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BIG SHOW 2PM: Are You Confused as Sparky is About the Bucks?

Feb 16, 2017|

02/16/17: The Wendy's BIG SHOW 2 p.m. Hour.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Yeah we've splash. No. On the masters he's WS SV sports updates studio are bill Schmidt masters he's and so it's a drive and Walker's shot in the bay shore towns around silver spring drive. Legendary fans gave we're family thought it still affordable first down that they have badgers today it's what you want and four overall but a three point dog tonight. They visit Ann Arbor and Michigan Wolverines with Johnson just a half game up in the Big Ten player of the year candidate he can help. Just an eight shot attempts the badgers only home loss to northwestern on Sunday. Did you are playing and terrorists they sent another defender to you. Probably so you to try and score through so basically if they're gonna take away mean I mean other guys gonna step up I trust do. There's a redshirt sophomore hats evolved through the badgers and wolverines set for 6 o'clock tonight on ESPN spring training Brewers in. Pitchers and catchers in their second full day of workouts today rest of the team will set to report tomorrow. Bruce first full team workouts set for Saturday a key position battle for Craig Counsell this spring was gonna catch and 2017 what did he say to the catchers yesterday and. Improve improve yourself this can't don't worry about kind of everything else that's going on focus on improving your game but memorial I mean there's a better baseball player. Things will take care themselves. Bucs have made it to the all star breaks that ninth in the Eastern Conference just three and half games back of the sixth seeded Pacers. To have back to the seventh seeded Bulls both teams are actually night football Dolphins set two or release. Left tackle Branden Albert India Mario Williams three more muddled about seven FM the fan outcome of they brought you by AJ is collectibles. Tired of moving around year old sports cards and collectibles or any other sports related items freer to AJ collectibles. Go by AJ collectibles your sports career headquarters 7201 west national avenue in west Dallas until script for Sports Radio. What about seven MM the Fam was alive and just be Smart for about twelve Olivier Emmitt online or about seven MM the fans dot gown. He's big show on a throw back Thursday I'm running back laugh along with the speed Sparky Phifer. Former packer and badger running back Gary Ellis was at LeRoy Butler walking into it yeah no Belmont park not built Michael White House let's hope. The whole thing shall outside 2 o'clock in rob it's I am in the passing attack. Not just you rob is burning if you guys aren't here what dale dusty Robby is burning like you he's excited about nonsense for four hours you said you're a big audience. Well bigger that I think a lot of people might think I still get people now we're like we're debris background his birdie of like that I do a radio show that's better than that. Great debates from two to six run to log onto Zito had a lot going on that show that you could you back in on Saturdays and they'd Max. It. Obviously way to know we can't make it like a weekday general we cared. Oh yeah I passable I mean it's gonna break up the big show RB don't open history of the week earlier it's doing him yet. Now I want in a rough. Sit out to be back full time producer touching a zero full time did not want to run low lights now we're not interrupting for on the bench around me not. After for a although you could do it lead up to like chalk and now morning. And tired we got a lot to get to retrieve God's sakes enough of this nonsense the big Sherri going nowhere and neither are my Vince Beagle. Badgers linebackers got invited to the come by and he during this at 235 what. Before the trade deadline Milwaukee basketball insider Jerry woeful joins us at 335. And doctor Brian McCarty from mid west orthopedic specially hospital. They'll tell us what you torn ACLs means. For Jabari Parker when he joins us at 4 o'clock but speaking of Jabari Parker in the box or use confused as Sparky is about your Milwaukee Bucks 7991250. Or email us live at 1057 FM the fan dire economic you know spark if you've been listening to show for any amount of time. He always knows what did what the local teams should do Sparky always has a plan for what he thinks the team should do especially. The Milwaukee Bucks who are as he he proclaimed his favorite team of all his bit of all his sports teams the Bucs are his favorite team. -- lunch today is Ed spar he just heard too as he goes man I don't. The week before the trade deadline I don't know what the Bucs should do I have no idea what the Bucs should do with one since do you not know what the Bucs should do you always have a. And and plays hard most polls show the idle time since argues Bucs quickly tonight at six tonight at six I'm still confused and as far as what to do with this roster because they like it did you buy Parker injury just threw everything into will all fall on Luke and yeah it did yeah and it. I I don't know what to do we will organize the answer so hill tells what do you what they should do at the trade deadline but I don't have any answers will reward you do. I'm a yeah. God and and yeah. I look at for a station that forward and was confusion. What secure yeah it was the confusion could take half hour but I'll try to explain go out we got. So words do it if you decide you want to tank. Which I don't which which I don't wanna do I do if I know you do if you decide you want to tank then Munro is traded Beasley is traded. And you traded for whatever you can get second around Phoenix future panics and expiring contracts whatever. If that's what you want to do then that's how that has to be done to trade him. If you decide. That. No playoff experience is best. I'm fine with that too to a degree. You know I'm fine trading off assets that aren't long term mail fixtures delve adult fine go ahead and try to trade Hansen for over a year. I'm sure he grew up for you do nothing more than just to trade him be done with it vs hearing about it forever most of you want to movements and go ahead you wonder that have that it. You want to trade some of these other guys that's fine. All I'm saying is. I I don't think I want you to go for yet. If you know what I mean at the deadline I don't want you trading up trading first round pick in Nixon and making some big splashy trait doc I'm not trying to get down with all that. While trying to get down with. By is trying to get through the second half of the season. Be around 500 years into the playoffs and go from there. That's what I would like to see happen but I'm not willing necessarily. To sacrifice the future for all run now meaning. Gary I don't wanted to buys hairs JJ Redick trade. Don't do that again I don't wanna sacrifice future for some old guy now to try and help you get to seven or eight seed that I'm not willing to do. To Bulger is never in a rule we thought he was. Right. JJ Redick was crap. And a half a season that's what we down you know that's a big difference other than posse being real straight tribe type bias Harris later. For something future wise pick wise yeah. W Orlando and it up but again I mean if you look U I don't make an ideal. Orlando then ended up where what happened with Orlando to buys here's the deal did destroyed rightly as he should yeah. Acumen as a traitor for. Is big dog don't like hearing but it was a great solace like your body of the thoughts of bars or as can be an all star in the whenever their player can't I. What I'm telling you I'm pretty sure they got better arrests and JJ Redick for half a season. That's all I'm saying I could have got something younger something bide time that thing all aside and done instead awarded each year. I don't know I don't love Detroit does he a much of anything any of their trade from Brazil the trail Orlando hasn't got much. There was a trade on of their own high goals were I mean. Me and I guess your exercise a point by com we're talking about players storms matters. There. Symmetry for the future for the present your outline calm. Jabari doubt might be one thing I've done wood who. I'm good with the books right now registered prayerful 147 I'm not Alter the data entry guys for expiring contracts. Former box Ersan Ilyasova and Brandon Jennings and a three former Bucs Allman. Enough and that's not a bars there's. Really thought it was more mentally. He showed flashes of being Warren right a lot of guys do there round in a larger. I'll admit I fell for it. I thought is going to be pretty good melodies make it here too much he's Megan. Seventeen point two million dish owner street 69 X your fourteen point eight Orlando. Gave him that contract thinking is going to be somebody's 23 years old horses dulled over him he's only 23 or so ago. Nine and an attitude and couriers. I mean. Is it an act of us are just 23. It's still artist when he won got assist when he two days as you go on January like it any better after point 30 not as well okay. If you you're right on Jennings at nineteen years old so I'm not consider an argument you want to buy those are over at all star ball. You grade your dad's orders and he doesn't have any. Reasonable thoughts because his guys hurt. Now it's an ordinary crime. Guys and you know Marxist I Steve. I think that you make the playoffs. Without Jabari. I think militant. Other universities are from here you saw it last night I think your signaled and you better as the season progress. Little Roy want him a lot of young it's kind of boring the day the air he wanna more he would Puerto forty extra law. But he put a forty. I've figures seem a lot of yards. Right now Monroe I think you get more out of Monroe a year apart you gear so you are is. There anything. If that's who I'm indefinitely Monroe is. Mean we thought mark roe was going to be better word. Was in and we favre's go home guys you know. Drummond was Drummond. Got Monroe played the majors where. He has. Caution when Dowling Drummond got on a team hot. He produced more when Drummond wasn't on the team the needed one Drummond was you have wedges so I probably when you thought laws old warrior argue would say yeah. I'm saying offensively yeah drumming hit a lot of flaws you have Barbie but I think we're going to be okay. I think their make a playoff from grew with that. And enough because I think they need to experience so what are they gonna do and if you're the box and your John Hammond what are you trying to Don Imus actually. Uniting mounts an art. Our lawmakers give her some more minutes. We sought at last night right. An amateur it is ROC cars and arm baker folks on or Charl look at their dolce. What do you mean when Kyle what do you mean planning a 10 this germ. Are you Deion is in on me Kevin Garnett stuff other city OC honest and thought maker not a concern OK okay ever Garner star yet although he has been. NC. Total who I think the odd maker could be in this little offset the same gullible and back to know oh and it occurred to me the other day because you traded he's been out of the headlines and grin and where he even was books Serge Ibaka. About it big body play our defense by an outside shot by problems and make an all star he was in Orlando in the yet got hit by that. But not here longer an air he's not. He's not in their rare for our air worry that your issue. Budget which is saying about yeah shoot yeah. I yeah again it down there. But he's not in that rare for our Bears. Arms. He's not in there would care currently honest is on the verge of being. After LeBron has done the best player in anything. God in that group. Thing now but I didn't know if you will you say. It hurt our second. About our. And wouldn't and his kids might as well LeBron movies com. It's an. What is it is the residents. Who have sent him whispered in re I don't know. It is in the NBA as in the Eastern Conference Welker who no matter of birdies to cover right now roar. Now. Tomorrow when the bright and bring the hot takes to the children. And she had to stabbed to. And talk about oh. Our job. And the delay and pretend you don't know about we are well. And that long knob. For four and we're gonna be wrong about you about this time about things in the past but you know it's just. You just below the art fairs is now just a second ago to barter and one we're our own and the other day. That I did today and Tuesday as I've I've Astrid Ted Thompson to go out and signed free agents and on most of them I was wrong don't three out of it knowing the those are the three that I remember that in three in the last days. We're thankful ball wagers you. What not to hit the ball about half your. And it's. A bit and then be bad and you get some. Alone. Blown out and well enough is enough that's it I said. Unfortunately I'm gonna if the definition. Is a new job this guy in a bar or Malcolm's your on the gyrating laugh about it yet to repeat. Rios yes. They were in. LeRoy yes yeah I wanna be bad mental Seymour are you going to go home take I think Atlantic classic. Got about another bomb maker. But this is this is the thing that you get into it Giants I think even this do these are the RIP and this is. This cycle dates you give in to. Of not winning. For a long time. You do and you turned fairly now it feels like fuel is trying turn a little bit but you turn into was is that despair. Seeing the same as senator Kohl I think a scenic and double and throughout south Philly is starting to see delighted by the time they are right there if you are. And to get a new guy and he got to put us all knowing what you have your degree in business and Cole is in these years that your arm. You're not bring him in agent veterans. Eight in them but because they hear it even that thing handled reform. To report. Ages eight. Steve you'll hear me arm and a I told Johnson he begin one. And it doesn't matter should know you don't Roy is a pure serve right it doesn't mean I. How does he would have bought and I yeah you saw things start I. I don't know it didn't blow at that lets them I don't top Brit I commit so it's. But obviously did while back he wants about which. Crows she's. At a jump. Out that RB got shot value. Give credit. Calm and it showed our underground collaborative. You can't help but details about FaceBook page or Robby is tweeting about analyzing how many cheers you up. Some. Still he's not knowing I can cheer Muppet BW and only those we'll see you gotta. Garbage are hundreds covered shall we Ewing done that you knew where it rolled all the attack him. Labored every single men and everything but delivered even. But bring that we don't do that right on you you're out there audience that the clock. New tell you I'm good and at times. Tell me. About these things don't go to broad through these things out. Mean how can you just and this bed and call me after originally originally gonna joblessness and those who. Didn't. The girl but what do you say it's gone breaking you know ignore them. I'm getting so tough to shore tomorrow and tell me if my son up. Instead he's an. Are broadly equitable and everything he's got I'd never delivered. But it does mean Saddam. On the to stud just regular been should penalties and my. I don't. I don't know. There's hope the best out there but he's he got to that was. Cause he knows chipped up putted let's go to. Go about it until they have a son about to that you don't go your putter looks to -- -- our lineup after restricted to the Dorgan not a draft cookbook from Laura boat on nine count c'mon you want to get to aren't there you go are you confused as Sparky is about the longer on 79 nod off immediately or you can email us live at 1057 to read the Giants county judge somebody here that's all we. Well great because first we have to do when it's against veteran Kerry isn't as scary how Wendy nix look at Sterger too close study are read now she's up there. The ABC Audi native left center yesterday moment ought. She red which enables me black skirt. Reassure a note one of vice Versa I really describe to listening audience which is very it's a blue one piece skirt three quarter length sleeves hair is down and like cream colored heels is no different girls because I knew as new Kong. What to heels yeah. On goggles Durham coast league's. As the from the rest of us here and I think that's just a letting here Elena play a little bit. Not that armpit is darn modicum. Think she split up the pit I don't know if you don't ever just like starting at the armpit although I doubt if I won couple months I'll call it out and got biggest just a letting. To gather wood and it's looking she's. Yeah yes brush your two in. Get a game tent. Marquee guys it too easy greatest 'cause when in excellent in ones based on when he next right. Yeah probably posted nine who have really and maybe hurt her. That's our almost daily segment. What your were your legs order. Yeah housing we talked about that by the way people Tony that there is some called body oil when we're talking about at all that's what they do yeah. Audio you can be shining on decisions being. As you'll grow so that's not really excellent and they brought you nearly every day by ABC audio video home entertainment simply done right off at ABC. Audio video that job sparking for was doesn't have a plan for the Milwaukee Bucks are you as confused as he is 79920 picked your email us live. At 1057 FM the fan doc I'm in the Wendy's big shall be right back with Aerosmith preakness out of the break on a throwback Thursday. And. The only only known. Oh yeah. Presented by bastards the what is it like their next week between here artist at 1057 FM the fan with the hash tag big throwback fifty dollar gift certificate. Two masters he's not elaborate now Gretzky you. Are you as confused as mark is about the Milwaukee Bucks for the first time since I've known him about a dozen years and Sparky doesn't have a plan for one of our local teams 799 well maybe. Or email us live it. And seven FM the fan down now. The video to the sun is Austin you run daycare. Cook. Who coach pat Sheridan. They want him dubious as a go to who's done as good for the was due to. Eras group I'm. Steven Tyler's a lead singer barest. He would get back again and again this entry today he recently and his solo country them and give me Elden was hand critically. Chanting. Widely criticized. And yet. You never heard that. Yeah. On the way he can just keep it together real well and half on me. Before we get your calls us let's go around the horn quickly with our nominees for a throwback Thursday it was last week maybe Todd Wellemeyer the rock general revolution is there a solution month this week and gosh I am going to train candidate. Foreigner yeah mine all. My parents' wedding anniversary this weekend who's favored man and force that's not that's that are a roller Lucian nominee and Nogueira who would you like a foreigner as well cholera here and there is also up it. Or LeRoy Butler who you liked it here. Uh huh go cheap treat it just went into the rock and roll hall of fame of the in house and let planner after a long. Sparky. Who would you like to hear him as well. Need to borrow. Yes or. Do you like it is like for Gary as strong bone. Madison yeah and Kerry Kerry. Yeah icon. It's by Ian I don't know about them ago. For Chicago well above KK and about. About your corner and him and you know our league. On this you know as discount or another cam and it gave me that I broke back there is a scenario nominees foreigner Cotchery oh man just play all. To each artist and a 57 FM the fan with the hash tag in immaculate all yield and you can win a fifty dollar gift certificate to masters he's getting better at saying certificate. It's been a tough one for me ID say memorabilia maybe touch the bodies they memorabilia emerald Helio thank you let's go to trial on the nor is that you're the Wendy's big show it's a drought. I love Kraft. Probably a certain degree was sparking. Little uncle Rick did not know I don't know what I want just came to do. I was pushed. Also today which. He would pick. On of them getting another pick. Because of the Jabari. Situation because it's a spotter. Didn't happen a tank when Dave Roberts and guard who never get a chance to direct Tim Duncan and and you never know five championships and war you know. Not. Open it that they weren't up to me I'll probably be able adamant it's worth about what are the current trek. Overall a better is and the guy who just wanted to get all of that my young player looking to get men and developed they give me and other. Larry Craig and a really good draft the one they say pride in the best of to a Bora Carmelo Drexel had to go that way. Corner where it. It's not like you're not confuse it all you gotta play and thank you. Did I plan put put out I don't want to make I won't be as. Until you break rigid in most games this year. A bit took a blow Barbary. I'm may not like they're still young dumb and I think that we I don't know man don't go away for young women so much in this very town we see. These flashes from the UV you know player isn't so and it paid a step ahead of quarters vote. That's true I seen that that's what's going on got to read this or run out for are things they threw I agree with as a Zach was going down. They brought everybody they just you know. Home. Are due to a lot. A lot. Militants used to. It checked. You make an issue to be doing. I could be doing that Michael richter into and Steve. Your talks because. I like it starts ago. You mind that and it was a mile Allison. That's forty years wiser because while when Elvis that's a huge thing and I'm proud for awhile mouths shut out yeah because and he said Cubs like ten times of because obviously doesn't attempt to miss that this was going to be so America Carol. I. Because those are out of -- it's. And I I just think. Went to him about you get Snyder and right now. Would you talk of ugly word basketball whoa where we'll blow like this that led let Larry liberal. Oh man just doesn't. Parties and this and that just Q is it real. Yeah drag you. That's a lot less save I can Islam drop and on the interstate and you can do and relied a move in uniform zippy the kiss what did you. That's all mothers out there where we got Victor got Vince Neal coming up to 35 and asked him back to linebacker Ian Wright you know dugout are like Wesley coming I like him. That's big yes known as you lot. Miller yes. More than DJ why yes why are still yet to they're able. To tell him idol. I don't think Eagles for TJ lot. What would residents. Sparked recruiting benefit for you don't say you wanna bet on it hasn't done. Or reasonably clear things up for you and are you any less confused and you were at 2 o'clock. Now a right there we just embarrassed for even what Terrelle said you still. Laura that you're ultimately he's continued I don't know it's an arrogant and the plan though like if used flourished. This was his plan or you knew that. I was pushed yeah what we mean I don't make a decision I'm trying trade dead wood. Oh don't know. That is new nickname that would while there's a little Boca to light and it shed wooded Dolan though gently yeah. I would trade some of the that would pieces even influences for second round picks when I don't care just to get rid of contracts and as ever imagine if this peninsula half thanks we really don't. To spark is still confused about the Bucs if you're confused about where to go to bank are Gary Ellis and we'll clear that up Torii quickly. My original stressing about it just Marty couple questions or. Marginal stressing Gundy. Round doll yes Garrett. Girlfriend or marginal president and and we you know you'll get the best deal and the only bill to program now and are delighted to formula. Agassi's columns mean some spear has that effect on people. It. There. Are. The needs some salespeople. Looker for sure of people what they pay income. Well I know today you really don't have to so economy more do they need to hire. To lose their people. As soon as possible. They would train new you don't need experience a day and compete yeah due in touch of mugger phrase. Over in my Jewish RC hardly common good friend Jay and Richards. He'll help you out there gates started go to show you demy originals tries to do weigh on. How. To. Mary Martin and how to CO the best product. In the world my original structure Gundy looking at our software is or street just north of Carter. And Spiegel former batters linebacker headed to the NFL come by and headed to the Monday's big show next and holds Chevrolet studios. That shows a throwback Thursday. With Aerosmith Arenas out of the breaks it's presented by masters east we'd be like here next week at 1057 FM the fan with a half tank big throwback gonna talk. The former badgers linebacker Vince Beagle and just 12 speaking of the badgers. Batters men's basketball fans proper jogs your pizza party headquarters every badgers game day and that's today. You get 50% off all regular menu price pizzas when you order online just clicked Papa Johns dot com enter the promo code badgers fifty. That's badgers 50450%. Off pizzas at Papa John's. Dot com and as I said joining us right now on the great midwest bank Catalan former badgers linebacker. Vince Beagle missed extra few minutes I do this afternoon meant. Or order here are understanding got an invite to the NFL scouting com Biden how exciting was that for you. Are definitely excited I got that the com buying shortly after. The Kumble. On January 3 so. You're definitely excited and that kind of next chapter in my life I was in should agree who are your pursuit continent. And what literally transition into account Byron in the play in their B it was stroke is slower than. You'll and the heart work our program in the class. Mark a lot of people question how much the the come bind translates to actual football how different is it for you preparing from the come by and compared to how you've just practiced and prepared to be a football player throughout your life. Yeah awards and you know battle comment on the road so there. Oh count sort out part of our reason another and not pitcher so. No other. You know come artwork in here all others should go to a knows all aspects that you got to attack and here for me out of the year honor at that distance. Type of training. During her combat vs training for awful all you know but I'm a molasses green out here and act those. In cheers and all that unbelievable experience. And their neighborhood there are some are struggling Cotchery. Praise from you cost less close. ATC. Packed slow. A small school days school social events are awesome experience here so more. Or what about from the process of getting ready for those interviews that happen at the com mine and getting right to the questions that are going to be asked getting way for them wonder lake test. That's episode the mental aspect of things ha how does that work as far as your agent and there are people getting you ready for this. So you know big victory. All the psychological things all of physical training. All are opposite field is in Malaysia actual you read your arms Kirsch orchard ordered ash all the shuttles. But what are for but so also bring oh by people like are people who. Have conducted a psychological manager Eric how Michaels or they really put us or terrorists they Eric have a polish to stop and understand what you know apple is looking for a below what you expect so. Really nice throughout the kind of advantage of out of four years five and the exit juices here are those. You know obviously you we got a what six guys going inviting going to become about all you guys trying to string together or separately. All we're all trained separately. And all his aquarius you guys soldier shall. All earlier and also let it but Lee at most so. Aren't Cuellar if you Bears or scream at us and Summers the coaches and embarrassed and brought clarity. I'm sitting out here I was in San Diego and mentioned RT OR ran Ryan Grant Jerker archer you know places so. Your alternative locations under different people put. You know we're all batters and all will be crucial one the count my. So what are you hearing so far. About where you may be taken. You know what I've I've heard a lot of different things referred. You know peoples and now anywhere from. A late or late first or ever guys all sports are out there. For me it really don't matter who you are you commoner yet you don't. Really had a dramatic yeah. Exactly exactly. See it. There's people who army in the regulations are people who. Edgar pre game Obama light. And that's a huge. Honor a computers. Pocket might who what to expect from the players' well. Armor publicly alarm alert how much of a player who I let my. Almost feel like talked worked girl's. Overall were the guys whether undrafted. You know I'm for starter whether Ahmad Starks are it doesn't matter of being humble go out Sharks are. Leroy Young of course in formula early get our deal on the show I mean that's what is all of that's what is all about. We finally get RS did not in robotics answered all his guy I'd want it. Come in and talk about. We had a little bit on the show I tell you about it later but it's about we are when they ask you in these interviews. About injuries. It's a tough game. It's a tough game enough I'm working hard I just need opportunist on Rodney out take it from there. Are you come or injuries you're saying yeah well all the circles right right every every football player born in the confines. Had an injury right right exactly are more me agent like they're the biggest thing for us. It to be honest and up front are your means so there I. Obviously they're checking out or injuries but also check out her you lot are really up Ron and I look injuries. What's the one thing that Vince Beagle needs to work on and become mine right now as you're getting ready to go that. They're saying if you improve in this area at the Tom mind whether it be strange. Forty time or whatever that could help you address that. They were sued two periods earned DuBois aka apart is my lawyer to actually every player. Going into become aren't we want to put on those or. That's our cedar important especially at linebacker. I expect to await linebacker want to target. And act on an excellent would be. Leon to be physical I'll have a good bear trap or some reps patched odd look very strong and that's when Herschel. Strong ideological soul. I think earlier scouts. And fixing it looked for our is it's or here to Ashe. Obvious psychological and how you do in the summer Ohman are a talker all part Gil has an old and I normally. Are very strong in all those areas as well Koppel there. And then you know they want to you do your cervical and history are strong on the bench press what's your goal for the forty yard dash what time are you trying to yet. You know I'm I'm you know I I had a number of mine and I'll keep that artful what do. I are still very strong about forty arbitrary and I hear it for an hour oh Madonna did time and I. I actual honor and a track. Background so Koppel our forty but I thought their wanted to create or look at like guys and also have our present. Your parents and this is something. Whatever I'll say this every guy entry list entirely. And this process. All at once I mean like this process well. For me he very stressful I'm lot of it is. I'm really trying to embrace and try enjoy all you know understanding will be other guys tastes just. Just just got re going to turn engaged. Lot of different Sheen like I'm. Well I won't lower where where where we were. You just got engaged. Demilitarized around us tiger make sure you OK and I give millions aground. Like I found the disease sudden platinum because I don't what you did no trouble man I mean you good good. Good. Thought my gosh. About on him bigger racquet or. And I like this Q I'm adopted him yeah we know what you're in cigarette and watch a girls insert embassies creepy. Grant what do you do out of it or not make stuff up a candidate. This albeit we talked to you dad before case that we will the guys who we went big time badger you know. Fans here yeah it is a lot of talk about linebackers do played in the 34 position real quick and you're to have to follow up question yes I think one bit if it's you. That you complain either. 34 or worrying for you all going to know here of course there is ready to I think that's why you guys and dropped or take. You know certain gassed and all they play inside I think that kind of slot should. Home yeah there are very you can play all four position on the 34 and you complain of war three in the middle of outside. I think that kind of value. Is to resume more and you write about these draft only draft mock drafts don't pay attention that it. You have to pick to do what you see in the mirror and I think you'll be 508 years. One alas won't let you go on here. You looms. Dave around we'll cross comes then and now our defense corny will be Jimmy littered. What what will be the difference between Leonard Wilcox in a random Howard Jimmy do a different. Yeah you know obviously it was a and I had a three defense is coordinator Ed. Years. Chris asked our first Jesus out of him Aybar there went Miranda and then Allen took a little cotton. And you know I and the one thing that remain the scene that we remain car and all that was. Was strong they are your defense you know and sure even have three coaches. I'd multiple position coach is. Strength coaches and I think really throw all out of bounds. In my for an accurate your readers discuss them. Was a paltry. I can't remain the same and I talked about that a lot and cultural content cure than any world country and you guys. RX and you guys better our country and yes and well the program. And understand that. The badgers football books and their end you know we don't have. The lecturer at four art star guy or the place he really active all our guys and that release. Stepped on the culture and that really culminated. On cereal presently he was in the lead down and you know I think whether it's. Just look art here and or now we have Leonard. Of their foundation golf walks have a goal that term you know. I think back in you know I think they understand to rest assured. That they're great hands watching letters it is very passionate. Are just a great coach is probable player. And I think you'll stick around that problem for a long time. That is Vince being the former badgers linebacker is headed to the NFL first the scouting Tom by congratulations Vince can tee losing events this junior golf. Or. Melky golf. Do you golf is what is this in again. And your. Dad did you did you hit that ball. Well. Here. Ago Vince thank you very much meant continued success and good luck at become bunt. Anytime ultimately it that it's. Eagle joins us on the great midwest bank allied after eighty years of helping Wisconsin homeowners great midwest bank knows a thing or two. About helping you by pro what's the build refinance our rent a bit of room there's a great mid West Bank that job they're ready when you are getting. Minnesota would have to be the forward they don't hit the clicks greatest stepped on his kids probably aren't strongly and I and 00 loss would you. So yeah. Against Atlanta up flat and interview yeah knows what saying he picked up -- at the break please it was. Do things I think you know they know do things deeply is a little regard services do. Gators don't really off fire but the next up deleted and who there's tooting I know I pointed out nosed Steelers. Guys have played Wisconsin. A blessing our idea our guys are you people aren't you worried you appeared the play for the badgers always does that look to tell everybody else man. We do it so well with three star players we don't need cold or five star player we were well if there's ever a year ago. How much better your program what he did you coach for. Joseph greased out that not apply and who. Would like 51. Group all and. For par servers are rivalry or silent man going to come down to his regular probation for either won't be drag me back Roddick I don't. Don't you move god and and he went back got it and made Max. There's all I've classic small pay edge against bigger one Immelman who aren't the second thing should decent meal they're going on ideally well yes sir none. They follow he'll help the program needed to name a couple for a mixture to go about it the more you win a championship umpire that I turned to a good. This thing is this. Well he's done then you. Ask you for us yeah. Well wide receivers at Georgia why running backs errors are again corner. But I guess. We don't it legible what was the business beat yeah yeah. Speak we're. It's all about. So. Much slope like. Let it matter. You know either love. Or Republicans wanted to burger to weasel like Lambert. Indian and you only to you want to. You. Remember on rumble you look good you don't it's been holed out don't you. All the way. Out. There. Oh well hold on. Still have to watch supposedly glory you don't want DuBois and admitted. It. And that's been done like. This. I want to push the game out in our. I. When we were led a great break. Well I didn't talk for salon yet so fast break and turned it up a quick break the other side didn't pay to be creeped by and I want guys who are these big show the whole Chevrolet studios. There are they presenting my masters being. Aerosmith agree it's not the Braves are Robby back laugh a lot with Steve Sparky vibrator to former Packers Gary -- and and LeRoy Butler. Did you find love on Twitter Rio loves seven dad died trumpet. Or you can email us live at 1057. FM the fan back Tom wondered on Twitter shot his shot and he. Young men to it'd at number 44 female tennis player in the world Jeannie Bouchard to. After she picked the Falcons to win the super ball. He said look the Patriots win. When you go on a date with me and sheet she agreed to it and they indeed did did go on a date last night they went to the Brooklyn nets game sat front row. And do it real cool like you didn't seem impressed at all that he was there with their -- the very attractive young lady. She paid for everything on the day and they they appeared to have a good time she's tweeting up pictures of them. In the limo before and after the game giving him a kiss outside his apartment building. After the game. And a masculine enough to say is he's a good looking young man is good looking young dude. And got a date with apparently you. Was his dream girl and I don't know if they're going on a second date when she seemed smitten in the video clips that I son shouldn't wouldn't put tendered. No this is on Twitter not tender Twitter. Mood and can you find true about Twitter 7992 infinity of our email us live at 1057 FM the fan daka. A belt as day we met on Twitter was trending the -- day we met on Twitter was everywhere try to yeah 'cause I Sochi to Rivera 200 I think she did yesterday yeah. So that's a thing or you want to see a picture camera camera is I think I guess yeah here. Gary. If you think you can find true love on Twitter while ago. No Bryant Park from hook up to her. Don't know barker. You know what somebody. Is meat and somebody on social media at now days ago why is an Italian manager I don't that's how I met my. Girl she's slid in to my idioms old yeah. You ever hung with the image is by the report or none are you know legislation that's what she told yet imagine if you could end up. Think Leonard yeah things that we're good thing. Eddie Guerrero who makes the first move hobby I did she make that move but another dude I know right you beat his soccer ball for right. The president be happy. 447. At 91250. Quite on my parade meant a beloved manager and well. A look at some yoga. I don't know what that is not low on us about the room alone from Dowd did the two women from Q you for an. Won't work at a -- here for Ahmad Chilean LO phi seven the fan yeah I slid into. And then some six Twitter handle IDM's back in the Dayton Twitter is a perfect spot align your shot up and take. He did take Shaq he's we talk about Lowe Burnett Lowe are shocked no kidding you files logo toward. Then on India and economists. I don't I never even check my game. But it feels that they're a little. 999. Have natural and it. Was there has been to a meeting somebody on Twitter or Tinder or bumble or any of these other dating ads that are out there you were betting. True that there more batted on Twitter. Not find out more about somebody on Twitter than I cannot Tinder king go back and chopped it out loud and I where they're not necessarily try to impress anybody or put anything out there and find out a lot more about somebody on Twitter menu can't non tendered his people aren't true art. Lying cat fishing right everything else on tender you on where you can get an idea of what a person is. It's heart tardy all the way has embedded site. If you do a site and people painful. There's a site called you okay. Like match dark guy yeah that's Danny. Could you summarize paying. Of heat for it is just Twitter wrote free yeah you rolled that 'cause you may get some sneak yeah. Golfers to who'll go KS he's created a link to a website called round your fund dot com slash Twitter crush Omar and you click on it. And it's essentially Twitter you know who's your Twitter crush and then there's like Twitter crush my top tweets twit com buying love calculator. You have mall president Wednesdays and scored like yeah about it though. Did I didn't match before he life. Yes like how that blogs like six months. And you it's a strong betting says. String did that in the certainty when president soul and all of toward period there's no written and you got to live demo work could you can be can't finished. Think you care you're terrible or you can be kept as we can't finish. Anywhere in yeah. Tony can find out more about who person is on Twitter than you can on those dating site is just one body look now. After looking for love. If you look at our hooked up yet you are known just what they look like you're looking for and looking for a relationship. You want to just know what they look like it starts with what they look like command and allow about that. I know you go on this thing on you tread lightly but nobody is tread lightly. She understands the show that's part of what I love but I don't think you can pile I think you can get set up and where he gets shut up anywhere I know where. To stick with the shooters in particular. I think you can really hear messed up because you don't know what people's intentions on could really. What are you is that you cannot cannot tell me anything different about Twitter wise any worse or better than any of those sites you're talking up that's compared to Matt OK compared to Matt. Mets in the history at this compared to Twitter. What do you give people what you want them to know same thing on match met you give people something about you that outlines LeBron what you want them to know you don't out of gas from forty. A 43 M dash okay. So most guys around that age don't say and you would email what's what are. You just you don't you'll open up from zero. You make your career here where it didn't want you to where you want me and sixth being. The guy and so you're just narrowing it down yeah that you're death part of okay you tell him what you light. What tour do you just trolling do you seized oh I like here. She set their own topic come. She Latin because I'm on a show welcome I. Don't broke out don't get troll is going to be right. That's only thing about it we're a match in about the mine is about aligning with some I had the same. Ideology is mean. Listen there are all true earlier troll. Not as much as got to have a person that I'm older yes but you got. Yeah you could use be viewed it that isn't very good people. So. More of the jumping you're the and say. Like Jose is a liberal deals and Zelda Brock yet and he's real quiet he he's a great he's one of my best players in the building. But he's not out there officially opens up like when he affair Nomar out here right to videos by zero because it's. He ain't trying to set up an odd it's just. Yeah. After differently and now I'm reluctant asking about the go extreme and not sewage right. He's one of my best brand because he has a way of looking he's a nice guy he's not out trying to go for old girls are not trying to. Margarine or how do you are right on the sample Witten and avoid European before they don't hear him every day. It doesn't always sort of a catch cut me. What you you got it right yet it was good to see that not to be fair to be there. The vetting process to me Steve. Most guys could most if you got a person that I used. You breaks up to detail multilevel jumping media I first got picked up even follow them and get in your idea. You have to follow it just I'll probably Julia. So Gary knows all the legal follow what kind of stereo on and on his third double digit I don't follow some goodies and that I lie that with you. You know they may just be you know the top years bomber changed up don't be easier to do is on FaceBook or instant well. I got asked the same thing don't why don't you got a nasty and that happens to the other Gephardt not a social media made in here on his desk. Web based book. You'd have the same thing is that the good mar betting. There's not a lot of us they. Demps should be. There's not a lot of fake account that you can accede to Paris you see the history of it you can see comments. So you feel more alive to what don't think it. Does not that you other little males. Gentlemen like Stanton you could go to into grandma data show it to you property. Don't go to gym you jump into. In not into it im daylight big hit you back although I like him good looking guy let me see what his job is bullying. And you today OK let's see what happen here. And boom boom all of a have. Slipped when it's not like it's a Graham is easier than to enter. I took all the same no asthma. In terms of meat no women only dudes it's all the same you women that you mean and that all okay. Where is a better chance that you didn't marry a fallen into. Will win meant and meant it Q can you need to know it just got crazier and. You haven't given me one distinction on the tape yet except that you can narrow it down by what's your preferences are fast but as far as far as if somebody slid into my DM staff and their intentions if they slid into my DMs vs matched or hinder our bumble or FaceBook you or ends to Graham. There is no different given pointed out one difference to me yet tried that you've been talking for twelve minutes Earvin said one thing about. You've until the fifth at four and now is I'm listening I'm listening you hadn't said one thing at that tight. Bubble one man dead jumping NB a do we all agree with that what's it does bring that on Ashe did you do different I don't I'm tell you what. Oh woman I want what's it. We sure it is yeah yeah yeah yeah. There's a big if it opened up about it which would. Right but would match you only gonna go to people that ally Mata but are trying to find out what type of person your game. And if you try to find out what type person you're getting yet what am I gonna find out about somebody on match other than what they're looking for. What I'm looking for your other than what they're looking for what am I gonna find out on match that I won't find out on Twitter went on Twitter. You've sort of a well rounded perspective of who that person is what their interest are what they look like Anthony etc. it's sector and I and you get the same thing I'm mad you get the same thing until you get the same thing I'm bubbly at the same thing I'm faced you can get the same thing on it's the Graham run on just not help you. Hit to differ thank you so much you petty. You pay for you 84. You'll probably always hated or loved that's when you get up. You can't allow that you can't let the opportunity. That I thought about it they'd like so Q can I do for her listed difference. What really you also win so yet to paid a fine low within. How all of golf OK. I don't know if you're ready go aha and no job right. You do you. You don't have no idea she listened to the show she like my personality she thought I was funny but you looked in my picture she thought I was cute she accidentally let him is doing that. Ever after should answer and I think I've been here is that the new doing I'm not so I'm not taken a personal argued you not to do it. You taken a defense to. I'm in what I did did anyone viewpoint you're taking another descent not to do with me yeah made one valid point because you know listed I'm listening to you loud and clear mandate our trap door again track are we're eight minutes late for brain but do it again not back and hold and not make a point again McEnroe aren't. You hold it would aren't an old inaudible Greg Greg got to get upset I'm not all that man I'm Winfrey to make a point of the weaker Greg will do that to get him. On Twitter or do you have to pay 47991250. Or email us live it went 057 FM the fan back now.