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John Hammond: The Goal Isn't to Win Now.

Feb 17, 2017|

02/16/17: Sparky's Bucks Weekly - Buck's General Manager John Hammond talks with Sparky about the Bucks future plans.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Joining us now on the great mid West Bank on line. Is Bucs general manager John Hammond. While the players get to go home and rest and relax or go somewhere nice and warm that's not name Milwaukee you know asking me warm here this week in well sixty being relatively guest. What does the general manager of the Milwaukee Bucks do during this time. Well. Marquis is deep and you know I can tell you that I am in in New Orleans and I'm here for the all star week in. To support Malcolm Brockton playing India. Rising stars game you know write you start in thank you. But beyond him more just as important maybe more important and he pitched for him as a first time all star an all star starter and what it means to us as an organization so lomb. Here out here for the weekend with what ya start it. When you're at an all star event weekend how many other general managers are there any can you get anything done as far as a I'd trade standpoint or otherwise as far as negotiations go with other GMs in that area. Others that they'll be discussions that will be had not every Ian this year. You know if you don't have a player in the game. I would say that bet that the GM may not be here because I keep your not here this weekend. It's a great will we get a college basketball and and you're probably on the road scouting somewhere which might be more important than Indian you're pretty festivities that. But if you ever play area I think that most people be here. We have lots of questions that we got throughout their on Twitter always final we are gonna have the Chinese and hash tag asked cam and by tweeting qualify seven FM the fassel does get to those right away. I Sith lord we Ted a fan what are your thoughts about Jabar will be after suffering the same injury twice today and meet. Well you know I I've had a chance to be around a couple players on that had gone through similar things. A few years back you know Danny Manning. Wood and number one pick in the NBA draft is rookie year. Torn ACL and Danny had multiple ratio issue throughout his career and played fifteen years two time all star two or three time all star. So it happened then and to you know like go back to Connecticut I would and you try to Antonio McDyess you had back to back in a situation similar to Jabari. Back to back eight she owes in back to back years I'm pretty sure that occasion. And I and a plane up sixteen years in the NBA had a great career so. If not obligated to guide died gonna change game a little bit Hewitt Hewitt like Jabar very very explosive. Up and had a big strong body like Jabari that he did at his career progressed strategy city game a little bit more little. It is 1517 foot jump shooters like it's yet happening with Jabari somewhat anti moves forward but you know the great thing about about corrections day. From a league standpoint you know we have or do a medically. From a from a treatment or rehab standpoint we're light years and it what was being down be yourself. Jabbar is a good place as far as that's concerned. I got another one coming in here from Greg a dream sports suites at the fat at this point in the season how do you measure success other than with your record. Well I mean you know you start by saying I'm here in New Orleans without starter and a all starchy Allen. I think exactly recognize right now throughout the lead to eight. Easily top ten player in that into consideration correct outside type player and you know in the game and. You know say that that you know we moved forum and actually knows what. What he honestly can be recognized as. In the next two outta three to four years you know pretty B maybe the best player in the game who know that I mean he. He trained in into and the great direction and so you know we have to measure that and. You know it is kind of difficult to have to magic who we are you know ludicrous middle and you could see you know what he's done the impact he has Archie. Just having him back out and war that that. He makes other players better he helps to see it help when these are making shots making creature as they can play with the ball so. You know it has been difficult to evaluate our you know our which we had Chris militants from from the began this season to this point. And Jabari healthy all season it makes a lot you chip chip I was so we are skeptical well we haven't. I think at this point you know we you know we got off to a decent start had hadn't had a major slippage lost twelve of fourteen but. Now legal in all star break when entry in a row and hopefully got up. Carried out moving forward in and have a have a good second applications. I would John Hammond Bucs general manager a spark his Bucs weekly on the fan John of the injury Jabari Parker. I would assume. Plays Havoc with what you were thinking about doing at the trade deadline verses which you might end up doing at the trade deadline. I have you made a determination whether or not you'll be buyers or sellers yet this year. I don't I'm not sparking I'm rusher really did change things as to what we're gonna do you know the one thing you don't want to Jewish. Start getting over reactive when that happens summit something like Jabari until 80 my gosh now we have to you know what we have to be. Well John that's not the mindset and so are you broke up you say that again. I said you know the mindset not that we have to be eight we have to do this we have to be a playoff team afterward X a lot of games. That now we're looking at right now organizationally we're trying to look at how we can become up. I'm real opt opt championship type caliber team should he went cheap and maintain something like that will courts so. It you know I I I think what happ would Jabari doesn't really acting deck greatly. In the short term and long term we're hoping to get him back arms or get a. All right but I to answer is that OK let's go to the the next one here. Ops from not curt says why the coaching staff happens it's a hard time adjusting the defense is scheme as a team continues to struggle. While that's that's that's set to get to coaching question you know I know we have a staff that. Batting cage and there's a great job on the bench in I know he's worked extremely hard to the head coach we have extremely hard working staff. Who do and they're very very best they can do and you know whatever she's asked we have Iguchi were credible proof. Luke I'm meg agreed to question how he phrase Adam's gonna rephrase it for a are at what point does it become on importing to getting bribed in and signed make your matier Harvey say it. More minutes going forward over he'll vampires like delve adult what's allowed a bitch and self. I got nothing maker are now I'm trying to adjust man I mean it. Act how funny do you look on the east different set of Phifer that would drive me crazy act act. Now what hey it's happening. In other than the getting back to the question threatening. Obvious you know found it now starting for so that's that's happening how long you'll maintain that I don't know but he started the last few games you know Malcolm Brock in. Has been a consistent rotate your rotation player for us throughout the tee into the minute continue to expand so. I mean that I think that question edges so that it's happening right try to rest. There was an article that I was reading here from a moments in Australia and ESPN or something like that. What comments are from Kevin Garnett talking about Don and how he thinks. He's got a chance to be special tiger mas work ethic and so forth and and Bob talking about. I'd KG. Telling him I'm certain type of players what moved to go to I would different type of players in and Tom wanted to go work on it. Up right away. Who who is that the main guy I guess to decide I'm KG's involvement with this bucks team and and what is his involvement going forward does boxing's they know he was just recently actually Don just before Jabar getter. Don't yet know that that allegation just Jason's relationship with him. I think they'd be any communication engages him like one to come and I'm. So to have a guy like Kevin Garnett in the gym is great trust good trusses organization good church team. And that good for a player like of course you know and other guys that. So not a hit in his and what he's doing right now but he kind of consulting with us. Witness when he can't be. That it's gonna be you know it just died at. At. It just about certain times to commit for a day or two but if and nothing long term plan what am in more than we're doing at this point but who knows Beckett changed. No bucks to use the hash tag asked Cameron to resolve by seven FM the fan for John Hammond. How busy at year old's been in the past few days. Com you know. Cool look we already made a trade he others and three year for major trades done thus far and we we've already gotten one done what calmly. So. It's any electorate keep people are people it's just time of the year this is what we do we get on auto we talk share ideas sure are about. Our team and and their team in. And try to putter has to get as he pinning is beneficial for reach each group that. While thinking more than norm just kind of want to Internet its stated they acted to. Jog do when. All budgets bar thing is I'm so confused by it everything it seems like you've got it all locked in here but me out I go like a million things going through my head about. How this'll thing affects everything. This for me now but I thought process was not what was your thought process but thought crosses the foul was. Okay just got his extension last year devising get his extension this summer we are two guys locked up we're done now. Jabar the second torn ACL in a knee and I ego while you can't go give them all that money now is you don't know how he's gonna react. And then you go to the next year he doesn't come back to Jenner forever you're still only gonna get a couple months out of on. And in the following year. He's a the last year of his deal him and he gets in a restricted free agency that's always it's a slippery slope to go with a without up player in the NBA and then getting hard Penske junior on the contract before and so forth. How how does all that play out now between you and his camp. Worldly we don't know. We don't know in and we don't know how it's going to work but look you know I think one thing with Jabari he's made it like out. Just gonna wanna be here I would be part of this organization. Jabari cadets in the very beginning that's why all Islamic greatly contract in the got a wanted to be. So lucky in the trees there that helps. That you have a player that was to be a part of it player that we like that we appreciate shown. Economic they would Alan or he can play you only look at what he was 21 years old averaged twenty points a game. That doesn't happen very opposite a guy that that's proving approved player shall but we discussed we think we talked Porter has together but you know that all all saw out in due time. You know when you talk about. The with the way contracts are being done in the NBA now it and the way to players. View. How everything is going and you look at a guy like Greg Monroe wedge opportunity obviously. Not topped out and he's playing really well here as of late so maybe it does mean that he eventually opts out. UCL. Applying here the next couple of years where you might start seeing players. Getting a little frustrated like we've seen other sports like the National Football League where they want their contracts are re done. There's other guys are getting to super big money that they haven't gotten yet. Now publicly however rules in place when we can extend little which averaged and the other there is a little extreme between them and a other sports and our sport particular which. And that's how maybe that you are catcher he'd think like that it. I think got I think we have a we have you know new collective bargaining agreement which is an epic good child I think. Base to work off has been and will continue to be so. You know it's I think we're moving in the right direction. Other two players you got Spencer also and Roy Hibbert in your ploy only trade. What are your expectations for them as far as the rest of the season I'd cy. Comment by cliff for the coach show from I have heard saying dad you know he wished he was healthier this year he's probably a couple months away from. Being Jiri wants to be with his one I'd need an issue that he has. So I guess -- need to you know ask the question how much you really expect you know Hossa neighbor to play. Yeah I once again that you look right now we're sitting there. We're starting Don. Right center position we've got Greg Monroe was plain. Obviously it's thirty plus minutes I'm almost certain conspiracy gain now I'm extremely well we have John instant. So you know it's like there's not an opportunity extra in the Quebec chasing an unfair position right now health centers. We know that and out where to continue to have to work and work on that remedy that for him because there's not surety in because he can't ask. Course like when there's a right ever gonna play area like dispatch called and he should be dealing with that right now but that's not a and that's and treat it. Again it's we hear from paltry one of five by seven from the fans as well the Bucs vice second round picks. Instead of selling like McCaw more now. That you'll have a deal league team in Oshkosh. Oh yeah no no no doubt whatsoever I think teens and have a lot sector squeezed but you know sometimes. Sometimes the draft you you know you trade a second per second. Or or for future second I'm sorry or yet or maybe Acela picked you know additional financial numbers show you wanna do. I'm organizationally bit but I do agree with having a great point that let the the genie or get sustained out yet to Gatorade leaguer or whatever it is yeah it's going to be great for us organizationally something that we needed. We knew to act you know. You know Egypt's appreciate you know market western JB show very much that they purchased sixteen and they haven't done much on it doesn't go to actually was almost out. A new arena right behind that. And that we sale by the way we needed elite team the cost of that. And yeah. Some cut and you not and it's our cab ride and done everything. And more of that now. Now to purchase a steely team and have a team crisis it's just it's just so important moving forward opt for every organization has had an asset. They're a step ahead of us in and that's a great question about like around pitched he darn right more than likely say if you had a that your second take it and try to put the deal. I've got a question on the draft here dead on the goal off the using doubt want. I've said in the past and I'm think I'm pretty accurate on this. That you've stated in the past that look if you're gonna get a superstar Milwaukee more than likely you're not gonna cy wanna come here play here or so you're going to have to get one. Through the draft your Milwaukee in which case you swing for the fences on draft picks it draft younger players which has pretty much all there is an NBA now the top of the draft but. Try to swing for the fences yacht as you said when you made that big that night. It trying to hit a home run if you don't swing you can't hit one and obviously you hit one there. Us Don has a similar type pick where a lot of people criticize you take it a matter early. But again swinging for the fences and hoping to hit a home run. But I also thought that at some point here is we got farther along in this on the future process. That that that. That viewpoint might change a little bit once you're leading players may be to play more specific role off the bench sooner than waiting for a younger kid. To develop and three or four years in my right in that thinking. Yeah you would be you would be at that if you say you have two really good young. Forward yet to really any of and it really good young to guard up to date due partly lined out as 22 Chris is 25 so there's. Three young players that you have. Along with the other players you know he's not like Malcolm Brock is doing what I'm doing Jon hits and then throughout the years through the year and in and it's not a guys on our roster Barrett. But yeah I think there could be that point where. Let me sparked it will want to get we you know you'd have talked about this you know many times saying that. You know when you go into the draft speak carefully or check the check take the best player on the board especially early in the traps. Take the best aren't aboard whoever that might be don't worry about the issue trigger that out later blacked. With that being said if you have particular guy particular positions. You know you're you're you may kind of evaluate that little bit differently and the will we will look at need to position. That ever override best player could it. Who knows. You know iron same page left for sure John thanks so much for coming on I appreciate it man enjoy the rest or not enjoy. The him. The all star game in New Orleans I'm sure will be warmer than did this year but it's like sixty by Monday saw it I kinda similar I guess a proud in this avenues as my guest. Ballot you know like it's indeed it is it just kind of an over the winter that wasn't so it's been it's been that great everybody. Yes enviable job thanks so much mental Russian act. Are you mentioned areas John Hammond Bucs general manager on spark his Bucs weekly on the agreement was Banco my.