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Sparky: I'm confused on the Bucks' direction

Feb 16, 2017|

02/16/17: Steve 'Sparky' Fifer, Host of the Bucks Post Game Show on 105.7 FM The Fan, shares his input on what the Bucks should do at the Trade Deadline.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Joining us now on the Schneider orange outline. Does the Bucs post game show the basketball post game show on 1057 a from the fan in Milwaukee Steve Sparky five or making his weekly visits spark I don't buy. Are under are good. So I'll get your thoughts because if there's some that say you know what hey if they don't make it to the post season get another piece because Jabar your we would assume Jabari second is same guy get more talent that we you're hitting the ground running go 2018. Others say you gotta get playoff experience what are you sick. I don't now aren't you are. I look at it I got to match their. At the box I could I don't know what make that I depleted defense thanks. I don't need or getting any better but not yet sit there and pick that back oak note a lap by lap where you have come subject or. And that's that you met your veteran at god help on alt games they lock articles that your record in much better. It one half. I'm so you get middle and battle help. Alleviate some scoring issues off the Jabbar I still a big Michael deeply. Offensive. Guy battle great girl at the bidders are dollar figure in another level scored ample had a big game last night. I think they got enough score no matter what and how they can out score people eight and beat neighboring effort every. Is an order of you know all want to achieve 120 which dirt and I probably end up having a score every night and make up for the horrible beside. I you're gonna have to really quite well I didn't I got now but not a war. I'd until I want to go back lottery I don't. I don't replaced that it's brought about I just. I don't want to go back out I really don't now there is a point guard young point guard out there are really helping your mail the day. Who was what I achieved what you strap in that regard early on the block he is a lot of rotten start era that you got to act issue on. But if it on the block and Arctic figure out a way to get you know. Would be like art apparent Malcolm Brock again. I think that Amoco's trying yet but it has a young player like that I'll ever interacted entry graphics are old guys. Just or this year that I'm not want to do I'm really straight op. There are other. The idea that are now I want it kind of like even try to be last year I guess you can do that. I like and more than others. I'm now linked. You know a whole league got a roster with fairly. To try and you know get the worst wrap it yet ought. Tom first of all I agree with join John Henson I like him he plays well in spurts but let's be honest we reaffirm. I don't know I think you know the river what it would concern. And delicate gold glove I would go on a package or to get somebody somewhere that rubio work where Brittany he. Not whether or not but you're pactel two got together. Yet the difference maker what waited eight iron rubio. Would be an upgrade over Delgado or a question you are a lot more wanted to belt I don't doubt I'm at a better credited element Novoa. I don't want court all that well. Operate much better distributor developed over to the sport all the belt though so or upgrade. And you cleared all the bill contract not the books. You just aren't too and I'd be all or at a lot. By Jason Kidd I was interest you because Gary wall full hit said that there is. Some its regulation down from those in the front office that may not be happy with him right now how happy are you with him right now. I'm not so let's write it I want my mind on a looks old and shelled. That after that outing Greg ought to comes out at halftime. And well we try our defense. You know I walk we might be better. I don't want to hear that coat come they trot. I've heard all year energy already more entered well we play harder while they all say they play hard and we night. I don't pop song if they try and be sent back ala Mark Prior. What I and I and I that we are. Yeah if they're going to be directly here or not giving up a lot under point. You're gonna change either at the coach coach. Or you know couple roster or do something get. Trotted. Out there that all changed 08 played much better brought much better effort and energy expert racquetball. How you know again I about right their interior. Albert are all that but there at all connected duplicate would be like the air it out a little while they haven't felt and how they play hard every night. I'm Morgan go right back into that it weird. Eligible typical situation at a lot in my opinion that I remember at the box and heading straight. Talk was he Sparky five froze the Bucs post game show on 1057 FM the fan in Milwaukee. And right now there's Beasley guy I think deserves more playing time into week between him and moose they've been kind of offensively carrying this thing. Sure of yeah honest as well. I love would be at least doing I know some people say well you know he schizophrenic is someone I he plays well one and he doesn't doesn't Blake I think you know Beasley just deserves more time to get himself into a rhythm to agree. I yup I and I doubt that we had beat their potential the other night and I albeit set up I like. Said I don't know did it and you're not record that was me probably art Parker are guardians that luck. You're going to be out you're going to be got to take it shot at our spot out. Org or alama rowand opened carried out back in court though Ugoh Richard thirteen thirteen Chapman night. And deities response look laughter and I wish you were Michael. I'll buy that product but you know you never really been. Cheer for your entire NBA Butler got it with what. Sure yeah and abruptly came out yeah well I need that I think about it ever relied on to beat offensive weapon. But other records ego problem I really do help. At this point you got an out and based on lap while helping the open at. But that's how I would play it now they very well. I gap there that are gonna go back to. It'll impact the starting lineup. And what that happens I'm acting. Michael Beasley go back edge. Well I'm right or not and ever what may happen after the Al arbour. Lot laid it. On this team going into the post season it doesn't matter where they end up for a lot of people. But as John Howard to stock cars listen to some radio in Cleveland. Lot of talk about trying to limit the minutes of it and not really going for the number one see between the brawn and Tyree because they believe they're gonna have to carry this team and their fresh legs going into the post season so. It might not be the worst thing in the world to get that eighth seat when you are this team I mean you may interface in Boston or somebody else it is not going to be clear. Probably Cleveland at carrier ring. But summit later we will be a stat that you know I hope we Yemen a lap will be night or game here. Irving hat on but on the bought. I don't know what it is. Governor elect buck that you want he. I don't know what brought into that statement Celtic I don't like the art air Margaret we're going to be an every year or Robert on. I don't know about add them all irritated. But probably happily dark they don't want your thought. A little motivated lock you right I expected it me. Or you're sitting right there. Now. I think I'd rather pay off whether you want ward achieved now. Whatever the trade deadline if they want to get a big player and I agreed on the odd trait and making my that are likely. Right now I think I'd much rather play bought your. Facial bought plate like there seems to be. Would you give up to get Andre Drummond out the rumors are out there that he sees could be on the trade block. I'll have any I mean I mockery out on the open coming up injury happening. I don't think you have enough. Awkward Arabic not about getting a panic and when people happy you are a bit out there aren't we go about corporate. You know peppering number one pick one which is booklet this year or the worst record also all of the normal to contract cheer. That perspective. They've got a lot more black after that you've all watched don't have an. It will be our great rob and short are you know trading their little wet out. You don't think say. Abroad do the major breweries have to deal would go go go well. For an Andre Drummond. Or else they make regulation fire and that. You would. There's. Absolutely no way because I did there's no street at all in the NBA and what. But one of the entire I don't know there's history. A guy you know like 21 years old habits weren't the open and yet one mostly got a perspective wanted to start. Well that's something else but he can make history are to keep. Perfect Sparky good always all the time but you know we'll chat again next week okay. Get your question and answer. Your thirst to make ideal yeah I probably. I would too. I've got to make it I don't I'm not there I'd art and I'm. There was some talk about still wanting Jabari Blake how many pieces around him would it take to get him. But it look if they if they wanna take two Rory out the bucks fans and in chip German over here I used to send everybody then that's fine and then you can start building pieces around and again and those two guys that your cornerstones right there. As long as you keep Middleton. Given the rest of the roster and then by 2018 you hit the ground. I don't think you're a lot on baker cup. Yeah well and you talk about long in order and on and draw Roger aren't old could. Read. Right. Perfect. All right Bridget demand and we all talked to soon. Like to agility join us on the Schneider or jolly.