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Should T.J. Watt be considered as a first round pick?

Feb 15, 2017|

02/15/17: Wendy's Big Show 3PM Hour

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Closer come on and brass. I'm old Chevrolet studios in Sparky five foot Jerry Ellison what Butler running back laugh. With the day off he will be back tomorrow on a throw back Thursday. My drafts out to have the badgers taking. Linebacker TJ watt. I'm going to the Green Bay Packers would Lisa's question would you Jake badger linebacker TJ watt with the Packers. First round pick 4147991254147991250. I'm way to Chad Wright arrived from NFL dot comparable months back. I guess it was in December. He made mention towards an interview that he dot DJ watt. Could be a guy that could gul and a first round. On if he did well at the cub Gary and I both about fell offer chairs when he said it's a come on he's serious. Yeah they sell. And now since then we've seen more or more momentum picking up. I bought TJ watt possibly going and a first round early second round. The Packers are drafting at the end of the first round. So would you take TJ while that packers' first round pick dare you put it on yeah FaceBook and you are a lot of reaction got eighty comments salaries to a lot. And done I don't know how to start but he says it's reached. Nice 700 people already almost a thousand people who aren't really good. Lot of people win in on the issue to Green Bay Packers take TJ watt. In the first round of Selena. And most people there are all my praise for page. You going on the which you do two of which it's won't blue checked more into like I played like. Here in a lot we were chime in on yet that they warm obviously. Think you you get it in there would the hometown Warriors and bad in home state that. But Steve huge to deal with TJ watt if you did know. Would you do you know we're view. The while the decides who. It was tavern and join other siblings in a fair actually juniors and follow in the footsteps of JJ a three time and for a given year and Darius six or Arctic for bankruptcy and you toward. Won't be easy in fact it wasn't easy for watching goal to get on the Theo. His first Cubs season with the badgers. Rich hurting every tidy it into dog thirteen. Losing the following season with a right knee injury watt bid tore. His left knee door in spring practice in two government thirteen. Having surgery bar returning to play every reserve linebacker and all thirteen games and there wanna have our tire falloff. Finally helping to Dartmouth sixteen. He wanted to start and Dominic scenario garnering second team associated prayers all American first team all big honors. So basically he has one year. Of football. Apparent. And because he's heart that's late on. OK you know what best did all right. On technical striker is good to have it all yet even care right and he said yeah ours Raptors and we know miserable they say years 65. 243 them. He's only play one year for Paul. No. Know. I take him at all. You say now. LeRoy I would say well at least he played and reform. Well no we did play 34 will hold on here aren't hearts our whole. Eco and you I mean I think you. Hold on there harsher are. This so I am looking looking there I could see him standing are playing bass in for a 43 team. Wouldn't label placed a five portrait report and into the fire Caver to switch defense as he can still contribute. Aren't. I don't know if he's big and put his hand. What we say standing about side and best of 34 not as an end we put his hand as a 43 right it was a round yeah. If he's been hurt already. Too many surgeries they currently she got out a way. Okay. You're releasing where. The year say because of injuries you wind today. Think I've seen enough. To go down to give. I'm a ball about. Defense. They need to be jet defense and go and and I don't even know who I would take right now Andy McDonald worked that position and before you know yeah it is I don't know for the first route right. There. You mean he's under these projected as a late birds he gets hurt now roundtree. What is. It. May not overly quick start as an athlete short starter Paul who explosion. Out of it. And a feel to be in. The past where is it too well Courtney is average in the QB in these two. With technique and great play right won't generate enough so outraged decree coached the to I'll rush with consistency. Played with they narrow base needs to play more consistently and to play through re direction upper arm. Well I have to power in his praise hold report. I hope all the Porter gives tackles. In the inner frail. Nice. Saw them but blocked. They made you so if you think you can narrow fire god does not ill. Maybe for all over again. And a man with your butt but stuff like that. But he's not a hell fire. Off our guys had to court to. So I want it to be like me whitening. Hello argue that quick to over the but I like we're right here quick twitch thing of the black aptly named bar where I've never an area are guys like yeah I'll always been. Our depth. Like Anna is notes in the and the memories do you Thom has your gym rat is only guys like I've ever urban call hair on fire got Michelle I just missed it I know you haven't we. I our guys were switched so whats quiet and just prettier now on the Cigna we say you're here or he's got a great motor moment like. Yeah. She. Voted down in basketball's always a Jimmer Jimmer and Iowa they're just under. I don't. Want their eyes. I'll give you stereotype. I want the DJ other parent at a started said I'd agree I don't know core. Can you don't want he's go work out would JJ out season. Don't the little push each other get tiger he's gone him he did before this also not any better. We did JJ was stopped and is. Heard you'd rather missed several years has been a lot to. Okay look you give me that's ever production you can be heard a lot to. Do you just don't take tactical JJ watt JJ what would but did your wallet a dominant all fans are here not anymore OK maybe or. But for this goes back to a all of anymore Steve all I disagree or yeah he's a hall of fame all all yeah. Yeah hell yeah if and you don't let me live long enough how long you play by yours and yours and our employees six years he's out of violence. That is always sixth avenue of these I mean. Yeah exactly you never know Wagner is if we knew he'd be in the hall thank you I don't think change is the best athlete in the Fam that's what they say yes Macedonia's I just. Schools and yeah. There's no way could be brought here six years include this year those because of so he's only played five years coming into this year JJ so that's probably not enough if he doesn't play again. Which I'm assuming he will play but he of the desert and out every year to twenty. A half sacks ten and a half sacks twenty NASA X seventeen an aspect that position since he's been there are a little JJ play. I don't know mean backs are tricky thing obviously I'm just saying if it's me if I'm if I'm Ted. Then I don't care about injuries too that's what we've seen in the past to add to that and bother me. Delicate and go okay. Let's look at tiger showed no I don't and it worked the but the work at look at work ethic right those two things work ethic. And pedigree goes to give you can carry quite a way it may take an average player to make him a good player. All I totally disagree there's divas go ripped agree mid pack the kids and their health they want the whole staff by us so wacky loudly uses the because I think in this case. Guess again I'm closer to it in the here. Close anybody brought you let her do or what I guess maybe but here. We know JJ watts or fewer Rocky and the bad press like yeah you're not going up go somewhere else. He goes somewhere else that eventually asked to come back to Wisconsin and you saw all of that Wallace does or guarantee that his work of exits there's JJ no. But if you're Tommy he's a better athlete than JJ. If he can work like AJ stretch I hate all fame player I don't think your way eagle boss is if he gets our. Only what if he gets thirty can't play ego that's hot but it really felt what you did. All I think I think you get Clay Matthews like numbers and I'll come off for sure the split Madieu deep as a player of the year. Win or the years dog no it wasn't Maine settled now from woods and so Matthews and that would into the living don't mom dad and dogma this year. Had a boo boo them yes I think he was called it was diagnosed that during the it's. By the royal a mission this. Which you think did you think TJ why have the same production magically recognized that and neither of them out on the man and we used our LC it. I'd sell the question is there's would you take a linebacker TJ watt from Wisconsin the packers' first round pick 4147991254147991250. Mike at a north side you lead things off coming up next. I'm fresh on sports Radio One of my seven have them look bad luck. From the hole Chevrolet studios. Admirals hockey tonight home against San Antonio. Style Hurley. From signed filled that he will be at the game also two dollars specials. Never food items tonight too at the admirals game and want to have to rethink enamel sold tonight. In San Antonio 630 pregame coverage with aaron's sins here on the fan puck drop after seven would you take. 4147991250. Tweet us I wanna phi seven FM the fan. Let's go to America Georgia worst I was Georgia next Arafat's order from affair George which Gabbert. Oh. The regular ought to. Kent will put more hold and we're Jordan I've been a model up and let's go to Michael and most of them arguments were 57. Different affair might which yeah but he. Good afternoon gentlemen. I think they got is the end projected as a late first early second. It's the pedigree. He is often described as being more athletic than it earlier. And it why not take a flyer on a guy that could be a real difference maker. Does god knows they've taken flyers got a first round right mark. And sometimes you got you yeah everything he's shown hey and grant that it is limited. What are you had an opportunity didn't show because of an injury. Let me ask you this right Ramirez is Mike Packers Ted Thompson's get won't earlier we had a topic in 2 o'clock hour. And and seemed like Ted is being viewed he had a lot. Because his first round picks don't pan out. And years they have though in this case it's okay we'll afraid I have to take a flier but all these other flyers didn't work but this wire is okay. Well Eric you've got to compare that to what's available they are there compare. And is there anybody very bad bat much better. That's gonna comment when he and I met I guarantee. And and I think Mike I think you're right because a net that would any draft. That's what happens when he 928. When he's diver and when you're constantly drafting when you come and grab. Yeah and his top two draft in those spots and get a guy but what I'm here in his. You doesn't see it is okay because if you go local got to take a flyer. But it's not okay. I don't know an Ambien a local guy has got to do with the fact that his Brothers band defensive player of the year twice. His brother Tom monster and everybody except that kid more athletic batted his brother. His final. Why wouldn't you pick number why would you pick it. The right or Lola. Of load have you batted Bradley would be going into in that you know when he's more athletic where he should be going to requires more athletic he knew full well she'll be sure I NM he should be go adult regularity and he I think he should be in it to is shouldn't be in twin should be dread than topped him. Based only know allowed. Because he's better than a guy of two and we did say was better I just got Dante does just Missouri more do what I do is just because your mark light doesn't mean there's been there by the new players more athletic in UD and you're the fastest got a lot of world but you were the better. All play what did they don't if they draft like dead due Woody have a French. And I bump draft you could your Brothers. You think you'll be like about the Brewers didn't he. Well versed in it for years that would have blown it winds could figure out and drafted Barfield kid and got out of out at the bell and drafted upon guys with Prince Fielder at first round pick one a lot Cecil. Yeah but you bottom let him into don't. Right which you feel I did last name. Offer him you have to go outside to Thibodeau he's got a weight issue I'm not yelling in the first round yeah but that's what reductions spoke and they were you just comment from high school there and noble you are college kids to Joseph Louis knocking home runs I'll be used in right am content major parts. Ultimately ditching him over right yeah. I'm just telling you if his Lastings outfielder I'd bet you he slides because as well me you'll have no issued a he's been a project so low. You're at then steer your broad. I told you we started this chat writer and a knockout stage it could go late first I thought he was crazy. Gary thought it was crazy here we have now we get further into this era and more more people are starting a reading this yeah general managers to put your dogs to a and these guys are all saying the same page I was in December. He sees them right yeah neither since other were not seen I would think. Now did I earlier brought a Beagle. Vince Gil Morgan have on the shuttle mock bright reds and what's difference between those two there. And my. Porsche not a whole lot and so in your opinion of what goes again of one big grocery right yeah I think they're currently single so Gibbons because you're jacked up right now Cornel please let that happens I'll be in the second. Know. Vince Beagle is two years ago and probably fourth round. Threw throw me and I we think they look at him differently yeah why. Because JJ watts has brought a lead and that's the reason that that is the that is a huge reason why not that's why some would you take a more they take. Globally for look at that tape don't enjoy exactly what the guys say it's a flyer. Just a get fired. Right next to that that's not your first of course I'd take a home run swing like taking out a note here's my point Steve and I get there or if I'm here but no you're Wada has been water we criticize their. For taking and that's when Randall and now he's other zones they deem more about it in the when he know what this one's okay. Because now we all agree although we all agree that it's a flyer at that spot we all agreed as it missed us by. What we all did speak to the fire on The Who has the lineage of those other players I dare mess we. Don't know what happened and I'm not so well there but that's why he's going they're all those guys who have other. I just all the guys are the same it is a flyer. Now computers into all of Raptors are five minute of it going to transfer out of about Melvin and note no I'm not because of that and we always used to a lot about the Bears are described as he is the NBA draft. Losers only so few players in the NBA drill duty be. I think you that maybe five players. I doubt it I think if if if you're not in a top five in the NBA draft a fly. Yeah it's it's good when shouldn't. I hate talking about the draft I hate it because I guess so I attribute it totally downplays the general managers that says Lee can hit. That's all dusty does anybody just got lucky that he took Hubert that spot all he just got lucky appalled George he took their heated no you're just got lucky. Matt well. Will what is whoever. It's a little aback when Indiana was well. Oh boy I don't like in the draft I like what is below courts here what is the wound back then he was a really good Saturday well how old it really it's their last three years on the last long in India and there are three you ask maybe report here on that you know all George was a great treat and I think not. The injury. Bet they get on that Victor well listen. Your boarding hit on notice. Right and Els outside the five bogeys out with a true swing for the fences and humor and he's got an area rapid and hit it. The world would there aren't any easier laying. Yeah yeah Leon right yeah not thousand other thing home run or bust but those are true gamble's I don't see this like those two players. What all I see this is when you get down there. 2927. I've seen all that's saying. You're trying to get lucky you taken a flyer but. My point is it's okay to do for this got to be to fly zone it out okay for court rollins' right. Games it's there so that would you qualify as a flyer on Aaron Rodgers at the end of one yeah. Why do you get upset everybody says that he got lucky with Aaron Rodgers. He got lucky Woody and route you took Gotti was most of it straight up I'd like geez yeah. But it worked. You gotta give credit for that. Brian's Madonna draft yet you're four. Would you at linebacker TJ while the Packers first round at 41479912. You were those walker oh yeah that's where Jordan was so I tried to. When Laura George don't Bridget got time. Why wouldn't I wouldn't take EJ in the partial while. What I'm saying that all the dropping them to hold that part it. This is there's no guarantee of a trap into into the player actually played in the league and the result we can evaluate I think. Worse mark that's not old enough. They had a good people follow all the players that we thought were going to be the main. I think about what people around. Him with the number one pick but brown was any or. All of this that. Indeed in many ingredients are now so why I hit eight Packard deeply and available player at a position it is why. Take it somebody. Take them. Don't let go because somebody's brother. And we you know equipment on track now I know I'd bat unions would be leaving college playing time at USC from a small I knew I dad. You know he will turn out like that deputy didn't even call a certain. Yeah it was a walk problems and status how he got in each ballot and I went wow it runs in the family. But just because you want in the and we don't always turn out that way how I gave up about it I would kick up high. And mean I'll wait EP I think he's going to be around that are what I wouldn't. If somebody. Zambrano then I go you might not be all got a body. All I know this it's not turns out right it TJ watt ends up being a Pro Bowl don't you call back and tell me I do that eight. He didn't break and not in that mean he Cole until they call I want to play outside of badgers eat his cult but I don't think and it. Do we want to just call. That you thought Barrett sit prompted about the one that. Now he does that Indian Indian watt turned up into the lot double steal that amateur. Earlier shooter thanks for the cup. That lesson and becomes yeah always heard got more camera it's like every other play drafts. But yeah this is it does or does resemble a terrible blow reserved to Dortmund casual about it but. But the one thing is different is this and maybe Ted does this. I don't see offers dressed maybe. Maybe tag and a first round is plus his you know what. I'll take insulin for this yanks got some issues but he's got the talent to be all pro player he got talent to be a superstar Albert gambled and Tom right. Guys been heard I think you can be a star maybe he doesn't him want. Or does Ted at the end of one goal I was gonna take the best football player that's the Sabres take at this point we're in goal where it's going to be defense. I'm not trying to say offense or defense I think I would say there were injured or just like take away what positioning play your city look at. Player a and gulp been hurt a little bit. But he should've went ten positions earlier had even helped because he's got star written all over on. Album go for him I think he could be a star doesn't work out fine but I didn't want on the album roll the dice on. Or does Ted look again the first round go the safest pick here is this guy I know QB salad at least I'm not gamble and who's gonna take out play. Not so that's Robson how do you view the bucks. For the last few years with John Hammond they're called for the home run. Every time I mean he's not mess around he has stated we're not gonna get some super technical player Milwaukee's a free agent what I have to. Bull why are big off with a home run because there's not a rigging a superstar coming right right where I want it to. Not even got any of the bubble would not even it would Jabari Parker wasn't a home run. It was the second pick the right took one solo home run moment where you get a home run is when you're picking. Yeah but he's not the homer. Don't know noble once and it didn't work noble so far where once you walk the books that she's would be doing. What Jabari Parker wasn't a home run that you with a logical eager to. Sure I'll try to ride but god John Paul Robert is your pick him outside of tit Brandon Jennings yeah. He's older guys he roll the dice I'd said. Yeah I think he could be a star right puts it all together right were gonna go for rod he's not been taken this eighth senior right or the junior player that's ready to play right he's roll the dice on the circuit makes Larry Sanders. It makes everybody mad. That's the way he thinks he can get a superstar to play Milwaukee sure. First if you look at it should. Do you think free agency legal overpay as you would say or anything else to go star quarterback to come in Europe like to go get a star rusher you're doing so. If the first round in Europe and like pitchers or every year he want but that's what do. You think. When he took popular sentiment you don't stock wouldn't know that out at home run he should shoot Hubert home run at the Bobble and the Bears rather walk off home run. That's work Witten write a book home run except he's got my. Yeah win. We don't know what is gonna. But he my duties are confident logical straight it went out of all of you. A brilliant basketball where it's one. Hit they would have Smart and lose eight Bob. Roars in with a bit more logical like it. That way in him all that bill that would favorite. I'll bet winning but it left in me I don't know what is it a a basketball. All right will not at Kentucky. That's a big college basketball. Swing at it bit Joker. Dude I love you so much. Won't Chevrolet studio Steve Sparky Phifer. Gailey Allison. Packer all of Famer LeRoy Butler. This didn't really heated up social media now after Gary ran. What you Dick badger linebacker DJ while the Packers first round pick that might end up talking about. Home run type pick swinging for the fences type Dick's. Sheets the bullpen coach and treat death of bad are those facts by Ted swing for the fences picks or dump it okay. That I would be dumb. Tom. But he did. Yet finished dazzling what when I say I know how Gary it's how he views it. When I say swing for the fences that means it's boomer boss. Either this is going to be a star player or he'll be I'd leave three or four years think you could RA back in the day basketball right. Had a pro style body I don't they thought guys very raw but he's got the body right now they ask you bang around in their news on the never worked out. Did it in never ever worked out. Om and it ended up being a complete bust pick. At that point so. That's what I thought about the Packers now to Gary's point as far as you know how they dated BJ to eat at a fan TJ is an inside linebacker that play outside linebacker in the NFL. Randall was a safety who we are moved to court hairy with the defense event got moved outside linebacker. April was a defense that tackled I got moved outside linebacker. And Rollins is a basketball player. So is that. Should get to me. Athletic pairing count. I didn't see star play. Not played well this year. I Z star player Daytona Jones did see star player coming up you know I said man this Jimmy roster could be specialty figures it out. When he gets on the field you'd in cedar runs are not Jimmy around I keep calling do routes baseball player where you need to quit rollins' I'd think. Maybe all Proehl mostly he figures it out you know he struggled needs raw but he figures it out here we deal. Which yeah honest use other give an honest and again it was against or competition but sad to dangle. He showed just some flashes here that Figurs is out sixties that's all I'm saying from TJ watts perspective. When you have this conversation. Please in my opinion you see the flag sure they're like well he gets stronger. May be at the next level he can play outside and. We'll go back and look here Mars amenities to Omar for plays right now go back and look at quite raw that Marmol Ohio street Baldwin. In basketball or football football okay stray ball. Go back and look. Do mare's Randall it Arizona's Arizona incident feel straight ball. I had nameplate sitting out the obviously call and that long already dismissed that kit I think he had a inception. This year in the middle of fear where he went back. He strict on it just snapped out there yeah I think he was doing that you sunglasses yeah bush. The Joseph has been hurt I mean. Had a drag year. Are. They don't Jones didn't see. Prefers. Right Clark knows you're there either. Nick nick Perry. Was a really good. I think a better for regarding use Woody in right now and USC right I think he was a better player at. And maybe he's just now figuring it out. How to be an outside backer or maybe. Contract year he knew he had to play in the more money I mean who mills. I don't know what here from county to the fan wields that Campbell for those quote flyer next. Because the pac dependable stakes hitting because of his lack of movement in free agency this go to Vincent askew Vince your next. Oral thoughts of a different tributes were to go but it. Hey guys I would if he buried it at 48 with depth Rick Jacobs I don't think it's 48 you supplier I think is an impact player. And that portrait can get a complex earlier at 48. You'll quickly came out of college clay did not have the senior year the district pat. I think he got it you're dealing. And you know he's only gonna get better I think you can that we got clear map inspect production. When I listed as the rest of the -- Matthew blog at the end of his career US single it was a safety in the beginning and when he moved up so you know he was fast moving around so let me let me ask. So did you know that that he was fair. Let me yesterday's. Do you know seeing. Clay Matthews in his kid at all. Actually a lot of Clay Matthews had him to be up what does that not play against Purdue and our quarterback rolled out a bit naked boot. It's big it's all that the quarterbacks IP fought on both of all what he's athletic enough to figure out. Tickets for the owls this guy is incredible athlete but he's only gonna get better I think he's got off bicycling. And you can talk about Brad Spiegel. And JJ watt at districts that vehicle not in the same zip code is that can it. I mean what it's its impact Porter is one of the best sinker impact players the community college football sure deeper. There you're gonna probably aren't we get one of the top ten best defensive players in college football. I did yeah. Ordinance that you lot of guys have racers at 31 or 32 Dutch player. In the draft period I don't see anybody any mock draft that have to get at San Diego in the second route. So you're probably goes anywhere between 28 to 202929. At a practice site doesn't make it perhaps for 786 of the second round or the like. Aren't those things. Aren't things for the cup I don't it doesn't directly in your bolts. How good you supper is a long building our goalie for the Roy you're the driver over the Packers yeah right. That's that's alright afterward take TJ watt here at in the first round any opposition I would get up bogus obtains. You don't oppose. The first rounder Vontae you did you first round I was not exactly but that's our say so not you ever take questions you outage. Opportunity to stand up and stop of why this may not be a good so what's your reason antenna saying no I don't like this pick here because. It's got a bunch of those guys. Like. Thank you don't Akron to. Used to have 42 right honestly we we can get him later we got note. Oh. I just hit it here I don't know of these outside backers but yet they want is rated tenth deaths backer in his fourth miles Garrett number one out here it's one Solomon Thomas number two. Derrick Burnett number three Tim where you know overall first rounder Ryan Anderson number he's a first rounder occurs McKinney he's a first rounder sixth. Taco Charlton he's a first rounder this year and number survey and then it's not Charles Harris bells as our Missouri number eight Joseph Mathis and then Washington number nine. TJ watt. Member Carl loss and an eleven and Auburn. He's also projected on the first. My backers are wanna be up popping in the first round this year because there's a bunch of them so. At least the first seven animated Carl Los and a lot of that's eight you might get nine or ten linebacker trapped in the first round this year. All gonna mock draft nugget mock drafts are gonna change right energy up quite a bit between well. And that because why you think I'm right in some of these guys like what's to come I com's Gerry and that's what you had right of manifold I come pointed out in December was how he gets. The first round is. If he does well apt to come on what he did MS well and runs well that's how he'll get an intense style. Yeah first round. He's Marvin right now my money that this guy is gonna test he's going to be straight crazy on them is she working on the next level up there with JJ got no worries that meant to be here more remarkable he is going through a bit today not to say he is up there. So it's Hillary cannot it is market all of those guys yeah you have you're going to have to. The other on the don't they don't test out as as players want. You to other guys need to be looked we know them. Now pedigree matters. Not not on this day use their work ethic and our power line right isn't. Is big game rut it's in the blood that's going to entertain people. But understand what has tended to grab a gap when you're ranked. Could it about. These gals meant if I was you be taught when these guys. When he gets to you at twin you always wonder how he followed out that's what I look and me if all three spot was just a discussion. How what do what that they miss owned a were about the it. Did you look at your roster. Do is he batted in this guy I know is he daddy yes yes note do we need is well don't feel we need somebody in his second there. Roy the other thing too is this though. If you say nick Perry Sutton is it worth tag money like ESP NS sank that's crazy 49 dodge engineering brought the door that's craze where they want. All it doesn't work pause us well they touch any plaza for usually next but. Odd ESPN earlier and NFL on has gone. On NFL live earlier. They were doing a whole thing Tom waddle the former. Pitchers linebacker and Tedy Bruschi. Those guy those two and when he next year or doing this tire flag of free agents right here of flag your tact here the quarterback amusing tag camp here Melvin anger on the edge rusher from San Diego I like a lot yeah tagged him here. And then nick Perry came up and they put tag him at fourteen million dollars there's no way untainted Mary 149 dollars now having said that. So it nick Perry goes for some exorbitant amount of money or they think he's going to free agency angle. See how far they don't Jones and fun. Now what are you have you have Clay Matthews. Julius Peppers I can imagine it's coming back right to Clay Matthews and on the other side outside a fact rule. At which point as much as you want a quarterback I agree you have to get another quarter edge rusher. Two of us are the Bob the first round here go to OK I've got eight guys that consider first round picks if watt is eight and he's Kirk. I'm just saying I idol. That's going to be awfully tough to pass up on because of that kid hits and ends up becoming a pro bowler people in this state are gonna lose their minds did you draft. They're going to lose their mind to you did not grant has a little tennis it nearly as much flak you're gonna hit it and he doesn't war right now because it's watched brother dude. We get it today yup. At double standard rule applied because did you watch his brother now did you want what to the NFL is just a guy. Won the dollar Larry was that out anybody care and he liked you don't take them whatever but because JJ was as good as he was and because. They tossed him over here in the break time but he played against DJ. When he was younger. They've always said that about this kid he's so much more athletic to get out it will sink. Still plays not to come by when these new mock drafts commodity combo idea where they have him going. All right but. And it's aged TJ watt tries to position that yet TJ watt try and dozens the double buildup to get ready for the job by and you can build up to make your home a whole lot better with JJ Contra. Did she kidding guys dwindles. He thinks that a little engines will course with some lines overdone I think if you do that if you do that chair I think would bounce back. I think it would things once the doors. Art kitchen remodel the kitchen. Remodel your bathroom. Rules citing. Make cave. You name it might freeze over. Can get it done yeah in a week and a little bit of everything. On they do everything. Right in into everything up to standards. And everything up Turco. If you know listen if you've been in your house for a long time or some point. You're in the new windows and the new doors in the in the invariably those things where where out. In our tour and you U goes human your freezer JJ carters missed regarding the best deal knowing the Bears DO book the best world dubious quality of war. They're gonna are fewer JG changing countries are gonna use any were scared to go to column today at four and 44239200. That's 414423. 9200. Impressed a lot from old Chevrolet studios on sports Radio One of my seven FM fans. This Spiegel will join us tomorrow at 235 on the Wendy's big shelled 235. Vince Beagle tomorrow on the Wendy's big show I'm a throw back Thursday from Florida having him on the shelf. All star weekend coming up this weekend as well it got us now will be a starter in the all star game Malcolm Brock and will be media rising stars game. Mark last three will be in a celebrity basketball game. Books are more about the all star game the Marlins and Friday obviously but. We've yeah honest. Being a starter Gary. To give it any extra juice. For you for that game this weekend. Yeah I got a little bit I but I think a lot of Jews. Get poured out though when Jabar partner for me. I'm I'm annoyed that there was just that bit injures his sorrow. Devastating on so many different levels for the army Yaris is great to have. In the office our games is nice to be represented in. But you know we just feel like that energy should be more I think you just look at former team standpoint. Your homer for more so yeah I'm gonna watch you. Because of Jonathan and then you know really. To look around the league and see how he needs you know you stack of these. As I like the fact that this will be really the first time he's a run all these star players right there were all work portfolios what is the absorb it brings back from the current. You know what he brings troubles all started practices and some of that yeah how he's received a funeral saw fourth been around LeBron and helpful. But being around carry in those guys I think guys have been there in that helps them at the and he feels now cameo. A part of that group gore that he leaked reputedly group in the handles you know what he has to do to to try to carry his team. You know they've got the nets tonight in Brookline we don't have more divorced and it's a post game show tonight admirals hockey. Instead pregame coverage at 630 or at home tonight against San Antonio 7 o'clock puck drop. But if you look at the standings right now Gary and the Bucs sit one game at the eight spot. They sit. Two games are the seven spots here they're right there on their way farther back. For the six spot the six spot they're sitting for a half back of the Indiana Pacers which is not insurmountable daughter that's to be here between now and the end of the year. So right now they're the eight they play Cleveland but sixty would get the Wizards I don't care packages I I would like it if I get to pick those thirty. I'd like Boston just about it what they end up with the trade deadline that could change my opinion but. OK with that you know cut every once the box and a bat way right I don't thing I really wanna deal of that 81. But didn't like you said to skew right does gifts in. Game and they give the bucks an opportunity have a home game you know at a producer. That's what you hope for now. How Millar and military has got a four units but Milton has got to. You know be. Our matches be the guy that Jabar it was going to be. Why he he looks like he's getting better I mean to cutting movement. I shot the last game he looked club are now so they're that close to making the playoffs and how close are you from being a top five pick. How close you think there here. From that top five pick top five pick in the draft teams try to games moon. Six games they are right now for me a top four pick him. There for a half. Either way Sosa's you can climb well into the playoffs and where you could fall straight got to be a tough I think it literally can swing that much so if they did to the deadline and sell the farm. They could fall right into a top five pick and get some young stud. To go along with what they have a right very interesting I'll get to sports like share when date Josh coming up next TJ lack apparently hasn't heard from the Green Bay Packers but should have. We'll discuss next.