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Mike McCarthy: You Know Deals Are Going to be Coming Out of All-Star Weekend.

Feb 17, 2017|

02/16/17: Sparky's Bucks Weekly - Buck's COO Mike McCarthy talks with Sparky about All-Star Weekend.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Joining us now to see a lot of your Milwaukee Bucks he is Mike McCarthy an agreement was bank hotline Mike thanks for coming I'm. Hello art all right I'm all right are you a New Orleans Suh like everybody else in the organization or were US. I'm on my way I meant the Newark Airport now after the Brooklyn game last night looking around where there. Rican population area I don't seek out. Pumped my question is it is this. I mean I I I am out replacing name of the game which is the official of bucks headquarters for apparel and I see the yacht has all star Jersey. How good for business had has this whole Yana Sus starting in the all star game been for you guys. Interest and TV ratings across the board it's been a huge hit we had a feeling it might be but we're very pleased with the result. I and that obviously Malcolm writing an end the rising stars game and then of course the owner a play in the celebrity game mark lads are this weekend. It's forced all star week in gold. I don't mean I don't mean to correct here on out but our class street is. So it's actually the Moroccan creek. Actually did make a note. Yeah I can't say that the station and man action and I know the kid didn't happen. And Mel I appreciate about a kid you could that I can't go. Kids get up OK so what when we talk about. Not all star weekend for the NBA and how they do it compared to you know baseball they do they're all star week in how the NHL does Bears. How would you compare. Them to other sports is bars the Shell that they put Roddick and I think the NBA does it Barrett and anybody else. Bump I'm glad he didn't mention the probe markers that now didn't need to make that less but. You're. You're right I agree with you and I've been lucky enough to be around all three of them and number of times. That based all so special but. But it looks a little luster with all lead to the plate because I'm not a lot of mystery now that you're on National League and see an American League starter used to be. NHL has improved it I think the skills competition this year was that on. But no one had a weekend like the NBA slam dock in point future stars it's just unbelievable experience or celebrate the game. And our. Nobody does it better it's set the standard rule stars and the league convenes. As a whole this New Orleans and it's just it's top notch and really it. The other thing -- bagged goals a round the all star game obviously is with the NBA trade deadline. Being so close similar to Major League Baseball. Now where there's is that get in a month this is even closer Hardenne the MLB also our game to their deadline. It's got also give a good opportunity we had John Hammond on a lead off the shelf to these general managers to continued to kind of I'll work discussions were traits work trade scenarios face to face vs being half owner via email. So true that just something about getting together. Based rates old school you know deals are gonna matter to speak. LB action final. It's just something about that based it's based in the ability but look someone in the giant and big deal I would be pretty confident that they'll be some noise and notes is it just think that think that some players may have played their last game with team they're with now is a lot of speculation. Ample about maybe Carmelo Knicks. Others. But it's it it's fantastic exciting time at your best ball between the spectacle the all star and you say. Transactions make it plates it's. It's a lot of fun people have stayed glued to the tube and your station all week. Yeah the other thing about it too is. Not only do you have a everybody dare which you have all the TV shows a national TV shows there too like the jumbled Rachel Nichols. And she has Jason Terry in Ghana some bolt on the show today. Whether selvin Tracy McGrady that's even more added exposure for you guys. It's just great or at least. You know we we were hopeful. But it's it's exceeded our talent people watch it all the yards out. Chase. We're not surprised we actually are a little job Bonner and manager or go too far right of the picture everybody's got exposure but. We we said yes to everybody the best thing. You wouldn't have any time at all and that we've been trying to trying to monitor that very carefully here say can knock down local organization so we get exposure we get. Splash but we don't overdo. He would have a got ACL all on your Milwaukee watching her going in New Orleans you'll see him with the Moroccan freak I guess. Are good luck Chiang and out of Moroccan friend this week and yet take care. Also on the national conference on if there is much of a guided I so much for coming on on the great mid West Bank hotline.