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Woelfel: Teams are packing it in on Giannis now

Mar 16, 2017|

03/15/17: Insider Gery Woelfel joins the Milwaukee Bucks Pick 'n Save Post Game Show

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Joining us now on the great midwest bank hotline he will be my cohosts coming up the tomorrow night for Sparky is box weekly solid precision sports online dot com. He is Gary wall full Gary thanks so much for come in on your thoughts on tonight's game. And you Wheldon ascendancy right now so that's good. Then and that was a huge win I mean if they blues who knows what happens. Especially. You know being such a game you know in for them to skate. With that victory was huge not solved. Greg Monroe's reactions. When media how horn sounded. I'd have never ever seen that guy. Gets so excited in my life I mean this guy is normally you know wade back. You know easy go you becoming the go to guy he was just yeah the addict. Gary why did he sour the bucks last year. Yeah I beside the bucks to see will play out basketball's like. That's why sour in the box and what have imagine dating all the Blair house and now the team knows they've got a chance to go the playoffs and he's finally gonna get a taste of playoff basketball. This is the whole reason he came here with you playing meaningful basketball down the stretched. I and with a chance to go the post season I'm telling you this dude is going to be huge down the stretch for this team. Yeah in fact that I am I'm we'll get through Yemen role were probably people room in the Sundays central times. In that one of the things it notices. They are like fifteen and six there fifteen and seven when he scored fourteen points or more. He and it just felt we are important he is so that books saint. Dalembert delve a hasn't had a great go of things has so with a box to this point but he was huge with a couple big threes down the stretch here. Yeah you don't you don't interest they have a lot of a lot of credit have scoot yeah out of the out of food you know. In a situation where you have one on ones. At the top of the key. And he decided instead of forcing the issue. He's got deli and you pay a stop on at least two straight occasions maybe it was even to read. And bill would build the trade in all three shots but I give you out of a lot of credit you know in the past he will force the issue. And you know go from there but that that he trusts his crosses his. Teammates. Yeah I get. Absolutely did no question about that and the other guy. I dot dot Adibi helps somewhat here was delighted that she actually had three threes made tonight. I'm that's a guy that struggle to. Well would that be amazing the guy has basically been man factor the whole season around us now we would get hot but. But that's exactly right I was saying it earlier. And I said is crazy as this sounds and elbows specifically am proud to let initial point. Will be a determining factors in whether or not this team can win games in the playoffs. Don't doubled for shore because he is gonna be a guide dog go to need to stretch the floor you had a couple three point shots. Yeah he had really good point because I mean that you can just see team prepared museum and yeah absolutely they're just saying hey you wanna take your fifteen which have a when he puts out will. Bob Knight 6 o'clock as Sparky is Bucs weakly in style by precision sports online dot com you may well I would Billy McKinney to lead off the Shell thought the Mike Maxi. Well as well Gil draft preview at 635 tomorrow night we'll CNN but you think if it. Mary got thank you Gary Carroll was joins us on the great midwest bank hotline we're ready to get into your back into the housing market look no further than great mid West Bank this agreement West Bank dot com to take the next step towards your new home.