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BIG SHOW: Vince Beigel

Feb 16, 2017|

02/16/17: Former Wisconsin Badger and NFL Draft Prospect Vince Beigel joins the guys.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And as I said joining us right now on the great midwest bank Catalan former badgers linebacker. Vince Beagle missed extra few minutes I do this afternoon meant. Order here are understand you got an invite to the NFL scouting come by and how exciting was that for you. I'll definitely excited I got. But I'm buying shortly after. The Kumble. On January 3 so. You're definitely excited and our next chapter in my life I was and should the Greeks who are your pursuit consonant. And what literally transition into account Byron in the play and then be able showcase and you'll and the heart worker program in the class. Mark a lot of people question how much the the come bind translates to actual football how different is it for you preparing from the come by and compared to how you've just practiced and prepared to be a football players throughout your life. Yeah like you're battle comment on the road filtered out and oh count sort out part of our reason another and not pitcher so you know whether it. Can't argue with senior all others should go to a knows all aspects that you got to act and yeah for me out of the year honor at that distance. Type of training. For a top line vs training for awful all you know but I'm I'm alas that great out here and act those. In cheers and all that unbelievable experience. And their neighborhood there are some are struggling country. Praise from you'd cause less close. ATC. Pac twelve. A small school days school social event an awesome experience so more. Or what about from the process of getting ready for those interviews that happened to come by and and getting right to the questions that are going to be asked getting way for the wonder lake test. That's have a sub the mental aspect of things how how does that work as far as your agent and there are people getting you ready for this. Yeah so you know basically. All the psychological things all physical training. Or are off the field as if inflation an actual you read your arms. Or trade or or to ask all the shuttles. But what are very but there are so also bring our outside people like are people who. Have conducted a psychological manager Eric how bibles or they really Curtis or terrorists they Eric other. Talk to stop and understand what he apple is looking for below what to expect so. Really nice perfect kind of advantage of other Warriors fired and they actually uses here are those. You know obviously you we got a what six guys going inviting gore to become by all you guys trying to string together or separately. No we're out strings absolutely. And all this of course you guys sold initial. All right earlier and also let it put Lee at most so. Aren't Cuellar few Bears are stream at at and Summers the coaches and in Paris and brought clarity. Munching out here I was in and it like you mentioned. RT OR ran Ryan Grant checker tree you know places so you know or alternative locations under different people but. You know we're all badgers are all will be crucial Arnott has become iron. So what are you hearing so far. About where you may be taken. You know what I've I've for a lot of different things I've heard. You know peoples and you know anywhere from. A late or late first start ever guys all sports are out there I mean. For me it really don't matter you are you commoner yet you know. Really had a dramatic yeah. Exactly exactly. It's this people who are in the regulations are people who. Edgar pretty Obama light. And that base. Each. Other how to computers. Pocket my cool what they expect from the player so. Armor of a play alarm alert how much of a player who I let my. I was heel click talks were so. Overall were the guys whether undrafted. You know on for starter whether Ahmad Starks are it doesn't matter and Hubble go out Sharks are like. LeRoy your course in formula we get this deal on the show I mean that's what does all of that's what is all about. We finally get RS did not in robotics answered all his one of the come in and talk about. We had a little bit on the show I tell you about it later but it's about we are when they ask you in these interviews. About injuries. It's a tough game. It's a tough game if not I'm working hard I just need opportunity assault on the out take it from there. Are you come or injuries you're playing careful all the circles right right every every football player born in the confines. Had an injury right right exactly our mortgage and guys are the biggest thing for us. Is to be honest and up what are your means but we're now it. I was either short Kasper or injuries but also charter are it well early on and I look injuries. What's the one thing that Vince Beagle needs to work on a decal mine right now as you're getting ready to go that. They're saying if you improve in this area at the Tom mine whether it be strange. Forty time or whatever that could help address that. A year or two to hear inter Milan aka apart is my or your actually every player. Going into account aren't really want to put on it or are opt outs are cedar important especially at linebacker. I expect to go away at linebacker want to target or an excellent. The next one would be. How we obviously want be physical or have a good parent trap or gotten reps patched. Are the very strong arm and that's one or shall. Strong LG also oh. I think earlier scouts. The big thing they look for RA that's where your dash. Obvious psychological and how you do in the film room and are you talk are all part you know as an older than I normally. Are very strong and all those areas as well Koppel there. And then you know they want to make sure you do your cervical and the stress strong on the bench press and what's your goal for the forty yard dash what time are you trying to yet. You know I'm I'm you know I I had a number of mine I'll keep that are well what do. I are still very strong about forty or arbitrator now here for an hour oh Madonna did time and I. I actual honor I have a track. Background I saw a couple of our forty but I thought there are good or look at a guy and Mosul or half percent. Your parents in. This is competent. Whoever else is this every guy entry in this entire life. And this process. All at once I mean like this process well. I mean he's very stressful time lot of it is. I'm really trying to brace in trying to enjoy all you know understanding will be other guys and I tastes just. Just just got re going to engage. Lot of different Sheen like I'm. Well I won't lower where where where we were. You just getting days. You know Israel does tiger make sure you okay an argument is a ground. Like I found the disease sudden platinum because I don't want to get no trouble man I mean you've good a good. Good. Thought my gosh. About on bigger racquet or. And I like this Q I'm adopted him yeah you know what you're in cigarette and what your girls insert a disease creepy. Yeah grant what do you do out of it or not. I may start OK but this this this I. Notice albeit we talked to you dad before Kate's that we will the guys who week when big time badger you know. Fans here yeah it is a lot of talk about linebackers do played in the 34 position real quick can do want to ask a follow up question yes I think what bid if it's you. That you complain either. 34 or worrying for you are going to know we're of course there was relief and I think that's the way the guys dropped or take. You know certain guys can only play inside I think that kind of slot should. It's a home yes I agree you can play awful position on the 34 and you complain of war three in the middle of outside. I think that kind of value. Is the reason why and you write about these draft only draft mock drafts don't pay attention that it. You're the tipped it to what you see in the mirror and I think you'll be 508 years. Are more alas won't let you go on here. You looms. Dave around we'll cross comes then and now our defense corny will be Jimmy Leonard. What what will be the difference between Leonard Wilcox in a random Howard Jimmy do a different. Yeah you know obviously it was a had a three defense that coordinator Ed. Years. Chris ask our first Jesus out of him Aybar there when Iran yeah that Allen took a little cotton. And in art and the one thing that remains the scene that we remain and all that was. Was strong there at your defense you know and sure even have three coaches. Had multiple position coach is strength coaches and I think really through all the ops and down. In my. For an accurate your resume our. Was the hole and kind of remain the same and I talk about that a lot and cultural content that you are currently world country you guys. The badgers football and doesn't look at their end you know we don't have. Hello trip at four art star guys all the place. You know you have to develop our guys and that really stepped on the culture and that really culminated. Tom serial presently he was Italy down and you know I think whether it's. Just look aren't here and or now we have Leonard. And other foundational Powell walks have a goal that term you know. I think. And I came in I think they understand to rest assured. That there are great hands watching water it is very passionate. Not just Greg Cote is probable player. And I think you'll stick around that hook for a long time. That is Vince being the former badgers live an actor he's headed to the NFL first the scouting Tom by congratulations Vince contender and has a desire is this junior golf. You're I'm out here I'm I'm I know. Melky you golf. Do you golf is what is this in and time again. And your dad his dad he did that ball. Well. Here. Ago and it Vince thank you very much man continued success and good look at become bunt. Anytime I'll it would have been Spiegel joins us on the great midwest bank hotline.