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Heilprin: Doesn't seem like Hayes, Happ, & Koenig are having fun

Feb 16, 2017|

02/16/17: Zach Heilprin, Reporter for 106.7FM/1670AM The Zone in Madison, determines whether the Badgers Men's Basketball Team is trending downward.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Badgers coming up tonight they're going to be taking on Michigan. And A here to talk more about that and the race to the post season. Zach Howell print reporter for one of six point seven FM in 1670 AM the zone in Madison Zach welcome back I even invite. And your grip at all and so this team heading in the bag in heading into the game against Michigan tonight no Bronson caning. Is this team right now peaking. Or trending down or just kind of plateaued. I don't think I don't I don't think we've we've seen anything that could suggest that they are peaking you know they would they want to be talked about that this week he. He beat Michigan peaking and he got a wants to be where Michigan that in terms of waiter client but. In the loss and so it was kinda a ball MacCulloch month in the making you know with the lately they've been playing offense. It felt like that was it was over do you. And right now I think they're at a crossroads in in idol is so much this week not. A crossroads. Like last year northwestern loss when they're one of for the big kind of hectic don't want where the other. Ended up going out on the wrong but at the crossroads in terms of whether they can get and be in accomplish two goals that they sent out earlier this year. You know get to the turning into the final four with vacant title all that stuff that is out there. You don't want to ways right now I think it starts with the night. You know I'm not necessarily do they need to win the game but it it it's certainly showing. I guess improvement in areas that they have been lucky whether it's turnovers you're rebounding. Or score the ball I mean they they have to show something positive that tonight and I think that's really. When we talk about it trotted out the credit on I would say they're trying to down that this sport they need to turn something around and it starts to. No Bronson K any tries getting the start to calm. I know you wanna give Bronson ready for the cover sternum in the post season what does it mean to lose him. It's if you you know in and tried. To I think they kind of knew that Roger was like to play this week Christ seventies that you just preparing as if he was going to start idol they. Was talking at this Brownstein wasn't going to place the kind of been they've been kind of anticipate interest which you will see. It depends which replicate you get right and the and the one that we saw the first twenty games of the year when he was cam. That's significant the one of the past five games since you used to cast into the cap. It's not nearly as big of a loss and I think Demetric tried as an opportunity came on gangbusters early on kind of who all he admitted that in January and now you know once somebody had a nice eleven point two that they could get that kind of outlook from him tonight. That that's great I'm not. I'm thinking that is one of the better players in the Big Ten what he's played in our percent. You're losing a lot but that's not where he was that past five games and so you know you major trite I don't think plate. Worse than than what we've seen from rocket hit it past five games. And any hope that it isn't just a little bit of oh well that or is Jews in what prompt it was it would. This team right now is there if I just watch and the other night I agree with you this was so a month in the making. Mom does it seem like theories just. Something missing and I can't put my finger on an Emmy whether it's a big shot at the right time whether it's some kind of veteran leadership whether it's somebody stepping up. That that is an unknown eight they're just seems to be something missing from this team and I can't put my finger on. We're gonna talk about that a practice this week out with some of the guys that. There are on the on the feet and I and that there were a lot of suggestions or it comes down to I look at this he's their Big Three. McCain it happened and Hayes and it does not feel like they have. Great chemistry. And idol it's such a hard thing which finger on but. It doesn't seem like they're having fun it doesn't seem and there are in I don't winning obviously but. We kind of changes things and when you're winning you know you're happy for soccer so it. Country looks great but it just doesn't yield. Like it differently and maybe it's because our specialty. You know the team was two years gone three years gone and they got to get used to that. And this team was no water close to that type. Pettigrew not delay it was a Little Rock you know he's like he's he he's our little a lot. And yet still trying to be a leader of this team Aram I think he's a good leader. I'm not sure everyone follows of all the time I think the walks. I think it should if you have a spectacular that lost I think maybe wait a few people up he said this week that he thought god needed to mature become. You know more cognizant of what they're doing on the floor and it'll it's. At particular such a hard thing to put a finger on. But I think that certainly has played a role in in some other issues right now they don't it'll look like they're in a flow whatsoever on offense. Get it done even to the floor not purchases and there ain't countries are. Any questioning of will say guards' ability to kind of rally the troops. He is I would simply is not. That type Cox. You know bowl. Voting get into a lot of it wasn't all the cliches he was kind of it tortured guy and in that. You know you could do it his way is why not change a lot of stuff there and Bartlett regard. Ex coach from everybody else to what you had anything original a solid. Are you you heard a story about in. He told story that he. In the huddle at Rutgers when they were unable to cheat and they were able to shoot at all. He told story there that he's telling jokes. And that that kind of loosen guys up. And it was you know week later. Last week in time people were asking about him and excellence of several players like. That ever happened. So you know so I. I don't think he's that great rallying type of coach but he's really good with x.s and o.s and that's what very confusing. Why they are able to figure things out on the opposite then he needed I mean bit that's where they is bread and butter bowl put in charge that. Last few years you know when he was there he didn't want to change all the offense to make it what it was when we took it indirectly there. And for whatever reason they have been able you know x.s and o.s aspect of it around. Late and that again all the stuff that big kick to walk change I don't know. I mixed up like into nice selection. Yeah I was gonna say I'm looking for a lot of times if your message begins a fall on deaf ears. Well then it takes a loss to kind of refocus say are high see this is what have been telling you about dumb played how I mean. In regards to how good this team is many the national plus continually say well you had chances to beat good teams outside of your conference you didn't do that. Are you obviously lost one of the better teams in your conference and now he wants to one of the worst our missions in worse a team that's trending upward but still not one of those you know hay maker teams in your conference. So I don't know what to make the badgers how good they actually are don't do the thing it's so astonishing to me is that they're battle tested they've got guys that have been there done that and they seemed to become a gist. Do treading water I guess the best way to put it. I would agree and yelling and that we talked about a couple walks kind of a month in the making. I think bear experience in her current level. A boxing and I guess you'd call it turned summer and she can really define it just by looking at guys with. They were able to come back and finish games what are truckers whether it's Minnesota letters brass that they probably should have lost. Are able come back in wood and an overtime and and I think that speaks a lot to their experience and again last Wes greens seem. Loses those games and Edward a different situation that we are talking about them right now but. I. They're all they're nonconference schedule. It should have been it should be. What better than it does right now when you play in the Big Ten ACC challenge to play and get to ball games it when he had money went out while you're playing in Arctic like all the airplanes. Teams attorneys par putt conferences in the other means that on that others haven't oh you know. Follow that up so yeah they lost early and there'll be three games against top point side teams in Purdue. Creighton and North Carolina they have nothing to hang their hat on so I don't think anybody really knows how that this team is it right now. I don't think it's very good team to it's if it's a very. Solid team defensively but. Offensively they have lost their weight whether that's propagated or combination in and other things they need to find it they need to fight soon they were getting closer and closer. Conference tournament and you know the escalate. Is that great service always double Chad again down the road because as a conference tournament it's you're sort of check back on this in and it's gonna mean just he has to where this team is gonna end up I still think they're one of the better teams if not the best team. In the Big Ten but they have to go to another level they've got to take it up a notch so to speak I know it's cliche but they have to if they're gonna make any kind of run and then Selig to not just a Big Ten tournament against Italy term. Totally agree our body put dodges and our guys are good at Wrigley goes back our friend up from one a six point seven FM a 67 AM the zone in Madison.