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Favorite Comedy TV shows takes over Pick A Lane!

Feb 16, 2017|

02/15/17: The Wendy's BIG SHOW 5PM Hour - Sparky and Gary take your calls on what is your favorite sitcom of all-time and the rest of Pick A Lane.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Wendy's big show served up hot and fresh on sports Radio One up by seven Alabama fans greatly strike quiet. Lay go to break late strike away dot com now I get your season passes for the upcoming season. And they just continue to spend money and spend more money spent more money continue to improve and upgrade improve an upgrade great leg strength the way you being grilled each and every year. Either be no different game coming up this season great family find. And just an absolute vast blast what a Great Lakes dragged away dot com. For your season passes now. Our I'd really straight late giggling your top three topics the right lane how would you split up credit amongst Rodgers McCarthy and Ted. For their success this set early would you take badger linebacker TJ watt. The Packers first round pick as some are projecting an mock drafts. And the return leg would side field be the best TV comedy of your lifetime. Jon how Hurley is at the admirals game tonight let's are the right wing Gary how would you split credit amongst Rodgers McCarthy and Ted. For their success are 25 Rodgers 25 to McCarthy and 50%. To do Thompson because Ted Thompson brought both of those guys in here. And you know I think mostly we'll say that. Rodgers looked up and Valentin is about what we have seen in these draft where a lot of teams missed on guys like that. Slugged his for the industrial dislocated a day in and now how many teams missed on. Players where you think they should have taken. And they didn't do it and we whipped through the list of players Steve already there we thought there were. Top five top ten players in the an affair on his more they're where people really think. And today's that there are positioned at their position as two and two days and they're frail. I don't think he's gonna give ward it used to be today's affair right now is about parity I think you kind of see that I'll really across you know for. Okay so that is the right thing the center lane. How would you tell the court usage or work on to my percent of my percentages. I was 40% Aaron Rodgers 40% errant Mike McCarthy. And 20%. For Ted Thompson as I stated for years I think McCarthy's coaching staff smash in the defense aside the ball. Do wonders considering. On what they're being given BCS graph of the 34 defense may be a he started last year than but for the most part he has and his best football player available coaches you figure out how to make York they might all the offensive linemen that have played musical chairs over the years. I was McCarthy now that's finally shot too but it adds in sop up until last couple of years and Aaron Rodgers all fame quarterback. And you so on Roger was out they struggled a football game soul. From that perspective he has see a lot of credit to and he has to play doubles at a and MVP level for the and have a chance. To go to a Super Bowl year in in year out because of what is given itself forty Roger's forty McCarthy. Dwight for temple right ball and who's not here said 100% for Ted Thompson is he's on the drafted Rodgers. And signed McCarthy. The setter language did better linebacker TJ why with the Packers first round pick Gary owners yet there's got to be better. You know I think you look at him he got his release. Only been one your starter. You looking at a guy there's two knee surgeries are belief. You look at a got has been oft often injure. I don't know I'm here's the thing is tough territory now when you pick. But don't look at their more for sure thing you're 29. Then TJ laden had their series project goal. Some were lol first wrong. Who. Early second round I mean so he's scheduled to be right there when agreement partners period. I don't think that will be a group to go go. I would take easier lot. Mainly because he's the one really good year I understand that but growing up I all I ever heard was. When JJ was in high school but his younger brother TJ who wasn't the second brother behind JJ you as the third. That he was the batter athlete that way to you see TJ when he gets up here and he eventually got the Scotch ago Wisconsin's JJ getting to come out high school right away. Are they were gonna made a mistake right so now he goes there mom has that one big year comes out early for the draft. I jab right a fan of all dot com before he made his decision said that he thought he could slot into the first round with a good work out at the cub line. Obviously when they went and did their research the watt family in the badgers they must have for something similar in order for him to come out early is my guess he's if you're gonna tell TJ watt. And third third third or fourth Ryder I don't know if he comes out utility do what he could be a first rounder if ask how one goes well. Gary LeRoy both said they think he's got Bynum Greg's numbers bright spots so that happens Snyder and a first round I would have taken your -- for the fact is he could be heard again like he was. I in college and it can be a bus but the work Saudi could have a stud so for me I'll take him at the end of want. And the return leg which side to be the best city company your lifetime as Donald Hurley is at the admirals game tonight from signed felled. And a lot of differing opinions here. Gary. You said good times good times Sanford and so I was little about there yeah I say because Michelle Bibby Josh whats say you. My lifetime I would say how met your mother it was a bit of I'll watch it like that yeah a little little same story line is like friends was right but up from my generation at surprise Allen is like nine years so long running is great in living color. Mean this this Kasten is on believable. That was brought up earlier this far is that Jim Carrey in Keenan Wayne's Damon Wayne's Sean Wayne's. I was in it suit he was the one in the Wayne Brothers comedy. Would Damon wines and I'd Jamie Foxx. Jennifer Lopez Tammy Davis and glad to have a nice career Davidow angrier he went on to have a nice career as well and Carrie Ann Inaba. Number her she was on American I wasn't she a judge. An American Idol at some point. Are in I was she's on days it was our schedule to start right Rancho she was a fly girl like Jennifer Lopez Chris Rock. Was a member of that cast I mean. Goodness gracious. That's just freeze and roll so those are the three lanes for 147991254147991250. Let's go wrong in Georgia or probably your next Favre Sterger from the for individual Robert what you got but it. Good afternoon picture I do. Yet I hand down have to go side felt. Firm mean that chill. Is the classic shall bought nothing and they call it but it is truly the show about everything. Just about every episode and can throw my life I can relate a situation to that Shell I mean it's unbelievable that the case complaint. Com from work today as a matter that. Working on a project for work got the team of people that are working on it with me they're taken instructions or build him some informative basically it. And that. The episode in question is when Jerry has new cabinet installed. And that and the guy comes in and says what you need what you need Woody needs helmets on the comic tell me. And at the end Jerry just says. You know it and I feel like for me that's what it's like man I tell them what to do and Eric questioned in question been questioned them. Setup and I'm just like just do it already did get it done. There again and that showed just all of followed. Yeah I'll realize it it's just great at that. It sounds appreciate. 4147991250. Where to next winter and if you know you should know that album and it's just little discouraged. And such where you know it's so different was your favorite. Succumb shall room. All along. Same basic. Sent her sons. That. Are. Well I'm not surprised that did it doesn't depend doable credit card and not. I was saying it would Appleby rod beat people are dead. McCarty Tony Clark trinity a 20%. I mean McCarthy always hit it over posting got guys that don't fit the positions to do the best because it so. That it description air rather proven when he got our potential injury we've struggled to win a game gains. When he wasn't playing at a level that we used to seeing him well for game two street. Ethical and our rating and hit it 40%. This don't simple fact that he's GM but he hasn't been an. For a long long time now twelve years being in. Spilling beer in pennies. Dan and on he'd grab it and run all the playing quarterback and that pointing agent spent so. Equities. We appreciated balls. Okay so let's go to some mud Twitter reactions here as well. But it says suites another vote for cheers growing up having parents owning a bark shares from I think that show is true to the types of people that sit in a ball to light years ago I did. Yeah get cheers a fire remember correctly. It was the Thursday night schedule on NBC I think it was Cosby's family ties and cheer us. Were those three in order what was the guys are quite every year's norm Miller will our norm cliff cliff with the post meant Sam was the bar to ask him and Sam where baseball player or right yep former Red Sox player right. Yeah absolutely right the girl was cub blind the world's well home world there to blog to write the record that Mary Danny DeVito yeah. Leon Perlman you dislike the Burnett right and in the blonde was when they had to do from blow the two different things. Well that probably B yeah I got to show some more tweets coming in Eric two to the fans Steinfeld is my favorite. Fresh Prince of Bel Air family matters hell lol Burkle. Now little meltdown analysis on it via the out. And I got another one here from Brian says I'm 37 in my choice is the Dave Chappelle show. Which would we're with a one guy who blogger I think she got over and over Dole's. It and the other guy all our Giacomo Willis yeah different strokes different strokes Arnold. Yeah that you aren't the best only a watch adults on there that's another one right there with so many really good but again most these are back in the day. There's not as many today officials differ strokes was good. Okay what else is good. Where you can go to make sure you are ready for any winter weather they may still come upon assorted right tackle camp and in the spring where they took a moment your friends over at. Lacking Angel so I mean they gonna have everything. That you need to stay warm to stay dry. They're gonna have gloves boots hat socks you name it. Vega. That's when it's cold out you think oh for giving your. I guess we'll see your significant other or your frames or you're Q it's. Some Smart will lifestyle Sox I have repair several players shoes sports Wear a glove millions or even. A fun had at the bottom line is you'll love everything that Lackey and yours has to offer also electing George as your one stop shop. To get what you need to make that special someone vary. Very happy and lacking in George knows how to make people Schmoll. All the time you know what when I go and elections it was kind of weird nickel and let enjoys. When people walk in. Everybody's smiling when he walking and let indoors. I don't know why I don't know the atmosphere or people who Norwood gonna go into gear with the B skis were the beat they know they are looking for the is great jacket or do put on. There's a smile on every coach was race when I go to actors got. Don't take for me coach at regular friends are over at lacking in George blume wrote in brook real out years torture. When he makes tells us nobody impressed lob from the old Chevrolet studio C Sparky five. Gary Ellison. Page outright Mac laugh off today he will be back tomorrow for a throwback Thursday greatly extrapolate pick a lane go to great lake strictly dot com. So get your season passed for the upcoming year down in you mean grow the game greatly strangling dot com rightly how would you split of credit must Rodgers McCarthy and Ted. For their success I said 40% Roger's 40% McCartney. So Thompson 20%. Why Boller earlier said 100%. Ted Thompson which nobody is great to wave to this point. Then of course you have a satellite would you take badger linebacker. JJ watt for the packers' first round pick as many mock drafts have the Packers taking out the return leg what side I'll be the best TV comedy of your lifetime McDonald's early. Decide billed as the admirals game denies it take on San Antonio game you can hear hear on the fanned 6:33 game 7 o'clock puck drop aaron's sensed. On the call him back to the falls ago 41479912541479912. This could stricker walked sharp break your Maxwell Fossum or from a Frederick which ago but it. They Jerry so he had a cult comic clear cut favorite modern comedy but I'd had the other one not a cheap guys you know you feel. Are a wonder years. That suddenly show. And then also are more but cult follow and I believe what are the current courts. Never heard of that one. What was that one about it. Aren't about to. To singer artist. Came from the eland come to New York City. I make a living out there. Prepared the paired song right. Oh. As for the couple days ago when I stopped said he would not surprise doesn't run I haven't seen on Twitter. I haven't seen anybody call in about a heard him a call about it geared to Curb Your Enthusiasm Kuerten all we had a gutsy we don't want guys at every enthusiasm via figure that was a huge Johnny get. Same guy with that creative side I felt Larry Davis their way to made Curb Your Enthusiasm. And again I thought there be more votes for for the office I thought would get more votes a Dockery enthusiasm we get more votes. But surprisingly maybe Taj above the age of her audience we've got a lot more old school. I'll one's brought up from the eighties and nineties and even the seventies and we have any thing. For the last you know five or ten years 4147991254147991250. Let's go to Michael come along mark your Maxwell parts are in their from the frame mark which your birdie. Hey what's going on guys every day. Eight I gotta say 70%. Has called them. Probably twenty year Rodgers 10% McCarthy had not been for Ted we're not competitive with the injuries. So give it to begin now. I'd say 78 K okay one Aaron and Ken McCarthy we'll call. Steve yeah without without dead we were not competitive so. Some are injured fro. Thanks Flacco not go maglev Roger's not only did. I had to work hard to get tied scratch here. They were brutal on and one that happen everybody was rip intent on seeing now we know how bad this really is and how much covers it up. Don't know what you saw what you know what you saw limited group say that about a lot of teams don't logic would struggle Portland saw him a group they screwed up the back of quarterbacks which saw. Nobody totally screwed and because they had they had a backup quarterback and it was limit round with that with various job in training camp ignore sought there was Brett Hundley. Someone like him or if in years past they had big guy that we captaincy outing came back to us at one predicted they would have someone like that flip bad idea to toward the end and that they would they would have someone like that it have been OK because that's what we saw any legacy. Be in any Lacey. You had to rent a bet. Defense was okay what you had to run it back good enough to keep to pressure the quarterback to quarterback yet about it. All area. Zero so woods' game. I would say that's amounted to that it now a backup quarterback to say you. Used to deceive this season and what do you know all of them don't you're. Yeah Roger said when the last game that gets me back against the Bears right yeah. But you were all over the net you're in training camp saying that was going to be a problem and nobody listened TBS Friday evening get her channel their final because of the backup quarterback. And then. Blown younger girls it lets goal are on the way back. From Vegas we were in near and he was gonna. In case that was her first I think her first ever packer four bug should ever been to at Lambeau Field. And we land I turn my phone on. We're still in the plane here and my phone is just when tech must sex a sex SS I just on the Tim alleys or come after the World Series a bowling. I go you are believe this one he said why don't Rogers. On the broken collar bones I got here I go and tell you. I thought about k.s then she started she tell me that he's got to go it's de. That's just crazy now this time to now just flew back from Vegas the last. After by Pargo and a ago when he was terrible place there yeah. Beckett Lester why don't you wanna follow oh I forgot Mike this were my controls in my Q and as well for us from their from in my whichever. What's up so discreet I have been in and out but as anybody's arms were little though that was the one about Mark Wahlberg right. Yeah well I mean it's loosely based. It is it is a show on the merit sugita branch off those because order's great now right with a rocked. Yeah Iraq do. Makes you sports agents from former and why. But it is it is it is very funny show I mean you work eccentric. But I think it's been tested for much did you ration. Mothers and at friend for me but that's well early sometime that's another and always brought his friends yeah they use skewed younger I was. By ten years older didn't get the choke sign so fortunate sir your old. Order but I bought some later date that we were on. Maybe used super late 30s40s to. Yeah probably right Mike thanks for the comment I never got in the central I didn't either. No I try to want to watch it as like now they Zellweger it. And I watch it obviously I'm in the minority a lot of stuff like Ronnie. Did recite lines from all the difference I've filled episodes over the course of time I just never even now there's replays on. Still can't get myself really into watching what. Issue was signed film was based in New York righty is. And they just wasn't a lot of characters look like means. That I know probably hold it wasn't. But if you think about like or don't like you and any of the shows that we're talking about well cheers you up. Mean was there cares you know matches I ideal life because it was. Cinderella sports figures Slorc and even late out of danger out that's gotta go down and it net com. But in his other stuff these other things that people with. I I didn't want me. Although there were some shows it was really good now course I watched. Was it for excellent ever talked excellent yeah would you talk about Willis in your eyes different strokes got into that. Fresh prince. First prince Miller love that yet I still watch Nolan said yeah I still watch fresh prince so at least we did that in but yeah it for the most part. Game time but always Pashos via sort comedy you watch now here. Of course I don't think if there weren't I watch reality TV from Iowa is there one. I'm sure there is that we don't watch like probably likes this show called the gold burgers or something like now Nam but now I'm duel and but it really into right now is that that Chicago Bulls Chicago shield but Chicago Fire under article five Chicago mayor of Chicago police are doing all three years ago and all the real got another one out Kolb are Chicago justice right now for things war. In the eight to Oman and I don't ever between that and the rest of all these. Fire or in hospital show on his style of my girlfriend's Daschle tell you everything about it so he watches all oh yeah he's what he's in Illinois. He's a hard shall core Chicago guy but he can break down every little bit wider all differently are really different yet as one as is strictly based in the hospital. One do they ever inner sacked yet EDS was a dual crossover shows real well pretty cool damp 'cause really the Chicago Fire right. Where you got to go to take a osment. And l.'s characters are there over the Chicago minute. As it was worth the police were Chicago PD Chicago treaty okay they intertwine. Brilliant and enough and you've got three average initials everybody's watching to see the interaction bribery and enough to do when Chicago justice. Which is brilliant because other bring him in now the court aspect of the police to fire and all that. And not only that Steve Parrish and Pedro not only use these not only event you see not only that. Not only our baby counts they intertwined. Law and order. That that I didn't know because they have had a case a couple of them now in New York. Where that person has fled. To Chicago. So not a guy travel to Chicago. To try to get as Joker Evian they get now where Chicago pretty. It's also. I'd rather look at girls crying on the bachelor that's right in my laughs. You can line that we. Used to it was just I heard a little bit of that I heard the line. By the way Dan Don platinum who is on the show yesterday that depth we want to go back listen to Dan dockets interview from yesterday yes combats loyalists. I've won a phi seven FM the fan back on doubles kicks GMC found to match. Yet to go back to us in the interview. Free Michigan State game last night where he had the fan based chanting at him for Michigan State student section that Izzo found out what he said on Twitter pretty much said. You know you kids are too dumb to go to Michigan you have to at Michigan State your album too whiny kids whatever autumn and I totally believe it. Odds and an Izzo found out what he said and then what aftermath after the game about its. And now tonight Djokovic is on ESPN with van Gundy do in the late game. The early game is Waltz in and by tell the Cleveland game. Goals are going to be highly entertaining for shore based on all four personalities. Although we're talking about that let's get to a sports flash today Josh greatly straggler Tikka latest failed double gets more of your lanes. Next. Not hot and fresh here on sports Radio One 057 at -- the fans. Lot from old Chevrolet studio C spark five for Gary Allison. So I try like pick a lane and right leg how would you split up credit amongst Rodgers McCarthy and Ted Thompson. For their success my percentage of course I'd say 40% Roger's 40% McCarthy. I and but as a 20% for tenth Gary what was yours. 45. McCarthy 25. Rogers and picked it. So that is. The rightly the satellite which dates back to linebacker TJ watt or the packers' first round pick. And the return lane with John or really at the apples games ever signed felt which side they'll be the best TV comedy of your life time. 4147991254147991250. Let's go to Jack in west Jack you have natural five children are from a friend jet which he got mark. Hey guys public on right. Arm pretty it's cheers but one that I think we're all overlooking it is all the family. Yeah I don't know we will look at me. So you're on the family back in the day Archie Bunker and all those guys. Right because when you think about it it was really grown Bridget with a lot of the stuff but he did errant. The guy that created. All the damn league also created more odd times. And good Jefferson. For all class. Play decides Robles. That's an arrest in his two Shell spot often match I you know the Jefferson spun off of that show yes. It dead. And all Aaron thanks for the cup really. We're gonna I believe the ideas and now I just gets rich at the fair and Big Bang theory. That's a very popular longer. That's still I'm sore. They're like the nerdy. Guys who have like a good look in check and she hangs out the monitor like really Smart funny he dirty or comedy I guess. While body treated the fan and wings wasn't hitting gem I've seen that that was pretty good. Another one was Two and a Half Men hands down what guy can't relate to that Shell that exists and is there with the older Charlie Sheen was an Islanders. There's not that that's an issue or not that's an amendment you know JJ That '70s Show for me growing up in the ninety's for TJ. That was basin can notion I certainly. If memory serves correct decision to peaked. I've walked worth your next world class of an effort to fair three what you have but. I'm like eighteen. From Howard brought up three rarely can in my mind yeah. Though to be the greatest show I've ever see. Weis is the wonder years. But I'm. I also remember a lap and so hard perfect stranger. And of course saved by the bell. Say by the god there's another one gap about a Bel Air burger strangers that was a rebel key. I wanna say was really care to name and perfect strangers and Dave at a belt you know that shall obviously. I don't know hours. That was go on behalf. You know a lot of the people came out that the big do Mario Lopez are Lopez's and it. You play like a football player there is set high school there is one girl that was dating him that was really cool character wasn't Super Bowl or B lol what. Yes Fella saved by the bell reform. And yes she was yours and that's Trevor movie yes Elizabeth Barkley. We are all that was Jesse Jesse. Correct lose in our. Past look at all if she was like in the shoulder issue was late. Really Smart dirty while he has straight married at all and yeah pro women like I mean our eyes and all that helps that's foolish is another WV recognize any of them don't because quite a few home went on to have practical terms laughter from Wisconsin he's got late. Three felony charges I'll screech yeah streets here screeched right. Yeah it if you look at the cast from their Dustin diamond you're talking about. Tiffany season she went on to continue her acting career. Mark Paul docile or he still acting Mario Lopez sees does one of those entertainment TV job Mario Lopez is with he was on a show. Yeah Mario Lopez is doing AC Slater Thompson on inducing rooms were all okay. Scenario as well I think so yeah AC Slater an additional rights are yes yes that she he was in that. Turning him Isner has probably yet of people that you would know Artest you got to. Daryn in walk sharp during your natural for us from our from the fans a bit shall. There was you got. They're guys that were put out there what I've ever show all the recent time in the league. -- back deck meant. To lead. That's a fantasy football. One right. Out. Yet that's a bunt a bunch of dudes that play fantasy football or fancy football league and they take it way too far. Yeah Los sells your kids yeah they did detective way to forwarded to judge him an example of why some Selena Gary would find funny. Are all merit. Everything a lot of it. Critical back to like opponent belt they're a lot of fun belt packed up in it literally everything really expect the best football in their life. And it's just. You get guy aren't explain. Slightly. And I think basically Phelps after yet that's been around for a while and where we go nationals Mike Mike Mike your mix or overestimate from fair in my which you have blood. Hey guys how to go all arms. Old result I Cadillac this silly humor like Hogan heroes. Now I've via a loaded cereals the try to show my girl's the oldest here is you don't have a clue about it that at all and a few years. That I've heard of number one. Hogan zero what about honeymooners. I'm little I'm I'm not quite that old like I don't let. Watching. I used to play honeymooners the board game back in the day. Added VHS cassette tape that would go with that here odd was like honeymooners trivia and stuff really fun I'm Mike thanks for the heart. Yeah hoga here's my schedule looks at that in what was the other what what was the Alex spaceship one block. Our Marcum Indy non non. It was Buck Rogers but Buck Rogers. That the team Russia wasn't Buck Rogers guild Brewers manager. Joseph Buck Rogers I wasn't out here. Yeah out Buck Rogers 125 century. That was that show my dad used to watch that show to Allison really comedy something. I can't see it. I don't know man I'm just pushing the screen over there is too short to do much else all best ball and felony and now without heading back in the seventies to. Issues did you ever have the A detective showed you like animals my camera my armor elect Allen. Another really. At one yeah but I watched Dietrich a sledgehammer sledge. That was another one when a ball by cameras probably Ares watched mcdannold. Could get in it tomorrow Hill Street Blues was one that was and just an innings are comedies there TV shows no no no we're talking about. You take detective shows writes Felger of clutch is now one was around for a long time and one of us are characters a natural from notion. So that was another one. And others any. That you watch I watch colonel this kid yeah. I got into a Shell that's on TV here watched like a year to you and and just lost track of it was suits that's not at fax suits that's that was a pretty well. She reduced to really nice to show you know generally do now. How we detect just rusher to death goes Amare share Acela. I shall do that it was a little book that's rob you wanna get in a greatly straight wiggle everyone who's still time for a 41. Or 7991250. When you dial it up let me tell you about Harry's rays are series. Harry's razors restarted up by two local guys all got to local as the two ordinary guys Jeff ward and Andy. And these error I believe college guys who went to school together. And they are trying to figure out. How to help people save money I guess the best way to do it. I and they started Harry's razors out these raisers are put together manufactured in germ meeting like the cars and stuff they come out of Germany. All high end type stuff. By taking less profit and signed directly to you over the Internet Harry's offers there blades at half the price. That you go Pena drugstore so two dollars a blade compared to the normal for me about that for second and you don't just get. The razor when you order online through Harry's razors dock out he had to wait ergonomic panel obviously pipers Asian engineered blades live. Creating strip Trimmer blame rich lap there in shave gel. And a travel blade cover how did this all comes when you order them online hold us. Because you listen to show and do you listen to me they're gonna look it was a Nelson cares is so confident the quality of their blades they want you try their shape set for furry. That's right Furrey all you it is cover the shipping which is not that much. Class as a special offer fans of the show go to Harry's dot com right now and ever told Sparky SP AR KY check out. To get a Pau shaved bald for. Furry. That's Harry's dot com. Hairy he's got it's real simple rubble cold Sparky Carrey's dot. -- 07 lakes videos. Spark Gary Allen. Predictions show tonight. Admirals hockey game so we get San Antonio fans are arena. 630 pregame coverage there and since Democrats haven't thought puck drop Donald really decide that'll be in the house two dollar. Food specials to going on tonight that you can take advantage of our you have to go on right yeah we're going up. We've gone there and off blocks and Brooklyn tonight six Ers are for that one no Milwaukee looks because they post game show. That's why I'm going gavels game not as. Because bus and the bus get done to narrow as it does me too long with the later expect already come back so. Milwaukee Bucks post game show cars everything that was can show. And Serena yeah. I'd. Barber in the ice fog and it is far better piece. I think you can see and you feel closer to the action. Then you did at the admirals games at the Bradley Center you just feel like you more on top of the ice you hear more everything. Now when there's you don't 5000 people. It seems like there's 20000 people as far as how loud it India the Browns aren't echoed around. Could get loud but it didn't get as loud and here it does and they put so much money. Harassed her and Hamels put so much money into the what you panther rated to redo it concession stands re doing bathrooms putting in bars all over the place in this place. It just has a great feel to him and I I really really. I enjoyed rented out was in earlier this year and go to another one tonight just really enjoy that mr. Owens and seventh and what drops seven yup against San Antonio so. And I I don't. The or I think I don't know how that all works and has some anxious to see that and they got two dollar specials on differ from brought student until now to get tipped. I gradually strangle a tickle and how would you split up credit amongst Rodgers McCarthy and Ted for their success. Percentage wise. Then he senator Elaine would you date badger linebacker TJ watt with the Packers first round pick. And the return lane which sacked I'll be the best TV comedy of your lifetime 4147991254147992050. As Greta Cassandra on and off were side considered national fuss over from the through the big show certainly which yeah. I've yet again a hole on that wasn't my best but I always collected WK Eric. Top CNN. Through the dog days. Have to care dizziness flag trapped less commitment to. I'll go out well. So. Yeah I like Benson a lot Benson more than I like soul. Yes we'll much. Yep in. The governor and out. Been in the back in the house with them. Yeah yeah solicitors you're only two. Didn't think. Got you Cassandra thanks for the call was able go to what do you flail. That was Barney Miller. I was born a Barney Miller was Dole's detective JaJuan cop comedy not able goes on daily care of Cincinnati. Did right if you go to yet preacher. Was do we care of reasons behave that goad died due 126 of last year which is that correct he was in Barney Miller. Fish. In the Barney Miller 7580 sort of got used in the original got father Welker and look who's talking to. Yeah so Barney Miller Booker. So yet I was on the glad I got odd tweet here I love you want to earn their very persistent if we don't talk about him on the radio where would not know Tom bowling treated several. I'm not tweeting back I forgot to match one of this I imagine taxi earlier but you guys in mention it on the air. You watch taxi mil but Danny DeVito and those guys Tony Danza know. Now but who's the boss now listen Milan Ol Tony Danza. Silver spoons. That they needed they Josh year. Any of these shows that we're talking about every year or. No I've heard one not a ball actually no I heard about who's the boss one who's the boss Tony Ganz Ellis Milan home Alyssa Milano here's your writing is hard to try to listen I was ala I was also like thirteen my side so she was outside the drought it was a lot of announcer. Now what about. Punk you Brister. Hockey Brewster known major member of the show you used in wash here. That was another one Q Brewster. Let's see you're injured modern family that's that's a relevant one that's pretty funny now is it. The guy that leads out of he was runner Finley he's the one for married with children that was a show the used to do tracked you always adapt I'm married with children my mom used to watch that show right he was I Al Bundy I got worn. Yeah I got one. Coach. All each coach grades you know all of coach. Yeah out on meet his globe while bowl Albert yeah Joba was funny and then the old guy assistant coached yeah coach yet now they're marshals state Minnesota state yeah state yeah yeah I love coach. That's a good one coach I'll mark treat at the faint Dukes of Hazzard. Walker is another life and that's that's a you know on. Let's see rules of engagement is hilarious I never seen Allan I don't think it's that funny. Don't you sing it seeded a few times I don't think it's a funny another person says black fish ever seen out. Knew when you gotta coffers Geary to watch that show that knock somebody what's next you're not seeing now on my count you out and do farm duel one maybe eight I really at a German born to reality than you are well yeah talkers series you're gonna be law and daughter loves Chicago holds look at our law and orders are Chicago's. And being I've watched his two new thing until you guys about the wheels on doing the wheel right now. And duck and I just got in to move the bachelor crew that bet grows crazy. So I was charges of Iraq. And yeah yeah that's that's that's about it. Emma forever show right now though is my Guerrero. Could peak. Year was cookie was the. Her character her name it's picking. What's the name wouldn't show manned. And is lacking here blog show she's his finger and my old empire. That through so. Outside that's a lot of people's children who. Yeah that that is on the there's a lot of drama there that Tom that's a lot of drop. Lot of drama. I don't do a double to what he's big show did it coming up to mouth this Spiegel. Badger linebacker been ready to go the NFL com -- he's been invited to join us tomorrow at 235 to 35 your badger linebacker. Vince eagle holes here where he thinks. He's gonna go the NFL draft as we'll get his thoughts time. The season that was for the Wisconsin back door the rest tonight admirals hockey 630 or home tonight against San Antonio 7 o'clock puck drop cheer on the fans. Have a good night. It gets a chilly.