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Cole: This is a really special group of corners in the draft!

Mar 10, 2017|

Jason Cole, from the Bleacher Report, joins Chuck and Winkler to discuss the first day of NFL free agency. What should we expect from the Packers as free agency unfolds?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Joining us I'm the only great midwest bank hotline from the Bleacher Report. Jason called Jason thanks for a couple minutes this morning the morning dia. They're more in development what's gone on. You know same thing the day after packer free agency and packer fans are. Friend of Pelfrey is it packer fans are freaking out. Don't do. Don't Shoppach and yeah. Whip Eric the great what down because. You go lose this is put me Christmas Day for France. So Ted Thompson's basically. Telling all the kids. That would gather around the Christmas tree waiting for that president you know it's not the material things that matter it's long. If they have forty this is what we're about and everybody is look around our Brodeur in the Detroit. We weren't mandatory and an active about having some work. I think people thought there might be a little different this year since there were some holes that secondary but. You know I mean that the of the secondary is the worst losing Micah Hyde but they did keep like Decker nick Perry what you think of that deal. But that the potential of the provincial would be short is gonna overpay differently who have that kind of that accountability. And after. We looked quickly through with a doctorate by terror Bjorkman. So or that your it was general field this coming. Would you rather mr. Because well. And so to me. The cross is doing that especially Italy where. They're not really available and so looked the cost that exciting all the young players that you draft is so cheap if leaving. So much extra room with the top of your of your roster the G cup perspective of somebody. Little productive guys you trust in your kicker are getting. On Twitter at Jason Cole BR he is Jason Cole from the Bleacher Report talk about an expensive market. Guards are are getting a pay day and that's a position where historically. The Packers have not paid. I does look like TJ Lang is gonna command top dollar Jason with Detroit Seattle and I mean I don't think there's any chance that he comes back to Green Bay at this point. All our I would says there's a chance. That he comes but. You wouldn't see how the medical stoke and everyone. As to what James walked through the articles. Otherwise they know what kind of shape he's. When he's going to be healthy. And that certainly he's going to be all right but what the topic of the dark well earned mentions that a topic as. Say. The bottom lip of that group right now is lower were referred to four years third fourth 1000000000 dollars so it's evening out. The year on the Packers won't Tuesday several Ortiz. To people lying which is probably going to be in the area where because. If all the medical leave. Note that the Packers. Probably won't be that. That like the Matilda. If you deduct their world. Again and so I I think there's told you that would easily and he wants to be desperate words. So I think that don't don't write that just yet even though it was different potential. Think there's going to be a little market for our Eddie lacy as well songs like we have a fighting in Seattle to be look at at him but the same amount carts. It's the right back to choose their dime a dozen right. At bat looked I know people. If people are every bit like regular street. Everything seems thought out multiple leagues that go out of a drought and so riveted. They can use at quarterback which there are also. And struck but I wouldn't yet. 21 lead because linebackers clearly deep in this draft as well as we've got to respect for. Who were going to be available. Child. Tightly Jason Cole from the Bleacher Report on Twitter Jason Colby are. I thought the most fascinating movie had to be the us Wyler to the Browns deal yesterday where they. Essentially by a second round pick and when the news first comes out everyone says LO well same old Browns but. You look at at the bra I really like the Browns are doing right now they have a plan. And there in accumulating picks that's a win that can be a win win for both teams but a win for the Browns for sure. Well definitely what it is that pushed him sixty million dollars would ships and and got to pick forward do and have nine picks in the first. The first two rounds there's support so they can keep reloading that change at some point but he doesn't get a quarterback and some all part of developing impetus to do that the quarterback and commit to trade. We have knowing what the engine problems so. If you take what they did yesterday which will make that trade. Also the move up the middle of an offer toward doing it JC Trevor too. Have the cult leader much pitches as no certainly nobody else took. It is you Trevor the Eagles didn't quite work it was the best part of the market do reserve the Torino. The director Tom assault of that hospital a lot of looks relatively reasonable and so we've heard that looks that looks okay up there and looks like. Bit if give it forever result but he basically all the protective it was their quarterback. You'll hit the ball a little bit those moves work out pretty well at the ticket can extolled as well. Felt Bristol and if bill also. But. Don't split Draper Bert. So they have a guy who's a bit of a weapon to our receiving corps that it hopefully get dropped far back. The whole process. Typically Lugo idea what they're trying to do it and executed it and make the most I do what would Patriots because they finally fixed but then that would. So about last year which with the laws. All show Jeffrey signs one year deal. Problem with the Philadelphia Eagles a little surprise you do get a multi year deal and first day he gets a one year contract if you think you'd from his little discipline look more of and a. They were it wasn't there that. I mean our defense so do between us unjustly and twelve broader. I've heard enough for the opposite goes to how much nothing but. You're either not been getting close to long term deals that that defense that work serve you can have both those guys who can certainly talent. It will you know make good deals. I fully expect that. From the otsuka and Woolsey you know prior has been Beckett for a long term deal and it's just not look Cutler. Chuck and we glare here on the fanned Jason Cole from the Bleacher Report joins us. On the great midwest pink hot line you talked about cornerbacks and and running backs in this draft and for Packers packer fans. I mean weren't we forced ourselves to be excited about the prospect of divine how is coming back. But if that happens but you see like Logan Ryan okay signs this three year thirty million dollar deal ten per that's what shields was gaining. Debts that I think is a move that packer fans would have been happy with. I don't know if you go into this draft. And get cornerbacks. To start right away because what they have now on Green Day. India isn't. It is that we have. Drafted in the first to promote the. They're good at the star rookies I think. I think you guys because bigger look at that the real special group of corners some extra. Productive for five coaches and go out that would compliment because. Missed bitter over and they wideout rather than you know hit it out of there were way out bodies the rule. It'll look good but it was a combination of the you do lived up to expectations. Normally you. You hear about it grit group it's would be like our talent there's talent. They say okay well obviously have a circle for that what they've it was the performed every bit a lot of people expected a probable but more. After that gave people we've notion of pay. This group really made peace because we will talk about which is the deepest group of corners. It probably twenty years minimum back from 1997 draft and after after. Nine or ten there was ten guys drafted in the first two rounds. At the quarterback position but you've got to have that they're hello hi there will desert and currently deployed right away. What expectant dates do everything the gesture I am a little bit. I know a little a little look at the situation without a world Romo looked up proved dropped what would that would artwork. And by the way Tim Crabtree with that was awesome wasn't that that world order message sent Becky and opposite. That was sent out there. It you know what happened to quarterbacks and Donta hightower among other players who start their dropped. You know wanna know what happened with those does appear that. Quarterback as we're all trees what did Cleveland have to do to get problem. What. You know what duties that that would have to do to get well. How much is how the Cowboys play looser atmosphere there we do well with those teams help you want to give up something for. Jason thanks for a couple of minutes is always ruled secondly did on the road. Jason Cole joining us from the Bleacher Report on Twitter at Jason Colby are joining us. On the great midwest bank hot line when you're ready to get into or back into the housing market. Look no further thing great mid West Bank as agreement West Bank dot com and take the next step towards your new home.