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Parrish: Top 50 RPI wins are bigger than losses against bad teams

Feb 17, 2017|

02/17/17: Gary Parrish, CBS Sports College Basketball Analyst, weighs in on where the Badgers stand in the seeding discussion. Plus, what makes a college player develop into an NBA player?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We've got to Gary Parrish and he is ever a CBS sports columnist in as a college basketball studio analyst is well for CBS sports. And you can also catch the college basketball coverage. Throughout the season on inside college basketball as well he's joining us on the Schneider warned child like. Yeah how you doing. Everything department your parents were OK everything's not permit with a Wisconsin Badgers right now but with us personally work we're doing fantastic at. And it had a little bit of a bump right and it looked like they were going to I don't know I don't play it at the right phrase but certainly we have an outright Big Ten title yet. You know go to back to back losses one of them I think it understandable you know at Michigan without cost them they were underdogs in that game went up but losing to a shorthanded northwestern. Talked about it aren't out. You know I've tied atop the Big Ten innings with Marilyn. Duke I'll still lit that somebody want to argue that Wisconsin is the best on the big and but it's not it clear to say what you say a week ago. The argument were getting into here is how cool it is Nigel raise a couple years ago there was a lot of talk about him trying to develop an outside shot and then go pro. And when you need him right now when he needs to step up he's he's been nonexistent and I don't know what to make of his game right now can you figured out. I think that all the time with with guys who are great college players or at least really good college players. And then people start talking to them about what they need to do to get to the next level. Like it could circle late shooting guard base it well you know you've improved to play great undersized shooting guard what you control he can handle the ball create for others. They're backed that'll be enough to give him being equal attention and if you're really good power forward with the way the NBA is being played now. You've got to prove that you're stretch working play your way to the basket face up that kind of stuff if so what happens over and awkward. It's played your start developing habits that. You know in the and it kept to become what they think in BA people wanna see. And they knew who they were. Dave in now I talked of a million different NBA people. And the truth is there that they'd like to be a power forward who. Can stretch the poor and an end and make shot at a high level from the perimeter and yet it like it he had. Export shooting guard. Show that he can be a primary ball handler and and and and plate of all the point guard early combo guard at all true but more than anything else you know what have you people up. Great players just be a great play usually that stuff will figure it out that the other stuff will get figured out and I don't know it was this year much last year but there is no denying at some point I'd started playing differently and I understand the motivation behind it. But it has not made him a better college basketball player. As you said they believe what was counts is still talent wise the best team in the Big Ten boy you talk about it they went out coming up on CBS this weekend between them in Maryland in this may be the determining factor is to actually until winning the Big Ten and getting the top seed in the tournament. Yet the great game on Sunday at the premiere game on Sunday the only on the game that has to rankings playing against each other. Maryland that a little bit of a surprise. Now the computer numbers still aren't great and if you look at what they've actually done they don't have a whole bunch a quality wins but at some point. You've got to respect the record I mean I think people who lost at times all year something around that can and develop Trimble been terrific in. He's another example on some level what I'll talk. With knocked away like the looks are glad that late freshman Egypt and the people say you have but it you wanna get to be NBA. Are you got to be more a point guard are true point guard and he got away last year. From what he was and he got back to it this year like. You know that law which has been great college you're getting to be in the difficult. And I think sometimes we would focus in and not just us but like the players they focus so much on trying to get to the next level. That they don't take advantage of up. Of the placed at their act. And and just trying to promote from you can go to Ana and won Maryland all time great later in yet in some circles be considered a disappointment because he's a junior in college. Somebody who could they be left after stretch when you're supposed to lose. Believe after sophomore year but. He's been back in the that the and a he hit I think probably and I bit and other argument but I think there's a reasonable thing to say. Beating them one out it's not the most important player to any team America feel why can do you could also are obviously but. He even valuable to that Maryland team and program and the only reason that they have. I've managed to be this good despite all the losses from last season's roster action. When you mentioned wanna get I wanted to talk about Purdue we talk here about the badgers in a signature win right now. In Minnesota looks like a good win they weren't able to beat top 25 teams. Our outside of the conference Purdue on the other hand they're top 25 wins have come within the conference they knock off northwestern they knock off the badgers they knock off Maryland. How strong are those wins for Purdue. Whatever and you figure right now and they've got I think three top thirty RPI wins in the 85 top fifty RPI win and so. You know that's why I think they're probably in better position. Good Wisconsin. And Maryland to get a hot the highest heat have been Big Ten schools. In the NCAA tournament I believe that it turned a stark today. That would be the case and because you know what the committee has shown over to overdo it you're a year and who has recently of the couple games ago. When they had the bracket with bill is that quality wins. You know how we putt went top fifty wins that that's what moves the league. You know anybody can go out and lose two good like me you went three other dude could go lose a budget times too good team who can you beat and honestly. I don't agree with so much but what the committee also showed two weekends ago if they don't really care about a law like they completely disregarded butler's. You know police sub fifty losses and Florida State receptive to balk at that seated among the top sixteen teams in America while. Could they had a lot of top fifty winners and so you've got to have good win. To make an inner impression on this committee and Purdue have them Wisconsin right now and not so much Maryland right now not so. So we Gary Parrish of CBS sports in the studio analyst for college basketball. Arm obviously the ACC still one of the top conferences in all of a college basketball are they seven or eight teams deep going into the tournament this year. All I can get closer to ten or eleven and I'm not even sure I agree with that because the ball all and it like hit it really on the bubble. Like they they've barely won any easy games in the Georgia Tech really on the ball. But the truth is every year. Regardless of the quality teams around the country and we got a it's X eighteen in the NCAA charter Cox predict that sometimes they say. There's no way that seem to make it into my terms and you they've really look at the paper. Get really give me conference championships are now getting all the at large that you brought Adam what you per seat to beat good teams. Pretty quickly and we reached at a weird time in the sport where I don't know it's just. You know a coincidental or or a reflection of where the sports headed. But you know American athletic conference used to be you know four bit leak or make you and I'd be at least. Right now it's completely. The outlet conference used to get 345 teams and from year to year. Right now it's a one Bentley BMBC probably a one Bentley. That Atlantic can probably get to greatly my point being risks. I'm if the so called mid Major League are gonna provide multiple teams to the NCAA tournament they have to come from somewhere and I think the ACC hit. You know the the most likely to benefit from that so. Regardless of how many good teams we think they. I think that selection Sunday is probably going to be ten or eleven in me and typically tar. That was the reason I was gonna and following up with it because of these bigger conferences and the fact that there's not a lot of dominant teams. Right now in college basketball as we've seen in the past and it's kind of up in the air a lot of these bigger conferences. It could knock some of these second bid mid majors Powell because you've got to take the extra team from the big conferences correct. Right right and I don't even know that it knocked that mid majors now is much in the mid major just they're not very cool like if you went. And you know tried to find a Mountain West Conference team that or an at large bid that you can't do like it just not there. I'm at him you win and Cincinnati out of the American athletic conference. Obviously the doormat like this but. And expecting probably used in and you look at Houston's reprimanded it's not much there and so. Again like there's the leagues that operate outside of the power structure that are. You know consistently been more but that leagues is just not that late this year so. The pick and probably gonna get one more than you think it is what deserve under normal circumstance he see maybe. One or two or or three more the FTC might end up actually getting forced which. A two weeks ago looked improbable but again these teams have to come from somewhere. And they're not coming from the mid major competent years. Big east mark had they've got a big one up against Xavier to be more or Israeli center at home this weekend. If they could knock our split was AB they get to they have two games with Xavier coming up if Vegas split was Xavier beat saint John's Providence and then knock off Creighton. Do they find themselves an internal. They want to do. Yep well it's it's a you know it's a fluid process it's hard to say electric Bakley. But you know what it takes to get somewhere like you know it's never been terribly term projections like a there's not a finish line like what you can push like maybe get to that point that you're good to go and so you know to Woolsey but the truth is a big gap so bland. The don't know or be in that. The most notable ones but they they got a win at Creighton and got a win oversee probably got a win at Georgia like those are got to register. With with the committee is so. Obviously a lot of losses I believe its ten at this point but. You know according to what the committee show two weekends ago. They're not as concerned about the losses as much as they want to know. If you're capable of beating good teams like what what in that bracket are teams that have shown they can beat good teams and Marquette in moment. Has shown that this year and so I do think if they at a few more quality victory at the very least. On you know when the committee get to that moment start looking at rent them it. They're gonna have more so called top. You know 25 and if you win. That a lot of the other teams they're competing when it. On the bubble so they're not involved in most racquets at this moment but. The question is can they expect by selection Sunday absolutely it up. Jerry it's always a pleasure to chat with you we appreciate a couple of minutes your time thanks so much okay. Not actually appreciated Diego Gary Parrish CBS sports columnists and CBS sports network college basketball studio analyst. Andy and catch him throughout the season on inside college basketball as well joining us on the Schneider worn challenge matter hiring drivers right now. You work hard they treat you fair for eighty plus years they beginning you don't call an 844 try to go to Schneider jobs dot com 844 pride or go to Schneider jobs died come.