malcolm would be a pickle in late in the first row. That's awesome beauty you know Austria are here now as the basketball pride and say case. I was told several NBA teams even took them off their list because his foot. Yeah that that is accurate I've talked to teams about that and and that medical information. Bet that teams received on on players it is very critical but. It's happens that Babin and only instant that becomes such a major part of that come by now there have been some I guess some not. I guess you'd columnist diagnosed as we're playing he said well that that not gonna get through. Is first contract and all of a sudden that injury it not as prominent. As far. Previously after the evaluation. And so team steps knowing the impact he can have on a team from a financial standpoint. Doctor in the B which is which is great to be. Pretty conservative with their a valuations. Our Billy McKinney VP of scouting for the Milwaukee Bucks are a spark his box weekly what about Terrence Jones Billy green how did you have him. What was your evaluation on him coming out and grabbed Odyssey by zinni gentlemen I you get to pick them up our. In this deal which I think was at a steal for the bucks possibly. A lot I agree with that I loved him coming out and and care what black called play. My reference to Hamlet that she eats supper. Every game you'd you'd look at the app fourteen points yeah. Eight rebounds or ten rebound six assist three block he did that consistently. And when he would used and one thing that he didn't do real well particularly well Alec was. Would shoot the ball and players got better at that so. How does he fit with the culture. On in your locker because the wet U the culture your locker room maybe I'm wrong about this is. It seems like a bunch a nice dudes I mean you don't it doesn't appear necessary that you got those guys a little rough around the edges in this locker room. Well we've we've got one of the most fun things that being around the team the last couple years is that we have. Tremendous guys. And I will say this. Everyone had an opportunity to grow up which Terrence had. In his time in the league and when you have a player that. He's been like this so of first round pick and you're on the waiver wire there's a sense of urgency out by out. What your career gonna look like from this point forward a perfect example that. Michael breeze you know came real a lot of questions Indies and just base stellar team mate spelt are up. He has Billy bikini DPS gunning for your Milwaukee Bucks Billy thanks for come an odd man and good luck to northwestern against inside got did you guys got a shot out it. I think they needle Lyle look. Tell our guys I don't tell you get guys over a one some who's gonna balances out. You know like I say. Sometimes it's better. Took be lucky than good that's right yeah whatever whatever requires. North force in a win this next game will take it. That's absolutely right you see this suit upper what outside. I'd steroid usage Roger itself we say good luck. I well I'll be over yet team practice tomorrow and eight had records. The team this morning and and or would you say month. Sounds good Belichick chairman Arafat. Art but Evans village that's in there is Billy McKinney DPS got a lot of great guys. Gods are in the pros I should say he isn't great join us on a good mid West Bank highlight when you're ready to get into our back into the housing market. Look no farther than great mid West Bank visit great mid West Bank dot com take the next step towards your new home.