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Miller: Must-win on Saturday

Feb 16, 2017|

02/16/17: Pat Miller, UW-Whitewater Men's Basketball Head Coach, is hoping for his team to make the NCAA Tournament. Where do they need to improve the most?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

You don't do Whitewater men's basketball coach as of the last couple games they've lost they lost to river falls. In a tie one that was our river falls to get beat at home and and then a UW watched us it was men's all American night. And that was a tie when 6763. Took one on the chin and area as well another getting ready to close out the season and ventured towards tournament time that would be. You like to get a win get a little momentum go from there pat Miller UW Whitewater men's basketball head coach now joining us on the line coach are you going. Burton better corridor well you know I just got to look at it the other schedule we're coming back off providing get a chance to really catch up with you we were down in Houston but. You know got a couple losses we talked about river falls river falls got you the first time earlier in the season you're trying to avenge our loss. And you you came close but no cigar and now one up at river falls you come back and you fall to Titans so what he's watching Davis is synopsis was going on right now. You know just to two really tough games Albert will also are definitely did some things well work position where McCain just closed up stretch and last night against Josh gosh Byrd did physical game. Prodded the most disappointing America anymore Lubbock structured and just ago or squandered that believed it. I'm down the stretch are crush made plays we had some breakdowns do you sort of way to. Just sixteen offensive rebounds we gave up 14% from three in reverse nine creature also Barrett Eric Rivera the recipe just. Still going into this game obviously you wanna get a win obviously when you back on track what are you need to do. You're just eliminate mistakes we we do a lot of things well I was just change just some of their inexperience. Do you don't do enough little things consistently. Rip it down the stretch was curt Charl or do you try to Louis to produce such a great start camp break gets guillotine support games. And then that's got to be in the process and they're going to larger it's you know whether we're winning or losing just corn no strings are trying to teach tried to get more solid. And how we do things are that it will repair and it's it's not a child panic. We've you have to win Saturday or you know our plan to get ourselves to the third Machida or return it. I would can't absorb her but it more losses Saturday as a critical periods of UNICEF to try to figure out what we did wrong last night and make some adjustments and get ready to go Saturday. Well let's go to Komansky you go to his tournament and you know sometimes shots don't fall ball doesn't bounce your way and all I kind of stuff but what are you doing right right that we feel strong rebel. We know we're playing much better defensively and in arm I'm pleased with that. Offensively. It is what we have to make some strides which which is ironic as record offensively early. We're not scorned earlier situationally. I would start down the stretch last night just minutes and it's important to our church where he. You know predicting what this game is that there are very capable team and if we get the right matchups we get some momentum picks shots. You know our arms can do there's there's nobody in the country we can't beat but I haven't so that when we don't for a while there that we're susceptible also. The storm a year big key is just try to give him energized it was obvious possible. And get them play some confidence and and this is a charm your regard it to make plays and stop opt to search Trotter culprit tribal mentality go to these. Talk without Miller you don't know what what are men's basketball head coach you talk about getting into the tournament you have little clearer left on the docket they've won three in a row there right behind Jim. When it comes the standings overall. This is a team is looking at you and just salivating right now you guys have the target on your back. Again going back to so Claire game you want to finish strong which you know you're in for a battle. Oh we're going to be in for a battle and then in division through what we look at closely our regional rankings we're ranked sort of region Garnett. Our global Corliss strip they were behind us so this is an opportunity down. Obviously took positioning in the WR's future and trying to get the best possible draw. Be in a potential fools see is what's called the division tree which is an at large bid. If you don't when you're done WRC term and so right now there's there's a lot to play for misses victory coupled. Big game coming up for both feel like you said and it's gonna be at home at least you've got that going for you had three losses at home but eleven wins you guys get this done and then we'll talk again. Next week is we start to head towards a tournament hopefully we're talking about bigger better things as well and then. Maybe who knows LDP didn't go in the post season after that that always a pleasure to gel anybody we'll talk again soon -- act. Our current order no problem pat Miller UW Whitewater men's basketball head coach.