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Sparky: Clippers win means nothing if you can't beat Lakers

Mar 16, 2017|

03/16/17: Steve 'Sparky' Fifer, Host of the Bucks Post Game Show on 105.7 FM The FAN, drops by. How much should these younger players be used in late game situations? Should they be used?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Gave Sparky five or host the most Bucs post game show joining us now. Sparky judges don't care about our. Yeah. Yeah pretty much. All right though I mean it was but I with a lot of club last by the huge went to the Clippers at wonders and 2000 and that and I think much of the chance that one in their last night either considered how badly the security Clippers and watch yet figured. Clippers would want to make a statement to the box. And they did the box pretty much. Worry controlled the game for the most part throughout even even when they were dog still public. They had a chance to win it and in the more surprising fact is that for the second straight game back to back games. Young like under thirty minutes. And it looked like. They're apparently got try to start raping little bit caught out on that mental here and it took a patient and being well. So this team -- if they make it to the post season is there a particular team you feel they match up better with even though we've only seen a matchup with Boston one time so for the season. Hit the throttle matchup perhaps for a couple of years don't want it or trial for sure that that was not a good idea. Cleveland. Mean again and you just got it up carrier that earlier in the year that yelled it looked at Milwaukee organ series. Illegals. Yeah I'll admit they got they'd ground lock on the huh battle started. But yep ought abruptly seemed like the better match about it out it is I know that but after that Al Horford you know at least here you know that much economy needs. Ordered yet there in my opinion isn't about what what makes it go to there I think is Brett he or coach. I'm an honest they're out the all star helped make Cuba I think you're you're you're the box. Shot in the game a couple of is that there's not open win this series but they had a better chance of winning a couple instructors they do it's likely try. So it moving forward I mean even look I'm not saying that it was good Jabari Parker went down but it certainly seems to have guys and a for lack of better term I'll say became engaged because roles became different and scoring was needed another guy started touch in a basketball. I mean you do or at least I thought that would buy one down this year wasn't gonna be discordant apathetic but obviously to be that he did that so he went down. Don't want you went down and the pressure turned actor Kirk Middleton and couldn't have been up and down a little bit. Since the Jabar injury. I can't really give it all Mac vs back and I think there are paper it was just up on a given night but then you have a game like last night where. If you look at really all that great outlook and really all that great but Ella that don't hit a couple big threes toward yet a lot of which actually hit 33 basketball game for one. The other guys stepping up you know you act earlier in the year billion aren't talking about the Omaha one of course last lament for the game they were all part and lose in. They would have those games are not in that situation right now and I'll you know with a veteran experience if you haven't look at got a run for last night. Why is that I'm not inning games Jason Terry and those guys are all on the floor. Armed and it seemingly it's a better combination now than what they had earlier in the year but. Could we beat Duke again where it seemed energy goes down the drain of at some point and they go on the night not a walk all collegiate don't know what this basketball team. Doctors say what was your expectation when the bucks left on this road trip. Our free that's what I want it but I thought that went but I had a winning which meant that because that was it was in the complete tail and then the Lakers and Sacramento will activate Albert told you about that that you had to start it about okay well too important to work the world what happened. You'll. I am baseball get the Clippers but it retired the last I don't you don't want to put together in show. That we lacked like he'd absolutely nothing if you the Lakers are under tomorrow he's absolutely I'll I'll just a great remembered bank. Because the Lakers aren't we all like how they are Malcolm I'll probably done for the year you know I can't play anymore he's a Washington and we all dagger in the same boat. That they're there a position now where they're trying to through drafts well. I'm let the bucks but when there and help but virtually. Yeah I and if they lose this game tomorrow night then. It's pretty much what we've been there done that scene because we've seen this team start to build you up you start to become a believer. Analysts and they drop one they shouldn't drop against a team they have no business losing to give this team is starting to figure out how to win. Now you start to think yourself wait a minute look out because either one it's gonna propel them toward the post season and get them into the post season or two. Bill take that experience and you'll start to see them start to close out some of those close games and were losing this year next year. And therefore that is the time and all of a sudden you go OK now I see all this started come to fruition. Right that's exactly right and it straightened out hiked its playoff races. Are in the eastern Roberts because literally a game fortunate European the year. Cricketer who doesn't who's not well the last game of the year to determine. You know I probably wouldn't play out but it could determine the seventh. First thing he made me make a play out in the seventies or Luke Beckett missed the playoffs all the got a based on tiebreaker. So really what they are now is. When they have lined up look at the team that really really really bad like the Lakers. You can watch it event with you have to. You're only road game last you don't want but are told that the team that you should went dark at that whole war on the road. How to beat you like the Lakers should happen. With this team playing the veterans down the stretch though is that beneficial for the young guys are still trying to figure it out. You know I had caller last night from Allentown Pennsylvania. Called any complained that got to put that shot at the end of the game because you know I thought his shot. And we got to be taking that shot and okay fine but gate and it still need to develop his superstar. In adult court situation and I think it is comparable to back that you haven't figured that shot every. You can go to Chris Milton on 92. But still need to get out that experience at the end of the game. And build it up and back in what might not hit the shot early in the game get a couple of jumpers looked like it was broke outside all night. Odd man out when you don't hit the front of the rim and and you missed the shot that they are going to be development bought. Don't think that means that the so yeah I'm gonna play 25 or thirty minutes I don't think we're shot balked and more time. Are coming down the stretch here a lot there's an injury because bout it gonna go on a playoff mode I think. And that means the batters are gonna play more than enough. I'll make ID do you see I don't know if Kevin Garnett has said he wants to be a coach but because again he was out there working with with flaunt our eight do you is this something that's going to be all of a sudden he he's gonna and find his way onto a box staff are very dear very soon. My belief is in PRD is. A contract with the box that happened. Somewhat back whatever Awad and try to contract I want to say it. Are comparable consulting coaching ideal. That would help level the Clippers if memory serves correct. So I don't feel now. You know Ole what does that mean I mean you know you have to have so many different workout sessions with a box operator of the year contract so money or. Stipulations of that I have no idea I don't know necessarily if you want to coach because you know I'm sure you'd make it pretty decent money. Doing it at 881990. Short on a good up and at the eight EB I think that's for sure I think but the one thing you talk about every guard that is. Is it you're the balks now how much it would take take him to work with our maker that summer when it just goes to for a couple weeks wherever it may be. Armed and work on here about ball gained a lot want that's where I think the price of admission for that. I'd much yacht the war on I continued to develop him into that KG like type player where everybody compares. Real quick Lavar ball I wanna bring this up because there there's a lot of talk obviously belongs oh ball. If he meant as a making you which he's going to make it into the in the NBA a play one of the top five picks. But how many times have we seen somebody it's proclaimed to they're going to be. Whatever happens to be whether it's the next coming of Michael Jordan or so forth prior prior to that and they fail miserably is he gonna be a marked man. Yet you know they've had they've had situations out of the NBA working in close. Game at that added our own into the actor Alec luckily the changing all that up and have a productive but not many more like him. At different here is. It is. Surely. It that bad that during all the trash talking all that mean a pretty armed relation booed any. Doubted our side. I think it I don't know if you saw that ball or Brandon are out eight booked copper short bird lover like they had Jordan aren't like you like double apart at our hat and they when he was asked about it not sports nation. Well it up or that it on entry where. I mean I got that flooded area that yeah. The longer UCL a goes. Obviously the more money they'll make I think it logical all UCLA is going to be operate it probably I don't think. It gathered in the preclude somebody from crap to thank our but it is a question of we ability kitty and I. Marquis plus weekly and Milwaukee at 6 o'clock now last in the Runyan be forever. Parent ever influence. Crap. But from rappers are if you didn't go on the NBA. He chipped the ball you distribute the ball. He's very halt long point guard. That figured like the next well I get guys' outlook shot on the shop you but it all can help out in key player step curry local. The cast all the doubt the that all. Yeah I I don't I don't see that happening I think these guys said his son up for almost failure although the only person that we don't hear about any more while the general woods obviously he's passed but. You know the Venus and Serena Williams their father was extremely outs put. And said they're gonna shock the world in damned if they didn't and then I'm really talk about him anymore he's basically put the proclamation down and walked away from it mean letting go boom but. Now other than that I haven't seen too many guys I mean the last guy that I can think of that was supposed to be all that a bag a chips that didn't pan Allah Stephon Marbury. You suppose that guy coming out in Mallorca and he Justine never amount a minute so. Don't think about it all you gotta do it he had wanted to resign. One of a purple and that it can happen it acceptable. Mullen Melo is it is Mosley the best out of three. Right young already meager one of the creek hit action calling me. All failed at that all letter that if he gets. Just want to work. On it later they're gonna make a lot of money needs you know what created the Michael Jordan Graham and well. Thank you can't make this just like you dodges somebody. Or did they go and not come out tonight he's got books weekly as a matter of fact on her plate or balks or what is it. Bucks I'm sorry sports weekly Sparky is much weekly tonight at six on Sports Radio on a 57 and has been since what I thought it does when we surely you can amounts of amid a sent them to that it.