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BIG SHOW 3PM: Can You Find Love on Twitter?

Feb 16, 2017|

02/16/17: The Wendy's BIG SHOW 3 p.m. Hour.

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Because we're asking can you find true love on Twitter and Eric Mangini Bouchard DF female tennis player has anybody ever heard this check before she's number 44 there are other teachers and I turn out there are you using them at third alum comptroller she went on a Damon that you're right they shoot the ball that with or they went to the Brooklyn nets get rusty. Yet nothing has thirty she's an attractive young man as I said you have standard she's a Maria Sharapova and it shouldn't attractive young related. Pressure to get asked mark can you find true love on Twitter 7991250. Andrew Murray seemed out that now he's on the Wendy's big show it's up Vander. And it's yeah he's got those that are seen and. I had a bit except that it Graham. What happen. Gotta love a do get them mixed success. Odd future Ichiro like I'm hoping cool. Oca was. So we can look for a loose. I'd been in Iraq means that part are you did that twice and took two I got two guys are threats were you can't write and email it. I mean I mean he now all that paired the lower right. Early. God ultimately man I'm better and you got talent and doctorate Benson hitter up and and examine the rest is history. So really was Nicole call. No I had planned to be better be out. Yep he party back to Whitewater. Mark. But they just took that would. Urban dictionary. I'm looking at a right now and well done well done and entered. Into government and do. It product nice man thank you its academic. I'm underground Atlanta Chicago in the grand avenue mall. Or maybe touches business and what arm be guilty party done well I know that I live right in Vietnam black tie lingerie. Or toga. All you give all three options as sounds like fun as a winning I know then he way out kick his coverage the way out to a decent. Let's go to Greg doubt about it credit your other Wendy's big show it's Greg. You're gonna I want to help LeRoy out on the hole but he did Hewitt match vs Twitter. Yeah me out. You know not huge sum of money the hundred dollar fee is pretty much good reading crock that the trying to give people a little bit more peace of mind. Purses just that into grammar Twitter map it. You can see right on their pretty quickly. And when people don't want a paperless service they can't see messages on match and they'll put their right in their note that. Yeah I hit me up I might Gmail account if you want a message and they. And that's pretty much a red flag that they're going to be an issue. So pretty much the match meant that it is on its not so much matching up ideologies but you know that. They are kinda invested in the whole process as opposed to that a little bit more on certain be on the street side. I make through. Thanks for the call did you major girl on match. I'm actually do good man I just I got out of little bit of a marriage and a million back and wait thing. That's the luck is accurate however you do it go find some love. Giving us go to sit and Butler your other Wendy's big show it's I said well. Baghdad I know everybody didn't chairs over here okay and gat. And Greg just said it. Marat it was an investment man. Okay but what really try to tell you top that want to listen that need to here it. If you got to pay to play right different sides spent a lot of excitement that got to previously called before today. Okay that's not bad not real role he already had that set up he met our band he re tweak it up not three there's an investment here. Okay so that's the difference but when you're trying to find out what you say Roy pocket for ten minutes let me tell you really probably a ten time. They just paid money to find love up and Lamar Elton open and now half and you brought up and and a man. As a married topic wouldn't. And yeah puppet. Yeah you're gonna pay to go one day it's gonna pay to get and guess what you're have to pay to meet them. You have to paying if you want to meet him in that environment. You have to look at all that Twitter at best and he and I thought oh god they got to date that the great deal. But guess what he had the pay that he had to sit there they're really really really really really believe that. Since Obama were gonna lose money that the Packers are probably end up Super Bowl. And New England was gonna come back I get to Atlanta and that's Super Bowl that Randolph could you apply that pep talk. Okay thank through the conference and it. And that's go to bride in Brookfield Darryl when do you think so it's up bra. So good I. Are you find love on Twitter but it's going to be your odds are going to be you know astronomical. It's all about better odds to find a better match like you know you go. That's going to be the best spot to find the best match but if you want to go like Twitter and free or whatever then. You've got to go on like sixty dates a year and you know you really wanna go Troy apple. You know find a good match and they can be linemen all I kind of stuff. Right there is razors I'd I'd pick that up at target and. Yeah what are you. Already with target I think number on here. Europe are. Well I mean don't you thanks for the call I appreciated Brent. Don't you have to no matter how you meet a woman whether you meet her out at the bar whether you Mitterrand a social media website whether you meet her on the dating site. Don't you have to bet her over the course of dating to find out if she really is what she represented herself to be yeah so when you meter on Twitter you see what her interest are you see what kind of sense a humor she has. You get an idea for what type of person she is. You go out on the date. You find out if she really that person and if you want to carry it forward. You ever see you if you're where you know who they're some things on there that you made in life that you might be turned off. Right away. Right up did you all know there's some things and put on there that you are that you read you see you go whether McNabb for me right seat and. But I could be okay you don't turn here. Can we just clear one thing they're real quick do better numbers matter to me there wasn't nothing really what you're case I am not at all offended I'm not taking this personally I literally do not care what people think of me my girlfriend or our relationship I'm just arguing against. Caddies. Chosen. Yet so you don't know their work Peppers and chose you for. You have no idea. What that was what was her Malone to ju ju. QBs current leader nah it's cool. Assumes certain it will be something bigger ball all bets are. You know. Everything about them are at least. Some you know what I wanna give you your outlook but I can't anywhere that's important things are on there. Lie. There's a report brings on that you really well. I children program nationally. In that I I action but how is that different for meeting girl and any other way. Well because. You did. Because you're close together were you know it you wanna make that. Make that match happen. So you've you don't have any course that sums up now you got to go fish. Gonna go and efficient. Extradition to Iowa although when you finish someone that's Georgia to two million now while though I know that's in that list it as a total medals here. Those you throw those bank it was good. Got a feeling the ball if you're let you know big show it's not built. You. Joba. Thank you. Card and I'd like her yeah. And everybody dinner Kurt they occur but. We weren't. Harper I. Do but. I don't know what you guys heard about her but never heard anything about. Well most that would Garner up about I call right. We are we get what kind of hurt but it would not. Like not the way we would hook up but just thought well. And then it went from there and I. Quote that bill. And I proposed or at the packer record but a packer helmet here. Diego. Thanks for the cooperation. Or more yet. Is out dinner can work rather familiar as you're currently do. Why does she Germond I mean what was it about it she is listen she listens to the show yet censorship that she like my personality she thought I was money she looked up my Twitter account she thought I was cute. This that she's the water out of the other member that no RBIs remember this our listeners remember this lesson or talk I said I want to take up golf. Mental rehearsals and she treated at regions and I'll go Dolphin with the a partner and then it went from there we flirted a little bit on Twitter she's slid into my idea and she's a you wanna go get a drink we did we met at the Q global Wisconsin garage I have no actually she came in Sami do. A set at the comedy cafe yeah and she thought I was hilarious we went out for a few drinks afterwards we learn about each other that's how you meet anybody. You why I'm happy authority. They can commit some day I'm happy for me to you weren't going very well on the stat head that you're. It. You've. Better you know you yeah I she loves usually more than she loves me more good. I said now you win and to do with haren and I'm not late as. Said I'm not taking it personally I'm not if I'm not getting defensive and not taking it as an attack I've missed I don't see your point. Let's go to William and Riverside your other Wendy's big show what's up will. See more. Hey arm of the partner violence. So loud calling about you know the guidance earlier that it yet but it's so low and maybe more on the road. I actually can and hope that negates know that. Expects it. They're telling you that you're not where there aren't there yet but they've. Yeah aptitude do you. And I don't think that. And I think you missed his point he's not talk about like. Lack. Was Richard Gere Uga. Right woman yeah it's not like that you have to pay lack of professional. But I say. But people make you yeah when you make people make an investment. You would think those are people really take a little bit more seriously. You gotta cut corners and what my love here ready revised in La. But yeah sometimes if people not let the shortcut a seem to be more with a bit more mature about it not just trying to go and just to feel good point. You know and maybe in your case a gears a couple minutes despite his days couple hours. You know some guy did little boy I try to keep him bullets and got kind of to a long term thing we just want to if that's basically. We found. Anywhere in any way I don't think that. Shouldn't say one way is wrong or what way is right. People people meet the weirdest ways man you know and when asked true and you should find out about that person as you Dayton and if you if you'd like that you feel like they go in and they don't cut it off guard. Is that settled the matter no matter how you met as a way I look at. It's again did you in my DM I am not taking users. Okay well me I wouldn't be in love right now that approach yeah I've done is Wagner so maybe you should change your pro news lunges and I'm design and other you'd I'm sure you're on your job out here because I think you're gonna are all in favor Atlanta it's a pat Oliphant is sick is all right oh virtually all the single. Those are you single party yeah. Houses housing offered lug than Sparky was ugly that read our Steve has said that does market and wait you cried about it at what you think I don't know you know and that's the fact of the matter is they Sammy to go out there weren't. They Sosa got beaten whistle face but I could Albion face against Graham I don't know much about insert him other than when you guys tell me you know Twitter idol sub about Twitter. So how you slot in some of these DEI. And a lot of new adventures in new well when she lied when she went. Since they outlawed it viewers slack either so I wanted to DNJ well I can't let you. Know that's about. Know she's she's mean she got dressed she was following almost as you listen to the show I understand restaurants Saints and one just try to play my way usually don't check idea what I'm saying it would case again you know she and there's some GMs and all the time. Well yeah she does those other guys yeah she's showed me those are not as I noticed Chris presents before god yeah lots of excited for advice about me he knows mark you know anybody Zito balls similar has got out well but this is the though you know what's so she was follow was his we were on the radio station right. I'll take its use a listened to show up by some well at that point she's just fans yeah yeah. The Ronnie wood had to follow her back which ended. But now if you did find her attractive you know right we have to be attracted to somebody that's the first thing right so there's been average and that was. Nothing special look at right right rely on your body go beyond five men on your famine right now I mean we put a different picture that I forgot to tell. If the girl came up to you at the bar and started talking to and he didn't find her attractive to cutter off right there to right and I haven't. I I haven't done that. I'm not I I've me personally I've had the conversation I mean I'm not Albany but he no I don't cut and August is known attracted to be on the same. That's might tell me I don't talk is probably talked everybody is any doubts in Vegas I just in general don't talk illustrators and their line you have to social anxiety but well people or somebody better than -- and I ask you all the Dayton and goes hey B I got jokes about this in my act Komodo tomorrow wanna put her on the spot tomorrow night that's not a she loves the jokes about her not she loves rescued her about the dating now don't ask her not to manner that doesn't mean I'll be at the underground collaborative tomorrow -- of -- and Brandon you -- Get your tickets on my FaceBook page Jacob doesn't and in her follow me on Twitter at promised him to come see me tomorrow. Sorry I'm headlining all headliner man he's going to about it and show a spark as a relationships and just like it the the TV contract to decide whether it's cable or DirecTV whatever the case may be. As always you're happy man stay within I've been with second sound solutions for almost two years now yeah obviously in mediums Rami. Sight and sound illusions that's. I want with and Huff to hand out there. Two help you out as well. All it is is this not an odd dollars a month a year got to 90 that sounds probably will pricey but. It's really not we starts they've everything you get on top of that you've been what you're paying for your Internet your own. And what your cable bill is at your house now and they have 99 dollars and on what you're about to get you're Miller this is no brain you guys are losing your budget. No it won't go up to me right hey you bailed you lock at Purdue years exactly report -- not dollars a month AT&T home phone AT&T Internet. DirecTV with the choice package that includes fox sports Wisconsin you watch their teams play. Pull us. You get an L Sunday ticket for free all of next football season plus you get urging huge dude you BR thousand hours of recording time five showed recorded a one. Plots next installation of your direct TV in most situations. Plus two of the following three for free age DTV Blu-ray player. Or a hundred dollar visa gift cards Amaechi a repentance I'll listen to those 34 Furrey caught Allen today sites out who. It's 2625102725. To 6251027. Point five sight and sound solutions. In walker shut down the street. Again from masters east as its young serious. I'm scared Yardley Samberg are not you can't be serious he's and in negotiations well in contract talks with the Saskatchewan Rough Riders of the CFO. That's eager that's goes out for him came and sell tickets. Isn't watching in Canada you have I would tickets to watch him just to play. I'd better not sign him to play they're signing him missile take you play then he's got to play to Celtic is there and one recap from the NBA trade deadline what's our Milwaukee basketball in Saudi Gary Wolff four here in about the Bucs intentions we'll find out next on the Wendy's big show Reynolds Chevrolet studio. Yeah. Live M moments. Womack Thursday here on the Wendy's big show presented by masters he's checked them out at masters he's dot com for all year. Sports memorabilia. Man cave patio means masters he's. Dot com nominees this afternoon's. Maybe Josh Gary Sparky and umps are just maybe Josh and Gary. They are puppets for the rock and roll revolution in nominated foreigner. The right one with Cheap Trick Sparky wants Chicago among Led Zeppelin got one of those are your own creature artist. At 1057 FM the fan for your chance at a fifty dollar gift certificate to masters ease. In Waukesha. We're we're Zambrano. Tomorrow. Well the show starts today sure I'm headlining so I don't know how many comedians. I think there is four on the bill B sets me more yeah. It's a huge story but GGB don't we got and that's what 10 o'clock it's a great lineup and and I'm not descent and he did assignment and yes. In a game adamant one okay well I was a stretch as you notice how long it will be there when auto emissions. Super elegantly man for the job I could relate to the Aerosmith slug inspire the other one a miss a thing and I. He's right. It. Romero and you can you give bud out I bet lighting the showcase at the end of round clever to tomorrow grand avenue mall. India underground clever at first fifty through the darling an autographed recipe year are iBook from LeRoy Butler. They don't lose. Remy I mean who you were note I'd give in the U tomorrow early. Jurgen is that I absolutely going over there yeah I'm just gonna go home eat dinner and had over their god continue tomorrow sounds good. First fifty through the Dorgan not a day goes on from Ludlow missed just aren't. I'll try not to fill out his Gary locals autograph suppan keep an all those. This guys on the inside. It's time to hear from those. Basketball insider generally won't fool don't feel by the law offices book tour was full. Only on sports Radio One 057. And that dude that covers the bucks for the Racine journal times Racine sports zone that cabinets right here on the fan Gary Wolff or we just call might scare around these parts joins us now on the great midwest bank outline how far this afternoon Mike Garrick. I am doing very well. Gary do you know if the Bucs intentions whether in terms of whether that are not they be buyers or sellers changed at all with the injury of Jabari Parker. There's something like that is not and is certain that while ago aired in. You know. Then there's the surfboard toward Greg Monroe but I I think the priority. Yeah and we've been talking about that for years so will this what. If they'd you'd heard great country great little older is the fact is probably never been better. Grade you know decide to move them. When you have Clement when they're record interest. That I mean unless you give back a score your well parents are dead if you trade Greg Monroe you don't get back to score mean it's all done meet these you don't have enough scoring. Off the bench in order to make this all work or minerals the starting lineup that there there's just too much especially lately gaelic you set his stocks never been higher. He's playing unbelievably well on the offensive side of the floor right now. Yeah exactly millions. I would actually somewhat worked out since curt Wendell wouldn't get points we've been playable I want there's so. What about Tyreke Evans now go along what what about Jrue Holiday for. Yeah yeah that what I've probably listen now but by all indications that I've seen as Dawkins had no interest in moving drew holidays so. Or they'll move. You know of support or at midfield and great. You know blew it could putter went back I was in nab them put while married and so Republicans. Goes we've always. And how it is what really here I mean if the Bucs were some what to hit it that would that would. Gary with with Greg Monroe's level of play right now and and the market booming the way that it has in terms of NBA contracts the last couple years do you think he's worth more than the option he has on his contract or next year do you think he opts out. After the season is up. We are going to happen. What you know installed Milwaukee now. If he's traded. You know our mayor in years since he if it's all of our team. That there acquired him and prior work out some kind of a long term deal. Maybe not give so much each year. Well maybe to get 45 years to go on the contract so all that stuff with the we've negotiated before and so it. Gary back to Jabar a little bit out where I can be excited stated in his conversation they say is successful surgery. In a different doctor it proponent of the Donna McCarty on and ask him more about the ACL and all that. We're facing around well. Yeah occurred when they're very well it would them bill Colorado series the compact food than. The one who are performed surgery in your self the years they'll put. And yet accurate in bill Colorado as you know and then reconciliation he son. Of course of athletes from various sports and one of almost all the when he's on. But out of bed in this game who. Where Stephenson was very very connected to the you know it's Olympic hockey team in building facts through his salt. Eaton. Well done Sergio once you're on so that's how well. So what do we do this summer as far as his contract. So obviously. The teams probably won't do an extension. Music that I hate when people brought this twelve month thing about as realistic or now maybe is not Barrett. So do anything they would just let him be here restrictor create and it becomes banked or they just do nothing. Yeah good question I think there are gonna go the restricted route. That's why you have that clause district and so in the Chicago Bulls goal on them and so it was durable. Oh Max contract at that point. The Bucs can go back and say it won't match it in to change or Parker. What I thought Andre Drummond. In Detroit and that there aren't Bucs fans right away are going hang. Maybe you can talk van Gundy had to take him and Jabari Parker and I'm not been an air corps or something like that I had done is not a very laugh me here this sort. I so yeah I heard there and I heard there's no way Stanback Ghani straight for a player with two a broken up ACLs in the same knee. That close together I broke him was the extent realistically. Did Parker you can't move partner for anybody at this point. Now though it was the point nobody goes oh should. Under under the circumcision split. Al the world to see in the reaction. If you report that questions to have been good. Plus live very crazy he. You were inept school was there but you know I don't know if your answer out for. Probably to Florida hurt standard there and actually texted there aren't serious and stared. Edgar told them you know they're out or you're at least so that aren't. But those pretty till. Yeah very cool. Andrei Drummond he could be had by Boston right with all those picks. Our world of them by an outlet or combatant he'll be you know what it's like it was awfully segment. It out in the quality big back. Did. Yeah outside that there would be on the more equipment that point I do know our virtual Drummond and you do week. Yeah like it's ago I was went so soft out there. If it's some of you know whether you sense him news Sacramento for the mark scope. That I could. And oh. DeMarcus Cousins and Stan Van Gundy have you lost your mind at. Hey you know what he's. Pretty good group of guys army in the end have good reports players. Dwight how portables to each other a diversion or. What he went DeMarcus Cousins. There there have been a lot of players and coaches who have almost killed the stick it up. Their grip or being put. BMW's and admitted to a fault you aren't players notably he told him for a week it's total it's. You know we are now a lot of players appreciated. Appreciate that. Back on our Milwaukee basketball and senator Gary woeful for a few more minutes here on the Wendy's big show. Gary do you have anything Laura pointing at you a Dennis front as the reported at Joseph was fair okay. So again Jerry you're hearing anything about Jason kid's future a lot of people are wanting him fired I saw another about to what I saw another list about guys that are on the hot seat who's on the hottest seat in the NBA and Jason Kidd was right up near the top of the list I don't buy it I think he's safe and secure. In Milwaukee for the immediate future would you agree. Yeah to. A degree. Are but they're on the slopes we've seen so certainly. To India people and I respect. All old eventually it will come out sweets. And one at home thought that he could actually have been acquired while we all. And I have some thoughts from other people. They're able leave because Jason Kidd that three year extension. That they wouldn't do it and that they would want to being maintained continuity. You're tradition. Now there's also people up there that we believe that chasing kid could quit. That he just of the wannabes here in there and I heard that rumor where it where actually. What's or are what Steve pointed his displeasure. I announcer I really don't it would sit there and it would play very long. Bob wants a more veteran team and I mean I would think that they're young about that young but I told Sparky when he got to I don't think. Ultimately did a guy learned that top five point guards of all time his here to develop players guy almost. Well I am ready. I believe your war. For me that's where it's at that that step yet he has yeah artery key birdies but when it in the Yates. That it could and obviously you've become quote stood but. Over some serious from wouldn't well actually from. That's you can't play you know move and I'm. As our Milwaukee basketball and Saturday willful does where I was Stefano inside the Racine journal times Racine sports zone dot com wolf fools press box. Dot com on Twitter at Gary with an evil full read his column might care and we appreciate every Thursday when he joins us he'll join us on. NBA trade deadline day one week from today and we look forward to Garrett thank you very much. Darryl children's on the gray mid West Bank outline after eighty years of helping Wisconsin homeowners great midwest bank knows a thing or two. About helping you buy it build refinance or renovate. There's a great mid West Bank dot com they're ready when you are. Keep your car road reliable ready and save this one about going to one of the seven area repair shops on the Milwaukee area Napa auto Kenton Ohio association and they use only Napa quality bark and allow the name people I trusted since 1925. Held tejada. ASE certified during the month of February when you birds I want to have a premium. No Napa battery and haven't installed to get a mail in rebate form a new twenty dollar prepaid visa guard. Other pressure nears you just M I LWC. A. MI WCA art I've got to make sure to other email club have a chance to win free oil changes for an entire year a quick break what is did you baker doesn't carry him holds Czech open stupid joke it's.