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Imig: Adrian Peterson to the Packers makes sense

Feb 16, 2017|

02/16/17: Paul Imig, Green and Gold Analyst, weighs in on the Adrian Peterson debate. Plus, is Datone Jones worth re-signing?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Only this new. News and analysis on your. We bitter cold. Hole. They called insider ball and make has brought to you by concordia university of veterans services department dedicated to preparing veterans to make an. Or next mission through education seated it seemed W dot edu slash veterans Vegas. He's the bill Michaels know. What Ramon now are great to go to analysts crawl in and joining us in the shatter orange trial and why don't. I'm doing well we got to this discussion earlier against sporting news now Chiming in saying that there are some pre near landing spots for Adrian Peterson. And some of which just you know for the rumors that are out there don't make any cents. Put some that do is taken the burden off of a guy like Ezekiel Elliott down in Dallas. And then they go through Willis and they say one of the prime spots prime locations and make sense for everybody is Green Day. If Green Bay is in the even in the interest of bringing in a running back out of the free agent market. Is Adrian Peterson in your eyes if it. Other preface that by saying I do not think this out I don't think Adrian Peterson is gonna play or are you with the Packers. But I McCarty why it would actually make sense. This is the type of signing Ted Thompson takes. What what it probably doesn't Q he signed that he second contract up and coming 26 year old guy. I'm sign is 34 year old Julius Peppers soon to be thirty year old Erik cook. And got a lot of people thought without his client I'll put that turned out to grow yours. That's Adrian Peterson sits in OK so it's it's not like I'm an Italian hated who gonna happen agent does it hurt. Glance at opposite Corey there's this doesn't make any sense there's no way you're so ever. Or they're in here. Along outline of the haiku guy you sign. People that you know we're lucky with Oak Hill while you were going on with veteran experience. It's qualifications. Which kind of make the whole thing had to be at least a Laker to look at. I'd look at it as how much productivity does he have left in the tank because this would be one of those signings that. People thought well you know Charles Woodson he's on the bad side he's probably you know probably on his way out he didn't leave Oakland and a great mood. So it bad you know it's not Timmy good turnout to be great. Julius Peppers they sign him you thought okay he's got a little bit left and tank playing situationally world first couple years he was here worked out great. I don't know if this would be one of those signings or not and I know the other places they're talking about because what Garrett blind. He could be out in New England you could certainly see bill a check signing a guy like Adrian Peterson with or without the baggage. And then all of us and Peter Zanetti I say wouldn't it just kill you if they sign Adrian Peterson and go on to another Super Bowl. It what and it's brilliant line you know. It would be the academy of entry and it's their wallet first again I didn't think much of it. It makes sense that accomplished something like this and you know. You don't. Talk about the same thing with Jericho that just because he maybe only as a three X 25 yard gain that doesn't mean that you are quite Orly were your support and eat it instantly do. Real credibility real threat to the Packers running game because one person struggle. And after game isn't a good question there. Is that going to be true it he's 33. Thirty or your result right that was true it late forty that it early birdie. He added injury he's not out there that are going to be at least with that vikings' offense have Juan. The same running back used to beat and have increased caught up please can't we all know running back is the most susceptible a position in the week. There's no more. Isn't all that. You've hit a brick wall faster and harder. But you do it running back usually eats 3831. Durbin nobody examples not using that but I thought the Packers and Julius Peppers. That was going to be true that you're an edge rusher who's trying to convert Utley of course. Trying to convert from more standard on and the Turkey from that one and two outside a lot about how we're doing to do that. He certainly earned his senior expert about concert with the Packers. You know living up concert that so it's the Morse talk about it the more you think about white guys at our sign. The more critical I think it's worth talking. I wanted to ask you about the defensive side of the football because for as much were talking about the offensive personally say this I completely agree if if you would bring in Adrian Peterson even if he doesn't even carry the football. You have to have linebackers freeze in the middle because you have to pay attention to where he's out on the field even with RB. But what you're still not gonna running 25 to thirty carry games he'd just it it'll never happen okay. So got that being said I think that's a complete I don't want to say dream does not really a dream but it's it's I think that thought is gonna fall by the wayside rather quickly. Going back to the defensive side of the football. Interesting because the morning show in Milwaukee was talking about whether or not you would bring back. Daytona Jones. Date don't took some offense to it on Twitter. And said he you once it on their show after the free agency period is over with what you think of Daytona Jones season this year. You know I mean he didn't Alice and I you know he's doing the same thing that Julius Peppers did. He's one of those guys were that you just that you're media people out stand up. And play in space is is gonna be more effective now the early returns of that experiment. Where. Average you know they work they weren't discouraging they were overly encouraging that kind of self somewhere in the middle but you're asking the guy who. To do something new. I think you know the questions the athleticism and I think the overall ability as a football player or as a pass rusher of Daytona Gilbert almost. In my opinion in the same spot that nick Perry one year. I don't think any of us talk outplay what I thought at the time I'll be honest about it when the Packers re signed a one year five million dollars. Like yeah give five million dollars one year to worked sticker what it's gone. In his first four years toward five million dollar concert at the top of it but would rather have quite you know. Now that's forty years ago but they're crazy of course nick Perry would work when your butt out of course you'd rather have in the Mike Neal so. At opposite that when I'm at eight until you do you work to be a lot since quote unquote position. Then nick Perry was in the standup outside rusher. But he's in his mid twenties yup closer than in question the former first round pick and you go to Compton doesn't just want. To lose those guys for nothing secret that was nick Perry and I don't happen very very very least he totaled some would want that. Funny nick Perry ask you'll from last year you know what I don't think you gonna get five nobody occurred got but. He worked bring back the year for reform are about because I really don't believe. In him as a player or you think this is you know he is what he would not get better but nick Perry. Had his breakout candidates this year so I think anybody that. Because the player had to collapse or recruit himself in his first four years. Where he nick Perry abundant wild west. Had a breakout this year I think you'd hate to see that happen in another team uniform for NATO. All good stuff as always we'll chat again real soon and and hang in there man we've got a lot of football left to talk is free agency becomes a more evident than obviously leading up to the draft all right. The hunt either I I like the early off speed and yeah greed and he talked notre. I'm telling you it's it's it's it's never ending eight just met you can talk about a public crapping out of a packer. And that would draw huge ratings because everybody their brother would turn I said the time and again I mean I know the boxer and a throws. I know the Brewers are starting up another badger heading towards determined Marc cats got things going on. You've got other programs in the state there either rebuilding are heading towards the post season. And I'm just it's amazing to me all the time the passion. And the intrigue and the discussion that the Green Bay Packers create within the state Wisconsin beyond borders no doubt Augusta about our belt jugular he joined us on the Schneider or John like.