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Do the Packers owe TJ Lang a big free agent deal?

Feb 16, 2017|

02/15/17: The Wendy's BIG SHOW 4PM Hour - Sparky Gary and Leroy debate TJ Lang's impending free agency. What is your favorite sitcom ever?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And fresh on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan's. They started five are former packer running back Jerry Ellison back hall of Famer when Roy Butler. The Packers OTJ Lang an offer. And free agency because CJ lying set and serious radio. Interview. And is not heard a big. From the Green Bay Packers. To this point now today is day one where you can start throwing franchise tags. I'm players the National Football League still a ways away from free agency spectacle starting at this point. Obviously been I would assume so be able to. Talk to your agent for different players. And so are tired about what little money. And it's gonna take to get something done here are ever TJ Lang hurt. At the end of the year. Don't know how long that'll take him out for but Devlin doesn't help lever to a right when it comes to him negotiating for himself. Yeah I think. What do most play. Whenever you play you with the team they know your history. You know and I guys you are they weren't Richard agent. They know that market were. The it may change because your injury. The good thing about it is due process with your particular doctors did doctors you're familiar with. A more so in your favor. But sometimes a player of that accountable go get a second opinion. Before they even. Tell money. But nowadays he's diss guys. Here's a chance to showed it out and about oh you're Tina you take care you know. And they're not gonna discuss anything like that and to maybe after the draft. Maybe OT eighties. The forty open because is not an aggressive. Negotiations aggressive would mean other teams can be seen in offers. No teammate when regency starts. It may may not get a meal. So you can make a phone call too as they just say this and was to got a moderate our. We know always we have an air we know where he is our plant ought to bring him back. The way we're gonna start you know didn't series which you guys. When he can start to run or work out and things of that nature but you still on the radar. Now if you whole day which I did on our FaceBook page on my FaceBook page in my Twitter. Which guy you they would get it a bigger. Likely get a better did a hell am or Jabari Parker. I think he would. Based and he should be Beck earlier. But value to the team both his gather valuable to the team. Got they got what we talk much of our partners Steve. This team is blow a lot of money on contracts. To me was wrongly and vesting in the player. He got hurt on the job okay we all agree with that he got hurt coming back. From an injury. The foot injury probably sword then. Lost projected. Does to gather. I'm a bag of tea a guy that. I don't know what is gonna be I know he loads. Oh you put it all on the highlight TJ he deserves a ride to get paid now what that number isn't what they're comfortable with I think did has a number. I think ball Russ ball as a number out they might. It has a numbered 81. His player to get so he's happy. Go to coach at the deal would it when they don't get these contracts. But it also TJ is a Smart guy we had him all year one of our best and you would love the guy would do it no we were. We are building a house. Don't put at an ST week. You try to get a room at his house once he gets it says here articles there's a big contract done so my thing is I would show some guy leadership. As solid count initiative because they did up it's a lesson. TJ. His we have as we catch. So you see these numbers. Lie in a row no. Don't panic we have a budget for you. It will work it out which a use our time about cap hit right that's always nervous cabinet Monday. Com the top guard 2017. Right now on the books or that kid up in Dallas did. Go down the bit that they can get a DO. All of got value pay big one no. Nomar and to you about to Zach Martin out of butcher our cap hit a two point eight million so he's gone probably here he's just in traveling Taylor. A big number. He's. Zach marred and is Indy last year of his deal Michelle man 2078. Million next week or to get extent it was what should happen. That's obsess Iraq. So now Josh in Chicago then he's a cap hit a six point eight million next year he's eleventh in the NFL. Money wise he's just he's. The strong side guard so Kyle long eight million he's seventh. DJ flicker in San Diego blow eight point eight million cap. Where where does TJ aligned fit into all of this with that the injury healthy. We know I'm just nailed there's. Healthy vibrant and a more and guard based on a new country I knew my. I mean no extension and everything you've got to give. Would be on the books I Gary here it's a situation you're in he's coming probably four year. When he forty million dollar contract yeah a five and a half million dollar signing yet it. That's always come an awful annual salary of five point two million yeah so he's not gonna wanna go backwards logo. Dafted down payment on how to now got a completed. That's when you get two guys do you sign these extensions now because you were about getting hurt and I fetus on an extension. Earlier in the year. Here they're protect. It doesn't table wine team. Carl. Like Cleveland. You know on the put an extra Joseph Thomas who zooms past. He's had on be rid of training camp anyway. On the make him more and has pago. Guide you to Packers. Unit deal and I'm not tell about it. Or you do. I'll tell you what I'll do. There. Have fun TJ you lose your future in doubt what their job that's allows a big gap I looked you just two guards in last two years right well we dozens of fourth time. Wahle and Rivera we did this before did you camp tocchet. Sarcasm in your head yeah yeah I don't know I had an area that you have shafts are now and yeah. It took forever aren't you there yeah there ever done before Benard and we did narrow now that where he's a good writer and if so then you've got laid Taylor one guard. Is that salt blog are we good. Result entail a look at our event day we're good to bad it turned into this golf we're good okay is it now. He threw to every now and then it's not you got two other guys. Well maybe three other guys know that could fill in for TJ like you don't make him and offered you let him walk who is there. Think every stop well he's won a nicer guy did you say now he's gonna go on I don't mean okay. Mean he did play guys where they want points of that adults they move a lot of it was Briggs that tackle no that's another option. Yeah you for me sit up before but they won't do that either no. But then it's trainer Bob Bennett shredder immensely that the recent trip -- sure. Ask a bit like ivory film bull what numbers and again that's a big drivers out he started lashing a double to the net. But he's he's Smart a person you know a lot of ability to you know so I guess you can get paid more than say sit. He can be paid more than teaching learning she. While he's. Yeah. He's this senators or do you. The gym complacent a guard and tackle in the pinch. Jurors force but he's had a starting guard once they used he's don't have the starting guard Orleans legal cigar into articles like to center you. However you want to work this out. But that could be the answer the Ted has a saying. I'm not gonna go spend much money and TJ Lang I'm gonna go with our track back on charted them to younger guys. Right I'll come back what Trotter and look Trevor Leslie play centering guard and we go forward. I just unless DJ line doesn't get any offers because of his injury and he sit in there and he can get on for less when he had a formal for. That okay but you're 65 million. Back to doing it five million she would probably not insulting. If you're TJ light you take all for the problem giveaway TJ Lang that help our neighbors over five million things and offers on the open market. Even what he's learned I get paid Masur is a very he's a true veteran. The idea pale or or else when you get like 4647. Or eight wouldn't matter if you don't wish you had taken. I don't disagree with you that he wants the idea okay my question is will he get pay from somebody else after that surgery to leave the oh yes he sees somebody will go to him knowing that all the wants out of zone on right well then there's no way he's been beat your singing at that offered in remains aren't going to amount off. Coming off that injury remain a player. How we just you petty offense or why guys you want to pay him already two you got all log you needed to or since god also free up money I guess a want positions you've got to regularly. Better be 21 it's gonna make the most money between learning and turner and I think your birdie and then. That's Arsenal is gonna last I'm not shocked that dreaded he's allowed a lot of listeria you're out of the house that I got to girls that are really able. You think Detroit we give tee feeling a bunch of money or you know an island from eastern Michigan all of whom he will do it Packers all Lang and offered free agency I say now 414799125414. 7991250. Either Weis got a lot of new car to its new Contra again is not Osama. Yeah mugger freeze over it might juveniles try shooting Sunday look you know software service or just north. Up college avenue Q looking for animals we think that this is dating goma's now that you look at for the moles. But with a perfect about taxpayers Irving and its going to be your marriage was trojans victory pitches to grossed out and how to nor deny that in Ottawa so was OK if they don't have Internet though they don't. Has been watching him play and needed that you album might Juno strikes again Sunday look you know software and socially just north of college avenue. The Bears bodies greens you're gonna come across you gotta win that aren't it is that car excuse me in your ghastly due 93 days. 87. You used the he said that's an avenue to do those two in the eighties and that was just before I did what she was guest yeah I gonna well. Your army are you to go to who seek Cold War that BP. He do this gas station right dollar arm air America. Since they doubles yours and here they're like always achieve his guess small arms and being consistently. There's gas. Spindly you know I mean they you know Monday product which kind of move just pull up early and W or whatever. I don't know about what. He did decipher gas out of Hank are. Mel 01 side and I go again I have ever happening in the closure on the ballot in Racine I had that happen and go to begin racing then and there about seven other guest is doing other. I did have a capital is out tomorrow via radio to. My original stresses and look at or software as service and frankly. Just north of God's you go there for the Bears. By an expert injury Greenfield and those greens aren't into. Apparent Ponce de corps inhumanity right yeah I'm down atlas a movie Tamara green Garcia and try to win over I think I was alone. Is Franklin X over as close oak tree right as when you come out towards Ross and that's frankly that's frankly if you go down to the bottom of the greens here. I we are straight out of faced these days. For him to this Packers. Oh Lang and offered free agency 41479. Nod to office. Joseph a lot of press on Sports Radio while by seven FM the fans who started five for along with Gary Ellis and tiger hall of Famer LeRoy Butler. Darn about it daylight whether or not you make him an offer free agency. I also wanted to know one other thing since it happened earlier and ESPN. Make very. Well. Money we don't talk about for nick Perry where you don't want me here to give me. Only if K I just don't want to backers and meanwhile I like every wanting to declare if they had a great year until years of my home fans yeah. I don't know ray dusty so he's on the radar for move. He's on the radar for every team has as a free agent more freely allowed back he's on the radio. Because do you mourn to see a one year deal. Which was brilliant attitude that I give. That letter noted Taylor out of the senators' yes we are you to getting daily therapy going to guess that'll be a particular guy to pick your savior to notional senate history and all pretty donor. And a recipe cars coming out today. Respect card via the news rider would know who I just gave like 4002. Christ came. There were times where I would have liked Martin's aggressive. What a big as well as those are cook in that often. Sunday and didn't nary ordinary which one it is. Miriam from just scenario and that scenario. My league you know to have him on could get that on Sunday. I have a guest what time is at a think is 1 o'clock on Libya holiday. Although a lives concerned yes you Ohman come here and that would be from the home. And I'd want to know what you're my new dead Milwaukee Milwaukee blacksmith is also be there too I think. On Sunday yeah I'll look that we're lucky Laxman at they had reality show. Last year. Used to watch it. Yeah I think I got they my. Get shipped to go me Antonio Freeman and let you know Monica. Are you do I tell him. Don't tell it's something that's rated you good. Stole of stole it just yet. To do it I tell you before but I. Ted Tubbs and to me. When they get to like pick fifty stayed he gets up to start to pace a little bit. You know you look around. And you analyze. It is it gave. Contract yet no house to he still should not that 'cause. What he is out there and that's. Get them to draft and see if he's still around. Is nick is still he he's still got that in. Call him up and up from a two year deal that bugged out of boredom Polaroid he's as good as you say he won't be out there so I understand what they're made do. We still sitting there through April. He's don't be a factor. Always does it going to dealing. Now I've moved on Neifi and we don't. You want and appeared iron. Which you scored reliever Bobby get bell thing I'm I don't ESPN earlier but I also hang in at fourteen million tags what have a money you looking to spend on a pair. Don't know the number is being fourteen million is what I can but there's no way I'm doing that does did the transition. Blair is. Of exercise is this has its couldn't do any of the get paid is that the top five top team what do you make last year and I mean yes I'm. Gordon Harrington. Right now outside outside linebackers ulcer dodged a good idea also allowed back in Iraq people problems Von Miller hardest part and Bob Miller averaged nineteen. Johnny is your brain had a comes on the top as you said what you said tent Summers attack. Idea that's no doubt that's good man I'm on the right where he would be slotted underneath all right if I Miller nineteen million. Just a nuisance sixteen point eight million commode that clay Mathews thirteen point two million Euro east's third. Ryan Kerrigan outside linebacker for the skins on point five million kimono Dovonte David Tampa Bay among them. A ten million in Jamie Collins new deal twelve point five million down that's our here. Men and it million total twelve and half average salary executives 126 point four year. You know I'm the only two bigger than him blur just news in 325. And Von Miller got 42 Bears anti you know army used them on you and you c'mon arts that's where suffer there. As were knickers slots in right there behind it hit me right there men behind him would be Mark Barron. Jerry Hughes Sean Lee. Ahmad Brooks should learn Almaty and Bruce Irvin these are just linebackers. Kind of our went so there ego so that they would make you want to 34567. Highest paid linebacker fall ball. If you got ten games you play this year. He they're gonna men and notice how would you look at us they do it in time. Oh I want your yeah we do we get an Internet which one is the big dogs can help out in the Bay Area the now that's that's not it now officially an intern yet afterwards or look that's Joes student. Toast when they're that. He's over there. I'm Dempster motives you to put uses Joseph spano and Jones Jones teaching him Joseph notre. Gillis is teachers get like last session Joseph was just lost his teacher. Okay I like. And Jo-Jo yeah Jones with a walk walk on here so Fuhrman you know Joe's with which is main languages and in right. You know Jeff or Los ski no huddle the guy who we had an arms shoulders on the Wednesday. Well up there are yet to Joseph was an interview sessions right here but Joseph was Deborah last he's teacher but it went Jeff knows the Patriots are. Now like I can't accomplish things that are my name's bill. No the leg and India. Had quite a few bills. He looks like you mobile too little wooden gate us. And Dennis Dillon very is that UConn guys are good are you hear that the eighties there was carry your luck too as well we don't want to do. Earlier we had a subject about. Lot brother. Want to go look at Clay Matthews his career I'm nip Robles Malek. Yeah there's Serbia yeah and they got computers but right now. You being as quick where unions quicker we go to guys who ago. I'm actually from the Chicago area which cards who I went to high school some are called Hinsdale central go outside of Chicago. You're Bears fan. Salutes little rough to get out here you're undergo a Bears fan it's rough has been a Bears fan but I. Matt started was mobbed failures are his hero on them form or your Havoc he pulled orient or harder on securities. You know I think every year at a certain point in the season the Bears stop being viable. And it's time to be attackers. Which is usually don't live in real or maybe you were for us about. Well I have no idea it's not only start attacking our yet. Multnomah voicing did you really just so. Well. He just at its heart a Bears fan every season you end up becoming a mistake because the Bears aren't an. Yeah but he just every season. Every season in my life it's the way it goes so you start Paris and here in my do you use much of the fact. Oh yeah. Lute. Do not want him hero rob don't look I want Ronny here to see them wrong sometimes though not even all the way to week three that I keep burdens of useless in the back there's about five minutes into the first quarter we won five that it caught. The two great passes from Cutler. Thought maybe next year round on yesterday if you're in these days we'll start by Dick Allen and today it is not based in bigger Davydenko. We've. We are killers Providence award. I I had a monster on my win today yeah there's an idea tomorrow you know model agent you know during your recovery I don't know the last demand I don't really a warm beer did I do. A very wonderful girl and you should live with their full time shall I didn't want anything for Valentine's Day she was Lyon. Yeah right you slide it is thought as you getter. I gotta admit a mistake I got enough and are there any way and I had a blood all night that you're not as big donation to walk. She's a June landing and made a mistake or another he's mad Europe and now she's mad she's meant your reward I'm not when he eight. Probably. About five and it's an album. I had he got bit in the babyface. Our program. Should know better. Running eight. That's due Youkilis were he to carry your Dinara doesn't mean and it didn't you know that sort these guys. Yeah got a little bit jug three other reserve all of the John Freeman and stuff Raymond and I can still jockey freedom. I don't I can't talk for him and Jeffrey is our morning guys yeah I had problem and need him yet yeah well and offensively that's. And others he looks like a little young chuck Freeman he does yeah. Yeah OK okay that's not space and got a regional doing listen to Joseph he's he knew he does get don't. Number followed I did there already reliable and send the runner by going to one of the seven area repair shops and watch Jerry Napa auto care association may use only a quality Bart's. They've Diebler trusted since 1925. All the technicians are as he's certified. During the month of February when you purge is a high quality reliable premium babble battery haven't installed you'll get a mail in rebate form. That would get you a twenty dollar prepaid visa got. To find their their job nearest you just or am I LWC. A LWC. A make sure Jordan now club to have a chance to win free oil changes for an entire year. And when you're there you also have a chance to when a free track Mikell bowling ball. And I can get free baiting and drilling over at Ted Dwight Aldridge spare time pro shop in new Berlet that's M I LWC. A which begs this question would you consider side fail. To be the best TV comedy. Of your lifetime. For shots portray a 1057 Atlanta the fans. Second sounds worse and that's where you wanna get hooked up with your DirecTV. Does it happen and I. Some of the same people was inside you know he eight you know. Probably wants it just call the number it's a 12 year contract imagine nine dollars a month I've got chills up that really matter to him. All of you for all Internet to do. They resemble all right night and I Dodds multi year contract eighteenth tee hopeful AT&T Internet. Plus DirecTV choice package includes fox sports Wisconsin NFL Sunday ticket for free next football season. DVR which gets yeah a thousand hours of recording time five shows recorded at one. Two of the following three for free to. HDTV Blu-ray player putter dollar visa gift card your choice soon those three. For free you pay your chests bowed out on these cars I don't know how that works well but you can get hooked up with sides out solutions today and next day insulation for your direct TV call Allen today disable that cable. By the stone ages move into 2017. To 625102725. To six to. 5102720. Got a little makeshift bill K about learn about. A Josh. Check on build men do. Bob Daly touchdown but the interior 1200. The actor nominee to us yeah. He's fine. He's not here watching aren't so. Tonight at the admirals into our really is going to be hot in the house was from side film. And which brought up an interesting question. That I thought would be fun to do some in different than Packers backers backers. Would so I'd still be the best TV comedy of your life time. 4147991254147991215. Now again baby Josh is my job a lot different than what Gary's lifetime rest is what everybody has rights ever buys gonna have a different answer. To this question I think I don't think everybody's gonna say sign field. I'm anxious to see 41479912. Fit between us I wanna phi seven FM the fan. Best comedy TV show of your lifetime the robot. At two B sample size name O Sanford and Son Sampras than to me who it. There was more. Impromptu being the contract and a Madison matter right now it's group. It was fantastic and just what I mean the idea of red Foxx who was a standout. To go to a junk yard. And make it fighting. To be poor. To wanna know little piece. Now. And I don't know. Have indeed monologue. While the winds. You don't want to they had the people laugh and a background on. Does that costing me. When people they hit but crowd track something like good either. Two out. I won't should upgrade up real reaction calming me. You got Julio. You got to go come and over. You got Grady LeRoy has really evolved to. From. Senator circle little extort tour and it was a Julio on them yet. Or not l.'s free France. And now. Members of their next torch or senators are very prison and looked at a you're America. Free press different foreigners are hoses cares. Well I think it was Julio. What was Lamas best friends Rob Lowe Rob Lowe. Julio looks and bill would a whole group. It was it was something to me it does will add to channel about TV. Was like. So small we had to watch it one at a time down marker lead in the you're yeah. Roar telling. Are you tired of floor model Natalie negative on law and usually. You know you're the floor model. And how long model they've kind of low quality where you're TU in the eastern on top floor model. Wherever you would loom before alone now guard in the home. The you don't flow model in. Regular two TD. You just sit on the flow and I had a Buffalo lot of sure we have those girls a lot of Ellis are just when you spoke to did TV rights abuses and lack of nightstand holed a real team. You prevent fuel driver. Ronnie does that already. Our leader and there aren't around with people not until I think I think analytical look mom I put Obama. What about a nine my two T what about the flow motto would do record player on the news he. Yeah up. I had multiple answer me that great at forty years ago I volatile great aunts that have that yeah. Those are sleep the millennial kids don't know no idea widow and what records like no ideal your talking about it I wanna record player was that this was in Colorado elegant color. So it lose. Two was when we were it was in the seventies and eighty. Out of it to the eighties I think you made an eighty's you know to reruns now all the way. But I. Is he let us. The Red Sox to me it was before Richard Pryor now. So. Here you can watch it was clean air it was clinger and that was to me before was good tabs and all that yeah but to me the best. Doctor watching all the way to room yeah it was new show seven 77. See you do marked as a kid all the way through David that did it was you know innuendo Whitner. It was it was just something you don't win. Esther knocked on the door. You are here yeah Robert Lucas should bring in all church members got to Bob all of them are Tedy did he do that to me that's a best is come. Not cutting it on tweets you could tell age differences series different people Tweety a 1057 FM the fan in general really hot at Doug. Admirals game tonight from Steinfeld when they signed felled the best comedy TV show that you seen in your life. I. Midwest bowlers dot com says it's Marta and Zach married with children and then the golden girls in that. Order your heroes and goes as planned I love golden girls I still watch us not think to me it was a little bit by a Steve could give outage goes to the to the mother of the group Estelle Getty she had to guess more like yes. No question this year more caddy why it was really funny Matt Childers or no question but I Maude you know Maud yeah Maude. Was like is that where she had her own show Monfils spin off of that year but it. She hit him to me. Archie Bunker came already at that and that's when the TV news during the sat. I'm sorry Gary agree yes we didn't have you guys the way I haven't heard Jerry yeah current hot out of date Josh simple let's get to call and I'm Jerry sands and all that it just what the deficit to 4147991250. Or 1479. Natural to do let's see Jerry Seinfeld is indeed the best comedy show. Of your life what are you got here were over there cause yeah or Duke emotional tickled agriculture. If I scored zone until Milwaukee during your next five so families and though it was I was gonna when it does things don't happen. I am so simply. So back to tell you at a race Simon got like I always. Call. Very good yeah my dad and I like that I had to go when not to go when my dad. All right I think the best one what sign though it was first I'm like been in prime time I never watched it either side of the green is comment that's really stupid. But then at what they start watching it syndication. The best one and I gotta say desperate best line from Trent Burton. Was one at Leicester was yen. And ray and our Red Sox lead and I'm particular things won't go that. You're really good yeah. So yeah I. Yeah. It's. Yeah rob I love lead today is what about now. But it. I had to be some who had that classic line. I mean audience asked about probably the best. Not Redd Foxx nineteen. Gary Allison emotionally what I carried out. I have all northern room. You'll screw the room. Why. Yeah you know also why it's not a beer that I can DOS one. Northern brewer look there aren't agreeing to have an awareness you arbitrary and so it goes to recover your own brew masters madness or bluegrass we you're right lord would give me Curome beer you can make your own so. Just how you want to know sugar Buick which are our guys are making Syria into the guy that's going on right now. On the Chilean wine Jews. Got to age usually wind Jews. You do to make out thirty bottles. From shortly our engines. He's from the Bears want in the world especially the the ball back. Are sharp and a in the cabernet. I'll go check out go gear that you Lee in. Wind Jews pre orders today Joseph Berger phrase out. Over our head and all of them were look you know how when hunter's green from Europe Murton you seem to be losing to number Gloria know on perk understands it. Which I've probably the best TV comedy of your life time OK I'm body you guys see he's out there from where you don't hear you're not going to Kenosha because they can. Which were obvious that it. There. It always. I have to it's a ways off Anderson. I like seven runners are and what you're doing you release and some today. Two new recipes you'll notice to rest because just 30. But isles have other items for sale of your honor possible for all pitchers look like old Gary outs and lines but it does have option and incentive Edmonton in the history you have those Eli exercise in NC was never want to miss in the wrong hairdresser Chargers 5710. In the history this year. And conclusion yet did you get up and I'll label in big east it's written dissent and he already is to us as a couple stolen goods emotionally. As the go to the one Reza you know making on sadly isn't and at the must. It's a gong and and know ha ha ha yeah as a big and we control it's a little Roy's pasta some pride and ego. I would want near your job to do and annals that here look at. Another guest look at some out of him one male model on one know what the surprises don't live below the crowd really you put an academy you worried that you were Bulow. No our nickel as he's always got here aren't we thought about it the best TV John Major breakthrough here might sounds yes and based on Twitter side fell does not everybody's favorite we'll talk about Beckham and mcdaniels. It is did you sort about it thrash slot from old Chevrolet studio admirals and San Antonio tonight and walk you panther arena pregame coverage there and since that 630 puck drops just after seven. Jon Harley. Played inside failed he'll be at the game tonight. Asking you do you think signed failed art is signed felt consider the best TV comedy of your life time. 414799125414. 7991250. Garrett like time is different Nicholas suites at the fans as what not a percent. What eight years later the apple sold aren't dated and they are 200% right about everything. Relationship will highs with Ortiz and after relationship advice side filled. But I guess Nicholas Douglas 4147991250. What is it for you the rice's Sanford and Son who's of. You there are eager to the task. If you think of you know some. Trials for relations. Based. Ours are. You know just to a long rain and you know churches JG. And low and he was. Campbell and fixer and for JX. Mean. Role that slow to Armenia it was time shooters are. A lot of them you know that kind of grew with that in you know at the there's there's meaning anymore Bart. I think grown up there watching along with that some of trees. Ingram countries are Mexico world parts of an effort fan interest will work for you. I I can't believe nobody said that he might have a budget kid let Aram are all would need to put sign and other met up if I. I don't know white guy and I and I can't stand at white right and up but for me. I can't believe nobody said that on here shall ever in living color. Yeah our crews that were voluntary one phone call you've been to first called for a while returns that's one bars. That's good though and living dialogue tweets still mean nobody is rob in living color yeah on between now would you like a body in living color. All are you. You think about all the bad it got there are gonna insults and and all the way in Brothers yet Jim Carrey. Our indigent care resume when it became a big star Cheryl wells and Mel. Who was the female Ellis and that's kind of it was you know oxen to. Smell but the job the Brothers. Way did the Wayne Brothers they were in it coolest girl that was in living color baby Josh. Wasn't Paula Abdul who was it come on there's a famous actually love how close it may be was do low masterful brokers as you know. Color brokers to cast. Well yes jail shoes and slider yeah. It Jamie Foxx was in your luggage and the Wayans Brothers Jim Carrey. 234567. And went on to have careers not that you know his brother's a really which I think was bad rounds well too. Was a bet on race or really do him become popular companies are the guys did not like Jimmy Fund. As you were apology oxygen carrying rated de from home in Murton dolls there probably wouldn't be in that low Budinger war. Yes toward the league game we'd still a lot he wanes didn't do much anything after that Adam. Other than they had their own Wayne's Brothers TV show yeah that was pretty good and I didn't I didn't mind that. Let's see here some other ones they came in today. I MJ says I say whole improvement. Marc was pretty good depth I like that 10 yeah I'll. Mark says cheers. Cheers all the cheers was good I like cheer norm yes. Double to government. I go to guy. I'm 54 years old and there's only one shelf for me to number one in that match. And I think my second favorite is probably golden girl look third is probably all of apparently. Let Eric quickly correct that is what you guys are talking about the flat he would be the one that on the ground this month at the I picked Bulger called aunt told CP. Console team's June so Colorado. I hear you know we column. You'll. Choose different things. And there. That's what the mark in Greenville market missile Alphonso Smith from the very mark ward but it. I need to orders market screen Glendale. On exact. Are a couple things no one on the court to called to go to Serbia are cute in that tries. Sure so I felt you know war is humor. I am of Jewish safety and at humor. Isn't just a white demographic it's more specific really never hear QB who. Jewish audience that will appeal to me out slugger certainly weighed on his. Or would curb your students yet torture figures agree Cilic to. One that somebody just brought up that I for about. Mean ash. To rip. Really really could be as good but all of these shelves okay. I would do what it was for a number years all of the shelter or only as good as the writers and Larry it was a test I leg while it has to others quickly. Other. Holes from. It looked good. Okay. All in the Stanley okay they're. Singing a burden on. Down and Bob. Almost nearly the inference on happy days now you know I don't the good hope he was here in the war. You know what it does is good image I like most of them mark what wanna bumped. Are surely know another one what about welcome back who oust what can be harder. When I alms you know Laura. Thanks very for Oklahoma perjured. He was gone to kick ass like Duke for. Just went to the wings Brothers and everything else and and other one. And let him for me. Crosby constitutional forming still because of right now to sing at adapting got a shot one meter road do cause shall marathon one of these days. Who I was rumored love competition law and order of merit on. Scott shields not on TV or some dollar current went on them no all nowhere. I do find it anywhere and syndication rear. It really used to be in syndication on nick at nite and all those and it's nowhere to be found. And on the other one I like a lot that didn't last very long George Lopez show. But George Lowe it was a it was a college yet dorsal position via. That was really once I got I hated syndicate is still out on ESP he hates him he's got to show. Hates him and is dead. All the elements art laboratory hates it too turtle pressure guests. It's George alternates in general yet they'll show that I don't know he's he's an embarrassment to race. In that I don't know either all I know I love that choice of session adjusts audio today yeah. I coming up extra extra tick away this guy is a lanes are gone older stay right there the other two lanes how would you split up credit amongst Rodgers McCarthy and Ted for their success. Think of in percentages. Rye Boller said Ted Thompson gets 100% of the credit Rodgers McCarthy non. So what would you say that and then the third line would you take badger linebacker TJ watt. The Packers first trumpet those are your three lengths top three topics of the day greatly Treadway tick away and coming up next.