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Feb 17, 2017|

02/16/17: The Wendy's BIG SHOW 5 pm Hour - The guys discuss the Bucks situation, Packer's RB's, and finding love on Twitter, all on Pick-a-Lane.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

He and Sparky you. He hours. But having crashed in Burr. Yeah. It's time for the guys still resent the big topics from today's big you know. And late do you pick a leading. I go away and it. Brought you by the legendary Great Lakes drag away in union grow. Go to great lace dragway dot com for some great holiday gift ideas like twice seventeen season passes and ticket discounts. That's Great Lakes drag away dot com. As that's out there on the Wendy's big show in the holds Chevrolet studios not run him back off I got to former Packers Gary Ehlers in the royal Butler to my right Steve Sparky Phifer to my left. Maybe Josh on the side a glass with the you're in the two intern formation there right you have Avery and Yoko interns Avery and yuck go over there. Health and out here is or we have for you to pick from in great laced dragway pick a lane. Right way and are you his confuses Sparky is about the Bucs center lane can you find love on Twitter and the return my and we want a running back lacy blunt. Or eight 79912. Picked here you can email us live at 1057 FM the fan doc John spark here you any less confused. About what course to Bucs should take than you were at 2 o'clock. Mel now the chairman cleared up for it I'll Dallas confused John Hannibal I was just gonna say maybe he cleared up for spartans bucks weekly that got an about a half Fargo so he'll lead off the show at 6 o'clock give a question for John Hammond. I'll be joining us for the first segment showed use hash tag ask Hammond on Twitter tweeting is that qualify seven FM the fan in you need to question asked. Again tonight at six here on the fan. I'm not less confused Mel. Because you know I can see I can see ball perspectives I can see the perspective. Of people that say god hell that just traded Torre trade off the guys. And trying to get you know a top five pick in your close enough to the bottom to figure closer to the Platz where this can literally go either way. Mean if you wanted to trade off half this roster for just second round picks or whatever. You can easily do it. And be very good the rest of the year and out with you know fifth worst record in the MBA. And go get you up a young and dynamic point guard in the draft that could definitely happen if you decide while no I'm just go play and how. And will to see what happens by Garrett was talking about earlier. Mean you can do that too. And then Greg Monroe could opt out at the end of the year or Greg Monroe could opt in you still of the dealt a double contract then you still it's a lot of its contract then neither one of those were very good at this point. So there is that. And then there's the third option I think which I guess is the way I'm kind of weaning which is. Yes let's still try to be in the playoffs and get that experience for you honest and Don and Brock did in those guys. But if I can move a couple of these contracts that I don't like go wide and take an advantage of that opportunity. Greg Monroe is not a guy I'm trying to move the outside gaps out but if you're trying to make a plan I think you have to have Greg Monroe on this basketball team right now has. I just think his scoring is imperative laughing Milton stories imperative Beasley and honest among rolled those four guys have to be your score. What and I agree with and I think Steve when you look at big pitcher for the Milwaukee Bucks and we won't know what it is. And it is bomb makers about you know as a because you log Jabari it is about Brockton that the so. I they were you look at the revolving door this team could look different a year or two from now. When they're ready to go army at warrior aria identify. Four or five guys who we think are there pieces to this team is gonna be the core around and order team can be brutal route. Our movement for some character some okay. With these guys making the playoffs. This year. Results for five guys they mean season and they need to understand what playoff mentality is all about the more. If you wanna talk about the Australian Greg there broadens dear. Aziz on stage just a hot not a hang out was from these guys understand how to elevate your game Ghana's army. The season was does is does a boring to me was still. Young has given the same room what looked LeBron I don't like LeBron really around on his. Oh he should sign an extension to keep decline China's expansion is the final that your retirement is you know what's going and stuff. But anyway yeah three mentality oh yeah oh yeah. So he's around the best guys and he will understand. Young as well as to how it's that you games in twelve minutes by. The in the pot efforts. You won jas LeBron went out there again. Yeah happen. It's gonna happen and what's going to happen is because. LeBron has got to look to give another ring or two before he retires. I can see him make your relationship we've gone through stuff and if it doesn't work out here energy as he goes a yacht has ever I accuracy LeBron comes to Milwaukee no. There and you don't notice stop right now out on them and yeah he's got a clean. A lot. Wrong sooners and he came in Cleveland and thinking yeah yeah it's economically. So that's the right way and I would try our ears confuses Sparky is the about the Bucs I already know what direction nation going 799 of their work out here where you can email us live at 105 and offend me good mentally into. I'd be mad I don't they got dropped got me mad. If you want to let LeBron people yeah and I think at minute. British and hearing I I I know I searchers and sign that they be mad if he went to level Brian specifically that player. I would be the other for you be okay. So Stecker Yugo right Cabrera forcing us and whatever go to New York you go to forcing its fine LeBron you've experienced man life. Dude did you got this thing go to Milwaukee Cleveland right now I got a feeling it's easy give more heated up. You're you're welcome every every lap summit play current. Yeah I'll foreplay and I'm of the playoffs a four game souls four games in the planet. We were nervous we bump but no hey why Milwaukee they don't like Milwaukee bingo and that's her out of that yeah. But again to ask yeah honest not talked to a broader B Matt Le Brock has were Brian build a rivalry here that's stupid B that doesn't happen today sports here. You are your team's. Made out like each other but guy also gonna go hang out after the game do all that. Moving to the center lane. GD Bouchard of the number 44 female tennis player in the world fair she at halftime of the Super Bowl when Atlanta was up 21 a three she treated. I knew Atlanta would win BTW by the way. And a young man from Canada he treated back getter is that of Patriots when we go on a date question mark she said sure. Then she lived up to it Mayo into the Brooklyn nets game last night and she seemed. At the pleased it's slightly interest did. And maybe even smitten and she said the issue is that she was just happy he was normal because his avatar was a picture of Tiger Woods she didn't know what he looked like she you know if he was creepy stalker. Turned out she said that he was a normal guy and shoes. She seemed to have a very good time and I don't know there's a second date or not but it did seem like they both had a very good time and he played a right he played it cool as could be seen by me. Well yeah I'm just here with this. Gorgeous tennis players number 44 in the world and probably filthy rich just got a more courtside seats are courtside seats for them well it's the Brooklyn as a means of. I'll do and did not she hasn't city band I'm kidding afterwards I bode well Marat their run. She flew low she paid very well Robert hotel alluded don't say I she's boom shoot low miles beard yeah that's true gentleman that we're gonna ask you. Yeah front here but the question is can you find love on Twitter I say yes I say I have Laura tell me why I'm wrong what. I think again and you know bin Bob's thing now by a thing to mean just it's a mean. When you're a celebrity and allegedly void your personality. Or if you just under our you know a guy who got seven going on. Does a good chance to that you have a lot of DMK. If you're I want and tires if you 83. Nobody. Do you have okay. That's given up I'm. Scared but. If we put him on error a couple of times yeah he made you know still yet none so. Nice that I just think that when you have something them invest in America match. You harmony. I think did you kind of bet these people to know. A little bit more. About that. Yup kind of maybe a lot of the same kind of thinking. When it's on Twitter. Not a free site may be asked to Graham or. You may. You may. Like you know a nice young lady but I do you know grandma may show drama but. I just think when you look at the love the vetting process the most you can did. 56% of I think you'd end up followed a low about it not sick can't execute. Because thinking that rubbed his shooting fish in a barrel. Was somebody that was nice. I that they would come to love as can be harder final toward. I think you have to bend it no matter how you meet you don't really know who somebody is whether it's based Mays I'm mad. You don't really know who that person is till you actually start spending some time with them and getting to know Mets were the vetting process starts so you can meet him on Twitter you can meet him. Anywhere else in my opinion but I but throughout the mentally not one but you can find love on Twitter yes on Twitter when you do your profile you can pretty much. You don't let that go as deep. You don't you know you can just put and Nadal but they like to see here. Now call this creepy if you want up there but it's okay we wanted to. So. Like. My girlfriend was already followed me out there she listens to the show every day. I said I want to try out golf she treated that she'd go golf and based on all of her back but yeah I mean how accurate they call me a Twitter Stockard if you lot you know I went back and Ellis outlook third or top line I want. What does he what does sense of humor was I want to see what her interest where I want to see what she looked like because that's important I'm not gonna lie have a somewhat shallow and just me via. So sure she met the standard on. The board. So that's part of a notorious BIG's yeah. I tell what you insurers solid. Where is. Your Stephen and argue. That would want numbers to doubt he will be here Paul Oliver call Michael your call your. Yet we don't don't eat out all right. Oh. Rendezvous. At this point and so that that there was so we disagree on that's not they closed it. You'll note that it if it it is right or wrong. It's a home. Where there won't June through yet. I care about you. Who've bulletin. Yeah I'll ice soon as anywhere along time ago Obama. That's the center lane can you find love on 2079950. World emails lives at 1057. FM the fan. Not count on moving to the return leg. I don't know which running backs are going to be on the free agent market yet Sparky we didn't really hear from me on the stop and we talked about in the 5 o'clock hour and only like three guys that we know probably will hit the market league gear blah Adrian Peterson and the Packers own guy Eddie lacy who do you prefer a spark not now not above the Oca guys that are here will we got those guys all the view. How does this relate to what they wanna do on off none of these guys relate to what they wanna do on offense they have and no interest in Roy in the football. The editors and throw the football odds on spreading it all while playing in the shotgun. I got Richards that better than these guys do or go find our I'd I'd younger. Smaller quicker back when Roy's been asking for for ten years I have golf final one of those guys but the third I do not fit. What this packer offense wants to be what the cornerback wants it to be specifically. That's this doesn't work it does now McCarthy may want to run the ball more that he Lacey that might be. Probably that quarterback has any interest in one and wonderful ball back quarterback wants a wing it. And be the hero so from that perspective. None of these quarterbacks not one of them. Probably works with this offense is what's gonna happen so do what he's very very calm on the -- meet. Two ago his offense looks does join it it doesn't look like gather rhythm. Hardy can't find his rhythm called plays I don't know what we're gonna do and we're going to be right back to square one again. We've reset the big topics discussed on today's big show and it will get the final say. In ask him after the break. Yes right later years confuses Sparky is about the Bucs center lane can you find love on Twitter return laying. You out lacy blunt eight Peter none of the above 79912 pick your email us live. At 1057 FM the fan doc on the calendar says February but the temperatures outside say march so it's perfectly acceptable to take the TARP off that patio grill. And enjoy some quality meats from Robert specialty meats Paul Roberts. Has lots of delicious options for making the most of balmy weather the next few days including their legendary ribs on the steak boneless pork ribs marinated. Innate tangy barbecue sauce and ready in minutes and how tender as a mother's love or the equally popular marinated chicken skewers and barbecue and garlic parmesan or door county flavors and find several varieties was sent. About the B&Bs from the beef and Bacon's purist who they're mailings that the game I like to Q nick nick whiskey steak skewers as well they're naked nick stakes yours marinated in two nick nick whiskey. And. They're really did manage drive I did tell ya I told you about a if you drive next amateurs yet they're awesome. Dare me and we used to accompany you every day that would be back out every day every day. You'll find several more and spitz I got my smoker my leg my digital electric smoker Laura nice I'll man I've taken it to a new level thanks. In part that's a hell you don't throw the ball Roberts yeah I had some reds today but I'd throw it over the weekend. Outs and didn't. You'll find several varieties of our neighbors who like their black and blue bacon and chatter plus more than thirty choices of original sausages and routes including the Al Capone Italian sausage just bursting with zesty flavor call ahead. At Roberts at 262 minute drive good morning I mean I'm all for this election and revisit that he should pick up some of their Jay would smoked beef steaks or jerky. In five distinctive flavors and check him out on mine Ed Roberts specialty meats Waukesha dot com. For specials and money saving coupons and for the best in meets. This Valentine's Nobel times they RD pass that shouldn't be in their shop Robert specialty meats. Your home town but your we'll hear from you in Great Lakes dragway pick a lane next. Parents read about it the back Thursday presented by masters he's Zambrano and back off a long way Steve Sparky Phifer and are your former Packers Gary Allison and LeRoy Butler but it's W like here next week to week here artists that 1057 FM the fan the hash tag big throwback in your entered to win. A fifty dollar gift certificate for a masters he's that there artist at 1057 FM the fan. But the hash tag big throwback breweries setting the big topics discussed on today's big show and Great Lakes dragway pick a lane here's what you have to pick from. Are you as confused as Sparky is about the Bucs or do you know what direction they should go and Senna or Alain can you find love on Twitter and the return lane do you want lacy blood eight PR none of the above is the Packers running back. And 20177991250. Or you can email us live at 1057 FM band outcomes go to Towson talked to mice and. Or so over Eric seem good well as great. As. Serve until it is. It by the way if the date very here I was single. His slap of acting label on me you know Billy explain. Her. While I'm Jeannie Bouchard. Yeah yeah for real here however there on goal. Which too much so I'm the bucks I'd want to say it. I know we're critical the Packers that we should be an idea or frustrate. The NBA is not by night. When we look at. Fire tonight would mean if it's a very thin line. Except then you know something that you've achieved. And trying to get here. And now this team their Jabbar you would have been helping hire carton I don't know what kind of monster EB rate now but he probably would. 2224. Points. But what it had Middleton earlier in the season. We would close some of those games we might have been ahead of 500. John Hammond other than Joseph Alexander. From my Calero. Then after it. He's doing what hand and he takes you mid round draft pick clicked on it in the pit at fifteen. If it it's I know we've been hearing on the future and I'll get frustrated speaker never its year. What they're doing things the right way. Even though the development over contract even though. Out of his contract they had figured it's doing wars though NBA just jokes so much in. Salary cap and the spend at least eighty. And what you barring out of their very right now net and stop and they don't deserve that money well they were stuck. And build our camp. So I know I'm confused too but I think. We're in good hands bullets is so two years from now in that arena opens to barge LP. We figure out a point guard and between nondescript Middleton and sign. And a big man I think we're going to be routed came close so. Yeah ago I agree were thanks for the comment beer Christian. Tweet from. BS I met my wife Tom black planet do you guys know black planet is yeah I don't know I wanted to have my talent on the various times Steve can't go and put. What do you mean was that them all like guys rise for black visited dating site is is so I have what is it kind or another threes right to me. You can still got a Malone. The lonesome kicker says blood be wary on Twitter but I didn't meet my fiancee on FaceBook. What like got to post is all it takes what's the difference was every praise but it triggered beating somebody out there man brought up as a. That person out and look among with a bit more betting you'll see very admitted fate. FaceBook page down our solemn trust Portland more like the guy that worked where you know why in this out of the baby to us. On Facebook. You can always find somebody dead you have a interest job I have a friend somewhere. So there's like abuse see. That Sparky liked her page use a gold Gary idea -- you'll face a show up on the PP she may know. I can call teams is that approach and she bit a nice. Just on the very impressed with players. You kinda out there. Now he's as you've used women. But you got to buckle down. Did you hear the way today and I just what my dad next to a note hip and a great way. Four or. It would. It line. Sure and I start action. Two Okajima. We're. Yeah edges be. And which interests are and who you be with them on that make you smile when this and now you're going to be here for awhile McCullough green and collier Gorzelanny who at the ball around here. Plans to leave their the keys to little sees for the truck of problems and brought. This team on the way to the telly Thelma belly with T bone steak she's eczema disgrace what you call me pop. While becoming. A pass that Romo they. Do that I'm the same as normal okay yeah I mean who. That adds that man I don't know about the little baby Josh yeah. Reserve yeah. I don't know what number is it about 534. I was opens it up like 230. Yeah. I'm tired man that row would. Our big deal they'll run doctors off our big angle in library catcher's gear. Baseball. Post your. Yeah. Any villagers and anything can Wear pretty anywhere prince villagers you know right. What an arbitrary and I remember when nobody really is whether you torn it scared because. If I may give you probably with the oh. At Indianapolis and other Newton is spot is here at the on this I'll. Holes and I grew out and I dated as my favorite player I want managers. I would go towns. Was known. Him since you stick man I'm telling you could argue about this and and is having you had some cool light you know we just challenged. Yeah hope bonds a baby dodge don't follow up tracks Manny got hurt damn I. Have no motivation they got so I didn't look at it and let them and they don't know yet anyway and tell. I. Real outside Israel it real outside. Q worker program all of it is about this oh I'll room liked them can perfect here in. Long and straight. Lawlessness and I always I mean it. You know you probably yes sir where you are over there dinner tonight. Gary and Roman numerals and no Bears resolved prior jobs yeah there's. Yes extra prominently going to be the majority of seats are just him mean ten. What about his drawer there you don't girlfriend or maybe I don't. Noted Putin and you I have the feeling steak and I'm legally now porch out around Angela Park and baby dodges the new Rami. McDyess he invited over to spark you know Cecilia ceased to come in my show us. Yeah I'm all right his power outage is the kind of show crying you know you have Manning finally friend that soft that's what happened I didn't know did you notice drove it extremely I'd much rather. Do you Robby in jail easily and legally blind he's got me legally right to yeah yeah I want to go on the assistant director as well. Less than it. RAI. UPP eight you'd think maybe tough bowling next is that the next Melbourne let's say is with their hours about it. For. Yeah I think. She's Bob today's. Yeah we got six but. They begin I would like to live arch all others. Give him to be glance yeah ruby. That's what you want them costs you points an outing and then as he left the ruby yeah moved some rumors each. City got six jobs. So that's cry after baby Josh you're that I was probably a bigger and their ration it out will be fine. McGee are it's a guess they'll be able event take a bow and of course we have a gasoline bowling Shell I'm. Sunday mornings at 9 o'clock can be and I got again this Sunday morning Cassel lanes is great place to go to get another Wisconsin atmosphere calf feels like you're a long cab when you bowling on the inside it's just awesome. There's somebody that's why did anniversary they're offering up to amazing roll back special. Dollar Friday's at least for five dollars you can bowl all you can from noon until 9 PM on Friday night had to be there before 9 PM and signed up now. They have moved libel or from nine to eleven city get there like 830 get on the lanes for your five dollars and include shoe rental by the way. You can bowl all the way until 11 o'clock Mary Bob does a lot of clock all the prices go back to normal Gaza what time you got there it's a five dollars. Bowling on Fridays including your shoe rental open bowling it's worth the price a gasket on a race scene. Just check out Cassel lanes and doing to save percentage ton of money not to pay for all the games indiscernible ball for five days that you and your buddy's girlfriend. On that tomorrow reporters 5 improbable 11 o'clock July and then comes the sugar run yet you want to cure you got to a dinner and I achieved a these bowl 11 o'clock also set a more things that you can bowl Uggla would it. Or just six dollars and 95 cents moved from tech. And AM until 1 PM yesterday and that's more likely lead at bowling type of stuff right there to Breaston for your least what they have flat screens I TVs right there annually pick out what you wanna want not what you think that cannot bowl date that it will be afraid there's nothing holding back now Cassel wage is roll back pricing like it's 1991. Five dollar Friday's six dollar 95 cents Sunday morning unlimited bowling so had a down double why outside a bowling Cassel lanes on highway 31 in racing and and Jack out all the details. On her FaceBook quick break when his big shall be right back with Great Lakes dragway pick a lane right lane or you was confused as Sparky is about the Bucs center lane can you find love on Twitter. Return mind you while lacy blood and a peek. Or none of the above 7991250. 1057 FM the fan dot com in the Wendy's big shall be right back. Don't let these big show a lot of the holes Chevrolet studios. Not a thorough bag Thursday presented by reds didn't really his dream would you like your next week. And 1057 at bad the bad with the hash tag big throw back is a chart on fifty dollar gift certificate to pets are easy on the live. Oh methodical point. We're imply. It's great if you really broken doll that's been an elective back days and yet little pop redneck kid I did yesterday did you Q glove and right later used confuses bright is about the direction of the bugs Sutter laid. Can you by the about Twitter in the return mind you always seemed like a peer none of the above as a running back 79920 figure email us live. At 1057 FM the fan and I count Pete Illinois you're on the Wendy's big show at some people. What's uptight. And then meant to be hardly at all or not. Are you. Your arm were to. The people. I met my I met my way it harmony. Not college roommate that met his army just are a lot met her husband through arm. Okay. Yeah. I must do you think. How much do you pick me harmony Hamilton. Being I went through that one because at that time it was more experienced those fifty bucks at the time and I thought if I want is serious. Bill bit tricky spots because I want and I thought I was an. All about going out to the bars and not I just on the Internet saw elect also. Can I meet somebody if I just go to work and upn. So I like that brought in I it's it was a blast and she's doing all successful Burton and it's great running and it is parking a better at the net it barely. Chair out absolutely. Garcia pretty. I never hear it like you're not actually a really tiny. But here. On the weekends I dog here in our idea Sparky and and Rami. Yeah and I'm like that's I met I've read you at the grocery store to not be. And down time. That's pretty thanks for the copy how many company does work don't. Yeah I mean how were read kind of fun demand. Look you're not gonna know right away year. On any and speed are gonna know right away meaning somebody in person that you'd you find out over time if that's the right person for most. You look right now what do you mean. On the ovals that problem with the dog house on film. And we look. Now we're on the roster. Oh yeah. Agrees that come out of his Mario little. The you can crawl or I'm aren't. About about a week ago would you compare being move Elton. Shield him. Personal covers it is now at Spartan let's go and I'm man talk to me a lot of what do you. What you need to do I. Route releases he. During that there was no danger at JJ India are good friends yes raged and they execute stick conservative Kristi did come over and you're furious that were worked out there. Put rumba being a basement is a nice basement and do some things numbers and give me implement on him all. Along there. They can get that don't make it. Bathroom. Kitchen windows don't bear picked out well JJ contracts Kosier today to my good friend Jason. When it quick break find out the winner of a throwback Thursday right after this on the Wendy's big show on the holds Chevrolet studios. It. Aerosmith on a throw back Thursday presented my message he's here's another miss on an ever earned its due to certain unnerved us. I think you know have been asking you all afternoon long the preacher about that 1057 FM the fan with the hash tag big throwback. Fifty dollar gift certificate to masters he was on the line or. So as the behoove. No and nobody is on the same level viewed as their fans like the Michael Jordan of the music and in their errors and yeah they're all Beatles and then there's everyone else yeah magic out answered these two look just said are you. And Waukesha and Glendale. It now 20% off Jordy Nelson Super Bowl canvases and framed photos jet Dennis autographed mini helmets on sale for 3999 agent Ty Montgomery canvases loose and framed photos on sale at 25% off they also have all your game room. And patio needs covered at masters he's again two locations. In Waukesha and Glenn Baylor took him out. And masters he's dot com what do we have as a winner for next weeks go back Thursday maybe couch foreigner all right can graduate weepy okay. Sparky it. Dessert did you reset some during the break about a proposal to. Get rid of daylight savings time yeah they're a is a proposal so it'll be bright later. While on fans of the bill passes a two Republican lawmakers want me to sunset earlier in the summer. One isn't really cartman from Salem the others Michaels frock. I think I asked gosh I think few decent people. The move would mean state residents were no longer have to move the clocks ahead an hour in the spring or back in our in the fall. I've got two shifts back to standard time that would mean this summer sun would appear to rise and sat earlier. Why do they weren't what. Why would they do it that way not the other way they set a time change always also causes general confusion. And forces kids to go to school in the dark. Sanders who is project would save people the hours sleep they lose in the spring. Sort of be lighter when kids go to school in the morning yeah more. And and some of the nine school how earlier kids going to school. Darn it all depends I mean I'm so I don't know something I've gotten and some calmer earlier than 7 o'clock on them because like. The high school and no creating such a 730 so that must maybe Rolen up on your house at like six their record seven what would you rather wouldn't you rather the kids. Go to school in the dark and be on the streets playing in the dark there. With the kids on while I know that sums it all parents you know you know it's an Alley to my kids out. And they have done that's it I'm saying so unique you usually call the kids in when against arts and our kids get in an hour less some of time outside that's the way. Can they kids need our nation is already getting fat because kids don't go outside and play I don't I disagree yeah is red. I don't. Know if it would right now you wanted to for tomorrow but don't do it but guns and on the fashion on. I literally ride out the best damn yeah. Right through all the kids could simply turn it down the yeah that's exactly where it is you know well they still drive pretty. Yeah maybe. No not even close and go again man goes yeah. He just got Bora telling people at the best at a hair which I'm excited looking for somebody Newt's got a man to stop we all know yo look let me get a picture he doesn't have the jet black Kelly doesn't have the bouncy curls he doesn't ideal match yeah. Last gas jet black I entered this is rare man this isn't some Major League like our blacks is. Dark black he's walked away still have very confidence yeah he's a beautiful. I don't go to walk them don't look and wanted to get a pitcher you can you go. You yeah yeah. Quade what do you of Yoko I was Sunnis out like I piped through all of us could ever go out there all alone makes everybody you listen to the way these big Joseph Miller Yoko and turn Yoko and contributing it I'm expecting a big. Yeah yeah yeah invited that's it's all right tomorrow or I don't know I think in his minutes we thank the biggest deal the forward. Bet you're glad Beckham for joining us Milwaukee basketball insider Gary willful dyed bright doctor Brian McCarty of midwest orthopedics specialty hospital on the and John MacNamara Wisconsin inside if you missed any of those and abuse or anything on today's show check out fan on demand at 1057 FM the fan back count. Mark he's Bucs weekly is coming up next. John Hammond is gonna lead off the show for one segment used passed Hank asked cam and on Twitter request and ask Hammond snapped are you can't that are picked up for questions are for John Allen coming up. Next lead up the shots Martin's books and that's next for Sparky Gary LeRoy baby town I guess tomorrow and turn Avery an intern -- guard running back laws and thanks for listening to the Wendy's big show. And we'll talk to you again tomorrow starting it through. I don't do it.