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Cohen: Cook is the one guy the Packers will pay for!

Mar 10, 2017|

Michael Cohen, our Green Bay Insider, joins Chuck and Winkler to talk about the Packers after day one of NFL free agency. How will the Nick Perry signing affect the Packers moving forward in free agency?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The guys on the inside. Green Bay football league insider Michael colon all the fan these morons do you Michael all of this is some Thomas Motorola. Secondly where sports Radio One on 57 FM the fan nets Josh Freeman I'm borrowing cooler joining us on the great middle West Bank town line you see is worth your Packers news. That come walking journal sentinel. Michael Cohen joins us this. Morning Michael good morning and Mike. Morning. They were doing good and I know it's busy time for you appreciate you what tickets of tie with us some. The nick Perry deal and a lot of people wanna to walk now. Jump off buildings only sold a deal that the numbers on it but it isn't as bad as the books once you to assure read and what she thought the Packers did yesterday with that. Well I thought they won't know the minute a pretty Smart move that I know that the period the guys had injury problems but no that is. You know the vast majority of the production that courier came this past by. I think that that that the guy that when you look at the way he plays and you know physical talent that he does have. It was going to be surprising music over the courses in Parker's did it together at some point and so I think that you started to see him turn the corner. He figured out how he. Use it you'll to be active and he knows what he is and he knows what he's gone and so I think when you look at the teams out there that have all the salary cap space in the way that the salary cap is increasing. While that you'll certainly sounds like a lot of money and it is a lot of money. It's not necessarily egregious to the point where it was overpaid based on what other guys are going to make in this market. You know this is sort of going to be the door. For good players that are not necessarily superstars they're gonna make a lot of money because that's just how much money is available and you know speller so it is not strike me as. That the war contracts. Are art. Michael does this make it more likely or less likely that the Packers would bring back. Date tone Jones Julius Peppers those two guys. Good question my guess is that it probably wouldn't he wanted too much because those guys would make so much less money. That it wouldn't necessarily be comparable you know to bring back Julius Peppers that the guy that's arguments on the one year deal and it is going to be maybe in the neighborhood of a year for a million dollars a year tax that not necessarily a huge hit to the salary cap the way that this very deal laws so they could certainly afford you got it once he. They don't Jones is one of those guys that I get Peppers also seen poker. But they're going to be in sort of a second or third week looked pretty agency the guys that went yesterday and signed yesterday there are most of the time. The got her most coveted around the league because teams when we get those Duke on first. Then you have the second third wave of guys that still have a market that are not necessarily. No one is extremely extremely badly by franchises around the league Daytona is a guy that. You Julian Peterson because he'd probably fit best in the packers' system simply because they don't have. And they know how to use them but I do wonder there's another team out there that will will pick a shot at a former first round pick. That doesn't have a lot of no physical ability just happened with togethers similar Terry. But it could certainly afford both guys if they want it. Recent price Micah Hyde was a first cure give tying and that the Packers made no offer. I was not surprised that Mike I'd left I was a little surprised after Dave bill. But. You know it's one of those situations where it brought on that bounces you that they weren't in the deacons are based on what they figured the market to beat. It is better to make an offer at all or to make an offer out across a little oak think they are like I'd offered problems he's so sure that that. Conversation in the they had you know if the bills paid him six or six and a half million a year whatever it was. And after all we can offer street and we could make that offer and rip just you know having the guys they come on are you serious that such as route. Or do you just you know move on and do what you do and so the Packers clearly what. In the other direction. I wasn't surprised that you moved on Utley and have a bigger market immediate future afterward that you guys that. I didn't think the Packers had any chance of retaining simply because their value was going to be more than what the Packers won it all at once they get you open mark. Great angle insider Michael Cohen on Twitter at Michael underscore Cohen at thirteen still a lot of guys that have not yet. Found where they're going to be playing next year in one of those guys TJ laying it. Talking with Detroit and I know Seattle very aggressive. I'm getting him with the guards and the eighty days for some of these guards in the league. It would almost seem like there's no chance playing is a packer again. I think that there are very astute thank you you know I talk Duke. A couple of of people look at how vitamin a couple different people since then the thought you've been playing injured in the fact that you probably won't help infiltrating yet. Most people assumed you'd be in the 89 and our procedure. All the teams now that they of the contract but it got done. And the fact that now you can argue that any position that he's the most valuable free agents still out there. I think he could push close to that ten million dollars they and the source that is that source is rather. That both he was the combined did not think the Packers would come close at eight let alone and caught up to one person that thought. The Packers would go to around 66 and a half that I had they would go relying so I would be done it one game back to the Packers and you only way that I see it happening. Is if he decides to take a significant home. Hometown discount and given the fact that this is probably lying finals significant contract offer his career. I don't think it makes sense financially murdered 22. Pass up that much money is Detroit and Seattle are really get a quick quote and then he's here. Woody's the Packers steady and Jerryd corporate now. What at the combine I talked to source close injured cook that expected you're at it with free agent market it is not necessarily think that view was going to get on or that are. However cook is the one guy that I've always thought that they would opt for. Reason for that because I think the packer saw how integral he was to their offense last season. And also how much Aaron Rodgers. Has basically gone that for the guys ever since he got here calling him one of the best teammate he ever had. Considering the change Starks in that regard who Rogers absolutely love over the last six or seven years that starts this year. And so I just think that all those things put together plus the fact that they're probably gonna lose lag. They did not the Micah Hyde archer and it makes me think that they will lay up perjured cook now I don't know how much they're gonna have to pay. Jared Cook market is hard to predict because if you look at the early parts of his career he was not necessarily that productive and so there will be teams are all week. That they cooked production this year was more a product of being with my car you better Rogers and it was a guy who can be consistently productive. Throughout his career regardless of quarterbacks of his market might seem like it would be bigger around the league but I wonder what might be a little smaller than it actually. And actually seems like and so in that case they could they up but it might not have to be six or a million years to let some of the top I didn't want to do. If he gets away what would they do with tight in Miami Richard Rodgers but it would be the starter by default and you know we don't think he's a starter. Yeah I dreaming he'd be the starter but DePaul and in the certain that the glove and draft somebody or trying to find a lower here option available in free agency a veteran player that is not necessarily a top Albert god but as experienced and he's cheaper it is a good job for guidance and that's certainly one. All back against the Ted Thompson but you really don't wanna count on a rookie tight end to capture good luck in this offense because. Mike McCarthy has said that outside of the quarterback. You can argue that the tight and I have to know more about its offensive scheme than anybody else because. They have to let the traditional tight end position with their hand on the ground next to the opposite tackle. They have to play without the wide receiver. They have to play it all back in the backfield sometimes so there's a tremendous amount of responsibility and knowledge that come along playing inside and and no matter how talented rookie years that in a lot of even if you take the first round pick for example agreement so I've. They have to resign cook but you never know you never know Thompson speaking. Michael thinks is always and will check in with you next week after some more there's dust settles. Urquhart earlier your current repaired you do that's Michael on on agreement West Bank hot line. When your ready to get back into or into the housing market look no further than Greg mid West Bank there's agreement West Bank that count take the next step towards your new home.