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SPARKY'S BUCKS WEEKLY: Are the Bucks Rebuilding or Fighting to Contend?

Feb 17, 2017|

02/16/17: Sparky's Bucks Weekly - Sparky talks with Bucks GM John Hammond about the state of the Bucks, and Bucks COO Mike McCarthy talks about the All-Star break.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Chance and played great for us it's hard ministry played we asked them to allow. There is sees the only show what. Pro sports team welcomes your question. This piece Clark he's books week. All in 1057. FM the fan. Oh here's Milwaukee. It is Bucs fan Steve Sparky flight heard. Well demands. And I it's going to be a fun show to night the leading things off by here momentarily will be Bucs general manager John Hammond. We'll talk some bucks basketball do you take some calls and then at the end of the show the last a crucial time of the new COO. All of the Milwaukee Bucks Michael Qaeda we've had him on once before we'll get him on again. I trampled the show tonight for you gotta here. At 7 o'clock we have entered the all star break in joining us now on the great mid West Bank cut line is Bucs general manager John Hammond. While the players get to go home and rest and relax or go somewhere nice and warm that's not name Milwaukee mills can be warm here this week in well sixty being relatively guest. What does the general manager of the Milwaukee Bucks do during us time. Where else spark. It is deep and you know I can tell you that I am and in New Orleans and I'm here for the all star leak in. To support Malcolm Brockton playing India. Rising stars game you know Reggie start in thank you. But beyond him more just as important maybe more important. Questions for him as our first time all star an all star starter in. What that means to us as an organization so lump. Here out here for the weekend with what ya start at. When you're at an all star event weekend how many other general manners are there I think you get anything done as far as a I'd trade standpoint or otherwise as far as negotiations go with other GMs in that area. The others that they'll be discussions that will be had not every GM this year. You know if you don't have a player in the game. I would say that at bats at GM may not be here because I keep your not here this weekend. It's a great will we can of college basketball and and you're probably on the road scouting somewhere which might be more important and indeed here's pretty festivities that. But if you ever play area I think that most people be here. We have lots of questions that we throughout their on Twitter always final we're gonna have the Chinese and hash tag asked cam in between qualify seven FM the fassel does get to those right away. I Sith lord we did a fan what are your thoughts about Jabar you'll be after suffering the same injury twice today I mean. Well you know I I've had a chance to be around a couple players. That have gone through similar things. A few years back you know Danny Manning. With the number one pick in the NBA draft is rookie year. Torn ACL and and he had multiple ratio issues throughout his career and played fifteen years two time all star two or three time all star. So it happened then and to you know I'd go back to another guy we had you tried Antonio McDyess you had back to back current situation similar to Jabari. Back to back eight seals and back to back years I'm pretty sure that's occasion. And I end up playing that sixteen years in the NBA had a great career so. If not I would say that the guy dykstra changed your game a little bit Hewitt Hewitt like Jabari. Very very explosive. And had a big strong body like Jabari that he did it his career progressed strategy she became a little bit more little. Denis 1517 foot jump shooters I could see that happening with Jabari somewhat anti moves forward but you know the great thing about about where we're at today. From a league standpoint you know we have or dramatically. From a from a treatment or rehab standpoint we're light years head of what was being down be yourself. Jabbar is a good place as far as that's concerned. I got another one coming in here from Greg of dream sports suites at the fat at this point in the season how do you measure success other than with your record. Well I mean you know he's start by saying I'm here in New Orleans with a starter and a all starchy Allen. I think exactly recognize right now throughout the league is a easily top ten player in that into consideration cart outside type player and in in the game and. You know say that you know we moved forum and actually knows what. Would be honestly can be recognized as. In the next two outta three to four years you know pretty B maybe the best player in the game who know that I mean he's. He's trained in into in a greater action and so you know we have to measure that and. You know it is kind of difficult to have to measure who we are you know losing Chris middle and you could see you know what he'd done the impact he has on thirteen. Just having him back out the floor that that he makes other players better she helps to seek help when gain by making shots making creature as bacon or play with the ball. So. You know it has been difficult to evaluate our you know our which we had Chris militants from from the we do this season to this point. And Jabari healthy all season it makes a lot you chipped chipped I was so we are skeptical well we haven't. I think at this point you know we you know we got off to a decent start had had to have a major slippage lost twelve of fourteen bit. Now legal in all star break winning three in a row and hopefully we got up. Carried out moving forward in and have a have a good second half a season. I was John Hammond Bucs general manager as far his Bucs weekly on the fan John with the injury Jabari Parker. I would assume. Plays Havoc with what you were thinking about doing at the trade deadline verses what you might end up doing at the trade deadline. I have you made a determination whether or not you'll be buyers or sellers yet this year. I don't I'm not sparking I'm rusher really did change during the two or do you know the one thing you don't wanna do is. You start getting over reactive when that happens summit something like Jabbar is you know 80 my gosh now we have to you know what we have to be. Well John that's not the mindset I'm sorry you broke up you say that again. I said you know the mindset not that we have to be eight we have to do this we have to be a playoff team we have to win X a lot of games. That now we're looking at right now organizationally we're trying to look at how we can become up. I'm real opt championship type caliber team should he twenty and maintain something like and it looked courts so. It you know I I I think what happ would Jabari doesn't really stretching deck greatly. In the short term and long term we're hoping to get him back and sore get a. All right but I to answer that OK let's go to the the next one here. From our Kurt who says wise the coaching staff and it has a hard time adjusting. The defense is scheme as a team continues to struggle. Well that that's that's set to get to coaching question you know I know we have a staff that. Batting cage and there's a great job on the bench in I know he's worked extremely hard as a head coach we have extremely hard working staff. Who do in a very very best they can do and you know whatever she's past we have Iguchi work on a little proof. Luke I'm meg agreed to question how he phrase Adam's gonna rephrase it for a I at what point does he become ought importing to getting bribed in and signed maker matier Harvey say it. More minutes going forward over he'll vampires like delve a dole puts a lot of bitch and self. I got nothing maker now I'm trying to adjust man I mean that's an act how funny do you look on the east different set a Phifer that would drive me crazy. Now what hey it's happening. In other than the getting back to the question brightening. Honest you know about it now starting for so that's that's happening how long you'll maintain that I don't know but he started the last few games you know Malcolm Brock in. Has been a consistent rotation a rotation player for us throughout the seat in the minute continued to expand so. I mean that I think that question edges itself with its happening right front of us. There was an article that I was reading here from when was it Australian ESPN or something like that. What comments are from Kevin Garnett talking about Don and how he thinks. He's got a chance to be special tiger mas work ethic and so forth and and Bob talking about. I'd KG. Telling him I'm certain type of players what moved to go to. I would different type of players and and Tom wanted to go work on it up right away. Oh cool who is that the main guy I guess to decide I'm. I can AG's involvement with this bucks team and then what is his involvement going for where does boxing's they know he was just recently actually Don just before Jabar getter. Don't yet know that that allegation just Jason's relationship with him. I think they'd be any communication engages Havoc want to come and I'm. So I haven't got a Kevin Garnett in the gym is great trust good trust as organization good for team. And that good for a player like out of course you know and other guys that. So not a sit in is and what he's doing right now but he kind of consulting with us. Witness when he can be. But it's gonna be out just dies at. It just now. Certain times to commit for a day or two but if and not single long term plan what camp in more than we're doing at this point but to and respect it changed. No bucks to use the hash tag asked Cameron to resolve by seven FM the fan for John Hammond. How busy at your phone's been the past few days. Com you know cool let. We are you made a trade you know there's been. Three year for major trades done thus far and we we've already gotten one done what Tom late so. It's any electorate keep people are people it's just time of the year this is what we do we get on auto we talk share ideas sure are about. Our team in and their team in. And try to putter has again as he pinning is beneficial for reaching each group that. While thinking more than norm just kind of want to Internet do dated today at detail. Jog do when you. Lamented Bard things I'm so confused by it everything it seems like you've got it all locked in here but me out I'm going to million things going through my head about. And how this'll thing affects everything. This for me and now we thought process was not what was your thought process but Bob Ross is the fan was. Okay just got his extension last year devising get his extension this summer we are two guys locked up we're done now. Jabar did the second torn ACL in a knee and not ego while you can't go give them all that money now is you don't know how he's gonna react. And then you go to the next year he doesn't come back in January if ever you're still again to get a couple months out of on. And in the following year. He's a the last year of his deal him and he gets into restricted free agency that's always it's a slippery slope to go with a without a player in the NBA and then getting hard Penske junior on the contract before and soul fourth. How how does all that play out now between you in his camp. Well who we don't know. We don't know it and we don't know how it's going to work but let you know I think one thing with Jabar he's made it like out. Yes and I want to be here I would be pars organization. Jabari cadets from the very beginning that's why don't wanna greatly contract in the got wanted to beat. So lucky in a change there at that helps that you have a player that was to be part of it player that we like that we Kris. Economic they would Alan or he can play you know you look at when he was 21 years old every twenty points a game. That doesn't happen very often so that it has proven proven player shall look we discussed we think we talk putter has together but you know that wall all saw out it is. You know when you talk about on the with the way contracts are being done in the NBA now what it and the way to players. View. How everything is going and you look at a guy like Greg Monroe wedge opportunity obviously. A lot topped out and he's playing really well here as of late so maybe that does mean that he eventually opts out. UCL. All playing here in the next couple of years where you might start seeing players. Getting a little frustrated like we've seen other sports like the National Football League where they want their contracts are re done. There's other guys are getting to super big money that they haven't gotten yet. No look we have are rules in place so when we can extra and we'll which averaged and in. The other there is a little extreme between some of that other sports and our sport particular which. And NFL maybe that you are contract will solve our contracts are guaranteed right Calipso concerts and hopefully guarantee things like that it. I think it I think we have that we have you know new collective bargaining agreement which is an epic which out I think. Eight to work off has been there will continue to be soak. You know it's I think we're moving in the right direction. Other two players you got Spencer Haas and Roy Hibbert in your ploy only trade. What are your expectations for them as far as the rest of the season I'd cy. Comment by cliff for the coach show from I had ever saying that you know he wished she was healthier this year he's probably a couple months away from. Being Jiri wants to be with his one I'd need an issue that he has. So I guess -- need to you know ask the question how much you really expect you know Hossa neighbor to play. Yeah and once again that you look right now we're sitting there. We're starting on it that are position we've got Greg Monroe who's playing. Obviously it's thirty plus minutes I'm almost thirty plus minutes a game now I'm extremely well we have John instant. So Belichick is not an opportunity extra look graduation an unfair position right now I'll centers. We know that and outward continued to have to work and work on that remedied that forehand because there's not sure indicated he would gain at the course but when there's. Roy Hibbert got a player even like a statue Collison. He should be dealing with that right now but that's not on him that and treat it. I guides we hear. From paltry one if I have a seven have an offense as well the Bucs vice second round picks. Instead of selling like McCall more now. That you'll have a deal league team in Oshkosh. Oh yeah no no no doubt whatsoever I think teams and have multiple sector squeeze so let you know sometimes. Sometimes the draft you you know you trade a second per second. Or four for a future second I'm sorry or yet or maybe Acela picked you know just who knows financial numbers so you wanna do. I'm organizationally bit but I do agree with having a great point it looked Indy league. The genie I guess a strain out yeah Gatorade leaguer whatever it is yeah it's going to be great for us organizationally something that we needed. We knew to act you know. You know aegis trichet you know market western JB show very much that that they purchase Justine are they haven't done much on it got to go to actually was almost out. A new arena right behind that. And that we tell by the way we need an elite team the cost of that. And some cut and you don't and that's our cab ride in done everything in and wore. Out. Now purses are stealing team and have a team crisis it's just it's just so important moving forward for every organization has had an asset. They're a step ahead of us in and and that's a great question about Tek around pitched he darn right more than likely say if you had an extra second you'd take it and interpret the deal. I've got a question on the draft here dead on the goal off using doubt want. I've said in the past and I'm think I'm pretty accurate on this. That you stated in the past that look it you're gonna get a superstar Milwaukee more than likely you're not gonna cy wanna come here play here or so you're going to have to get one. Through the draft your Milwaukee in which case you suing for the fences on draft picks draft younger players which is pretty much all there is an NBA now on the top of the draft but. Try to swing for the fences yacht as you said when you made that big bad night. It trying to hit a home run if you don't swing you can't hit one and obviously you hit one there. Us Don is a similar type pick where a lot of people criticize you taken a matter early but again swinging for the fences and hoping to hit a home run. But I also thought that at some point here is we got farther along in this on the future process. That that that. That viewpoint might change a little bit once you're leading players maybe to play more specific role off the bench sooner than waiting for a younger kid. To develop and three or four years in my right in that thinking. Yeah you would be you would be that bad if you say you had two really good young. Forward yet to really any of and it really good young to guard usually take up to date Jabbar 21 hours 22 Chris is 25 so that's. Three young players that you have. Along with the other players you know he loved like the Malcolm Brock is doing what I'm doing is John Hinson and then throughout the years through the year and in and it's not a guys in our roster Barrett's. But yeah I think there could be that point where. Let me Sparky would want to get a week you know you'd have talked about this you know many times saying that. You know when you go into the draft beat carefully or check this check take the best player on the board especially early in the traps. Take the best aren't aboard whoever that might be don't worry about position you figure that out later. Blacked with that being said if you tap particular guy particular position. You know you're you're you may kind of evaluate that little bit differently in the will we don't want look at Needham position. Could that ever override best player could bet. Who knows. You iron same page left for sure John thanks so much for coming on I appreciate a man enjoy the rest of you not enjoy. The him. The all star game in New Orleans I'm sure to be warmer than it is here but it's like sixty by Monday saw it might be kinda similar I guess a proud in this avenues as my guest. They'll let you know what it's indeed it is it just kind of the with a winner that wasn't so it's been it's been that great everybody. Yes immutable John thanks so much mentally Russian act. Are you mentioned areas John Hammond Bucs general manager on spark his Bucs weekly on the grid mid West Bank come on after eight years and held in Wisconsin homeowners great midwest bank knows a thing or two. But helping you by bill to refinance or renovate. This agreement West Bank dot com they're ready when you are. I learned. Things in that interview. One. I didn't know what to say when he sad because I wasn't expecting him just give me the answer that he did John Hammond. And the other. I was kind of taken back by that answered to. They were both those who are coming up next here as hard as Bucs weekly here in the fan. You're listening to a sport he's books week. Legally he wants. I feel 1057. So I welcome back. See starting five with you. You want to get in a one John Hammond had to say during that interview feel free future thoughts on what damages and I think Kia. That one very big thing there in my opinion a 4147991254147991250. Also we Addis. Nullify seven FM. The fan. Terrell on the north side is owed next what's up man I don't. Or. What did you take out of it. I don't know spark just think and I am that is kind of where we're at. No I disagree. I when I took got of that was he sat in bait dousing and trying to force in the playback. On. What he several we asinine question Bob minor sound whatever the case I'd be. He pretty much said that look we don't have to make the playoffs this year are that we don't have to do now we're trying to build in all fifty win team could serious and we try to win a championship so yeah. Outside when I took us. What do sell. That's why I took out was well not trying to hold lot of pieces just try to make a playoff run here and I'm certainly not trading a young player for JJ Redick again we're not doing that either. We don't have to make the playoffs. NC I think that's a difference from. When her was the owner wireless gotta go gotta go gotta go right they're not in need to door Bogut that AT do what you gotta do to get the eight seed. Vs now where it seems like Goosen and Dalembert but doesn't seem to be that pressure of all you have to gold this year I'd seems to be more but understanding of this is a process words go played out we saw we suffered a setback so be it let's not rush and do something crazy. Right I to get you that you Spartan. Either way. Are all war because I think it is for being happened to bar. Kind of put this franchise in the air a little bit about which way they should go. Because of Bart was in all. The second best player for the most part in the paint you. So now he's down for the second time that there years. So where we go from here it is it going to be beneficial for our seeing. To make the play Els which up well will be a great Greg Payne you make a part of that is the you put up a good fight it would every Lou but being to come back. And you get a that they think that is sixteenth pick up like that way in. But has stressed that inning that allowed expert is one in the deepest and best rep they had been and probably you know 1012 years stole. But by that by that logic. I'm a little bit. Why would we try to hit a four inside top player we had a chance to get it because. I mean you're gonna have gotten our guard got Cleo. Jabbar is the one at that aptly out. Well Brockton doesn't have any maker doesn't have any. Mean those guys are also core pieces here and it gives you more time with Milton. With the rest of these guys gold Ford and you saw last night man. Middle sit help them win a close game and short you just shake your head you go boy oh boy you know if you would have been healthy how much different would this record look right now. And I think it would look different. I agree which I also was played it I gotta say it. The more. Two in the second half you got was point seven Morton and I don't think it is. Yeah but I don't think in Ken can build his way up. And play. Up starting it. He becomes a pace to spark he's won it. I was sorry. I just I don't know if they're gonna trade Middleton I just. I don't know if you could trade Middleton and tell you find out what fondness. Once you hit what into once you get to the worried okay. God it's not special like you know but maybe not as good as I was but. Not special like Odyssey and Jabari then that's navy when you move Milton I just don't think would you Bard being out the whole first avenue exterior you can move Middleton at this point. But did well well sized market it is I would do what you have to say about that that that we are. And we sell off it may be better contract than we can't. Think it many consider race you know wherever out or whatever you know player able to come out with. Let today. You end up kid in a pretty good pick in track. And let's say all this you know work. Chicago plan around we can't you agent well and ball ranging look we don't wanna you know player. We felt like we got there comment Al Horford and we're pretty good shall guard away. We think they're quick note has shown it he's come a batter hit into when rookie you know what it nets practice court knows what's that you. He saw that's when I say all. Man I don't know. Already pearl like you know the mid level righted the dirty give me the one overall probably this sort of a what nine wins whatever it is I mean did she win the lottery obviously. I do worse case scenario you went up four which still get a very good basketball player at four or. Because the best player the best player is going to be. You know two guards are at the top so it's good to be the long point guard him ball that has the awkward jolly we talk about the other night but it's there is a good distributor. I'll vs the score. I act at the guard position. Those are your two options and which Boyd then you're then saying okay Brock is not going to be our guy at the wind. What he can be a back up to our guys are at the one going forward to then you've got a one. A three and a full war. And may be a five in Thon go on court and you're still about a two and was Mont figures it out. Right and on the thing I would say though I love rock. Well I think Margaret third bargains there is seen better acting. Oh very good back up common not being what you've got to have somebody very talented running in the right. I agree throughout ice for the comment I appreciated. Are all good stuff. I just. I don't know you offer me broke Wednesday for Chris mills I'm. See much much while he USA and that. In my head outset myself no way and the reason I say no way is because. And I'm always thinking kind of down the line. And a lot people it's a mission yeah but. It's got in on the line who my gods do with a three or four years. I think I do a Boston and Philly. That's what they might too big probably going to be once LeBron gets all the way so if I think that to the two teams are ought to help Boston. Two or three years so now militants when he 728. By NBA shares managed yeah row and at that point. Like in his problem and Alonso balls like 22 yeah young guy. 99 BR in an NC as he played four years ago no I'm saying three or four years Dallara brawls when he gets when he is usually only just got there. You have to deal with his father the rest of the year for you at that but I don't care about that. Tom are gonna headache but yet that's just that's a tricky situation for me on looking at does bucks roster right now. It is you're talking in a ball guinier franchise point guard possibly in the lottery. If you lineup and at top five to ten range you should get a franchise point guard then you'll have a young point guard. And Brock did. You'll have Middleton Jabari. Yeah honest and fun that's your five. Bad on the bench already you would have bribed him sitting there. Vaughn sitting there if he decided he bought going forward he shown you flasher there this year I'm not sold on him but he's shown you flash. And that's it right they don't have anything else can sit I'll be easy Jerry Jim guy Hebert is not pauses and power forwards talent and it's no hole. And delve a Delmon Knoll so don't those guys art. I don't know I just don't. It would have to be are all very good pick at the top of the lottery for me to consider moving Milton I think at this point. I'd Deb we don't think you move Milton for say fifteen or sixteen or seventeen in the first round there's got to be a special type pick. You only ship him to the west. Well. All. I. Mean surgeons I don't bother me Detroit and bother me Stan Van Gundy I'd. Advantage you'd know back to Detroit where you work I just it's our premier trade Milton without having Jabari Parker to start next year in. Then you're already behind the eight ball before the season starts going okay guys you got to be the guy I don't have any help for you. And the one guy have is help for you is just starting his first season. Tired your pro longing. Again the process but if it's were not under any we're not in a big hurry to make the playoffs necessarily were not on a deadline. I and this is about putting the five best players other that we can -- bench other was that we can. Beckett sustained fifty wins you're in year out what went Hammond says that you think back to the Pistons where he was what Joseph Dumars would Billups. And Dole's guys and Wallace Rasheed Wallace and how they put that string together and remember that. Carlisle had what back to back fifty win seasons. On. Isn't goal line for who Larry Brown everybody went crazy what are you doing this guy amid a long enough. We won a championship that's all they run their to do. His goals were done let's go home. And they got that guy over what would it be nice to talk about firing a coach who has back to back fifty win seasons 'cause that's not good enough could you imagine Eminem problem. It's like being agreement Packers magnolia say don't Lally Mike McCarthy situation that's that's that's the similarity to McCarthy I was in suitable ripped. I think we're tab August or slash wood baby Tosh it is parties bar sweetly silicon COO of the Milwaukee Bucks. Mike McCarthy so to come in about fifty minutes or so here on offense. This is sport these books week. On sports we. No one who finds seven. When he speaks served up hot and press tomorrow at 2 o'clock we'll talk more about these John Hammond comments of a play for you here. Plot and a sack gave Jerry Ellison is off to probably mean rom im not sure of the packer hall of Famer on the right Boller and I think he is coming in tomorrow because and they're all going to Rollins College tomorrow night OK so here is John Hammond from earlier tonight on spark his Bucs weekly on this is Williamson. I figure the mindset is not that we have to be eight we have to do this we have to be a playoff team we have to went action lot of gains. That now we're looking at right now organizationally we're trying to look at how we can become up. I'm real opt opt championship type caliber team should he twenty and maintain something like Eric it looked or choke. If you know I I I think what happ would Jabari doesn't really extremes that greatly. In the short term and in the long term we're hoping to get him back on or get out. And again for me that's just very telling him I'm being media guy I'm reading into it I understand when he says you know there is no timetable we don't have. To necessarily be in the playoffs. Right now this is still about long term so forth. Simple task MV it's someone has got to be a deadline we go right. We're done waiting you know gold now you've got to have it and Eagles sooner I now go do it now right. And I don't know there is maybe there's not maybe this is an open ended time frame. Would buck source of of just take your time put these pieces to gather make sure we don't lose your honest get a couple starts ago with dump and then let's see how this thing plays out. Maybe I'll tell ownership is looking at it I don't know. I thought this all time going into it I think Peter faith in what was kind of on board made this point prior to the Jabari entry this was I wanna say last year when we talked. Was that yeah you'd like to be contending for something in the Eastern Conference going into the new arena kind of want to be in that area so. Well that's 345 seed somewhere in that area. And and being a force in the east going into the arena I don't know that's feasible anymore we Jabar anonymous in the rest of this year the first half of next year. Neither when he comes back in the torque and chemistry waiting for him to get whatever explosive season might get back after the second ACL injury. Pletcher draft class this year you're draft class next year that your gonna add to this roster on topple all of that plus any other moving pieces that might happen this summer. And and following summer I just. I think it's tough now to look at this team and say yeah they'll be a top four seed in the east going into the new arena I don't know if you can necessarily say that anymore and in now. You have to re adjust things a little bit and say okay. What do I want for this bucks team going into the new arena. For me I want Jabari healthy. Yeah honest healthy. Thought about two point pounds heavier than he is right now. I'll take thirty but I'll I'll except point you know ten Tony might be a lot better right ten pounds a year so let's go to what he pounds heavier than he is now starting as your stretch spot. And that's what I want going into that stadium. Those three things Jabari LP yacht as healthy I'm starting a stretch five but twenty pounds heavier and he has if I did that. Regardless of what happens next year but I can just get that going into the new arena I'm pretty excited and jacked about the future of this organization. So we'll see tweaking it that done now the other thing that that I brought John Hannah and doors ended the interview. Was the fact of a look. Know for so long you've been swinging for fences trying to hit home runs try to draft superstar can organ donors free agent and we all know this we're not stupid. So now at some point doesn't that process or that mindset. Change. All along the why doesn't that then have to change as you be calm. Contenders or as you become a playoff team or you have more assets in the starting Webber. You don't have to do as best best available player and and finally plug. John and a pretty much. A great. That at some point you do get to that one work you know you have a couple star players at these two positions you really want to draft another guy in the lottery. That same position. He means is and Indymedia. You have to start forging us and Jabari plus Middleton who's a 23 type guy right so maybe you look at and say okay. Go to the forward position maybe I'm a master of that you've got Middleton are shot Vaughn if you're sold on Vaughn may be or not mess or that position. But would you're where you can mess around with email you just signed old adult look. I think what Garza positioned you can still play with I think center is a position you can still play with because again I makers and experiment. Harbor you want to look at it you don't know how it's gonna turn out you can you go there. And furthermore depending on how confident you are Jabari Parker you might be able look at power for two in say. That's another position I would be scared to dress here. I just don't know. If you goal. In all nineteen year old kid he Guillen and then say well three years away that's when he's gonna hit it. I guess we did Jamar injury may be that's still fine because next year. You're after the first full year with everybody and then that's thirty your guess would be the year done when you'd expect them to take third job. In the Eastern Conference standings just run or timeout retired three years in before you say I expect them to beat you know top four seed. Contending for their home court advantage in the playoffs that's why I'm so or three years away right now so you get that nineteen year old point guard in the draft lottery. Then yeah it may take all three years to get him ready to go. But the good thing is with the with the pointer as the U guy coming out in this draft I think. You say four out of five are just your scores I think month bright fits in best. And obviously Alonso balls in a fit in wherever he goes right and he's long liked our law and I called him. Teams are gonna play a lot of defense going forward I mean unless they change of the philosophy this Holtz switch on everything chair don't have enough individual good defend you don't have enough good individual murder and arguably our defense you got out score people correct I think. The worst thing you can do is just not do anything sin for me there decide to get into the top eight right or get yourself into the play. Gary Ellis and it showed today says he when doing thing he just played out and see what happens. When you look at Alonso ball. He's long idol I'm not convinced he can defend. Quicker point guards did a level that's what my fear Isiah Thomas going right past it did yeah you'll passing truck Milton. Wright he's got into heat. Jabari using them frogs not sold what I want is in. My body is has to be a good enough defender to guard the other teams. Bests are obvious he Pointe park the John walls of the world. The west's Brooks were remotely lead all star guards right unique you're not gonna shut them down to four points. But being able to hold your own defensively against those guys that's where you have to get to we've got point guard that you draft. And I. You know back to me has to be summoned to consider I think if you take Rondell ball. I read this effort or where are ready but it's true. If you're Boston you get one ball makes sense he's Isiah Thomas is that small garden event can defend a point guard the other side of the floor ball guards the two. Even though balls run the offense. Tom on the other side of the floor that makes sense if your filly and you have Ben Simmons already. You're not taken another long player you're take the score on a Washington instead up. Some phils. That's different soap for the box based on that. You probably don't take bawdy UCLA if if you. It miraculously win. Yet give a lot of first I think I still think the sport in can be a playoff team depending how much you sell off. But then also and you look at Udoka amateur to star a scoring guard as my point guard. Mo OK but yeah guys are getting shots Jabari needs is Milton is gonna get here as. Is this kid got to take away shots from these other guys who is he good or take away shots from these other guys. Did he go to day or just another guy's name is a Milton that on the move because you can replace a score well this point guard. And at a different too dark comes up as a before this thing's a portal in complete. State of confusion for me that's all loses and pulley confused I'm glad I don't have to run this organization down from a general manager stamp on like John Hammond. He's got a chance and what they decided didn't. I beg you please I'll be on the same page. Please Jason Kidd got the same page is John Hammond please John Hammond get the same page is the owners let's all pull the string in the same direction. Let's not all pull from three different directions all trying to do different things just all go on the same direction. Everything will work out fine coming up next to see all all of your Milwaukee Bucks. Mike McCarthy joins us next here on sparked his Bucs weekly here on offense. Is only 1057. Quarterback. Bucs now on all star break rolling in the putting a couple games in a row here. After getting a big win last night in Brooklyn against the nets that your chances C yeah honest. Odd coming up on Sunday night as he starts the all star game accords Malcolm bride to be in the rising stars game this week into. Mark Lazarus OB in the celebrity basketball game it's lots of bucks. People to watch are coming up this week in joining us now to seal all of your Milwaukee Bucks he is Mike McCarthy an agreement was bank hotline Mike thanks for coming up. Most part you know why I'm all right are you a New Orleans Suh like everybody else in the organization or where US. I'm on my way I'm at the Newark Airport to Brooklyn game last night looking around. Rican population area I don't see it. Check column my question is it is this. I mean I I I am out replacing name of the game which is the official of bucks headquarters for apparel and I see the yacht has all star Jersey. How good for business had has this whole Yana saw starting in the all star game been for you guys. Caught Spencer and unbelievable. Interest in merge interest in tickets. Interest the TV ratings across the board it's panic future we had a feeling it might be very pleased with the result. I and that obviously Malcolm writing an and the rising stars game and then of course the owner a play in the celebrity game mart plaza read this weekend. It's farce all star week in gold. I don't mean I don't mean to correct here on out but our class street is so it's actually the Moroccan freaks. He actually did make a note. Yeah I can't say that the station and man I can't -- now. Kids have to. Turn. At Nell I appreciate about a kid did but that I can't bell. You can't do it up OK so what when we talk about. Not all star we could for the NBA and how they do it compared to you know baseball they do they're all star week in how the NHL does Bears. How would you compare. Them to other sports is bars the Shell that they put Roddick and I think the NBA does it Barrett and anybody else. Bump I'm glad he didn't mention the Pro Bowl cures that now it didn't need to make that list but. You're. You're right I agree with you and I've been lucky enough to be around all three of them on number of times. The based all so special but. But it looks a little luster with all lead to the plate because I'm not a lot of mystery now you know on nationally and see an American League starter used to be. NHL has improved and I think the skills competition this year was that on. But no one has a weekend like the NBA slam dock in point future stars it's just unbelievable experience or celebrate the game. And I. Nobody does it better it's set the standard we're all stars and the league convenes. As a whole this New Orleans. It's just it's top notch and really it's. The other thing nagged bagged goals a round the all star game obviously is with the NBA trade deadline. Being so close similar to a Major League Baseball now where there's is that get in the month this is even closer Hardenne the MLB also our game to their deadline. It's got also give a good opportunity we had Jon Hamm and on a lead off the shelf to these general managers to continued to kind of I'll work discussions were traits work trade scenarios face to face vs being half owner via email. So true that just something about getting together. Based great old school and you know deals are gonna come out of the speak. LB action final. It's just something about that based it's based in the ability but look someone in the giant and big deal I would be pretty confident that they'll be some noise and notes is it just think that think that some players may have played their last game with team they're with now is a lot of speculation. Ample about maybe Carmelo Knicks. Others. But it's it's fantastic exciting time at your best alternate between the spectacle the all star that you say. Transactions make it plates it's. It's a lot of fun of people that stay glued to the to your station all week. Yeah the other thing about it too is. Not only do you have a everybody day every two of all the TV shows a national TV shows there too like the jumbled Rachel Nichols. And she has Jason Terry in Ghana some bolts on the show today. Whether selvin Tracy McGrady grass even more added exposure for you guys. Which is great or at least. You know we knew hopeful. But it's it's exceeded our talent people wanna get all the yards out. Chase. We're not surprised we actually are a little job Bonner and manager or go too far right picture everybody's got exposure but. We we said yes to everybody the best thing. You wouldn't have any time at all and that we've been trying to trying to monitor that very carefully here they can knock down local organization so we get exposure we get. Splash but we don't overdo. He has my have a god ACL all on your Milwaukee watching her going in New Orleans you'll see him with the Moroccan freak I guess. Are good luck Chiang and out of Moroccan friend this week and yet take care. Although three national conference on there is much of a guy that I so much for coming on on the great mid West Bank hotline. Every year's Melvin Wisconsin homeowners criminalist I knows a thing or two W five build refinance or renovate this agreement lets thank doctor out there ready when you are now they're for Smart is much weekly and is that John M every go to qualify seven FM the fan back Calvin just a few minutes it will be up you can listen to it and read into the trade deadline question as.