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Kyler: The playoffs DO matter

Feb 16, 2017|

02/16/17: Steve Kyler from Basketball Insiders weighs in on how the Bucks should handle the NBA Trade Deadline. Plus, how does he feel about Jabari Parker's future? What about Giannis?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Steve Tyler basketball insiders now joining us on the shatter orange allies Steve I do a man. There are Wellemeyer are here I am doing wonderful mom my question do you is this because the boxer now sitting here five games under 500 their just outside the eighth seed. And the question we have a should they be buyers or sellers when Jabari Parker going down give me your opinion on that. You know the torn on that because unity is you by what. And what all yeah I want Portland what's crushed or future coach but. John has been on the mark in May get something sure but I don't know that they cheer. A better basketball scene and yet bold some of that the young guys can move our baker oh. You can you can get people excited. It got better for the long term and I think the reality is it is. Sixteen which hoping that the trade being made Gordon and Spencer Hawes and Roy Hibbert would give the bench in cart in the locker room boosted. We get built back in kind of make a run tonight I don't know it acts. Still out equestrian it is and what you're running probably run into the second a you know playoff is good playoffs or are you convinced. You know free agents coming art Harris. You've been to free agent they may take a little less money to become part of something special arm a playoff does matter Aaron a lot of fans they will academic playoff. Yeah it. Earl another young guy can really make it different Milwaukee eagle or it almost feels like they should stay the course and like some great fall their way and I think that's. Were a lot of teams that are kind of right in on all or is you know be opportunistic about maybe some of it ending contract. I bet you could scoop up in your bird rights are still always kind of a the long combo of Greg Monroe like they're pretty productive in the wall pretty act this year. Looking to move there or maybe it's on the better. Today and beat marketing for tomorrow because he may opt out. To go to the anxiety about apples war but the idea of being reactionary. Anyone lingering medical it to saint let's go give away Coyotes in the future track except problem today I don't necessarily know that the mark thing is you can work at fox are the way to box. The the bucks with -- without Jabari obviously a little bit different team blatant what is your optimism for Parker coming back. What do you know that went well you know it's never goods sit at the same injury twice in the elements change yeah. You know that generally as okay that's not you've got weak ligaments that means maybe you put government put the wrong way or you or where you're gonna have to really you gain Q. He's scoring it bio mechanics and make sure that it's hit or aligned rightly that it ankle are aligned right way. That the surgery is done with kind of a mind that you're maybe got a reinforced that area little bit Morgan repeated the last surgery. So they're more to practically got into it that it it is very. And picked up very yelling get him on the rehab and I think for a reason why the bucket act RH well mom I'm on we need a lot of teams. Would any yell or start the talk and ten months. You know the boxer be real cautious with it then and for the longer aren't able audit there's always a chance he comes back earlier and retire any cream eater and go to the NFL. Way ahead of anybody projections. But he's gonna miss time next year and I think that's where he got kind of way what could be done the trade deadline because you walk probably going to be him. For thirty maybe forty impact your stroke something circuses. They can maybe help you saw that problem into next year too. Every yellow look at it lets you know this one becomes a little more concerning because it's the seeing the same injury. Normally when you are pretty yell worker most people tell you your knee stronger and current continue to rare when it happened twice that. It's something you really got to look at. Com I agree I guess the only way that I accepted the need could be better is if maybe the surgery and I don't want to point fingers at any doctors of America are great to begin. Yeah and that's always a possibility you know and you've actually gotten in they'll want to respect each circuit in the war all. You know the only guy I think I would rather active it's certainly soccer team standard. You know I'm I'm not. You know they were Geary deliberate and it is surgery bit are and how they went about it you think about it. They beat baker aren't 41 under the knife and pictured this without the right way and they've seen in ball a lot actually a lot of personalities. On the medical and training I can make sure that this was done right so you hope that that helped place but again not always a little bit concerning what exit singing. A second on beautifully the other teenagers go he got back ligaments and we've seen that happen on other guy I mean. You mean you gotta be a little slow it. Odds are received Tyler basketball insiders dot com joining us on the Schneider or a trial and right now. So the bucks every towards the post season I'm listening to a lot of chatter coming out of Cleveland though obviously a lot of trade rumors about whether or not Kevin Love will not be there and he's out injures and they're doctor Mel limiting the minutes of carrier ring in in the Brian James. Is it it might not be terrible to you do -- eighth seed because Cleveland if they decide to give those guys some minutes rest. To save them for the post season you may not face Cleveland as the number one seed correct. Yeah have a way Boston's been quiet exit off in the open air trait that aren't they it is it is. All I needed to operate now she's being. Your ball in close at ask you know nobody in order back all night its comments. They're light with a rib and then you talk to their coach act are still not incredibly thrilled with the way they eat out so. They add another rebounder and yet interest being in the east and yeah it's a lot of good that you'll get hurt your pocket so they can turn their season around. I think it's gonna be a lot more on in the Eastern Conference lady skirt it will reopen that Stanback out though. Yeah I was gonna say it it it might end up looking a little bit different do you still feel that Cleveland as the team to beat. Yeah I just don't you know especially LeBron James you've got you know are people who wanted to wire on the planet. In certain games that you put terms settle things. But you know you gonna take its second. Set and it's on the line aren't jeans Ers Il. Particular pick LeBron greens you're that the question that it. It's hell question of the cab and can't act in depth I don't think they're going to be very active trade deadline in terms of being able to get something done can. I didn't angrily to trade but they are going to be the team to watch actually got circuit I outs. What I've leaned vote it would act is Jeff Green what happens with. You're here Williams error number of guys that are on an Indy deal a lot of that Sheen that would maybe take a little less money to ticket in free agency and work we. And I think it's gonna really get kind of better and guys ego the rich get richer. Ogden back to the box there's been some criticism that is been very slowly becoming a little bit louder here in the Milwaukee area. And in Wisconsin for Jason Kidd and what is the perception of Jason Kidd and how he's handled this team because some GMs will say and some others councils say that this team should have more wins. With the talent they have. Well I think I would agree especially thing about how they were playing. You know in November. They were good it is anybody either not that you'd teams. In the east in terms. Cleveland's Otto they were scope and I think they'll play. Has dropped off a little bit but you know the other thing I remind people is six. Went through this kind of curry eat while in in January January is that Corey equal rights are the two games actual. It will really kept. Separate act happy aren't you can get hot win in game cap favorable schedule work because you act because he didn't think he curiously. But January just brutal and you look around the lead and eighteen they're all really creating your crop and you're in good things about all the hunger. Literature and got one had to really eager January and the interest and beat you are and maybe make a move it out. The pitching worry at you know look I'm not. You know an acute rob Archie and kick and I think coach Arnold does curry coach. But you know Corey is okay critical it would have great players but. At some point and all of it went great player don't get to say the conference Arnold dirty NBA finals that's when good coaches get let elements are. Tom Thibodeau elect go in Chicago as what good enough. And you saw him a standing baggy get run out of Orlando what good enough and I think that's the thing is you go out of the bottom. So the middle I think you get the right coach for the middle you're really cheaper championship are not sure he's a championship coach. Yeah that's the question is the weather out he's the guy to take him to the next level and ends you know you see obviously the explosion of be honest with some of the younger guys are they getting it done and have the veterans really taken to him I mean that's one of the other questions that I I don't know what to make a Jason Kidd I because they that we haven't seen the entire team together. Yeah and you're not alone and it and it target Turkey got wouldn't have had a full roster you know to get you situation in yet it also somebody else goes down. You know I I think it's fair to be critical I think they you know what our average. Maybe your roster should dictate but it's not it added other situations heater in and pick up Scott Brooks for a minute. You know in November early December people ghost Brooks each now washing. Terrible hire or they think in Washington's red hot right now because that got our league audience not healthy not righty. In sorry to quietly stopped. Well look why you know maybe that's the next part of it is you will hear a long look at. A healthy roster and understand everything he died and let our do not like you're in a lot of change around or army different. Starting lineup and how he forgot shuttle being out. You know really lacks. He bought him a lot he thought. Your rhythm when you change change situations every Arctic inked. Before I let you go while what is the likelihood do you think the Bucs actually. Make it to the post season. Arm and you know I'm pretty I'm pretty high on the arm Milwaukee I think we'll see what it it looked like after the trade deadline that you are. They did it treaty you know bolstered the bench right move on the certainly acting your daughter being around the all star as we see this. That you know god come back invigorating after. Playing and being around all of those guys you're actually in the attention you wanna live up to it there's a chance here are I think it better than average chance. But again I think you're shooting percentage see you all did a good easier if he can get their act is still possible. Pay real quick apologize one more we Georgia's senior asking me about young as what do you think to be honest so far. Boy he's such a special. Allen and in just an amazing you got got that note it rocker arm that's pretty well. Over the years really not kind of in my circle. You know the entire family is me eager restoring kind of Lorie Kane all. Every day at the another level chill it and sometimes when guys arrive at all star that irks you'll themselves a little bit. Golf a little bit talk about young and concrete either eat I didn't eat it young and under after signing that contract a lot of guys that act so I think they're a lot. Still to become what you are actually he's become a much more prolific three point shooter more keep it in three point shooter. He's been golfing because you typically get he ball. Re all in that game. I don't know that there's anybody lightly. Great stuff is always seem we certainly appreciate it was attacked her Grail of a later on down the road for sure okay. Oh absolutely thanks so much buddy they go Steve Tyler basketball insiders joining us for a couple minutes in the Schneider worn childlike.