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BIG SHOW 4PM: Do You Want AP, Blount, or Lacy?

Feb 16, 2017|

02/16/17: The Wendy's BIG SHOW 4 p.m. Hour.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The Wendy's big show I'm running backs off a long way esteem Sparky Phifer and are pair former Packers Gary eyler sin and LeRoy Butler. Coming up. Putting wonder about the Packers running back situation you got some options when it get to that. At about 417. Joining us right now. I'm the great midwest bank outline a man who made my life much much better and he's over at mid west orthopedic specialty hospital. And he is the how does want to make sure I get this right shoulder knees sports medicine. Enjoyed restoration specialist pleasure to welcome in my friend doctor Brian McCarty doctor McCarty how you doing this afternoon's there. I'm really get routing it and I'm doing real good I'm doing much better over the last two years or so thanks to the fine work that you guys do or they're not I mean that doctor McCarty had I really really mean that I'm feeling my knees are. So much better than they were just. Look large ligaments. I it may well have done that yeah. When he was in high school I think juridical. Yeah yeah yeah he had like a fertility and improbable of thinking. He had character for you Grogan Gary he was I think Gary Player and football news. Across. Yep yeah and he had kind of an unusual quad injury is that so. Having weave and I've been looking after athletes here immunity or. 1516 years now so we see a lot of people and we compete and Cubs fan I'm. What that you didn't know dot recurrent use of reports and honesty here. Not a member Robert Bob Miller not. Yeah. Illicitly. You know bring them outdoors. The doctor regarding Edgar said they you were just speaking at a conference about the very thing we got John to talk about today and mr. by Parker's knee injury. Yeah that's right yeah that we resist that the American academy of orthopedic surgery sports mad at its imposing Colorado. And we were talking now about. You know these types of problem ACL injuries in. Turner advanced ACL reconstruction techniques and reason for. You know failure of a graft that's a instantly been done well and you know you have to expect playing Indian living well on. So there are a lot of factors that have to be considered for I understand that back to the crowd at at Edmonds sports medicine. Did his revision surgery yesterday wave. And that dramatic from the sound of it anyway everything went well. But you know you have to wonder like quite a bit thicker NATO. You're one and I think the orchard listeners really appreciated that. Not all ACL injuries are listening that oftentimes their multiple injuries in the knees and EDT may not hear about that. You know through the press releases and all this kind of stuff but oftentimes they're. Poster lateral meniscus cares there are some put collateral ligament injuries they can occur at the time of the original injury. You know and if they're not addressed or maybe they think they're okay but they're not as okay they bank and it puts it higher risk to have a second injury and obviously that's as devastating a buck and Pritchard are in and that's young teams so. You know doctor oh. We can't seem to find our basketball player that's been able to rebound awful of two of these 'cause every example you come up with the basketball seemingly. Involves the second injury coming around thirty or older and a nap players' careers is virtually over. We had some guy call in from or was it Portland or he and I think. All last week at and said he was a doctor like you. I and he said he'd probably you like a 30% chance of being able to come back and playing at the level that he was prior. But to the second ACL injury I and of you can put a percentage on it or not but. Won't be your your thoughts are I'm him come in backing dean the same title player. Well I don't know that I would put a percentage on it because I don't know all the if if we knew the extent that all of the injuries beauty has that helped. In terms of my being able to to assign a percentage that. I will tell you that the big reason that this is an issue is that it being there was divorce your problem is needn't. Then just the ACL I mean that that's kind of the thing you know so. Second injury that usually a little worse than the first one typically there's more meniscus. Injury in May be some cartilage damage. And so it's a little bit difficult to come back from all of that that they that I suppose our in his favor. Are that he very young yeah he's a very young explosive player. And depending on what all else happened if if if it turned that it's really mostly just the ACL craft that failed. It could be that the Kraft was positioned slightly abnormally or he developed are in the front of the media created pressure on the graft and made it fail. In those situations and hitters in his ability to rebound and he batter coming back or higher. If he has multiple associated injuries cartilage damaged meniscus problem then it makes it more difficult. And you see that. For example I think Michael Redd laps when I remember that Adam you rupture an eight CL. And he was never the same after that. So it indeed your typical injury to treat what they were better treating them now than we've ever been for. And then the real key is to make sure you see. People who understand it all of the different injuries and how to deal with all of that that. Concerning the trek through the whole thing that you want to put all the pieces back together. Talk with doctor Brian McCarty for mid west orthopedic specialty hospital here. On the Wendy's being show could it be that there is something structurally there. Doctor that lends him to tour to a torn ACL and should be what should I guess are messing is should we be worried about it. Happening again regardless of how well the surgery is done the second time around. Yeah I'm an attack on question and that's one that comes up frequently when people have re injuries to their needs. In his case I would be dismissed if that's not the case he does not appear to be someone who has been ligament for example. Which does which you are at risk for these three injury. I'm having not need position of years I didn't need another one people have what we called ballad get. Where they need to Cadillac you can ever have banned angle at the neat and are higher risk for re injury. I don't see that and I want to run and of course I view as you know and that's what I do for a think yeah I hope you know we look at those that concerns and I see him playing in I don't. See a lot of things. But in fairness you know I'm not treating him for the rightly so. You know I would I would be assessing all of those things right we're treating him and I would assume that at thirteen now. So you know I look everybody going to be nervous about this forever now that he's had other injuries. But that days that's. That's part of the problem the other part of the problem and he basically just need it find out all the things that are wrong. And then draft if you draft and successfully and he rehab well and he psychologically able overcome the worry about. There's a pretty good chance you'll get back Q to be a really good player immensely. What the and so with with that being there the dot Welker will what will be. I guess long term assessment on that me. After double knee surgery. I mean does he DQ you're rate that much quicker because you shouldn't be what a lot of Wear and tear is not like a normal person walk around the house and are doing thing but he's going to be put stretch or they need for the rest of his life. Does I guess recourse does that shorten. His career. And if he only has the ACL problem not necessarily. If he has associated meniscus problem and cartilage problems then it's possible that it could shorten his career. A good example of that is due anyways right. Where wade had the meniscus problems he didn't have the AC LSU. But you know that really impacted him during the last couple rounds of Miami. Yeah. Yeah I have no less then I'm playing better now making it that. You know you. It's the associated injury that you're not going to hear that on the news. That actually dictate how well you gonna do to be honest. Colorado had a little note you've done I don't know that you called. Donna McCarty yeah I know we have to Regis. Jacobs had a McCarty on this course. You know yeah you guys. Our sport show you go out. He's like people know. Yeah. I'll probably upset at the bit in the got a kimonos jokers I've actually did would not Ricardo and you know what you need to I don't deny them again. Oh. We have there's Bigelow our earlier now he's had some history arm sure but it mark question doc is. How is it hard to sometimes when you get to the column buying. And you know they got all these begun already injury history and they don't look at shouldn't USA you need business school before with that you had a in CA Ella. ACL dude it is it dipped a little look at another doctors worked. To anticipate more injury always something you can just look at it say that doctored. You know is by every is he's got beat by and we can move ought to another part. Yeah it words which are asking is is there a way for us to look at what's been done inserted Jets equality of it yeah that's typical. Not at that goes you might think. You know normally we can attest that. You know I have couple players at that level and I think when you see there function and then you can look on MRI and you can see where for example in this case the ACL graft was placed you have a pretty good fans of the quality of the work there. And I can play I do a lot of revisions eight yelled one of the sub specialize and I do an awful lot of that we do and atomic ACL techniques. And we can tell from the previous surgery if he. Technique was part of the problem or not that make them. Yes it does that I didn't know the integrity. Of these doctors to say and you don't wanna put another guy out. No name tag you've saying well maybe I would have done it different teams may look at that differently. Then that's true I mean. It's not any different than if you hurt criticizing. Safety techniques right. If you're looking at his position on the field or you're looking at the angle he takes you might say hey you know I wouldn't do it that way maybe it works for him but that's not how I would do it. And I see why you a doctor sound real good. Yeah. And. It might feel you know. You know we were even at this conference we had discussions about. What the best ways to manage these injuries and you know I'll be opposite view there were some disagreements about that. To Seattle think its counter virtual at all on that yet to meet you put the ligament right where the old one was. And you make it open it up. Identity at the very intuitive thing to do. But some of those guys are looking for work around to it why not to do that and I. I don't understand that that's. You know we had excellent success in excellent result in what we're doing so I'm gonna keep getting. What about what about real quick rumors super quit what about the cadaver part of it did that from somewhere else. Could name and how frequently as dad. In my practice all wolf never. They'd problem with cadaver parts is that there's failure rate is much higher. Oh yeah out much higher. So yeah there is a great trial he just the last few years. Looking at what that's called and Allah graft meaning that comes from somewhere else vs the autograph which comes from your own body. And the failure rates at every age group or at least twice as high in telegraphed group. In the very young athletes it was up to six times as high failure rate I'll. And so it's. Alec Kraft is only reserved for people who don't have other graft options available so. You can imagine in a practice like mine if I'm seeing someone who's our he had three previous surgeries. Which happens sometimes. You know sometimes we don't have other drafts to use and in that case sometimes we'll consider that at an option. But it's not it's not a good option you have patella tendon graft which is Canada gold standard venture which of our but it has. Hamstring graphs which we use all the time it worked great. I quad tendon graft. In in depart K I suspect they have to go to that he could get drafted as as what I would expect I don't know that for a fact that probably I would. Talking with doctor Brian my card interest cup more minutes here on the Wendy's big show for midwest orthopedic Havel the specialty hospital but he sent me pictures of the inside a money and it. Weird guys showed. I don't a doctor McCarty and what let's quite well two part question for you concerning Adrian Peterson a couple of years ago he cares is ACL. And six months later he's back on the field and as good as ever eight how amazing is that recovery to you knowing what you know. And B he tears his meniscus last year hissed a free agent market at the age of 31. I know you're a sports fan and you bring some expertise in the medical field. If you're GM do you sign Adrian Peterson or is it too risky at this point in his career. Oh start with part one you. Though are won at the earliest we let people back that would be four to six months we don't do that hardly ever anymore. His recovery would very unusual. And whether that was augmented by additional factors that I can meet you're gonna tenacious I. That is fair and you don't see somebody have that kind of muscular strength and power that quickly. If not impossible. But it's unusual. At that position the second part of it is. The assign a 31 year old running backs and has been a good Caron ACL injury hasn't played happier. The answer that would really depend on how he is. You know if you if you put him through the pace is physically Andy any everything looks good a real stable yet swelling. And all that and Ryan looks okay that's on birdman. Yeah and the price is right maybe take chance on. Yeah any NFL as you guys go has got away from signing older running backs eat any certain contract. I hope. To be honest with you I don't think you could make that decision about evaluating the athlete. With an MRI and a physical exam. And then you could make a good decision on that. As doctor Brian McCarty if you need work I'm colony and that's that's the place to go they don't just treat you like. A number on a piece of paper they they treat you like a patient they take care of me from beginning. All the way through the end recovery and be on they tell you how to live. A better life after you suffer whatever injury it is or whatever course of action is that you take. To recover from that injury I'd I mean that when I say doctor McCarty has do amazing work over there it's my mosh dot com and hear the sports medicine show every Saturday morning at nine right here on the fanned greatly greatly appreciate your insider thanks very much after McDonald. You may know my dog to doctor Ahmad. It's a factor I hurt yeah he got over there are rednecks who own and Franklin read the edges off and I'll make some big house so yup and it explore. Or to main actor yeah and I thank you I really appreciated. Thanks again doctor McCarty Kurt welcome. You don't take care now Jerry don't worry when it counts or. Dot you. Know my doctor doctor Darren Rocco. You know our democracy very Nomar doctor. Of that you're. Going home and let all your doctors there aren't touched thank you doctor regarded. He judges the great midwest may not lie and after eight years of helping Wisconsin homeowners here is very insecure great midwest bank goes to. About helping you by three find it sort of a debate. Losing Greg. They're ready and when you are a guys already know by favor. Plays the whole wide world loser Dave and buster's and wallet toes see you know about all the flat screens to great food and drinks awesome Vietnamese boards loud with 3161. 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Of north avenue what to do about the Packers running back situations. Lot of options out there does there is talking to doctor McCarty about one of the -- discuss next on the Wendy's big show on the Holtz Chevrolet studios. Yeah. They presented five masters he's up front and back off a long way this team's marquee Phifer and are fair former Packers Gary Ehlers and and LeRoy Butler Aerosmith preakness out of the break this afternoon and three to be like here next week. At 1057 FM the fan with the hash tag big throw back and check out Matt Bradley's. At their two locations and walk to Shawn Springs city driver Glendale. On silver spring drive and right now and Jordy Nelson Super Bowl canvases and framed photos are on sale. 20% off Jeff Janice mini helmets 3999. Each autograph time Montgomery campuses loose and framed photos on sale. At 25% off also patio furniture. Any of your game ru means they got to cover over there hasn't material over there and you have a lot of memorabilia you can check him out at masters sees dot com as well save memorabilia maybe Josh memorabilia and other memorabilia over there. Remember well your bike is open studios and up and up did that there are back Thursday voted yes Gary Allison and myself another right enrolled revolution winning with how order winning time in me out with a very very large margin of Denton. Current or you got to vote I don't care. Truly don't care I mean you down. I'm just not gonna put in the work that those guys infant and to win it's not worth it. Doesn't mean as much to me as best of them obviously so that's not work when you know competitions passion you don't do target did okay as does the works can grads congratulations and happy for it. You puppet. Who would you haven't running back anyway Selig care blood or April he puppeteers 7991250. Or you can email us live and 1057. FM the fan. Dak count we don't know who is necessarily gonna hit free agency Gary team still have a chance to re sign their own free agents between now and I think. A couple of weeks from right now but those three names seem likely. To hit the market. Who of those intrigues you the most AP we gear blunt or bring back your own guy and Eddie lacy I don't know I'm twelfth if I don't know you have yours which is a great. Probably are we here for him do you had. Report Bears Steve. Which foot on that site. Oh I don't have an open for me right now I could momentarily that's what we got that from a rob him. And in Barnwell on ESPN put out those top five. Things that he's teaming NFC north should do when he's gone our division by division rob meal having a pair of second mom and he did that. Arm and one of the five things that he address a list Adrian Peterson. And the Packers. And I think within that he was talking about Adrian Peterson. May be the logical chores for the Green Bay Packers. The year view really think about it. And I never thought and you know Steve and I saw August. Brought the monster story yesterday and also a's got legs are just we go about report to. They're report about donuts pulled up about us to a near tucked in my elbow started and I texted yeah I know but I thought that's reduced argument now. Yeah there's no mystery that just came on not too long ago by agent he's in agreement Rackers. This or this or that Steve gave your earlier today mix greats which is used and croft Marmol. Andy who wrote a humorous alone dome Marlon lose and then mixed perfect. Does he goes on a daily listen listen. Julius Peppers how offering. Charles Woodson hall of Kramer. God air reading of his. Career right I haven't. If you wanted to go over. It says. You're like you said Theres a good fit tax about after a free agent so when they're transcendent hall of fame caliber players who are undervalued forgiven reason at a certain point in their career like Peppers and Woodson. Peterson did to narrow group he won't dead the team's ability to collect. Kind of story picks given at the Vikings we need to really safety for me at the market correct he won't require a long term contract at age 31 but. Peterson is not that far removed from being productive given. But he led the league in rushing yards behind a terrible offensive line in 2015. Tires won't buy dot golfer Peter cement stuck to see is market really tracking a ton of interest. Texans aren't signing after bring to Lamar Miller the Giants on had a ton of cap room and need to fix their offensive line Cowboys aren't paying Peterson to be a backup Danny Zito Elliott. The Buccaneers make sense if you're guaranteed money Doug Martin's deal is voided by his positive drug test but that process might still be subject to. And he Eaton. So aren't booed and I just I just didn't. Give the coalition where it preparers. And we're Charles Woodson and makes sense to me it makes all the sense in world. That not that Ted Thompson's science major leagues. Lidge is done. So for me I don't know high battle. How does he fit into what the Packers want to do if we were all in agreement again of this last season that. The Montgomery's of the world were the better fit for the offense over the -- he's of the world and how does a. It's. They Prioleau for him for an. You still view him at that level now. He threw for in. Game four army. Do you still think he's at a high level yeah not a lot of yeah that you thought I'd I think he's declining I think you skew their thinking I don't. Very glad that carry the offense yet here he is Aaron Rodgers backup plan yes which is perfectly him. Per kinda like Julius Peppers yes he was the lead pass rusher and you guys he comes here he's second to claim at the perfect for him right you take EPO or bluntly yes. Every Sunday. And don't articles on the riot to. Yes or Reebok let me have agencies and go son he is right there. Who would you rather have. AP league air blunt. Or bring back your own guy and Eddie lacy 7991250. Or you can email slot yours is at 1057 FM the fan back down there artistry. Motor. You could serve both those guys. Laced that command a whole lot of money. He's got good command a lot of money total market. Unless you have a desperate team out there and your football what desperate team is out there is looking to make some bubble right now look at me which rage these. I don't think they're really want. Well it should never say never via. Bottom fingers about what was estimated source through yeah we're just hold on to say none of the above what what what what you have a name I want to you have to rate. You're legal or Tuesday of the year Gary is preferences clear when it comes to which running back you wants is preference is also clear when it comes to where to buy a car my jewels trusted hardy look you know software for Egypt's north. College of coaches are you afraid out and Richards. You know I did with Gary this we're looking for to sail through which are hard to say of feeble right now he would train him. You don't eating Spears is. You want those come over our dash and a soda and there is no I don't want you don't want them a lot of followers and cars are targets as Gardner media and coaches are good friends reminds you know trying to rush. All all of them Lamar. In the a Mars. Maybe give back again and then you slide into the year when you don't know about it. SF five years and we don't culture difference not a marriage you know stressing that any country that about it or do you ought to Hyundai product. In the states. Measures resident in the south tourism street just north of counter. AP leg hair blonde Eddie lacy Laura's got another idea how about June 7991251. Is very she'll be right back in the holds Chevrolet studio. Maybe the best video ever. He's been shouted their back Thursday. Presented by masters he's let us know you like to hear next week by tweeting artist at 1057 FM the fan. With the hash tag big throw back fifty dollar gift certificate to masters he's. On the line. Near entered to win just by voting that's here artist at 1057 FM the fan with the hash tag being throwback Sparky Bucs weekly coming up tonight at 6 o'clock PM John Hammond. Tweet your questions for the GM at 1057 FM the fan with the hash tag. Big throwback question on the table right now is who would you rather have it running back next year Packers fans. Get Eddie Lacey back or bring in an anti air well Garrett blunt. Adrian Peterson whereas another idea how about you at 7991250. Or you can email us live at 1057 FM the fan back down let's go to Louis in Franklin nearly Wendy's big show what's up loop. But the guys on time no tartan. Ball well this I you know I want a guy if it was if you merry. I I want a guy who's. Regard ship be on guard look at passes. I wanna like it games while they type of skill side of the inaugural on the ball third of one anyway. So AP yeah he's a hall of Famer I mean he's not gonna go for well money in the accurately I think from a figure exactly he's gonna. Gonna go for the bare minimum because. You can coddle. And you think Cottam and Archie Moore you know here's a few teams at the end of speed that they signed. Ideally see any worked out guaranteed. Money on the first year. That would be a game changer for their team. How much how much you thing lacy it's gonna make per year. I think someone Will Bynum like three years. Point four mil probably eight or wherever you get whenever you make it out there never. Now you have built itself by integrating Cottam despite Adrian Peterson it caught that impacted it might support or talk about what we're talking about way. No I think that you can cut a guy and is going. He will now make eight million per. Not even I mean you well because it Cottam and I make sure you continue licences sure Colin. And you know I will go well I'll break you wish you enjoying this and probably won them paper year. I've learned well and I'll call back it up I am wrong abide yet but I'm sure like New York Carolina. Seattle. Or what has adding a a previous Proehl all mid twenties running back due to their Super Bowl. Well what you have to do it with him is make sure thing is as concerned about its. So that's how he's gonna make his money he would not give any upfront money he's not given a her. Is gonna all be Obama can he stay healthy so when your serve any laces earlier about maybe he Kim make five million. But it's all going to be struggling in in bonuses and incentives to make that kind of money. Manny got to look out there and you receive some of them at some of the guys that are making over five that running back and you're given to him you know. Look like gods are real OK maybe more five yet blah blah has he been healthy very yet DeMarco Murray out. When I am happy yes. There and roll yeah. Yeah none of those guys are Pro Bowl caliber running back let. Let let me have Darren Sproles any day over over Eddie lacy. Right Americans I would take same guy but Ryan Mathews got to a contract. Under all Wes is mainly was to give them their money chipped and then they gave him their money ankle. Almost good as there is Murray in the anyways I am very Denny who really want Ryan Mathews they want to Murray. What what occurred a team like screwed that up if they sign if they sign a running back that in the Pro Bowl caliber one out B what does that do for them opener of abroad. Little. What they did that. It preferable lock into good pressure up that he's and he loves. I love both from visited there offered to find you guys killed in the arena. He impromptu tackle you know ultimate time you're out harder. He may not break it it yarder but he you know they'll I mean for a bad as we think you want in point fifteen ever for Arctic here. Your how yeah he'll Powell drew tackling year with Cora. Yeah I I did I just don't think that we're gonna get comfort through 34 million. Well another you're afraid. You see them go at it you guys are ball and is it me appropriately it's. There's knowing him I saw somebody suggest the other day that he's he's out there. Looking for a one year prove it -- deal that's what should be done. Right exactly what what yeah million something like amateur radio right one year five million Freddie doesn't hurt that's what what we did overall. Sportswriters will we give them Jericho three award your three year deal when you're three at alrighty seventh and prove it had to go. Luckily you're five he's got to pick somewhere where he and bill I just go out and football are still somewhere like Indy where they're gonna throw the ball enough times. I just Ohman to pull yesterday. We're gonna. Edge Interpol will Poole he's an Attleboro. Royals note can't promise you got a camera setup and how. I mean Nissan in his pool out several time on home video on yeah it should own desires program I'll use that I Alabama working and who. I. Which Rupert who is the guy you Hedman plus. If I'm pleased to Jamaica for those three young guys that just stick with the question yeah and then to me via you know. And your peace and to me slows the options now and it doesn't pick up blitzes could you don't throw a ball a bunch of what rod has been in the league does the same. Would certainly he's mail now we got to give them the ball now good he is a difference maker remain blind to meet takes away your. Your short yardage problem with they've always had his guess was out of test out cigars but if it was mean Dario and I want I got it is the I'm only you march are. I want why almost hurt did noted McCall love the board on their Dorsey. I know you got acute west. In the other and a bag kid again as he was his name's mark Charles where it wouldn't you love Pierre no because Gambia bring him over here put him and his Chicago would. What Rodgers as its current record. Not picky mil a year solid to about it think about releasing him or you know. Yeah so I would trade in now and get him in hair and put Blair and did he's used to be in in the bag feel what a shot and we're a resilient all America. Now I don't know now. Do you cut Edwards and I don't know I think that thing about release him for whatever reason I don't know for the money or whatever it. I want him as a dreamy attack between you dead. I don't know that we could do we do yeah I would love to have no we can put him into the Poland but. He's had some problems and I he's been hurt but you talk catching passes. Picking up blitzes. And running a foot off are rather have him as a three year goal to try to get to a Super Bowl and there's been the rest of that money undies. Charles. Has a cap and six point 10 yeah and act and I don't know that's can't noted cap money would make sense them. Yeah they don't families out there don't they don't cut him. But again you know I know Dorsey real well that is you know that I didn't get a good DM and you know just say man this. You know doing the seventh round pick sixth round pick whenever. I gotta give this kid could you put him on the open market it takes some some team all overpaid for sure you know that is. Your primary thereabouts and after you know every year you hear these for a guy a lot of from our cars you AP bottom line yeah. Don't get more and he's got eighteen hours or eight feet yeah. McCourt farming. Stewart I mean Doug Martin from game murdering got a lot of money for it is army Lamar Miller are mean. Talk about Charles. Ivory prior meeting. Z five me Ingram from the Matthews from me Forte bribe me if it's in that category. And you know mourn for army from home. You tell you buy it is yes now I think they're ready move often and he's a ball although although although disclaimer here. Mike McCarthy and his legs slung you serie Lacey says he wants. Anything these loves loves it lacy Arum because they have evidence of when he is right that's key when my guy. He can perform in his. I smirk. Wise he's Perkins park. Loans Eddie lacy Lanka yes that's what he says Dave when you are all of whom he's that I want it to daisies as shocked me. When he first open opposite Ted is back no opinion continued. I like having release you back that's a direct shot across the bow editor of tea. Making it work one year to year I don't know do I wanna deal odalis. Way issue it was worth it because when he's playing with so much effective. They dig he worked out for some reason and and Shaq and although he's better but I root cow ski he's even better back. But the gear buzz don't get to Tony tell our families are always going to test their arms it inside of five. You bowled them out of present to you so I and AP. Or you sign Eddie lacy or you suddenly guerra blocked. What does that mean as I mean for Ty Montgomery. Who's changing his number to be around him back and all of us so we always did any messages Toledo or how guys. Remark tournaments hottest duo audit a receiver gets hurt here go to Letterman he's easier very about business was army knife there I don't know how you bulb that admitted you can't trust him as an every down matter. Not always going to be now and I I've I want him on my team here to I don't know whether thing about Trevor Davis but they have the Stevie had to give this is another. Don't just pretty cute fumbled. One punt return you bury him you keep image and has demoted fastest guys you have. He did it to the fats is guys you have so some got away. If you don't get a run in bag for play action these guys have to be implemented his program but those three guys. Of those three guys I had to. I mean I will lean towards the gare black I really would because on third out haven't had decided five guy line. You see the Packers lineup they can't run the ball all bold. Toward the end of the year Montgomery did score a couple of tests. I mean I know what's he fumbled in the Super Bowl you know New England just kind of bailed them but. And I kids a big strong guy game he picks up blitzes well. I don't think he's a locker room problem. But the guy scores how it touched. On. It's funny as in the fall mine in the in New England that. He was a problem in Pittsburgh. Not a problem against New England never he'd left the game early. And kids are very remember that moment New England picked them right up same season the Steelers cut I'm really to scooped him right up. That he scored run up is Bob. I know he's fixing said he was leaving early for awhile I don't know if he finished the season with an early lead into. Roar on the Packers but third and one or third in two was second in short they just to have a option she would you rather cast as you figured at least see. Shui to spread of people loud throw at our elect have a good option for short now that's a difference to me up plus minus two games. To short yardage is not an issue anymore but it feels up to mean to pull the trigger. Charles. You are green they've packed for in the three years he's my gap against the cross hairs on. All three of those doesn't care blonde AP Eddie lacy big strong guys if you like a big strong beer you can make that Gary you can make it nice and light can make it however you want. When you learn how to make your own beer over a northern brewer. Think that the pitcher Lim learned Jews broke two and one Jupiter serve or Chile or Andrew Young to compete and so. Riviera. Am attend a girl I've new and a man to man. My. And he goes good amount. We regular third or bottles. And and actually oranges. I've never drank before ever about Tyler only that would be it is like mayor Oscar do you think why would be his best introduction. To it may be relax and then I couple. Last line. I'd me that I could Kamal Laidlaw that would mean that figure taken up during an. They dare tell you it is -- mixed in well I really like ever clear now because I think that's going on to saying grain that probably. You make that you already know the Brewers in the Cuba right now are guys that we are what acutely ill wind usually get with thirty bottles audits Julio why Jews. Makes over the Bears won the world the mob bock short and I think Germany to your friends out over ignore them. Look at their Hollywood hunt and Greenfield avenue where you. Jamie I'm wrong rumors. But a quick break our Wisconsin insider John MacNamara joins us next on the Wendy's big jumbled Chevrolet studios. I don't think I've ever heard the sounds there is never. It's my beat one of the few Aerosmith songs that never has highlighted here. They're back Thursday here on the Wendy's big show presented by masters he's three to be like here next week at 1057 FM the fan with the hash tag. Think throwback fifty dollar gift certificate to masters he's on the line it's your artist at 1057 FM the fan. With the hash tag big throw back at last check the puppet. Maybe Taj in the bandwagon jumper Gary Allison were in the lead with Porter. Other nominees include Cheap Trick Chicago Led Zeppelin got one of those are your own creature artist at 1057 FM the fan with the hash tag Victor about. I'm for the big showed a jacket with Wisconsin insider John Mack. Brought you might create a construction providing quality plaster and Stucco services with a unsurpassed workmanship. And there's act got a covers the badgers were bad but let's not count and us right here on the Wendy's big show. The great midwest bank hotline. We were wrong breeze surprised to see that was got some wasn't one of the top sixteen seeds in the M March Madness preview that happen and since we last talked. Yeah I'm that day just a little bit I thought they would maybe be an F fifteen or sixteen plot and then. Yep you saw play against northwestern suddenly get a committee made a pretty good decisions all of. Aside about tonight's game against Michigan no Bronson attaining two nights you get another freshman negating an opportunity to start how does that change with the bad as Duke. I think it is quite a bit you know this is going to be was cotton's first change in the starting lineup all season. Obligated if you watch skating over the last. I think five or so games you know he which is about point 2% from requiring each and fourteen out to eat five overall he he was. He's been nicked up for awhile somebody made a decision this week at practice lap negate. You watch today's session you know just from the bad so they made a decision that stick him I'd start Dmitri tried with a true freshman so. You know it'll be interesting to see how they adjust it certainly. Hurts not Yevgeny varied your senior point guard like any freshman there they could -- start on the road against the Michigan team has played really well right now. You know I'm happy to look at it that depth athletic guard you're gonna see more of probably Jordan Hill. And then not reverend pretzels well you know Brandon has seen his role increase in Jordan he'll see his old decrease recently there bulked up the play quite a bit tonight. For those out and seeing Demetric Trace play all that much Thomas's game compare and contrast to that or bronze cannon. Well you eat a smaller guards so you know I think he's he's listed navy at sixty is probably caught five and 511. You know very much a point guard working needed you know comply play both guard positions or you. I try to pretty good sure although he struggled a little bit lately but I'm near TDs. You know great guard Clark and he put out a release that he kind of older then you know what he's listed right now is a true freshman but. He did have a year prep school and I and you academy so a little bit older a little bit. More wiser than I guess you'd see a true freshman has quite yet oddest looking at cup environment for got to make its first career start you know. Lots. The badgers and and we saw the northwestern game in her rice and the beat down with Michigan Ohio State not that good and in time that happens it means the debate now but. Oh thought that they exceed more. Out of Wisconsin even win. Came it was healthy. We still didn't see this team there we thought we would see this year I thought it revived by the team will be. Heads and shoulders above everybody notes not only object to him but really around the nation. Well you know we stuck up as for expectations are definitely really try. Column you know going into the season but I just you know if you looked at just on paper this team did and then have as much talent position right now the way they can. In that they can snap by the shooting long you know they can probably make a run in the turn it and they have probably ended and brought containing being out is also. I'm Mike you talked about before the Big Ten they have their label it a little bit down this year it's talked to get signature win the big and it beat you saw that last Saturday. When those stops Eckstein came out and he didn't have any schools they've had so. But like you thought but to Gary any at Michigan State not playing well you know national guys seem to label they've kind of been out here. On John Mack Tamara badger Bledsoe dot com here on the way so Dixon. So that what what is wrong with his team is is it more than came accuse it. Is that something else that means that we would but but you know what came be an out or down our way is yours or do we over rate the badgers. I don't think they overrated Wisconsin but you know this this northwestern loss. It was kind of a long time coming and he played really poorly. The previous four games prior northwestern they were able at all or games and they come and play northwestern which you know beat him. You know pretty handily. Inaudible on the floor and a big thing here there was a lot x.s. You know Nebraska kind of laid the blueprint out of out of double team eat out at one game. Northwestern did the same thing and they really get the last two games. Even after going up seventeen points combined I would imagine Michigan you know do the same thing they double team and pat. Going to be really interest you see. The adjustments they're great guard has made in terms of you know while they're gonna have a and you know it it's tough when you double team you don't have shooters out there now. The guy that would look two years potentially record for. His role increase he's the best shooter on that seeing the value that. I eighth he has the confidence he's a guy that can really get them trending in the right direction because like it's that he's the best outraged at you right now. It has rolled increased as well. There will be adjustments uses it it's competent and pick up. I heard how shall I put this. Did you expect Nigel AC better than he is when his career started at Wisconsin. Yeah he pay he's had a really interesting career so he was. You know restart get out of Ohio op and then its first two years he played extremely well so I think he definitely exceeded expectations. What if you look at those first two years. You know you play alongside him Decker and for him in he was the third or fourth option there any way a lot in the polls that's where he was getting his point that Korea's most productive. You look at last year. You know he brought his game outside he tried to show you know I don't wanna save Nigel it has played all for a via Scott let's separate it you want to show people that he had from her game. And he really each struggled last year he struggled this you're I shot. You know the the most productive he's been this year is when he writing in the and that's more similar to what he did. As a freshman and saw more soak. Yeah I just think that you know it is future after what's got good at the shooting the ball and he shot I guess so last year that he's not a consistent outside shooter. Jim real court you've you've been a veggie game. What's your true measurement of him and our joys and a tall is he really. You can tell he's been Garnett air out senses off or hear its being interrogated all the costs again. I mean those are what get me lives are like six leaders are Mike. He's probably generous six and so if you're talking MBA. So I'm. Yes maybe Raymond green but you know Andre Andre and should Barrett and yeah so am I double Smart guys that you land down whatever you land that I think he'll get invited to a camp idiots out there. He's Smart enough to find his ball that he wore they're ecstatic eat that well. He could be that guy but just with an outpatient you know I just don't know how well he projects I think brought in it is probably better tackle spot but been used. That is John Mac who verified his work Ed badger blitz that Tom on Twitter at MacNamara rivals every Thursday. Right here on the Wendy's big show as our Wisconsin and Saturn we appreciate it each and every time. You when John MacNamara joins us on the great mid West Bank hotline after eighty years of helping Wisconsin homeowners. Great mid West Bank knows a thing or two about helping you by build refinance or renovate. It's great mid West Bank dot com they're ready when you are. Q global Wisconsin is ready for you as well great place gets all your favorite sports action with sixteen pool table shuffle board. Three tornado off whose ball tables like trying darts ping pong and more enjoy their award winning fish fry on Wednesdays and Fridays and be tomorrow. Or different styles of fish or are they service Barney I says that it's brash. They are piled. Lowell and members all notes. Right now I'm although my plea mark. My net Friday's once or freestyle and. Yeah let it try to add are for him to one anti. Last Saturday and Saturday night to Dover cube club is a fun place those private parties act I was about 7500 people in a private party area. Gaudio personal could be I've easily luxury pool table personal TV access. The food ball and ping pong tables your club all of which got in 2454. North grand view you boulevard in Waukesha. Half mile south of I 94 checked him out at Q club of WI dot com Q clubs you club W I dot com or on. FaceBook quick break then resigning the big topics discussed on today's big show giving you the final say autumn with great laced dragway pick a lane it's the Wendy's big Chunnel Chevrolet student. As those final four teams now. When you bring back every.