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Imig: For now, the Packers are regressing

Mar 10, 2017|

03/10/17: Paul Imig, Green and Gold Analyst, reacts to the first 24 hours of NFL Free Agency. He believes Ted could wait a couple of weeks before finding an actual free agent (like Jared Cook last year).

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The Packers have sent their fans or Ted Thompson more so. Have sent their fans and a full fledged panic mode apparently talks have now broken off between Jared Cook. And the Green Bay Packers even though I understand look Jared cook's guys maybe and they think he's you know Gradkowski. You know and he had a good season and we knew that when he was on the field. The offense flowed so he wants a little extra money in the Packers are saying now I understand that. But it is I'm sending shockwaves through the fan base at this point watching player after player exit Green Day. Com let's talk more about a ball and they are ringgold analysts now joining us in the Schneider orange hotline poll how would you. Am I guess news summarize what's gone on the last 21 hours. Mean immediate and it chorus it's marched and so I'm into it with a grain of salt knowing more offseason lap but. It all out war it's and you lose but I didn't think he told him he played the aryan Don Barclay. You don't want to. On a great free agency. In like I would hurt a decent but it. Equal commitment such in the pack need to make off sort of Mike Hollywood. It's a spot got to they're reasonable contract. Currently I think you look at three years and sixteen million or try to put Ohman and guaranteed. Thought he was the leg in curt out there and wood and getting locked up by Cleveland on day one. Let's just say recently signed with Seattle I'm probably. And you don't have the cornerback played in order to correct. I'm glad all and you know one dollar I just nick Perry signed were talking about it with you because at first glance. Sixteen million and boy is their sticker shock to like that period your sport I hit eight after he was very well really. A look at it and they eventually it is still totally blows up with the Packers. Get out of it after two years with. No peddled. It's it is one of those clay. Thompson rocks all assault and great. I think if you really look at that deal and you had Millwood and we look at it very. By the way is going to earn 41 billion dollars. This year in the counter your point seven Indy carnival but when that without. While that it would of that order. Oak but it doesn't work outer nick Perry injuries come bout. Or whatever you can play up to the standard of the contract you get out of it after two years but best case scenario. It becomes a great player a great Evan your player. And of course is entering his sixth season that you made me become. But here's the deal and and it worked every sixteen million dollar deal about the best case there. The worst case scenario is called out though because vehicle got out to be all the years and then they can kind of do. I'd like eleven contract they'll you really look at what the Bears might have been a one year contract. They have no commitment to Mike let it after one year in terms of dead bodies or up. And not look republic Packers did carry. And that they are good Clinton is different the public good ops why would you had some years. You know all commitment and if you know there were so. By that contract they had a giveaway that route to dump. The Packers does not give them two years of nick Perry. And it's going and you want to keep it in the middle of this is a great move but what are you kind of built that little a little weak because. So. I guess my question now is if the Packers continue to watch guys leave. How do you think Ted Thompson in day five or seven men are tan. Picks up a couple of free agents to start to fill in some of those holes. But I didn't beat date I day 67 and might be great one and I don't think Jared Cook signed until what third last day of march. Last year when it works 2829. Is ones Erik cook him on board out there it. On being one of the created yacht and every Packers and understandably. Clamoring court wondering why he's not locked up get so. Used Aaron Cook is you know what major multiple articles here cooks of the soft and they'll correct and are gonna happen until. You three cor weeks from now. In terms of change some of that 81 party. He has played that they won by nick Perry and and that was kind of the guy who they decided was most important and meanwhile. Anyway he agent talking about is it quietly he's gonna go take these guys are playing the locals eat visit. Cook who gonna go to visit. Little bit eat and the 82017. Version of the earth cooking or somebody who got me. Carter bought this year Jared Cook it kind of hot popular name on that linebacker from the lines and all those could you Detroit. You know might be yours versions of Albert's cook. But it does. You know Ted Thompson is going to let all of the EU the crazy money. Either operate and then jump on these guys to look we reached out so that's probably more but I'm what I'm looking correspondent like. No I started out to be daily show saying it you just have to face the fact that no one is Bill Belichick. And what he is dine in what he is doing he realizes there's a window he's pushing his chips and Millwood table he's being somewhat aggressive and somewhat until bella Jackie and bite this guy is just a ERE season be rolling in what he's doing right now is certainly bolstering his team for yet another run at a Super Bowl. But I think that's what makes it and purity is eight. NFL high. The Patriots are at the top of the mountain and they looked down at every bit. That's that they have Credo that world for the result but also ordered the third straight playoff appearances so it's a and the other are these parallels and draw in meanwhile. Belichick operates the Patriots. So 180. Degree differently and out of comp and operate authors. Are you health needs to coast Eagles. Franchises. So differently I think when you see somebody like ballots are going by the way the muck muck it out yes the Patriots and the Packers can be talked about rough. That secret all the Packers Belichick used. So much better. Than everybody else you'd say well how come get. And seemingly the Packers front office got I think that's the frustration for that. It looked at some losses on paper and the quality of use two quarterbacks Brady problems. Equaled I don't I'm not on your mind but. You know when you have. Mindset that got Belichick I mean he took on Chris Long ones who hold Chris Long course on the goalie Marc Ellis that it. Think you create your service is what Super Bowl that was great we're gonna trade for great talent it's just couldn't it couldn't trusting we're all in order. But it works you know and I ice and everyone that would be you know everybody was like it would be a little bit if the next Carter yeah whether that. You know whether that will hurt Carter couldn't torts John Dorsey comfort and you. It the Packers in the operating unit wait 23 years on the cold out there are sure you're gonna have a much happier radio shelled and you do on days like there. Hum do you think that the Packers are in the and you wouldn't kind of mention of but do you think the Packers are regressing. Well for now they are but this kind of what we are. Here we're. Let loose and he didn't work much on the first arsenic in the history you know that you look at our RE. Worked more than what they're cook and you know. You're universe and that it might hop. They're kind of not like I got bigger money he's able what I got that lineup and I look at. I would like Heyward over hide all they are being equal but. You know. This is what they've left I kind of quite themselves out of the deem it not valuable enough and you work of money that three sometimes get on the early date free agency. In those this year. Out. You lose a couple good players I think is built we fast forward next to next Friday. And the packer loose. I have lost Eddie lacy to Seattle and they've lost easy line to dutrow. And a lot hurt Cooke did awful well whatever it might need. It goes from like you know a lot hide in the loss you know good blocker you don't want her but not the public and start adding. More body under that pile of departures and look at that lake cook lacy. Now I think you're staring at a much deeper hole because they'll you have in previous weeks. Actors in your opinion at six holes to go in the draft and Corey and see all the old guys leave yours six holes just became eight hole yeah. And that is even bigger mount climb out of six holes were so. Palmer who has gotten better in the division if anybody. I mean QB ever when looking up. Raptors and that do that I don't think any team and it is in terms are -- saying to Creighton an excuse me well maybe. This is gonna work and in Minnesota. Currently trading at colonial Lions for Riley Reese. You know sort of lit up again. While those are clearly in the rebuilding stages. We lost on that for adding like Landon. The Bears are are clear looking up and everybody else. It right at them or whatever and out or addressed it is but other foods you know massive improvement quite boost. And for those greens that I saw soak. They all know that's a popular public Barrett is getting up and I'm more today that the former giant and Jack's built. Corner I knew they were probably. Openly to do something bigger with it was like eight gate tight corner you know someone who's more prestigious on the open market. And what it looked Mora was but. You know I think you're but he knows it's not yet ignore that the Packers necessarily have to worry about most years. It's the rest of the N. All of the other team but our league level is not a step by the act itself. It its early when they're the prejudged but I mean that it's not FC north title and I'm worried about keeping up with the most you have to keep up. What do you think the likelihood is that Ted Thompson gets not one but two free agents from somebody else's pile so to speak. Rather than signing his own that comes in and helps Phil was the holes in this team. Yeah like I still think I mean it might not be today I thought he next week you know might like it said in reference to jerk Coker earlier 234 weeks from now. You're gonna see you. Moves like that happen in the Packers have in abundance of free agents they have a roster. That you know if they let CD and replay out of their free Asians. And yesterday means that you can look at on Crockett not been tendered wrote Elliott not. Certain teams and players but they are. Yeah bodies they're guys who know the system and start going to bite you got out. Humble and walk to rookie this upcoming season could you build your roster you'd have to find other guys you're. But when the public non roster. That's Huntington some other teams because that's kind of the way the Gloucester is right now in the last year of the depth and so you saw this morning you know with Julius Peppers likely going back to Carolina. In Jordan but not a guy who 100 an outside linebacker in the accurately last season. Just from the standpoint of selling out the roster if you're gonna lose some of these guys and not bring them back. You know high and of course being in that group already Carter being in that group already. You know without traffic in the upcoming class just from a number score. Yeah it would have to be you know. I'm not saying it's going to be a lot out it might and the thing about it like I like Connor borrow much and Henri Levy. Like who released. On one unit and big money that much when it comes to when he tight where I didn't read it. And play alongside some of these guys they're gonna need 234. Of those quotable street create and develop their ops. All he's Goodell will continue to scratch your head and watch the angst of Packers fans continue to rise so we'll talk begin on Monday now packed. Yeah at our product actually they don't fall and every gold analyst joining us for a couple minutes on the Schneider orange light shatter Harry drivers right now you work hard they treat you fair eighty bush years they be getting it done. Column 844 try to go to Schneider jobs dot com 844 prior to go to Schneider jobs dot com.